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REShow: Kurt Warner - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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July 29, 2022 4:33 pm

REShow: Kurt Warner - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 29, 2022 4:33 pm

Rich reacts to Charles Barkley ending his flirtation with joining the LIV Tour’s broadcast team and ponders if the controversial Saudi backed golf league can ever change its image especially with their reported heavy-handed tactics when handling criticism.

Pro Football Hall of Famer and NFL Network Analyst Kurt Warner tells Rich why the Cardinals might have been compelled to include a mandatory ‘film study’ clause in Kyler Murray’s contract and what game film indicates about the young QB’s readiness each Sunday, says why the 49ers are sky-high on Trey Lance and what the expectations are for the 2nd-year quarterback in San Francisco, says why the Green Bay Packers are the most intriguing NFL team heading into the new season, and weighs in on the anonymous NFL defensive coordinator who criticized Patrick Mahomes’ ability to read defenses. 

TJ breaks out his ‘Big-Ass Grab Bag’ and list the top 5 athletes he wants to see in the WWE including Aaron Donald, Serena Williams, Ronaldo and more.

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Upgrade today by calling 877-ASK-DELL, that's 877-ASK-DELL, to save up to 48% on our latest technology. Earlier on the show, University of Cincinnati head coach Luke Fickel, Packers running back Aaron Jones. Coming up, Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner, your phone calls, latest news and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. If you missed the first two hours, I don't mean to be so aggressive, but where have you been? So, you missed hour number one with Luke Fickel of Cincinnati calling in from his vacation.

That was amazing. You missed a very hard-hitting conversation with Aaron Jones of the Green Bay Packers, asking him the meaning of his tweet from last month, wondering if cereal is soup. We will also talk some football with him, and Luke Fickel as well.

If you missed any of it, slash Rich Eisen Show is there for you, and we're always there for you. Kurt Warner, my colleague from the NFL Media Group and NFL Game Day Morning and Westwood One's coverage of Monday Night Football. He's going to be calling in at about 20 minutes time. Can't wait to ask him what he thought of the independent study clause coming and going in Kyler Murray's contract. And the one thing I do want to ask Kurt is because he watches a ton of film. I don't know anybody who watches more film than Kurt. Have there been any moments where he looks at Kyler Murray's film and it caused him to wonder, how did Kyler not see that?

Is he not studying enough? Something that I don't think anybody thought about Kyler Murray until this clause came out and now disappears. Poof. So Kurt's going to be joining us shortly. Brockman is spending today in Las Vegas, Nevada.

So in his spot is Susie Schuster. Good to see you, Zeus, for hour number three. Great to see you, Rich. And then Michael Del Tufo is taking today off as well.

Imagine that. Good to see you, Jason Feller. Thank you.

I get nervous this close to beautiful women. Oh, really? I'm keeping it together.

What is going on over here? Are you serious? This man is sitting right in front of you. It's OK. I don't understand. That's a compliment. I like every second of it.

Of course he doesn't. Wow. It's my last day now. No, stop. Hey, TJ Jefferson. How are you, brother?

Well, I came to work, unlike your other boys. So, you know. I hate Vegas. I hate Vegas with every bit of my being. Careful, we're on in Las Vegas, Nevada, Zeus.

I'll tell you why. We're on in Nevada. I know.

We were. I like Nevada. I just don't do well in Vegas. I know you don't do well in Vegas.

I have the polar opposite view of that. You love Vegas so much that you want a statue for Mo Green. Well, it is an outrage. A plaque. A plaque. A plaque.

Or a signpost. You would think after all of these years that that would be taken care of and there would be some type of recognition of Mo. Did Rich tell you that we watched Godfather back to back?

Yes. On the way back from Rome. It was one of the most fantastic situations of my life. You have to, after you watched The Offer, which I heard you guys did. Loved it. You have to watch The Godfather after watching The Offer. Loved it.

It was terrific. By the way, did you see that the Godfather home in Staten Island, my hometown. Shaolin. Yeah, you can get it on an Airbnb for like a hundred bucks a night. Whose house? Where they shot The Godfather. I mean, Staten Island. The Corleone's house? Well, apparently it doesn't look that way inside, but it's where the wedding took place.

How much? And James Caan and me, rest in peace, broke the camera and threw the money on the ground, as he told us before he passed away in the interview in March. And the props guy was not happy. Props guy was not happy.

And he had the money in his pocket that was totally ad-libbed. And it was golden. Yeah, it was amazing. You love Vegas.

I do. You get so excited when you go there. I do love going there. And now, you know, I mean, there for the draft, I mean, when the Super Bowl goes there, it's going to be insane. There's no greater place on this planet than Vegas for 48 hours.

And then on that 49th hour, there might not be a worse place on God's greener than being in Vegas. Oh my gosh. 844-204-RICH being the number to dial here on the show. We'll take a couple of your phone calls.

We got TJ's big ass grab bag coming up after Kurt Warner. Do you want to pause here for a moment? Pause.

That's for later on, yes. I do want to pause here for a moment and talk about our friend, Suze, Charles Barkley. And Charles Barkley has indeed made his- what do we got here?

Okay. I do want to pause for a moment here and talk about our good friend, Charles Barkley, Suze, that he said he was going to play in the live tournament of the celebrity program, I guess, yesterday in New Jersey. And if he didn't get an offer by the time he left, he was done with them. And it's what he told Dan Patrick and he told Andrew Marshawn of the New York Post that he is no longer going to be interested in the live tour. I don't know if they didn't make him an offer. I don't know if they made an offer that he could refuse to use the offer phrase, but he is going to stay with Turner.

He said he didn't want to leave them hanging any longer. And all I will say is for all of us, all of us who love Charles Barkley and for all of us who love Charles Barkley with Ernie and Shaq and Kenny in the hands of the Turner sports family, we are grateful and thrilled about this news because I love Charles Barkley. I love watching Charles Barkley. It would absolutely be a bummer to tune in on Thursday nights and not see him because he was at some live golf tournament somewhere on planet Earth talking about what is currently on this tour, exhibition golf. I imagine they think after two, three, four, five years, there might be some tradition built up that, you know, so-and-so won that tournament at that spot in that place and that time. And that made it a classic moment because we all watched it on either online or they hoped to have gotten a television contract.

But if they didn't offer Charles Barkley a contract, I'm totally mystified by that because if the live tour wants to get on television with all due respect to all those players who joined the tour, the one person that would absolutely cause you to tune in as a curiosity factor off the bat would be to hear Charles Barkley call a real, you know, live golf tournament that doesn't have just two football players or two basketball players teamed up with two real golfers, you know, and automatically the conversation piece around the live tour centered around Charles Barkley and his decision and the attention he was bringing to it. So I don't know what happened, but all I know is I'm grateful for it and I know you feel the same way, Suze, you know. My word is relieved. I'm so relieved that he's not doing this. This live tour has become so politicized overnight and I think that Charles is very aware of where he stands in the world and I think he takes it seriously. He may have said I'm not a role model a long time ago. Well, I think he is. He is. He's one of those people and I know he says that that responsibility shouldn't be his or what have you, but I mean he's so important on so many social issues that joining this tour would have undercut him and I know what he says, that he thinks that it's hypocritical to call this sports washing and what have you because many businesses do business with either the Saudi government or governments that are not democratic, let's put it that way.

But you know, and then the question is what does the live tour want to be? That's the question I have because they say it's a more fun let your hair down a little bit golf experience, right? 54 holes, not 72 holes. Everybody gets paid. By the way, that whole business of next year they're going to have 400 million dollars worth of purses and you know, Trump said well the golfers are paid better on this tour than the PGA Tour. Nobody cares about that. I do not care that while somebody wins 15 million dollars for a golf tournament or 10 million dollars for a golf tournament, I don't give a crap. I'm tuning in for the stories and I'm tuning in for the competition.

That's why we love sports. You're tuning in for the stories, somebody's journey, I'm like wow, wow, I've got to watch that because the winner makes that much more money and who cares? I don't care and so what does this tournament and this tour want to be because like I said it's more fun. There's shotgun starts and you know there's avatars for teams and they're because they are teams. They're not just individuals, they're teams and they win this money for teams and this money for individuals and they play rock music, you know, they play music, right? Phil Mickelson strolled to the first team his first time and they played you know money, isn't that funny, right?

And we all thought that was a joke or a gag that somebody put over the video but it really happened. Well this time things are turning a little bit and this is what the live tour is going to have to expect. Certainly if they're playing 50 miles from the spot where the towers came down and 9-11 families are protesting outside of the golf course where they are playing, this is going to happen.

Certainly if you're going to the northeast. What's up Hoskins? Rick Mace who covers this for the Washington Post. Day one of the live golf event at Trump National is now underway as Phil Mickelson approached his first tee shot someone in the crowd yelled do it for the Saudi royal family. Mickelson put his shot in the bunker and bogeyed the hole. The fan was quickly approached by a staffer and warned not to do that again. Oh really? What? Are we editing? Wait a minute, is it not free speech? And I understand that players need it quiet, right? If this was a PGA Tour tournament a patron or fan would have been told to pipe down as well. But that's because this is a tournament and we're not playing rock music. We're not creating a party atmosphere, right?

So what are we doing? Is it a party atmosphere where anything can go and whatever or no we're actually going to tell you if you open your mouth you can't talk about the Saudi aspect of this thing. Once again bad PR move. Let's not talk about who's behind it but let's talk about making sure you don't open your mouth about it.

This feels dangerous, this feels dirty, this doesn't feel good. I know how you feel about it and again every player has the opportunity to take this money. But if you take the money, certainly for the first couple of years of this thing, this is what you're going to get. And Charles I think knew that as well and I think he made the right decision unless the decision was essentially made for him. If Greg Norman took him to dinner and didn't have an offer in his back pocket along with the credit card to pay for the dinner then that would have sent up a signal to me like what do you mean am I interested I'm here aren't I Greg just me being here do you know I've got a deal with Turner that pays me a lot of money and I've got all these sponsors with a lot of money the mere fact that I'm here at dinner for you is going to get out as a matter of fact it's everywhere people are calling me up left and right hitting me up too and uh what do you mean am I interested I'm here. So I don't know if they didn't offer him a contract then they're out of their freaking minds because he would have helped them get a a television deal faster I would think at any rate if you go to a live golf tour event just be careful what you say that's all look around have your head on a swivel words I shouldn't really say I guess eight four four two oh four Rich is the number to dial here on the program uh let's go to Nathan in LA here on the Rich Eisen show what's up Nathan hey Rich good to talk to you again how are you sir so I'm I'm calling today just because I want to commend you one of the reasons I listen to this show is I can count on you to deliver information to me that is in fact well that it is and dependable and I say this of course in response to the people you had to respond to earlier this week who didn't do the simple act of vetting the information they were putting out there in an in an era when this is all too common and I just want to commend you for doing the job the way it's supposed to be done and I know that's maybe so simple but I very much appreciate you and that's why I rush this show because I can count on you to give me information that is reliable Nathan thank you for that I greatly appreciate that and I honestly thought you were going with a tongue-in-cheek independent study reference right there but you actually went serious so I greatly appreciate your and I know you call into the show a lot so thank you I appreciate you calling in on that and you know I do I guess want to hit this a little bit too because he's referring to me responding about my contract talks with NFL Network over the last several months something Susie has had a front row seat for a front row seat for do me a favor would you turn off your microphone for a second just joking it's a joke I have no idea who to listen to at this point is someone gonna come up to me and say don't say that again I'm not sure which one's my last one the live tour the R.E.S. tour is gonna say pipe down no Susie's had a front row seat for all of it and the reason why he's mentioning look the the gentleman who wrote for front office sports probably heard that my contract wasn't signed or I hadn't signed anything officially yet and as of this moment I haven't I'm still waiting on the paperwork but we agreed to terms about a month before the story came out so you'll be back and I just the reason why I'm bringing this up again again not just because Nathan hit it is because the reaction I got from a lot of folks about what I said and how I said it was I was something I take to heart and I heard it because I said that I don't like talking about this sort of stuff because I don't think you're interested in it that's why I don't bring it up plus it's my own personal business and I don't talk about my own personal business as it's being conducted in real time it's you know you don't negotiate through the television set or the radio like that's not the way you do anything but I the reason why I said I don't like talking about it as well as I just don't think you're interested in it you'd rather hear me talk about what other people were pointing out other people's contracts and they were kind of like hey it's interesting you say you don't talk about your contract aren't you talking about Lamar's aren't you talking about Kyler's aren't you talking like that and I kind of sat there I'm like yeah that that must stink for them too but I'm also not the quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals or the Cleveland Browns you might say I'm the quarterback of game day morning you could say that I understand that but you're definitely the quarterback here I don't know about game day because you don't have a Super Bowl ring so they might again I just want to bring that up but it was noted it was noted that a lot of folks were like you know interesting you say you don't want your contract being talked about when all you do is talk about other people's contracts I'm like okay I see you it's an interesting sensitivity that I should bring to my conversations about it in the future but I don't know I would like to think that if you know Lamar doesn't sign his contract with the Ravens it might have a bigger impact on a lot more people than whatever I'm doing professionally well that's true but like I'm kind of like tied to you now so like if something goes astray for you there it could indirectly affect me so this is the business we've chosen thank you Hyman Roth chime it in well done now you know what that is Suze and I love it all the godfather two drops that we've been playing here now because you've because you never saw god she saw it but not for like 20 years not for a long time but I hadn't seen it since and now I know he's sitting on the sofa having the tuna fish sandwich that his wife brought it so now I have context and Hyman says that yeah like all Jews in Miami he's holding a tuna fish sandwich yes actually that was the scene where he was watching the Notre Dame USC game the business we've chosen came when it was time for the money that came to the island through Fredo's briefcase to be placed on the on the table and it hadn't been presented yet to Mo Green and the reason why why you hold him back and he wanted to know who gave the order on hitting Frank Pantangeli and that's where things turned a little south I mean that's 50 oh god I could talk about it over and over and over again but Kurt Warner is about to join us so let's get to him and then the phone lines have suddenly lit I'm wondering if that's the live tour conversation there's the big ass grab bag as well from TJ Jefferson so lots to get to over the next 40 minutes before we get to the weekend let's get to Kurt Warner when we come back on the Rich Eisen show does your antiperspirant keep you dry all day dove men plus care dry spray goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel and offers 48 hours sweat and odor protection let me repeat that 48 hours of sweat and odor protection use it and don't even think about it also dove men dry spray contains doves unique one-quarter moisturizing cream that helps protect your skin try dove men plus care dry spray goes on dry clean feel all day back here with our terrestrial radio outfit all one big happy family here on this busy Friday Kurt Warner my buddy from the NFL media group NFL game day morning pro football hall of fame Westwood won he calls the games with the great Kevin Harlan on Monday Night Football I'm the studio host for that on Westwood won that's my windup here's the pitch on the Mercedes Benz vans phone line my buddy Kurt Warner how you doing Kurt I'm doing well my friend how are you better for talking to you I do miss you but you know I know we're gonna spend way too much time together in short order so that's coming soon let's just jump right into it I don't know if you've gleaned already from this introduction that I'm on my a-game because I did my independent study this week Kurt you know my NFL Network issued tablet I hit it I did the required studying that's my setup for what you think of that you have required a little quiet amount of time you have to study I guess so check the fine print that's my way of getting in ask you what you think of all that what you think of all that Kurt I mean I don't know I mean I think it's you know I think that's something that really should be between the organization and the player I mean obviously there was something there that the Cardinals felt they needed to to have that clause in the contract you know and Tyler obviously had no problem signing that part of the contract you know if all I would have said is if somebody came to me and said hey we're gonna put this clause in your contract I just signed it as well because it's like okay I mean I do way more than that anyway so I'll whatever clause they want you know I think the question more is why did the Cardinals feel there was a need for that but I thought Tyler made really you know some good points yesterday but specifically that there's there's a lot of different ways to prepare for getting ready for a game and it's not just film study it's not just watching your opponent's film you know I talk to quarterbacks all the time about knowing who they are as a quarterback because your preparation should be designed around who you are you know I think about Peyton Manning and I don't even know the answer to how much film Peyton watched but so much of what he did was based off of what the defense did you know if they were gonna do this he was gonna change the play to that I was a guy that was less dictated you know before the snap by what a defense did and I played more after the snap so so much of my preparation was spent studying what we were going to do what our offense was going to do what formations we were gonna run certain plays out of so I knew that so well that when a defense did something I could react and play so you know how would that show up what would that look like how would a team know how much time I spent prepping that way as opposed to watching the opponent's film so there's just a lot of ways to do it and I don't know the premise behind why this clause was in there or what the Cardinals didn't see but the bottom line is you have to get yourself ready to play on Sunday afternoons whatever that prep schedule looks like it looks like everybody does put in work but there was some disconnect there that the Cardinals wanted to see something different and to me it sounded like Kyler agreed to whatever different it was and then and then you had the press conference well nobody in in my life watches more film that I know of than you and for your QB confidential that you do all the time and also for for us on NFL Network and for you for everything that you do anytime watching Kyler Murray film did did you get the the sneaky suspicion that he wasn't fully prepared we were making throws or situations where he didn't look like he's ready you know I think you know when I watch film I'm always breaking out these QBs and I break them down a lot based on how I played the game or more you know more specifically how they play in the pocket do they know you know what they're looking at is their timing good all of those different things and so does Kyler have some work to do in that regard yeah he does I mean he's a young quarterback that's growing he's a quarterback that for so long has you know has been able to depend on his physical gifts whether that be moving or throwing that I think a lot of times those guys and again this isn't a knock on those guys they get further and further being able to to focus on athleticism and making plays and has no fault of their own they're not forced to learn how to play the position like a guy like me you know that hey when I got to whatever stage that was you know high school college where it's like I'm not the best athlete on the field I better figure out how to do this a different way I'm forced to do some of those things earlier and so I learned to play the game differently at an earlier stage usually the athleticism catches up to guys where at some point they've got to know how to do that to a really high level if they're going to play at the highest level I think that's something that Kyler is still learning because he's been able to fall back on the athleticism so much throughout his career and you know and again I'm not just going to put Kyler there because there's a lot of young quarterbacks that are you know at the stage going into year four that are learning all of those nuances there's some guys that have been in the league for 10 years that are still getting better at that and so you could you could point to some of that stuff and go well maybe it's because he's not watching enough film or he's not I don't know if that's the answer or if it's just a young guy learning how to play the position and having room to grow that's a very nuanced answer to your yes or no question current I'll be very honest with you everything I do is nuanced no I know that but I have sat next to you yes or no question I know I have I have I have sat next to you while you were pointing out to me somebody's film work and you know I'm not going to say any names but their future first ballot hall of famers and you'd say what was this guy looking at you you would say that a lot and I would never sit there and think that's because they're not studying and that's why this thing is kind of surprising and Murray said it himself well if you think I've gotten to this point without having a great work ethic at my body type and my shape and my you know level of excellence then that I'll take that as a compliment so that's why I don't know where this let me say this too though which I I recall reading this and if I'm wrong you know I'll take ownership of that but I thought I recalled reading an article that that Kyler you know did a year ago or so in the New York Times yeah where they were talking about you know watching film and how much he studied and I thought one of his comments was I don't have to do as much as some other guys because the game kind of just comes natural to me and I I just kind of see it and so okay well that may be true but maybe things like that lent itself to this kind of clause where yeah Kyler's been really good at times in his NFL career we know that and there's been other times he struggled and especially you know in the bigger moments you know I should say against some of the better teams he struggled at times you know maybe that you know kind of comment those kinds of things led to hey maybe we can help him take that next step you know he's been really good but let's help him take that next step and and maybe part of it is you know the organization saying film study film study might help that so let's put that clause in the contract kurt warner here on the rich eyes and show my hall of fame compadre from nfl game day morning wes would want and so much more you spent some time for inside training camp I saw yesterday with trey lance what did you glean in san francisco man great kid I never had met him before I heard some great things it was great just talking to him both off camera and on camera you know talking to everybody throughout the organization really excited to have him as their leader not a knock on jimmy at all simply just they'd love the kid and they said they've seen the progress you know talking to guys like george kiddel say management fun to watch the growth and see him get better and so they're excited about what he can bring to the table you know watching the second day of practice I would say the defense won the battle against trey more than than trey won but that's also common early in training camp if the defense is ahead of the offense especially with the young guy that hasn't played much but just liked his demeanor loved everything that he had to say the way that he was working and loved what I was hearing from everybody there collectively we're really excited about the season and now it's you know it's going to be exciting to see where he's at in year two and and what to expect from him you know I asked one of the questions in my interview is that you know you're not taking over a team that's not very good you're taking over a team that went to the nfc championship game last year does that you know create more pressure or less pressure and you know you didn't really answer the question but I'm interested to see you know does he feel more pressure and feel like he's got to do a lot because this is a team that was so good a year ago or can he step back and just say hey I'm around a really good team I don't have to do everything and I don't have to force the issue I don't have to live up to all of those expectations early in the season so something that that I'm looking forward to watching as we get started well I'm not going to ask you can he pull it off because you know you're you're the man from the northern Iowa who had a movie made about that very question can somebody pull it off for a team that has super bowl aspirations otherwise and step in clearly him stepping in in this moment is different than the manner in which you wound up stepping in in St. Louis so what is his biggest challenge Kurt Warner from your perspective what do you got I would say that his biggest challenge is just being able to manage the different situations that he's going to face and again I liken it to my situation is that I sat on the bench for four years in college as well not just playing at the level that he played at but it really played a you know about as many games just a few less games but then I also had you know three years of arena football and one year of Europe before I came back to the NFL and what I felt about all that time that I was out of the league and playing those other leagues was I got to experience a lot of different situations I got to play a lot of football that I didn't get to play in college and so when I came back to the NFL I was so much more ready for those things that you know arena football was like a two minute drill every time I touched the ball the expectation of scoring and winning and I think those are some of the things that you know we're going to see how he handles those things that he hasn't really faced very much in his career because he hasn't played a lot of football and so being able to manage and handle the pressure of those situations I think will be the biggest challenge for him.

Kurt Warner here on the Rich Eisen show I've been asking all my friends and colleagues who have come on this week this question and you're the next one Kurt Warner the most intriguing team in the NFL entering 2022 for you is which wow most intriguing yes sir how are people answering okay sure Mark Schlera throughout Tampa Bay and I would agree with that because of the Brady of it all and the Todd Bowles of it all and how this could be Brady's final window Julio Jones is now on that team Daniel Jeremiah our colleague from NFL network said Minnesota Field Yates of the worldwide leader in sports went with the Los Angeles Chargers I've been saying the Raiders are going to win that division I'm just tap dancing a little bit so you can figure out what your answer is Kurt you know yeah I mean yeah I was wondering if you were going with Tricky for teams that you know couldn't maybe win it all or maybe come out it could be Detroit Tarika went Detroit you know Tarika went Detroit I think he went with that one so I'm gonna go with Green Bay you know for some of the similar reasons that Mark went with Tampa is that you know you got Aaron Rodgers you know getting closer to the end and you know I think we all want to see him get another run to the Super Bowl and have that opportunity without Brady's been no Devante Adams you know so we've heard the joke from you know Aaron this week Hall of Famer to Hall of Famer you know who's gonna who's gonna step up on the outside to help Aaron you know become do we see more of Aaron's greatness because now there is no Devante Adams does this team look completely different do they start to run the football and you know is their pass game could it possibly be a complimentary piece when you have Aaron Rodgers you know can they can they get back there without without that guy you know you look at Tampa they just signed Julio Jones I mean they got that guy everywhere you know if if all those guys play that well they've got a number one guy everywhere across the board where Aaron I don't know if he's got any of those guys so I think that's a situation that's intriguing because the AFC is loaded if you look at a lot of those teams and being intrigued by them NFC to me there's not nearly as many of those really really good teams you know you got Tampa you got the Rams for sure who else is going to get in the mix you got to believe Green Bay is going to be around but do they have enough to really compete with those top teams in the NFC and that's my last question for you are the defending Super Bowl champs and your your concerns or your thoughts on their ability to repeat it seems like they're just going to run it back obviously no Whitworth having Allen Robinson there is fascinating to me as well what do you think about the Rams entering this year as a as a contender I think we say this a lot with those you know teams that that win it you know I look at this team and I go why not you know more than anything is that you know what did they lose that says they can't go back you know and you talked about some of the things that they've gained and the talent they have and the way that they can win you know I always say that to me you know teams that win championships are teams that can win different ways and this is a team to me that can win on a lot of different levels with the talent of the players that they have so I you know I say why not the Rams I still think that the best team in the NFC across the board but as we know Rich every year you know it's not always just about who's the best team it's about staying healthy you know it's about doing things at the right time I mean look at you know just Tampa you know possibly losing Ryan Jensen right off the bat and what do those things mean and so you know there's a lot to be determined and I think staying healthy when you're trying to repeat becomes you know sometimes the biggest challenge and so it'll be something that I'll watch probably more than anything this year with the Rams. All right Kurt are you ready for the grind ready to roll ready for those early morning wake-ups on Sunday? I am ready I am ready to get me some film study in.

Okay. So somebody's got to play a little bit so I can start watching some film but I'm excited about it. Wait a minute so that means you you're not doing your independent study right now is that what you're saying? I mean I do my independent study for other things you know as we prepare but I like to you know like you asked me about the Rams I can go back and watch film from the Rams from last year but that doesn't tell me anything about what they're going to be this year necessarily so I look forward to to week one where I can just start diving into seeing who these teams are especially like with these quarterback changes you know I want to see Matt Ryan in Indy I want to see what that looks like I want to see Russell Wilson in Denver with those young receivers and what that looks like so I'm excited for that part of it to really figure out who these quarterbacks are going to be in their new situations. Yeah I mean that sounds like an excuse I'll be honest with you there's independent study time Kurt that you have to do and that sounded like you were dodging I'm not going to lie. I was actually just going to jump on my computer and see watch some film today to see if how much Patrick Mahomes gets past his number one read did you see what I was thinking about doing that throw it up on my youtube so that might be my film study for today you're referring to a line from an anonymous defensive coordinator in the athletic piece that Mike Sandel aggregated from a whole host of analysts and observers and coaches in the league how is there a defensive coordinator in the NFL who says Mahomes is a street ball guy that doesn't get past his first read how does something like that happen Kurt seriously. I think first we have to take in contact. Come on. Is that you know the first part of it if you just read it like that you're exactly right I mean Patrick is so good and he does so many things well that just on the surface like oh we take away his first read then you know whatever he's not very good I mean even at street ball he's better than most guys at three ball so but what you have to realize with defense coordinators is that all of us as quarterbacks have flaws you know we have things and again we have things that we're not as good at as other things and so what I believe that coordinator was really saying was we got to figure out how do we stop Patrick Mahomes so how we stop him is we try to take the first or the early reads away and we try to force him to get away from the context and force him to try to make some of those special plays does he make them yes do they lose very often no but when they lose I believe that coordinator saying this is why they lose when they lose is because teams are able to take that away from this and force him to do other things you know every coordinator is going to have a book on a quarterback and go no matter how great they've been oh this is what we need to get that guy to do and now we have a chance right let's get pressure on Brady oh come on he's the best ever play the best under pressure ever well yeah but when you get pressure on him that's when he loses games that to me is what that comment was about you know we get so hung up with oh my gosh some coordinator said that you know there's a flaw or that somebody can't do this no it's a coordinator you just got to get in your mind like god this guy's so good like but I got to get some confidence in my guys like hey if we get him to do this he'll throw interception or he'll make mistakes and we have a chance to beat him I don't think that you know that coordinator was ever saying hey this guy's not any good at this well if we just do this Patrick Mahomes is never going to win a game no he's a great quarterback that does so many things well we're just trying to force him to get to this point because now that gives us a chance I don't know man that might just be you being your usual gracious self there Kurt I mean I read the quote over and over and over again and you know we'll put it up on the screen in a second either way either way I'll do the film study for us and I'll let everybody know what I do that in the meantime you take care of yourself and one of the things that you and I have in common is we're married to very strong-willed terrific women you have Brenda I have Susie right now I have Susie with me on the air right now Suze you want to say hi to Kurt hi you've been sitting there without saying a word this whole time well I walked in late because I can't get fired I was getting my makeup done so I had to prioritize I think you can relate to that so I walked in quietly and listened to the film study in the background so please don't watch TV don't watch TV don't watch TV while you're studying film just make sure that you focus we are experts on on locking down on second screen time in our household for independent study time usually what I'm doing Suze is I'm watching film and focusing on the film and then I got the Rich Eisen show in the background so I can pick up the big landscape of what's going on the big picture what's been written about that day wow I'm also doing my film study Kurt is not spelled with an I it's spelled with a U I want you to you I want you to have one eye on the Rich Eisen show one eye on Brenda Warner at all times that is one sexy fox and then his heart on on the film study I think that's the way I got two eyes on two eyes on Brenda but my ears my ears will be tuned in the rich attaboy I appreciate that that's the the beauty of being a simulcast Kurt thanks for the time uh do I see you at the in Canton next week or you oh yeah of course yeah I'll be covering it but obviously coach V's going in coach for meals go oh that's right I will be down there for sure yeah he's the last speaker bust out the tissues tissues it's common we're gonna rally we're gonna rally around that speech and we're gonna finish up that day with that speech it's gonna be great all right we'll see you in Canton Kurt Warner guys we'll talk to you guys soon the great Kurt Warner at Kurt 13 Warner on Twitter and Instagram right here on the Rich Eisen show it's the biggest party of the summer everybody witness Brock Lesnar challenging Roman Reigns for the undisputed WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam streaming live Saturday 8 Eastern right here on Peacock and don't miss the fallout the following Monday on WWE Raw live on USA Network 8 7 central TJ Jefferson that leads in perfectly to your big ass crap bag please hit it hit it in that bag what you got in that bag oh yes indeed kaboom guess who stepped in the room TJ here listen you just said it rich the biggest party of summer SummerSlams tomorrow it's in Nashville and the WWE right they had some open tryouts yesterday in Nashville you know trying to recruit new talent yeah there was a surprise there Dwight Howard former Laker he popped up oh had a character named show enough from and he kind of pretty isn't promo okay I can't lie showed up from the last dragon and also Derrick Henry he's also a big wwe my goodness he's going to be at SummerSlam you know the nature boy Ric Flair showed up to titans practice he gave them a little bit of a hype speech right before his last match ever diminisher that's his wrestling name this Sunday and you know that got me thinking you know there's always been other athletes that have come into wrestling and they've kind of made their way there and a lot of achieved success so that got me thinking what athletes from other sports would I like to see come and become WWE superstars that's the bag dug into the big ass grab bag and I pulled out TJ's top five athletes I'd like to see as WWE superstars let's go coming at number five I'm gonna pick a New York met right Daniel Vogelbach all right he's a guy look at him let me tell you something I like guys like him because to quote the great American dream Dusty Rhodes I admit I don't look like the athlete of the day it's supposed to look my belly's a little big my high knees a little big but brother I am bad and they know I'm bad and just like Bray Wyatt and Kevin Owens and even Mick Foley even me you know kind of big fit guys might not look like they should be athletes but Daniel Vogelbach he's someone I'd like to see in there drop some bionic elbows on somebody coming at number four everybody knows the undertaker right yeah well before he was the undertaker he was a guy named Mark Callis and he was in the tag team called the skyscrapers all right he replaced Sid Vicious in this tag team he teamed up with a guy named dangerous Dan Spivey all three of these guys went from 6'8 to 6'10 all right we need like a huge dominant tag team and Brockman's not here so I don't have to hear crap from it but this is two because I need a tag team so what kind of big tag team can I put together hmm I'm gonna go with Joel Embiid and Boban okay come on can you imagine these two as the new skyscrapers you know you got two legit seven footers who would be probably listed at 7'6 and 7'4 by wrestling terms and I don't know if they're going to come out to China White by the scorpions like the old skyscrapers did but maybe they will so that's a tag team I'd like to see okay Boban and Joel coming in number three I got Serena Williams right Serena Williams might be the greatest female athlete of all time but just imagine prime Serena right and I'm thinking of wrestlers like China and Beth Phoenix and Awesome Kong and Jazz just someone who just physically dominate just the amount of skill her stature her speed her power her intimidation Serena Williams could have been just the bomb at wrestling and I think you're getting a glimpse of that from what Bianca Belair is doing and what Jade Cargill are doing so Serena as a wrestler I think that would be dope coming in at number three I'm sorry that was number three coming at number two you always need kind of like a pretty boy wrestler who looks good in a suit who's really rich and flaunts his wealth and all the ladies love and all the men kind of hate because he's so pretty and rich and dresses well and then he comes in and beats the crap out of you what about Ronaldo imagine Ronaldo is playing that race player right he's too pretty hey there was a guy named Gorgeous Gino Hernandez back in the day you know Alberto Del Rio Ric Flair he does his eyebrows right he does Bachwinkle guys like that he looks great in a suit he'll go out there and he'll rough you up a little bit and coming in at number one I got Aaron Donald Aaron let me come on that's it there was a guy named Monte Brown the alpha male he used to play for the bills he came in and I think Aaron Donald could be like a 2.0 version of Monte Brown you got a really nasty biggie you got a guy named Minoru Suzuki you might not know about him he's just a Japanese wrestler who's terrible Dick the Bruiser the Anderson brothers you got Aaron Donald who just grind on you pick a body part and just wreck it he's someone I'd love to see in the WWE ring so that's TJ's top five well done nice Ronaldo does his eyebrows right Suze for sure correct I mean there's nothing he doesn't do well done TJ thank you thank you feller good job thank you sir Suze outstanding I'll be back that's not a threat for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too all-time Hogan opponents Macho Man's got to be in the conversation where's Andre for you I've always said Andre was number one wow because even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a babyface Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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