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REShow: Mark Schlereth - Hour 2

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July 25, 2022 3:31 pm

REShow: Mark Schlereth - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 25, 2022 3:31 pm

FOX Sports NFL Analyst Mark Schlereth tells Rich why he’s high on Tom Brady and the Buccaneers and Davante Adams and the Raiders heading into the season, why the Patriots’ Mac Jones is the 2nd-year quarterback who will make the biggest leap next season, if the 49ers will find success with Trey Lance as their starting QB, if Mike McDaniel can bring to the Miami Dolphins the same success in the run game he orchestrated with the Niners, says which teams have the best offensive lineman and more. 

Rich reacts to Tyreek Hill seemingly disrespecting Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs while talking up his new QB Tua Tagovailoa.

Rich and the guys celebrate the anniversary of ‘Caddyshack’ with Brockman offering up an off-the-beaten-path take on ‘Field of Dreams.”

In his ‘Overreaction Monday’ segment Rich weighs in on Davante Adams and the Raiders, Tom Brady’s Madden 23 rating, the Tennessee Titans, Lamar Jackson’s contract status, if the Steelers are Mitchell Trubisky’s team, and which NFL teams need to re-think their alternate helmet ideas for this season.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Now the court of public opinion is trying to be swayed by an agent saying how the temerity. The Rich Eisen Show. This baseball organization not fly my client private to the all-star home run derby.

I can't think of something that fans would probably say GTOH. Earlier on the show ESPN senior NBA writer Brian Wintorse. Coming up NFL on Fox analyst and three-time Super Bowl champion Mark Schlereth.

Comedian David A. Arnold. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yeah sound number two The Rich Eisen Show is on the air and you never know you never know in this crazy uh mixed up sports world we live in. I would never have thought on the Monday before training camps open in the National Football League writ large every single team by this point tomorrow will have every single player that's under contract or willing to show up at their facilities tomorrow. I would never have thought I'd spend the first hour of this program talking predominantly National Basketball Association news but I'm okay with it.

I know I'm not I'm just I'm just saying you know. You're a basketball guy I tried to tell you that months ago did did did I saw your tweet did everybody miss episode 10 of the last answer that guy with a flock of seagulls haircut talking about Dennis Rodman going to hang out with wrestling people. You mean the NWO?

No remember he remember he left to go hang out with you know hang out with the NWO. Come on I'm a basketball guy number of times they sat next to Stuart Scott and watched him get all the Jordan highlights. Did you ever like be like yo Stu can I get one? Never once never once because he knew the Michigan Wolverines and Yankee stuff was mine. It was a nice it was a nice division of labor. Rich I get blindly and loyally devoted to Michigan yes a Michigan highlight as opposed to a Michael Jordan 96 highlight bro come on. I understand it wasn't a fair trade. You know Stuart just had you know could you imagine UNC beats Duke and then I'm like can I get the highlights Stuart please get out of here.

I'm just saying get out of here. So our number three David A Arnold the comedian with a red hot Netflix special it will be here in studio he's a die-hard Browns fan. We already chatted with Brian Windhorst about the Durant stuff about Russ Russell Westbrook and what's going on with him in the Lakers about his great Rudy Gobert soliloquy from months or weeks ago that went viral if you missed any of it slash rich isin show but let's talk some football and let's talk some football with one of our favorite guests and I'm not just saying that because he's on hold waiting to be introduced. A 12-year veteran of the National Football League and three-time Super Bowl champion so and on average he won one every four years but as we all know a Denver Bronco team that went back to back as well. He is a three-time Super Bowl champion and a terrific listen whenever he gets to call games on Fox as he will do so this fall none other than Mark Schlereth back here in the Rich Isin show. How you doing Mark?

Rich I am doing great great to hear your voice hope you're doing well buddy. I am doing very well so which team are you a high on the most Mark Schlereth as we are entering training camp which team are you particularly excited maybe they're vastly improved you can say the rams they are defending Super Bowl champs but go for it the team you are a high on the most entering the 2022 NFL season is? Well I mean I've got a bunch of them that I love I love Tampa I love Todd Bowles taking over as the head coach I love what they have on the defensive side of the ball obviously Tom Brady and I think that's division Rich when you look at New Orleans and who's going to play quarterback there you look at the transition that they're going through in Carolina with the quarterback situation you look in um you know you look at that division the Atlanta Falcons to me I think maybe they they might have one of the easiest paths to a division championship and some home field advantage throughout the playoffs so like I really like kind of where they are and the way they line up based upon their division you know you can sit there and say hey I love the Chargers or hey I love the the Kansas City Chiefs or the Broncos with Russell Wilson or even the Raiders with their offseason acquisitions and Chandler Jones and Devontae Adams but that division is come on I mean that I think that's the four best quarterbacks ever put in one division at any time that I can think of in NFL history it's just ridiculous so like I think Tampa has probably one of the best routes to like I said home field advantage throughout the playoffs I guess you could say Green Bay has a particularly similar path unless you're you're high on the Vikings I would imagine and you know the Lions might get you know get get somebody here or there this year um but I guess you could say that about Green Bay but you're right about the AFC West and I'll just throw it out here I have been all over the Raiders I love the Devontae Adams uh acquisition I think it's a rarity when you've got a talent like his being acquired and then even more rare that the quarterback who you're pairing him with goes way back they're tight they love each other and the chemistry is already there and they've already played together um although years ago I I love what the Raiders have done and I think they win that division and I hand it off to you that way March Lareth well you know I I hate the Raiders with a white heart of a thousand suns so uh it's hard for me to pick them but let me let me just tell you I think they're a pretty damn good team I think uh Derek Carr is one of the most undervalued players in the league regardless of position I think he's that good and Devontae Adams like Aaron Aaron Rodgers told me about Devontae Adams he said listen man this guy comes back to the huddle and he doesn't you know he doesn't throw a fit about hey man I'm open or this that or the other he'll say hey in this formation when we were in this in the first quarter I got this coverage and I got this leverage so if we get into a critical situation and third down we get back in that formation with that play called I'm going to change my route to this and I'll be wide open and then Aaron go okay duly noted they'll get in the situation they'll look at each other and go okay we're in like his intelligence rivals that of Cooper Cup at the wide receiver position like a quarterback playing wide receiver and then in critical situations second down and long third down and long situations I mean you know he's going to get double teamed and it doesn't matter he's just better than you he's like the logo gym we're better than you and we know it you know he that's that's the way that guy plays the game the way he plays that position so I'm with you on the Raiders their acquisitions Chandler Jones probably undervalued you know people think of him as just a pass rusher but that you can play the run that guy plays with great leverage he's a really good football player on the opposite side of you know Max Crosby who is just that dude has a non-stop motor so I'm with you on the Raiders and they're off-season acquisitions I think they've significantly improved their uh their roster so who do you have winning the AFC West Marc Schlereth um and um because I know you you clearly know the Broncos organization and you you're there you've got a front row seat there in Denver in the great state of Colorado uh the expectation level for them is what and then if you wouldn't mind buttoning up with who you think wins a division if it is them the Raiders or yeah I think their expectation level is you know that it's playoffs that that's the expectation level but you've got a first-time head coach bunch of you know first-time coordinator a just a bunch of first-timers on that coaching staff and you know ultimately you've got a roster that looks like it's full of potential but what we used to say about potential when I was playing potential gets you fired you know I like paid potential is great but I want guys who can play so I don't know what they are at the tight end position right now I don't know really what they are at the wide receiver position I don't know what Jerry Judy is going to be you know we assume with a legitimate quarterback that he is going to have star potential but he hasn't shown that to this point you know and so like he's an incredible athlete but that doesn't make you a great wide receiver at this point so there's a lot of question marks there that you know I always say this about the Chargers as much as I like them on paper you know Chargers going to charger they're going to find a way to screw up four games like they just that's who they are and they've always been that way and until they prove me otherwise I can't pick them I'd probably go with Kansas City but I'll be really interested to see what Andy Reid kind of what he evolves into because Tyreek Hill as you know is probably the most dynamic athlete in the National Football League and I had uh Wink Martindale tell me who was defense coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens now the defense coordinator with the New York Giants tell me like and this guy's been coaching forever he said on a football field in football pads I have never seen Tyreek Hills equal when it comes to speed and quickness in and out of breaks it's like what you see on film you think wow this guy's really fast we've got to be really careful and then what you see on the field it's like he cranks it up to a different level so like you're going to miss that and Andy Reid has the propensity not to run the football he doesn't want to win that way that's not what he does and so I'll be interested to see like if they can create those explosive big over the over the top plays you know those drives that last three plays and go 82 yards like dude can they do that without Tyreek Hill either catching it and making the play or taking all the pressure off the rest of the guys so they can make plays. Mark Schlerath here on the Rich Eisen show so you think the Chiefs you're going to take the Chiefs then to win that division? I'm going to I'm going to take take the Chiefs with trepidation I'm like the Raider pick but picking the Raiders would be like eating a turd sandwich for me he's not going to do it. Mark Schlerath here on the Rich Eisen show okay so now which second year quarterback do you think is going to take the biggest leap this year you've got Trey Lance is going to get his shot in San Francisco Justin Fields is going to get his second crack at it this time for the first time from week one you know you've got Mac Jones who's on the MJ10 system he showed he's shown up rocked out then you've got Zach Wilson with the Jets who have added a ton of great pieces and Trevor Lawrence who has the benefit of not just being Trevor Lawrence but getting Doug Peterson who is kind of a two-for-one he's a a quarterback guru mixed up with a a Super Bowl champion resume and he's also not Urban Meyer so put it all together I've set it up for you so you could maybe noodle it in your head which quarterback second year quarterbacks can have the biggest leap? Mark Schlerath what do you think? Well yeah like I think that Mac Jones was incredible last year and if I had to put money on one of those guys it would be Mac Jones stability of organization Bill Belichick I know they lost Josh McDaniels their offensive coordinator as the head coach to the Raiders but still I think that that is probably the best situation Jacksonville you mentioned Doug Peterson it's still Jacksonville there's still a level of dysfunction within that organization we'll see if they can you know fix that I like the pieces the Jets added and and I really like Zach Wilson coming out as well but again you know that again it comes down to overcoming what's in your division as part of it you've got the Buffalo Bills twice in that division you got the New England Patriots in that division you've got the Miami Dolphins who have put you know a lot of pieces to the puzzle in that division depending on how Tua plays so I that would be my inclination I still think that Trey Lance you know is an incredible athlete didn't play a lot in college didn't play very much last year there's going to be a big learning curve there along with Justin Fields as well and and you know that the Eber flutes hire as a defensive guy you know the Eber like Eber it sounds like a Dr. Seuss instrument that you played yes I do believe it I do believe amazing so I do believe that was one of the instruments that the cat in the hat cleaned up at the very end of that book I heard he picked up the Eber flutes he stuck it in his hat and then he wandered off I mean I just I don't I just don't know what that is and and Justin Fields like Justin Fields is an incredible athlete but he wasn't he wasn't ready to play in the NFL last year we'll see the progression that he makes um you know we'll see what what he makes of that but I still think he's a ways off and I'm not saying he can't be great at some point but I think that that Mack Jones just from an understanding level of understanding um kind of a professionalism and and being prepared to play in the National Football League that guy had the biggest advantage and he took advantage of that and I think he'll just continue to grow what do you think about Trey Lance Mark what do you think about his 2022 season going into it right now well you know I think that I think Kyle Shanahan does a phenomenal job with formations with personnel groupings of keeping a defense off balance with the running game you know last year I talked to probably 12 different teams that I have relationships with and all 12 of them were studying the San Francisco 49ers running game all of them and so you know you start taking that running game that wide zone base running game and you start adding all the zone read stuff and all the things that Trey Lance can bring and the play action stuff that comes off of that I think from a setup standpoint he'll be set up now it's just a matter of his ability to execute and execute in the tough situations you know when you don't have all the play action stuff created for you when all of a sudden you're in a game where you're in third down and long a bunch and you got to operate from the pocket that's where a lot of those guys that are very skilled athletes but haven't had a lot of experience playing the game that's where they start to suffer a little bit and you know that's been the criticism of Lamar Jackson over the years is he's got to be better in those situations I think he'd be the first to tell you yeah I've got to keep improving in those situations and I think you know the Baltimore Ravens would tell you the same thing so I think that for me is is where I struggle saying Trey Lance is ready to roll because he just hasn't done a lot of that well in terms of the the running game that you just mentioned the Shanahan running game that everybody's um that everybody's trying to mimic or study and then replicate Mike McDaniel is the guy who helped you know put a lot of those wrinkles in there like like the the tosses to um Deebo we're not not not the direct handoff but he put him in a position where he can get a direct handoff but instead tossing it to him which adds to the certain angle and the way that they would block I mean there's a certain nuance to this that McDaniel uh was helping come up uh with or work with Shanahan on how do you think Miami's gonna look you know what do you think he's gonna affect in Miami with this track star roster that they seem to be putting together there Mark oh yeah it's still it's yeah it's yeah it still comes down to being able to dictate and run situations you know and one of the things about that offense with Mike McDaniel is your ability um to run the ball in in situations where it doesn't feel advantageous to run the ball second down and long situations right uh third down and third down and you know five minus can you still run the ball and convert first downs in in those situations because usually you'll have a better matchup from a personnel standpoint you know you're going to get played uh in third down and in four and a half third down and five I mean nickel fronts and dime fronts you know extra dbs on the football field so can you do you have a legit one back running game and that's where Kyle Shanahan and Mike McDaniel have done a really good job of making the defense have to play the entirety of your playbook and I think that's one thing that you'll see that'll be vastly different um and then all the you know like you talked about the nuanced stuff all the jet sweep versus the orbit sweep stuff during uh you know all that stuff that Deebo did last year that was you know absolutely incredible um and then you can add that and supplement your running game with all those kind of adjunct plays out of out of motion and from your wide receiver position so it just makes you that much more difficult to defend and the great thing about that stuff rich is um if you call that play nine guys are doing the same exact thing that they would be doing on a wide handoff play so like you think oh this out of the orbit sweep man it's so much more confusing no it's not everybody's doing the same exact thing only somebody else is carrying the ball so from a blocking scheme standpoint we don't change a damn thing up front so to the defense you can make it look like you know seven eight different plays but to the offense we're blocking it the exact same way regardless if the running back is carrying it the full back is carrying the tight end is carrying out the wide receiver is carrying it doesn't matter us and so it's it's incredibly complex while being simple at the same time the juxtaposition of complexity and simplicity all wrapped into one love it man this is great football talk last couple of minutes with you mark schlereth before i send you on on your your monday the offensive line you'd take over any other entering 2022 is which one mark schleith oh gosh i really like hey i really like the changes they made last year in kansas city uh tres smith at the gar position was a pro bowler humphrey the center uh you know brown at the at the tackle position like they could completely revamp tuni at the gar position i think they're i think they're about as is good and solid a group as anybody in the national football league and they have to be because they're probably asked to protect more than anybody else in the national football league because you know like i said andy reid likes to throw the ball and run a few screens and occasionally he'll hand it off but that's not what he likes to do and that's as an offensive lineman that that is really hard to be good when everybody and their brother's uncle knows you're going to throw it on a consistent basis yeah then the quarterback extends the play too i mean you i mean you can't go down field either i mean you got to be mindful of where you are at all times you know i tell you philadelphia is outstanding both tackle positions guard center they're super physical they're one of the best in in the business there's a bunch of them out there that are really good but those two kind of off the top of my head come to mind mark schleith you the man look for more of my calls man uh always greatly appreciate your insight and uh your humor and uh your time thanks thanks again appreciate it anytime my friend be well right back at you that's mark schleier three-time super bowl champ right here on the rich hison show i have some thoughts on the dolphins and tyree kill um what's going on there i want to take a break do that over reaction monday and more of your phone calls 844-204 rich number to dial when we come back oh boy this is it is to putto in the tournament you seek it the champ you sink at the championship is yours but on your backswing could you imagine uh you take your takeaway uh the your hat falls over your eyes this is a one-act play set up by the good folks at net suite to let you understand that maybe poor visibility and your reliance on old spreadsheets 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the most accurate passer in the nfl today said that what are we doing he was on uh on first take today okay he was asked to identify the determining factor between the jets and the dolphins according to a pro football talker from florio i'm reading from his post and uh you remember in the in the hell going on month of march remember that we come to work tarry kill tarry kill wants out and the chiefs are like there's the door and then all of a sudden the jets and the dolphins are bidding against each other and then all of a sudden he's a dolphin that happened in like a span of like three hours right that didn't play out it wasn't a slow motion car crash it was boom two cars colliding and it was the jets and the dolphins and remember i said again i don't know if you really want me on your side with the don't trade for durant thing remember i said jet don't do it don't do it you're not ready for this guy yet you're not ready for him yet keep building slowly keep building young don't spend 30 million dollars on one wide receiver and as it turned out it really wasn't much of a decision for hill anyway although this is what his answer was quote again this is why he chose the dolphins over the jets quote zack wilson is a dog but i'd rather play with the most accurate quarterback in the nfl that's tyree kill about his current quarterback to tango valo now let's be totally brutally honest here tyree kill chose the dolphins over the jets for a couple of reasons that i do believe supersedes tuas dart throwing one it's south florida it's miami that's number one okay would you rather live in south florida or would you rather live as most jets and giants do in suburban new jersey sorry mikey you're choosing south florida you're choosing miami that's what you're choosing and would you rather go to the northeast where you gotta pay state income tax or would you rather go to florida and not deuces jets out come on now then he is talking up his quarterback boy is he just absolutely writing checks and i think it's great this is what he should be doing he should be he should be talking up his quarterback this is his guy we all know we all know and i have been accused of being a card-carrying member of tuanon okay oh you're in i do i love the guy i love him and i think mike mcdaniels bring in a system where he doesn't have to hold on to it too long just get it in the hands of somebody who could uh just burn it up see a lot of 71 yard touchdowns on three yard throws okay that's what this this system is built to do just get it out of your hands and then you know once maybe somebody bites on that route tyreek hill does a double move and you see him waving his hand and we'll see how many times two hits that hand we're gonna see that we're gonna see it and it's gonna be to his job to hit that hand and guess what if he doesn't hit that hand mike mcdaniel comes from a spot where say quarterbacks take you to a super bowl and then don't hit that hand when you're going over the top to try and beat the kansas city chiefs and that guy suddenly gets replaced by a third overall selection that they trade their entire drafts plural future in the first round to go get so to has got a shot but if he doesn't do it he will not last very long and i don't blame tyreek hill for saying what he is saying talking him up he might even sense that tua needs it i don't know if he does the kid when he showed up on our set in miami right before he got drafted didn't seem to me to need any extra confidence but the nfl can shake and rattle you so you're going to hear that tyreek hill is disrespecting patrick mahomes and he's disrespecting the chiefs that might be bad breakup stuff i don't know but he's got to do what he's doing what is he going to say if he says anything remotely sniffing in the other direction a hint otherwise it'll be he misses mahomes yeah he misses mahomes he's kind of regretting it no he is talking up his guy because to his guy he's pumping him for the heisman and let's see the dolphins are a team i cannot wait to watch what mike mcdaniel is doing with all the pieces that they have there one of the most fascinating 2022 teams for me miami doll but the problem is we've all seen tua play football we have in the past we have in the past we have in the past when he came out and you know let's give him let's it hasn't been great bro let's give him a little slack the guy needed his hip repaired okay and then i get it no i get it now okay uh now it's his team 100 for sure to sean watson is no longer looming over him the owner can't isn't knocking on anyone else's door at the trade deadline to meet with him okay we're at the dock waiting for the ship to come in that's ship has now if you will sailed i mean sean payton might lube over mike mcdaniel for whatever reason well he's on the dolphins are on payton's list it could be on payton's list all you want as you know i we are big mike mcdaniel fans here and i think he is a genius and he's funny and he's i think he's going to keep things loose i i need to see how he handles time outs and stuff like that i have a feeling he'll he'll have that down to a science as well you know game management and things of that nature losing streaks and things of that nature we'll see but dolphins won eight of their last nine last year so i mean there's something there they did and let's just see what to again they fired the head coach i know well yeah that's all we all know something was up there but that's all you know done toa doesn't have that lingering over him this year but he does have the hey you see what happened to baker mayfield suddenly you know he's on a podcast of the dog belly up and now he's on the carolina panthers hoping to have a spot next year there maybe or using it to elevate yourself elsewhere i think that would happen to toa if it does not work out with him and tyree kill this year and we'll just see one more the the first several times to it puts his hand up and i mean tyree puts his hand up and doesn't get it doesn't get it or doesn't hit his hands all right tj he brought this up i just want to look at the numbers real quick so the dolphins did win eight of the last nine okay toa didn't play in the first game that started that streak a win against houston okay but in seven of those eight wins he only had nine touchdowns and was sacked 13 times last year it was the don't you know it was the game management school of the ross game management school of business and bottom line is there's no game management here man there's no game management here there will be or i don't know he could be the jimmy g of this equation he mostard is there and if anybody knows how to use him it's mcdaniel maybe they do run it down your throat 35 times a game and then all he's got to do i don't think tyree kill will be terribly happy about that nor would it be the smartest play i don't think wow they got speed everywhere terrific yeah waddle is going to be a monster season last year he can get the ball fascinating can't wait to see him all right um eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the rich eisen show you ready for a little overreaction monday or do you want to let's take a phone call and then we'll do it on the other side let's do it let's do it let's take a phone call here on the program terzo and iowa all right all right what's up terzo how you been hey brock mc tj happy late birthday guys hey thanks for though hey rich i didn't know that i was going to be a foot taller than jeff and detroit that blows my mind dude are you six five you're six five terzo yeah i'm six five matches we found out one of our lists and regulars is smaller than we thought dog matches human terzo's like josh allen wow what the hell yeah yeah uh dude so you're wait a minute you're you're litigating at six five are you like looming over the jury box and stuff like that what are you doing oh yeah dude i'm huge whenever i walk in the courtroom especially with my long hair man i stand out all rise works there and judge it okay terzo all right you have the floor what's up tall man hey so i got it i just got a couple things for you rich if if i'm any team in the nba i'm not trading for kd especially if i'm boston i'm not depleting the cupboard i just can't do it second um i'm a huge baseball fan was my first love kind of like you um i'm just really disappointed in and what they have done not allowing bonds and clemens into the hall of fame i think is just a travesty i'm a huge bonds fan i've been my entire life and i knew whenever i was a little kid that all these guys were using steroids and baseball had an obligation i think to kind of clean it up then and not be not go back and punish these guys after the fact all these riders they did you know they gave them seven mvps seven uh sy young and look at where we're at now you voted for him then why punish him now i'm just i'm just upset with it well uh my stance has always been terzo put it on the plaque it's a museum it's a baseball shrine it's a cooperstown uh baseball hall of fame and museum it's a museum so you put it on the plaque this is what uh the only thing thanks to the call the only problem is you know with bonds was he ever convicted of anything was he ever i mean no because he has the greatest best friend ever remember his trainer wouldn't uh wouldn't snitch he just got up there said nothing and he just got a jail time put it on a plaque he did it in the steroid era and if somebody's actually if somebody's actually um say there was you know questions and what's surrounding never have come up with the language for it the language is tough berry bonds is the greatest baseball player i've ever seen so that's all i my stance has always been bonds maguire and clements before anybody got a hint of anything or a sniff of anything they they had hall of fame numbers before maguire hit 49 is a rookie rail thin he wasn't real thin he still had popeye forearms a little take a look at him take a look at him you know berry bonds his foot also grew one and a half sizes so does it affect your feet feet and head didn't know that who knew all right we'll take a break here on the rich eisen show over reaction monday and more when we return here to the program 844204 rich number to dial it's the biggest party of the summer witness brock lesnar challenge roman reigns for the undisputed wwe universal championship at summer slam streaming live this saturday 8 p.m eastern only on peacock and don't miss the fallout the following monday on wwe raw live on usa network at 8 p.m eastern 7 central acknowledge you kind of feel right there i just love the i love the uh the language of witness brock lesnar challenge roman reigns witness you know i get a witness we're slowly i mean it's gonna be much harder than turn you to a basketball guy but slowly maybe a little bit of a wrestling guy i think i gotta go a little higher register than that and then you run very high register time higher register over reaction monday let's hit it hit it hit it that was terrible that was crap that was garbage just like sucks over reaction just wait over reaction monday christopher you have the floor all right guys football we made it we made it no more weekends without football until february that's awesome okay so look at some of the headlines here so devante adams was talking about uh i was excited to go from one hall of fame quarterback to another that was kind of interesting devante adams you know in the last two years has had 29 touchdowns so my overreaction is this devante adams is going to have at least 14 this season bingo yes sir i'm back in my play every single time when this comes up anything you ask me about the las vegas raiders until football actually play of course i did their record the other day in the win-loss game i made them 12 and 5 and i made them five and one in division which is what you need to be if you want to win this ridiculously difficult and competitive division is mark schlareth just earlier this hour echoed yes sir now in the same way that i just mentioned don't take the cheese with tyreek hill right calling two of the most accurate quarterback in the league is a slag on mahomes he's talking his guy up and this is the way that devante adams feels about derek carr and this just makes me want to be more even more all in on the raiders because i bet you if you ask devante adams and we will talk to him at some point that if he feels part of his role in las vegas is in fact to give a target to a guy who he wants to make the hall of fame that he feels a responsibility to provide the touchdowns and the targets and the catches and the yards that would be also on derek carr's resume build him up win championships get him a ring if not to maybe even win him an mvp award by providing that target and help him get to canton where we all know devante adams is headed i love it let's go what's next am i overreacting i might even be overreacting i might even have fallen into the trap but i'm in i'm more devante touchdowns or raider wins devante touchdowns okay and again i'm trying to be consistent here i think he gets 14 which is two more than the 12 i gave him in the win-loss game all right we talked a lot last week about the madden ratings all that stuff came out a lot of players had issues with where they were rated you know tom brady is the highest rated quarterback in madden he's a 97. okay tom brady's the best quarterback getting into the 2022 season 2022 season it's not an overreaction i mean you could make the argument you can make the argument over and over and over and over again personally i i think josh allen's gonna take another step forward i think gabriel davis and i think james cook are gonna add to like davis gonna take another step up and james cook is the guy who nobody's talking about nobody's talking about him so um how can you say that's an overreaction i don't think you can he's 45 years old i don't know so what i mean when are we going to stop talking about his age man honestly you also think it's his last year i do think it's his last year all right there but ask me that again around halloween yeah what else christopher uh this i i don't know there's an overreaction also just an observation nobody's talking about the tennessee titans that's correct nobody is you know why one seed last year the reason why nobody talks about the tennessee titans is first of all they play in the afc south that's number one number two name me outside of derek henry who you have on your fantasy team from that team well aj brown's gone now correct maybe you have tana hill as a backup exactly these are back that's why and we all we all live in a fantasy football world and who's who scares you who scares you from that team who do you circle who do you go it's derek henry it's derek henry and they did lose aj brown and everybody saw tannehill throwing right to the cincinnati bangles last year so put it all together and people don't talk about the tennessee titans they were the one seed last year folks in the afc let's not sleep on that so um i think that's why and they also don't have a star quarterback a top tier if you will and we'll be talking about the athletic story where 50 nfl executives and coaches combined talk to mike sando about the top quarterbacks in the league and they tiered them one through five um five different tiers of quarterbacks i mean tannehill's not even considered a top 10 quarterback in a conference where quoted now alan lamar joey justin russell that's just five that's five is tannehill the best quarterback is shawn in his division now with matt ryan there uh i i mean we can have an argument over that's for sure so what else over there what else i saw this yesterday too you know uh kyler got the bag last week and didn't he's the second highest paid quarterback now per average well rg3 our buddy robert griffin said lamar jackson should be the first 50 million dollars a year quarterback is he going to get it um you asked me two questions should he get it or is he going to get it should he be yes yes he should you know why chris because it's his turn it's preposterous preposterous it's his turn million a year it's his turn it's what the market pays and mike del tufo get the drop ready that i had you create last week and any owner that doesn't like that this is part of the business this is the business we've chosen hyman roth eventual would have been had he not you know spoiler alert uh had that awful moment of in the miami international airport he would have been the owner of the miami dolphins i think hyman roth would have been a part owner of the miami dolphins easily again owners don't like it this is the business you've chosen and the business you've chosen has a market if you hit it at the right time and you've done what you've done in your first contract you get it that's your bag so lamar's lamar may not get it and rg3 is not wrong so i didn't ask who gave the order thank you very much thank you lamar has kind of slow played this into a lot more money though for him potentially i don't know what he's doing and i have no idea it could be like that shot i made in pickleball yesterday you might have seen on an instagram account too might have been that shot i made pickleball yesterday a great winner did you mean to do it uh yeah here's what i noticed too for all this great workout didn't see you moving a lot oh my god keep moving over there uh i'm afraid of popping my achilles another another aren't you feeling a little sore today i am but i i'm okay all right uh we've talked not a lot much about this team although we did last week because we had naji harris on the steamers of mitch trubisky's team for 2022 no no tennie pickett has not had his last third on the depth chart got it understood understood understood you think pickett starts more games than mitch yes that's that's insane i do that's right now i feel it my bones just a feeling you're feeling so many things i'm just hooked on a feeling i think that maybe the tightness in your killing it's like uh i'm just hooked on a feeling right does that make is that flash dance that what that is more than a feeling what is it what is it flash dance is what what a feeling what a feeling is uh dancing on the scene oh okay no no no no no no what we are totally but we're mixing all kinds of songs are mixing flash dance what a guess that's the you had it all right what else you got over there all right last one boston more than a feeling i don't know that's more than a feeling feelings you guys got last one have you seen all these like alternate helmets that are coming out these days okay some of them are cool but not every team needs alternate helmets and i'm looking at you bears this is awful what is that it looks like the browns with the sea on the side this is new announced today as bad as the bears we don't need this here's are you serious is that real this is real 100 real let me talk about this for a second bears fans feeling you i feel you because you feel like you're not going in the right direction you feel like things aren't going your way and the last thing you ever thought ever that you would look at the field and see a play but also see a team that looks like the cincinnati bangles you don't want it you already saw with andy dalton you had enough of that now you got a team that actually looks like the bangles uniform the old bangles as you know you know how i feel about the new bangles well the bangles have a cool white tiger helmet coming out that looks cool bangles have totally reinvented themselves this is not cool old school bangles that the bears never thought that they would ever be associated with with their play now they look this what are they thinking do you think that some some kid out there and when netka is gonna ask mommy and daddy for an orange helmet is that honestly i i don't know somebody out there in wheeling mom dad can you get me that orange helmet it's really bad that i saw justin fields throwing interception in oh come on i say that i'm not feeling of good i don't have good feelings for his uh 2022 season that's that is bad that's really it's really that it's not an overreaction like the jets black ones are cool the panthers have black ones that are cool everybody goes the Patriots are going back to the white old that that's fine i like it the bangles of the white tiger one like i just said but that bears one no bueno no point all right that's all i got well done sir we're back where'd where'd we go well we're away for the weekend that's what you're saying we're back yeah i know we're back okay monday we're back you catch it by the way you've caught a serious groove in the non-playing season overreaction mondays you know we're making chicken salad no but i mean it's good it's great you put me in positions yeah which is i know which is your intent well as i told morgan freeman life's about making decisions wow i can never forget you said that to me when you waffled on choosing his favorite he was like i listed four movies and he's like yes i'm like no you need to pick one pick one can't believe you actually put and then he picked one not on the list i can't believe j morgan freeman which was he put million dollar baby right is that what he chose million dollar baby yeah well driving miss daisy oh driving miss daisy yeah you didn't put that on the list i can't believe you didn't get backhanded i can't believe you didn't get backhanded just i mean you never would have thought about arnold will be joining us and then there's also a uh a fascinating new list of quarterbacks as ranked by actual nfl coaches and executives if you don't know about it you won't want to miss it we already did a list so it doesn't you know oh yeah what do you mean you did a list we already did we did our top 10 quarterback lists yeah but this is a tier system there's tier one two three four and five well i can make my top 10 into five tiers if you want i don't want to okay i didn't like your list anyway well everyone had a problem did you even see as i put mac jones i did oh okay did what'd you do for your birthday uh super low-key actually a friend of mine uh his daughter was born the day before so they had a party for her and so we went over there for a little bit nice and then so that beautiful video of your your boy singing oh he's it's something they do at school you know they sing happy birthday whatever he really loves singing it's so yeah we just kind of was low-key chill made some steaks and had a ice cream cake this is this is can i say something here that i know that chris won't like but i'm gonna say it anyway guys mike i don't tj what did i tell you about how when he became a dad he would ditch his schmecky burger draft celebration for his birthday with his friends what did i tell you well covet had a lot to do with that but what did i tell you listen this is a man who used to get together with his friends and his favorite burger restaurant and everybody would get together i liked it and you you would shut out the last time and you got you drafted what burger you that you wanted to eat tj and that and that you spent time in a restaurant potentially being served a hamburger you didn't want because it was about a draft and you didn't have the right draft order pick the burger you wanted you couldn't have like you're going to actually spend time away from your family and your house eating something you don't want surrounded by people you didn't really even know and i said i don't want to come to one of those and you said good you're not invited we had a whole bunch of stuff and i said wait till you have kids you will take a totally different approach and here you are low-key another fan friend has a beautiful kid hung with that person your boy sang you and you made stakes yep okay in your own house my own house with your own family i made it how i wanted it yes look at you look at you yeah you're groansed up and you're groansed up and you're groansed up i mean i am going to las vegas this weekend so i should do a whole bit more should i get on the table get on the table and dance you'll break something over there by the way i'm cramping in my head i mean i told you pickleball the old pickleball injury for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho men's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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