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REShow: Dan Wetzel/Jason McCourty - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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July 22, 2022 3:25 pm

REShow: Dan Wetzel/Jason McCourty - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 22, 2022 3:25 pm

Yahoo! Sports Columnist Dan Wetzel tells Rich if we can expect Notre Dame to join the SEC or Big Ten in the wake of UCLA and USC leaving the Pac-12, what the future of the College Football Playoff looks like and which of the Power 5 conference will control who gets in and who’s left out, and discusses how the Big Ten will handle scheduling games for all sports when the Bruins and Trojans join the conference.

Michigan alum Rich frets over the possibility of his Wolverines having to play USC every year when the Trojans join the Big Ten and gets called out by a viewer for his UM “arrogance.”

Newly hired ‘Good Morning Football’ host Jason McCourty tells Rich why he’s excited to embark on his TV career after retiring from the NFL, says why Josh Allen would be his go-to QB if he needed to win just one game, says why Bill Belichick’s ‘Patriots’ Way’ is different from the other teams he played for during his career, and if Kyler Murray’s big new contract will translate to more wins on the field for Arizona.

TJ Jefferson lists his top 5 MLB teams heading into the 2nd half of the season among the Mets, Yankees, Dodgers, Astros and one more surprising team.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. No one thinks anything of us. This is the Rich Eisen Show and who in this here national radio mosh pit has been saying over and over and over again. Rich Eisen earlier on the show hosted pro football talk. Mike Florio coming up. Yahoo sports columnist Dan Wetzel co-host of Good Morning Football, Jason McCourty from the Showtime drama City on a Hill, actor Kevin Bacon. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Jason McCourty, my new NFL network colleague will be joining us.

He is going to be joining the breakfast table of Good Morning Football starting on Monday and he will be joining us on the program. Is there any way that I can guarantee that I have the right McCourty when he calls in? Is that wrong to even ask? I mean kind of. Well will he give up every secret the Patriots have ever had?

What do you think? He was only there for a short amount of time but it's possible. Oh I'm mixing up my McCourty. You're mixing up your McCourty. Devin has been there forever. Jason.

Jason was there for a couple years wasn't he? Yeah won one of the Super Bowls but bounced around Tennessee, Cleveland. All that's all you got to do is just hang out for a little bit. You're going to win a Super Bowl. Odds are you're going to get a suit.

It's like being in Alabama like if you just be there for four years you'll probably win. That's how it works. Okay very good. Kevin Bacon is going to be speaking of degrees of separation. He is going to be in studio hour number three. I can't wait to chat with him. We've got an NFL what's more likely later on in this hour TJ's big ass grab bag involves what sir?

What do you have for me? You know it's baseball related just looking to the second half of the season. What's baseball related? Well it's about the second half of the season. Okay there you go.

Yeah I mean it's like pulling teeth over here. Well I mean you asked the question and I immediately gave you the answer. You said it's baseball related?

I'm like well what about? You said second half of the season. Oh so you're giving your top five things you're looking forward to in the second half of the season? Or okay it'll be the top.

What is it? The grab bag today if you care to stay and watch will be the top five teams heading into the second half of the season. Spoiler alert. So in other words how far up the list will be TJ Jefferson's New York Metropolitan? Well they're in the top five.

I think everyone would agree with that right? Homer. Very good. That'll be later on in this hour. Sorry add something in my throat. 844-204-rich.

The Red Sox will not be on the list. Okay just so you know. One of our favorites who covers sports or sports and brings a unique insight every single time he hits the keyboard is yahoo sports columnist Dan Wetzel back here on the Rich Eisen Show on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line. How you been Dan? I'm good Rich how you been?

I'm doing fine. Do we do we call college football professional sports yet? What do you think? I mean Kirby Smart's paid like a professional football coach. We've seen more and more name image and likeness deals of players where they're making more money than rookies at their position in the NFL. Have we reached the point yet Dan? What do you think?

I don't know why we wouldn't. At this point there's virtually no decision made that has anything to do with amateurism other than to keep claiming it so you don't have to pay taxes. It's a pretty good little bit. But yeah I mean the decisions consistently get more and more bottom line particularly in the way the television networks really run the sport now. It's a desire for Fox to, Fox is literally sitting in on the Big Ten's TV negotiations with other broadcast partners and the decisions now aren't just in the same way as you know SEC and ESPN. It's not just say we add USC and UCLA and our league gets stronger. We decimate a competitor in the Pac-12 and via supply and demand we're even more valuable because we've cut supply and increased our demand in our products. So it's consistently more cutthroat business-wise. It's how are we going to design this playoff to maximize the profits of us, maybe not improve the entire sport and all that.

There's just very little going on at the upper levels let alone the players making a little bit of cash that suggests it's anything but the NFL. So what's the next step? I'll ask you the same question I asked Pete Famil our colleague at ESPN yesterday. Is the USC, UCLA joining the Big Ten even though the governor of this great state of California seems to think UCLA shouldn't go it seems or needs some reasoning as to why the UC system needs to be subsumed by Big Ten football. Is that the last step? Is that the last big kaboom this year and we're going to just play football and see how it all plays out or there's still more to come right now?

Well there's two big things that have to come up. One would be if Notre Dame decided to join a conference and that isn't going to happen anytime soon. Notre Dame wants to see what the playoffs will look like and as long as there is access in a large number of at-large spots for Notre Dame to make the college football playoff then they should be fine.

They also want to see what they can get on the market with the renewal of their MPC deal. As long as that number isn't incredibly behind and it shouldn't the Big Ten and SEC. It doesn't have to be the same but if it's in the 60 or 70 million dollar a year range while Big Ten schools are making 100 maybe that's enough for them. So would Notre Dame jump? Notre Dame's not going to make that decision right now. They don't have to.

They're always going to be desired. They're the bell of the ball. The only other thing would be what happens with the Big 12 and the Pac-10. Right now the Pac-10 and Pac-12 now Pac-10 but whatever is saying we're going to stick together. We're going to go out to market and negotiate our deal and we're not going to merge with the Big 12. As long as that's the same then this will go on fairly similarly but if the Big 12 can convince particularly the Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, Colorado, any of those schools hey you're better off with us. We're more stable than the Pac-12 could fall apart but if the remaining 10 Pac-12 schools want to stick together then I think we'll hit a little bit of a calm for the time being but those are really the only two things that are going to happen. The ACC can't really move.

The FCC isn't looking to expand anymore. The Big Ten is pretty happy at 16 until they find out what Notre Dame wants to do. So I think it's all about that the Pac-12 stay together and if they don't how many schools jump for the Big 12 but my guess is it'll remain kind of five major conferences for a little while.

Dan Wetzel, Yahoo Sports columnist here on the Rich Eisen show. So let's then get to the college football playoff because a couple of times you've mentioned you know folks want to see how it shakes out how that shakes out. Certainly Notre Dame being the most interested party on all of that. Who's deciding it? What's the decision-making process and what it's going to be and what's the time frame and because I would imagine that that will be the impetus to create more super leagues super conferences and things like that.

Wouldn't you agree? It could be or it could not be. It's what the structure. So they originally signed a 12-year deal on this is the college football playoff. It's four teams and it's just the four best teams four at-large beds if you will and that ends after the 2026 season.

There is no rollover so something new has to be created for after 2026 which is four seasons away. They had a plan and right now they had a plan in place to go to 12 teams with six automatic bids so all the major the top six conference champions every year would get a bid. So you'd have your SEC, Big 10, ACC, Big 12 and Pac-12 plus you know your really good Boise State team or a big mid-American conference team or someone from the American whatever it would be they would also get an automatic bid. So it's a real lifeline to those smaller leagues and then you'd still have six at-large spots which helps the SEC get two three four teams in Notre Dame get in you know multiple teams so that plan was there but under the old rules a single conference could say we don't like that and the deal would not get changed because they were trying to alter the current deal so the ACC Pac-12 and Big 10 blocked it much to the disastrous decision by the ACC and the Pac-12 because right now they'd have automatic access to the playoffs if they had taken that deal in January. Going forward the new deal is just a new deal the SEC and the Big 10 have the majority of the Big 10 schools they can essentially create whatever playoff they want and say this is how we're doing it you're either in and you're out because you can't really have a playoff without the SEC and the Big 10. So if they sit there and say we want an 18 playoff with all at-large spots even though we're going to get six seven of those spots every year Notre Dame might say hey we're in everyone else is basically going to have to go along with it or they're going to have to try to create their own playoff it'll kill their recruiting so this is going forward this decision is almost essentially whatever the SEC and Big 10 want and that's not good for the Pac-12 the Big 12 or the ACC let alone the Mountain West and all of that so it's a precarious spot the SEC is going to really drive this boat with the Big 10 too so it's a it's a weird process because you're going to create a system for all of college football but not all of college football is really going to have a say anymore. Well I mean I think what ends up happening Dan you tell me is that you've got 16 teams in the Big 10 right now right and the SEC's got this same number once Oklahoma and 16 yeah okay so that's 16 and so you could just stop it right there in a way normally because you know what else has 16 teams the AFC and the NFC correct and then and those two have their own playoffs right they do and then they meet in what's called the Super Bowl I think you've heard of it yes but college popular event yes but college football has more and profitable yes but college football has obviously more teams than just those 32 of interest and not all those 32 are terrific just like the NFL as well so what I'm thinking is you create another situation where one 16 team conference exists and another 16 team conference exists everybody has their own playoffs and you have a four team playoff situation based off of those 64 and some of those 64 you make a deal that can get relegated out relegated in things of that nature and everybody's going to have to race for those 64 seats and that's going to be a free-for-all that's going to come based on maybe the accelerant is the name image and likeness deals that some of these teams can offer or some conferences will close up their ranks to have their own NIL rules because they're not waiting around for anybody else and some might be more of interest to others and that's how players are going to get there and that's how this is all going to go I have no idea who's going to run it maybe it's Sankey I don't know but what do you think of that idea Dan what do you think that so the reason that that's not a bad idea by the way and and that would be a a good solution but that would allow that would mean the SEC and Big Ten would be feeding equal power to the other to everybody else and right now they control plus where there's no you know where does Notre Dame fit in on that but it's certainly possible there are three or four conferences um anything is on the table at this point and that's why getting rid of that playoff plan in January was such a terrible decision for everyone else in college football because the SEC was was driving it and they were very magnanimous about saying hey you guys are in the Big Big 12 is going to get in even though they're not even close to as good as we are the Pac-12 is going to get in even if you lose UCLA and USC and and so right now you'd be sitting there in the Pac-12 and you're Oregon going okay this is terrible we lost USC we're not going to make as much money but you know what all we have to do is beat these other schools which we can beat and we're in the playoffs we can do this right kind of like we can Zagat can just win the western can recruit lottery picks every year because they have a path for the final four it doesn't matter that they're in the west coast conference or they're a small Jesuit school they have a path when you get rid of that path now you have to hope that the that under your plan the SEC and Big Ten say hey we want to be partners with all the rest of you they may not they may sit there and say we're going to go 20 each you're in or you're out and notre dame has to jump and clemson's got to find a way out of their thing or something like that um so it's it's just very very unknown and very uncertain and i don't think even i don't think anyone in college athletics has the chess pieces designed out uh far enough to know exactly how it's going to be but this people will be left behind good programs with lots of fans are going to be left behind and it's uh and it's happened in the past uh which with teams and it's going to happen in the future and that's it's if you really love all of college football it's a it's a fairly depressing time even though we're going to end up with more good games and things like that you don't really want to see uh you know let's say a washington state just get left out in the cold it's like they got fans and they're fun to watch sometimes and they you you want that hope that they can be good people are going to get left behind dan wetzel here on the rich eisen show last one for you sir uh i'm going to go a little bit more deeper arcane and then a moment for and that that is a little bit uh i guess for me uh how does the scheduling work in the big 10 now i mean does that mean like does does michigan have to play ucla usc ohio state penn state michigan state every year with wisconsin and iowa thrown in i mean how does that how is this going to work now that usc ucla is here you got west coast trips right i mean like that's going to be significant when when do you make them you know the usc gets that you know let's just say uh usc goes to both ohio state and michigan let's just throw that out there but ohio state us you know michigan gets usc in september when it's real nice but ohio state gets them in november where you know kids from rancho cucamonga like you know ohio state's current quarterback might have to put their hands in a fanny pack to keep them warm you know that was a shot i just made it ohio state yes you want to be the you want to be the parka salesman to usc athletics yeah yes yes there will now be winter clothing at usc might not need in previous years but how does it work what do you what are you hearing well uh they will probably play nine games and they'll have three um so let's take your beloved michigan yes right you want to have your three rivalry games that you must play every year because you have to have michigan play ohio state right you're gonna have to have michigan play michigan state correct and then maybe they play minnesota because they got that little brown jug trophy or somebody else whatever it is and then you cycle through the rest of the teams uh and you should be able to get to everybody home and away apparently you would maybe play a usc every other year and every four years you would either travel there or they would you would travel there you play home and away but you could stack it up that way so there's a way to kind of cycle it through where you get to play everybody fairly often um but you do not lose the big television draws and the hardcore rivalries that you that you need such as like there's no way you're not having michigan and ohio state play every year because they get 10 that's the biggest game of the year that's 10 million people to watch so we're not expanding to lose 10 million person games we're just beginning to get more of them um but for ucla and usc extremely challenging lane kiffin the other day was talking i remember he coached usc and he talked about when they would go play notre game every other year and it was a big deal of when do you leave because you got to get acclimated and so they would leave on thursdays for a saturday game and get in early and it's it's it's a grind and they would always play that thing in the middle of the season they'll play at odor name in mid october when the games in la they do it at the end of the year now you're going to have to do that like week after week after week because you know there's certainly two road games in a row is not uncommon so you might be usc or ucla saying hey we're going to fly to illinois and we're going to come back and then we're going to go play over at rutgers the next week and we got to go so it's the travel for for usc football and and ucla football is enormous and same thing for obviously not just basketball which people care about those are long road trips and all that and you go and get time built but then how'd you like to be a baseball team or a softball team or a soccer team you signed to play at ucla you think you're playing in warm weather not like that uh you know winter spring baseball game in east lansing uh you were you were signing up for something else so for these for these non-revenue sports is even harder um it they'll make it work for football but it will be a challenge as you see in the nfl you know when you're going west to east it's a it's a challenge for that team in the west well it's a perpetual challenge now for ucla and usc competitively dan thanks for the time man look for my call as uh the season approaches more thanks for the thanks for the two cents really appreciate it anytime rich talk to you soon right back at you dan wetzel one of the best and finest right here on the rich isin show from yahoo sports let us take a break be on time relatively for jason mccordy about to join the good morning football breakfast table but he will join our program next on the rich isin show having just spoken with dan wetzel of yahoo sports about the college football world and um diving into him his knowledge uh about that world and the big 10 scheduling that's coming i'm going to say something that definitely backs up the sentiment from so many other big 10 fans that michigan wolverine alums like myself are arrogant and put our our our program on a pedestal i know i know tj what i'm about to say will upset penn state country where you're from i get it but with all of the additions with ucla and usc and dan wetzel saying well they're gonna they're not going to take away rivalry games with the additions of these new two new teams and the whole idea is to create more watchable games and they're not going to take away the rivalry games so you're going to still have those and then you'll figure out what they said they'll still play nine games but they're not going to take away the rivalry games name me another big 10 rivalry game that does not include michigan name me one name me one well i Iowa state oh they're not iowa state's not in the big 10 i would say it's not a big 10 team penn state ohio state oh yeah that the rich history of that i mean it's a it doesn't have the 100 year history like michigan who's wisconsin's rival it's great ask them you know who it is you know who it is michigan name the one ask any badger the one team they want to beat the most in the big 10 us name michigan state us name ohio state us now got broad shoulders got broad shoulders but now ucla coming in usc coming in oh you want to see usc play hope penn state oh those those great usc penn state matchups right now you're going to want to see us there's controversy where usc beat us on a phantom touchdown you know in a in a rose bowl during the bow years so it's just going to be another layer of gotta play michigan and the but well michigan's irrelevant i hear that all the time i just want to know that's why i want to know how are we going to schedule these things michigan ucla i was i was history which was amazing they were great and it was their always intense games it was my last year bow's last game as coach of michigan i covered it junior seo was literally everywhere on the field that day so i just want to know what's the scheduling going to be and how are you going to balance it out yeah and how are you going to keep complaining about it well i i still have this program for it trust me i still i still have this platform and i'll use it but i'm just trying to spit truth and go blue right back here on the rich eisen show 844-204 rich number to dial jason mccordy is now going to sit at the breakfast table of the wait a minute i've got the notes from from uh for for this interview uh the emmy award winning show good morning football i'm aware of that i mean we lost but it's an outstanding program as you know and then nfl network family well no no i i as you know the number of times that i have said over and over again that hosting nfl total access for a decade that there's going to be another tent pole show i'd love for more tent pole shows to show up on nfl network and good morning football has become one not just a tent pole for nfl network but for the entire industry in the morning and uh jamie erdahl formerly of cbs is now going to be taking that spot that k adams has been sitting in and jason mccordy joins the breakfast table on monday so i am thrilled to have here on the rich eyes of show i guess sort of as an entry interview into nfl network uh is none other than jason mccordy how you doing jason i'm doing good appreciate you having me congratulations thank you thank you i'm excited it's a great opportunity uh to be transitioning out of football into a great role uh like good morning football so um how are you uh how are you how are you getting ready to to to do this thing jason you ready to wake up in the morning what's your normal time you hit the alarm what's the normal time you get your wake up man i got three young kids i'm usually up by like six thirty seven o'clock on the usual so um now it's good morning football i'll have to be up around four thirty so i've never been much of a coffee drinker but that that may have to change in the near future jason i'll just let you know right now uh i never used to be much of a coffee drinker but i became one i've got my annual physical sharing coming up after this program i am doing this entire show with no food and no caffeine and i am freaking out i'm not lying to you right now i'm losing my mind i'm losing my mind so you don't drink coffee no never never had a never had a cup it just doesn't taste good to me so i've never gotten into it so even in your your tenure with the patriots you never had a duncan i mean that i think how did that ever happen never had one of them never never had a duncan but i'm a big donut guy so i'll definitely stop by and grab uh vanilla frosted or strawberry frosted the sprinkles are optional they're not that important of a piece but i've definitely had my fair share of donuts over the years being there all right jason mccordy getting ready to join the breakfast table that'll be a lot of fun uh and and you know you're joining an outstandingly talented crew outstandingly talented you're you're you're getting a good spot jason you really are you know congratulations on that um and you got kyle brant's angry runs you got all that coming up you are you going to have your own your own sort of uh segment you got something like that cooked up jason what do you got time will tell so i'm looking forward to bringing those 13 years of one year winning a super bowl another year going oh and 16 so uh that's a plethora of knowledge of how to do it and how not to do it so we definitely can probably pull that into a segment somehow wait a minute so you you did go did you go from oh and 16 to winning a super bowl did that happen back to back in that exact order lost the last game in january signed got traded to the patriots in march and by february was uh hoisting uh lombardi trophy damn that is a totally different ball of wax oh my gosh all right so now that you're you're out um tell me every secret of bill belicheck starting now go for it now i i wish i wish i knew so uh i guess his biggest secret is that somehow he finds a way to keep winning okay and so help help me what why doesn't he name coordinators can you help me with that one jason did you see yesterday he finally put uh titles to the new coach's names and none of them are coordinators like what what give what do you what happened what can you give me any insight on that at all jason i did i did see that i know um for my three years being there like title never mattered so um i think for him i couldn't tell you exactly why the press releases go out and they don't have anything but for when you're in the building there's always going to be a consistent person in front of the room talking to you whether it's bill standing up in front of the squad meeting whether there's been times that he's been the same person to stand up in the defensive meeting rooms or whether it's steve or mayo or whoever's going to be standing in front of the room on the offensive side of the ball the one thing you knew as a player when you walked in you knew who was going to be standing in front of you you knew what the plan was going to be each and every week and you knew what you needed to do uh to execute it so i think for him he doesn't really care about those titles and things because he looks at it as it's more for other people to talk about because within the building uh it's just not important now for those coaches i don't know how they feel when you go to negotiate your next deal uh and the title is not there that's a whole nother a side of the business that i i wasn't privy to so but everybody there in that building clearly knows as they are arriving for training camp uh as a team next tuesday everyone knows who's calling the plays this year right everyone does know that by now right or no for sure for sure they know on defense i don't know if they know on offense i'm sure bill and those guys know um but i don't know if that's part of still figuring out what's next um i can't even pretend like my three years experience in that building uh leads me to know the answer to that question so i'd be lying if i said oh yeah for sure they do know but i think uh the one thing that don't guys probably know walking into that building to start a training camp uh is that they're confident in that whatever the plan is is going to put them in the best position to win and what does the patriot way mean i mean the do your job way that uh that that might have been different in all the other stops from tennessee cleveland and miami for you in your 13-year career jason mccordy what's the difference you know what i've never been big on the whole like patriot way as if like you walk in they hand you a book of like do's and don'ts of what the patriot way means uh for me i know when i first got there the one thing that i thought uh stood out to me was bill's ability uh to put a roster together beyond just x's and o's like when we walk in that locker room the chemistry and the camaraderie that was built around players was huge and i think um there's something to that when a coach uh bills coach slash gm when you can look at a team and you know hey i may need a receiver but personality wise better experience wise who's the guy that's going to fit perfectly within my locker room i think that helps build what you call the patriot way of my year there when you have guys obviously everybody talks about tom uh we know how great he is and what he brings to the table but when you have guys like devin mccordy uh julian element matthew slater these are guys that dictate what goes on in the building and obviously it started with the willie mcginnis and uh uh the ronnie the lawyer maloy so many guys that came before them but to me that's more or less what it means and then as you know when you've worked in the league for a while organizations go through transition and different things at different times um the one thing about new england for the past 20 years has been consistency everybody within that building is moving in the same direction there's no egos involved there's no well why am i not doing this why is he doing that everybody knows what the goal is and the vehicle in which we all need to be in to get there new breakfast table member and regular of good morning football the emmy award winning show on nfl network jason mccordy here on the rich isin show so uh kylar murray's new contract what do you think that leads to in arizona uh what do you got for me winning championships or what like because that's he's now the second highest paid a per annual basis quarterback in the league he's yet to win a game uh in the playoffs he is clearly generationally talented now generationally enriched what do you think this leads to in arizona jason i mean i definitely at this point can't say championships just for the fact that they haven't done anything yet to show us uh that they have championship written all over them and i think i think that's the the odd thing about when it comes to contracts i remember getting my second contract when i was in tennessee and rgm at the time was rustin webster and i signed a deal and everything and obviously excited a ton of money all of that and rustin comes up to me and he's just like hey the reason we paid you because we want you to continue to do what you have done since you've been here your leadership the way you play don't think that you have to do anything differently we paid you because of who you are and how you approach this game so continue to do those same things so as i don't listen like yesterday of hearing everybody talk about kylar murray and is just like well now that they paid him they expect him to be a leader they complained about his body language they want him to change that and just that in the third and my thing is you pay a guy there's different ways you pay a guy sometimes you pay a guy because hey like he's been doing this for x amount of years a guy like tom brady you pay him because you know it's worth and you know what's going to happen a guy like kylar murray you know each year he's been in the nfl he's improved so you know for him the ceiling is still hot but you can't pay a guy and expect all right now all of a sudden he's going to walk into the building and be a different person he's going to all of a sudden walk in and be the most vocal guy in the building no he's going to continue to do the same things that he's done so for me i do think arizona is going to continue to improve because as kylar murray goes i just don't know if it breeds championship the rams are still a very good team in the nfc i don't know if they've been able to build the roster to get over that hump obviously dionte hopkins is going to be missing games early on in the season and they're going to need guys to step up so i think you get to a point where this day and age you need a quarterback to win and there's a market value of what that position demands and they had no choice but to pay him because he's a starting quarterback and he's one of the better ones in the league i know my guy chris brockman across the way from here gets upset every single time i'm like does he deserve it he absolutely deserves it because that's what the market pays him it's his turn and it was his turn the question is is how how will he earn it and i think you just kind of gave gave in a you know an assessment that's accurate like we haven't seen arizona finish strong yet since he and cliff kingsbury have been together we haven't seen that big finish to top off what they were able to do in the first half of a season and now their first half of this season's without diontre hopkins and the defending champs with their big huge you know moon-sized championship championship rings they got last night that's going to be a very tall order jason very tall without a doubt and the biggest challenge for the rams is going to be um how do you handle the success you know super bowl you go grab the parade you get the rings you got the stadium underneath flip the top off on the rings show that off as well uh now the season's about to start what have you been doing all off season have you been touring and and showing off the rings and the trophy or have you got right back to work and are you as eager and as hungry uh to win the next one i think that was always a challenge uh for me actually being able to win one uh when i first got to new england and coming back in 2019 of having that same hunger and us going in the off season and really grinding but at the same time realizing that hey we played football all the way to the middle of february last year a lot we're an old team like we have to figure out ways to get that work in uh but still take care of our bodies but i mean the rams gave out money all off season they got bobby wagner there's joined and they were able to re-sign cooper cup aaron donald even was able to give the coach some money as well so there's no reason to believe that the rams aren't going to be right there at the top of the uh conference this year all right last one for you this is a this is a classic paparazzi question and since you're now part of us uh that world i'll throw it to you the one quarterback to win a game in in 2022 okay for this year this year you've got to choose one quarterback to win a football game in a do or die contest that quarterback is which who is that quarterback jason mccord what do you have josh allen build them off there and it pains me to say it after playing in the asc east uh with new england and with miami but i think it's because of that is why i'm saying it uh this guy has shown up in big moments uh and he's just a monster this guy can throw the ball all over the field and he also can get the ball in the shotgun position he was the running back as a lead blocker and he's shown his ability to score touchdowns running the ball in the red zone but i think for me watching josh allen develop being in that division and seeing where he was as a young quarterback being able to flash and make plays but also making the mistakes and the interceptions and the fumbles and to see how far he's grown how much he's gotten better and having a chance to be around them at a conference one off season man this dude is special he's continuing to show it so for me uh josh allen will be that one quarterback i think the beauty about him is that when you hear the guys in buffalo on that team talk about them or you see him and uh and step on dig do a touchdown celebration where they're both dancing you see the way guys rally around them and that's true leadership because guys want to go out there and perform for him so that they can go in the presser on monday and call him the best quarterback in the league jason mccordy thanks for the time look for more of my phone calls welcome to nfl network nfl media group congrats on the good morning football gig and and uh let's do this again soon thank you appreciate it i'm looking forward to right back at you that's jason mccordy right here on the rich isin show and in terms of buffalo bills just in terms of allen as well you know you've reached mega superstar status when you're talking about the other quarterbacks you're facing and how those matchups are going to be must watch must see takes two to tango but those are the matchups you want to see you know back in the day when when's brady paying uh playing pate manning right absolutely how about this for the buffalo bills first up against zafford and the rams okay in week three against tua week four against lamar man week six against mahomes week six against mahomes after a bye week eight against rogers let's see if the sean's back week 11 amen the bills and the patriots are just going to be always terrific mac jones there then in week 17 it's joe bono come on now at cincinnati monday night football the second of january buffalo at cincinnati back just even like three years ago bills bangles that must-see television get out of here now for the next decade you bet that's appointment television and then week 17 for the afc's title potentially potentially for the entire afc week 18 i know you were having fun with that week but week 17 for the afc title that could be on the line oh yeah the afc is mac jones i mean i know that i know that top 10 quarterback and again with miami's doing with tua and obviously as you know the jets have got me very excited we'll see if if uh zack wilson can be that plus the biscuit but he didn't even stutter josh allen your mandalorian quarterback i don't blame him it's still tom brady i mean come on no i know that obviously in this uh this day and age of needing a win uh let's go to doug in baltimore i'll take this call i'll take the bite at this apple before we throw the break what's up doug how you doing rich going on buddy um okay and let me give you the the standard i love you guys um i teach and i try to schedule my schedule during the year to watch you guys thank you breaks and so forth okay now that's it here's here's the pivot but the arrogance that comes across and it's so odd because you come on sometimes at the top of the hour with like your humble host but yet oh my gosh the arrogance when it comes to your beloved yankees and especially today your beloved university of michigan right okay let's start with michigan we'll work our way back how dare you say that the only rival that any school than the big 10 has is with michigan have you not heard of the old oak and bucket oh gosh i've heard of the oak and bucket i've heard of and and i'm not even i'm not even putting the brown jug up there either i mean i know that's his old old school and i know there's an old oak and bucket that there are a lot of great rivalries but when when push comes to shove though doug with the united states sitting down and wanting to see the game not just some regional rivalry i'm not saying that there's no such thing as a rivalry in the big 10 without michigan i'm talking about significant rivalries that need to be scheduled every year not just because there's such a vast history but because television executives demand it and now usc's coming in that's on michigan's schedule damn near every year because of that and you can't say the same thing about michigan state gotta see usc take on even ohio state seriously that's what i'm saying huh okay uh i'm not sure i completely buy that all right before the sake of the argument but do you don't think that people want to see you you know ohio state and usc now they know now they would absolutely i want to see that you don't think they wouldn't want to see that before no you usc is far well i mean if if it's not on the schedule that year right you you can get through it but i think there would be people saying well how are you not putting usc and michigan together you should say that about ohio state too look and i'll say this so you're you're you're understanding on my head's not totally in the sand and i'm not totally in the tank here ohio state is the most important big 10 team there is right now there is because that's the one that has been battling for championships hopefully that that tide got turned last year i'm i'm you know i'm a little nervous that that was just a one-off but ohio state's the one year in and year out over the last 10-15 years that's the most important big 10 team because that's the one that can go in alabama in a championship game and beat them that's the one that's been able to go and to stare down the abyss of clemson and beat them and my school hasn't had that opportunity or put themselves in that spot and good lord you are making the most off of the one you got the one this past year i i just wish you i'm living my best life beginning by the way doug that shelf life is lasting another few months and i'm i intend to have it oh my god can i do the yankee thing real quick and before and i don't want to rock me to get on you know they're they're in baltimore they're baltimore's in yankee stadium tonight so tread lightly sir we're going to get swept i know that i don't know about that they're playing well the yankees right now better than the orioles they've been that way for a while but that doesn't mean that that everything that nothing else exists outside the yankee the yankee orbit oh my god um do we need to hug it out do i need to hug it out have i pissed you off doug i'm sorry doug is already my favorite caller let me tell this story real quick i was in boston in 2006 um and a lady actually wanted me to take a picture with the old four championship trophy and i told her man you got to be kidding i'm a lifelong orioles fan why in the world would i pose behind a red sox championship trophy you don't need a piece of metal about being an orioles fan we can hate both both hate both of you i love it very good we have to run doug but please call back rearrange your schedule i knew that pissed people off but i'm just speaking from the gut i think doug and i need to be friends we'll take a break right here on the rich eisen show tj's big ass grab bag still to come as is kevin bacon and a what's more likely with the nfl so the last style bender that's based on on what it's based off uh a tv show i watched the avatar it's in the collodion show okay and ang the main character he had to realize his destiny as the avatar by mastering all the four elements which is water earth fire and air to realize his destiny and for me in this in this realm i have to realize my destiny as the avatar by mastering all the elements of the of martial arts so a lot of stuff in that show is what kind of correlates with my life with different characters so even i got tough right here uh you know i think they're up on my skin because and i have a lot of other tattoos that relate to that show okay and even this one naruto is another anime i watched that really inspired me so yeah you're wearing that shirt right now um i just picked it up this morning through some you know i dressed up nice look man uh again i just uh you're so icy i couldn't really tell everything skate on me if you want i just don't do it you slip and fall you've got a lot of good lines man huh i don't want you to break your hip no i'm not gonna break my hip you know i i i'm uh no i'm i'm i'm you in shape i see you i'm nimble for a 50 year old israel i mean i'm not gonna get in the k i could not i don't know if i could do that dance that you did two step i'll show you a little two step real quick so you need is that it yeah okay yeah well here's what we're gonna do um you know we're gonna keep you for a television uh only segment and then you'll try and teach me a little two step yes i'd like to do that okay i think you know i limbered up i did a workout yesterday um right how's the foot my plantar fasciitis in my left foot uh you know but you know that's just neither here nor there sounds fancy this is either gonna be great or not so all right israel uh what are we doing here right now you've by the way you've equipped me with some of your ice that you dripped up i'm all skating on them okay so what are we doing here all right just a quick quick number like what i did okay we're gonna be in the huddle and we're gonna count like one two one two three four now i want you to chest pop okay boom all right step forward and then you're gonna grab your crotch right there okay on us okay and i want you to lean to the left yes back don't throw your hip out okay thank you right yes and forward okay that's it okay uh and we can use this music yeah okay what's wrong big rules okay to hide okay hit it all right i'll get it ready yeah yeah yeah so we're gonna huddle huddle huddle right yeah wait wait for the beat to drop turn that up turn it up like come on now ready yeah and five six yeah five six seven chest pop forward crunch crunch there we go that's simple i'm gonna mop somebody out oh happy 33rd birthday to the great israel adesanya right here on the rich eisen show net suite wants to make sure that you have proper visibility on everything you need to run your business because poor visibility means you might still be relying on spreadsheets and outdated finance software and net suite by oracle saying what are you what are you doing essentially to see the full picture you need to upgrade to net suite by oracle because net suites the number one cloud financial system that gives you the full picture of your business so you can get visibility and control over your financials inventory hr planning budgeting and more net suite is everything you need all in one place folks you can automate your manual processes and close your book in no time staying ahead of competition in in in the process 93 of surveyed businesses increased their visibility and control after upgrading to net suite over 31 000 businesses already use net suite folks so this summer net suite's got a special financing program for those ready to upgrade at net suite dot com slash rich radio head to net suite dot com slash rich radio for this special one-of-a-kind financing offer on the number one financial system for growing businesses net suite dot com slash rich radio tj jefferson yes sir it's time for your big ass grab bag go for it sir the world is in that bag what you got in that bag what do you have in that bag all right well like we always do it this time fellas kaboom guess who stepped in the room listen baseball it's been on our minds all week so i just figured i'd make this grab bag really quick and take a look into the second half of the mlb season i'm just going to give you tj's top five teams of the second half of the 2022 season and um this would have been this has been kind of easy and i could have had a different team at five but at five i'm gonna dig in the big ass grab bag i'm gonna pull out the seattle mariners they're 10 and 0 their last 10 they've got maybe the the newest biggest star in baseball after after the home run derby i just kind of you know i'm taking a chance i'm throwing the mariners in there and saying maybe this this run's gonna keep going the hot bats people are now interested in them i think hopefully this kid has put some more attention on seattle i'm all i'm all on the seattle boat this weekend as they take on the houston astros who are now two and a half behind the yankees hopefully hopefully the mariners will have 17 straight wins by the end of the weekend and i said they won the last 10 excuse me it's actually 14 and what else you got my apologies uh coming in at number four i'll be honest with you four and three we could have flip-flopped i'm putting the la dodgers in at number four um what a catch you see rookies catch last year crushing it right now and they couldn't easily be number one especially considering um the way they've been rolling but i've got the dodgers at four come to number three i'm putting my new york mets uh great news the grama scheduled to come back sherzer's back this team's balling they're never out of any baseball games and i feel really good about the new york metropolis certainly with juan soto in that lineup on august 1st right yeah you know and i was really high on that but now i'm really starting to i'm not sure rich if you're the nationals or do you really want to trade the guy to someone you're gonna have to see that many times well you're gonna i mean again again uh it depends on what uh not bobby axelrod yeah i want to get my hopes up but i don't want to get my hopes up but i'm loving what the mets are doing right now um let's keep it rolling coming in at number two the houston astrus this team you say what you want about garbage cans and this that and the third tattoos and shirts this is the real deal this team is amazing man and like they put it on the mets when we wouldn't play them and i was like this astrus team is no joke and obviously coming in at number one the number one team heading into the second half of the season the new york yankees i mean blistering pace probable al mvp right there we're looking at him and there and judge um john carlos stanton by the way i think that home run hit and the all-star game just landed so i got the yankees as my top team right now i feel like this grab bag was pretty easy well they have the best record in the uh and the the whole sport um that's maybe why you put them there number one but um the astras are a better team right now right that's for sure today yeah that's for sure the astras are a better team the astras are only two back in the loss two and a half overall um and you got to keep an eye on on on them for sure i mean the dodgers are the team getting freddie freeman it was winning the world series or bust the yankees are now in that category as well thanks to their huge start that july has totally cooled them off and the mets i'm just curious to see what they do at the trade deadline i'm curious to see what all five of these teams in the trade deadline you know the mets are right now um you know only two and a half in front of the braves so fighting the braves off all season and the dodgers were up five nothing last night then coughed up the lead and then put a four spot on the bottom of the eighth mookie betts his catch last night he is really good at baseball he's just good at everything he does including pissing off uh chris brockman anytime his name gets mentioned chris i mean i get you it's not mookie's fault i know but it's one man's fault and i hate that man i chris i know how i feel chris i know i feel i know how i feel chris i know i feel about the jason tatum thing and he never played for me so i can imagine how you're feeling kevin bacon's coming in studio don't go anywhere coming up it's the business we've chosen well done that's for you let's go to alan atlanta he's been hanging on forever today what's up al how you been morning rich got about a couple minutes for you what's going on all right all right i got i got uh i got a great subject for you for the matril but first we got some business to handle with the future birthday boy how you doing i'll put the braves on that uh it could the braves probably should have been five but then i looked at it man it was like all right these are the five best records that's pretty simple so i had to switch it up a little bit make it make it somewhat interesting i do owe you this i have to say congratulations to the met's winning the nle's first half and it they're the second half to play and we all know what the met's do you know what the old mitts did this is a new match you ain't seen these mitts before all right this is this is a first half pen exactly is that going up in city field is that where it's going okay very good also yeah and some may remember i called in about three months ago and made a bet with you braves versus met but we never uh uh solidified what we were actually betting on are we betting on the 19 games head to head are we betting on the full season i thought your bet was head to head i thought that's what you'd say oh i mean it's your choice i made the bet you get to choose the parameter i mean you know we might as well just go mono e mono then i like you you got a one game lead so far okay al what else you got in your mind anything and uh the perfect natural i feel is the brave new first baseman matt olson it fits so well oh okay okay okay we've never talked to matt i've never talked to me should get him on let's do it certainly since he's being used as a comp for rafael devers thanks for the call i appreciate it there you go i hate baseball i could have had the braves in there but i don't like the braves you know that was personal it's your purse it's your big ass grab bag and sometimes it's only as large as just as you want it to be yeah you know i can't believe you're not what do you do you want me to come over on the birthday tomorrow you want me to bring uh xan i can bring xan by come where i don't know no one's ever been to tj's crib somebody's got to play ping pong ball yeah i just gotta say you gotta i got a ping i mean brockman's been outside of the crib in the car but he's never come up kevin bacon making his way to our studio hour number three with the star of city on a hill and so much more and then what's more likely nfl style coming up next for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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