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REShow: Rick Stroud/Mike Norvell - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 11, 2022 3:11 pm

REShow: Rick Stroud/Mike Norvell - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 11, 2022 3:11 pm

Tampa Bay Times Bucs Insider Rick Stroud tells guest host Ryan Leaf why even he’s baffled by Tom Brady’s mysterious absence from Buccaneers’ training camp and if it could be a harbinger of something bigger to come for TB12, what Tampa’s expectations are for the 2022 season under new head coach Todd Bowles, and why the new-look Miami Dolphins will be “a problem” for the teams on their schedule this year.

Florida State Head Football Coach Mike Norvell and Ryan discuss the challenges of bringing a winning tradition back to the Seminoles after some down years following the Bobby Bowden era and more.  

Ryan and the guys react to reports that the Cleveland Browns will pursue Jimmy Garoppolo if Deshaun Watson’s suspension is extended and offer up a solution for Kyle Shanahan in his beef with the NFL who won’t let him choose which hats he can wear during games this season.

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That's 877-ASK-DELL to save up to 48% on our latest technology. Earlier on the show, host of the Fantasy Footballers Podcast, Andy Holloway. Two-time Super Bowl Champion, Max Starks. Coming up, Tampa Bay Times Bucks Beat Writer, Rick Stroud.

Plus, Florida State Head Coach, Mike Norvell. And now, sitting in for Rich, it's Ryan Leaf. Welcome back everybody to the Rich Eisen Show. Ryan Leaf here filling in for Rich. Alongside TJ Jefferson, Michael Del Tufo, and Chris Brockman.

We opened the show with this news. Todd Bowles talked earlier today about the Tom Brady situation, and this is what he had to say. Yeah, Tom has been excused today. He will be taken anywhere. He'll be back sometime around after Tennessee.

He's going to deal with some personal things. This is something we talked about before training camp started. We allotted this time, because he wanted to get in and get chemistry with the guys, and go through two weeks of training camp, knowing he wasn't going to play the first two games.

He didn't want to take away reps from Blaine and Kyle, as well as Griff, as far as going into these next two games, and it's something he needs to handle. We trust him. We talked about it.

It was scheduled way before training camp, and he will not be here until after Tennessee. A clarification, like you were saying, a pretty high level of confidence. What is there any doubt in mind? There's no doubt. Obviously, there's always going to be doubt, but I have a pretty high level of confidence, yes. Hearing it in context now seems like he's pretty confident that this isn't something that... The quotes in black and white made it look a little more, what's going to happen here?

Nothing's definite, but I feel pretty confident that he is. Let's talk about it a little more. Let's bring in Rick Stroud from the Tampa Bay Times to talk all about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and what went down this morning. Welcome to the show, Rick. How are you doing? Hey, Ryan. I'm doing well. How are you?

Good to talk to you. You've been around the team, of course. Tom has taken some time for some personal reasons a little earlier in camp. This is something that the team knew about, or at least seemingly is telling everybody that they knew about. It seems like business as usual after the little press conference today.

Ryan, you're way more confident than I am in all of this because I live in a world of the sky is falling. All I know is for the last six months, somebody has retired or unretired about every 20 days or 40 days, it seems. I don't know what to make of it.

The thing is, what's unusual about it for me is they had a chance to get out in front of this. Last week was his birthday. He's now missed three of the last six practices. Last week they told us they had a day off and he didn't work his birthday. Then he was off for personal reasons after that. They had every opportunity to say, look, he's going to be missing some time.

He's going to practice a few days next week. Then he's going to be gone until after Tennessee. They didn't do that.

I don't know why they didn't choose to do it. It seems like a natural time to let everybody know about this thing that had been planned before training camp. All I know is I was real fond of his first retirement letter when he said that he only knows one way, and that's to commit 100 percent.

We know that Tom is one of the most committed guys. Hell, he's played 23 years. You don't get to do that unless he's crazy committed to everything, from his diet to practice to film study and all of that.

Now you have a situation this year where, take a couple weeks off, we'll see after Tennessee. It just doesn't wash with what we're being told, but by the same token, maybe this was one of the conditions of him playing. He talked about work-life balance. He talked about how difficult it was. His kids are older. Certainly his wife has done the large part of parenting.

He's got one son in New York with Bridget Moynihan that he sees not all the time. Perhaps this is something that they had discussed, at least for training camp. I'm as curious as probably you are right now. We're speaking with Rick Stroud here on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line, Tampa Bay Times writer.

That was kind of going to be my next question. The speculation you're talking about, Rabbit, are rumors flying around or things like that of what these personal reasons may be? To your point, if it is in the contract or if it's something they did discuss, why not divulge that stuff and let people understand that this is going to be a common experience and part of what Tom Brady being the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is this year?

That's what I don't know. If it was something planned, the word personal means something you probably don't want to disclose. But if it was something that they had agreed upon and they knew was going to occur, again, I don't know why you wouldn't get in front of it, but there is that element of it's nobody's business. I suppose that he, like everyone else, is entitled to a certain amount of privacy, and unfortunately it just invites more speculation.

You've got older parents, you've got a famous wife and children that are getting older and have more needs, and you just don't know. Of course, the tabloids have always been on top of Brady and so forth. So I just think it leads to more speculation that's probably not all that healthy, but again, that's the personal aspect of it. They and Tom don't feel they need to share it, and I'll say this, he keeps his circle pretty tight. They're extremely tight-lipped as well.

If anybody knows, no one's sharing it. You don't see it in the media with those that are Tom Brady's mouthpieces. So it's not something he's obviously prepared to share. So whether this is, again, part of his decision and the way he's going to manage this year and coming back and part of the agreement to do so, I don't know. I just know, like I said, he has always been the most committed quarterback who ever played, I think, whether it's film, study, practice, you name it. Now, does he have to do as much after 23 years that someone in their first year has to do?

Certainly not. He's got the cheat codes, and he knows these players. They said he wanted to work a couple weeks with some of the new guys. They've got Kyle Rudolph in here, Julio Jones. And listen, watching him throw, I think he could show up September 11th, and we don't see him until that day, and possibly beat the Dallas Cowboys. I've never seen him like it. His arm's phenomenal.

He's accurate as hell. He's got guys making plays all over the place for him. So maybe he just knows this, but it's not been his MO in the past, and it certainly seems like there's something going on this year. Yeah, very interesting news that broke this morning. Of course, he's the biggest name in all of pro football.

He has been for some time, so this was going to make waves. You've been there. You've been watching the joint practices between the Miami Dolphins and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I think that it might be a neat point of view from your side of things, watching Tampa Bay, but also watching what Miami has brought to the table. It looks like they had some pretty good success against the Bucs during the training camp and the practices here. What was your takeaway of Tua and Tyreek, and kind of what the Miami Dolphins have brought to the table? Well, they had a really good day today, and again, even in these joint practices and preseason games, as you know, Ryan, you're not going to get real exotic. You're not going to bring all your blitzes and coverages and disguises that you'll see if it were a regular season game. Now, that said, you can play some cat coverage, right? You've got this cat, you've got that cat.

Well, they've got some cats over there now. I mean, this group of receivers that Miami has with Tyreek Hill, with Jalen Waddle, Cedric Wilson. I mean, these guys can absolutely fly, and in small spaces they can make everybody miss.

And so, I thought Tua had a really good day. Look, Mike McDaniel has a good system, he's getting the ball out of his hands quick, he's getting it to the playmakers quick, really pressing the perimeter in different parts of the field. I think they're a problem, and there was a lot of talk, of course, with the tampering charges and things about Brady having discussions last December, as late as that, about maybe coming to Miami even as a quarterback. Look, if he was there, they'd be a Super Bowl contender right now, because they're that explosive. So, a good tight end as well. I'm very impressed with Miami. In the long term, I don't know how Tua's going to do. I mean, he's been there a number of years. I think this offense will help him, but I think that obviously that's still one that has to be settled. But they're going to be a handful on offense, I think. We're speaking with Rick Stroud, Tampa Bay Times writer, cover of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Outside of Brady, right? The Chris Godwin injury, how is he coming back from that? And any other tidbits on the injury front for those out there wondering how the Bucks are making it through training camp?

Yeah, well, I mean, look, Chris had his surgery on January 3rd. He's done everything he can. He's doing a lot of individual things. They're kind of holding him out of teamwork. He did some one-on-one passing stuff. That's a mental hurdle. He's got a number of things he's got to do in terms of not just the physical part of it, but also cutting on that thing and being comfortable with guys around his feet again.

And I just don't know how you simulate that. I don't expect him to play in the preseason, although it would certainly benefit him if he could be taken to the ground a couple times before they got Dallas. Dallas is still a possibility. They're holding Mike Evans out. He has sort of this annual hamstring issues that he's had since his rookie year.

So they're being cautious with him. We saw Russell Gage go off with a hamstring the other day. And this is why they've had injuries to the receiver position every year, especially late in the season. And I think the reason for signing Julio Jones was you don't want to have to try to go on the street and see who was available. I mean, they got by last year by bringing in Prashart Paramin, who had a walk-off touchdown against Buffalo.

They activated Cheryl Grayson as a track stop in the practice squad who had a walk-off touchdown against the Jets. I mean, Brady has done it with a lot of different guys. But I think the core four, if you will, are as good as any. And the goal will be to try to get them all through as many games as possible. But without Gronk, you're going to have to do it a different way, because that's 50-something catches, 800 yards, and five touchdowns that you've got to replace. And they're not necessarily going to do it with Kyle Rudolph or Cam Brady or Kate Otten or any of those guys at the tight end position right now. So I think you're going to see a little different approach. And again, they have depth there, but it'll be how many of those guys can stay healthy at one time.

All right. Let's venture over to the defensive side of the football, right? A lot of guys come back. Ndamukong Suh, who was a guy that played pretty much every snap for them, not going to be in the defensive stalwart there. How has the defense looked?

What things are you expecting from them, and where do they have to improve at when they head into that Dallas matchup? Yeah, well, I mean, they lost two big names and leaders on their team with Suh and Jason Pierpaul, and neither one of those guys have signed anywhere yet. Both of them were getting older.

Both of them didn't practice a lot, quite frankly. And I think the goal in the offseason, Ryan, was to get more athletic, especially up front. And they did that by drafting Logan Hall. They did that, I think, if he can stay healthy, by bringing in Akeem Hicks to play next to Bida Beah.

I think the other day, somebody referred to them as a rolling motorhome on wheels trying to stop them. And then you've got the young kid, Jotron Sharinka, who was a rookie last year, is going to be settling in at the other outside linebacker spot, opposite of Shaq Barrett. So they really like that group up front. The two linebackers are back, obviously. Lavonte was hurt at the end of last year, said he was about 60% in the playoffs.

He looks fine. And then I think where they've really made the improvements is adding some better in-depth in the secondary. They lost Jordan Whitehead, but you'd be able to get Keanu Neal. You're able to get Logan Ryan and guys like that that can come in to add with Antoine Winfield. They've got really good corners, so this might be the best secondary they've had. So Todd can do a lot of things with all those safeties. They're going to be a pressure team.

We know that. I just think they're more athletic and younger, which isn't a bad way to go when you have a veteran team like they did last year. Most expectations have everybody looking at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the team this year to, once again, repeat as division champs. Carolina's kind of in disarray. Atlanta, as well, rebuilding.

Bigger question is, what does New Orleans look like, right? They've had, for whatever reason, Tom Brady and the Buccaneers number during the regular season over the last two years. Sean Payton is out. What are the expectations for this team? Is it division champions most likely where they're hoping for to get back to?

I think you said it. For whatever reason, there's really two teams in the NFC that Tom Brady has struggled with in the regular season since he's been here. New Orleans and the Rams. He doesn't beat neither one in the regular season. They got him when it counted, obviously, in Drew Brees' last game to go on to the NFC Championship and then win the Super Bowl.

So there's that. But without Sean Payton, him and Brees were such a constant with that franchise. We're all familiar with Jamis Winston. It's hard to believe he's going into his eighth season. And we're still talking about whether Jamis is going to make it or not.

I think after eight seasons, you kind of know who he is. But last year, I thought that Payton kind of played around him a little bit. He was still 14 touchdowns, what, three interceptions? He was seven and three when he tore his ACL, ironically, or sadly, against the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Now he's coming back, trying to play with an injury, with a knee brace. He gets Michael Thomas back. Their defense is what's given the Bucs the most trouble. I mean, they have sort of the recipe to get to Tom Brady and able to pressure Tom with their front four and play coverage behind it. They've got some athletic corners.

And they just seem to really be a problem for Tom to really get any kind of continuity. And I think with Bulls being here, I think there's an understanding, more so than even Bruce was, that was sort of the father of no risk and no biscuit, that against some of these high-powered teams or just teams that are aggressive like that, you've got to be able to control the ball and the clock and help your defense. You can't put them out there with too many three-and-outs. And that's sort of what's happening against New Orleans is they've gotten off the slow starts and they've given the ball back to New Orleans too many times and found themselves behind.

So somewhere in there is the recipe to win. But you've got to give credit to the Saints. And I think they're going to be challenging for the NFC South. That's who the Bucs will have to be to win this division. And then if they're going to go beyond that, they're going to have to beat the Rams down the road. And that's going to be really something to watch because they play both those teams. And those first four games, I mean, hell, their first home game is the Green Bay Packers after they start at Dallas and at New Orleans. So they're going to have to hit it pretty fast if they can get a quarterback back in here to start practicing.

That's the key, right? Rick Stroud, everybody from the Tampa Bay Times. Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat Ryder. Rick, thanks for taking the time.

Really appreciate the information. Good talking to you, Ryan. Take care.

All right. Rick Stroud, everybody. I mean, you heard Todd Bowles and then you heard Rick talk about it. To his point, like if this was planned, this was part of it, why not get out ahead of it? I don't know why they wouldn't have done it from the beginning of training camp.

Been like, hey, look, Tom's 45. Here's the timeline that he's going to participate and be around the team this year. But we obviously have every intention of him starting week one. Right.

Could have put a lot of this and the speculation to rest. Doesn't it dumbfounding sometimes in a situation where you watch people fumble things about? They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on PR and communication. I mean, it's a huge part of it. Now, there's always them trying to withhold information, right?

That's key into doing some things. But the NFL may be one of the most transparent when it comes to on the field stuff. I mean, fans are at these practices. It's not like college coaches who shut the whole thing down and no one can see what your product is. Right.

You're going to go play in a preseason in front of the whole world and show them some of your stuff, right? Right. It's dumbfounding sometimes to see them trip and fumble along with something like this. The only reason I would suspect that that's the case is because this wasn't planned. This kind of was sprung on them. And yet they're trying to tell you that it was. Yeah, maybe. They're doing a little backpedaling.

I don't know. TJ, they should have just hired R.E.S. Consulting. Like, we could have figured this out and gotten to the bottom of this. We could figure everything out, you know?

You know what I mean? Plus, we got Ryan Leaf now. He's an extension of R.E.S. Consulting. You know, so now we have someone who really understands the ins and outs and the operations of the game. In this moment, you got the most scrutinized, most focused on, most microscopic quarterback or player in the NFL, right?

Yeah. And this news comes out today and it's been planned. Yet it's just, it's breaking news, right?

So I don't buy it. You know, I respect the hell out of Todd Bowles. But head coaches a lot of times when they're sent up in front of these press conferences. Like, I mean, Kevin Stefanski in Cleveland, some of these press conferences, you just got to be like, the dude's just saying what Haslam's like, telling him that, you know, this is the party line. This is where we're at.

And, you know, the Glazer family's like, hey, general manager's like, Todd, right? This just came up. Let's pretend or let's make it look like this was a planned deal. I don't really have an answer for you when he's going to be back. We believe it's going to be this time, but let's just go with that. And now this is going to be a constant question asked him now every single day until Tom Brady ultimately comes back. Right, but he's not coming back for another 10 days.

Right. And you could have been so far out in front of this, like beginning a training camp. Like, hey, just letting you know, like in between our first and second preseason games, Tom wasn't, we weren't planning on playing Tom in those games. He's going to be out because of some personal things this has been discussed. I mean, this would have been exhausted and talked out and allowed Tom to answer his own questions. Now everybody else is there left to answer these questions when it doesn't even involve them, really. Yeah, it's a weird situation. Obviously, we hope everything's fine.

Maybe it's just like, maybe it's like what Rick said, you know, Tom has been talking about work-life balance for years now. So maybe it's just, I got to take this time away. It's not really going to affect me from a football standpoint. I already, I feel good.

My arm feels good. I've got a good rap sheet going with the guys. And so let's just give the young kids some time. But I mean, we're all speculating at this point. If he feels comfortable with the work he's gotten in, of course. I mean, also to his point around Ndamukong Soon and JPP, having not signed with anybody else yet. You know, when these guys get a little bit older and they know how to prepare their bodies and get ready for camp, you know. They don't need training camp. They'll maybe take the time and get ready the way they've been and not get brutally beat down in training camp. So they can go and get brutally beat down in the 17-game season that's about to happen. Maybe both of those guys on the defensive side of the football are conveniently signed right before, you know. Don't forget, they only play three preseason games. It's not a preseason game and then right into the season.

It's a preseason game a week, almost like a bye week, and then into the season. Right. So that's a change. So maybe that's the thing.

You know, maybe Tom's feeling that way, wants to spend more time. All of those things are there. And he is not, there's no necessity for him to tell us any of that.

Right? It's not. Nope.

There's nothing. It's private. It's personal.

I understand that. I mean, I'd like to know. Of course you'd like to know.

As we've seen this become two segments of our show now, everybody wants to know, right? Where is the greatest quarterback of all time? And is he going to be ready to go against the likes of the Dallas Cowboys, the New Orleans Saints, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Green Bay Packers for short weeks? It would be awful, guys. It would be terrible if he had to miss week one.

It just, it would really, it would be such a shame. But I want him to take as much time as he needs just to make sure my body and soul are right. Take care of him.

Take care of you. And if you've got to miss week one, so be it. Come back in week two. This takes a nice chunk out of the pie.

It does. It takes a large chunk out of the pie if Mr. Brady can't go, right? Settle down just a little bit.

All right. Staying in Florida, we're going to jump to the college football side of things. Had the pleasure of spending three days down in Tallahassee a couple weeks ago with this, with this team and coach Mike Norvell from the Florida State Seminoles. He's going to join us next to talk about Florida State.

I think the expectations that exist around that program, what it means, and where they're headed with the culture of the Florida State Seminoles program here on the Rich Eisen Show when we come back. Does your antiperspirant keep you dry all day? Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel and offers 48 hours sweat and odor protection.

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Clean feel all day. Welcome back everybody to the Rich Eisen Show. I'm Ryan Lee filling in for Rich. We're efforting head football coach for the Florida State Seminoles, Mike Norvell, to join us here soon. Alongside TJ Jefferson, Michael Del Tufo, Chris Brockman. We'll have a few, we'll have a few opportunities to talk about college football here on the show in the next couple days before I get off.

But this was, this was pretty cool for me. You know, I followed his career when he was in the Pac-12 to when he went to Memphis and developed such a leader there as a leader there in that team. And then when you have the opportunity, right, to go to a place that has so much legacy and history as the Florida State Seminoles, you jump at it. But with that comes expectation, right, a ton of it, especially with Bobby Bowden, the history creating and breaking coach that took them to two national championships.

Joining us now here on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line, the head coach for said Florida State Seminoles, Mr. Mike Norvell. Coach, how we doing? Welcome to the show. Doing well, Ryan. Appreciate you having me on.

You bet, you bet. Just telling the guys here, got an opportunity to spend an early part of camp with your team, saw the culture you're creating, the expectations that exist there and how you're going about your business. How's camp been so far? How do you feel like this team has responded to what you've been working on last couple of years?

I've been really pleased. We just finished up our 13th practice today and, you know, our guys are working hard. I mean, they've been great competition, both sides of the ball, you know, just everybody pushing to be the best version of them. And, you know, we've got some great newcomers that are joining the program from transfers to high school players that have a chance to make an early impact.

And then just the development of the returning players. I mean, you talked about the culture and what we're working to establish. And what I love is that you're starting to see a player-led team where players are coaching players and you're just understanding of the expectation and you guys embracing the challenges that always come with fall camp. But, you know, I definitely am grateful that you kicked off our fall camp with great word for our team and, you know, really appreciate you doing that. But I've been really proud of our guys and how they've responded. You know, when you decide to take a job like this, you've, of course, fallen in the footsteps of legend and you watched how things played out.

But something like this is an opportunity you've got to take. What has been the experience like, understanding that with struggles come a ton of scrutiny, but persevering and showcasing that to your young student athletes that you're coaching? Well, you know, being a Florida State is a special place. And, you know, the thing that I love is you look back in our history and, you know, there are great expectations for what we need to do on the field. And, you know, we embrace those. We're excited about those. We're excited about what the future holds.

But there's also an expectation of how it needs to be done. And, you know, helping these guys, you know, grow and develop in all aspects of their life and to see that those steps being, you know, being taken by our players and really that standard being held by our staff. You know, it's given us an opportunity to respond. And we've had some challenging moments, you know, in the last couple of years, you know, first year coming in, you know, with all the change and really a lack of continuity.

You know, and then having COVID and, you know, not really being able to have that full year together with that team. But then, you know, going into this last year and we didn't start off the way we wanted, but you got to see a response. And you saw a response because of the belief that our players have, you know, in what we're doing, the belief that they have in each other and the opportunity that's ahead. I was really pleased to see that, you know, those steps that were taken last year, you know, it wasn't a fairytale.

It didn't finish the way we wanted. And, you know, still a lot of areas of growth. I've seen those guys embrace that process and just the way they've worked this offseason. And we have a lot of confidence going into this year and with the opportunity that's ahead. So this is a neat story and this speaks to your culture and just how you go about something. So sitting in coach's first initial meeting, he does something great with the team, right? He has them all sit and write a handwritten letter to the most important person in their life who's helped them get to where they're at. And I partook in it. I sat there and wrote a letter to Anna. The letter coach came yesterday. And I was wondering when it was going to get there. But she, I come walking into her office and she was holding this letter reading it because she thought it was Florida State assumed it was something for me.

But it had her name on it. And the reception from something as simple as sitting down and writing a letter to them and telling them how important and how supportive they've been to you. Speak to that a little bit and what you get your team to do. Because I think it's a really incredible thing that I don't think a lot of people talk about. For us, these players, they work so hard and they pour so much into this opportunity and trying to be the best college football player that they can be. I want our guys to also have that humble mindset and a servant mindset and to realize who helps you along in that journey.

And the sacrifices of loved ones, the sacrifices of people that have been on that journey with you and have seen the ups and seen the downs. The opportunity to say thank you and show gratitude for what's been given. And then to make sure that they know that each day that we're going to do all that we can to help represent the opportunity that's been given to the best of our ability.

I think handwritten notes are almost a forgotten passage within our country. I tell our players when you get an opportunity to send a letter and it gets to somebody in the mail, there's nothing like opening that letter. Actually, one of our offensive linemen, Kayden Lyles, came up to me a few days ago and his mom had received the letter and she called him crying just because she appreciated it so much. And he said, coach, thank you so much for allowing me and for having us do this. That's something that he felt the impact of just saying thank you to a loved one. And that's something sometimes we get so caught up in what we're trying to do and where we're trying to go to have that humble spirit and just to show gratitude to those that have helped impact us. I think it's something that's really important.

Yeah, it was incredible. I appreciate, you know, it's something that wouldn't have maybe necessarily, you know, because I text with her all the time. And it's you talked about that in terms of technology, but the, you know, kind of the personal aspect of it. And I can't tell you how much that made a difference in my life with my relationship with my wife, just for simply doing something that you want to help people with.

So I just want to say thank you for that as well. Moving towards the football aspect of things, I got a chance to sit in a meeting with the quarterbacks. Jordan Travis really kind of in year two seems to have really taken a foothold of a leadership position and a guy that understands what his role on this football team is.

Absolutely. And I think he's had a phenomenal camp. He's definitely playing to the best that he's been since he's been here.

You see the confidence, the ownership, really the leadership which you touched on. That's something that's coming very natural to him. And, you know, his performance is speaking for itself as we've gone through this fall camp. And just so excited about the player that he can be, the leader that he's become, and just the way that he's going to be able to guide this offense. The wide receiver position.

I grabbed you during practice and I looked at some of the guys, right? Micah Pittman from Oregon, Johnny Wilson from Arizona State, some real studs and stars and their ability to run routes, catch the football and stuff like that. Kind of speak to how the wide receiver position has been buoyed. And I'm not even talking about some of the other guys that you have on the perimeter there. They're like 6'5 and just freakish athletics.

So you've got to be excited about what your passing game is going to look like. We are. And that's something, you know, there was, we were able to add some talented young men and playmakers.

A couple that you mentioned as well, like Duspan that came in from Illinois. 6'4, 205 pounds can really run. And then you see the development of guys that have been here. And, you know, like Pokey Wilson, Malik McClain, Kentron Poitier. You know, when you see those guys that are taking that type of steps and, you know, just the competition that shows up day in and day out. It's really pushing everybody to having to be their best and to really, you know, focus on that consistency in their playmaking. And I love the steps that I'm seeing from that position and it needs to show up big for us.

And, you know, I think we've been able to, you know, attract some great players and seeing the development really is encouraging. Alright, you guys get an early start this year. That's why camp started so early, right?

Duquesne on August 27th, right? Right at the forefront of your mind. The team you've got to go out and get better with and play well.

But then, you know, you get the test, right? I think we're going to find out a lot about not only your team but your staff and everybody when LSU and you take on each other in Week 2. You know, talk about the early game. You know, it's rare that a game is played in Week 0. What went into the decision-making on that and do you like how you guys were one of the first teams out there getting ready for your season?

I do. And, you know, being able to play Week 0, you put an absolute sense of urgency to everything this summer. And, you know, being able to kick off at Oak Campbell Stadium is something that's special for us, for our team. Really looking forward to that opportunity and to go out and, you know, showcase the first opportunity to the identity of this team.

And this group. And, you know, then the next week, you know, you get the chance to play in a national showcase game Sunday night. Only college football game on. And, you know, definitely, you know, we look forward to all the opportunities. But we know that that's one of the, you know, wonderful things about being here at Florida State is you're going to get to play in those prime time matchups. And, you know, our players are just excited for the opportunity to compete.

But it's definitely great to be able to start off there at home in Week 0. All right. Head coach for the Florida State Seminoles, Mike Norvell, taking the time out of his schedule to join us today. Coach, thanks so much for not only having me down and being part of the program with you, but doing what you're doing.

I think you're, you know, not only are you a hell of a football coach, but, you know, this is what you want to hear from the men who are shaping young men's lives is to be the head coach that you are. So, congratulations on that. Thanks for helping me along with this process and good luck. I appreciate you, Ryan. And you guys have a great rest of the day. Appreciate you having me on. And go, Knowles. Go, Knowles. All right.

Coach, Mike Norvell for the Florida State Seminoles. Pretty cool story. I mean, it's pretty simple. Write a letter to somebody who is meaningful to you, you know. And I walked in the house yesterday and Anna was reading it. Was she crying? No, but she had just started and, like, I could tell when she walked up to me to give me a hug afterwards. Yeah, I mean, it meant something. That's dope. And so that I owe a lot.

I owe that to Mike Norvell. And just, you know, I watched all the kids go through the process. And, you know, a lot of these kids probably have never written a letter. They probably didn't know how to do a form letter or how to address a letter.

Why would you? They don't teach them how to write in cursive anymore. Right. And so they put up the instructions up there. They showed them how to do it. And I was watching the coaches and, like, administrative staff and stuff.

And they were collecting the letters and not really doing anything. And I was like, you know, I'm here. I'm immersing myself in the team atmosphere. I'm going to do this, you know. And I wrote Anna a letter. What did you learn by doing that? I learned it's important to show somebody that they're seen.

I think with technology and Texas and things like that, that gets lost in showing somebody that they're seen, that I know how important they are in my life, you know. The pedestal I was on for so long, when I got knocked off, you know, there was a certain amount of people who helped support me. And there was others that just disappeared. Right. That pedestal is rising again. Right. Simply because of the success I've had and the opportunity and the platforms I get. And I have to remember, like, who are the people that carried me? She is one of them. By all means. She's carried me.

And so it's amazing to see something as simplistic as writing, you know, a paragraph on some yellow line paper and mailing it. And Mike Norvell, the head football coach for the Florida State Seminoles, he's the one that he brings that to his team. And you heard the story he said about one of his offensive linemen and the letter that his mom got. So, I mean, they are in a results-based business. Don't get it wrong.

Don't get it twisted. Right. If he wants to stay the head coach at Florida State University, he's got to win. But there's something to be said about these coaches that are in the lives of these young men who are trying to be better, not only as athletes, but as people, helping them along with that journey, too. So congratulations to Florida State. You got a great one at the helm there. Let's see what they can do.

I mentioned the story to them when I was in the room speaking to them that day. The year before we went to the national championship, we went five and six. No one. We didn't make a bowl game. No one anticipated us. They thought we might be decent. But no one expected us to do what they did, what we did.

And I went into that meeting with those guys and I told them that exact story. You guys went five and seven a year ago. We went five and six. We went to the national championship the next year. So I love their optimism. I love their early schedule.

Duquesne, LSU in that big matchup with a bye before they go to Louisville. So Florida State fans, be on the lookout for this team this year. All right. When we come back, we'll put a bow on this show today here on the Rich Eisen Show. I'm Ryan Leaf filling in for Rich.

We'll be right back. Welcome back everybody to the Rich Eisen Show. Ryan Leaf here filling in for Rich alongside TJ Jefferson, Michael Del Tufo, Chris Brockman. Another great show. Love, love the experience of being here on this show. Mike Hoskins in the back there helping us out. All the great talent bookers who have got us the amazing guests all week long that made this incredibly seamless and really educated us on a lot of things. Someone we had on yesterday, Mary Kay Cabot.

Yeah, buddy. She came on and was talking about, of course, all things Cleveland Browns today. She is reporting now that the Browns have looked into and are considering acquiring Jimmy Garoppolo if Deshaun Watson's six game suspension is extended. What is going on? Which means that Jimmy G is going to Cleveland because it's definitely getting increased.

What is happening? So what was the whole Jacoby Brissette stuff? Have they seen stuff in practice? They're like, oh no. I don't know. And another thing, Cleveland, why, why, why did you trade away Case Keenum?

Yeah, right? I mean, that dude's played in an NFC championship game, right? He had one of the best years. He's been a starting quarterback. And under what coach? Yeah, Stefanski.

Kevin Stefanski. Is he the OC or quarterbacks coach then? OC, yes. I mean, come on, Cleveland. Is that it?

That's just it? Figure it out. Come on, Cleveland.

Come on, Cleveland. Figure it out. This is for you. I don't know.

I don't know. Maybe because maybe I have a bias in this conversation. I like Baker Mayfield, so maybe I'm just a little angry that he's no longer there anymore. Yeah, but he couldn't stay there, obviously. Oh, I get it. I fully get it. I understand that.

When somebody comes out after acquiring a guy who has 20 plus sexual assault allegations that they want an adult in the room now. But this makes a lot of sense, though. It does. To go and get Jimmy G. There's a exercise, right, around would you replace your quarterback with Jimmy G? Right. And if Deshaun Watson can't go, I would argue that in Cleveland, an upgrade would be Jimmy G over Jacoby Rissette, over Josh Rosen, over Joshua Dobbs. So what if it's 12 games, right? Watson gets 12 games. They go and they acquire Jimmy G for, I don't know, a fifth round pick, whatever it takes to get him. Or they just wait till he's released.

And then Jimmy's like eight and four. Are you going to let him ride out the rest of the season or are you going to start Watson? That you have to start Watson, right, considering what you're paying for him and what you gave up to get him. But my God, it's just. Come on, Cleveland.

Why can't they just do something? And I'm not yelling at Cleveland, Cleveland. No, no. I'm yelling at Cleveland Browns organization. Yeah, the owner.

And I think everybody has had this thought process. All right. Talking about other beefs. There's another beef that's going on, apparently. Kyle Shanahan on the Murph and Mack podcast yesterday spoke about a little bit of a beef he has with the NFL around whether or not he should be allowed to pick out his hat.

You got some audio there, Del Tufo? Here we go. Any new flat hats this year?

That's right. Sit back and wait. Yeah, the hat game. I'm waiting for the red one to come back. I have such beef with them right now. It's a tough issue going on.

What happened? They won't let me pick out my own one. They won't let me wear any one that's from a different year, so I can't wear an older one. I got to wear the new ones that they give this year.

Unfortunately, there's none I like wearing. Hopefully, we can figure it out. I'll wait until Salute to Service.

I'm going to fire off a nasty letter to somebody. Now, are you saying, is this the league? No.

I mean, it's just deals. I don't want to go too hard. You've not got your man. Trust me. Trust me.

I'm upset about it. I have a bit of a story here, right? Rookie, second year, injured, missed the entire year, was out on the field for the game. We were a Reebok team at the time. I was endorsed by Nike.

I had the same color, navy blue, like turtleneck, long sleeve shirt, and I wore my Nike one on the field for the game. The NFL fined me $10,000. So, Reebok made the whole league uniforms and all that stuff, but because you were Nike, you were just like a home run. Like, they pay me. I'm endorsed by Nike. It's like the Michael Jordan thing at the Olympics, covering up the Reebok thing.

That is preposterous. I can't remember if Nike paid the fine for me. I hope they did. I think they did.

Oh, man. That would have been nice of them. I'm sure they did. They appreciated it.

They were like, yeah, right. Don't wear our stuff anymore. We'll keep paying the contract, but stop wearing our stuff. Please.

Please. Kyle Shanahan, right? A little mixing it up with the NFL around what kind of hat he can wear on the sideline. Big hat guy. Big hat guy. Big hat guy. I'm a big hat guy. Also, that's why Bill Belichick kind of just throws his nose and snubs his nose at what they make these guys wear.

That's why he cuts off the sleeves and he looks like a homeless person half the time because it's dumb. Who wanted to wear a suit? Was it Mike Nolan? We have some Rich Eisen Show exclusive. We found out what the hat will be for Kyle Shanahan this year. Here we go. Great.

I can't believe the NFL approved that hat. That's great. Hey, guys. Thanks for being here today. We'll be back tomorrow to finish up the week here on The Rich Eisen Show. I'm Ryan Leaf from everybody here.

Thank you so much. Rich on vacation. Love you. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson, too. All-time Hogan opponents, Macho Man's got to be in the conversation. Where's Andre for you? I've always said Andre was number one. Wow. Because even going back before Hulk Hogan was a babyface, Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome, at Shea Stadium in Japan. Wherever they went, that was an attraction. Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.
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