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REShow: Jordan Palmer/Mike Pereira - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 22, 2022 4:00 pm

REShow: Jordan Palmer/Mike Pereira - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 22, 2022 4:00 pm

QB Summit founder and co-host of ‘The Room’ Jordan Palmer tells Rich why Jacksonville Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence is poise to make a huge leap this year, why there’s tons of pressure on Tua Tagovailoa this season, why the Chiefs offense won’t face much of a drop off after sending Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins, why Ryan Tannehill and Mitchell Trubisky are two of the more intriguing quarterbacks to watch, and how Bills QB Josh Allen overcame his pre-draft question marks to become an NFL MVP frontrunner.  

In his ‘Overreaction Segment’ Rich weighs in on Tom Brady’s return to the Buccaneers, Jon Gruden nixing Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski joining the Raiders back in 2020, if the AFC North will have 3 playoff teams this season, if Saints WR Chris Olave can challenge Randy Moss’ rookie TD receptions record, if Gabrie Davis will have a better season for the Bills than Stefon Diggs, and if Pete Carroll and the Seahawks will be selecting a QB #1 overall in next year’s NFL Draft.

Rich offers up a ‘my bad’ after his initial overreaction on Twitter to the low block that injured the knee of New York Giants rookie edge rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux.

FOX Sports’ NFL Rules Expert Mike Pereira tells Rich why the controversial block on Thibodeaux was 100% legal, and explains why we’ll see more flags for ‘illegal contact’ between DBs and WRs this season.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Brady and Gronk to come to the Raiders and at the last minute Gruden blew the deal up. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

I'm sitting here thinking you're sticking with that motherf***er. Earlier on the show senior writer for the MMQB Albert Breer coming up, box sports rules analyst Mike Pereira, co-host of The Room, Jordan Palmer, co-creator of the AMC series Better Call Saul, Vince Gilligan and now it's Rich Eisen. Yes it is. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air right here on our YouTube stream Rich Eisen Show where we will reside until September when we join forces with the Roku channel and just a friendly reminder to every single soul out there that is watching us on our YouTube stream or listening to us on our Odyssey app. This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Coast to Coast will be back on Sirius and XM in short order.

Trust me on that one. That the Roku channel that we're going to be joining in September is free and it's not only on Roku devices. In addition to Roku devices it's on the Roku app, the, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TVs, Roku's device, Amazon Fire Stick and Samsung TV just only the three largest connected TV devices and the Roku channel is on all of them.

Roku channel is free. I just need to stress all that. Joining us on this program later on this hour Mike Pereira the NFL rules analyst for Fox will explain to me why me freaking out over Kayvon Thibodeau having his knee buckled last night on a hit that has left him with an MCL injury that's going to keep him out for three weeks. He's going to explain to me why that hit is legal and why I was wrong to say that there should be a fine and a suspension coming and so that will lead to the follow-up question is then why is that hit legal and what is the league thinking about that.

That's coming up in our number later on this hour also overreaction Monday and at this very moment in hour number three I will turn to my right and see in the in-studio guest chair the creator of Breaking Bad and the TV show that just wrapped up one week ago tonight on AMC Better Call Saul the brilliant Vince Gilligan will be here in studio hour three to chop it up with us and then you at 844-204-rich number to dial but we turn to the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line and find one of my favorites. Makes me smarter every time I talk to him so it's a good thing that he and Kyle Allen of the Houston Texans have created a new show that's going to be talking with the best quarterbacks of the biggest matchup every single week it's called The Room and at The Room with Kyle and Jordan is the way that you can check things out on YouTube Spotify and Apple Music. Jordan Palmer back here on the Rich Eisen Show how you doing Jordan?

I'm doing well I'm ready it's been a long off season for me the off season is my season and so I bet it is some real football. Okay so who do you think will wind up with the biggest leap from year one to year two or year two to year three at the quarterback position? Jordan Palmer I'll start very macro with you on that front what do you got for me? Yeah well I think and this is just from the situation I mean I would expect Trevor Lawrence to make some leaps and bounds just you know the stability he had in high school for four years the stability he had at Clemson for three years and then maybe the most one of the most unstable environments I've seen for a season you know in a long time for him to go to that there's just nowhere to go but up and so I don't even remember what his stats were I don't know how many interceptions he threw I kind of just scrapped that whole year and I would expect Trevor to to look more like the number one pick this year and the player that we've all expected to be and I think that that staff being in around them adding in a guy like Christian Kirk a couple other pieces I think Trevor's in a position to make a big step. Yeah I mean his situation's so unique I created a word I don't think it's a word but I say he's unevaluable you can't you can't evaluate him based on what last year was and looked like thanks to Urban Meyer and so now year two for him what do you think Doug Peterson does that that he can bring to the equation that can help us evaluate Trevor Lawrence and see what he can do what do you think? Well I think he's a great offensive mind but even before that I mean he's just going to be in a position to have success I mean you know this you've been doing this a long time like all the stories we heard about what were happening last year with Urban Meyer and the Jacksonville Jaguars that's always a small percentage of what's actually happening right there's all tons of stuff that no one knows about so to go into work every single day and the most important thing you have to do is unrelated to your own success and leading the team to to victory or whatever when like playing quarterback on the team is secondary because there's other fires to put out I just don't know how you succeed and so for us I don't know how you evaluate him so I totally agree with you and I think this year we're going to be in a position to evaluate him he's got stability they've got an offense that's designed around what the the pieces that they have on offense and that's that sounds really obvious like who doesn't do that I don't know that they really did that last year and so kind of co-coordinators and urban way in it so like I scrap it I like you know unevaluable unevaluatable yeah that's right but yeah I would expect a major progress from Trevor this year and then another evaluation that I'm keen on you know we're hearing it from Tyreek Hill Mike McDaniel with a new coach in Miami went on our front Dan Levitard show and mentioned how the the ball that Tua throws for a left-hander even though he's really right-handed doesn't tail so he called it the most accurate catchable ball I've ever seen what do you do you think this is just talking him up or do you think that this is the proper evaluation of Tua Tungovailoa going into a very crucial year for him in Miami Jordan I think it's a totally pointless statement to make I mean I saw that I thought maybe a misquote which is why a head coach would just say that I mean or even a player to say that right I mean you're gonna you're gonna have a guy who's on the hot seat right now I mean I but I don't care if we're talking about Joe Burrow to sit here and say like this is the greatest the most catchable ball I've ever seen I mean I don't know how you quantify that I just thought it was a weird statement and that's aside from Tua now for Tua I think the main thing is his injuries I mean he's hurting high school he's hurting college he's been hurting the league a little bit too so yeah he needs to play at a high level and he needs to take advantage of of what they have in that huddle with him because there are some horses in that huddle but he's got to stay healthy and and so it's going to be a combination of he's got to play the best football of his career and he's got to be able to stay healthy in a division that's kind of a weird division right now you got Buffalo who's gonna should run through that division and dominate who knows what the heck is happening in New England right now and then with the Jets you know I think I've got I that's another guy I think should take a step this year Zach Wilson but he just missed the most important part of the off season which is the month leading up to the season so what effect that has on him but yeah going back to Tua just a weird statement I've thrown it with Tua I think he's got a great arm he spins it really well but it wouldn't be on the top of my list yeah as a jet fan I'm just looking for Zach Wilson to take a physical step like a literal step first you know before we could start talking about the figurative next step for him you know and and so that crucial period that you're talking about he has missed it and so Tyreek's other spot in Kansas City so much conversation about the fact that Tyreek's not there and the the offense will take a step back but we're seeing all these kids like uh Justin Watson we're seeing uh Sky Moore we're also seeing MVS and Juju what are your what's your assessment of of the Chiefs offense going into this year Jordan well when when they lost Tyreek or traded Tyreek um I always I kind of look at it through the lens of the quarterback so as I'm talking to guys I work with and all that right you know responding and reacting to what happened put yourself in Pat's shoes and you know I feel like there's two maybe three players in the NFL right now where they can literally score from anywhere on the season right any type of throw all of a sudden poof they could take it 80 now there's a lot of fast guys in the league there's a lot of great runners but I feel like it's Tyreek Hill it's Jamar Chase and Win Healthy I think it's Alvin Kamara those are the three guys where you go at any given moment this guy can score and so that's a that's a small number Rich I don't know how you get rid of those guys right I don't know how you say we'll replace that with with what so that was my initial reaction but then you start kind of watching a little bit this off season you know you I kind of thought more about what Patrick is and Pat I think is just a significantly more talented version of what Ben Roethlisberger was in his prime where Ben had a different body type different talent different size all that but his ability to have guys on the outside run 14 yard curls and then he pump fakes them and then they just take off in any direction they want and and so guys like San Antonio Holmes guys like Heinz Ward these guys had great careers there but it was that second reaction it was it was after they run their route then they just take off another direction and I feel like that's what Juju did in in Pittsburgh I think that Patrick is now like the best guy in the league to do that with and so I actually my initial reaction was how are you going to replace Tyreek and those names you just threw out I wouldn't be surprised if if it looks on paper like they didn't miss Tyreek next year and that production is made up elsewhere and it's going to be a combination of those guys but I you know Juju is a guy where I go I could see him actually have a really big year because of what I just said it's not how fast he is or how clean routes he runs it's that second reaction playmaking down the field Pat's essentially building his game off of it right now and he's the best in the league at doing that and and you could see this this weekend the Chiefs stood out as a team that had handled the first half of their preseason game in DC like like it was the old school week three preseason like they they they were running their offense it looked like to me a little bit Jordan yeah they did and and I mean Pat looked you know look great like it looked great but I think they you got to have you know we got to have confidence in each position and all that stuff but you got to have confidence as an offense like when that coordinator brings everybody up in the meeting room like you got to be able to see this working really well before the season starts right you can have confidence in Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce these individual players but you lost a big piece in Tyreek and so the entire collective group and staff needs to go all right I see really clearly how this goes so I was not surprised that they got significant playing time in the preseason to just as a room go ahead and take that step and go all right cool yeah we're going to move forward Jordan Palmer quarterback summit founder and coach in the room co-host with Kyle Allen and you can check it out on YouTube Spotify and Apple Music right here on the Rich Eisen show who's the quarterback or offense we're not talking about that you think we should be Jordan Palmer what do you got for me oh man you know there's a there's a couple of them but I think there's one guy that uh maybe the longest off season and had had the suffers to the longest off season which is Ryan Tannehill um right now because it's preseason stuff we're talking about Malik Willis but how's Ryan Tannehill going to respond because they I mean they were the number one season the AFC last year Derrick Henry was hurt quite a bit came back and then to throw three picks uh when your defense I think they sacked borough what was it seven eight nine times nine that yep nine times um how's Ryan Tannehill respond here you know they got a young guy we had we heard the comment that he made which you know I think was blown out of proportion but about you know it's not my job to help Malik but I I'm curious what's going to happen in Tennessee because it's still a good defense it's still you know Derrick Henry's healthy probably the last team you want to play when it comes to running the football um so that and it's a small market it just kind of they just flip through the cracks a lot and so I'm really curious to see how Ryan Tannehill responds um to like I said I think maybe the longest off season of the year that is one of them no doubt about it and I mean I think it's his gig right I mean do you think any of the rookies have a shot to start this year I guess Pickett does look like one who's got the best shot at a week one potential so far I don't know what's your only guy that's got a shot at that I don't know the the value in running with Kenny Wynn um right now and Kenny's actually a guest on uh on our show that you've been mentioning yes the room he's a guest next week um and and so excited to talk with him but um I don't know what you gain out of it it's kind of like in Atlanta you know they just went ahead and named Marcus Mario the starter because what's the point in having a QB competition right if it's close at all now if if Trubisky was you know playing the worst ball of his career and Kenny's doing what he's doing right now it makes more sense but when you've got a veteran and a rookie and they're both they're both playing you know commiserate you know what I mean about the same all that I just err on the side of going with the older guy um because you can always make that switch down the road so I do think that Desmond has a chance to start this year in Atlanta um whether it's because they're struggling or injury and uh and I and I think the same thing with Kenny uh but I I'm excited to watch Trubisky play maybe that's an answer to what offense I'm excited sure I'm excited to watch Trubisky play in this system because just hearing Josh Allen talk about him last year when he went and got a year out of the spotlight out of Chicago got to go back up Josh watch him play at that level he played at I'm excited to watch Trubisky how he responds to Jordan Palmer here on the Rich Eisen Show and the few minutes left let's talk about Josh Allen because he's you know your odds on favorite for MVP and you've been there since jump man um and and I just wonder how does this does his ascension change the way we evaluate kids coming out of college because I just remember the evaluation of him and now what he's done and where he is entering this season um and and you know you're also seeing comparisons as stats with him and Daniel Jones I saw that last night on the Giants preseason broadcast and they're quite similar through the first 38 starts of his career and things of that nature I'm just wondering if Josh Allen's going to start changing potentially the way that we evaluate quarterbacks or he's just such a unicorn what do you think yeah I do um forever people have said things like you can't coach accuracy you know you can't go to the NFL where it's harder and and get better and be a better pro than you were in college um and and he's not he's certainly not the only one who's done that who's become a better pro than he was college player but I hear I've been hearing that a lot and when coaches say that I say I believe you I I bet you can't um you help somebody get more accurate as they get older but um yeah he's already changing it I I've actually spent some time this offseason going around to different um buildings uh different NFL teams and speaking to the scouting departments on that kind of getting brought into consultant talk with with different scouting departments about how they have actually evaluated the position um and I just think that we've got to go back further and so when you look at a Josh Allen and you know where to come from you know you look for the staff you look through the people who played a role but he's a rare one that didn't grow up in an area where he had a bunch of elite level quarterback training like so many kids have right now um and so he kind of got introduced to a lot of the stuff that other kids when they're younger get introduced to it a much younger age he didn't get introduced to it till really late but then you add in the talent and the ability and the and the his physical traits and um and so I just think that to say somebody's not accurate or I think he was 54 in college and then write it off I just think that's lazy we need to do more research and if somebody's had a lot of training and they've had great exposure great experience and they're still 54 percent then I think you can write that person off but what I'm challenging people to do is dive deeper and go back earlier um in the story and figure out why they believe what they believe or why they don't believe what they don't believe well I guess the question is how how much better can you get do you think Jordan what do you think well I think um when you look at the guys who've been MVPs and done it Aaron and and um and Tom and Peyton and these guys who've done it it was uh it was a full season right it was it was no bad games it was um it was complete and and Josh's highs are as high as we've seen you know um with his last game of season last year but they stubbed their toe and lost to Pittsburgh early I was in Tennessee for the Monday night game when kind of missed and won you know really only missed one or two throws but then they lose by three that affects the seating you know and so it's a complete year they have to start week one the way that they they finished last year uh the great teams and the best players in this league do that and that's my expectations for Josh this year so what's the expectation for the room you and Kyle Allen he's down in Houston right and you're you're just gonna meet uh zoom and and get a guest every week what what's what's the plan here walk me through it well yeah so the room you know we think about like 30 minutes before a quarterback meeting rooms uh quarterback meeting starts right you're in the NFL you're in there like what are the quarterbacks talking for that 20 or 30 minutes before the beating starts and a little bit of its football and when that that part of football is really elite you know like advanced conversations about football you're talking about very interesting stuff we talk about sports other sports you talk about fashion you talk about music so we've been talking about doing this and and I've got a lot of awesome guests lined up essentially the biggest names in football quarterback position lined up for this year um and so Kyle and I it's it's more like a PTI meets BFFs with Dave Portnoy it'll live on YouTube we'll cut things every it'll it'll be drips every single day but we want the the best quarterback from the biggest matchup that week so uh Kenny Pickett just because it's pre-season be joining us this week Desmond Ritter was a guest last week we'll get JT Daniels right before um the backyard brawl Josh Allen to kick off the season uh and away we go all the way through this year so we want to make the most fascinating conversation in football happening on our channel and uh and we're excited to do it and get some basically the biggest names and quarterback lined up for the season the neat part about that sounds great man and I'll be checking it out that's for sure and the neat part about Josh is it strikes me as he's got the ability to hear all the expectation and shoulder it and just still be himself I have zero concern that the expectation level is going to consume him I don't I don't have a single ounce of concern about that at all yeah Jordan you know it's weird too uh Rich I haven't you know you've known my brother a long time and we were friends all the time and people made a big deal about Carson and I've certainly seen people in his prime and all that ask for autographs and ask for a picture all that stuff it's it's a little different in Buffalo I mean they think they they people say and write things like our savior I mean I mean really it's really important to that community in a way that I did not see in my time in the NFL I never saw a player that important to a community and I whether it was Ocho Cinco in Cincinnati Brandon Marshall in Chicago I've never Matt Forte in Chicago I've never seen a community respond to this so it's not just the winning expectations it's like what he means to that community and I just think I can name a ton I won't but a ton of quarterbacks that I've been around that are amazing players that I don't think could handle that and I don't know what it is he's just built to be able to handle it and I agree I don't think it's going to be too big a deal at all I and you know normally you'd think that going into a season certainly for a franchise and a team and a and a and a mafia that that is so wanting it um I have no concerns about it I can't wait to see him in a few Thursdays right here in Los Angeles um let's do this more often I'd love to do it Jordan you know that so let's let's do it look for my call cool thanks take care of yourself that's Jordan Palmer at JW Palms on Twitter I follow him you should as well and check out again The Room with him and Kyle Allen every single week YouTube Spotify and Apple Music at The Room with Kyle and Jordan we'll take a break over Reaction Monday and your phone calls right here on the Rich Eisen Show on this terrestrial radio network coast to coast thanks to Westwood One Odyssey app and slash Rich Eisen Show 844204 Rich. 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Hey Rich how you doing?

What's going on? Okay so we'll just get right to it this is an open question for TJ, Chris, Mike and you Rich maybe something for you guys to discuss okay but as I was sitting with my friend we were thinking about the Los Angeles Chargers right how they're a team that's really good really talented but you know they didn't end the season the way they wanted to last year because they're a team who can pretty much beat anybody like I think they could beat the Bills but they could also lose to like let's just say the Jaguars so we were thinking to ourselves who is the NFC version of that and when we were talking about it we said it was the Arizona Cardinals they can pretty much beat anybody but they can also pretty much lose to anybody so what's your guys's take on that? How about the Dallas Cowboys? I'm not doing that to troll on anybody I'm serious.

What are you laughing about? Last year they they I'm serious last year they almost beat the defending world champs in their house with a guy coming off of a leg injury that was gruesome and everyone's wondering how he's going to handle that and the money and Dak was terrific. They went 12 games last year. And then they turned around and lost the Denver Broncos. And they won their division. And they won their division. Yeah but we always lose to the Broncos. I think Jacob's talking about a team like they're not going to win their division because they do dumb things like what the Chargers do they just kind of play dumb football sometimes you know.

Just takes a nice chunk out of the pie. So what do you say? I think the Cardinals is a good pick.

I see what I see what he's saying. How about Atlanta? Atlanta maybe not anymore but they had been that way for a while. They had been that way but they did good it was Super Bowl. I'm sorry you wanted to chime in here sir? Go for it.

Yeah no worries. I was going along with what Chris was saying right. What I was getting at you know there's like I feel like the Cardinals are this team that's really good and to be fair the Dallas Cowboys are as well. I don't want to disrespect TJ's fandom over there but when I think about the Cardinals right I think to myself how like they always look unbeatable sometimes right.

And then they have things like Adrian Green not turning around to you know catch the touchdown to be the Green Bay Packers or just something dumb happens and the Chargers do the exact same thing when they have these games. All right Jacob thanks for the call. TJ you want to chime in? No because I shut you down. You're upset because I said yeah I'm going into a show right now.

Come on seriously. I didn't hear what he just said. Okay you don't want to chime in on Jacob?

No I just said I agree with Chris earlier. I agree with Arizona. They seem like that team there's weeks with the Cardinals look like they could beat anybody and then they'll lose a game. You're like how was this the same team that we watched two weeks? Did you see Cliff Kingsbury and the Cardinals did not score a touchdown on offense with Cliff calling the plays and then he handed it off to Kyler and they did score a touchdown. Just see that as by the way the Ravens won yet another preseason game in a row. The most meaningless stat of all time. How?

It is but it's not though. What do you mean? I don't know.

It kind of builds character for the season. And by the way how about the tight end Isaiah likely? Could they have what's more? You know seriously right?

But how about that kid? How about if Mark Andrews and him together? Mark Andrews just popped up in the 30s. They still need like a dominant WR one on that. Don't you think? We've all been saying that.

But it's not like there's anybody out there right now. Yeah I'm just saying like it would be I'd love to see Lamar have that before it's sooner than later. Also Lamar no joke he's like looks 20 what is it 25 pounds heavier on the broadcast? Bro Lamar's jack. Huge man. Remember we talked last week about I asked you did you ever notice the size of Lamar's neck? Like homeboy is just. Well he's also like we said he's 6'3.

He's not like you know Kyler Murray running around. Okay let's get to it. It's a Monday coming off of a very busy football weekend. It's time for overreaction Monday. Hit it.

Hit it please. That was terrible. That was crap. That was garbage. This place sucks. Overreaction Monday.

Hit it Christopher. Hey guys did you see who's back in South Florida? Oh. It's central Florida. That's why I was thrown off.

I was like Miami. By the way nothing to see here. Nothing to see here with the Brady absence. Okay. Nothing to see. Well um I'd agree with that.

There's nothing to see here. If it's personal and who's been able to you know box up the personal and just focus on the professional. There's all reports out there that he had went to the Bahamas with his family. Look I don't want to get really into the there's been rumors all over the map. I understand I'm just saying.

That are really personal and also really I don't know. There is nothing to see here. All right all right all right. I can't I can't imagine that there's a teammate there that thinks that Tom is thinking too much of himself. Uh there's never been a teammate that I think thinks that of Brady. I can't imagine. I haven't heard that at all in 20 years.

I haven't heard even one disgruntled patriot say that. You know so I will agree. Nothing to see here. He is one of those types of athletes that can compartmentalize and will will do so I think.

But one never knows and September 11th Tampa at Dallas will be the first indication of such and I cannot wait for that. Me too. So I think that's an appropriate reaction.

Nothing to see here. All right this next one I kind of did just because I want to see what you guys are going to say. All right uh also in line with what we're talking about Brady. Oh Gruden made the right call. Not taking Grady and Gronk in 2020. He made the right call. Just think about where the Raiders are now.

If he had done that back then right. No Derek Carr right now. No Devante Adams right now. No Josh McDaniels right now. No Josh Jacobs. No Chandler Jones. No. All those guys are probably not on the team right now. Or maybe some of them would have arrived on the spot because Brady would have brought him there. Yeah. What about the same way that if the Raiders had conducted themselves the same way that the Bucks did. Come on man.

You don't. Raiders weren't as good as the Bucks though. Do you think if Brady had gone they won the Super Bowl that year? Like the Bucks did? Look I can't sit here and say that. No I can't. Bucks were loaded on offense.

They delivered. I understand but you can't look at Brady and Gronk and say yeah we'll pass. Honestly I'm mystified by that. Completely mystified and I understand his love for Derek Carr and I have nothing but appreciation of him and belief in him.

I mean I'm saying the Raiders are winning the division this year after the division just turned into what the division has turned into. Mark Davis said he had no knowledge of this though. How's that possible? I can't imagine that. Dana White had to contact somebody to get Mayock's number right? In Vegas? Dana White knows people in Vegas. How about this?

If it wasn't Gruden it was Gruden and Mayock together and you know and Mark Davis saw Brady do what he did and Mayock was part of the the crew that said yeah let's not do that and you're seeing what's going on. Yeah. Maybe that's part of like get out right? Maybe. That's interesting.

I don't know. There's so much crazy ass speculation around but I'll say that's an overreaction. You got a shot at Brady and Gronk in 2020.

You take that shot in 2020. Come on. What else? You know who looked good over the weekend?

Kenny Pickett looks good over the weekend. Lord Jackson looks absolutely yoked and we know the Bengals are going to be good. How about the AFC North three playoff teams?

I think you could say that. I think three playoff teams from there and then you get two in the west because they're beat up. The Colts. One in the west. Two in the west because when you're saying three playoff teams you're talking about the division winner and two wildcarders. Yeah then one division winner and the other. Right correct. So you get the division winner you get the Bills and whoever the Colts and the Titans are right?

That's what I'm saying. Right so no Patriots maybe no Titans. No Dolphins.

No Dolphins. No second no third and fourth place finisher in the AFC west. Right. That's totally doable. That's totally doable and the way that the NFL would normally operate in the way that you don't see it coming. Exactly. Absolutely. I think that's totally doable. Kenny Pickett starting which is something that I thought was entirely possible.

I just I don't know. I mean you heard Jordan Palmer earlier say it's easier to start with the veteran go to the kid. That's no question about it. That's what happened with Roethlisberger you know and then they turned to Roethlisberger out of necessity because Tommy Maddox got hurt. Touchdown Tommy.

And I just remember Alan Faddick of Future Hall of Famer and the rest of the offensive line was like I don't know this team's ready to win now. We're gonna turn to the kid. Oh my gosh.

Yeah it turned out all right. What else Chris? What else? TJ the rookie record for receiving touchdowns. You know who that is? The guy your team passed on Randy Moss 17 back in the day. Still hurts.

Still hurts. I'm gonna say I'm gonna say you know who's really good? Chris Olave is really good. He's gonna challenge Moss's rookie TD record. I don't know can Jamis get it to him? Is Jamis gonna be healthy enough to get it to him? If he's not then who's the quarterback gonna be?

I get it. I don't know he's look I can personally attest as to how good Chris Olave is. He ruined many many a November with the exception of last one. Not about you it's about Chris Olave in the States. That was a good one. I just love it.

Not about you. I'll say that's an overreaction. If Mike is back then that's gonna be very hard for him.

He might lead all rookies with it. I don't know Garrett Wilson's quarterback just had surgery six days ago. That's what I mean.

And then what? You know Drake London's hurt. He's now out eight to ten weeks.

I don't know. As you know look to the second round for your wide receivers too. AJ Brown, Deebo Samuel, DK Metcalf.

I'll just say that's an overreaction and move on. Hey speaking of guys catching touchdowns did you see the play that Josh Allen made over the weekend? To Gabriel Davis. To Gabriel Davis?

Yeah took forever. Oh my god. He just keeps the play alive and then he flips it up in the air.

Oh my god. Gabe Davis is going to be the Bills number one receiver this year. I think that is absolutely a spot-on supposition. I will just say it's not analysis.

It's not a prediction. I will say that Stephon Diggs is going to get so much attention and rightfully so that this kid Gabriel Davis is going to have a monster season. I loved talking to him the other day and he's going to be the Bills number one receiver this year. I loved talking to him the other day and he's going to have a monster season. I loved talking to him the other day. I loved hearing his story. As you know stories that I love narratives and stories about him not getting drafted in the first two nights of the draft. Everybody's cleaning up at his party on that Friday night of the draft night. He went in the fourth round the next day but he said he was so embarrassed he went in the bathroom and cried. You hear that and you just know that guys just want to win. I'm getting even it's my my so yes I say that is an appropriate reaction.

I'll say that you know I'm not being at all critical of Stephon Diggs but I'll go with that. Is there one more? Do you got one more? Yeah one more.

I got one more. I don't need a mic. It's all good. I was gonna look they look terrible. I don't hear it anyway because the batteries just went out of my ears.

They were terrible over the weekend. Do you mean to talk loud? I'll talk loud.

The Seahawks will be drafting number one overall. Oh my god we're back to this now? We're back to this now? They look awful. Are we back to this now?

Yes. They don't have any quarterbacks talking CJ Stroud or Bryce Young Seahawks colors next year. I guess you could say it's not an overreaction. I guess you can double down on my Pete Carroll take. I'm just saying number one.

It's gonna be gone. Yeah I'm just number one. I mean you can't you know if you're identifying teams prior to the season as to how they look at the quarterback position and how I told you the runny nose is a lack of tackling but it's just a preseason game and Pete's always better than you think. Yeah well. Ah screw it. It's an overreaction.

I'll cape for the 12s. All right when we come back here I overreacted to something on Twitter. The Kayvon Thibodeau hit and man am I getting roasted. I don't know football. I suck. I'm a moron. Mike Pereira will tell me why that's a legal hit when we come back.

Back here on the Rich Eisen Show me talking about uh to our rest of our audience on YouTube and Odyssey uh I'm catching the terrestrial radio audience up to speed. I did in fact um misidentify the Kayvon Thibodeau hit as illegal thinking that should be a fine and all of that and boy I mean honestly I'm getting people saying do you either know football or you do not. It's amazing how many people on the comments know they should be coaching football. And just to point out by the way the uh and I understand people might get upset with this comment if I was a woman they wouldn't be they'd be off the planet they couldn't talk football ever again that's the sexism a guy it's just like I just didn't know the rule book which I didn't but uh a woman does it forget it they'll never be heard from again in many people's minds so let's just focus on that that everybody makes mistakes I'm clearly one of them um I just think this shouldn't be legal at all like what how the hell is that legal how the hell would uh uh you know a general manager a coach or or an owner of a team want their star player to be so exposed now interestingly enough I was poking around I heard part of that might be on Thibodeau too Thibodeau should know it's coming right he ran straight at it he was kind of bracing for up high block and then a veteran a veteran should know this is coming and get ready and position himself to spin off it or or hit the guy with with the your shoulder pad so why is this legal I figured let's call my buddy Mike Pereira who loves pointing out when I'm incorrect he's on the mercedes-benz van's phone line the nfl fox rules analyst former head of nfl refs Mike Pereira back here in the rich eyes how you doing mike I'm doing great how are you I'm doing well except for the fact that I had a knee-jerk reaction uh to a hit by Thaddeus Moss on cave on Thibodeau that looked dirty um but is legal and so my question for you is mike is why is that uh block that damn near took out one of the top rookies knees last night uh legal well I mean I asked I guess I would ask the reverse why would it be illegal I mean it's not illegal the block below the waist all the time and that particular block was inside the tight end box so that makes it legal Moss actually started within the tight end box so even from that position it's legal to block below the waist had he been coming from outside in motion what they call a crack back block it would still have been legal because it was on the opposite side of where Moss lined up of the ball so there's really nothing there's no category that you could have put that in as illegal however that being said I talked to the league this morning and it's something that the committee competition committee has been looking at and all you need is a bit of an uproar a significant injury and you could look at saying okay we're gonna we're gonna ban all blocks below the waist even if it happens in the in the what you call now the tight end box so I imagine this will generate more discussion and I think they've talked about the last two years as a matter of fact but once they got to that tight end box and basically made blocks below the waist legal in the tight end blocks and illegal anywhere outside the tight end box there was just no place to put that action by Moss yesterday to make it illegal well how about below the knee how about that or you hit someone in the ankle because that's where it's you know the knee is what we always look at but that ankle is what kind of folded as well last night I mean again I am not an expert clearly when it comes to offensive line play and blocking and things of that nature but it just strikes me that if you are blocking below the waist and you block right on the knee so many players tell me over and over again they'd rather be hitting the head than than in the knee I keep hearing that all the time that was you know when all the emphasis went on protection of the head and neck area the consensus of some within the competition committee that you were going to force the players to go low and there's like an unwritten rule of players saying that you don't want to go low but that's obviously changed and you know the the quarterback and a lot of it I think has to do with the fact of are you in a defenseless position are you vulnerable or do you as in the case with Thibodeau um did you see that block coming and um and I think he did and he kind of braced himself in a funny position actually kind of turning a bit sideways which maybe even exposed his knee a little bit more but um you know I you're getting to the the stage in both college and NFL football where each and every year you seem to restrict the rule in terms of when it is legal to block below the waist and we'll probably see it I mean we'll prep they've been talking about it for two years which I'm told they have been if they've been talking about it for two years I'm not going to be surprised if we see something and maybe it's what you say maybe it's okay it's an eyes you know you've got to be if it's at the knee area or below then it's going to be illegal you got to be above the knee maybe that's come you know maybe that is coming but um but not in this case it wasn't illegal okay so you you had mentioned uh you know quarterback hits and things of that nature moments ago is there what what's the rules of emphasis this year that uh the league is going to be calling or not calling so far well I you know to me rich um when I look at all the emphasis there were no rule changes right I mean there was one rule change and applied only in the postseason and it was overtime and it was the chiefs and the bills so that was the only actual change um the typical things of contact of the quarterback's head I mean that is constant you look at that the taunting issue is still the same but the illegal contact is probably the one and that's the one to me that changes the game um and it's not a rule change the rule is exactly the same but the emphasis is not they want more calls and and why do they want that because the committee looks at numbers you look at the 2021 season and all of a sudden you see that points per game were down four points a game passing yards per game were down 24 yards and so they look and they say why well there's two ways to look at it in my opinion you could go look at the numbers what they were in 2021 and recognize that 49.6 points per game was like all-time high four points above the norm um and the passing yards were uh were up too but you look at the numbers as they reflect the year before and they're down and so you make an emphasis of it we did it in 2003 when I was there and all of a sudden the number of illegal contact calls in the year went from 79 in 2003 to 191 in 2004 did it again in 2013 when the numbers were 59 and it went to I think it was about 160 the following year last year there was only 39 calls and which was one of the lowest ever in terms of illegal contact since the rules came in so you're going to see more of those and it will frustrate the daylights out of people because it's one thing to have a five-yard penalty when it's third and 17 but when that five-yard penalty for illegal contact which has nothing to do with the severity of the contact even if it doesn't affect the receiver if it's initiated by the defender it carries that five yards in an automatic first down and so it becomes a huge penalty so that yeah and that's the thing with fans mike is that gets him particularly frustrated is when it's away from the play and you don't see it on the screen and then all of a sudden a flag comes in and it affects you know whether a team a defense gets off the field or not and it's away from the play so you're saying like what weeks one through four we should expect to see a ton more of those until there's such a hue and cry when players get used to it and then we'll see less of it is that the way it's going to go it's not yeah this is not one like okay we're going to get the tackles up on the line scrimmage and it's not one that they're going to call a lot of the preseason and then not call as much during the regular season this is a constant one i mean the committee is adamant about this they didn't like that number of illegal contact calls in the 2021 season so we're going to see a lot of that and i know fans get furious about you know third and 17 and a five-yard penalty makes it first and 10 but the theory being with the committee and the rule was that if it was third and 15 then you're going to be actively aggressive as a corner when it comes to uh you know playing bump and run or riding beyond five yards because you know that the five-yard penalty would make it still third and 12 and so um let's listen it's an offensive league we know that right and so they like points they like yardage and i guess they like illegal contact penalties too because they'll see more mike pereira bless you i can hear you're in an airport go travel safely we'll chat down the line uh during the season you're the best thanks you got it thanks that's mike pereira fox sports nfl rules expert here on the richison show oh boy get ready for it the most frustrating penalty in football is the roughing the passer where the quarterback barely gets touched right helmet to helmet contact where it's really helmet to shoulder contact right but a close second or third is the illegal contact penalty that happens away from the play it has nothing to do with your team your team is playing tough defense it's third and as you said 17 quarterback looks to his right throws down the field incomplete no flag wait a minute there's a flag on the plate was that pass interference no no no there was illegal contact on the receiver at the top of your screen out of view from you sitting there at home watching and it was just a a shove six yards down the field quarterback never looked there never had any intention of going there but it still fell and mike just basically told us get ready for a lot of those yeah common because the competition committee wants a call talk about breaking bad there huh how about that for a little uh segue vince gilligan the creator of breaking bad is coming up next in studio but we're still here right here on our youtube stream just to expound on this a little bit more i i usually the emphasis penalties are called significantly more in the pre-season haven't seen it though that that's what we're talking about significantly more in the pre-season haven't seen it though that much in the pre-season not really and then they are just a rash of penalties weeks one through maybe four and then they go away because there will be an adjustment players will adjust to it there's always a you know an adjustment period and they they do listen to it and then there's such a hue and cry from um the fan base yeah tom brady tweets about it that's all you need is tom brady to tweet about it like he did the holding penalties on that thursday night years ago and then it was over the emphasis on the holding penalties interesting that was a night where sean hockley was going crazy and he's the one who who threw the flag on brady in after taking one in the chops for the his only uh unsportsmanlike conduct penalty of his career after he's bleeding yeah and earholing hockley and then boom penalty great name right that you're holding hock you you're holding hockley is a great fantasy team name entry late late late in the season earholing hockley is a great fantasy team name or what uh a very uh unknown rem album you're holding hockley off camera where do you come up with them i don't know groups yeah i don't know you come up with the group i don't know it's because yeah ska band it's definitely not a right said fred album you know what i mean nice one hit one all right too sexy no they have two but you know what i'm saying like this is the way it's common and we like front loading you all out there who consume this program with that information i mean it's gonna be super annoying but yeah i mean hopefully it goes away the second half of the year it's not usually the second half of the year it's usually the second quarter of the season yeah but i meant i hate those penalties because you don't see them sitting at home you don't see them sitting at home and it makes you think that what you're seeing isn't they're usually usually because they're away from the play whoever is in charge of putting that yellow flag logo up on the bottom right of your screen to know that it's been a flag on the place you don't see it thrown and sometimes it's not there on your screen and so it comes out of nowhere right and that makes it worse even though you know it was called on time right you just learn about it late which makes you crazy vince gilligan better call saul conversation coming up next for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you 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