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REShow: Yogi Roth - Hour 1 (8-9-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 9, 2022 3:22 pm

REShow: Yogi Roth - Hour 1 (8-9-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 9, 2022 3:22 pm

Guest host Ryan Leaf reacts to Bears LB Roquan Smith demanding a trade and says why Chicago is in danger of becoming the NFC North’s doormat team.  

Pac-12 College Football Analyst Yogi Roth and Ryan discuss the huge impact Oklahoma transfer QB Caleb Williams will have on USC, his new ‘5-Star QB’ book aimed at high-level high school players, the future of the conference with UCLA and USC’s defections on the horizon, and how he knew back in college at Pitt that WR Larry Fitzgerald would go on to have a special NFL career. 

Ryan and the guys react to the bad news coming out of Jets camp about offensive lineman Mekhi Becton and what it means for New York’s high hopes this season, and Ryan reveals the incredible story of Pro Football Hall of Famer Terrell Owens nearly fight him in a country club parking lot.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show with guest host Ryan Lee. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Who is this Dr. DeRay? The Rich Eisen Show.

Mom it's the best rap album that will ever be. Today's guest Pac-12 Network analyst Yogi Ra. Kansas head coach Lance Leopold. Columnist for the MMQV. Andrew Brandt.

Plus from Prime Video's Samaritan actor Javon Walton. And now sitting in for Rich, it's Ryan Lee. Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to the Rich Eisen Show. I am your guest host for the rest of the week. My name is Ryan Leaf. Hey. I've been here before. I am alongside some of the greatest people in the entire world. I don't know if they get enough credit when Rich is on the show. To my right, TJ Jefferson, Mike Del Tufo, Chris Brockman.

This is a crew. I've been looking forward to this for a while now guys. It's been a while man. It's been a while.

Yeah draft right? When Rich was gone at the draft and now he was in Canton last week. He is vacationing I'm assuming the rest of this week. We don't know where he is.

Like Nantucket. He really could be anywhere. He goes to Italy for a month and then you know.

You know what's hilarious and I pointed this out this morning and I'm sure this will get back to him in some sort of fashion TJ that we're hating. But he has been on vacay now for a couple of days. No Instagram posts.

Uh oh. No Instagram stories. Do you think because we gave him such a hard time post Italy that he's not gonna post it all this week as kind of a one-ups? Like see I can go on vacation and not post.

What do you want though? Like you were the you you led the charge about him posting from Italy. I don't need to see every meal you eat. And now Ryan he's not posting and Chris is mad about him not posting.

I'm not mad about him not posting. I'm just pointing out an observation. Yeah but like you know. We like the middle ground. We want middle ground. I'm making an observation.

The man's damned if he does and damned if he don't. There comes a point when it comes to Instagram that the self-importance it hits a precipice right. Like oh look at the noodles in my pasta in Italy today. Everybody should see this. Everybody needs to see this.

I think people need to see what pasta I'm eating today. Right that's what I'm saying. That's all I'm saying. I get it. I get it.

I get Anna at home has said before when I've gone too far with Instagram like why do you care that somebody sees this part of your life that you're supposed to be enjoying? It is the question if the tree falls in the forest and you're not there to hear it does it make a sound? Right. Right. Maybe. Right if Rich has an ice cream cone and then tuck it and does it actually taste like chocolate? Or if he doesn't post about it.

You know what I mean? Or if he's wearing his red Nantucket sweater if he doesn't have that on. Right. The hat. The hat. Does it matter?

Pastels. Does it matter over there? He left the hat here for you Ryan. Wait did he leave the hat here? Oh Ryan. Oh no. You should literally wear this to the whole show.

The rakish leaf. This is so mad. He's got a pretty big head it's falling off my ears. It just made me so mad. That is amazing. We will be using that picture today. That is all phenomenal. It's amazing.

I told him to leave the hat here so. I can't. All right everybody I'm Ryan Lee filling in for the Rich Eisen Show. You can call in. I'd love to get some calls in today because we're going to dig deep into you know NFL training camps.

I mean the conversation. Andrew Brandt is going to join us today. He has been spot on with everything he's had to say around the Deshaun Watson legal battle. I want to talk to more of him about the contract aspect of things because he did. He got the best contract ever and he was coming into it with all these allegations. Who is his agent? Well it's athletes first is his agent. And the leverage.

How did he have any leverage? I want to talk to Andrew about that because it's still dumbfounded. We talked about Yogi Ross going to join us. He has a new book called Five Star Quarterback and he's been working with Elite Eleven for years and years and years alongside his work with the Pac-12 Network. And he's seen all these kids grow and grow and become stud quarterbacks in college football.

So I think this book is pretty great. We'll have him on. As well as Lance Leipold, new head coach.

Well not new. He's been there for one year but head coach for the Kansas Jayhawks football team. I really, really believe in this guy. I had a chance to call a few of his games last year. I think this is a good opportunity for him to talk to the nation here, you know, on a national radio show and tv show and talk about what his team is trying to accomplish because it's a battle at Kansas when you got the best basketball program in college basketball sitting there and on the football side of things you aren't able to really compete. Why do you take that job?

How do you turn it around and make it something special? I think they got the right guy for the job there. He's going to join us a little bit later. I talked about Andrew Brant joining us and then Jayvon Walton, right? Any of you Euphoria fans out there.

His character Ashtray is probably one of the best characters on that show and he just did a new movie with Sylvester Stallone called Samaritan that's coming out on Prime Video later this month and I got a chance to watch it last night at a little. I like being the host of a show, getting sneak peeks at things, right? Screeners, right? And you're able to go on your Apple TV and download the app and watch it right on your TV.

Like, yeah, get a little code to watch Sly Stallone run around as a superhero in it. So, yeah, that's your show today, all right? Excited to be here. It's been a crazy, crazy off season for me. You guys, of course, are close to me know, my family and I are going to be moving to Connecticut. Hey now, that's awesome. Yeah.

And for work and it is really exciting yet daunting. The moving truck came yesterday or on Sunday and loaded up about three quarters of the house and just that process. We'll get into this later. The moving process, the moving business is a giant scam.

It's a giant scam. I don't think, I don't think, you know, the moving company that worked with us on Sunday knew I was going to be hosting a national radio show this week, but. They paced themselves. Alas, this is where we're at. All right, we're moving to Connecticut.

You might want to wait until your stuff gets delivered before we smirk. You don't think I just thought about that before I named them? Yeah, I wouldn't name them.

As your attorney, I advise against naming them. Yeah, I did not want to or need to do that at this point, but let's just say it's kind of a grimy business. Let's just put it that way, right? There's brokers everywhere. Never mind.

I don't want to get into it yet. Moving to Connecticut, right? We wanted a house for the kid to grow up in like I did growing up where I had a backyard, right? Not that we don't love Los Angeles. Of course. It's a, you know, we just, you know, we don't have the wherewithal to put in a, you know, in-ground pool like Mr. Brockman here. Right.

Yeah, um. Baller. Baller.

Baller. And he knows what he has in Cage Brockman. He knows he's got a golfer on his hand that's going to make, you know, live type of money before we know it. Oh, Cage is already on the live tour.

He's already fielding offers. Baby live tour. So it's got a backyard. It's got a backyard. It's got a little half court, basketball court, and a little batting cage. So if the kid wants to play sports, it's, if it was, if you looked at like a house as a party house for sports, this is a, this is a party house. I mean, let's, let's be honest.

McGyver Leaf has no choice. He's already six, seven. Yeah. And four years old. He's already top 10 rivals basketball for the class of what, like 20, 38? Well, we're going to, we're going to hold him back.

He's, he's right on that, that fringe, right? October 5th is his birthday. So he's going to be 17 your entire senior year or 18. 18, about to be 19. And we're going to, we're going to do, I think the 18 route.

I think that's smart. I was 17 my entire senior year. So was I.

Me too. And I was, I think I was mature physically enough. Maybe not.

I mean, I grew a ton when I got to college that, that first year, right? So we'll see. We'll see what that looks like. So these are, these are huge parent, parental decisions you have to make, of course, as a, as a parent. I think my mom just wanted me out the crib. She was like, is this 17? All right.

You got to go. I was the oldest of three boys. So she was kind of like, eh, you know, I got a few years, they had nine more years before the other one's out.

He wants to stick around for one more year, maybe. So yeah, that's the big news in our family, right? But Rich Eisen fans out there and the Rich Eisen Show fans, let Rich know, you know, as I will, he rarely texts me back anymore because he's gallivanting around the... Always on vacation. ...around the world. But if you need me to host a show, I'll just fly back. It's not a big deal. You know, new work to LA is nonstop.

Yeah, five and a half hours. Yeah, nothing. Be right here in the seat when he needs me. Or I go... So you're saying even though you're leaving, you don't want to give up your spot here. No, I, I'm the, I'm the, I'm the reliever, right? I'm the right hand he goes to.

So yeah, I want to continue to do that. Though Ben Lyons sure gets a lot of play. What's up with that? I love me some Ben Lyons. Actually, he's like a summer, like, reprieve.

You know what I mean? He's kind of like summer vacation. Yeah, he's like the summer vacation vibes. Talk some, talk some movies.

Yeah, movies, a little pop culture. He loves Kanye. You gotta have a lefty and a righty in the boat. I mean... That's true, Mike.

You need to have both arms. I just always wonder if there's beef, because every time the one of them's here, the other one's like, Ryan, we're Ben Lyons. We love you both, guys. You know?

The guy should be having fun in the boat with him, waiting to get called. No need for you guys to beef with each other. We don't beef.

I play golf with him quite a bit. I know. I will say this. Okay, I'll be the one that comes back on the other direction here. I'm grateful for this opportunity.

I am so grateful for this opportunity, as always. But I will, if need be, fly back and do the show. Also, you know, our sister, our sister family, the Dan Patrick Show, is now literally 15 minutes from my house.

Oh, so they're going to steal you from us. So if Dan... Dan needs a day off, right? You know, now he's got somebody who's got... We're going to have to fight Ross Tucker.

Yeah, it's true. I can fight Ross Tucker. And also, Ryan, you got to choose a side. It's like when sometimes when married couples get divorced and the friends go, all right, well, I got to talk to one. Not saying that we got divorced from Dan, but you can't just, you know, jump over there, then come back here. I think I can.

Okay, maybe you can. I think there's a peacock. Some synergy. Synergy there.

NBC Sports, DirecTV and AT&T in the past, right? There's there's a lot of synergy there. A lot of love. Yeah, a lot of love.

Yeah. Our friends, our friend Sully, you know, used to be really close with those guys. And now he's, you know, he's kind of moved over to you guys. That's because he started kicking it with me and Brockman. And then you realize... Well, he used to kick it a ton with...

He still does with Andrew Perloff, but I guess Andrew Perloff's not with the Dan Patrick Show anymore. This is a lot of inside baseball. This is how the sausage gets me.

This is how the sausage gets made. There's a lot of football stuff happening, Ryan. There's a lot going on. Do you see the Bears news this morning? RoCon Smith wants out.

Yeah. He's had enough. My brother lives in Chicago. His girlfriend works in the Bears facility, sells the sweets and hospitality, stuff like that. And whenever I'm there, I can just... And I felt this way with Nagy as the head coach. The Nagy situation seemed very lame duck to me.

Like, no one... I don't think anybody out there thought Nagy was going to have the job going into this year. It's very similar, and we can get into this a little bit later, to the situation I think that's going on in Carolina with Matt Ruhl. I really think there is a lame duck feeling to this season for Matt Ruhl. Because I don't know which quarterback is going to play. I am suspecting it's going to be Baker Mayfield.

That defense is really good. He hasn't transitioned like people expected him to transition. He's still holding on to a lot of that college football head coach mentality, which doesn't play at the NFL level.

It's a group of men now. You have a lot of control over the guys in a college environment. Look at the greatest college coach of all time, Nick Saban. I mean, his tenure in the NFL was short, not very successful.

And so those two scenarios are very similar to me. As for Chicago, yeah, your best defensive player, alongside a guy by name Cleo Mack, who got traded this offseason. Now the other guy is saying to everybody, I want out. He's on a fifth year option.

And this is big. Chicago is in a real situation for a team that has so much history and legacy in the NFL to really be a doormat in that division. I mean, if Campbell and Detroit find a way to find some semblance of success this year, and all of a sudden Chicago's at the very bottom of it, I mean, what does that mean to this team?

And how do they go about it? I mean, they lose their best wide receiver in Robinson. They franchise tagged him. He got hurt, didn't work out. They sent him along.

He's now in Los Angeles with the defending champions. Khalil Mack. I mean, Justin Fields is supposed to be the answer there. But if you don't have anybody around him, at the NFL level, I don't care how great you are, just look at the Cam Newton scenario. If you don't got guys around you, you can't be Cam Newton like he was in college at the NFL level. It's just too difficult. Too many great players.

You can't be protected. Bears have one of the worst offensive lines in the league. Yeah, this is interesting.

It's always fun to hear players watch and see other players make money, get things done. We'll go to Cleveland with that, too, with Kareem Hunt and that possible decision to do a hold in. But Cleveland did not balk at that possibility. Running backs have very little leverage, everybody.

Very little leverage. All right. The most important position, the quarterback position, where they start, how they get to where they go, usually starts in the lead 11 in the high school, the recruiting process. Five stars in the recruiting process. Our next guest, Yogi Ra from the Pac-12 Network, is going to talk to us about his new book and all things five-star quarterback when we come back. You're listening to the Rich Eisen Show.

We'll be right back. Welcome back, everybody, to the Rich Eisen Show. Ryan Leaf here filling in for Rich Eisen. He's getting ready. He's getting ready. This is his tune-up week to get right for NFL season after his days with the NFL Network at Canton. It's revving up.

It's revving up. The quarterback position is the perfect position to talk about in our next segment here. Joining us, buddy of mine. I have to read this, Yogi, because I know Yogi well, so this makes me laugh a little bit.

All right. Yogi Roth has been driven by the power of sports and story for over 20 years as an on-air college football analyst, Elite 11 coach, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, and New York Times bestselling author. A former Pitt wide receiver and USC coach, he is also a motivational speaker, TV, and event host and world traveler. Veteran Elite 11 football scout and five-star quarterback co-authored, Joey Roberts, is much more than his Instagram bio would suggest. He's a believer, a son, a grandson, a brother, a friend I can attest to.

Coach, Yogi, seeker, and nerd. Welcome to the show, my friend Yogi Roth. How we doing this morning, buddy? Man, when you say world traveler, I just think back to that time we were both in Bali.

That's exactly where my head went, man. And now I can talk to you here. I watch you on the show when you're in. You know how I feel about you, man. I'm so pumped for everything you got going on. A little story side story here.

My first game I ever called for the Pac-12 Network, it was a big deal for me. And I get a text right before I'm about to go on air. And I looked down and it's from Yogi. And he just says, welcome to the family.

Can't wait. And just gave me the best advice. And I've said it before on the show. And I've said it a lot to a lot of people. He said, be where your feet are. And it's very simplistic, but it's perfect.

Be in the moment, be where your feet are. And I wanted people to know that story about you, Yogi. Thank you so much, bud. I appreciate that. Yeah, man.

Anytime. I think when you broadcast, you get so amped. You are so proud and excited for that game.

And I remember just thinking, I wish somebody maybe told me that before I did my first one. I was so amped up. And I remember tuning into the app and watching you. And look what you're doing now, man. You're kicking butt on so many fronts. It's awesome.

Yogi Roth. Now the next question is, you're here in LA. Why aren't you sitting next to me in the studio right now as an in-studio guest? You just too busy, couldn't get away? Kid, dad duty this morning?

No, I would have done it. I was told it was a phone-er. So now I'm actually sitting at SC. I'm about to sit down with Caleb Williams after this interview to do a little sit down for my podcast, talk about his path. But I want to come check that out, man.

I'm all in next time. Yeah, it's right down the street from you. I mean, it's in El Segundo.

It's not too far from your stomping ground. So good segue, Caleb Williams, right? Five-star recruit at Oklahoma under Lincoln Riley a year ago. He makes the transition, makes the move with the transfer portal with his head coach. I think there's a lot of interest in USC simply because of all that. This team was a four-win team a year ago.

A lot of expectations. Now talk to us about Caleb Williams. And then maybe it can lead into your book, five-star quarterback, and what it's been like to mentor and be around these great players over the last decade of your career.

Yeah, for sure, man. Caleb is a one-percenter to me. He's really unique as a player, as a human, as a thought leader. He reminds me a lot at that age. I can remember when I met Jamis Winston when he was 17, when I met Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, and Tua Tungavailoa. There was all of them had something, a unique trait about them outside of just being able to pass.

Everybody can do that in high school now. And he's proven to be that type of guy. I think when you talk to anybody on the staff here at SU, from when he arrived to now here they are, week one at camp, almost concluding, it's his work ethic. I mean, he does it by example. He does not come out of the school of quarterbacks in terms of they're supposed to be six, three and a half, and big, tall pocket passes. I mean, this guy is a dynamic player. He can do everything, and he can sit in the pocket and deal.

So I'm excited. I think he's truly got the factor, which I define as you walk into a room, people fill your presence and you make them better. That's who he is. He's a guy who first time he got to FC, his first job he said was to get to know everybody's name, from a walk-on to the equipment manager, everybody in between, because he wanted to make people feel like he cared about them. And not just, hey man, how you doing?

Hey, what's up? But everything about him is purpose-driven. I think he's going to end up becoming the blueprint for huge recruits who are really talented as well and find success on how to manage expectation.

So I'm pumped for him. And as I sit outside of their facility, I'm looking at the book that you referenced, Five Star QB, and his face is on the cover, along with 50 plus other quarterbacks. And the reason that we wrote this book was really twofold. One is that over the last 15 plus years doing Elite 11, parents and players are asking the same questions. And now the pressure is only intensifying. The money is only growing. Expectations are through the roof.

Nobody knows how to deal with it. You can't Google how to be a five-star player. You can't Google how to be a walk-up.

You definitely can't Google how to be a parent of either one of those. So Joey and I sat together and we said, we got to create a book that will serve as a tribe of mentors for anybody going through this process. So whether it's a guy in college now or in the NFL now or in high school, Pop Warner now or their families, we think this book, which is almost 600 pages, offers advice on everything you can dream of, from how to take a visit, what it's like to commit, to de-commit, how do you deal with and manage mental health, how do you deal with women on campus, when you transfer, are you transferred twice, what is that process like, to what the realities are on the NFL. And it's really fun as we asked over 50 of these quarterbacks the same 20-plus questions to hear their feedback. So I'm looking at the cover and it's Caleb Williams, Matt Barkley, Jimmy Clough, and Josh Rosen.

And up and down the list, Sam Ellinger, Will Greer. I mean, it's a who's who of quarterbacks that adorn that five-star ranking. And what we learned in our process was not one of them ever asked for it, but all of a sudden they got thrust into a spotlight.

And that's why the cover, my last point, the cover is their faces, because I want fans to see their faces. And all too often when a quarterback commits to a school, you see their YouTube highlights, you see their arm, you see their ranking, but you often forget that there's a human in there. And while the pressures continue to grow, and Ryan, you know this better than anybody, the development of a 19-year-old, it's pretty much the same across the board.

Like your brain is still developing. You're trying to figure out how to deal with this thing. And that's why in the book we added not only quarterback answers, but 40 ambassadors of the game. Polinsky family offering their advice. Brenda Tracy, offer your advice. Mike Gervais, the psychologist, offer your advice.

Pete Carroll, Dan Lanning, Lincoln Riley, David Shaw, Jed Fish, Ryan Day, all the people that I really admire in the coaching and football world to say, give these guys a roadmap. Give them just one thing to take away. And that's what this book is, man. It is one of one right now. And I think it's going to be really cool for a player and their family to dig through and be like, I got a question about this.

Go to chapter eight and talk about recruiting or whatever it may be. I feel like when I go around the country and speak and parents come and ask me about when they have a child that's super into sports and is athletic and is getting a lot of notice. I love now that there's, you're right.

There's just, unless you've experienced it, you really can't speak to it. And to have a resource like this will be huge, I think for parents, right? I have a four and a half year old. At some point he's going to realize some athletic level of success. And I want to be able to give him the best advice. And so I appreciate you putting together doing something like this. Talk to us a little bit about the Elite 11 counselor aspect of this. You've been doing it for a long, long time. You watch how this process is built and built and built and how it's become a huge part of the recruiting process and giving guys a leg up when they have the opportunity to go to the collegiate level.

Yeah, I love Elite 11 on many fronts. The guy who founded it, his name is Andy Bark. I met Andy Bark in 1999 when he kicked off the Nike camps, which anybody from that era on is familiar with. You'd go to campuses around the country or venues around the country, and you'd have a free camp to showcase your skill.

And he started it because he wanted everybody to have somewhat of a level playing field. You know, whether you're the son of an elite quarterback or whether nobody in your family ever played the sport, but just show up and see how you compete. And meeting him then and then being around him at FC when I was coaching, he was always around.

And then working for him at the Elite 11 has been one of my life's joys, man, because I get to meet these young men at 16. So whether that's Phoenix or Jared Goff or Christian Hackenberg, I mean, you can go up and down the list. It's kind of the who's who of QBs. And they are told prior to camp how great they are. That's all they're told, Ryan. And you know this. And when they get there, what I found to be overwhelmingly common is all they want to do is let their guard down and get some help, get some guidance. Every time I listen to these quarterbacks talk in the media prior to us meeting them, they sound like political figures, right?

They're just saying all the right, what they think is the right stuff, cliche central. And I say, you're more than a ranking, man. You're more than an Elite 11 quarterback. You've got a story. You've got a heartbeat.

You've got a soul. Let's tap into that and help share it. So I say that with the Elite 11 and now Trent Dilper has been the head coach for over a decade.

Our staff is awesome all across the country. What we really take the most pride in, like football, that's easy. Like we kill that quarterback development side of it, but we call it beyond the X's and O's where we dive into offering them up with tools to deal with all the pressures.

So whether that's now NIL, and we had Jayden Rashada in this year, the day after he reportedly was getting like 9 million to go to Miami, right? You need a tool to deal with that. You can't just turn your phone off. That's what our sessions would be about. Whether you name the topic, whether it's media training, mindset training, XO on the board, outside of life, how do you deal with finances? How do you deal with NIL? We'll bring in the CEO of Open Doors.

Like what we're trying to pour in in a 48 to 72 hour window as much as possible. And I love it because when guys come back, because they always come back as counselors, whether it's E.J. Manuel or Mark Sanchez, or all the top guys in the country usually come back and coach them up. Like this year it was Caleb, it was Bryce Young, it was C.J.

Stroud, it was Dorian Thompson Robinson, and it was Devin Leary at NC State. They just rave about their experience that they went through, and they pour back into the group. And it's a secular community of, hey, how do we pull back into the position? How do we pull back into people? And my role is really to do that over the course of those days. But then when their careers are over, you want to be surprised, but other people want to be surprised by the amount of young men that I talk to and mentor when they walk away from the game.

Right. Those are the calls I get of like, hey, thinking about getting married. Hey, I don't know how to deal with not playing. Hey, I just got out of rehab. Hey, I just got out of a tough situation in life. Hey, I'm gonna quit my job because I want to do X, Y, and Z. And that's why I love that part of it because it says to me and our staff that at 16, we had somewhat of an impact.

That's wonderful to hear. Yogi Roth, PAC-12 Network, college football analyst and author of the new book, Five Star Quarterback. All right, before I let you go here, I'd be remiss if we didn't talk about what has transpired with the PAC-12 Conference this off season, right? UCLA and USC, of course, transitioning in two years to the Big Ten. What does that mean for the current conference, the 10 remaining teams? Where do we sit after the news yesterday that came out that the Big Ten may be not utilizing in their media rights deal ESPN and how is that going to benefit the PAC-12 in their media rights negotiations with George Klyavkov?

Yeah, good question, man. I think all of us will remember where we were in the day that news dropped. I was literally interviewing CJ Strauss, Mom Kimberly, and Bryce Young. I was on the radio.

I was on PAC-12 Network when we were doing it. Totally, you're like, holy, you know what, right? And I remember looking at my phone and I was like, oh my God, it kept blowing up. And I'm like, are my kids okay?

Is my wife okay? And then I saw like, oh man, is our conference okay? And I did like everybody. You went through the five days of anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, all those stages of grief. But then you came out of it.

And this is why I love you reference our commissioner. I'm such a fan of George Klyavkov's leadership skills and his traits and how he's not only held this thing together, but every AD and people I talk to continues to say the same line, which is we're gonna emerge. And I think we are. Now we're gonna emerge differently. We're not gonna have this market necessarily, but will we have more teams? Maybe. Will we have brands continue to grow and strengthen?

Yes. Do we still have 10 teams that I think top to bottom, and if you take out the few elite teams in the country, I think our collective 10 could go compete against anybody. I say it every single year. And you call games in this league.

There's great diversity of skiing. We still sit number three every single year in NFL draft picks. So it's not like our teams are gonna roll up and quit. And I love the unity that every school has said. Regarding the media rights, to me what's been interesting about all this is like every football analyst has become a media rights expert.

And I'm not that. I don't know what's gonna happen, but I do know that the games are gonna be on television. I hope I can do it for 20 more years and have the honor to call the games of these 10 schools and whomever else we may add or wherever that goes. But I don't know what's gonna net out. I mean, I read the same thing you read. It would seemingly see that Fox is probably out of the PAC 12 conversation. And I'd imagine ESPN is largely in the PAC 12 conversation, but I don't know, man.

I don't know how that stuff works. The thing I'm most jacked about now is going to training camps. Because I do think amid all this, all we talked about was rights deals and realignment and all this stuff that you and I have zero say in. And I just made the decision. I was like, I'm gonna double down on stories. I'm gonna kick butt this year, tell a story, celebrating the game, coaching the viewer, period. That's what I'm gonna do. Because that's where I get the most joy.

I don't like talking about this other stuff because I don't know it. I'm an expert in the game. So that's how I netted out of like, I'm gonna have a great mindset walk into the season. George will lead our rights to an amazing place. I think our schools will remain United and I think our league is gonna do really well. I love the talent this year in the league coming back. I think we have the best group of quarterbacks in the country.

I put our top six, if not even more against any other league top six quarterbacks. And there's a lot of reasons why. So yeah, man, I don't know what I'll net out, but I'm excited for the future.

Definitely not where I was when that news dropped at the end of June. Yogi Roth, everybody, Pac-12 Network, college football analyst, author of the new book, five-star quarterback. Hey, thanks for taking time this morning with me, bud. I really appreciate it. We'll see you soon. Yeah, bro, anytime. Next time it's in person. Yes, yes, yes. We'll get on that.

That's my bad. Ryan, hang on, hang on, Yogi. Stick around for a second. What's that?

Hey, Yogi, just real quick. I know that you went to Pitt and I also spent a lot of time in Oakland. Just wondering, you know, you were roommates with Larry Fitzgerald. What was what was Larry like back in the days? Like what was his mindset and his mentality when you guys were living together at Pitt? Yeah, he was all he was.

He was impressive. I mean, they put us together because they're basically like Yogi teaching the playbook so he could take your job, which is exactly what happened quite honestly, right? You know, the first full padded practice, he probably took that thing over. But but I love I love telling the story about Larry of game one of his freshman year. We could wear a suit to the game. But after the game, you got to wear a warm up jacket and kind of that thing. And the game ends and he puts his suit and tie on. And I went over to Larry and I said, hey, man, you know, that was that big brother model for him. So you don't have to wear your suit.

You can wear your warm up jacket. And he goes, no, no, no. People are going to know what I'm about from day one. And I say that and I said to high school players all the time and college players of he knew exactly what it meant to be a pro from from day one. From from, you know, not necessarily the day he got on campus. He knew before he even got to college. And that to me was such a mindset that trickled over to everything. He was always in the facility, always in the training room, always in the weight room, always in the film room, always trying to learn, always watching cut up.

I mean, that's what his craft. And I can remember to this day, the day he left early, because remember, he left after two years because he did a year at a prep school. So he was three years out of high school. And I remember going up to him and saying, why are you leaving? And I'm this naive 21 year old kid like stick around to be awesome next year. And he goes, hey, you go to college to put yourself in the best position for your future, whether you're a doctor or a lawyer or an athlete. I'm never going to get drafted higher than where I'm projected now. I feel like I'm ready.

I'm going to go. And and when he said that to me, like so many things clicked around the craft and the sport and him as a pro, you know, prior to even being a quote unquote pro. He was he was amazing. And I'll say this to this day. He still stays in touch with not only me, but so many of our teammates, everybody in the receiver room. He's he's as humble of a guy as I've met for being a first ballot Hall of Famer.

That's for sure. Yogi Roth, everybody. Pac-12 Network, College Football Annals. Thanks for joining us. We'll talk to you soon, bud.

Yeah, you got it, bro. Yogi Roth. You can get his book, Five Star Quarterback is available now for purchase via For more information on Five Star Quarterback, visit for updates and to connect with Yogi at You guys have heard me talk about, you know, people who supported me into this broadcasting world and, you know, Brady Quinn and Joel Klatt, Kirk Herbstreet, Greg McElroy, all those guys.

Let me shadow them during that year, wondering whether if I was wanted to do this, if I could be any good at it. Yogi Roth was one of those guys, too. He just he's led at Pac-12 Network. He's been there from the moment it started and has been a guiding force for that network through this process and for me. So it was great to hear him talk about some of the things that he's got to experience that book.

That's going to be a big deal for parents who are dealing with situational things when you've got an athlete such as the likes of Caleb Williams, right? And what happens then when you navigate that when you transfer college to somewhere else? Like, what is that? You don't ask to be a Five Star. Best thing that ever happened to me probably, stars didn't exist when I was getting recruited, right?

So no one knew. When I got to college, there was no expectation. I could sit for a year in red shirt and not be expected if I don't play right away to be the guy, right?

There are a ton of expectations on those guys when you have those stars next to your name coming out of high school. So I appreciate him and what he's bringing to the table. We're going to take a quick break. But when we come back, talk a little bit about what I've done this summer. Got an experience, something pretty cool that comes with a great story that involves Terrell Owens.

And I hope everybody really enjoys those stories, don't we? All right, when we come back to the Rich Eisen Show, I'm Ryan Leaf. We'll be right back. Welcome back everybody to the Rich Eisen Show. Ryan Leaf filling in for Rich alongside TJ Jefferson, Michael Del Tufo, Mr. Chris Brockman here with me. Give us a call. 844-204-RICH.

That's 844-204-7424 if you want to talk about anything that we are discussing today. Some big news out of New York. Chris Brockman, what do we got with the Jets? Yeah, bad news for the Jets. Yesterday, Makai Becton kind of went down and was limping off the field. It did not look good, but they were optimistic.

More bad news today, though. Makai Becton has suffered an avulsion fracture of the right kneecap. He's going to see a second opinion tomorrow, but he is likely out for the year.

That's the second straight year now. Makai Becton, the gigantic left tackle for the Jets. We'll have missed. And that's obviously bad news for the Jets. The bad news for Zach Wilson. How do you read this situation, Ryan? We were on NFL radio last night on Sirius XM when this news kind of broke and how they thought it might be a little worse than expected.

A guy that size, just the mass to somebody like that. Injuries are compounded, unfortunately, for a guy who's incredibly powerful. It's a huge loss. It's a huge loss. They asked me to kind of place on a hierarchy of where it is in terms of disappointment, and it's big. He was going to be a big part of shoring up that offensive line, because if he's not able to protect Zach Wilson in his second year, Zach Wilson is not going to be able to utilize all those weapons that they've placed around him now out there.

So you hope that this doesn't diminish the product much, but when you look at the size, the strength, the athleticism of a guy like that, this is going to be a difficult mountain to climb now with the process. They already had unrealistic expectations on this team, I believe. It's still the Jets.

We've talked about this before, right? Year two into the three-year ritual they have every year or every three years. New head coach, new quarterback, and boom, boom, boom. I think it was okay and certainly warranted to have some expectations this year. The second year Zach Wilson did show some promise kind of near the end.

Loaded with offensive weapons, second year Robert Sala, good defense. I think it was okay for them to think maybe we could go 7-10 or 8-9, but this is a huge loss. It is. It's a big loss.

It's a big loss. Dwayne Brown's got to be on line one, right? Yes, he was there. He was there for the white and green game the other day.

Guy started all 17 weeks last year. He's been a mainstay. He's old. He's older. He's older. Yeah. He's older, right?

He's not 46 or anything like that. I do think though if there are some general managers out there that need a guy that come in to kind of chase Daniel at this year, I could do that. You need a camp arm? Yeah, I could throw in camp and then I could be there for the entirety of the year and just be there. I don't even have to be the backup. I could be the third string guy. I could be there to help anybody along, throw during practices. Which team was it that just basically paid? Was it Josh McCown?

I believe it was Philadelphia. To be the fourth guy, to just like stay at home. You're on standby in case something happens. Yeah, I'll do that for a million dollars. I think that's a bargain, really. I mean, if my agent does a good job, maybe I'll get athletes first as my agent, you know?

And I'll get 10 times more than I probably should with the stuff. Okay. All right. Story time.

Story time with Ryan. Yes. All right, so this summer I got a call from a friend of mine to ask me to participate in something really cool, right? It was the 75th anniversary of Jackie Robinson going into the major leagues. And they were putting together a celebrity softball tournament or softball game at Jackie Robinson Stadium there at UCLA. And he asked me to be a part of it and I just thought that was incredibly cool. I got to meet Jackie's granddaughters, the foundation that puts it on, Nike, and everybody stood up to put this event on.

There were celebrities such as Lil Wayne, who was a part of it. That was pretty cool. He was on my team. Yeah. Yeah. And oh, there we are.

He was a lot shorter than I thought he was. We all got to wear Dodgers uniforms with the number 42 and Robinson on the back. It was an unbelievable night. As in anything, when it comes to competition, I go a little bit over the top, right? I have to compete at everything.

It's been a curse of mine my whole life, right? So I took this really seriously. I wanted to play every inning. And our coach, who was TJ Hoosmanzada, was like, dude, you can't play every inning. I wanted to play shortstop and I wanted to.

And I wanted to, but they did ask me to be the home run derby participant from our team. We were the white team versus the blue team. And the blue team's participant, there's one. There's a bomb right there. The blue team's participant was none other than, there we go, that's a bomb. Terrell Owens was my competition.

OK. OK. All right. Now before we get into this story around the home run derby, there is a back story to Terrell Owens, OK? So how many years ago was it again that he got inducted into the Hall of Fame? Three years ago, maybe?

Yeah, three, four, something like that. He famously did not show up to can. Right.

And this bears out the story here, OK? So I was hosting one of my whatever shows on Sirius XM or on the Rich Eisen show, who knows. But when the news broke that he was inducted and he said, I'm not going to Canton. I'm not doing it, right? You didn't vote me in as a first team all, or you didn't vote me in as first ballot Hall of Famer.

Right. You know, you've been against me from the start, all these things. There was a ton of resentment there.

And for somebody who has had a ton of resentment for many years around things and how it's disappointed me because I made wrong choices and wrong decisions, I spoke about it. I was like, Tio, don't do this, man. Please don't do this. Go show up. You will not believe what that Saturday will be like in Canton. Everybody there to celebrate you. You deserve this, right?

You deserve this opportunity for how great you were as an NFL player. Please don't do this. Well, somehow it must have gotten back to them. That I think I probably tweeted about it, too. So it was an issue.

I didn't think anything of it. You know, we do this all the time, right? We talk about stuff on the show. Well, I'm at Reggie Bush's celebrity golf tournament a couple weeks later down in Del Mar. And I'm getting my golf clubs out of my bag. Or I'm getting my golf clubs out of my trunk of my car. And all of a sudden, I see this guy sauntering over to me.

Big dude. I look up. It's Tio. And he's coming right at me.

And I'm still on parole at the time, right? I'm like, I'm going to go. Tio comes to me and Will Smiths me pretty much and says, keep my name out your mouth.

And then was just standing over to me. I'm like, I'm going to have to fight Tio in the parking lot of the Del Mar Country Club. And I'm going back to jail. I mean, I really was. I'm like, I'm not going to touch him. Hopefully, I won't get in. But I'm going back to jail because of this. Because I said that you should have went to the Hall of Fame. And I'm just looking at him.

I'm going, dude, do we have to fight each other? And he's just kind of standing there with his glasses on just huffing and puffing. And I'm like, luckily for me, he just one more time told me to keep his name out of his mouth and go away. And he did. And I hadn't thought about it much afterwards, the fact that there always was something that was a bit dramatic. But that was announced he was on the team for the opposing team.

And I remember calling the guy that invited me. I'm like, last time I saw Tio, he tried to fight me. I mean, is this a possibility?

Is this really a possibility? Because I don't need to be getting in any trouble at all, at all here. Long story short, we go in. We battle each other in the home run derby.

There's a trophy of me holding the home run derby championship trophy here. So we'll just leave it at that. Said no words. Said no words. Congratulated him on a good performance. But the quarterback.

He didn't say that. The bus beat the Hall of Famer that day. So it was a lot of fun. Story time. Story time with Ryan. All right.

When we come back. I'm on probation. I was.

I was. I'm like, I'm on parole. Like, I'm going to go back to jail.

Because I got to fight with Tio in a parking lot. That is like a TMZ dream headline. Oh, please. Oh, man. When we come back, Lance Leipold, head football coach at Kansas. I'm Ryan Lee, filling in for Rich here on the Rich Eisen Show.

We'll be right back. So could you just imagine the TMZ Sports alert? You like went out about that. I mean, it was it was like it was the Will Smith thing. He just he didn't slap me. But did he touch you at all? No, he just stood there. And I'm you know, I was probably 275.

Like, I mean, I was. How long ago was this? I missed the date.

This is right. It was three years ago. Probably three or four years ago.

Right when he got inducted. I couldn't believe it was happening. You were bigger back then.

I was bigger, but I wasn't healthier or fitter. Like like if we had to get into a three round, a three round fight, I was I wasn't last in 20 seconds. Right. Always shredded no matter. Yeah. No matter what.

24 7, 365. I have no misconceptions. I get my my tail whooped. Don't get me wrong. Right. Yeah. But still, it's it's a fight.

And I'm the one who's on parole. So it's not good for you. It's not good for me. That would have been bad. You know, I had to walk away from a ton of confrontations with people over the last seven years because I'm like, I'm not I'm not going back.

Because someone's always going to want to test. By the way, right. Your swing. You look like you'd give us a couple of games. Yeah, I mean, I like it. I mean, the kid with the batting cage a couple of days before just to make sure to get back into it.

My little four and a half year olds hitting soft, slow pitch softball hit with a bat and knocking it around. I'm like, oh, OK. Because he's four and he's six three. We've already established that. Yeah, Teo fought Hugh Douglas in the Eagles locker room. Hugh Douglas.

Wow. Before a game, right? Who won that? And I have not been in many fights. Like early on, there was a kid back home that we used to play sports with down the block. He was the only kid I think I could beat up. I knew I could beat up. So that's the only guy I ever ever got in a fight with. Like everybody else, I knew I would get beat up.

So I just I didn't I refrained. Right. And then when I was in college, I just had all my old linemen. So I poke the bear and then I just kind of run back and let my old linemen deal with it.

Right. So yeah, it was it was an interesting story. So I was just I was just worried. I'm like, is he going to try to fight me again? You know, should I be prepared for that? Should I play in this game?

Should I put myself in this situation? But no, he's matured. He acknowledged you at the home run derby? No, he did not acknowledge me once. OK. One time he popped one up and I was playing catcher and I went to catch it. And he ran right at me like three feet away, almost ran into me when I was catching the ball. It was very dangerous. With the bat?

Well, he was the bat in his hand, but he's running right by me, you know, like trying to spook me to not catch the ball, right? You know, shocking, shocking revelations here. Shocking, not shocking. All right, we'll be back here on The Rich Show with Lance Leipold, Kansas football coach. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson, too. All-time Hogan opponents, Macho Man's got to be in the conversation. Where's Andre for you? I've always said Andre was number one. Wow. Because even going back before Hulk Hogan was a baby face, Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan. Wherever they went, that was an attraction. Something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.
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