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REShow: Kalani Sitake/Louis Riddick - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 17, 2022 3:26 pm

REShow: Kalani Sitake/Louis Riddick - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 17, 2022 3:26 pm

BYU Head Football Coach Kalani Sitake and Rich discuss the Cougars’ upcoming move to the Big 12 Conference and the rapidly-changing college football landscape, why NIL income is a good thing for young student-athletes, and why Jets fans should feel confident Zach Wilson will bounce back from his latest knee injury. 

ESPN NFL Analyst Louis Riddick tells Rich why Geno Smith has the edge over Drew Lock in the Seahawks’ QB competition, why the Bears are foolish to not give Roquan Smith a much-deserved new contract, why Kenny Pickett will be the Steelers’ starting quarterback sooner rather than later, why the Miami Dolphins’ Tua Tagovailoa, the Philadelphia Eagles’ Jalen Hurts and the 49ers’ Trey Lance are poised for monster seasons, and why he sees Joe Burrow as a top 3 QB in the NFL right up there behind Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

 Rich and Brockman debate if Bengals QB Joe Burrow or Chargers QB Justin Herbert will have the better career when it’s all said and done.

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Goes on dry, clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Tom Pelsara here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's the latest on Zach Wilson?

MILF. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. They're hopeful it's going to be two to four weeks.

Realistically this type of surgery is at least four weeks. So in all likelihood it's Joe Blackwood, September 11th against the Ravens regardless. The Rich Eisen Show.

MILF. Today's gasps. BYU head coach Kalani Satake. ESPN NFL analyst Lewis Riddick.

Plus from Netflix's Echoes, actress Michelle Monahan. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show on the air on this Wednesday. Right in the middle of the month of August. Right in the middle of pre-season National Football League action. We are one as of tomorrow. What is that three weeks from the opening of the season?

Come on man. How great is that? Right around the corner.

My fantasy draft next weekend boys. Oh is that right? 13 hours at the crib if you want to stop by. Definitely not. I want no part of that. I'm gonna be cooking food though.

I mean all your friends are coming by. Yeah. You making brisket? Not brisket. I got a few.

I got a nice menu though. Oh okay. We should have it at your place every year now. I think right? Is that what we should do?

It should be but nobody wants to fly to LA. I mean how does Sarah feel about that? She's going out of town. Oh. So she's perfect. That's it.

He's perfect. I mean why so where's Kate? Are you going to be taking care of Cage in the middle of all your friends? All your rowdy friends there on a Saturday night? She's taking Cage to her relatives. Oh was that planned?

Like that you have the house to yourself? It was once she knew the draft party was coming to her house. I didn't want to be there for that one nine hour draft. So you don't care how long the draft takes? I don't care because this could be at my house.

Exactly. For those who don't know again this is a fantasy football draft that does not have a clock on how long someone can take to draft somebody. It's really stupid. And years ago it was about ten well I guess you could date it.

Ten years ago. More than that I think Brian Hartline somebody took 28 minutes to draft Brian Hartline in like the 13th or 14th draft. I would have absolutely that person would have needed to get a restraining order from me right around the two-minute mark and 26 more minutes later somebody literally looks at the rest of the room saying I'm still thinking. And then spit out the name of Brian Hartline. And then the next year Hartline came into the network and I told him this story and he just laughed. Of course he laughed. He's probably like why would somebody do that?

Even for me why would somebody do that? Oh my god. So yes I don't want any part of that. All right I mean I just want to offer you guys to come by.

That's a half hearted offer. Hey that's more than Del Tufo does on his boat. There you go. You know they should have a boat this weekend because I'll be up in Oakland. Gentlemen we have a major college football head coach on the program.

Yeah okay. He's on hold so let's all back off okay get everything ready. We spoke to this gentleman before the draft I believe a couple years ago or recently joining us back here on the Mercedes-Benz phone line the head of BYU-Kuger football Kalani Satake. How are you coach? Doing great Rich. Thank you for having me on.

Yeah of course absolutely. So what goes on in your world two weeks before the season right now? What are you working on right now? Just a grind of fall camp you know right now the guys are it's getting testy. You guys are hating going against each other but we just got to find ways to keep improving and honing in on our skills and then getting our guys ready so that we can you know face a talented USF team in Tampa. So the guys are really excited.

It's hot but nobody's feeling sorry for us. We're trying to take advantage of this time to find a way to get better and make sure that we're performing at our best by the time we get to kickoff. Kids are salty?

Is that what you're telling me right now coach? The kids are salty? Yeah you know how it is. Everybody's in a bad mood. They're tired.

They're sore and nobody wants to hear about it. I mean this is this fall camp. It's supposed to be tough and then it's supposed to be grueling and it tests you a little bit but the wonderful thing about it is it's bonding the guys really close together. They're all going to do it together you know and we'll kind of you know take a little bit of the pressure off of them a little bit here and just start prepping for the season but right now we've got to lay a foundation of toughness and a foundation of working together and making sure they appreciate the opportunity to do what they do and who they get to represent. So I want them to focus on on all the hard work that they did in the off season leading up to this point to embrace the opportunity. Anytime you can get guys to be in an environment where a grit and toughness can be the outcome I'm all for it. As long as no one's getting hurt it keeps feeding the culture of the team. As long as nobody's getting hurt. I was about to say like if you had to break stuff up and then when you break stuff up and everybody's fine and dandy you wouldn't say it to the kids but you might turn to one of your guys on your staff and go okay now we got that out of the way but that's good.

That's not that bad. Yeah I like I mean we have wonderful young men and so I love the opportunity that we have to tell our guys you know hey let's just you know take it easy a little bit and I'd rather have that to try to jump start them every time. So I love the fact that these guys are excited to be on the field and to get physical and you know it makes me look good. I get to be the good guys like take it easy physical things like that you know what I mean but sure I like the mindset of our team and the leadership and so I'm really looking forward to the season. Kalani Satake head coach head football coach of Brigham Young University football right here on the Rich Odds and Show 12th and final year as an independent and joining the Big 12 in 2023. How has that changed you and your approach on the recruiting trail recently? Well just being able to balance everything because everyone's talking about the Big 12 and everyone's and you have to mention that stuff because you're looking at a recruiting class where they're going to they're going to be the first recruiting class of the Big 12 era for us and so you're able to talk about it but at the same time you're focused on this year you know and going into this there's guys on our team that aren't going to be playing in the Big 12 that aren't really focused on that I think it's important that we give them every bit of our focus and our attention and at the same time we can wear many hats we can micromanage a lot of different things but the season is the most important thing that's first priority and the seniors and the leaders on this team that have put in so much of their time and effort and their sweat blood and tears to get us to the Big 12 I think it's important that we give them everything we got and to make sure that we send them off any of their career BYU the right way. I guess I'm asking a question over there for you over the rear view mirror I know you're in the here and now and you got a season in front of you and you got kids that you need to focus on for exactly that but for you in this program in this ever changing world of the college football landscape I mean my goodness coach I'm sitting here in Los Angeles and it's called Big 10 country you know it's nuts what is happening and I'm wondering what that means for you and your program that you have a place at the table when they've been a power five for you. Well I think that's just the times of college football nowadays is just being able to to adapt you know and the game is adapted I mean you know you look at the rules the targeting rules all the stuff that's happened you either need to be creative and find ways to adapt and innovate or else you're going to be left behind and I'm thankful that I work with the administration with the staff that that's all about innovation all about creativity trying to find ways to adapt to the rules and the things that we're allowed to do with the mindset of keeping the players our first priority and then as we do that I think the years of being an independent has been really helpful for us you know that we we've had to just not knowing our schedule completely and and and being in tough spots and having to travel to different places not having the consistent schedule that that's that's our world we've been living in a world where it's completely adapt to whatever happens and who you can schedule games and then you throw in them into the mix everybody had to adapt to certain things with COVID and so I think that's just the the time that we live in right now and I know you're you're in LA and that's a Big 10 country but there's a lot of different things this is the opportunities for so many people to play college football and when it all gets down to it in the next few weeks it's going to be all about ball and and I think that's the focus would not be on the on the players on the field rather than all the other stuff that the players actually can't control and that's that's where I think for us coaches we're focused on the on these young men and trying to give them opportunities to to play and have a great experience at the same time we know that they're still going through that transition from a young man to an adult and hopefully we can have a a good impact in their lives and help influence them to be better in the community well do you think that BYU could get lost in the shuffle and and I say that by by talking about just hearing the the national conversation always being discussed about the SEC and the Big 10 and who's going to join them and then there's going to be a conference and a super conference I mean that's what I believe this is all headed towards right now that that it's going to be similar to professional football where it'll be 32 teams or 64 32 teams in a conference and 32 teams in another conference and there'll be a super bowl that's the way it seems like it's going and I'm wondering what you think about all that coach yeah I can't live in the hypotheticals I live in the reality and and knowing that sometimes those and I'm trying I I say that by not being blind to what's ahead of us but at the same time focus on the here and now we'll take care of the rest if we can do our job on the field and make ourselves relevant then then the rest is easy so that's going to be my focus and the focus of our team we can't control everything we've already been through that already and and so adapting to the right things and having great attitude is going to be the key you know hope and and and wishing for things is not a good strategy so we want to get things done that we can control and that's the product that we can put on the field and making sure that I can get the most out of these players individually and that cohesively as a team we can function really well and you know be one of those teams and those programs that people always talk about so how does NIL affect your world coach to talk yeah I think NIL has been really wonderful for the for the student athletes to be able to make money off of the name image and likeness I'm all for that I think that that our jobs as coaches is to is to guide these young men and and the football program and give them good advice and sometimes the money is great but I think what we're doing trying to do here at BYU is give them opportunities to start I mean imagine being 18 years old and starting starting your retirement fund already or investment fund it's trying to find have different ways of allowing these players to make money off of their name image and likeness but also allow them to just be regular college students I I'm all for them getting money but maybe there's different forms and different ways and creative ways that we can actually prepare for their future so that when they're graduated and then they're in you know in the young family that they actually have something that's in in the bank or something that they can fall back on they put down on a house things like that and then know that they're they have some some good a good basically good foundation of wealth I think that is an important thing for us to educate these young men and then give them other we educate them in so many different ways now we've just had to add the financial responsibility to our to our our duties and our responsibilities and I'm all for it because it gives these young men opportunities to do things you know with their name there's like stuff that I didn't get to do I I'm definitely not going to be one of those old guys I said man I wish you know I wish that happened when I was there that we had a rough no we had a pretty good too and and these young people are doing everything they can to take advantage of the opportunities that are given and I think it's important that I support them along the way I know BYU Cougars are normally more mature or older than most are you handing out ARP cards to the kids now is that what you're doing there well you know if listen rich if you want to go join the church and go serve a mission you're more than welcome to do that and see that these guys are not actually out there working out every day and working on their skills they're out there doing doing service work you know and I I hear from everybody but I'm going to defend the missionary program because when they come back they're not in great shape to to play football but they have this mentality that's different they've been on their own already and they've sacrificed a lot of things of their own personal lives they paid for their own their own their own money to go out and serve others so imagine those young men coming back to a football program and then being bought into everything that you ask them to do and then the thing that follows afterwards is their body starts to come along but yeah the but if I can start an investment fund in the retirement fund for my 18 year old then I'm going to do it especially if other people are investing in my players I'm definitely going to find a way to get that going imagine if you put some money away when you're 18 you'd be sitting really I mean I know you're sitting really pretty right now I know how much you're worth but imagine if you did that you know that'd be really cool especially when you when you're going some some tough times of making decisions what you're gonna do with your career it'll be give you a little bit confidence to go and actually try things that that you're actually passionate about and then the money will come knowing that you have this foundation of money to help support you along the way all right coach I appreciate the time let's talk during the season very much appreciate it to you thank you let's go thank you absolutely before I let you go have you spoken to have you spoken to zach wilson that's the jet fan out of me asking have you chatted yeah yeah I'm going to be fine he's going to be good I don't know the timetable of it all but but I I've been anticipating this year for him um and then uh so is he and I know a lot about this guy but uh he's resilient he'll find a way and he seems to always show up when when everything's stacked against them and you'll get the best act from zach wilson so I'm a judge fan I'd be really excited I am I am but I don't like the fact that he's here in Los Angeles with you know recovering from knee surgery right now and after knee last year and his knees I'm nervous I'm concerned he responds to adversity that's that's his name man that that's that's synonymous with who he is as a person he'll find a way to make it work okay and he's happy when you spoke to him he sounded happy or he sounded out of it of course yeah he had good news and then you know as best as he could have been so he's really positive if you know anything about him he's a positive person and he's going to support his team and be a great teammate and whenever his number is called he's going to be ready to roll okay coach I feel much better now I'm sitting up I'm sitting up in my chair I just wish I'd started putting money away when I was 18 in my in my job checking people out at the grocery I wish I had done that I didn't do it I don't think anybody's worried about you and your your you know afterwards or so you're you're in a good spot but uh thank you I do appreciate everything you do college football and specifically for BYU anytime I'd love to check in with you during the season coach if you're willing thank you thank you appreciate it that's coach kalani sataki of BYU football right here on the rich isin show what were you doing at 18 you working you have a job at 18 was I working I well I 18 I was in college so I was high school senior at 17 so I worked the summer before at the amusement park ah did you put any of that money away I I made 475 an hour the answer is no gas was only about a buck back then so then you would have had to work four plus hours to get enough money to not pay tj jefferson's bet for for kenny picket I did the math in my head I'm not a I'm not a numbers guy I'll never be broke is all I keep telling that would have been 97 I wish I would have bought a few apple shares mike what were you doing at 18 what were you doing at 18 I was a police officer I was protecting you you're a teenage police officer I was one of the youngest policemen in the history of new jersey teen year old patrolling the streets of makes no sense jersey for about what nine months no no I was I was like two and a half year and I stayed as a special till I moved out a special yeah you weren't even old enough to no no I was a regular for two and a half years and I went to police academy at 19 was that the inspiration for cop land I was I was in college and I worked in the oh I worked for um sports athletic director so I is that another way of saying for isid oh no I'm sorry I thought that was like a fancy way of a foot locker expert no no like when did you do the foot lockers my foot locker was later man that was like mid-90s damn I'm sorry late 90s so how old were you then uh you know a few years old trying because right now I'm doing math live I'm spotting dimes I just want to put two and two together you know what I mean yeah I worked I was it was work study and I went to our coach the late great bob rager and I said hey coach uh I need some hours he's like I just fall him out and turn them in and I was like oh this is great geez thank you this moment in college graft history but let me tell you what I did then I then went to Kaufman's a store in Pittsburgh downtown I bought a pair of Air Jordans I think there were like sixes or sevens and I put them on a credit card that had no business having you know they come to your college and they like hey sign up for this free credit card so I got like this plastic pen with a calendar and a pen holder like with a 40 interest rate to try and soak the college kids right visa so they so they give it they give you a credit card with no job and no credit history and no form of income so I went and bought some Jordans and then I was going to pay them off with this check and this guy I was friends was like no bro you don't pay them off now that's how you build your credit it took me two years to pay that bill by the way I did a stand-up joke when I was in college based on the credit card I had a discover card and they gave it to me and it's you know what it said on it first card and I did a bit like you know hey I'm a college kid I got a credit card for the first time in my life I don't need that's like the scarlet letter of credit cards here I am it's my first card you know it's my first card you know I want to act like I'm a big you know a big mocker with my with my credit card it says first card on it like a like the scarlet letter I'm like I'm trying to act older than I am why you got to play me like that maybe first card maybe they're hoping that one of the cashiers will look at you and go are you sure you want this it's like are you sure it was like walking around with it you know somebody it's its first date like you don't need a hat like first date yeah but those are usually pretty good man it was my bit it was working you're laughing now huh that's good rich come on I still got it it is pretty great when you're out at a restaurant you can see a couple who's obviously on a first date you know it right that is really funny let's take a break right here on the rich eyes and show the great louis riddick of the worldwide leader in sports will join us when we come back hey we got a bullpen isn't uh eight four four two oh four rich number to the dial here on the rich eyes and show julia robert how about them apples wow pretty amazing back here on the program on the mercedes-benz vans phone line one of our favorites i love watching him on tv and certainly listening to call games as he will do with dan orlovsky steve levee and laura rutledge on the call with bears seahawks thursday falcons jets monday both games kickoff 8 p.m eastern on esp and the great louis riddick here on the rich eyes and show how you been louis i'm doing good man how are you i'm sorry i was a little late for you i taught i just prattle on a little too much i was listening in man i was i was i was just kind of envisioning what the hell was going on i know i was going wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute i'm missing here i know it's quite the word picture that you uh you needed painted for you right there so uh what is what is you what is the headline do you think entering this preseason week right now uh now that we know that there's no fourth preseason game anymore this is where rubber meets road what do you think the major headline is for you that you're looking to to have identified entering week two of this preseason louis yeah you know what i'll i'll keep it really specific to our game honestly i think it's it's about it's about quarterback play in in different scenarios right and i think that's obviously the situation for every team what's the scenario what's the situation every team finds themselves in heading into the season and for seattle i mean drew lock not playing in this game throws this quarterback competition i think squarely right into the lap of uh gino smith to go ahead and take the bull by the horns and cement his position as the week one starter as we see it right now for seattle and he's going to play he's going to play tonight or tomorrow night in a in a game where he's going to have more of his weapons available to him on the outside although maybe for a limited amount of time but this football team overall i think offensively is being slept on a little bit rich everyone kind of assumes that this team is still just devoid of talent on the offensive line and that they're just a three yards in the cloud of dust type of team and you know pete's trying to take him back to the stone ages etc etc nothing could be further from the truth this team has one of the fastest teams in the nfl they got speed galore on the perimeter and they have got an offensive line with two young offensive tackles right now that look the part like they can play right now right out of the box as soon as you take them out of the wrapping so i think that's what i'm looking for in this in this game with that then on the flip side you have with chicago you have a quarterback who is not going to be you know facing any competition for his starting quarterback job in justin fields but man i mean this football team i don't know man i don't i just i think people need to temper their expectations if their expectations were getting a little out of whack particularly in the city of chicago as for you know what exactly this team is going to be able to do this year because their offensive lines in a state of flux and i'm not as optimistic as i am about seattle they don't have nearly the kind of speed on the perimeter to help this young man out like many of the other young quarterbacks are going to have at their disposal to take their game to another level and then on the defensive side of the ball their very best player right now he is not happy play for him what do you think that's what do you think that's all about louis what's going on with roquan smith and that wild nfl management council letter to say hey whoever's going around to teams saying if roquan's available in a trade isn't an agent and he's not been given permission to seek a trade that's wild stuff right now yeah on that that's what happens when you're representing yourself and you can't obviously you know have those quote-unquote back channel conversation aka tampering conversations that maybe some agents have with players who are under contract but who are unhappy about their current situation then you know maybe i guess there's a guy who's trying to do that on brooklyn bath and i think what it all leads to is the fact that he feels as though this team hasn't shown him any respect you know by all reports they offered him a contract that was severely back loaded didn't give him the kind of guaranteed money and security up front in the first you know initial years of the contract probably the first two three years of the contract that he thought he deserved and by all accounts when you watch his tape talk to people who played against him talk to people who played with them talk to people who coached him he's one of the top two off-ball linebackers in the entire nfl and it's still a young centerpiece for any football team so why wouldn't this be an easy contract negotiation for them in their rebuild meaning we have a centerpiece right here we take care of them and then we continue to build out and help out the offense help out our young quarterback get some more pass rushers like we're going to need because robert quinn's not going to be around much longer why wouldn't this be an easy contract negotiation i i i'm a little bit stumped by this one to be honest with you and i'm i'm sure we're going to get into it on air thursday night because i'm fascinated by people love i mean rich you know people love bro kwan smith as a person and as a player and he's going to make nine million dollars this year on his fifth year option where other stack linebackers like shack leonard and and and people of that caliber are making twice that much i wouldn't be able to stomach it either i wouldn't i wouldn't i wouldn't have that sitting well with me either i wouldn't want to play either and it's going to be interesting to see how ryan paul navigates that here in his first year as a gm louis redick here on the rich eisen show again he'll be on the call with uh dan orlovsky big orlovsky big bag of leaves and laura rutledge uh on thursday night um bears and seahawks so i i i asked this question knowing it's uh it's still too early but what the hell i don't know when uh you know if we'll be chatting anytime before the season again so i'll just throw it out to you louis redick um the quarterback rookie quarterback that you think has a chance to play first this year as a starting qb is oh the rookie quarterback yes sir i mean because pickett because pickett looks you know good second half stuff and yeah and then but they're you know sam howell slung it around man and malik willis was running around even though vrabel said he needs to throw to the guys when they're open which is i found an interesting comment i don't know if you heard that one but what what do you think what do you think no i i definitely think it will be kenny pickett for a number of different reasons one i'm just a big believer in the way that kid is put together both mentally and physically i believe that he is uniquely let's just say wired the right way to handle the expectations of going from college to pro in the same city in the same stadium in the same facility you know to be able to handle the kind of expectations to come along with it and i think pittsburgh saw and whether or not this really factors into people's decision making you know you can really quantify whether or not it does concretely or not i think it it will factor into the decision as to when he starts how much excitement the prospect of him starting has generated in that city you saw it when he came into the game and even though it's the first preseason game you leave them back to a you know to a game-winning touchdown in the last minutes of the game and people go that doesn't mean anything actually yeah it does because the the mindset of the football team the passion and the fervor of the fans the belief that the fans has in the team all that it's just a good feel-good story on top of the fact that he's you know he's i think he's just a fantastic quarterback and mike mike picked him they targeted him and they picked him you pick a guy 20th overall not because you want to sit him on you know on ice for an extended period of time and as good as mitchell played trubisky and he looked quite honestly he looked fantastic i just think it's going to be kenny's time sooner rather than later because he just kind of made for this situation it's really a dream situation for him but i think pittsburgh sees the writing on the wall louis redick here on the rich eisenhower let's talk about year-to-year leaps um and how you think they they will play out certainly clearly it it matters about the roster around you and i understand that that that needs to be factored in but let me let me uh let me go uh around the league a little bit with you tua what do you think his leap is going to be with mike mcdaniel and so much speed around him you mentioned the speed of the seahawks offense my gosh it's a track meet in miami what do you think about the year-to-year leap that we're going to see for tua this year i think i think it's all going to just be commensurate with his ability to stay healthy and stay on the football field and that will lead to his leap being you know the sky's the limit i've always been a big believer in him okay he wasn't some scrub coming out of alabama that's right okay he wasn't just throwing rocket screens and tunnel screens and slants and flat routes in alabama to was launching that ball down the field beautifully some very good wide receivers on a very good football team obviously well now he's got a football team that's some very good wide receivers that are very fast they can make some tremendous plays down the field and i guess other than to his help the play of his offensive line is going to be important because he can't just be getting back there getting his rear end kit as he as has been the case in his career so far down in miami and lastly you don't have to look over his shoulder he doesn't have to wonder if brian fitzpatrick's going to be inserted into the game he doesn't have to worry whether or not the coaching staff and or front office truly believes in his ability to be the future quarterback i think they're all aligned behind him mike mcdaniel in particular is aligned behind him and making sure that he has everything he needs to try and be successful and i think that freedom in his mind on top of all the better players that he has around him you see some of the clips that people are showing from practice and then launching the ball down the field to jaylen and to the tyreek too is going to be on it this year okay i think he's going to he's going to shut up a lot of people whether or not that means he stays the quarterback in miami because we know how that stuff can get sideways anyway when other people jump into it and just want to do what they want to do but it ain't going to be i i believe too is going to shut a lot of people up this year next one on uh um let's hear jaylen hurts year-to-year leap for him is going to be what louis frederick again again another situation where a team set set him up to succeed about as well as you possibly possibly can set up a young quarterback all his growth is going to come inside the pocket if his growth really accelerates inside the pocket then the leap is going to be significant to the point where in 2023 they're going we don't need to look for a quarterback if his growth inside the pocket is not where they need it to be in 2023 is when they'll use all that draft capital to find his replacement but i think he's capable of doing it yes preseason game one he looked fantastic yes it's preseason game one but people in philadelphia really believe in the way that jaylen is wired jaylen also has been a guy who's been subjected to a lot of turnover in his life as far as different play calls different people in his year from year to year to year to year it's been changed changed changed changed every year now he has a little bit of stability and he has some absolute just play makers around him run game pass game pass protection he's another guy who i would expect him to make a significant lead i'm not as high on him as a thrower of the football though as i am on a guy like tua how about that okay that's an interesting comparison right there um trey lance next one for you what do you think the leap's gonna look like for him now that it's his gig i know i know i know this is my personal like cheerleading story here okay like like i i'm the president of the trey lance fan club i might be the vice president then if you're the president there you go and you know what i think i think we're smart men rich and i think that's look he he is such a good person has such a great story you know the story no power five schools offer him any fellowship to be able to play quarterback all of them one of them to switch his dream school university of minnesota nope you can't play quarterback here but you can play another position that kind of story that kind of rejection fuels people man and trey has proved people wrong his entire life and it's not like he's some scrub either this kid's a fantastic freaking athlete and with that team he has around him with that head coach and play caller he has around him with that running game and offensive line he has around him those receivers and tight end that he has around him and the schooling he's getting every single day in practice against that defense man trey lance i think could have that kind of year where no one sees it coming just like in 2018 no one saw it coming with number 15 down there in kansas city damn yeah he can be good he can be good oh they must have liked him they drafted him when they already had alice he's got to be good you know he threw for all those yards down at texas tech but and people are saying the same crap about trey well he's there you know he's uh he's inaccurate in practice he missed the he missed the deep dig route to debo he can't throw the ball with the accuracy well he's a little bit behind as far as his processing blah blah blah blah look as kyle said he's right where we expect him to be he's moving along and making the leaps right right as we expect them to it's not going to be perfect but he also said this is what we expect and there is a reason why we moved up to three to draft it man i think the kid's gonna blow up i absolutely think he's going to blow up louis riddick here on the rich eisen show okay last one for you uh year-to-year leap i've already given you some quarterbacks that are young and unproven or need to prove themselves or have an opportunity i'm going to go in the opposite direction here year-to-year leap you would expect louis riddick for joe burrow in cincinnati what do you think you know he doesn't have to run for his life now because that offensive line is going to be even the whole right side of it from center to right tackle totally event joe burrow if he just had an extra tick in the super bowl they win the game because he's going to hit jamar chase and they're going to win it so for joe he's thinking damn i did all that getting my head beat in now if i can just sit back here clean jamar's a year better t higgins wants to get his his respect tyler boy's one of the best slot players in the nfl i got three mammoths on the right side the ones that defense is better they drafted a bunch of good playmakers in the secondary so i'm gonna get the ball back even more have more cracks at it joe burrow will be an mvp conversation we did a bunch of quarterback ranking exercises man the dspn you know how about everybody's doing all these nights joe burrow for me yep joe burrow's top five quarterback joe burrow may be a top three quarterback it may be brady brady um erin joe he's right in there bill's fans are probably bill's friends will be bill's fans will be like where's josh allen but of course but you know what when you objectively yes look at some of the met some of the metrics like you know like next gen completion percentage above expectation and all that stuff yeah joe burrow he's right in there top three four five top three four five every category every single one behind the offensive line that my my high school offensive line could have blocked better than at this point last year then that's a fact i mean we saw it you saw we all saw it yeah and joe this year he don't have to run for his life he doesn't have to be perfect every single time last year he had to be perfect every play otherwise he knew that his life is in danger from getting hit this year hopefully it won't be that way and if he can operate under you know with that kind of comfort man just thinking how much better this guy can and we all know how he's wired anyway he's another guy with a chip on his shoulder another guy who feels like he needs to prove something all the time and that stuff never leaves you man you you never lose that edge tom brady hasn't left hasn't lost it in 20 21 years of playing pro football he still feels disrespected joe burrow is wired that same way it seems like i love that kind of i love that kind of stuff and he doesn't have an appendix to weigh him down anymore so he's riding a cart out there you know leading i just uh man you just got i just want to run through a wall now and talking to you uh louis thanks for the thanks for the call thanks for the insight i literally could talk to you for all three hours for this program so i genuinely appreciate it when you answer my call and uh look for more of them thanks again have a great time calling the games next week thanks rich you got it check it out louis riddick along with dan orlovsky steve levey laura rutledge on the call of bear seahawks thursday then falcons jets monday kick off each time eight eastern on the worldwide leader in sports oh man number of times he would say something i look over and brock and they're like pump the brakes a little bit tray lance is suddenly patrick mahomes well he just said that it's similar easy to the things he was hearing about well here's the thing we actually saw patrick mahomes play college football that's true different story different story yeah yeah we saw him we saw him throw up 70 against oklahoma like what is the what's what's um can't be rookie of the year lance mvp won't be that's for that's absurd he won't be the mvp but there's a difference blowing up or not yeah what's the lance mvp that's look it up all right stand by all right look at that josh allen is your favorite guys he's 13 to 2 13 to 2 that's plus 650 why do they make gamblers do the math it's it's exactly plus 650 why don't you say six and a half to one by the way gamblers can do me as well whatever yeah lance is 28 to 1 not oh that's so who's who is who's worse than his odds then all right so below tray lance is derek carr is also 28 to 1 another good one jaylen hurts 25 to 1 lamar jackson 22 i'm saying give me odds that are worse than 20 okay i see uh let's see so where this town where mo green doesn't have a plaque or a signpost to remember his greatness um this they think these people have a worse chance to win the mvp that you had longer on all right i got you that's one is that the phrase big jump yeah longer bigger bigger jump here we go from 28 for lance to 40 to 1 for derek henry and trevor lawrence jonathan taylor cooper cup kirk cousins mac jones tua 50 to 1 mac jones and tua have the same same odds imagine if tua just says to somebody to grab his you know what we're in little b and start a problem apparently we got got that was a fake account are you serious yeah oh no we are uh yes did we really yeah we got gone but we got some good content by the way a lot of people got got because that got tweeted to me so many times yesterday we got we jumped we got hooked we got god yeah i think we got got we're already we're already at the market being sold just i'm so embarrassed by that come on guys you gotta have my back wow i didn't see i didn't see until it popped up on the screen right now all right so anytime we can hear these people do this sort of thing on twitter so stupid is 60 to 1 what i still want to say that by the way to somebody yeah by the way i kind of like matt ryan is 80 to one wolf that's a that's no that's good value yeah but that's like no chance the value what do you mean no chance he could have a really good year yeah for mvp of the league if the cults go 12 and 5 and matt ryan is 4 500 yards and 40 touchdowns all right if just did a very very heavy lift right there sir okay that's why i guess it's 80 to 1 uh let's take a break debo saniel baker mayfield james wince 80 to 1 let's take a break here on the rich isin show 844204 rich number to dial uh we'll set up our third hour michelle monahan here in studio that's how we're rolling into the break here towards the end of hour two back here on the rich isin show and hour number three um as if there's not enough michelle monahan um on our screens she plays two characters in her new oh program called echoes she plays twins sisters this is good stuff so she was one and two on the call sheet i believe so how about that can't imagine that means you're in every scene sometimes you're in every scene with yourself yeah that's got to be exhausting although i do love um hearing the sound of my voice yeah yeah that's why i'm perfect for this job do you do you love the sound of your own voice more or being right more oh good question hold on a minute let me try let me try and let me think about this chris hang on because i'm using my voice right now to think about it yes i miami voice well i'm i'm i'm i'm going lower register because that's when i think the timber of my voice does well as i believe a good friend of yours does does like the sound of my voice right who's that a good friend of yours i got a lot of good friends mila didn't she say that she said that to you one time on the phone i will never forget it it's soothing mila facetime me once before the show once and she said i like his voice and so i gave rich the phone so he could talk to her and i said hi hi i'm like bro her husband's in the car with her you do have a really good voice you're trying to sound like orson wells right now well no i'm just trying to sound like rich eisen your job for send is good though um you were good i like being right i think hey i just saw the news in the commercial break that joe burrow met with the media and said his achilles his appendix ruptured it was an emergency dude yeah that's right confirmed it ruptured could have been really bad news yeah and that's and how he says he thinks he'll be feeling great by week one he's back throwing though right yeah i mean i i think i just saw he looks thinner he looks like you know he's probably hasn't eaten much in the last couple weeks this is no joke that stuff man yeah that affects louis riddick's top three projection dude i don't want to get a problem with joe burrow being a top three quarterback he mentioned he said brady rogers and burrow well that's you can make an argument for that uh no you can't oh my god brockman has an interesting stat that he just gave me how do you not have josh allen and justin herbert there too i mean like with all due respect to joe burrow who we love what are you talking about he took the bengals to the super bowl and he was damn near unbeatable great brad johnson won a super bowl okay oh my god wow i'm just saying he's gonna top three quarterback like come on so excuse me let's leave josh allen out of it because he's the mandalorian quarterback and let's leave him out of it okay so there's excuse me now he's fourth at best excuse me like hold on let's get into this i know we're at the end of an hour but let's do it here you have to buy stock well this is a different conversation you must buy stock in one of these two quarterbacks meaning they will be at the end of their careers have more playoff wins and potentially more rings and super bowl appearances okay joe burrow justin herbert go oh you snake bitten franchises you already got a super rolling one i'll start even from here on even right now you're on out even even so no super bowl oh man so joe burrow has had this appendectomy and an acl so far in his career herbert no injuries choose choose choose buy your stock buy your stock buy buy your stock and i take 51 percent of one stock buy your stock i'm gonna take justin herbert oh i'll take burrow i can't believe i'm saying it about an ohio state guy because all the ohio state people own him yeah but they said they take ownership of him that's true because he thanked ryan day and that is not a slack on burrow i would take both of course not and it's not a slight it's not a slight on herbert i'd love to be proven wrong for all of my charger fans here including the man who helped to give birth to three of my joe burrow top three this year let's be honest what do you mean let's be honest yeah you can make that case he was remarkable last year and he's gonna be remarkable he was remarkable in like a handful of games last year okay just look at the game log okay end of the season to the end of the season from the big end of the reg from thanksgiving on spectacular he was spectacular he was and now he's going to be better protected hour three coming out with michelle monahan now he's going to be better protected he was good from mid december on and he wasn't really that good in the tennessee playoff game the last quarter he was getting his ass beaten in the tennessee playoff game he got sacked he got nine times dude the stat i'll find it here in my book if i don't look at it lenn dawson was the last one i think in like the 1970 playoffs was the last quarterback to be sacked nine times and win the playoff game and not that good in the efc championship game like like he's great and he's got moments and we love the stones on this guy and the moxie but like you know as i was telling tj 40 you know half of his fantasy points last year came in three games i got it okay so i mean it's not fantasy football it's real football and it's getting your ass beaten getting back in the huddle and looking at your guys in the eyes and they look you in the eyes and say let's try it again well that's a stat that can't be measured that is correct that's why i'm saying that's why you but that that grit is the word that you hear i'm looking forward to seeing another leap that he takes this year i think we're gonna see it yeah they got a really hard schedule at the end of the season man what they got so they have a week 10 bye week all right that's not a bad week to have that's a good bye week and then after that their sunday night at pittsburgh let's see at tennessee then they're home for kansas city i know they played well against kc last year uh-huh home for cleveland yeah and then at tampa short week christmas eve at new england and then finished the season buffalo baltimore really hard that's hard yeah yeah yeah it's really hard but then again you know everybody looked at the end of the schedule last year say all the bangles are on it that's a win so i don't know what that means what that means is these guys might not be as good as you think you think the chiefs aren't making the playoffs so that should be a win the patriots will their offense will they be sitting will they get their offense handled by week 16 to your satisfaction way back someone calling it i sure hope so the place i think so i think the pats could be a seven seed again i think joe burrow walking into into uh jillette on christmas eve is not the w that you think it's going to be i'd take the bangles in that game right now i don't think that it's going to be i never said it was going to be a w i'm saying it's a really hard schedule after the bye week that is there's no doubt yeah i know i agree it's first place schedule so that was when you win you make first place baltimore to end the season that could be game 250 well like what's the math now game 272 yeah but but but that's the team he also threw for 500 yards against last december oh baby season's right around the corner for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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