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REShow: Arthur Smith - Hour 1

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August 24, 2022 3:24 pm

REShow: Arthur Smith - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 24, 2022 3:24 pm

Rich reacts to Raiders QB Derek Carr’s response to the revelation that Jon Gruden turned down the chance to bring Tom Brady in to be the team’s QB back in 2020. 

Falcons Head Coach Arthur Smith and Rich discuss Atlanta’s quarterback options between veteran Marcus Mariota and promising rookie Desmond Ridder, what he learned as a rookie head coach, the health of 1st round draft pick Drake London and more.

Rich weighs in on the latest developments in the ongoing PGA Tour vs LIV Golf war.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. The Rich Eisen Show put it all together live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Kyrie Irving decides you know what I don't think I'm gonna get that money elsewhere. I'll just go back. Durant says you know what I'm out.

Oh you know what I'll I'll just go back. Today's guest, Falcons head coach Arthur Smith. 15-time hot dog eating contest champion Joey Chestnut. Four-time Oscar nominee, author and director Michael Mann.

Patriot safety Devin McCourty. Senior NBA insider for the athletic Shom Sharania. And now it's Rich Eisen. Okay everybody welcome this edition of the Rich Eisen Show here live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles, California. Hey YouTube streamers good to see you here Rich Eisen Show is how you can watch us if you're listening to us on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network coast to coast thanks to our friends at Westwood One. Cumulus Podcast Network is what puts our podcasts out.

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Again we're moving to Roku in September and we're very excited about that because it's going to be streaming free on all Roku devices as well as Samsung Smart TV, Fire TV and for anybody who wants to stream us from a desktop that is your right as well. We're very excited about the future of the Rich Eisen Show and thrilled that you're here with us here on a very busy Wednesday. We're five wide on our guest list but three wide as always here in studio across from me Chris Brockman good to see you sir. What's up Rich what's hanging brother? I am doing well Jason Feller is sitting in for DJ Mikey D is in D's nuts and then the snapping of the lighting of the candle that's TJ Jefferson good to see you over there sir.

It's good to be seen Rich good to be seen. Very good what a what a subway series finale last night were you locked into it as much as I was last night? I was like I told you I last year I would have turned that game off I would have been like this game's over but that top of the night man the Mets are a really really good baseball team. Bases loaded you had to be feeling it a little. I was feeling it oh my god I was living and dying with every pitch that was a hell of a baseball game in a great atmosphere with Yankee and Met fans all you know mixed up with one another and the teams are just you know the Yankees are are not the better team right now but they were the last two nights. You guys seem like you're turning it around.

I don't know we shall see we shall see. What's baseball is that a sport? I know that it's a game with a ball and a bat.

Oh weird never heard of it. I know I know the red socks are deep buried deep and buried well Terry Francona has his Cleveland Guardians atop the division in the American League Central now so. I really haven't cared about baseball this deep into the season for about three four years now. Welcome back to that sir. Thank you thanks for having me.

Let's go. So on this program we've got five guests Devin McCourty who is the I guess the longest lasting McCourty twin he wins the last longer contest in the tournament known as the National Football League. My hands on hard body remember that. He'll be joining us from New England practice. Practice in Las Vegas.

Is that the case huh? That's where they are. That's where they are in Vegas baby.

Interestingly enough a lot of people have Patriots on the brain in Vegas and we'll get to that in a second not just because of who's practicing there. Shams Sharania will join us and tell us what what happened in that meeting with the Brooklyn Nets and Kevin Durant and the owner and his wife and the general manager and the coach that Kevin Durant apparently said had to go for him to stay and they're not gone and neither is he. What do they tell him? Like what what deal does one strike to get him back in the fold? Hook line and sinker.

What do you what do you do? Because they didn't touch his contract. They said it's a partnership. Did they enter like a TV deal with with his group?

I have no idea. But they use the boardroom logo on the team announcement. I know. Yeah. I noticed that.

So I'm just wondering what what in the world happened there? Yeah sure. Why not? That is the phrase as well. The rallying cry of the 2022-2023 Brooklyn Nets as we said yesterday. When Kyrie's like all right I'll opt back in and Durant's like I want out and I'm not coming back unless the coach and general manager are gone. Okay the coach and general manager are gone so I'm thinking of retiring and then I will deny that I'm not going to retire and then I'm just going to come back. Very Costanza-like.

Thus with Ben Simmons everything going on there that's the new rallying cry for the 2022-2023 Brooklyn Nets. I sent that video of our releasing the yeah sure why not phrase to Bobby Cannavale. He's very I think he's very pleased with himself and very pleased. One of his finer moments. He always has one or two. Yeah so at any rate so Shams will be joining us in hour number three. In just about 14 minutes time Arthur Smith's going to join us and it's always an interesting chat with the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons.

Not only because you know he just always shoots you straight. He has come out in the front door. I think the last time we chatted on the show he thinks every single question I have has some sort of mechanism within to trap him into saying something that I want to click for. Like a hidden meaning like you're fishing. I don't know what it is. He is flat out said you know so we approached that interview.

We're going to tread lightly to use the phrase of our Monday guest Vince Gilligan. Should we just ask him what he thought of the plot of Castaway? No I imagine. Is that in reference to the fact that he's from the FedEx family?

The FedEx founders family? Yeah. I think that's it's too many dots to connect there. Okay all right.

So I'm glad that you connected those. I mean it's just a fascinating story with him. He could do whatever he wants. He did not have to go this route.

I mean the grind and the slog of becoming an NFL head coach. I know. Did not have to do that. He did not. Could have taken a desk job. He could be the wolf of Wall Street.

Nothing. He wouldn't be on a beach right now. But he's not. As a matter of fact he's getting ready for the opener against the New Orleans Saints. How about that as a first up. Falcon Saints one of the best rivalries in the NFL that nobody talks about. They do not like you.

They certainly do not. And Desmond Ritter looks really good man. So we're going to talk to him about his rookie quarterback and the decision to go to Marcus Mariota and Kyle Pitts year two for him. Arthur Smith's coming up shortly. Also on this program the this book in my hand that everyone on slash Rich Eisen Show can see Heat 2. It is a novel that is the sequel to the 1995 hit movie Heat and the author is the director of Heat Michael Mann. At age 79 he's got the best-selling novel on planet earth. He also directed the pilot of Tokyo Vice on HBO Max that's been picked up for season two and he's over in Italy right now directing the movie Ferrari with Adam Driver and Penelope Cruz and Shailene Woodley in an all-star cast. Wow. And he's gonna join us on this program and talk about why write this book and we're gonna play a Heat celebrity true or false with him Chris that a lot of some of your questions will get answered. Yo can't wait. Pacino De Niro stories it's all coming up. I was watching a little Heat the other night. In hour number two and then top of hour two don't miss this but as we mentioned yesterday on this program we wanted to talk about the hot dog beer straw guy with the man who is the all-time champion hot dog consumer and I don't mean purchasing I mean he literally chows them down in two bites the great Joey Chestnut will be on this program to give us his thoughts on some Yankee fan using a hot dog as a straw and if that is a foul of some sort and yes as we discussed on this program yesterday Rich Eisen show digital coordinating producer Shawn Mitchell did in fact attempt to do this with a dodger dog in dodger stadium last night and yes Jason Feller you did after calling this a genius move attempt it yourself on the porch of your beautiful I guess South Bay Mance yeah I've certainly been enlightened okay very good so we'll have that all for you on this program man I was going down some of Joey Chestnut's stuff real quick Rich he has 55 world eating records eggs asparagus donuts tacos hot dogs meat pies gyros fish tacos pepperoni rolls burritos gumbo this guy ate 1.8 gallons of gumbo in eight minutes you guys understand what that does to your insides uh I can only imagine he's amazing he's one he's maybe our greatest athlete alive do I ask you can have Yanis you can have Tom Brady and Lebron nice you can have Connor McDavid anyone doing CrossFit any of that crap give me Joey Chestnut okay what if it's a big fantasy new fantasy team name Joey Chestnut's colonoscopy put it in there it's like a box of chocolates you never know what you're gonna get okay so um let's just hit on this subject matter because Derek Carr touched upon it yesterday the quarterback of my Las Vegas Raiders quarterback of my Las Vegas Raiders yes he's got his boy blue back old school Devante Adams the two Fresno State Bulldogs getting together in Las Vegas as they've apparently wanted to do for quite some time his brother David came on this program and said that they've been talking about it for years and it almost happened a couple years ago which was a nice little eyebrow raiser for those in Wisconsin but it's happened they're there and so is Chandler Jones and so is Josh McDaniels and I think the world of the Raiders opportunity this year and I think they're gonna snatch that AFC West brass ring I don't know what they'll do with it how far they'll go but I think they're gonna win this division and um and certainly this team has had a nice little go of it right now thank you a nice little goal of it right now because last year was such a year of upheaval with Gruden uh with Henry Ruggs with the way that they made the playoffs with that last second field goal to knock the Chargers out even though a tie would have put them both in to almost knocking off the Bengals in Cincinnati in the playoffs in a game where there was a touchdown that was allowed even though Joe Burrow was kind of out of bounds and then Mike Mayock gets fired then Rich Basacha is not retained then Josh McDaniels arrives and arrives and then everything that has happened since then is allowing me to feel all right this is the team in the AFC West and then comes I can't believe I'm saying this Dana White along comes Dana White and the Gronk cast of the UFC 278 right there in Las Vegas Nevada and Dana White reveals he was brokering a deal for Brady and Gronk to go to Las Vegas and Brady was even shopping for homes until Gruden backed out at the last minute or got cold feet or didn't want to do it and um even I who is high on Derek Carr and the Raiders was saying what was Gruden thinking what was Gruden thinking because it's the same thing with just in my profession like for any announcer who's dreamt of calling an NFL game and hearing that Amazon was creating Thursday Night Football for itself or taking Thursday Night Football for itself and creating a new completely new platform for Thursday Night Football and they reach out to Amazon saying I'd like to I'd like to call games for you please then you find out Al Michaels is the one that they choose you're like oh okay I can understand that now I don't think you refer to him as that MF'er but you know that's the similar situation Brady's available it's just like oh okay I get that unless he's taken your job that's a different situation and now Derek Carr after everything I just set up he was a leader a team leader with everything that happened last year and now everything is like smooth sailing and all of a sudden comes yeah you know the Raiders were all set to move on from you a couple years ago that's something that can rattle a cage can it but not Derek Carr's I mean it is what it is you know for me like I didn't even hear about it we actually had within the building someone lost a family member so like I was so immersed in that and just talking to that person and that kind of stuff that it really was it was a moment to really put things in perspective like it really doesn't matter you know what I mean at the end of the day anything I say will just be blasted out there so I'm just gonna completely remove myself and just keep trying to play football it's been nice just answering football questions you know hopefully hopefully no more drama in the city that's what that's what I hope that's what he hopes you know and by the way for those listening on the radio that was not Cole Hauser from Yellowstone that was Derek Carr by the way sounds just like him doesn't it sounds just like him literally I heard that sound by just a couple minutes ago so Mike Hoskins RCP played played it for us beforehand I'm like who's that sound like that's really good rip baby that sounds just like rip it sounds just like rip and that sounds just like Derek Carr yes but smart move I'm not going to add a single ounce to this new cycle I'm not going to do any of that I was too immersed in being a good human to even now wade into the deep waters with the undertow known as the 24-7 sports news conversation cycle to even pay that any mind and it makes sense because what's he going to say Gruden's gone Mayock's gone Brady's won a championship he's still down in there in Tampa he's got Devante Adams and he's got Darren Waller by the way could you imagine a Darren Waller Rob Gronkowski two tight end set at the disposal of Thomas Edward Brady can you tell me why why are you doing that why are you doing that what would that look like how you do it well I mean not to bring up the past but they had a similar situation in New England and they went to the Super Bowl I understand what you're saying so I got you you know what I mean yeah yeah skill sets oh my god is all I'm saying yeah it would have been but but but but but Derek Carr is still there they got McDaniels they got the guy still there they got McDaniels they got the guy who was Brady I know they got Brady's play caller for Derek Carr and Devante Adams and they have Waller and they've got Hunter in for their set so what else does he have to say Derek that's why I'm here for you hit it please what were they really thinking now this is where I normally say what I think somebody's thinking Derek Carr truly could be believing what he's saying and thinking what he did in fact say that does sound like a Derek thing but just in case he does have a little bit of this in him Derek Carr would like to say the following are you kidding me how many times I had to prove myself around here folks okay I understand I don't have all the rings of Tom Brady I understand I haven't really done very much around here when you compare my resume to Tom Brady's or Rogers or any of these so-called elite quarterbacks when it comes down to putting points on the board you now got me my guy from college who I might add helped me become a second round draft choice for this team and even with Jack Del Rio Mr. Dust Up himself I was an MVP candidate before my leg got snapped in half I've been there and I've done it and guess what I'm going to do here for you Las Vegas I'm going to take the pieces that are still around because Gruden did believe in me and he looked at me and maybe he thought I was Nathan Peterman for a second but I'm Derek Carr and I'm going to lead this team to a championship with my guy Devante and my guy Hunter and my guy Hunter and my guy Darren what do you want from me I'm part of the community I'm part of this team I'm here for you and I've survived all of it they still haven't got me here in Las Vegas Nevada I'm here he's not deal with it and see do you think that's what Derek Carr is really thinking probably not okay it seems like he's way too nice you know not at all just the New Yorker to me yeah that's literally what what's happening and I want good things for Derek so do I yeah so do I so do I but I mean wow that I can't wait to whenever Gruden does talk that's a great question to ask him what were you really thinking what happened oh man I'd love to know so would I guess the realtor that thinks I'm going to get a nice percentage from selling a house to Brady then what the bunch and Brady that person is that person might have been the most disappointed of all you have commission state in Vegas I'm gonna get to put that on my website it's on the house to Brady no no no rich you're forgetting the better half let's take a break here on the rich isin show 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial when we come back Arthur Smith the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons will be here on the rich isin show Arthur Smith Atlanta Falcons head coach here on the rich isin show on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line you tell me if this is too simple a line to draw but you're you came from the Tennessee Titans offensive coordinating an offense that had Tannehill at the controls do you see Mariota with that similar skill set running that same type of offense as well do you see that well we've evolved you know I think you we have some core beliefs but we're going to continue to evolve and so when Mark has walked in here it wasn't the playbook from 2019 when we were together we've advanced and I think you got to play the strengths of your team and your players you know around those core beliefs no different than we did in Tennessee that they're two different players but certainly some things we can do with his skill set moving and whatnot that we're excited about do you find that I mean do you ever sit back and just wonder how things work about how here you are with Mariota in Atlanta you're the HC he's now your QB one does that ever strike you Arthur well I'm not the most nostalgic person I remember one day you know when I can look back on some things I mean you know sometimes you know it's it's cool I mean that's why all relationships along the way whether you're on your way up or way down it relationships matter and you never know I mean life comes full circle sometimes I thought you don't get nostalgic about our conversations you don't sit around saying I haven't spoken to Richard when David tells me that I got a chance to come on then I was like yeah well I enjoyed going on here so see what he's selling and yeah here we are and I always do appreciate that so what about you in terms of self-evaluating yourself from year one to year two as a head coach what what do you did you glean from that and are bringing into year two for yourself Arthur Smith absolutely there's a ton of things you learn along the way you know things that you learn you know how the building operates what you know that you learn a lot about the players that that are already here that you're coaching and and there's just so much in the first time going through a training camp and setting up the season and what you liked what you didn't like certainly this camp's been a lot different than last year's camp and then we'll continue to look at it every year and so what about is there anything specific to last year you made a note like okay I'm gonna be better at this next year what do you got for me Arthur certainly you know we had our reasons why but you know we didn't play guys in the preseason and whether that's the perfect answer or not you know that's a debate around the league but you got to do what's best for your own team and where you're at and you evaluate that every year and where we're at right now with some of the youth we have um we felt it's been necessary for our guys to get out there and play to get ready to go what's uh the scoop with Drake London how's he doing right now doing good well okay is he going to be out there week one do you think for you because I'm not I'm not I've let you guys do the prediction uh I just you know listen to the advice of our medical team and we'll see where it goes can I can I help you out with that answer coach because I like leaving you in a better spot can I do that how good you are no that was it very there was an opportunity for you to use one of my favorite coaching cliches and you you you you could have used it and I would have been very appreciative of it what's your favorite one I don't have a crystal ball you know you could have used that you know that one gets played too much I just you think so yeah you've been around to coaching ranks have you ever seen a coach with a crystal ball have you ever seen a crystal ball and a coach have not okay they're not so nobody does have in fact have that somebody might okay we might somebody might okay characters in this business rip so somebody might never know you never know okay so uh what is your thinking on the new emphasis apparently that's being placed on illegal contact down the field we had the former head of nfl refs mike pereira and the lead fox rules analyst on our show and he's he he was giving our fans a heads up look for a ton of flags maybe away from the play um that uh the league wants thrown that did not get thrown last year what are what's your two cents on that subject matter arthur smith well again mike's a good guy to do that because he gets paid to talk about the rules like I can I can complain or agree or disagree and it's it's wasted energy when they ask you you know our opinion i'll give it to them once they make the rules we're going to try to you know you coach understanding what the emphasis is that so it's a wasted energy whether i agree or disagree with that all i care about coming with the rules are so i can coach it the right way you're in you're you see you're you're basically in mid-season mode right now with me i feel like that i'm ready to go rich so what is it what okay then give me give me your mindset for a game day then like when you say you're ready to go what what do you how do you get ready to go like what's your well it's every day process man when you come into work you know i'm thankful for the opportunity i mean i think longer you know sometimes i think players and coaches you get jaded longer in this business sometimes so you fight how lucky you really are to get to work in the nfl and so i remind it's about perspective i remind myself so when i come in here i'm excited every day uh this team's fun to coach um we got jackson a little here approximately today excited about that and just the progress to continue to make progress so that's really why is i'm ready to go because every day i'm thankful i get the opportunity to do this okay and so you will plan on your final preseason game to play your guys as much as you're you're able is that because i'm just trying to really it's it's we've already played our guys and you know some guys will make a decision on how these next couple days ago but last year i didn't get any of those uh veterans and presumed starters reps and i you know philosophically had you know we knew why at the time where we're at with the roster then with all the young guys we had that hadn't had any experience maybe overestimated with some others we take the team this year and you know we want to get them ready to play and we've done two joint practices we've had two prison games and then all sets at the end of the week whether it's in three whether we need to play everybody or not a lot of them to attend and how the rest of this week goes do you ever get a a little uh you know look or a high sign from arthur smith before above from arthur blank before a saint's game no which is the way you you never get one of those like you get all the time he's been unbelievable to work for um love working for him and rich mckay but you know we talk communicate and uh he's been terrific but there's is there do you circle the saint's game do you do that sort of thing like college you do that sort of thing coach uh you know i just look at what's in front of us and you know it's such a long season they're all big and that's that's the beauty of the nfl is how important every game is um we know they're a terrific team they got a lot of they they got a lot of good talent they they're going to be a pain up front so we'll have our work cut out when new orleans comes in here but we're excited we're ready to get out there and compete we got to again i don't want to jump too far ahead because we got jacksonville first coach look i appreciate the call i always appreciate you taking my call um and chopping it up with me and um and i appreciate the support of this program and um as always i appreciate it thank you for the call i appreciate you having me i love coming on here you know it's good things you ever had mike brable in here uh i have had verbal online yeah ask him about his predictions that he may have a crystal ball so why don't you ask him i'd love to hear what his answer would be if you ask us he's got crystal ball he told me once to take my heart pills and buckle up that's what he told me that was the that was you could ask him that i think you have one say that i told you he had a crystal ball because he lost prediction okay i will say that i will definitely say that to him and sometimes i think he rolls his eyes when he sees my phone call because i'm a michigan guy i think that's a problem there's no doubt but i just want to know what his response is going to be he's a grudge holder i think certainly he doesn't want to hear from me after last november either so maybe not but i'll definitely do that i'll do that coach take care man be well and we'll chat we'll chat during the season thank you coach appreciate that's that's arthur smith everybody lana falcons head coach already in mid-season mode he really is he's got yeah i mean he just is locked in he shut every door i tried to open i know you did a good job did i i'm just trying to pump you up i feel like i feel like i went through a 12-round fight a lot of rejection so it's like high school for you again a lot of dikembe yeah wow like high school wow you know what i uh take offense to that you should but highly accurate i'm not saying i was casa i was the archie griffin of my high school double high yeah back-to-back heismans hey man it is it is funny that mariota was the guy in tennessee and then they got tana hill and tana hill became a guy in tennessee and it went so well that arthur smith became a coaching commodity and now there he is in atlanta where they knocked on the door of deshawn watson right yep now that's a door he would have slammed in my face in two seconds flat because even he when i said to him like desmond ritter because he said i'm coaching him really hard he can handle it i want to know like how do you how can you i can uh take the coaching right and he's like i'm not you know criticizing others i'm like no i don't think you are so how do you think you would have handled the deshawn watson conversation so they go and knock on deshawn watson's door as we all know deshawn takes the cleveland door and i'm sure atlanta is kind of happy about that based on how we're seeing how that's all played out in cleveland you don't think they'd like to have matt ryan back i don't think that was a fit any longer sir best player in the history of the franchise i don't think that was a fit any longer cap wise and roster wise and if i was matt ryan i would have wanted to swing from one vine to another as well because i don't believe atlanta with all due respect to what arthur smith right and no one's expecting them to make and and the rest of the falcons organization is cooking up i don't think they're gonna be in line to win a championship for at least another year or two and that might even be an aggressive timeline yeah and also just like you know matt's close friends with matthew stafford and just seeing what he did going from the lions to to finding a new home in la and immediately had uh success they won the super bowl as we all know so you know i i don't blame matt ryan for doing right what he did but i'm just saying you know kind of forced his hand too by them true or flirting with the shawn right and and with um ridley out and gage gone and drake london now there and pitts now there and cordero patterson clearly going to be the the engine of that offense and what smith built in tennessee with tannahill now he's got a quarterback in mariota who can do the same thing which is hey it's inside the 10 you have no idea is he going to keep it is he going to throw it now patterson is not derek henry but he's uh quite the load well he's he's quite the he's he's a big guy but he's also the swiss army knife you have no idea what he's going to do either this is i think a much less predictable offense than what atlanta was throwing out there last year where ryan was getting his ass hit and pounded i think it's worked out for everyone i think so yeah and um i just think it's interesting that arthur smith's now in hc and look who he's giving an opportunity to be the number one quarterback again in the nfl and mariota could do this he could tell desmond ritter you're you're not going anywhere you could think i'm crazy but the nfl works this way he could turn uh ritter into jordan love if he performs the way that he can and obviously the weapons need to step up and stay healthy he doesn't have a crystal ball about drake london i think drake london could be a monster i think so too cow pitcher looked good in the first uh couple drives there against the jets on monday so you know we'll see let's take a break here the pga tour had a press conference to announce their new changes and many of their changes sound very familiar not just because of what they appeared to be copying but also that the changes were requested by people who are no longer on the pga tour which matter bring bringing about the changes we're talking about that's all coming up next right here on the rich eisen show before we have a whole load of guests coming on the other end back here on our terrestrial radio outfit as well as slash rich eisen show calloway has a family of golf balls called pardon me chrome soft the great chrome soft family of golf balls by calloway they didn't just make the best players better it's made everyone better men women first time major winners repeat major winners club champions business golfers the chrome soft family is the best tour performance for every type of performance starting with the regular chrome soft which is designed for the widest range there's golfers who want better feel more distance incredible forgiveness for better players looking for more workability that's the chrome soft x that's for you excellent spin consistency tour level short game control the chrome soft xls finally gives you a lower spin golf ball and longer shots firmer feels still within the high spin around the greens basically when you add it all up it's pretty simple chrome soft is better for the best and better for everyone find out which chrome soft is right for you at chrome soft 844-204 rich is the number to dial to have a conversation with us the uh director michael man he wrote uh heat 2 the sequel and also a little bit of a prequel so this novel he too is not only picking up where heat left off which is the um the val kilmer character as you remember chris churless he gets away spoiler alert yeah and uh he's holed up in korea town all banged up and vincent hanna the al pacino character begins the search for him so it's kind of like better call saul where it's a prequel the story that leads up to heat as well as what happens after heat that's heat 2 and that's why this novel michael man wrote it along with the author meg gardner that's why this is the number one bestseller on planet earth number one on the new york times bestseller list and uh we've got a great heat celebrity true or false for him that you're gonna love chris no question about that very excited that's coming up in hour number two as is joey chestnut that's why i love this show michael man and joey chestnut michael man as well i mean i could have spent an entire hour with him i zoomed with him it's gonna be a great conversation that you'll see um do you know he he wrote for star skiing hutch the tv show yes police story which was the um angie dickinson fronted angie dickinson fronted police television show vegas he created vegas dan tana robert yurick he created that show crime story he wrote and executive produced and he was also the ep on miami vice so he's clearly been into the cop um genre he also though directed some brilliant movies last of the mohican uh last of the mohicans he he directed the insider which also started out pacino about the 60 minutes story uh jeff wygan was the um guy blew the whistle on the tobacco industry and um he he directed that he also directed ollie so there's some great ollie stories coming up that's coming up in hour number two of this program he's a heavy hitter so we've been talking about this for weeks ever since the live tour came into being and started poaching some bold-faced big-time championship players from the pga tour which just appeared to be caught completely flat-footed basically telling these guys you're taking all that money from the live tour don't expect to get your tour card back and ever since then the issues that phil mikkelson put front and center that kind of got lost in the shuffle of his comments about the saudi royal family and he's never going to join he has problems joining the live tour because of their bad mofos and things of that nature and everything else he was saying around it that caused as we learned subsequently the pga tour to suspend him it seems that all of the issues that phil was bringing to the floor the pga tour is addressed and is continued to addressing the pga tour announced that top players from the pga tour are committing to compete in at least 20 events starting next season including 12 elevated tournaments what does that mean well the purses are going to be 15 and 20 million bucks that's still you know a mere bag of shells when you're talking about somebody getting 100 million just to play just to join a tour but not everyone's getting that from the live tour but this is apparently what came out of that players only meeting we spoke about with alan shipnut from the fire pit collective last week tiger woods and rory mcelroy hosted that players only meeting prior to the bmw championship last week and they've all rallied around each other and rory mcelroy said i'll read this quote here we've all made a commitment to get together more often to make the product more compelling when asked about how this is going to be affecting things moving forward with the live tour ready for this chris ready for this quote what do we got i don't have a crystal ball he said yeah sorry this is where he's going to coach in the nfl now is it was happening but i think everyone in that room felt this was the best way to move forward and the pga tour members the top players to be determined by something called the player impact program will commit to playing at least 20 events next season including you know the memorial the players championship the arnold palmer the genesis that's out here in los angeles the majors as well as the century toc and then the fedex cup playoffs the saint joseph bmw and the tour championship and uh more money's coming and there's also get this is there a team event that's coming up as well chris starting in 2024 tiger and rory have uh this new joint venture that they're uh a tech-infused golf league that's going to take place in like football stadiums it's basically kind of kind of going to be like top golf on steroids with simulators and it's going to be on monday nights it's kind of going to be awesome okay so as well the pga tour is launching an earnings assurance program for fully exempt members guarantees a league minimum salary of five hundred thousand dollars per player now that's the floor right yes so that's like against winning so that's that's kind of your basic you got to participate in 15 events to get that rookies and returning members are going to receive the money at the start of the season so hey everybody yeah up front all those folks that are joining the live tour and are guaranteed money even if they finish 54th in the 54 hole event there's no cut there here's some money yeah guys are going to get five thousand that they even just if they miss a cut uh and the tour is going to subsidize travel and tournament related expenses for the players and it's funny you mentioned phil like one of phil mikkelson's biggest gripes against the tour is he claimed that uh jay monahan and the tour were sitting on this big stockpile of cash that they weren't sharing with the players and now out of the blue the tour has all this money to pump into the league and you know pump into the vents and and to create all these elevated events and now we got the team thing coming it's like it's going to be a big event and now we got the team thing coming it's like okay so maybe phil was right you know player impact program so that's been going on for a couple years now basically it's kind of like social media interaction guys who are helping grow the game uh last year i think tiger uh was the in first and got a 10 million dollar bonus so i think that's being doubled now from 50 million to 100 million yeah and they're and they're making it from the top 10 players to the top 20 players now so that's another thing for guys to earn extra money throughout the year so is that why alan shipknot tweeted out today phil was right yeah and it was funny he responded to someone who was like yeah phil was right but he doesn't get to reap any of the rewards of this and alan shipknot responded shakespearean jay monahan was asked if uh anybody who left for the live tour seeing all these changes says you know what that's that's what i was looking for so let me come back would he allow it here's his answer if a player who has gone off to live looked at this and says this looks pretty good would you lift the suspension and welcome them back no why not they've joined they've joined the live golf series and they've made that commitment and they've been for most of them they've made multi-year commitments so as i've been clear throughout um every player has a choice and i respect their choice um but they've made it we've made ours we're going to continue to focus on the things that we control and get stronger and stronger and i think they understand that their lawyers might not and and does he respect his choice i don't really think that's true but i think he should be forced to go higher register on that i respect it right i don't think he respects their choice at all at all but he banned them he respects their purse and knowing that there's no competing like even all of this money that has been added and i'm sure fans are sitting here and it's just like when the baseball salary started exploding and you're a fan and just like it's it's like you can't relate as a fan you just can't relate it's to all that money oh great so the people who are already flying around in their leer jets are now going to get all this more money they're they're being respected by the tour you know and and now i'm going to root harder for these rich people because they're being enriched more and it's a tough thing for a fan to swallow but the bottom line of the fan is to understand is if this is what's going to keep them on the pga tour and that's the method of golf that you enjoy watching and the format of competition that you're used to or or like watching or you're just an old school individual this is the way to keep them i think because the saudis and greg norman might be sitting there thinking oh really you're just adding that much did you check out aramco's second quarter profits anybody anybody that's nothing so if they live wants to fight fire with fire there's going to be a lot of money flowing so we'll see what happens i don't have a crystal ball yeah yeah and someone said it's just like the tour trying to buy loyalty and like i think that's fine like well you have to get all the best players in the same event it's the same thing though that that that darrell mori once said here when he was a an in-studio guest i think he was still with the rockets and i said to him you know how do you deal with the fact that a player could just turn around and say i want out and you have to oblige even though the nets just took a stand with durant that was successful for them for the time being and we'll talk to sham sherani about that in hour three as to what they told durant to put that genie back in the bottle for the time being but i asked mori how do you deal with that and he's like i love it because it's my job to make sure a player loves it here and my with my organization so much they'll never ask for the trade right we'll win here and we treat you right you don't want out and i guess that's the way to do this here like hey we're gonna make sure like yeah five thousand dollars to miss a cut is that life-changing money for somebody that needs the tour to also provide child care services when the the the player is on the road with their baby not so much but if you if you're gonna now say we'll pick up your first class travel for you your spouse your kid we'll cover the child care costs we'll do that and then suddenly that player spikes to a top 10 top 20 status they'll remember we assume what happened on the way up that they were taken care of and the live tour comes knocking and it's just like well where were you when i was 150th in the world and you know my you know my travel was picked up and i didn't have to worry about child care and you don't have to worry about health care where were you now suddenly i'm good you wanna you wanna enrich me i'm with the pga tour maybe that's part of the process here you know so that could be part of what the pga tour is doing here but to fans in general it's just funny money it's just why i mean yeah it's it so so the player that used to get 10 million dollars in the in the in the pip program the player impact program now you get 15 million dollars because you're trying to grow the game oh okay now the the purses are now uh 50 million more oh okay all i care about all i care about is that the players don't leave and that the tournaments that i enjoy watching have the best players have the best players yeah that's all i care about but i'm just wondering if somebody part of the saudi royal family or greg norman's seeing these numbers and go okay you should have added another zero pal because guess what we're gonna do and they might do that and so instead of growing the game it's just growing bank accounts and i don't know if fans really care we just want to see the events that we love to see in the format that we've grown up loving and understand it does put the players to the ultimate test four rounds 18 holes each you got to make a cut you know i just want to see that filled up with all the boldface names and some give me some great golf and so the pga tour did what they had to do we'll take a break when we come back and just less than a minute time right here on odyssey and slash rich isin show the great joey chesna for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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