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REShow: Thomas Q. Jones - Hour 3

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August 23, 2022 3:45 pm

REShow: Thomas Q. Jones - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 23, 2022 3:45 pm

Rich reacts to the Brooklyn Nets’ refusal to deal Kevin Durant after his trade demand in June and the guys debate if the Clippers or Lakers are a better bet to win the NBA title, offers up some advice for whomever buys the Los Angeles Angels after owner Arte Moreno announced the team is up for sale (which made Hall of Famer Rod Carew VERY happy), and makes a plea for future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols not to call it a career after this season. 

NFL RB-turned-actor Thomas Q. Jones joins Rich in-studio to discuss the new season of his Bounce TV show ‘Johnson,’ says if NFL coaches or TV network executives are bigger liars, says what advice he has for Seahawks WR DK Metcalf as he dips his toes in the acting waters, says why it’s difficult for running backs to have long careers especially in today’s NFL, and reveals that time at the Pro Bowl when he had a very awkward moment with Jay Cutler.

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We say hello to everybody listening to us on our podcast. Whenever you're darn well pleased listening live on Odyssey and of course right here on Rich Eisen Show our television home, temp home for the moment. We will start streaming on Roku starting in September. It is free on the Roku channel which is available on all Roku devices. If you don't have a Roku device there is your Samsung Smart TV. If you don't have a Samsung Smart TV there's Amazon Fire TV. If you don't have any of those above there is the Roku app on your mobile phone Roku channel is free there on your mobile device and if you somehow some way don't have a mobile device what's your who are you okay foot phone okay uh well you can even get that too on the you got you got the internet yeah yeah the free there the word the keyword is free on the rich eisen show our number three here thank you squad goals indeed good to see over there chris brockman our number three rich what's happening uh jason feller how are you sir yeah i'm well good to see you tj jefferson how are you sir i mean you know okay um so that sounded that sounded like the new brooklyn net slogan for uh 2022-2023 yeah sure why not that's it sure that's it bobby sure that's it bobby connivale is going to be right there in brooklyn where he lives right he's probably got courtside oh yeah well no he's a nick fan oh he's not going he's he i bet you he's still he's still going across the east river to go watch his basketball because if you show up at the nets games you know i think dolan's kevins will uh will notice that sort of thing and not let you in the side door suddenly yeah well yeah suddenly you got to go around the front just like everybody else and you know it's kind of crazy what's happening in this mixed up world where people are drinking beers through uh hot dogs that they hollow out with a straw but is it possible is it possible that the nba is no longer the league in which you get traded the minute you ask for a trade but the nfl is what about that how about that devante adams says i want out and the packers oblige him tyree kell says i want out and the chiefs oblige him this is a league where it was always yeah right pull out something called a contract and look at your signature on the bottom line and we'll see you in training camp sir the nfl is sending receivers where they want to go you want to go to vegas play with your old school friend your boy balloon from fresno you want to do that here you go tyrique jets or dolphins yeah we understand you're going to miami and in the mba kevin durant's like i'd like out please and they're like uh no they take 54 days to say it from june 30th all the way to yesterday and confirmed it today they met in los angeles the they being the coach and general manager steve nash and sean marks who durant apparently said needed to go for him to stay and the owner joe sai and his wife were there as well the owner who said i'm sticking with my coach and general manager after the news popped out that durant had told the team the terms in which he would return required them to get a new coach and general manager and they've agreed to move forward with our partnership they call it a partnership they're not like he's going to play basketball for us and sure enough his logo of his production company's at the bottom what do you think well we're going to see the seth curry show on the boardroom so we're going to see tj warner rice o'neill yeah eight crazy nights with royce o'neill behind the scenes right steve nash doesn't have a spot in the boardroom let's be honest uh steve nash is i don't know and that's the thing every single day we're going to be watching the nets basketball game saying what's the body language what's happening does durant like it does kyrie like it it's ben simmons in their text chain here we go i'm honestly it's kind of crazy isn't it because durant was told no they told her man no and they held on to him like beauty and the beast right they put him in uh they put him in the library till he came around right and the rose is blooming all right so title he's a beauty the nets are the beast title odds have shifted like i said yesterday you could get him at anywhere from 16 to 18 to one they're now seven to one there you go how are those people with the 18 to one tickets feeling right now i wish i was one of them you would never have done that at 1801 anyway you know it i'm not a big futures guy but yeah so you're about to hear now are you celtics are still the favorite that's the here and now preseason football that's the here and now that you game that's what's in front of me that's what's in front of me got it celtics five to one warriors six to one bucks 13 to two nets and clippers seven to one all right how you feel about that tj six or next how about that how about the nets and the clippers now having the same odds to win it all well i mean which is more hold on wait whoa whoa which is more of the proverbial crap shoot nets or clippers oh baby clippers don't you think because yes yeah health always a factor right i mean i who knows with kawaii right i've gone over many times the clipper curse and gave you yeah full-on instances where things have just randomly gone wrong because you don't because you don't know like kawaii is not sending out those videos of him grinding oh but see you're not you're not following the right okay so kawaii's looking jacked right now okay where where where have we seen kawaii you gotta go because i'm not looking you gotta look at clippers twitter clippers instagram he looks good oh yeah man he's had an apple a day he is looking he's ready i'll tell you what sneaky good odds here of good value lakers 18 to one just on a total dice roll because that's the next that's the next shoe to drop right what happens with russ i think so nothing happens with russ okay but they thought it seemed like their trade partner was brooklyn and now that they're bringing everybody back so who takes them 844-204 rich number to dial here on the on the program um speaking of spending your money where it should be spent who wants to buy the angels anybody you want to pull together some money i got five of them you buy the uh the los angeles angels i still owe tj 20 so i don't know if i'm out i'm uh um arty marino arty marino the owner of the angels uh has said he put out an announcement he's initiated a formal process to evaluate strategic alternatives including a possible sale of the team that's the that's the lead item in the paragraph in other words he's thinking of selling there's a lot of words to just be like hey i'm thinking about who wants trout notani who wants to buy trout no time a nice spot right down the world from right down the lane from disneyland right around knott's berry farm you can you know what anybody anybody they close the hooters next door anybody anybody want to anyone want to rally monkey anybody want one of them you need guarantees that otani and trout aren't going to ask for a trade before you make this purchase why would they ask for a trout why would try to ask for a trade because they don't ever win guess what he's not getting one he's staying put you're gonna get trout no tony i don't know about you're gonna get trout no tony i don't know let's you're getting trout no time what if trout says i want to go home and play for my hometown team good good you've got a contract here with the new partnership i think oh you actually what you do is you meet in los angeles and you create a partnership i work for the nets i don't believe otani is going to be there two years from well then i guess that's part of the process you better sell them fast here's what arty look man i know he's very successful man arty moreno but he made a mistake already well and helping um explore the possible sale of the team he's hired something called gala tioto sports partners right we're we're sitting sitting in your own back our show used to be on your radio station arty uh we had billboards in angel stadium we did for for many years for for many years for a while so we're i mean we're sitting right here res consulting we could do this for you and we're cheap too we're here uh inexpensive inexpensive is the word inexpensive we're inexpensive please inexpensive god well sometimes you gotta use the language of the people guys all right we are the ones who can help you find the right partners we are the ones with the ideas we are the ones who look at people people helping people and help them according to forbes uh angels ninth highest major league baseball team 2.2 billion dollar valuation in march first order of business i would do if i bought the angels would call them the california angels right away nobody nobody up here in los angeles considers anaheim and the great people of orange county los angelinos not at all and i don't i don't know what that means i have no idea if it was a business deal that somebody said if you call yourself los angeles i'm in los angeles angels it's just it's too long it has so many different names it's insanely far away you know and as the crow flies it might be close there ain't no crow flying when you're on when you're on the 405 or down down to five all right that didn't happen and and then i'd put them i put them in the old brian downing don baylor oh changing uniforms absolutely right back right back right away angels on the chest yes yes like the old school ca hat correct like where gene autry bring up bring back the whole gene autry aspect of it bring it all back that's what i would do ah the problem is i don't know if that helps you win games well might fill up the state i don't know but clearly i'm wondering angels fans are like get out man 38 miles i know you paid some money for trout and i know you paid money for otani and i know you paid money for uh rendon but just enough's enough we're done we need new ownership they have a seance get rid of everything else the sage bring the sage kind of smudge smudge the stadium yeah i don't know i don't know if i should be saying this stuff before i step in there with my family on monday night i like going down there that's a nice it's not it's a very nice ballpark like the rocks cooper's already talked about the you can't wait for the uh fireworks until i told him you know that means the angels of homeward we don't want to see those they're playing the yankees or the socks when you're there please i don't know if susie's take i mean no the socks have already been here the point of the egg as you know i have uh i had one preemptory in my household in choosing the jury you gave her football well i mean if i if brady's a michigan man she's a patriot fan brady's winning championships for me to say you must root for the jets child services would have knocked on the door to take my children away from us thanks okay right and as you know the dolan wormhole removed the nicks from the equation and i actually enjoyed watching the celtics this year words i never thought would come out of my mouth they're a fun team okay but the red sox no sir no bueno we're going down to see the yankees and aaron judge everybody who hit home run number 47 getting home in nine games it had been you know it fell off the pace and let's just bring this all full circle here albert pool holes is a freaking revelation yeah and he's already said he's not playing again so he's got to get the 700 tonight he'll have a seven home run game 693 right now i believe he got he got a 693 last night i believe it was his 30th career home run in wriggly wow he's been killing lefties i believe he's now got 40 season i think he's set a record or tied a record for a number of different pitchers he's homeward off against he's unbelievable and he's playing first he's not just sitting there in the dugout yeah not dh he made an incredible dig out of a ball that tommy edmund threw from short right right center field last night he's playing like like he's hit the fountain of youth and it was all in support of him are in the same it's all right it's in all in support of the new sy young award winner jordan montgomery who the yankees dumped on the cardinals and all he's done is win four games and a one-hit shutout last last night in in chicago who's gonna be the yahoo in five years to not vote pools into the there's gonna be one yeah at least but i hope he stuck sticks around one more year well if we get 700 there's no reason well he could pass the babe next year i would play one more year to pass the babe why not i mean and he's a revelation coop and i picked him up in fantasy you did yes have you been playing in the last two weeks no we just picked him up last night okay and i'm like you know the horse might be out of the barn but he's like let's do it yeah so amazing 14 home runs this year he's been terrific and he's gonna play in the playoffs behind game one four and seven starter jordan montgomery good god yankees traded for center fielder who's not playing because he's hurt well he's been attendees beginning to rake but at any rate the yankees are the team that has a fan who's drinking a beer through a hot dog straw i mean what the hell man last bit of baseball news for ano tatis jr is going to talk to the media this afternoon oh he will so we'll see what he has to say about everything that's going on with him okay uh and if he says anything over the next 40 minutes we'll turn that around as they say in the business if not we'll play it tomorrow but let's take a break when we come back we're going to see thomas q jones here in the rich isin show studio won't that be fun love it love chatting with him that's next on the rich isin show back here on the rich isin show one of the stars of johnson which can be seen on sunday nights 8 pm eastern on bounce season two also encores the next day streaming on brown sugar one of the lead actors and co-executive producers but the only one part of the operation with 10 000 career rushing yards the national football league is thomas q jones good to see you sir thank you for having me but how are you enjoying it oh man i must be loving this it's it's incredible it's been an incredible transition i know i've been here a few times before especially when i first started taking this very seriously acting in hollywood i think it was 2014 and from that time until i think the second time i was here was when i was actually cast for luke cage and i had my own film of island man that was out and so now you know i have my own tv series out that i'm executive producer on i'm one of the showrunners as well as one of the lead actors i've just really grown a lot as an actor i've grown a lot as a producer a lot more a lot more experienced i've been fortunate enough to work in some really great environments around some incredible actors and also in some pretty pretty influential projects and um and now i'm in the space where i want to create my own content and um johnson's the first uh first show at the box and it's season two also thomas q jones well done yes that's not easy getting one on the air period and then getting a second season as well that is not simple yes it's tough because no matter how good your uh content is in your mind you know it still has to be be good and quality to the viewers because it's still a numbers game just like the nfl it's still a numbers game so uh viewership uh in season one was incredible we broke a lot of records at bounce tv that's the the network that the show airs on in season one and um and like i said season two has been even better the responses the feedback uh has been incredible the numbers are continuing continually going up every week so it's been an incredible journey uh as a showrunner um i like the fact that i'm in a position of of uh not necessarily control but i'm able to be behind the scenes and um and and use a lot of the uh the qualities and characteristics that i use as an nfl player now as a leader you know in show business so it was a seamless transition for me and being a showrunner and executive producer my own show was like a dream so since you're bringing up football and entertainment uh and making tv shows together i'm going to put you on the spot with this question thomas q jones okay who can you tell is lying to you the most a football coach or a television executive oh that's actually a pretty easy question okay uh television executive no we love the idea let us think about it we're going to circle back right and then they circle back with their own version of your show uh great idea we love it um but let's just you know i just want to talk to everyone we'll circle back the circling back you hear a lot of circle sometimes circling back is with your show idea just with other people so yeah i would definitely say a television executive more than a football coach yeah i mean a football coach can't lie to you because if he's not keeping it 100 honest with you he's going to potentially lose his job too if you continue to mess up yes so his job is on the line just like yours is your production determines uh his livelihood so conversely lying to you is what helps keep a television executive in their job yes yeah i mean yeah it works it's potentially i mean it's just like i couldn't be truthful because if we did that then i'd be out of a job right polar opposite because sometimes if it's someone of influence you can't tell them that their show sucks so you have to lie to them to keep your job that's right you know so oh my gosh all right we'll change the subject because i don't want you to get in trouble next time you walk in to pitch a uh an idea i saw what you said um thomas q jones here on the rich isin show do you know where you are on the all-time rushing list right now are you aware of that um i think i'm 26 or 20 you are you're 26 okay do you know who's right in front of you and who's right behind you on that list i think uh i think tiki barber is right behind me that is correct by about by about 150 yards okay and this other individuals in front of you by 16 yards ah uh ladies and gentlemen guessing where he is on the all-time list let's see um i know that i know ricky waters in he's too in front of you oh by the way i just saw him at bryant young's uh hall of fame okay i just saw him there yeah incredible back yeah i was a big fan of his even notre dame he's when he played notre dame big too like i mean when i saw him i forgot just how yeah i saw on twitter he has like his own training uh company something like that i don't know so yes also on twitter it might if it's not ricky it might be jamal it is jamal lewis j lou yeah it is exactly that yeah yeah 10 000 russian yards is no joke as a matter of fact um only 31 people have played football in the nfl with that many yards that's it wow and you're one of them man you know it's so crazy um i retired 10 years ago 10 years huh 10 2012 was my last game right and because i'm just so engulfed in the business and creating my own content yes and acting and everything that comes with that um i'm really removed far removed from the nfl i only remember those names was because the last time i checked was was probably a few years ago those were the guys that were when tiki was one spot behind me jamal and ricky were a couple spots ahead of me so that's the the only thing the only way i remember is from a few years ago but it hasn't changed very much as a matter of fact we were just looking there's not a single with adrian peterson not expected to play this year there is not a single active player in the top 50 all-time rushing yards list not a single one i can't yeah mark ingram is 54 and ziek is 58 i can't imagine like i i gotta look up that with the nfl network research to find out the last time an nfl season kicked off without a single active player in the top 50 on the rushing list all-time rushing list that's probably been a minute since that's happened yeah i don't know like i said i when i retired i was trying to figure out how do i um you know figure out what to do with my time right because you know my entire career was not necessarily chasing a rushing record but you're consistently padding your stats and and you know i'm thinking of thousand yard seasons that's my goal every new year that's my resolution it's another thousand yard season and so you don't even really think about the yards or the the the stats until when you're further removed from the game and then you realize like why 10 000 yards is so significant because it's not just the yards it's what you have to do to get that many yards it's playing hurt it's playing well when you're losing you know i mean i i think i had maybe three seasons where we one season we were four and 12 another season we were five and 11 and i still had over a thousand yards you know so mentally how do you come back after five game losing stretch and still be motivated to run for over 100 yards obviously your paycheck but no i don't knowing that there's a business decision for you to make in that hole if right if if the hole is open for you right right it just comes down to will uh and desire and passion for the game and um and that's why i respect anyone obviously that means that plays in the nfl but as a running back um you know that that milestone 10 000 yards says a lot more than just the actual yardage it says a lot about you as a player and as a person and it also means uh thomas q jones here on the richardson show uh longevity as well and and it seems now that in the nfl getting that i guess second contract as a running back is a significant achievement the third is pretty much a rarity getting that third contract paid the way that you should be paid because the concept that your best years are now behind you and the nfl doesn't really pay you for past performance unless you're somebody particularly quarterbacky right you know what i mean so quarterback so you've gotta you gotta take that into the equation too because there's all these young kids coming out of college and the college offenses are you know now married to the professional offenses and vice versa right it seems like that's that's what's happening it's hard it's hard for running back to get even one contract now um how many did you get how did you get uh my initial contract with the cardinals and i signed a deal were they the phoenix cardinals when you got them to they were arizona they're okay they were in phoenix but okay Arizona got it in 2000 and then the chicago bears i signed my second deal and then i was traded to the jets and i signed my third deal damn and i was released by the jets and then i signed a two-year deal with the chief so during that time i'm running back get four deals potentially and that was that's how you get 10 000 yards if you're good yeah but but i think what what helped me was early on in arizona i didn't have as many carries so there wasn't as much wear and tear on my body so by the time i ended up in chicago i think it was year five i was just kind of coming into my own and starting to get you know 250 300 carries a year um and then also the way i took care of my body so by the time i ended up in new york i think i was 29 um obviously i was supposed to be done but i continued to to get better i think in 2007 i had 1100 yards 2008 i had 1300 it was and it was a start in the pro bowl 2009 1400 um and it was kind of this weird thing there were like a couple of articles about how is he his number his numbers going up with his age versus going backwards um and i felt like honestly um i could have had more you know i think if i would have stayed in new york that last year uh with the with the offensive line that we had and the chemistry we had with with the with the offense i think i might have been able to pull off another 14 15 hundred yards who is it thomas q jones here on the richison show who was in the pro bowl when you were there because this is in hawaii obviously it was at the old ihelani hotel as well like back in the day where everybody's staying in the same hotel and the practice field was right next door and then the beach was right behind that yes you didn't have to move you didn't have to move didn't have to move and then the next year it was in orlando so i was happy that i was able to play there one of the last years because just the nostalgia of being in hawaii the pro bowl uh that year i think uh chris johnson uh i don't think chris played i think he had an ankle injury marshawn lynch i think was an alternate so it was it was uh me marshawn leon washington from the jets yeah me and leon both are in the pro bowl the same year okay um i can't remember who the other back was so how how big was your family that you had to bring oh i ended up i ended up having a party in hawaii i ended up flying about 50 people damn yeah well that's the whole thing about the pro bowl back in the day is that you know for the first three quarters brown ronnie brown was ronnie brown was the other one too yeah so back in the day you know you saw the first three quarters there wasn't a lot of action then the fourth quarter everybody does the everyone does the math about how much of a difference it is to win and lose this game and how much money you've spent on bringing your family and your friends out there and you start doing the math it's like i better win we have to win so we can get this the bigger check yeah yeah yeah i had a big party over there i had uh angie martinez that's when i had my music label as well i had a music label while i was in the nfl and so i was really good friends with with a lot of different dj dj clue angie martinez she hosted the event um all the guys that were in the pro bowl came it was i mean a lot of fun and that was that was just a time that i wanted all my family and friends and people there so it was worth it but you know the first three quarters like you said in the pro bowl there was at one point i was talking to my family on the sidelines yeah right and the fourth quarter all of a sudden the energy just shifted and it went into playoff mode because guys are like competing like the last like eight minutes of the fourth quarter uh we i think we lost paton was yeah paton man he was a quarterback um i don't know if so that's like what 14 years ago how many pro bowls do you make was that the only one yeah that was the only one you didn't give out your room number to anybody did you no because you know what happens there right back in the day they put their they put the veterans put their drinks in your room oh yeah that's how i believe sean merriman once got like a twenty thousand dollar tab that wasn't going to happen to me especially on their room yeah when the year romo made it sean paton was busting his stones in the end and broke broke the huddle of an nfc practice with romo's room number that actually happened yeah i mean i can definitely see that happening i mean that essentially happened to me my rookie year and i was the seventh overall pick so i had you know and in a little ways some ways i mean i had to buy breakfast and all that stuff so i mean i had a tab for the entire season breakfast tab so i know what that felt like a breakfast tab yeah it was a breakfast tab were they putting are they putting filet mignons on it anyway just a little steak and eggs well sometimes and then thursday night uh running back dinners so i had a tab pretty much halfway uh have every every monday tuesday and thursday any day that ends in y yes much it sounds like thomas q jones here on the rich isin show going back jay cutler the other afc quarterback was that jay cutler was a quarterback payton manning yeah jay was jay was a quarterback uh that season as well i remember because i think i sat next to jay on the on the bus going to practice one day and um it was one of the most awkward bus rides i mean we're just sitting there like next to each other and i didn't say anything it was like i expected for some reason i don't know you know i thought that we would might have a conversation quarterback running back but i think i may have said hello or something he just he said nothing to you maybe he was own focused on the practice or something i don't know i don't know but that's how that's how i remember jay cutler was on the team oh and brett farve made it yeah brett was brett made it he didn't play though okay that was uh that was the uh brett jet season yeah he stick how do you make the pro bowl that season enrich looking at thomas stats with your jets in three seasons 3800 yards rushing 28 touchdowns serious 13 and 14 touchdowns in back-to-back seasons my favorite jets man crazy that was that was an incredible time for my career because i finally felt like i was in a place where um not only was was i not necessarily wanted because i definitely felt wanted in chicago but um you know i felt like a veteran and i was allowed to like lead without any yeah um you know uh repercussions or they gave you the ball anything after they gave you the ball okay you are going to be the engine yeah and it wasn't like i had to you know constantly feel like there was someone yeah behind me um you know and obviously that's a part of the nfl is the you know it's this competition and and that's great you know it makes you better but i think there i felt like at ease like okay this is this is my show you know um and i think that's why i was able to perform at such a high level and get all the way to the pro bowl so you can have no conversation with jay cutler on the way i think jay was focused that day okay yeah that's a good idea that's it that's a good excuse that's good thomas q jones here on the rich eisen show so we had dk metcalfe on this program just what was it last week two weeks ago uh last week um he said he's taking acting lessons on off days that's great this is what he's doing during his playing time that's great what advice would you have for uh dk metcalfe as somebody who's made a successful leap from the sport to entertainment what do you i would say um take it serious um it's not it's not an easy transition for uh an athlete that's that's a standout athlete um you know there are there are a lot of athletes that have transitioned and made it in hollywood entertainment but if you have a bigger name a bigger brand it's a little harder because people sometimes only see you as that you know there's a lot of guys that are actors that no one knew that they even played football until they mention it but me they know i played so they're assuming i'm not taking this serious or they're assuming that um i'm making a cameo appearance so that was those are some of the struggles i went through in the beginning we're we're just making sure that people know no i'm serious and that's why i added my middle initial to my stage name uh to kind of reinvent myself thomas jones the football player thomas q jones the actor um and it worked because a lot of times when i would i would uh be on a show people wouldn't know that i was thomas jones the former football player they thought thomas q jones was it was a new actor so by the time they realized that there were letters the difference huge difference because after they saw me perform yeah they were like wow he's a good actor that guy's a pretty good actor and then well you know that's thomas jones from the jets what it's too late you already you've seen me act you already believe that i know what i'm doing you're taking me serious versus oh that's thomas jones you know he's making a cameo um and now you know i'm a respected actor i've worked on a lot of projects with some great actors um the last project that uh well just the season finale was i think it was it was last week was uh p valley showing stars really really incredible show um and i like that role because i'm able to have this really southern accent i have gold teeth and um playing this kind of like menacing street guy but you know he's got good intentions so it allows me to show my range because you know i'm a fan of actors i'm a fan of like real acting i was in acting classes for four years straight two different after studios uh six hours a week um so the advice i would have for dk is to actually take it serious get in classes um and understand you want to earn the respect of the actors that's what i had to do and also when i moved i said how am i going to psychologically make myself care about acting because at any moment i could just go home i don't need this to pay my bills it's not like i'm you know this is my was my dream so when i moved to la i didn't bring my car um i rented a studio apartment because in my mind i'm like how do i think like an aspiring hungry actor i have to become that if i'm gonna achieve or not not achieve what they're trying to achieve but hustle like they do um so i didn't move into beverly hills i moved into a little small apartment in hollywood i didn't bring my car so i had to walk everywhere i had to i had to reinvent the struggle as well and it paid off because people started to respect me they would see me walking in hollywood and they're like that's thomas jones but he's actually walking to where i'm walking like um but they didn't know it was really thomas q jones was walking the street well some people didn't even know that i played football because that's great that's your goal right because they saw me with him because they didn't expect me to be hustling and grinding with them yeah and and i earned their respect and and so that's why i think i've been able to make so much progress in in eight years as an actor and now a producer because um you know i've always been a humble person but my humility allowed people to respect me and see me like them and not see them as thomas jones the ten thousand yard rusher played in the nfl 12 years that whole thing and that helped me a lot you know so dk yeah i would definitely definitely take it serious getting classes well he said definitely sounds serious but if he's going to take your route he's going to have to really work hard at recreating the struggle because you just signed a 70 million dollar contract so there's that but he did it sounded real serious about it didn't he guys i mean like he really like he really sounded like he he takes time to do it and he really wants to do it he had like a little cameo in a in a in a movie playing i believe a softball coach right and uh and a netflix film that's recently out and um i asked him what he wanted to do like if he could wave a wand he said being a buddy comedy with kevin hart is what he said i mean well i mean the thing about coming from the nfl um and i actually played with with uh dk's father terence metcalf in chicago so i played with his uh his father years ago great great guy you don't remember seeing dk around did you no i don't remember then that was 2004 2005 okay sure um but no i mean in regards to like just me being able to like get people to take me seriously you know it really it really was a challenge because when people see dk metcalf or they see thomas jones they automatically think you can only do one thing um and no matter what you do they're going to see you as that especially if you typecast um and so my team my management we we focus on certain roles that give me an opportunity to play um specific characters things that aren't what you would expect all the time you know um johnson is great because i'm playing a father that's going through um a custody battle with his son uh and some marital issues with his wife um johnson by the way is a show about four men living in atlanta uh we're all best friends we've been best friends since we've been children but we just so happen to have the same last name johnson and it's told from the black male pov and it's literally showing uh black men in a more positive influential light as opposed to kind of how we're usually shown in the media which is you know mostly most of the time negative and all cultures have their positive and negative stereotypes but a lot of times you know black men are are shown more in a negative light so the creator of the show deji lere my producing partner and i we wanted to produce a show that showed the everyday honest ambitious black man that's emotionally intelligent that's chasing his dreams that's just dealing with life conflicts like everyone else uh cedric entertainer is an executive producer on the show as well and eric roan their partners with their company and burden of bear entertainment and my company midnight train productions and deji's company we partnered with bounce tv so yeah that's what that show was about but that character it gave me a chance to be an everyday dad and not thomas jones the football player but the conversations are what everyday dads go through the conversations are what a man going through a custody battle or going through marital woes with his wife that's what they talk about so naturally you'll see me in that role and you don't see me as thomas jones you see me as a father that's fighting for his marriage and fighting for his his son so the more grounded you can be and the more specific you can be as an actor coming from the nfl like me or dk um it helps your cause in regards to people respecting you as an actor well we'll pass this along to dk metcalf that's for darn sure all the best man and also real quick i would say this um acting it started off as um something to do because i i was really struggling to figure out what i was going to do next uh and then it became therapy um my my acting coach france turner is one of the most influential people in my life he he showed me how to take all of the trauma and all of the things in my life and to compartmentalize those emotions and and put them into the characters and that became therapeutic because in football you can't show vulnerability you can't show weakness that's how you get beat and you're constantly taught don't get beat don't get beat don't be weak don't be vulnerable don't show vulnerability and then that becomes a part of who you who you are and it takes a little bit of humanity away from you um which is just not it's not realistic on a day-to-day basis the nfl is a very small percentage of people in that environment is very unique but in the world everyone has feelings they have emotions regardless of whether you're a man woman whoever you are but i was always bottling those things up and because france allowed me through his technique and i wanted a chubbix technique to to to put those emotions in my characters i was able to find therapy in each different character that i played based off of the emotions that that the character called for in the scene so uh yeah it became therapeutic for me so i would say any football player if you retire even if you don't want to become like a hollywood actor it would be good to maybe take some improv classes some acting classes just to help you kind of come back to humanity from for playing in the nfl fascinating man and then for you to again be so successful in the nfl uh where you just described having to bottle your feelings and now you're entering a profession where you need to utilize them and unbot and uncork them on demand pretty much right for your benefit in a profession where you're typecast because of how successful you were in the previous one which is so short that you're required to find out something else to do right that you're successful at it is amazing man right right i send my congratulations as always to you on everything thank you thanks for coming on here man thanks for having me thomas q jones his show johnson that he acts in and uh is the co-executive producer for sunday nights 8 p.m eastern on bounce tv encores the next day streaming on brown sugar you're welcome here anytime sir thank you great to see you thomas q jones and thomas jones together right here on the rich isin show we're back with more in a moment look at that back here on the terrestrial radio network 844-204 rich number to dial great chat right there with thomas q jones calloway invented chrome soft to be the best tour ball period folks it didn't just have to make better uh it hasn't just made the better players even better it's made everyone better it's made the best better it's people like me better i feel more confident standing over my chrome soft golf ball with the triple track technology i just know if i hit it i'm gonna hit it far and it was fun i was playing the other day uh you know i said you know i'll make mention of this uh uh playing companion uh loses the ball it says i said just flip another one and i flipped him a chrome soft the triple track he goes oh i like these balls i'm like okay great you can keep it that's what i said we have a lot well that's not why i did it that's because i'm a good guy oh even if it was my last such uh chrome soft i would have given it because i'm that type of person how is that wait a minute wait a second wait a second wait a second because chrome soft hold on a minute doesn't just make me a better player it makes me a better person chris so that's how it works hold on no no let me finish this they're the highest quality most consistent fastest golf balls possible there's a type of chrome soft that is out there for your game when you add it all up it's so simple chrome soft is better for the best and better for everyone find out which chrome soft is right for you at chrome soft now you may have added it's just like a bigger person but you still close the elevator on any one of us um not any one of oh any one of you yeah well i mean i i do it again for for ladies and the elderly yes yes but if there's any guy coming up to the three of us we're getting you know if you're coming up and well hold a minute and i'm going up to floor 10 and it's a 14 floor building so i do the odds odds are you're gonna make me wait to get off on your floor i'll do the larry david like oh i'm trying so hard to hit the door open oh i missed we need you to carry a chrome soft everywhere you go then dude what am i what am i gonna shoot people straight here how was that guy's hit after you flipped him the new ball striped it uh yeah it was definitely um operator error yeah it was the craftsman the craftsman not the tool you know what i mean nice fun show i love thomas q jones man he's great let's go to royce and vermont you're here on the rich eyes and show i got a couple minutes for royce what's up sir hey rich good to hear you again man just want to tell you that when i call in i'm going to do two things one i'm going to plug saint jude two i'm going to give you a mount rushmore of something okay so first thank you for what you do for saint jude it's amazing appreciate that people please give thank you sir it's amazing that these families get to focus on their children without having to worry about their bills or bills or anything things you just take you set it perfectly royce i hope there's more you set it perfectly mount rushmore yeah i have about i have about 45 seconds for your mount rushmore so i i think about 12 seconds per face what do you got all right i'll give you my mount rushmore here's the logos number one the converse logo go back to the 50s and 60s all you see these guys wearing are chuck tailors okay now they're amazing number two the jerry uh the jerry west logo nba logo yep that should be changed it's time to change it to kobe number two the rich eyes logo iconic thank you represent everything that you do thank you the comedy the uh speed the giving don't forget the speed everything you do and number one of course the michael jordan logo here's my comment the arizona cardinals will win the super super bowl because the last two teams in their home stadium have done that's a tj thing i'm sorry i gotta go royce because we're at the end of it how about that so converse the jordan jump man kobe is the new nba logo and the rich eyes and show running man i would agree with all of those i'll take it i don't hate that list okay that'll wrap it up on this terrestrial radio network here for a busy fun tuesday see you wednesday we're still here on youtube the problem with the cardinals is they don't have a new quarterback so that was the one home stadium with a new quarterback ah yeah that's where chris kind of he was in agreements with me and then we figured that out so all right what if yes what if a team with a new quarterback from the afc plays the cardinals in the super bowl because then you kind of got both things working so denver maybe indy who else has a new quarterback in the afc jacksonville yeah because we're not counting last year that's a rookie yeah is that wrong i'm sure he probably feels the same way jacksonville's got a brand new quarterback man well the jets are gonna have joe flacko browns or mike white you know browns browns yeah there you go let's see who else steelers steelers dealers okay so those are your afc teams oh boy to play the cardinals in the super look at that face look at that smile uh so let's let's finish up this show with a little bit of housekeeping our final poll results chris brockman i think you put up a couple of polls today right one about the straw drinking dude and then what about the nets i did so uh straw straw drinking dude hot dog straw the guy at the yankees game last night drinking a beer through a hot dog good luck to jay felly and smidge tonight for the recreation madman 82 genius uh 18 percent kevin durant strike a blow for the 18 tonight brother brother good luck now that durant's back how far does brooklyn go next year uh lose in the nba finals so to make it but not win two percent win the title seven percent lose in the eastern conference finals nineteen percent lose in the first or second round 72 percent okay oh and one last uh item uh up for bids just to review um res consulting we're here for arty merino uh who's uh uh mulling a sale of the angels and um and i think he needs our help as i said earlier there's a lot of angels fans that would probably be like don't let the door hit you on the you know what on the way out already even though he spent a lot of money um not a lot of wins and uh apparently some alienation here's one angel fan happy to see it they see him go his name is rod karu oh he retweeted the angels press release about merino thinking of selling the team well this is happy news i have renewed hope that my relationship with the at angels organization can be fully restored to what what who is more of a sweet human being on planet earth who is more of a gentle sweet human being on planet earth than rod karu if you've pissed off rod karu you've really done something i don't even know what the story is and i'm on rod karu's side i don't even know what's going on if you've if you've alienated rod karu you've really done some work really are you googling like what the history might be here i was looking at how old he is he's 76 meaning what like how how long the grudges i mean marino's been around 20 years so maybe that's how long it is so you sell the team and i tell you like the bring back the autry uniforms and the autry way of doing business and i know that didn't lead to a lot of success um but you you bring back rod karu right let him throw out the first pitch everybody's wearing the old brian downing uniforms right the don baylor uniforms let's go for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts you
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