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REShow: Tyler Dunne/Rex Hoggard - Hour 3

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August 10, 2022 3:28 pm

REShow: Tyler Dunne/Rex Hoggard - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 10, 2022 3:28 pm

‘Go Long’ NFL writer Tyler Dunne tells guest host Ryan Leaf why the Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen won’t see a drop off despite losing Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll to the New York Giants, why the Bengals are poised for another successful season, that the Jets are trending upwards despite the season-ending injury to OT Mekhi Becton, and if the Miami Dolphins can reach the playoffs under rookie head coach Mike McDaniel and newly-acquired All-Pro WR Tyreek Hill. 

Golf Channel Host & Senior Writer Rex Hoggard tells Ryan how LIV golfers suing the PGA Tour made it personal for players who haven’t defected to the upstart Saudi-backed league and if Open Championship winner Cameron Smith will also make a jump to join the LIV Tour after the Fed Ex Cup Playoffs.

Ryan and the guys debate if NFL teams’ investments in big wide receiver contracts, like Deebo Samuel’s and Tyreek Hill’s, will pay off in wins this season.

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It helps protect your skin trite dub men plus care draws break goes on dry cleaning fee all day storytime is that which I shall when the news broke that he was inducted and he said I'm not going to do this man somehow must've gotten back to them still on parole when the time shall consummate my name out you like to go in the parking lot earlier on a shout around Mary Senior writer Rich Eisen so rightly fear filling in for Rich alongside TJ Jefferson, Michael built and Mr. Chris Brockman Ryan, mother of case Brockman does this fall is galore as we talk about the monster that is godly monster in case Brockman I can mean the names Cajun guy remedies know run the world, bruises biting people. I love it all right by letting a lot of people were Bill's fans last year. Watch how the last 13 seconds of the game went would like to bite somebody next year on the line. A good friend of mine go long founder and goal on check out Mr. Tyler done how we doing Thai house things going with your boy you better not I'm good I'm good good time here.

I get to get to sit in this chair for a few days and especially during a time when football is is is on the on the run here on the rise. One of the bigger questions I had about this Buffalo Bills team and I know you cover all the NFL, but in particular with the bills, how it was addressed a year ago right. I mean I think people him in hot around the decision-making by the coaching staff and it really showed the pressure and stress they were under in that moment in some decision-making that went into it to lose that game to how they were going to address it. How have they addressed it inside that locker because I really haven't talked about it publicly, but it had to be addressed at some point, otherwise there would be in just this limbo heading this next season now and remain on you and I think you really look at it number one.

I think that band that the hard-working people here at Western New York deserved type of explanation for one of the biggest meltdown three dominant.

The media were always turn to know what down but the third group that the player felt the coaches and felt the more you got the Buffalo Bill currently 48 hours after that game and in talking layers and coaches and people in and around again really know Don were talking starters backup coaches surprise then that the fuses ended abruptly and looked part of it is the way in and out, and you're not going all reconvene in the film room the next day and then break down you know what went right, what went wrong to clean up your locker and your out of their but it was really strange. I met that's kind of where they kept coming up. It was weird arrangement with that kind of ended and people did, what about their merry way in your stomach permit he stuck to his line he stuck to execution, but that but again he stuck to execution at his final press conference and just kind of chose not really get in any detail that kind of par for the course for him as that goes. So that prerogative. I mean you played in the NFL. Ryan and I you cover the league and cover the gamut you hear that work usually means player error if the coaches put in the players that they think they were able to execute but I get broad enough the gate by not really explain what happened. It's it's been interesting and I was I didn't really see how they responded handle it surely Looks like it's going full full go Josh Allen everybody's ivory seems healthy and energized. They are I think the reigning favorite in Las Vegas to win the Super Bowl this year. They are one of my favorites. One of the bigger questions what is a team look like post-Brian table right he moves on to the New York Jets.

The best thing I think that I thought they did as a state in-house rightly Ken Dorsey gets elevated to office. According he's been Josh Allen's quarterback coach for the last few years. He is going to make the offenses own, but I think that's probably a really good sign for Bill's fans out there that you see a lot of the same exciting offense with the bills with Ken Dorsey at the helm of their hope and keep a lot of basically all the same terminology in the same plan of attack on moving again.

Dorothy and I mean you got an MVP front runner in Josh Allen part of the frustration right now that last you met you at quarterback who was just feeling it. I mean, I don't really know what he what defense what scheme would've stopped. Josh Allen left the way he was playing so you hope you pick up where he left off and Isaiah McKenzie in the plot is the place usual you'd always been marinated. Haven't really used them so he stepped into that role. The copiously claim. According gate data is a rising star that they could become a full-fledged are very very few if I didn't always get to demand attention private you know there was some friction between McDermott and Dave all pretty in the last season on how much to run the ball that balance between running past the what happens this year you know what Ken Dorsey does he try to get into wanting to run the ball more and have a little more balance or what we I think you should do when you have Josh Allen you keep your collective landing at that N you just let him do his thing running the ball, throwing the ball in and go that route.

So nothing really matters right now for the bill in August. Nothing matters in September October November I mean this is a team that is a major Super Bowl or pasta molding. I mean, I know that freedom was left on the bills team with similar bus mode and it was. I don't mean my friends are probably to three years old now was Jim Kelly's run was Thomas's run when they were going for consecutive super really ramming that was that was the place. What you think you think that inside that facility they like. They like because of how people are perceiving them to be. This should they like that or is this something that this team having that moniker on them as Super Bowl or bust, you know may not be able to handle pressure. Knowing that there were the psychology of the team get going because I think they got to the point. I really think that underdog role. I mean you're talking 17 years about making the playoffs for Super Bowl losses before that you sprinkle in a little music city miracle you sprinkle in a little Rob Johnson Doug Flutie quarterback controversy it.

It's been taking dark.

After Dr. Shah McDermott comes in and they fumigate the building. They put in their culture, their way of doing things. Everything is so detail oriented, where down with PDF May 17, let alone October November site. All that stuff is good, but your younger dog anymore of your favorite you got the target on your back, you got the favorite. You have all these weapons you find Don Miller. It is getting left in the symbol properly is a disappointment in a loaded AFD.

I think O'Hanlon well you know even the last season ended so abruptly and had coach really didn't take accountability in the moment privately or publicly. I think that it every year genuinely is a new year. They lost some players. They added some players and it does seem like he in a really good at overall and and you could be really good :-) when you have the quarterback you do to make a lot of problems. Log calendars out there will favorite absolutely around the NFL right since I was talking about the AFC North and and how interesting it is. Especially with the John Watson news it's can come down a few days in Cleveland, but no Cincinnati for for the Nazis were they played in the Super Bowl and really couple plays away from possibly being champions. There really hasn't been much talked about this thing will see when I and I feel like that's a good thing when it's kinda quiet and geysers going about their business when big splashes are made, and I think people may be trying too hard. What what's been your take away from this Bengals team and what the offense of the off-season is presented for them heading into your 300 Oberle only agreement you done for me that were not talking about the team quarterback morning.

Probably a lot of it affected your borough had the appendectomy and part of it is history. The last three decades I believe are close to three decades. Only one Super Bowl loser was able to get back to the game the next year and that was the patriots with Tom Brady so you just don't see the Super Bowl hangover is a very, very real thing, but I think is different here because this is a team that didn't expect anything last year. I mean they didn't error everything and play for nothing as Super Bowl that there'd open irrelevant in their kinda fine and players right leg like Mike Hylton and Eli Apple and open for the best and never turns out your borough star every young quarterback seems to be skittish and unsure of themselves and afraid to get it and not really sure how to process and even looked over from day one processing like you been in the league for a decade. Though you have that you have the report to March 8. I mean that they're making plays out there like a couple of veterans got a 49ers playwright were to March 8 is running run in one direction and the end zone backline and pulling the other direction and give people know that pilot back up is a rare thing that this is a team that get back to the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl because they got all the ingredients on the line under the radar and that's a gnarly secondary management time at the UPS last week that he and out of any defense in the AFC. I think that group is is most equipped you have a puncher's chance and in the shootout. The news around McKay Becton couple days ago I think is is is been more devastating than III would've assumed that they thought that he was going to be a big part of that anchored offense of line for Zach Wilson in year two. How do you think they address that issue and and move for the season. Below I mean what what enough Becton to go from being out of shape and boy he caught a lot of flak, a lot of criticism, a lot of it justified in getting himself to a really good spot for training camp and what was really buck about the kind of player that I think Robert follow like that.

That's exactly what you looking for right to turn that franchise around it.

Here's a guy with chronic talent big lineman you want to run behind.

You want to protect her quarterback and he turned around he buys and what you're building that and then this happened but it is heartbreaking for him and if a huge blow to the team. Big picture though.

I think the chapter heading in the right direction. Again, I don't think he met the leg of the clay African symbols anytime soon but you just Robert follow talk at the present time but yet out of that injury and you can see why guys want to play format.

It's real, it's authentic.

It is passionate not speak no he's not standing there and just read, not a Teleprompter like so many had go to do so robotic that it you could just see the passion out of the sky and and if that matters any football is played on a spreadsheet. It's an emotional game and you got it somehow squeeze every ounce of potential and maximize the potential are your guys I Robert so I didn't Or later you can do it there with the jet because Joe Duckworth also had himself one helluva trap you did it went on for starters Draft agenda going the right direction. Alright, so Tyler done a long sounder tension that go along Join us now NFL writer right so we all know who the probable favorites are what people are thinking so that Sarah team, all the Cincinnati Bengals who don't make the playoffs start and close the year before their team out there this year that you've watched and seen the improvement with get to a place where they could surprise be a playoff contender come playoff time right we shouldn't take the hook line and sinker because we done it before I know it the Miami Dolphins if they go out and they pay or my wallet. They paid a Dominican to let go back to Dante Culpepper event. Overtired basically and then I laugh your butt day one playoff game. Since then it's been it's been a long long time. It ain't been no state income tax. The weather that the opportunities down there to track a lot of free agent but me a lot of really good players of gone there and it hasn't worked out. I think it's okay to take the bait. I really do.

I think that there is a formula there for the Dolphins between a coach or play caller Mike McDaniel who is brilliant. I mean, you get a scheme up all of this talent, all of the speed in ways that we can't even imagine. I mean you have the two fastest players the end I felt. I refill when he most are like literally the fastest NexGen that and say said who is unbelievably dynamic with Arizona last year reported ankle injury and feeling laudable all he did was go for 100,000 yards as a rookie in an improved all but the final term that been hurt, but if you out there making the best hackle in the game. Connor Williams help in working with the quarterback.

I get it does question is about to a tongue of aoli right rightfully so, but he wasn't basically the worst possible situation before. These are basically the best possible situation now. I think that Miami absolutely could supply a lot of people to season and get in the class may be doing well while cited to see excited to see how this all plays out in your Dalton Sandy got lost here what Tyler done has to say Tyler a thanks for taking the time today is always good to talk to. Can't wait to do it again appreciate your time.

Any daytime ride to think about and in love.

Checking out on the shelf right Tyler done everybody go along check out what he has to say.

I can't wait to dive in the battle but later guys Miami Dolphins right it's the team in the AFC East against your patriots.

Are they the team is leapfrogged them this year or or all three teams can be revived for the AFC is brutal. The four teams in the West before teams in the North.

The three teams in the east of the real talk about it.

That is just not enough. It's 11 teams for seven spots right in and also if the cell has ascended Division I right so really there's there's not biases south at the one seed last year. I know and they're not even what I'm talking about all the culture and when the division exam at Ryan in the jack-o'-lanterns awesome and Jonathan Taylor and Michael Pittman in the everyone loves Frank Reich talking with the Titans dear Henry is back people I think the thing were not talking about most is the player maybe in the center. Fellows made the greatest just turn around expressing for his first I was publicly perceived as Zach Wilson. I mean, like, yeah, I think he might have reached the point where he's ready to leave the jets to you know some great things Ryan saw site on just and certainly hope the guy who sits in his chair normally really helps that right and I always come back and dive into the PGA Tour and the live tours ongoing feud. I have a few interesting comments about that with the Rex Hoggard from golf He joins us next here on the rich Isa show will be right back back everybody to the rich Isa show Ryan leaf your filament for rich our next guest is a writer for golf or speak about the PGA Tour. The FedEx cup playoffs is taking the PGA Tour's very best just to get to this point. Now it'll take more everything they've got to win the ultimate prize. The FedEx cup playoffs begins with the FedEx St. Jude championship Saturday 3 PM Eastern on NBC and peacock like this at our next guest rights for the golf and is here to talk about all things that ask playoffs as well as the live tour in the ongoing peace now with the future let's welcome the show Mr. Rex Hoggard from golf welcome to show Rex I don't I'm good with Hermia you bet.

Alright so of course the big news surrounding the live tour was the was the injunction that three players were looking for, so they could play in this year's FedEx club FedEx playoffs yesterday.

The ruling came down.

That said, no go.

Can you fill us in a little bit more on that info and why you think the judge ruled in the way. The judge ruled the lottery are so boring and try to get legal where you can get lost in the minutia and the weed to our hearing yesterday and I was in the courthouse in San Jose and I was riveted. I mean, I'm a bit of a nerd. I will own that but it was really fascinating conversation because it essentially had taken everything that we had read in all of the filing a lawsuit countersuit and everything and put it on a state.

Put emotion behind the words and I thought that the judge did a very good job of taking a complicated issue and keeping it simple: not if you agree with the ruling are not. I think what she looked at in this particular case, it is always going to be the standard when you're trying to get a temporary restraining order is harm.

Can you prove that the harm of these players were allowed to play an event and based on the content public wasn't, but the judge orders were that the players signed would lift off. They were unable to perform. Yeah, I mean that was the biggest take away that I got to set the amount of money that that was being paid showcase said then missing these tournaments was not affected negatively.

This is really interest me. Now I understand fully the backing of how this started. Of course you know it's backed by Saudi money and that's the understanding.

In a lot of ways people choose to look at it that way. I'm all for it but I II had a tough time rationalizing why the PGA Tour has become so resentful of it right.

I mean, I know they feel like they're being habits of their best players plucked away because of things like that but it it's it's I haven't quite understood why the PGA Tour's guidance. Their feathers ruffled so much around another competing golf to work right. Something that just it has never existed outside of the PGA Tour and four different optional guys have a chance. McCormick why is it been so controversial. Has it been because of whose backed it in terms of that or is it simply been because some players were willing to do it or and and have been open and honest about how they feel about it from behind him 100 tour has tried to make it a more conversational argument and that working comfortable and haven't worked in other you like about individual we all know Saudi Arabia and you can make your own choices about what blood money is short washing or anything on that goes into that.

I think the real emotion come from the idea that that's an irrational threat, Commissioner Jay Monahan talked about a few weeks ago.

He said Pointblank very bluntly that if this is a battle that only being public dollar bills. The tour cannot compete, which is astonishing. The torch assigned very, very lucrative new TV deals with all of the art, and for him to sit there and say, and yet earning enough money to compete. I think that's what emotion comes when you realize that you're up against an opponent who can do things that you cannot just turns into a bidding war for the tour is going to lose. Now say on the side that by and large that the players Posada have been pretty understanding when Leaving you now affecting most players that you know what animism we wish you wouldn't do it but you can make his own choices.

It became very, very personal when this lawsuit was filed and I think you saw a lot of players remaining loyal to the PGA Tour Summit pushed back suddenly it wasn't for this abstract. They were suing the tour they were suing all of the members and back Atlanta heart. Yeah I can understand that one of the things I had trouble with specifically. Some of the people who spoke out and because there hit such huge names. They got a lot of news right here Roy McElroy a time and we hear Tiger Woods talk about link they can't understand why someone would leave the tour that gave them everything to go somewhere else.

I don't know if those two are the best to make the argument simply because both of those individuals have the generational wealth that is being presented to the likes of Dustin Johnson and Pat Perez and others that that that there stepping towards.

I don't know if those guys were the right voices. Even though people wanted to hear from because of that aspect of things that where we heard talking report that hardwood was offered half $1 billion and $700 million. Whatever number you choose to believe, which is an astronomical figure how to document like what you're going to general generational wealth is there that you can say the same thing for Rory JT and Jordan speak to a certain example. On the flipside of that that I have argued I should an interview with a clear name Richard Bland is an Englishman, 49 years old and it was earlier this year and Texas and I asked him why and he explained very well that he 49 years old and in his career he had made 2.5 me about asked me to do the math like I had been clean for 25 to the map and on what I've made over the course of my career.

Of course I'm going to take this opportunity.

That's why said when this was an abstract threat for the players.

I think I am launch most of them understood without money and this was about whatever individual challenges you have. You had to take care your family after paid mortgage. Whatever the case may be, really didn't become personal until last, because in the this writer got left and I can imagine quite sure what it means but it had to take it easy to don't believe that the players suddenly have a hard time with them. Not going to generate it with us here on the Mercedes-Benz dance phone line wrecks so I sobered from golf senior writer. Yesterday there were some rumors and some talking it has been going on for a while around cam Smith right the British Open champion and the possibility of him moving on to the tour as well. After the PGA FedEx playoffs. What are you hearing about that and is there is there are smokers or fire type scenario with this I mean I think the rumors have been pretty rampant and what went off and gone and they been just sort of letting the player bleed out one by one by one extra paper Manager continued to detect shots of the torque week in and week out even in the middle of the player in this particular case management has been rumored to be going to live. Got 41 championship so I don't think there's any surprise there. I get the only thing that I can say escalated yesterday and probably little bit of pain handers after one in instead of doing things that the other players which they did admit they were going to live golf at all. Keep drank like they had the talking point down.

I want to compete against the best players in the world map.

Do what's best for my family. That was all code for yes I'm going to live golf instead transmitted draw much harder line and I don't understand. I understand your point of playoffs when when the clay out anybody got from that you need to be a little bit more forthright. A lot of people on how transparency is is a sickle thing within individuals were making a decision that seems very controversial and has a lot of people.

All right, let's get into the real deal than the FedEx playoffs start this weekin treating PGA Tour season, you know, we had to the final three where where we are right now. Scotty Scheffler still at the top of the list where where where we looking as we come down the stretch. 20 feet now after a couple backed up with the back to back when, a few weeks ago where we are now with the with the class rampant up, I took the redeye from the court hearing was yesterday cemented kind of started, try to get back into golf you live. God had been continuing all the things you pointed out your claim last night that it's been a really cool heat where Scotty Scheffler has had a career year came up and it certainly had a career year, the one that really stand out to me and I wish I got noontime court press conference with Rory coming off what had to be a heartbreaking at the open championship.

Although I don't know how he really went away from that is. I thought that a few weeks ago that said, in the six players that made the cut off for major championships this year.

Rory is at the top and he got a total of 29 underpar. The next closest we can Smith at 2100 Park by any definition. Rory has had an unbelievable successful season, and yet I think still in his heart of hearts he thinking he still has something to proving he's one FedEx cup, he knows how to do this, so I would keep my eye on him and certainly can Smith things motivated for a lot of looking forward to exciting times. The switch and change in the order of the majors right moving the PGA championship up it ends the season of golf in terms of majors earlier than than than what were you stew and I know this happened over the last few years, but his is the FedEx cup trying to become that that that major that that that ultimately gets people excited and back at it later in the year since they made those types of moves from door. I think when you moved earlier and he didn't and dump a lot of the reason primarily to try to get out of the shadows at football rose over every sort, so there's no reason for God to try to compete with you not going when you win that battle in this particular case know that there ever going to consider majors.

Although I would make the argument that a FedEx cup championship beyond the money when I get $18 million. Beyond the money had started to reach a level of prestige. That's not major like the next level down and I would also argue that if you look at how to playoffs sort of evolved over the years of use before then the points were different related to the torque antiship with different and I don't know they have the formula right like I'm not smart enough to figure out the math on that but I would argue that it gets people to pay attention to call our best players are playing during the time of year when nature to traditionally have not been playing an airplane for significant pride.

I think that the wind's neck soldered everybody golf senior writer join us.

Thanks for taking the time wrecks really appreciate the info. Think I'm that soldered everybody golf senior writer I so you know Chris Brockman, your golfer TJ you become a golfer apparently right golf now TJ golf right he put a par three was a par three course two weeks ago who sent me. My son played got busy work so hearing this from Rex around. I mean, what is been your guises thought process around the live tour right I don't I understand it socks right using the winter sucks that because of why everything that we've talked about is this the sport washing over the terrible country in a terrible regime was just trying to be like throw money at the problem and use the reputations of all these golfers a soccer players the Formula One teams to make everyone forget about the terrible things that they've done it.

It's it's it's terrible. Too bad, but if I was in one of these young kids shoes and somebody offered me a ton of money to go do something would be really hard to say no though at the same token, because where else are you going to make that kind of a life-changing money is an integrity concept to it right.

What are you willing to do. But the problem is if we look at anything you can point your finger to sign back shall say anything here in the PGA Tour and other sponsors where it starts and there's if you did a deep dive into something you can find things that aren't necessarily kosher and Elvis and Abby are doing deep deep dive right you have to deep dive there's an all elderly die. That has to be done.

This is flat-out severe and Phil Mickelson said the quiet thing out loud right that are reporting what set him on the spiral and and where he's at right now right. Those are the things the atrocities civil rights violations. The murder all of those things that play into it and then you have Greg Norman at the helm of it and I don't know if there's a bigger narcissist. Then Greg Norman all the psyche really really believes that he is wrong in every aspect of everything and this is his way of of of no lifting the game of golf upcoming. There is a self-importance to it that makes us an even bigger issue to I don't if the if the PGA Tour were more I think they may be afraid to go after them in terms of the hierarchy are the take the high road about what the live tour is because maybe they are some some things in their closet.

They don't want to deeper look at. I don't know, but the way they've gone about it seemed very petulant like a child and in the resentment because to Rex's point and I hadn't heard this yet is that there is a real fear, rightly the amount of money that exists around PGA Tour golf for him to make that statement like we cannot compete with a group that just prints her own money and throws it around like this and that's astonishing. I have not consumed the live tour yet has any of you consumed it. I it's very been very delighted to a little bit of the first event just because I was curious that I had do a search to find and I ended up going there YouTube page was a lot of people watching maybe 60 70,000 people, but he is clunky the team concept of the logos. It's weird that the shotgun start and all the stuff it's this, the sky amateur hour. This and it will be interesting to see how carries on.

If they're able just to buy their way out of all this will see the PGA Tour is on alert, but this weekend it's good to be the focal point again the PGA Tour this week in the FedEx playoffs.

Alice go.

It's taken the PGA Tour's very best just to get to this point. Now will take more everything you've got to win the ultimate prize. The FedEx cup playoffs begins with the FedEx St. Jude championship Saturday three Eastern on NBC and peacock are I will become back will put a bow on this show. Talk a little more football on our way out there listening to the rich eyes and show I'm Riley thought of ritual bareback are everybody. Welcome back to the rich eyes and show Ryan leaf here filling in for rich eyes alongside TJ Jefferson's info Chris Brockman show with a big show. Dave Aranda joined us. Talk Baylor football Mary Kay Cabot from the Cleveland plain dealer also talking about all thing Cleveland Tyler done from the goal long podcast and go long joined us to talk all things NFL and then just rediscover the phone with Rex Hubbard who is a golf writer about the live tour and everything that went into this week's decision was your biggest take away from the show today guys line was mine was hearing some of the stuff from Ty especially around the Miami Dolphins right.

I think that this is a big question we asked Andrew Brandt yesterday around the bags of cash that these wide receivers are getting in the allocation of salary Percentage to them. There hasn't been a definitive Super Bowl champion to have a wide receiver number one take up so much This would be a first lease since 2014 I believe is when the data shows is what Tyree kill got is what Miami did to further their team to improve their team going to be the answer in the AFC East this year or they just simply playing second fiddle to Buffalo and then fighting with New England on whether or not they're gonna be a wildcard team at the end. I don't know okay so I'm looking at the disco track right now for wide receivers right average per year. How many of these teams that have these receivers have a chance to win the Super Bowl, you would put them as favorites right Tyree kill is number one at $30 million per year dolphin Super Bowl contender yesterday day.

Oakland Raiders Devante Adams the second 28 million per year. Raters yay or nay I think that a shot this or Arizona Cardinals DeAndre Hopkins the 27.25 million per year. Well, if you look at what the first half the season look like last year were there, the last undefeated team right he suspended for the first six games of the season know they're not Super Bowl contender at Cooper cup is next. The 20 everything in consideration that the Super Bowl is in Arizona last year's MMA gun is right you are getting a quarterback to come in two that's that's part of the equation that I need a quarterback to call me okay with it. We never took that to consider a variable is algorithm around fourth up is Cooper cup 26.7. I think we all think the Ramser Super Bowl contender definitely fits his AG Brown 25 million. Even per year about the Eagle Super Bowl contenders know not. Not after what ice not after I consume you back the playoffs but I mean they dated they were just outclassed and outplayed and that left him yet staff is now did they learn some to jail and hurts take something from that. I don't want to just throw them out and say they're not a contender. I think we much anything that made the playoffs a year ago. They really imprison AT&T should be considered a playoff contender right so our Super Bowl contender on if you think the Cincinnati Bengals and no one even thought of.

Yeah FL is a mama so yeah, say Philly has it has a shot.

They have the pedigree they wanted championship before you know will see but I just don't know if allocating this much money to a wide receiver number one now where is Dino Samuel L fit in warehouses, or any attempt to find digs is next to 24 million. Obviously we love the bills run here DK Metcalf's new deal is next to 24 million II don't think any of us think Seattle's to be there this year and then depot Samuel at 23.85 million you think the 49ers are Super Bowl contenders. Why think you know when we went to our little exercise yesterday around would your team be better off right now.

What you McGraw below Ryan quarterback. It wasn't. We were not taking into consideration whether or not on my iMac. Unlike in San Francisco I think right now I think it's I think Jimmy Rob will give you better chance but people were up in arms about what we gotta let the kid place. We can see us and let's not that wasn't part of the experiment experiment was without anything salary-cap without try to get the kids experience to get better like Trevor Lawrence Jackson like if you could swap Jimmy Rob Lowe into his position right now anywhere else for this season. This season alone, not not negating the further progress of some player and things like that you know Jimmy ruffles a good fit in those places. I don't know what Semitism will look like with freelance. I want to believe the decision they made to go move up so far 23 draft M cinema last year with all the things out that that were set about doing that. I would like to think that they're going to be a better team ostensibly and be might be more diverse which they were pretty diverse a year ago with what they did with the bone. The different things I did in the running game that that I would think they would be a better team. We just don't know that right we don't we don't know. They knew that out of all the receivers overpaid this off-season. I would argue depot.

Samuel was the most understanding of that being done because of what he offers the San Francisco 49ers and what he showcase last year. I'm going off AG Brown did a year ago to grab that kind of bag. Wow. Well done. We know what Tyree kill can do clearly, we want to play out in real time, you will pay the got $30 million a year, you better do better ball out like I mean, he may walk back to the locker map was like I got that bag you know I'm doing what I did what I can do.

You know, I don't know if it's you know I don't have the same quarterback that I had in in Tanzania has a choice I made.

That was a sacrifice I made to get the money that I needed to get right will see see if that's the case I think this can be an incredible credible season for us to decipher whether or not the likes of the Green Bay Packers, the likes of the cancer. The Chiefs who said we and the Tennessee Titans.

We are not going to die on this hill were going to let the wide receiver position co-in's supplanted with the draft sky more in Kansas City Trl. in Berks in Tennessee and Christian Watson in our scene. Romeo Dobbs or be the guys that are not to make a difference. So I meet will learn a lot this year in terms of where it goes with the salary-cap allocation because I haven't seen it pay off in a Super Bowl Super Bowl champion.

Maybe it does. This year, maybe that will be the new way the new marketplace for this progressing game in the NFL with a throw the ball and throw the ball and throw the ball little news in the Tampa Bay as we saw a Russell Gage right came up blame and will find out more about that but also another setback on the offense of line right in front Tom Brady.

Another center Robert Hensley Ainslie goes down right second-year player who recently replaced center Ryan Jensen was corrupt.

The field topples that he doesn't have an update.

Yes I do have another I do have an MRI that got you around here. That was early this morning little bit more recently just it was a bad cramp situation, not a leg injury say doing the heat down in South Florida. Robert Haynes. He just deal with cramps. Thankfully, thankfully, everybody's gotta be so thankful for that right is where the where they go after that I helped out. Yeah that would been really bad news of Tom Brady and company Tom Brady is an exceptional job of getting the ball out to figure that out along the way and understands them and talk about yesterday watching the. The tuck rule. The snow game when everyone call it on the on ESPN plus Saturday. I secure Tom Brady talk about how I just held on the ball to all, I am just I just can't do that you can put your office alignment position.

Gotta get rid of the football and he does a really good job that so if there's anybody that can mask a depletion and offense of line it it's it's Tom Brady because he just knows where the ball is going to go. Peyton Manning was just give that to him and God knew where to get rid of the ball. If there was any sort of pressure or anything that will make it better for him to get the ball out of his hand. The faster got out the better. He was for the team later down the line so those are a couple injuries that we heard about the Lamar Jackson conversation will keep on going right where does he land in terms of a contract.

He can't honestly play on this year's contract. Maybe you can write 20+ million dollars, much more than he's made up to this point in his career as a quarterback and maybe bets on himself that he goes out and place plays great and sets himself up for huge extension or puts in a position for the ravens over the next two years to two happen in the in the way that he plays for two years in a franchise tag read and outgoing wrong.

The franchise tag is going to be extensive right once what's the average next year of the top five NFL quarterbacks can probably be near the mid-40s low 40s. Maybe yeah now it's a high 30s, mostly all right right so two seasons of maybe 38 and $39 million if he were to to I mean if you're the ravens and you're looking at a Issue right pain in 20+ some this year the maybe two years of franchise taking 3839 and you say you you say you have Lamar Jackson, former MVP three years out on that on average around $30 million that that may $32 million that made look like a win for them in their books right. I wouldn't do that if I was Lamar why I don't like it and I don't know if he is a choice in the matter right maybe the offer because it hasn't gone out isn't what Lamar wants that he's willing to go play through this process I I'm with you. Like her cousin Stiles of God. There was a Russell Wilson to once was thinkers cousin do it. As I looked out for those guys working for cousins so you know we'll see. We'll see what tomorrow when we get back will have a great show once again for you will dive more into the NFL and another division it's been a great meeting with you today everything out there on the radio. Westwood One will see tomorrow. Here the rich Isa show for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson to all Tom Hogan upon as much of Ms. Natalie in a conversation where is Andre free motion on there was number one because not even going back before you know Holcombe was a baby face Holt and Andres were able to go in headline that the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went. That was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts

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