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REShow: Kurt Warner - Hour 3 (8-8-2022)

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August 8, 2022 3:31 pm

REShow: Kurt Warner - Hour 3 (8-8-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 8, 2022 3:31 pm

In our ‘Overreaction Monday’ segment guest host Steve Weissman weighs in on the Geno Smith-Drew Lock QB competition with the Seahawks, if Brandon Aiyuk will overshadow Deebo Samuel this season, if Saquon Barkley can regain his pre-injury form, if Michael Thomas can be a star again for the Saints, if the Browns should/will trade disgruntled RB Kareem Hunt, while TJ weighs in on the Mets’ World Series odds with Jacob deGrom’s return and Yankees fan Mike Del Tufo weighs in on the Pinstripes’ mid-season slump.

Pro Football Hall of Famer and NFL Network Analyst Kurt Warner tells Steve why he’s predicting Justin Herbert will lead the Chargers to the playoffs, why Russell Wilson is the 2nd-best QB in the AFC West, and why he still marvels at 45-year-old time Brady’s exploits on the field. 

The guys react to a report that Kevin Durant has told Nets ownership to choose between him and the GM/Head Coach combo of Sean Marks and Steve Nash.

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Now. With guest host Steve Weisman. Listen you guys since day one you guys are phenomenal.

I'm just getting better like fine wine. Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. Earlier on the show NFL Network host MJ Acosta Ruiz. Big 10 Network broadcaster Lisa Byington. Tennis Hall of Famer Andy Roddick. Still to come.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner. And now sitting in for Rich it's Steve Weisman. Man that sounds good. Hour three. I told you it's going fast.

It goes fast. TJ I haven't even eaten the eggs yet. You know it's funny I thought about that like 45 minutes ago. I'm like I brought him breakfast.

Did he even like. I haven't eaten any. I've had the coffee. Great. I saw you drink the cup here. Yeah I appreciate that but I'm going on an empty stomach. I even I cut up an apple today to bring in.

Nothing. You were so nervous. You didn't know how chill it was here. No I didn't. I had just only been on the phone. I had only been on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line.

Which by the way I waited until the third guest to say it so that's why I just threw in another plug for the Vans from Mercedes-Benz. I want one of those. We're looking for one of those. Right? Yeah.

Why does that never happen? I'm a man about town if they need me. Now I used I was a hermit but now I'm not a hermit anymore so I'm a man about town. TJ's back by the way. He was home for two straight years now he's back. You went to the movies by his seller. He went to a premiere last week. What premiere? It was this movie called Vengeance.

It's written directed by BJ Novak who's in the office. Yeah legend. Like Steve did not leave his house. Like I say this two years other than coming here for a long time. It was you know from like March 2020 to about September of 21 I decided that I enjoyed not being around people that much and I really looked at quarantine as something to help me work on myself and so I did and what I decided was I didn't need to be around a whole lot of people so I just kind of hermit became a hermit. I realized it's more fun with me out and about you know in these streets so you know I'm getting back out in these El Segundo streets you know in these Hollywood streets out and about you know I was up and down you know up in Inglewood you know I was in went to Slauson and Crenshaw I guess that was always up to no good you know I'm just doing my thing. Now you're at premieres.

People need to see the J's right? Me too and it was funny because I had a publicist friend of mine Kathleen who overheard someone talking about my drawings at the premiere. I had on a pair of bread 11s pad leathers. She then started talking to me about it. I started telling her you don't know this but Chris knows we have a few callers who called in and mentioned my sneakers so she's like I'm gonna talk to my people at night.

Now I haven't heard back yet but you know fingers crossed we see if something can get going so appreciate you Kathleen. Don't think I didn't read your story in the Altoona mirror all about T.J. Jefferson. I mean the profile okay you know. See I appreciate you Steve because you know Rich and these jabronis they wouldn't give me crap because I was below the fold like it was still the front page.

T.J. absolutely crap about that. They don't want to give me credit Steve because I made it onto the Price is Right. They don't want to give me credit because I got to the Showcase Showdown. They don't want to bring up the fact that I lost. No no no no see sometimes the journey is the real what happened in the Showcase Showdown.

I went over. Steve listen I'm gonna I'm gonna ask you you don't know the whole story. T.J. has two Harley Davidsons in his Showcase. Yeah.

So we're all sitting here watching him for the first time. I turned to Brockman and I said to him how much I thought they were and when I found out how much the two Harleys were I was like there's no way. We had to look it up.

Yeah. Because we did not I did not believe I was totally on par with how much T.J. had originally said. A couple of things about this appearance. First off T.J. but it's like you did make it which is which is awesome. But you don't get credit for just showing up to work.

You know what I mean? See but did I just show up if I if I made it if I won a prize if I got to the wheel. You did great. What's the prize you won in the in the initial round? It was a ping pong table. So he won.

You were a winner on the Price is Right. He did get kind of screwed because first off he had to play a game that they never play. Masterkey they never play that right? Except for today. And so apparently they played it today.

We got a tweet from from a loyal fan here. And then you go to the showcase and. Oh before the showcase Steve I've got to spin the wheel right? I gotta get to the showcase. I go first. I've got to like outlast these other two contestants.

I did that. I'm in the finals. Anybody care about that?

Nah. Wait what so what how many cents did you get? I got 85 cents.

That's good. One spin or two? Two. Two spins to get 85 not go over.

Which is irony. He has these two motorcycles where if you look at them you're like man motorcycles have got to be expensive. Like you know I'm gonna bet.

Let me ask you Steve. How much would you think two Harley Davidsons? I mean are they tricked out? Like what kind of Harley Davidsons?

They're just pretty basic looking. Two basic Harley Davidsons. I'm gonna go. Oh this is gonna be great. I can't wait for this dude. This is gonna be great. I hope he actually gets it. 52,000. Thank you Steve.

He's already way over. I bet 44,000 they were eight grand a piece. What? Exactly.

No way. It was like I get a Harley for eight grand? It was the basic of the basic. In these streets on a bike. You could see the picture I went I went over you know. That's actually from the show when I went over I found the camera and went straight into it. It's a great photo. I went over but so you know.

He knows where the single is. Brockman and Rich think that I went out there and I clowned too much but what these guys don't understand is me and my grandma that was our thing the price is right. Yeah. So the last time I saw my grandmother before she passed I went home I spent some time with her we watched The Price is Right and I told her when I go back this is 2006. I'm like when I go back I'm gonna go on The Price is Right and I start telling her all this stuff I would do and my grandmother just would laugh at me and she told me to don't go on the show and act a fool. Oh. Well guess what I went on the show that acted a fool because that was like me and her thing like I used to love to make her laugh and I feel like the stuff I was doing would have made her laugh so I'm okay losing. I don't have anything to prove to anybody that was that was for my grandmother and that was it. That's beautiful. Yeah. Even though you did. I think he's a winner after that story I'm moved. You're wearing the same shoes that you wore on that day by the way.

Yeah ironically enough yeah I rock these. By the way I feel like The Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy brings a lot of grandmothers and grandsons together. Yeah. Like Grandma Jean we used to watch Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy right? Yeah something about game shows and grandmas man it just it just fits together. Yeah you just you sit on the couch grandma's on the big chair. Always you know.

And that that's quality time if you're not playing you know cards. And you know I think we're all of a certain age where we can remember like you know having to get up to turn the channel because there was no remote and so that was the other thing like I'd be upstairs and my grandparents would call me downstairs and I'm like yeah they're like change that to channel two and I was like seriously I was up you lose five feet and I was up but you know hey that's what you had to do in those days. Had to turn the dial. Turn the dial. There was no no remote control.

Turn that dial. It was either CBS, ABC, NBC. And then Mikey you remember we're getting the cable the little brown cable box you can get TBS and you know that's why I watched so many Braves games. I mean I'm black and white you guys I'm an old guy black and white tv. Black and white. And we got the first color I was like whoa that's what it looks like seriously. I did start in color. Yeah you guys all started. Yeah we all started in color. Yeah I was a black. We don't know how old TJ is.

Yeah true. I never saw black and white tv until later that's what I'm saying. It was just radio only right. Now Mike you had movies when they didn't speak that's how.

That's right the silent films silent actors they owned the prime real estate in Beverly Hills. Like I was like what are they saying? I don't really know. All right people let's do this. It's Monday. It's Monday.

It's Monday. All right our first go around here with uh Steve Wiseman and our first go around of the 2022 actual NFL season preseason but still let's do it. All right guys first up let's talk about Seattle. I'm gonna say Geno Smith. Seahawk starting quarterback all season. I know we've heard a lot about Drew Locke obviously in the trade for Russell Wilson but Geno's got the inside track right now and he's performing better than Drew Locke. I'm gonna say it's Geno's gig all year.

Thoughts? Slight overreaction. This is not this is not a massive statement uh you know Geno Smith experience starting in the NFL. Drew Locke. Drew Locke by the way to tie tennis back into there's a U.S. open Twitter account trolled Drew Locke right just like Rich trolled Ohio State.

Yeah that got intense. Yeah but Drew came back he took it in stride. Do we still think there's no chance Jimmy G. ends up that I know it's the same division but it's hard right got to be a chance because hard. Would you want to help the team that you've got to ultimately face twice? Do you want to spend you know 30 million dollars on a guy that's not playing?

Good point but you know. Don't we always say the backup quarterback spot is the most valuable? Yes. Don't pay backup quarterbacks that much money. What happens when you don't have one and your quarterback goes down?

And you're not doing anything. Yeah. Is Jimmy gonna end up anywhere? Like are we gonna be waiting a while? Seems like we've been talking so much about Jimmy G this off season.

That's like the one story right that doesn't hasn't reached a conclusion yet. Can I give you a hot take? Yeah I love hot takes. And this is gonna sound out there too because they're in the same division. Maybe Stafford's elbow isn't back to where it should be and maybe Jimmy G somehow some way ends up with the Rams before the season's over.

Just I don't know. John Wolford might have something to say about it but yeah that's a fire take. Like I said in the same division like. Yeah higher register. Higher register Friday.

We got to bring that back. All right uh next up we've been talking a lot how much have we been talking about Deebo this off season. Deebo!

Deebo finally got paid uh a week ago but you know what guys? Brandon Iyuk is the Niner receiver that's gonna make the most headlines this year. Brandon Iyuk. Have you seen some of the clips? Some of the uh some of the videos making the rounds from Niners camp? Brandon Iyuk is killing it. He is killing it. I also I saw him on NFL network a couple days ago with uh Mike Yam and Mooch and he was telling you know talk about going at it with Fred Warner right? Yeah I like that.

Couple times. His coach doesn't love it but I like that and Brandon Iyuk is all in for the night of this year. Out of the doghouse finally? Yeah. Brandon Iyuk guys?

That is not an overreaction. Remember that Chris? What what happened last year?

No one really knows. It was like this guy seemed like he was primed to maybe have a breakout season and like you just said Chris he was in the doghouse we're hearing these stories so it's interesting to see how he's going to turn it around this year. Especially if they they just use Deebo out wide. I mean I don't know with this new deal and all that he's not trying to get all those touches as a running back. If he's out wide you double team him? Brandon Iyuk.

Right? Why don't I finish the season strong? I don't know we'll see. You drafted him this year bro? Brandon Iyuk I had him two years ago during his rookie year and I don't know maybe maybe. All right how about this TJ this is your division not your team but your division. You know who else is having a really great camp so far?

Who's that? Saquon Barkley. Saquon's gonna have a career year guys. Career year for Saquon.

Go ahead. Nobody nobody on Saquon? Wow he's still on the Giants.

Still get get the best you know hamstrings quads in the game but. No love for Saquon. We'll see. Well what's a breakout year for him like what was his? No I mean career year not breakout. I'm talking about back back. I think it's a good take Brockman. I think it's a good take because why not right? He should he should be able to do that. I mean I mean he had his best year his rookie year 1300 yards yeah 11 touchdowns had 91 catches man he was a beast that first year and then kind of nothing since I played 13 games obviously missed some time the second year missed basically all of 2020.

Yeah that's a throwaway year for everybody though. The man who wants that to happen Daniel Jones. Daniel Jones needs it to happen. He needs it to happen exactly.

He wants it and he needs it. Saquon Barkley first round running back in fantasy first round you take Saquon in the first round? Not in the first round? I mean do you want to win your league or?

I don't know. TJ. You know Saquon went to Penn State I love Saquon. I know but he plays for the Giants and I don't love them but I don't know if he's a first round back I wouldn't be supposed to have him on the team though. All right how about this one speaking of fantasy another guy who's back might have Andy Dalton throwing to him I guess but you'll regret not drafting Michael Thomas in fantasy. Michael Thomas back. Totally agree on this Michael Thomas is a huge threat and I think he's going to do big things this year I mean when he went out this is one of the top wide outs in the game now he's back Jamis Winston got a lot of targets there Saints offense is going to be on fire you will regret not taking Michael Thomas. Guys just four things you can't guard Mike okay.

That's one thing they mean four words. That's his handle right you can't guard Mike that's his twitter handle he's got swagger he does and he's got a point he hasn't played two years he's back he hasn't played when he was healthy and on the field he was unstoppable so it's even better that he's missed two years that's two years without hits that's two years without the punishment that's a great way to look at it man it really is yeah true that he's a young whatever he is all right last football one we'll get to a couple baseball the Browns need Kareem Hunt especially with the Watson likely suspended for most of the year they need Kareem Hunt they can't let him they can't trade him they can't let him sit what do you think they don't not need him I think they they really could use him a lot I mean Nick Chubb can do a thing on his own but Kareem Hunt provides that dual threat catch balls out of the backfield a bit of a change up from Chubb and depending on what happens at the quarterback position your offense is going to be based on what those guys are doing on the ground and what Kareem Hunt can bring through the air as well so talking through this Brockman yes they need Kareem Hunt which is why they said no trade no trade for you no trade for you come back one year all right couple baseball guys TJ this one's for you man the Mets look good huh oh buddy Jacob DeGrom makes the Mets world series favorite they should be the favorite are you asking me this yeah Scherzer DeGrom let's go I mean as I started to show the most dominant one two punch maybe in baseball right now I don't know if we're the favorites necessarily um but I'm I'm too close to the situation to give you an honest assessment I'll just say that I I'm loving this team right now man they are so much fun and we got those two back and you know every night when I go to bed I say my prayers you know I pray for my family and my friends and those in need in the last few nights have also been specifically praying for Scherzer and DeGrom to stay healthy you put in some frivolous prayers in there as well well frivolous how dare you those are aces of my rotation I need to keep them healthy so yeah throw some extra prayers in for for Jake and Max and just to keep them you know in tip-top shape but sure who am I to judge a prayer pray for it all 1523 strikeouts more than any pitcher first 200 games beyond Scherzer and DeGrom though I mean you did the trumpets right are we talking Cy Young we got the closer that was brought up in my uh baseball group chat this weekend I I why not why not well that's closer to win the Cy Young was who was it Eric Gagne yes 2003 but that got taken away right that doesn't count anymore sure we're gonna start calling Diaz Glenn Close because he's the closer only nine relievers have ever taken the Cy Young all right last one and this is dominant this is for you mike even though rich is not here how about this you know the yankees record since the all-star break yeah we suck really bad nine and sixteen or something the yankees are not gonna reach the ALCS not gonna make it that's how you're overreacting I'm gonna lose maybe even maybe wild card divisional I don't know not in the ALCS they're a hundred percent they are 100 they're gonna make it a hundred percent they what just just pencil it in Astros Yankees I'm not like rich sitting there going we're gonna win he's out of his mind now we we actually stink right now not fully on ice we don't stink on ice yet we're not rotting but it's terrible it's terrible what is going on it's terrible it's terrible that's all I can say horrible terrible 12 I think we lost 12 the last 20 I believe it's nuts yeah it's not good but you still got leading the league in wins right no no Dodgers I think I'm gonna win the Dodgers just swept the Padres yeah the Dodgers are the guys are gonna have so I'm saying just by the way you're just looking for those guys in the NL because that is gonna be that'll be a phenomenal NLC oh my I can already see it you're gonna play those guys the Yankees we stink like we I'm gonna say it it's like he's been hesitant to say anything good about the Yankees because I'm like Brockman busts like we're not gonna miss he's I hate I hate him but I have to agree with him and rich will sit there and I'm like rich come and this is why you can't I'm not taking the pot just for the record today's date guys is August 8 exactly and when rich goes yeah we're about there this is why I would take his pitchers in I would what what can I give up whatever not like everything sell everything nothing I would take the entire his staff and I'd be in heaven there you go you're just hanging in Queens getting out of the Bronx cash me that hasn't had good pitchers in forever I'm sorry all right go all right Kurt Warner coming up next Steve Weissman filling in for Kurt Warner he was there you said you wanted to Ohio talk to him all about it Monday August 8th Steve Weissman filling in for rich today on the Rich Eisen show so excited it's been a great couple of hours here with Brockman Del Tufo T.J. just rolling through just heard from Dick Vermeil one of the new eight members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame it was a beautiful ceremony this weekend Kurt Warner was there my friend and colleague from NFL Network it's been a long weekend so excited to have Kurt join us here on the Mercedes-Benz Vans 4.0 and the on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line Kurt thanks so much for taking some time this morning you got it finally made it home from Ken it was a great weekend but it was a long trip home so spent the night in Denver finally got back home this morning so it's good to be joining you listen Kurt there was the Hall of Fame dinner we'll get into that a little bit putting the gold jacket on Dick Vermeil what was the most and maybe this was it but what was the most memorable moment of the weekend for you that's always a great question um yeah I do love the gold jacket um dinner and you know when guys get to kind of walk down the gauntlet of you know Hall of Fame players and you know you just see the connections uh whether it was teammates or players that you coached or guys that you've had an influence on I mean I think it took coach V about 45 minutes to walk down the gauntlet because he stopped and talked to and hugged everybody because he's got some kind of connection he's been in the game so long but that's such a neat night because it does sink in differently for every player or every coach that gets in and you never know when that's going to hit you but that is just a really special unique event um you know that that's unlike anything else and I think it's kind of that moment for a lot of guys when it really I'm a Hall of Famer once I slide this jacket on that's all it's the first thing you get right you get the gold jacket then you see the bust the next day and eventually you get the ring uh you wrote a beautiful article on about coach V who's obviously meant so much to you in your career he talked about his superpower what was that Kurt and how did that make him a Hall of Famer yeah I just believe the super and you know just in that interview he was doing with Rich you could just see you know his uh his connection with people uh his heart for people and that to me was what always separated him I was around a lot of great coaches uh and not to say that those guys didn't connect with their players um but they had a special way of connecting with guys and making you feel like uh you know you were the most important guy in the room uh I think my wife said it when we were talking about him is that um you know when he walks into the room he makes it make you feel like you're the most important and that he's the most important and I think he was like that as a coach uh you always felt like he had your best interest in mind in mind over his over uh you know winning and the success as we know all you know guys that are connected and competitive you know want to win and have success but when you can feel that from your coach that he's really you know doing everything he can to make you succeed um that's when you want to you know play for him that's when you want to fight for him you know between those lines on Sundays and you could talk to players that you know he coached all the way back in high school to the you know last players he coached in Kansas City and they will all tell you the same thing that they felt the exact same connection same way about him he continues to stay in touch with I mean so many guys it's incredible when you talk to guys that they yep he texted me two weeks ago he texted me three weeks ago he follows up and connects with people and that to me was what separated him as a leader and why you know not just player wise or between the lines but why all the organizations he was a part of uh were better off when he left than they were when he got theirs because that infiltrated the entire organization that he was a part of that's such a special quality and you could certainly see it in his speech I mean the amount of thank yous the personal thank yous that he was handing out to literally everybody almost in his football life so much so that I was like when's he when's he thanking Kurt and it was it was way away at the end um obviously you've meant so much to him and his success but you were inducted five years ago into the pro football hall of fame you wrote that you still have trouble putting on your gold jacket and feeling that you belong with with all that you've done how come um you know I I don't know why that is um but you know I just I think sometimes because of the journey that I had and the limited amount of time that I played um you know that I think sometimes I just look at some of the guys that are on that stage and I just wonder you know if I belong in the same category you know and you could ask me do I believe when I was between the lines that I was one of the best ever played this game I do but you know I think a lot of people kind of wrestle with the idea of guys that don't play as long as other guys and I love the distinction of kind of a first ballot hall of famer from from other guys because I do believe there's certain guys that played at another standard or had the longevity or put all that together um you know and have that special significance being a first ballot guy um but I don't know why um you know it's hard to say because like I said I have tremendous confidence in who I was and belief in uh in what I accomplished in in who I was when I played um but I don't know it just sometimes it just kind of kind of funky I just want to kind of sit in the back of the room and you know watch all of these guys that were my heroes and guys that helped me fall in love with the game and guys that did so many great things between the lines and uh enjoy the moment even though I don't really know quite how I feel it fit in I mean I think that's some of the qualities that make you such a special person as well that that humbleness and I think you carry many of the qualities that Coach V has in terms of making others feel special uh in your your interactions with them and certainly one of the greatest stories in the history of football story that that needs to be immortalized for all time and and so well deserved Kurt uh when you when you get all of these hall of famers together I mean we see the images we see the speeches of the eight guys but what are some of the behind the scenes stuff that we don't see with all of you legends together yeah yeah I think you know the coolest part of all of it is you know you've watched these guys play the game and you can look up their stats you know on the internet and all that stuff and you can understand you know just from a simple football perspective why they have gold jackets why they have busts in Canton but for for me every year the the best part is sitting down with some guys that I don't really know as people just kind of know as players and admired as players and getting to know who they are and you know just as you talked about when I wrote that article about Coach Vermeo you know what I was saying was that as I sit and get to know all of these gold jackets they all have a superpower there there's there's something underneath that gold jacket and beyond the stats and the physical ability that separates them and when you sit down and get to know them and you sit down and have conversations with guys like Willie Lanier and Mel Blunt and I made these guys that you know really you know set the standard for guys you know before I even played and you find out about their character and and what drove them and who they are and the stories that go behind them getting there uh that for me is always the best part you know that you know that the spectacle parts of it you flip it on the gold jacket and as you said the speech and um you know and popping off the you know the gold blanket and seeing the bust is always really really cool but it's those individual interactions and getting to know what really is underneath these guys and it's why you start to think oh obviously that's why this guy's wearing a gold jacket and that's why this guy's wearing a gold jacket because they have some unique ability that not only helped them to be great but helped the people around them to be great and I think almost to a man of those guys in the hall of fame you could find something that separated them and elevated the play of the people around them and and it's why they they will live forever in Canada. That's so awesome to hear and and one thing that kind of resonated throughout every speech that I heard this weekend was was faith football and family everybody talked about that and and you know that is is what brought them to this point everybody was given out all the accolades to others and and who had lifted them to be there and obviously one speech that really stood out to me was Brian Young's and you know we all didn't expect that and you know Steve Mariucci said it was the first time he saw B.Y. get choked up he was talking about his late son Colby who had passed away from cancer at age 15 and you know class of 22, 22 Colby's favorite number what was your reaction being right there listening to Brian Young's speech? Well you know I didn't know the story I didn't you know know all of that and I think you know talking to Mooch kind of behind the scenes you know just him kind of telling me where Brian was at that point in his career and what he had to give up you know what was kind of went behind the scenes and without fanfare and so obviously extremely emotional and I'm always in the minority is that you know when I gave my speech and back when we were giving speeches you know we were told to be in the 20, 25 minute range a lot of us took 30 minutes and I know it makes for a long day I mean I didn't get up on the stage until like 11, 15 that night so it made for a long day but I love when I get to hear these guys stories I want to know what you know the struggle was and and what it was like to get there and who are the people that shaped them and you know now that we have the eight and a half minutes or whatever I don't think we get in my opinion I don't get enough of what I want from that it's so much of the thank yous because you don't want to forget anybody that was instrumental but it's moments like that from Brian Young that always stand out and that always resonate because again you start to see the men behind everything else and that to me is what enshrine that Saturday is about and what I love is I want to just sit there for however long it takes and I want to hear everybody's story because we all have a different journey and everybody makes a big deal of of my journey and it was made into a movie and all of that stuff but all of these guys have their own journey and they have their own story and that for me is the best part and I want everybody to be able to hear that so I never complain when guys go along because I love to hear what makes them who they are in that moment like you said it was one of those moments that gripped everybody that was watching and and will stick with us you know of all the things we know about Brian Young that'll probably be the thing because there's a kind of that last moment that you have as a football player to you know kind of set your leg if you the last thing you get to do in the game so to speak and so to speak and we'll always remember that and the character that is behind that man you know everything from the injury that he suffered but you know who he was as a father and how that defined him was was such a cool you know moment even though obviously it was a tragedy behind it I think it endeared everybody to who who the man was and and I'll never forget it no it's truly the stories I'm with you there and and I agree don't put time limits on it I mean this is something this is a day you've been working your entire life for you know being inducted into the hall of fame the one day that you know as an elite athlete you really get to reflect on what your career has been and the journey that's gotten you there and so it was it was truly a beautiful day overall speaking of journeys Kurt we just started the pre-season last Thursday we are one month exactly from the regular season getting underway September 8th what quarterback are you most excited about this year how excited about all of them all 32 I mean I do I love the position I love the game and I love and want to see all of these guys succeed who am I most excited about you know I'm really excited about the AFC West and kind of all of them you know I mean Patrick Holmes everybody loves to watch him Justin Herbert has been so good I think this is kind of that year that he's going to take them to the playoffs and we get to see who he is Russell Wilson back with a team that I think really fits his skill set and allows him the opportunity you know to maybe get back to that championship form and then Derek Hart a guy that I don't think has got enough respect and hasn't really put it all together I think they've surrounded him with some great talent to give him an opportunity to showcase his skills so I mean I could just look at that division I'm excited about all those guys of course you know Josh Allen I want to see you know if he takes that next step and can lead Buffalo back you know to a Super Bowl so you know those are just a few but I always love seeing the young guys kind of take another step or the guys that are kind of the middle of the pack if they get that opportunity to step and become elite and I think we got some guys that are set up to make a little bit of a move this year. Kurt I am so with you on the AFC West I am fascinated by those quarterbacks those teams I think all four of them could lead their team to a Super Bowl I asked MJ Acosta Ruiz about this we've been talking about on the show throughout the day I mean for me I put Russell Wilson fourth out of that group but you know I go Patrick Mahomes I go Justin Herbert I go Derek Carr and then I go Russell Wilson for this heading into the seat how do you how do you see it how do you rank those quarterbacks? I mean if I'm just looking at the quarterback as a whole and I know what you're saying and you know I think eventually you know Justin Herbert is going to make that move and probably go ahead but I'm going to vote Russell Wilson number two I mean simply from the standpoint that his team always has a chance to win he's just a winner and he's a guy that puts his team in a position to win every time out the other two guys in that division Justin Herbert and Derek Carr as good as they've been at moments they haven't always done that and that for me is what the quarterback position is about and you know people can argue all they want on you know wins and losses not being a quarterback stat I'm going to disagree with that and again I understand the point it is the ultimate team game but I think the quarterback is the guy that puts you in position to be successful more than anyone else and they're the guys that dictate in close games whether you're coming out with a victory or not more times than not and Russell is that guy you are always in a game with Russell Wilson and so because of that I say the same thing about Patrick Mahomes that's why those two guys go one two for me and the other guys as talented as they are and you know big picture as you say may end up being better overall quarterbacks when it's all said and done just you know the complete skill set you got to show me that those guys can win and play in the moment the way Russell Wilson does and make you believe the way Russell Wilson does before I let either one of them unseat him as the second best guy in that division and that is why Kerr Warner you are a Hall of Fame quarterback a Hall of Fame analyst and I'm just filling in for Rich Eisen today so you sold me you're the Justin Herbert you're gonna just you know you're taking your steps so one day you can surpass him I won't say it you said it Kurt I appreciate you listen we haven't talked about Tom Brady and I do want to touch on him real quick recently turned 45 years young and some of the stats that NFL research I know you get the packets they do an awesome job and one thing they put out last week on his birthday Brady has more passing touchdowns in his 40s so just from 40 till now then Troy Aikman Jim Plunkett Bart Starr he's got more passing yards in his 40s than Roger Staubach Michael Vick Sammy Ball I mean it just to put that it's incredible to think about that I know you do your your study ball your quarterback confidential when you look at Tom Brady on film is he still getting better well I mean I think that's the beautiful thing about Tom Brady and we use this word ceiling all the time especially with guys coming out of college hey this guy's got the highest ceiling well to me we don't ever know anybody's ceiling until they get there and we don't know how far it is from where they're at to their ceiling that to me is the most impressive thing about Tom Brady throughout his career is that you know every time we think he's hit his ceiling he pushes himself to another level and he seems to get better you know the beautiful thing about Tom is a you know body-wise he can still make all the throws but b you never grow out of that big game gene you know and and not everybody has it that to me is what's always separated Tom Brady from everybody else is that big game gene when you're in the moment and you need someone to play well and you need someone to make a play there's nobody that's been better at doing that than Tom Brady so you keep him healthy with all the stuff he does with the way that the game has changed and you know it's amazing to watch because again you know what 15 years ago you know if quarterbacks hit 40 you know they were ancient and you know it was time to retire so to think 45 is just ridiculous but you know but but it's fun to watch and he makes our league better having him around it's fun to talk about him every year you know being the greatest of all time but you're still believing at 45 that he could win another super bowl he could get to another super bowl i mean it's just it's unfathomable but um you know every once in a while in in life one of those guys comes along you know the i can't even say generational uh he's a couple generational uh because he's playing till he's 45 but those guys that are just rare and unique and can do something longer and better than everyone else and um and and i appreciate that we get another year to be able to witness that greatness and uh we'll see if it goes beyond that the big game gene i love that tom brady uh richard seymore in his hall of fame speech said the pat got a young quarterback and they made it work a little shot at tom brady there the goat himself i'm curious uh who is your next quarterback coming up on quarterback confidential where you're gonna break i love watching these videos on youtube you know what actually uh this week i'm gonna actually break down mitch trubisky so i think he's going to win the job in pittsburgh at least to start the year and i think a lot of us kind of forgotten who mitch was he had some really good moments in chicago and then some of his struggles to see kind of where he's at this year so this week you know as i go into the season i'm always trying to go okay what are the the cool storylines going into the beginning of the season so i'm going to look at mitch trubisky again and kind of remind everybody of of who he was and you know we're winning at his best and the things that he struggled with and let's see after a year off and a year in buffalo and a year to kind of mature um you know where he's at this year early on because they got a brutal schedule and obviously they got a young kid right behind him um you know but i think a lot of people were excited about you know what his potential is and i'm interested to see um you know what he's going to be this year in pittsburgh with that defense and if he can you know kind of resurrect his career all right kurt warner looking forward to seeing that quarterback confidential study ball i really appreciate you taking the time to join us today on the rich eisen show i know it's been a long weekend but your insight is the best you're a great man great human great hall of famer and i really appreciate you thanks my man we'll talk soon kurt warner joining us on the mercedes-benz van's phone line breaking down the hall of fame the induction ceremony his guy coach vermeil getting put into the hall of fame and uh just getting some behind the scenes stories really really special stuff always getting to talk with kurt about quarterbacks about the nfl in general kurt warner always been real generous just like rich eisen great great teammates over there at nfl network steve weisman filling in for rich today on the rich eisen show much more still to come as we wrap it all up great stories all show long steve weisman filling in for rich the rich eisen show appreciates everybody tuning in nbc sports on peacock serious xm channel 85 westwood one terrestrial radio stations coast to coast streaming free on the odyssey app facebook twitter instagram at rich eisen show tj just took a photo of me wow so that is going to be on the social media i mean this is we are legit now you're official like the referee with the whistle baby so just like art mcnally getting it done my first my first official rich eisen show photo love that by the way uh we've waited until 11 51 for our top story brockman uh kim and pete keat oh my gosh are done kim kardashian pete davidson what is this going to do to your life in a cynical world people you know it's tough every day everyone's out there appreciate you guys doing us taking time to make us part of your day and you know sometimes things look bleak and then a love comes along like pete davidson and kim kardashian and you think man the sun will rise tomorrow i will find true love one day and then it all comes crashing down mike is there any such thing as love now if these two kids can't make it i have kardashian muted on twitter so i have no idea what they broke up it's over kim and pete i despise that family so i don't you're just a hater i'm not like but you you're you're a pete davidson guy right no one out there right so you gotta lock himself when he posts it i'll i'll know by the transitive property pull one out for love tj you know i ain't paying attention to that man tj doesn't say thank you tj you're like me just more importantly guys more importantly in our world shams who seems to have all the inside scoop when it comes to the brooklyn nets i wonder why that is shams has a news story out 15 minutes ago kevin durant has informed owner joe sai that he does not have faith in the nets direction and reiterated his trade request and informed joe sai that he needs to choose between durant or the pairing of gm sean marks and head coach steve nash who wins i mean what do you mean the pairing like i guess them together so okay either they both gotta go like basically them or me can you keep nash though i mean like why are you hating on steve nash come on basically the guy steve nash that kd and kyrie irving hand picked to be the head coach don't get kenny adkinson was doing a good job they didn't need to fire him it's the nba the player wins it's the players league right wins player wins by the way why does people get so upset with that like we have these sports right where it's always like the team owner the person in charge like they they dictate what the worker bee does with their life you get drafted you're stuck there for 10 20 years now you got a league where actually like the employee has a little bit of power and people get so butt hurt over this fact i don't know maybe it's because you can't do it in your job or i can't do it in my job but like go for it man like do what you can do you're playing the game put yourself in the position to make money and be happy i mean he asked for a trade i mean i think they should just give it to him exactly yes i mean you you don't want to be there then we don't want you here where are you trading them yeah that's a problem please not boston but i know you don't want that chris i don't think he says he doesn't want this i don't want and he'd be upset if they lost i don't want that jason why don't you want to stay them use jaylen brown but i promise you come october if kevin durant is starting for you you know be like i'm okay with this no come on bro how could you not win a 2-1 lead in the finals without kevin durant yeah well he could have had a 3-0 guess what team we beat in the playoffs swept actually the team that had kevin durant don't don't need him to win the title that that's a bold statement there bro don't even win the top they're the celtics are the betting favorite to win the championship okay don't need them betting in august for the mba championship doesn't mean much though i mean it's just the same as every other sport bills are the favorite in the nfl what's the difference i would love to see him go back to golden state why no i want him to win again i like kd when i want him to win another ring uh big thanks kurt warner andy rodick lisa buyington mj acosta ruiz joining us today steve weisman filling in for rich on the rich eisen show good job appreciate y'all thanks for tuning in everybody for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents my man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a baby face hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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