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REShow: Dave Revsine - Hour 3 (8-5-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 5, 2022 3:12 pm

REShow: Dave Revsine - Hour 3 (8-5-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 5, 2022 3:12 pm

Guest host Randy Sklar says why Dak Prescott is a good but not an elite quarterback and debates TJ about Dallas’ title chances this season. 

In ‘What’s More Likely’ Randy weighs in on the Jaguars and Raiders’ expectations, Matthew Stafford’s troublesome elbow, Cooper Kupp vs Justin Jefferson as the NFL’s best WR, the Lions and Cardinals on HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks,’ Jalen Hurts vs Tom Brady in fantasy football, and his Michigan Wolverines’ chances to return to the College Football Playoff.  

Big Ten Network host & announce Dave Revsine and Randy preview the conference football season including the getting-hotter-by-the-loss hot seat under Scott Frost at Nebraska, why adding USC and UCLA was a “grand slam” move, and if the College Football Playoff should expand from its current 4-team format. 

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I just want some ayahuasca for myself. Sometimes I think you're on it Mike. Earlier on the show the batting stance guy Guy Reines, host of the sick podcast from the NFL Network, Adam Rank, UFC play-by-play announcer Brendan Fitzgerald, still to come, Big 10 Network host Dave Rebsen. And now sitting in for Rich, it's Randy Sklar. All right everybody we are back.

Hour three. This is Brockman was like this is gonna go by so fast. I told you.

You were right man. It went by so fast and beautifully fast. We've had a full show that what I love and because I love all sports. I think cheap seats taught us to love all sports whether it's the actual sports or beard and mustache championships.

We one time saw a guy whose beard was in the shape of a check mark and our joke was and there's also a check mark in the single column on his tax return because that thing really repels women or any relationship. How would cheap seats have handled? Have you seen this like Russian slap contest? We did. So we do it.

We have a Patreon Jason and I and it's slash Sklar brothers and we do cheaper seats which is basically just stuff we find on the internet to do that. Those slap contests are real. They're incredible. So you're tied to the part you have to have your hand on the table but there's like a table in front of you so you don't want to be too fat because that that ruins your reach but like you turn around and slap those people. It's insane and you're literally watching people like lose memories forget relatives. I mean sometimes people slap you're like you don't know who's going to be great like you'll see a super jacked guy and then you'll just see a guy who looks like he just just crushed 30 wings at you know Buffalo Wild Wings and he just comes up with like the biggest hand a giant like catcher's mitt that slapped someone into yesterday.

Those are crazy yeah so we try and find all those things. I feel like Stallone should remake that you know like over the top the Russian slap contest. I mean over the top the idea we talked about sound chief seat the idea that you could arm wrestle for custody of your kid arm wrestle for custody of your kid like where are you going to keep the kid oh just in the back of my truck in the back of my truck the country yeah does he have an actual seat no we'll just throw him in the cab in the back no no court of law will be like how did you get this kid I arm wrestled someone there was a guy there drinking motor oil remember that dude I mean we talked look we talked to Brendan Fitzgerald about Conor McGregor being in the reboot of Roadhouse 2 Roadhouse 2 like I love that Roadhouse 1 made bouncing kind of fun all the bouncers in Roadhouse 1 were like professional wrestlers in regional wrestling in the 1980s if you are a big fat guy you're in minus Terry Funk who everyone I mean I remember like Bulldog Bob Brown I remember watching one that like basically Bulldog Bob Brown was wearing like a huge black speedo that almost came up to his nipples and I was like that thing has more black material than Chris Rock right now so we were talking earlier in the show about uh the NFL and I wanted to get to some cowboy stuff because I know TJ it cuts close to home Jerry Jones of course can't he can't have an off season or enter into season without stirring up some drama facts so he he buys a 28.1 million dollar house now how do I know that because he says it the it's mentioned that the he wanted to show up our boy Shaq I got a bigger house than because again he is it's all about swinging the you know what around to let people know how big you are and how great you are I got so he's flaunting how much money he bought on a new mansion and yet with all the injuries in the receiving corps he won't go out and get a new wide receiver does that upset you TJ does that like stop talking about the house and get me someone that can take it to the house I mean I don't know what's going on I we made a list the other day of some pretty decent free agents out there and then the second we said it we looked on twitter Jerry doesn't plan on addressing the wide receiver so why not I mean Michael Gallup is like a guy and he's hurt he's hurt you know who else there's some another guy why he's like I gotta get a new pontoon boat from Jeannie and it's like all right listen you don't need to be spending on you don't need another pontoon boat to take on late grapevine out there like great just focus on your team you don't want to be nine and eight or eight and nine you know you're actually in a very winnable division bro like I wouldn't say the Eagles are juggernauts I wouldn't say the Washington foot the commanders are juggernauts I wouldn't say that the Giants Giants are down like that division is winnable and we've won it and you've won it but I will say this like when I was mentioning the great quarterbacks earlier on the show with Adam Rank you've got sort of like your Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers and then you got one guys yeah yeah that's the tier one those guys are unbelievable they're older then you got your Russell Wilsons and I'm trying to think of another person who's been around longer but then you've got all these great young guns the Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allens and Justin Herbert's and those players notice I didn't mention Dak Prescott I think he is good I don't think he's elite I think he's good I don't think he's elite I don't think you need to be elite to win that division but I mean this is the guy you're riding with for the next several years how do you feel about that TJ? I mean on field I think Dak gets a lot he gets a knock against him because I feel like when you're the the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys you have a spotlight on you regardless you know as we look at every morning every sports show when we're waiting to come on has their lower third and it's some ridiculous thing about Dak under the most pressure is here's the deal about Dak like Dak can go six and 11 he's still going to be the quarterback of the Cowboys next year because of this fact your quarterback's like your CEO of you of your team right and it's one thing yeah obviously you want to have you want to have success on the field that's paramount right it's what you have to have but you also don't want to like get a text in the middle of the night that your quarterback the face of your franchise is out doing some you know wild stuff right he's a guy you can rely on you can rely on him so I mean and I know we're looking at you have to win football games granted that is true but the Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable franchise in sports right so okay there's a lot more that goes in that came out more than the Yankees 6.5 billion dollars and it's not even really close to the second so I mean I feel like Dak is much better than people give him credit for is he a tier one quarterback right now no but like who is Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers it's not those guys don't grow on trees I know you know what I mean who is Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers TJ asks inquisitively what I'm saying like we can't you're not just gonna find guys like that and just pull those guys you know and also we look at quarterbacks it's like are you a guy who likes quarterback one loss records because I'm like there's 22 guys out in that field that have to work together to get the win so to strictly just put that on the quarterback it's always a little weird not all on him so you need receivers Jerry Jones stop buying houses and go out and buy a wide receiver for your guy to do that this is who you are be the franchise that is the most valuable franchise out there listen if he's the CEO then the coach has to be the chairman of the board and that would make Jerry Jones the owner god which I know he feels that way but like so you're the chairman of the board of this sea of this team which is like a company why would you want to be chairman of the board if like Jimmy Johnson gives him two Super Bowl rings and you're gonna play him like he's playing him in terms of like I'm not gonna put I'll put you in the ring of honor but I'm not gonna set a date for that I mean who's he gonna put in front of him Chan Gailey you know I mean yeah it's gonna put Gary hoga boom up there just to hug a boom Q Carter just to like you know throw even more shade at the guy who gave you two Super Bowls yeah who knows like we've talked about this many times like if I wish somebody could have just sat those two down agreed and really been like look at what you have and look what you're about to lose obviously you didn't know that then but I mean it's it's so frustrating when you think of that team could have possibly won four Super Bowls in a row had Jimmy not gotten fine I know and you say and say about Jimmy Johnson okay fine but mend the fence like that was the best time in your history in recent certainly in the last 25 years that's the best time that you've your last 30 years that's the time right there you want to look back on why does there need to be at you know acrimony why does there not why why do you guys the word Chris nibbling was that nibbling nibbling snip calls him sniveling jim sniveling jimmy it's kind of like uh slipping jimmy and better call Sully sniveling jimmy obviously you know these guys they went to college together they have a long history and I'm sure there's things obviously that we'll never know they have transpired I'm sure the two of them they as far back as they go they go to the early but he's all about image yeah Jerry Jones knows it's about what you show it's about the 750-foot flat screen TV that's at the center of your thing like you know it's all about the image it's about the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders it's about all that stuff why can't you at least present forget about what's behind the scenes don't be a petty owner put it to rest for your fans like you and put induct the guy in the ring of fame who's going to be mad about jimmy johnson not there's only one person who's going to be mad about you giving him his spotlight and his name is jerry jones and it shouldn't be because without him those three trophies that you got you don't have those I 100% agree all right Brockman let's get to it well that was pleasant ramblings it sounds actually like a cowboy's discussion human beings he didn't come at me like rich normally all right if it's friday it's what's more likely hit it let's go what what's more likely never say never but never all right randy uh pretty simple game we play i give you two options you say which one is more likely tj mike feel free to chime in all right these two teams played last night in canton jaguars raiders what's more likely the jaguars have the number one pick again or the raiders make the super bowl oh that's those are two that wow i think the jaguars get uh number one pick again i think the raiders gonna make the playoffs they will not make the super bowl they just don't have that team yet but i think the jaguars could very easily because i think detroit's gonna be better than we all think uh i think they're gonna take a step forward but i could see the jaguars still not putting it together not saying i'm giving up on trevor lawrence but i do think i think he'll be good in a couple years tj i agree with what you're saying all right next up uh a lot of been making uh what's been made of matthew stafford's throwing elbow this week yeah so what's more likely this is a very big deal all season or it ends up being nothing at all i mean if it was nothing we would not be hearing about it you hear you peel back the carpet to see all the times the dog has peed on the floor you know what i mean you just peel it back and you're like wow so they peeled back a little bit right there just to let us know and i feel like that was floated out there to like be like all right everybody manage expectations when he goes down in week three we told you so this thing you know it's like you you know the story about how doctors walk into the doctor's office and they write they say one thing but write the different thing on the chart just so like you come back and be like well you told me it wasn't terminal and they're like oh yeah i'm sorry i remember did i say that i wrote down that it was a terminal i'm so sorry but you know that's the point is that like there's you kind of they're playing it both ways because if it's nothing you won't hear about it again but they're planting the seed so that if he does go down it was funny like mcveigh calling it abnormal kind of like yeah an awful little flag for me but then the rams posted a video on twitter of stafford throwing like a 50-yard bomb yesterday and i was just like okay so which is it but it's like adam rank said earlier on the show sit him you don't need him to take any reps whatsoever in this time sit him get him with that guy who's the throwing guru and just let him do whatever exercises and put his arm in a cryogenic freezer all right uh moving on guys so we know cooper cup had one of the greatest wide receiver seasons ever last year offensive player of the year he was amazing justin jefferson from minnesota thinks that he's better than cooper cup so what's more likely the wide receiver to have the better season in 2022 cooper cup or double j what do you i think i mean cooper cup's amazing and again this is somewhat predicated on the fact that stafford's got to be around right stafford's not around i don't know if cooper cup has that year and so a little bit of that elbow abnormal tea or abnormalness that kind of gets into it i think it's still going to be cooper cup i mean i like jj but i think it's going to be cooper cup dj how much you're going to pay for justin jefferson and your auction draft oh man i mean you're not going to get him for less than 35 36 okay 40 bucks wow wow it's gonna it's gonna be number one or is cup gonna be number one you think in your league oh for price rise yeah no it'll be it'll end up being taylor mccaffrey for wide receiver wide receiver yeah it'll be cup jefferson cup jefferson maybe chase not so sure it's definitely jefferson i mean again we didn't mention joe burrow as a young guy it's like the guy who led his team to the super bowl they were in last place two three years earlier amazing we love joey burr around me too all right hard knocks starts next week guys tuesday it's the detroit lions but they're doing in season again this year yeah in season is the arizona cardinals wow who's more likely to be the more entertaining hard knocks team lions or cardinal uh i think it's gonna be the cardinals i mean dan campbell is is crazy crazy person dan campbell's like the guy at who sets up a lawn chair at a high school football game who doesn't have kids on either team and he's doing the most yelling and you're like do you know this guy i just love the game uh and so he's gonna be fun and exciting and interesting and i think detroit it's nice to shine a light on them actually think there's a renaissance for detroit the pistons picked up jade and ivy i think that's turning them around a little bit i think you're gonna see the pistons get better and i do think the the lions are going to get better but kylar murray is great kylar murray is like diana ross like he's he's so talented and so great it can do things you've never seen before like remember when diana ross was at like i want to say it was maybe it was the oscars or whoever and she's like i want everyone to sing happy birthday to me at the oscars i'm like uh woman your birthday is like in may like what are we doing right now so i'm like there could be like those moments with kylar murray where he's like i'm just not gonna play the third and fourth quarter and you're filming that right there right crazy yeah i agree i mean both teams i think it's gonna be awesome our docs is best no matter who's in our knox is always amazing how are you making a full documentary film in a week in the week that just happened like you're showing slow motion of sprinklers and i'm like this is like better filmmaking than anything i've ever seen on the oscars you got it mike no not ready all right uh big news yesterday in free agency matthew barry joined nbc very happy to have matt barry matthew barry part of the nbc sports family yep but i was looking at his uh top list already yesterday because i was already doing fantasy research he has jaylen hurts ahead of tom brady in fantasy quarterback rankings that's crazy who's the quarterback you wanted fantasy this year jaylen hurts or tom brady so i always and i don't know if you guys do this i if i auto draft i get jaylen hurts if i do the draft myself i pick tom brady because it's like no you're gonna pick the best looking piece of food that's there whereas like the auto draft is like no you need uh broccolini first and i'm like a broccolini so i end up like with running running backs and tight ends and wide receivers and then like fifth or sixth round i get like ryan tannahill is my qb it's like it's it so you know but when you really should get tom brady because but my brother had tom brady in fantasy last year he had him and he wasn't great he wasn't great and he and he didn't he jay was like kind of upper part of it but not in the top two or three jaylen hurts might be that guy to rush for a touchdown run for more yards and those things count so i think it's tough call i'm gonna go with matthew barry and say jaylen hurts is the better fantasy pick i'm not saying he's a better quarterback better fantasy pick dj what what you're saying makes sense because with her you're accumulating all these points with hurts and we're not again you're not saying you're gonna take jaylen hurts over tom brady in a real football game we're just saying for fantasy purposes yeah and i'm trying to look up tom stats because i thought he did fairly deep i mean he had 43 touchdowns and six picks last year i know but so in 5300 yards that translates i think he had a few games last year we had a lot and then he had a couple games where he didn't show up and so if he if he plays great and you win that but everybody else was great and your team was down like you didn't need him it's like it it's when did these things come it's like i'm jason said that he had didn't win him any any weeks last year and that was kind of a bummer but i mean i don't know man jaylen hurts to me if you're looking out at other quarterbacks out there jaylen hurts should look at russell wilson and be like i want to be him yeah i could be him and i'm not an eagle fan as you guys know but i'm really worried about that team yeah all right last one chris i've already done about this is no lie 48 mock drafts yeah i believe already okay i believe it i mock draft a lot so fantasy is the best all right last one just for you randy scar michigan man what's more likely michigan gets back to the college football playoff or the sec wins the championship once again um wait can't both things happen can't both things happen they can get to the playoff and the sec wins the championship again if you're gonna cop out i guess i mean look alabama and georgia are already in so they're already in the playoff already and they're saying ohio state but not so fast i mean you never know what's going to happen it really depends on how jay jay mccarthy comes along throughout the year if he takes over the starting quarterback job and we'll get into all of this with dave revson in the next segment but like if jj mccarthy can be that guy uh he i watched him at the kind of in the last quarter last quarter and a half of the georgia game last year that michigan got blown out and i'm like well jj mccarthy can do some things that might put michigan in a different conversation now winnie and columbus is going to be difficult but i would love to see both those teams going to that game 11 and 0 and then you're watching just okay this is what we're here for this is what even if you lose but you make it a game that's going to be really excited so i think michigan's got a shot even if michigan loses that game if if ohio state's the number one team michigan could still make the play before could still be four which would be amazing so i say i'm going to pick michigan goes to the playoff because i'm a homer uh there you go that's it let's take a break uh oops sorry knock that over we'll take a break and we come back we got revson everybody gonna be fantastic i want to talk to you about callaway guys there with callaway engineered the chrome soft to be 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as possible uh when you add it all up it's pretty simple chrome soft is better for the best and better for everyone find out which chrome soft is right for you at callaway slash chrome soft and when we come back dave revson revere can't wait on the other side of the break welcome back everybody on serious radio we are here randy sclar filling in for rich eisen on peacock nbc sports on peacock happy to be here with the boys brockman mike tj you guys are all showing it today uh hoskins helping me out everybody helping me out here i need all the help i can get strong we're gonna finish this thing up strong my daughter's here today maybe i'll throw her on at the very end of the show and just you can get all the inside stuff on me uh but uh this guy coming on now i i love him so much he always here's what i love about him i loved him on when he was on espn loved him on sportscenter uh so buttoned up and now as a michigan fan i watch the big 10 network all the time and he is amazing i don't know if he's on the line do we have him on the line right now great joining us on the mercedes-benz fan's phone line is our friend the great dave revson revere how you doing bud i'm great randy if i'm on the mercedes-benz line do i get a mercedes it's the mercedes-benz did you work on that no dave it's the mercedes-benz van's phone line so i can maybe get you a pair of vans is that okay can i do that for you yeah they look like a tennessee checkerboard i'm in man i've got a pair i love it uh how excited how excited are we wednesday of this week uh we uh started fall camp in the big 10 uh we it's a long time coming and now it feels real right it does indeed yeah so we just finished our second uh camp stop i'm in fact uh sitting here parked at northwestern staring at the waves coming in off lake michigan gorgeous day we were at nebraska yesterday we're heading down to champagne tomorrow i love it so we're off and running man it's hard to believe but yeah we're watching some actual live football football i love those uh those camp stops that you guys do because you go so in depth into you know at the beginning of camp is almost like after the draft of the nfl there's there's hope in a lot of places where you say okay if we can just get this right if we can just we're in year three of this coordinator and we can get this right things there is hope and i do think there's hope in northwestern i mean pat pat fischerold in in the every other year plan i always feel like he's isn't it like the way the ball bounces with him it's like you're either 10 and 3 or 3 and 10 but because you got some bad breaks and because you got some good breaks but no one could deny that he's he's not he's an amazing coach the last four years have been weird you know what's what's strange is that they had really avoided the three win seasons i mean for them a bad year had turned into you know five or six wins which you know some people went for four years here and didn't see six wins back in the day right right fine so you know total in the four years so yeah i mean it's been a little weird that two of the last four years they've won the west in two of the last four years they finished in last in the west uh this one will be i i don't see them doing either this year i i could be wrong this felt like a little more middle of the road team when we saw them today quarterback play has been an issue in the down years i think they're a little better there this year and then they had a change in defensive coordinator that's right they had a guy who was forever and mike hankiewicz he was fabulous amazing uh they hit a real bump in the road last year with jim o'neill so we'll see whether or not he can get this group back and and coming again i mean northwestern and and fits jailed was he's the type of guy to get the most out of like three star prospects right but they actually have a pretty good recruiting class coming in in the future for 2023 if i'm not mistaken is that correct yeah they do they were for a while they signed there a lot or they got commitments from a lot of their class no one's actually physically signed them yet right uh pretty early so i think there was a period like in june where they were like third in the country that dropped off a little bit slow your roll yeah it's it's still a pretty good class as other people have signed more players they've fallen back a little bit uh but yeah they and you know they have um they have a surefire first-round pick on this team peter staronsky the left tackle yeah is uh i mean just man he is fun to watch he's really fabulous so there's some there's some decent talent but you're right i mean i think really what fits has done so well through the years is it's been one of the better developmental programs in the country along with a few others in our league like iowa's really good absolutely developing players yep wisconsin's really good amazing taking three stars and churning out good teams so there are a number of programs that do it and and this uh where i am today has been one of them for sure i mean wisconsin is so good at identifying talent that michigan got a a guy who's coming in as a freshman jimmy rolled her from the chicago area and he was identified baseball kid for years and years and then his recruiter for and for most of his recruitment so he really wasn't even on the radar but then his recruitment started picking up at the end and wisconsin identified him as a linebacker and you look at the linebackers leo schnell and i mean you're just looking at the linebackers that they have produced in the last period of time and you'll take a guy because wisconsin emailed them as a guy that they want right it's now to that point i a hundred percent think that like i really think that is when wisconsin offers a kid yes the rest of the big ten if it's an under the radar kid again i'd say the same thing like i think that's the case with iowa i mean they've turned three-star guys into all americans routinely so hey what do they see yeah guy that then maybe we don't i mean i i do think that's a really good way certainly if wisconsin offers a running back you should be aware of it or an offensive or an offensive lineman or an offensive lineman in state particularly yeah they tend to find some road road graders yep some dairy farmers yeah i think there'd be a that'd be a pretty good way to to go about it all right so you're heading down to nebraska in a little bit uh we were there are you there yesterday what's the i mean what's the pressure cooker situation i mean where are they with scott frost is are they like you got to win right now are they like we don't care uh we were nebraska football and now we don't know what we are anymore talk about a snake bitten guy i mean that guy has put his team in position to win a lot of time i felt like their team was could have been eight and four last year it with a couple of breaks go their way they lost nine games and all of them were by single-digit margins the first time that's happened in the history of college football randy and that's crazy what's been going on for a long time as you are well aware so yeah there aren't a lot of there aren't a lot of seasons where no one's ever done that before right no one had ever lost nine games by a single-digit margin until nebraska i did it last year and unfortunately nine losses tied a school record which was set uh well over a half a century ago it's not the kind of school record you want to tie so um yeah they got their work cut out for him i do not think they are so i mean he has to win this year now what does that look like right look like making a whole game i think it depends how they win and how they lose right like yeah i think you could have a seven and five season the internet an okay bowl game and then the five losses you were really competitive and i think you could say all right well that's progress he's turning around yeah i think the flip right i think the flip side could be true though too you know if you play oklahoma and they beat you by 40 points yeah you know people would so i i again and that didn't happen you know again no one beat him by 40 points last year i'd be sorry if someone did this year but um yeah it's uh it's gonna be an interesting team they certainly look better when we saw him yesterday um i i thought they had a good practice he made a good offensive coordinator higher and in mark whipple who's a veteran guy they were over 41 points a game at pitt last year so uh we'll see but no it's uh no one is happy with 15 and 29 and that's his record at nebraska again snakebin we're talking to dave revson fantastic play-by-play guy and anchors the desk at the big 10 network does such a great job again i watch so much of it because my team is there uh you and our friend mike hall do such a great job over there i love what you guys are doing at the big 10 network and it's expanding uh coast to coast baby uh we picked up ucla and usc as a michigan fan who lives in la i'm like i'm gonna get to see these guys out here uh play some in in conference games uh i remember i watched your coverage of it when it happened and you guys it was shocking in many ways but i think you guys all saw it for the positive that it is for the conference it's great for the big 10 randy i mean it i don't think there's any debate about it you're adding two fabulous athletic programs two institutions that when you think about expansion obviously historically we've always thought about it being in contiguous states the footprint stuff yeah they have expanded in the past right and so i don't think i'd ever consider the notion that schools outside of contiguous states would be in play but as soon as you kind of get yourself out of that old way of thinking i mean ucla and usc are grand slams they are much like big 10 schools they're broad-based athletic programs that have incredible success they're both among the top three all times in terms of total team national championships one um obviously feels like they're both kind of up and coming in football ucla with chip kelly last year started to turn it around a bit and usc is going to be great oh yeah oh yeah and recruiting off the charts oh my gosh the recruiting's insane yeah it's it's fabulous for the big 10 i mean i just you know again i there's a lot going on in college sports right now and what it means for some of the for some of the other conferences and like i think that it's really important that we kind of keep this a national sport and that yeah people are interested outside of just you know the top two leagues but but for the big 10 specifically it is a grand slam i mean they are amazing additions so if you i know this is the question the then the next question is because you mentioned it it's not just football it's basketball with ucla they're always there and usc at times they're they're there as well but it's it's baseball it's softball i mean it's it's swimming and diving with usc i mean all these sports carry just major you know who knows we might even get to see a usc hockey team you don't know but i mean the idea that like these these they bring a lot to the table in terms of all sports you know was it mentioned the other day did i hear this or miss hear this the idea that did kevin warren say there will be no more packed 12 teams like included in the big 10 was that forever or just for right now because to me a stanford and a cal makes sense in terms of getting that san francisco market too if he did say that i missed it okay well if you missed it then all right yeah then it didn't have i you know i i think what kevin warren has basically said is you add to your league when it makes sense right you um you know you you assess everything and you decide whether or not it's logical and he has not i basically what he said to media days is i i won't rule out that there will be further expansion but we're not actively in the expansion game okay if there's something that if there's someone that expresses an interest and makes sense then you consider it so i i think that's where it is i mean i i don't know randy i always feel like after every earthquake there's aftershock right there's something else coming right yeah earthquake whether or not the aftershock is in the big 10 or whether it's somewhere else who knows but but i i find it hard to believe that that it will just kind of settle back with those two moves so yeah i don't know it's a it's a fascinating time man and and again kind of who has the power you know which leagues are leagues that can add which leagues are leagues that are playing defense that's right that are getting rated influx yeah yeah so we're on with dave revson at btn dave revson phenomenal follow on twitter follow him uh watch all the shows at the anchors on the btn uh big 10 network uh you're great you're fantastic at what you do uh my question is let's say it does expand a few more teams and that may happen down the road what happens to a non-conference schedule you could spend the whole time playing teams within your you can get a whole schedule out of just teams in your conference is it the type of thing where maybe you play one kind of tune-up game against your not colorado states but you know what i mean you play one game against the team that slippery rock state university and then you're into your schedule whatever it is from you're crossing over for a few games and then from league you know from east to west and then you're into your the meat of your conference i don't know how you would do it i mean i'm of two minds on this i think i'm one jim delaney said it best he said we want to play each other more not less i mean that's the point of being in a conference right when they went to 20 basketball games we want to play each other more um what i would say is the incentives in basketball are to play each other more right the selection committee rewards you for playing a difficult schedule they don't look as much at your record as they do at who that's right that's right right yeah in football it is in football it's not been that way randy like you're eliminated from the playoff race when you lose a second game i know i won't believe that until somebody proves to me that we're going to put a two loss team in i do not think there's any incentive to schedule difficult games in the non-conference no one is rewarding you for that and so i think then the challenge becomes are we cutting off our noses to spite our face right are we playing one another more and then hurting our chances of getting into the playoffs so or if you're further down in the league and you're a program that's looking to count to six and make it to a bowl game yeah right all of a sudden are you saying well now if we got to play 10 conference games how are we going to get those wins yeah we need three in non-conference or two in the non-conference and then a couple things to go our way in the conference just just to make that bowl game which is important for us so i i'm with you i don't i don't know how it gets settled if if it does expand that level but what you talked what you're talking about and what you open the door on the conversation and maybe this last thing we'll talk about here is the need for i think the college football playoff to expand and immediately like i would love to see 12 teams in there because then you would see some of those great two loss teams get in and and you know you shouldn't be left out yes then you'll people be saying but what about the 13th team and the 14th team just like they say what about these teams that got snubbed in the ncaa when we're picking 68 but i think they're saying it a little bit less when it expanded even to 68 so you know it i really believe it has to expand now i want to wonder your thoughts on that i'm with you i think particularly as we kind of consolidate power in the sec in the big 10 i think it's probably more important than ever right that it expands because i do think like part of the genius of the ncaa tournament is that everyone goes into the season thinking they have a chance right and so i i do think that you need to make sure because college football is a regional sport that plays for a national championship that's right i mean it's that's right and it always has been and so i think all regions of the country like what has been frustrating to a lot of people recently has been that it seems like all the power is consolidated in the southeast alabama and georgia they're they're they're going to be there this year right yeah clemson exactly lose interest and so i think what the more teams you put in the more interest that you're going to have it used to be of this mindset but but again i i just feel like if we're gonna play some sort of a national playoff you have to have it in such a way that that every region of the country feels represented it may end up being there for from the sec and for sure big 10 but then who fills out the rest of that field i would love to see it a way to have it from others it's cincinnati it's oregon it's usc it's it's i mean whoever it is i know the usc is now in the big 10 but i mean it's it's other teams or maybe it's boise state is the 12 team you know what i mean one of the some of those great teams so you say to yourself you know we made the playoff that's the recruiting pitch you go out to recruit and you might be able to pull a kid from texas to come where you know come up north as opposed to well forget it he's going to a and m because this is what we didn't even get into nil dave revson there's so much to talk about with you but uh i just appreciate you coming on the show and uh good luck on this on the uh camp stops we'll be checking all that when are you in ant arbor uh sometime the middle of next week i think okay i don't know it's all it's all of you know it's all a haze that's right yeah and you do and you do a great job when you get there uh at at btn dave revson follow him watch him these these camp stops are awesome we appreciate you buddy and uh thanks for coming on the show thanks for all your kind words randy keep up your great work and thanks for having me on dave revson everybody brockman so good right he's so good we didn't get into nil or transfer portal or any of that stuff there's a million things to talk to with that guy yeah because because that's kind of the the real wife bogged me down and put me to sleep stuff about college sports right now you know let's the games are happening very soon let's get into the game i want to know the feeling in in nebraska like link tell me what it is in lincoln you know what i mean are they excited or are they nervous about scott frost and he he told it like it was for real i love it well let's take a break should we take a break and then we'll come back we have one more segment to go this has been such a dream uh uh we'll we'll be back soon i can't wait all right gang we did it we got to the end of the show what a great day i love this thank you rich eisen the great rich eisen for letting me giving me the keys to this rolls royce of a show and uh i bring to me and and on the show right now perhaps my one of the greatest accomplishment accomplishments of all time my oldest daughter daisy square daisy how are you i'm good i'm loving it you've done a great job thank you and i'll pay you more later for saying that she is uh we do bits together and that was the thing that i told you the joke she's the one who directed the video or like yeah that doesn't look like you at all um on the billboard fantastic comedy is currency in our family absolutely absolutely so i'm gonna tell this story because we saw bra and then we'll just talk about uh we'll ask you some question a little bit but i'm glad that you're uh with me we're like the new sclar brothers we are i'm replacing jason thank you j you're out of here you're out so brockman and i so j and brockman and i we were at the espies together because uh sarah tiana who wrote on the nosebleeds she was amazing also wrote on the espies and we all got a chance to go there because we were promoting the nosebleeds here we are in a great brockman looks possessed one too many uh watermelon seltzer those little hard seltzers kind of get you out of nowhere j's in the back he clearly didn't have enough of that uh but he was getting there and we just had the best time and we go down to the main lobby floor as all the stars are coming in and i love that brockman's there with us because brockman is like pushing us to go over and talk to people because you guys were like oh man look it's it's so-and-so like should we go like dakemi matombo should we go get a pic i'm like yes just get a picture with to get a picture and i'll just say we blocked him from going to the bar and so we did and wagged a finger we're like no no no no you can take this no no no uh we saw albert puhols the hug that puhols gave us was i mean we know him from he's just amazing and he got the humanitarian award i love that he's a cardinal again i said thanks for coming back home so i want to tell this story with about brandy chesting because you see that we're here with brandy chest and we're like we have the best brandy chesting story for her and it's going to tell you there she is she is amazing did a great title nine presentation there we're like either she's gonna love it or we're gonna have to leave the sbs right now and brockman's like you gotta go over and tell her you gotta tell her so we tell her we say brandy you're either gonna love this or hate us but in 1999 we're out in long island at our uh cuz who's now our cousin he married our cousin steve schwartz married melissa applebaum applebaum schwartz you can't get more jewish than that so we're at his bachelor party which is just out of the house barbecuing drinking beers and just guys hanging out no strippers daisy no strippers okay okay get your daughter off the pole so i was like no strippers whatsoever so we're like this is just us and this is how much of a no stripper uh we're just guys hanging out we start watching the women's world cup and it's a championship game it's just we stop talking to each other we're watching the women's world cup it's like almost like that's what we were designed to do i'm telling we're telling brandy this story so brandy chesting steps up in the pk section kick drills it through the women win she takes her shirt off rips it off is just wearing a sports bra and just like you know flexes iconic moment and we turned to steve our then gonna be our cousin we said there's your stripper you're welcome you finally got the stripper that way we told that to branch us in and we waited and by the way brandy's like 16 year old son was right there too i'm like i don't know why we're telling this to this kid but can i set him up with daisy and all that stuff or whatever georgia my younger daughter anyway so we told her that and we were waiting for her to be like get out of here i gotta go do this serious title she laughed so hard and i'm like i love you brandy chesting i love you thank you for being you and thank you for having a sense of humor about yourself and i was like brockman was right i'm glad we went over there had to go over there so much fun daisy what is it like having uh we got two minutes left so daisy tell us what it's like having what's it like having me as your dad well it's great it's awesome you're funny but there's a but coming there's a shoe that drops there's something that i've learned about sports and listen i may not know everything about sports but what i do know is that it's bad if you have to say i'm so sorry it's my dad's team before i tell like teenage boys what team i root for i'm like i'm so sorry the cardinals i'm so sorry like i'm so sorry university of michigan there you go i'm so sorry the st louis blues yes people are like oh my god and i'm like it's my dad's team i know but like you i mean you've been to a michigan game and and tell me the feeling you had when they played mr brightside i cried when i heard the entire big house singing mr brightside it made me cry wow i mean it it legitimately is and was it's this like amazing experience you you michigan football is is one of the best things ever and it's one of the reasons why i want to go to the school and i was at the coliseum in rome and i turned to my dad and went dad i don't think this is as big as the big house and i'm like she's going she's going get her out there get her on there yeah it's great having you as a dad it is i love it so much this kid's a theater kid she goes to a performing arts high school here in la and directing and writing and doing all that stuff i mean i could not be more proud of this kid it's like we do all these things in this world we do comedy and we get a chance to do this show we make a show like the nosebleeds check it out uh you should everybody should see it but then you're like this is the best this is the most important thing is sitting right here greatest project i've ever worked on in my life uh thank you guys so much brockman mike tj hoskins all you all of our guests gar ryaness uh adam rank uh brendan fitzgerald dave revson uh randy squire the squire brothers thank you so much and uh i'll see you next time for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts you
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