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REShow: Shams Charania/Devin McCourty - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 24, 2022 3:24 pm

REShow: Shams Charania/Devin McCourty - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 24, 2022 3:24 pm

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Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Kyrie Irving decides you know what I don't think I'm gonna get that money elsewhere. I'll just go back. Durant says you know what I'm out.

Oh you know what I'll just go back. Earlier on the show, Falcons head coach Arthur Smith. 15-time hot dog eating contest champion Joey Chestnut. Four-time Oscar nominee, author and director Michael Mann.

Coming up, Patriots safety Devin McCourty. Senior NBA insider for the athletic Shom Sharania. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes it is.

Can confirm. Sources say and here I am on Rich Eisen Show. An odyssey in this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate that is carrying this show and we greatly appreciate it coast to coast. We say hello to our podcast listeners and we're just again reminding everyone that this show will start airing on the Roku channel for free on Roku devices, on Fire TV, on Samsung smart TVs, on mobile devices and also the Roku The Roku channel is free and we are starting streaming there this very September. Still from 12 to 3 Eastern.

Still the same top-notch caliber information and entertainment that we provide every single day. Like Joey Chestnut, the champion hot dog eater saying he will in fact use a hot dog as a straw to drink a beer tonight at Wrigley Field. That happened one hour ago on this show at this very time.

So on behalf of everyone on planet earth you're welcome. That'll be happening. Devin McCourty of the Patriots will join us. We just hung up with the director Michael Mann whose book Heat 2 is number one on the novel bestseller list for the New York Times and he's told some great stories from the set of Heat. If you missed any of that slash Rich Eisen show is your source for all of that. Our first story that we talked about yesterday was the news that we learned because we follow Shams Sharaniya the athletic and stadium NBA insider on twitter. He mentioned that the Nets had all gotten together. The owner of the Nets and his wife and Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman and Sean Marks and Steve Nash.

The last two being the general manager and the coach that supposedly Kevin Durant refused to play for or have still on the team if he was gonna rescind his trade demand and stay and they're still there and so is Durant. So on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line to explain this all is none other than Shams Sharaniya. How are you sir? Rich I'm doing well. How are you?

I'm doing great. So what happened man? How did this genie get put back in the bottle? I think a lot of it Rich was just the realization from Kevin Durant and the Nets really that there was not going to be a trade at the end of the day at the end of the day that was going to happen and so at that point Kevin Durant was going to be faced with a decision coming up because training camp is just a month away and if there's no deal Kevin Durant's going to be faced with the decision do I show up in a disgruntled state of mind kind of pull a Jimmy Butler James Harden that we've seen over the last two three years or is it going to be one of those things where you have a holdout situation you know the likes of Ben Simmons just a year ago and I don't think Kevin this side has already gotten ugly as it is I mean it's already gotten personal in terms of the trade request itself was personal and then the ultimatum that was given to Joe Cy a few weeks ago was personal and just going down that path clearly just wasn't going to be something that either side wanted to stomach and so it was really just a realization and the eye-opening experience that a deal wasn't going to happen the best offer I'm told that the Nets had on the table was from the Celtics Jalen Brown Derek White in a first round pick and the price tag that the Nets had put forth on Kevin Durant and you know you could say that they might have been even asking for something that they know was never going to be attainable anyway right but at the end of the day when you have a guy that's a 12-time all-star two-time finals MVP gonna go down in the hall of fame where the top 15 you know 12 20 best players ever you have a high asking price and that price was never going to be met and I think both sides understood that this is the best opportunity to win a championship and Rich I thought once the season ended once the Nets were swept on April 23rd that's when this meeting should have taken place because there were a lot of you know grievances there are a lot of feelings on both ends that needed to be aired out and you know better late than never you know but this you know but this should have been done months ago it finally happens now and I think they they both sides came to the realization that we need each other and and at this point it's there's going to be pressure when you go to this next season but they needed to move past this because the deal just was not going to happen. So the other date in question Shams is June 30th that's the date that the trade demand by Durant became public and it was just a couple of days after Kyrie opted back in and so many people started drawing a connected line between those two dots and then we learn that he that Durant wants the general manager and coach out as a condition of his staying and rescinding his trade demand so you use the word disgruntled moments ago what exactly was Durant or is he still disgruntled about? I think just when you look at how this summer has played out they were swept in the in the you know in the playoffs in round one that series did not end that season did not end how everyone expected and I think a level of accountability we saw you know Sean Marks the press conference that he had in mid-May and a lot of the the tone of the press conference was about accountability about you know resetting the culture about how the culture might have you know worsened or might not be what it was a few years ago well the only thing that really changed in the last few years was the arrival of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving so I don't know how those two guys took it but that you know was something that did occur and then I think you have to look at the Kyrie Irving you know extension negotiations and the fact that both sides were not able to get a deal done Kevin Durant has you know vocally supported privately supported Kyrie Irving over the last six to eight months while I think a lot of people have come down on Kyrie Irving and so I think you cobble those two things you know in the situation Adam Harrington an assistant on the net staff who was very close with Kevin Durant a guy that's known throughout the league as the Durant confidant he was fired at the end of the season and so you take all those things into account and just a lack of communication that existed between both sides and again that's something on both sides right that's something on on the player side that's something on the team side because at the end of the day the only way you're going to get resolutions the only way you're going to get past moments in life that are tough is through conversation and through a real relationship and through an open forum and it took these guys rich two months to get in the same room in a meeting together actually more than that it's May June July August four months to get in the same room and two months is a trade request so that tells you everything you need to know about where this gulf existed. Sham Sharani here on the Rich Eisen show the athletic and stadium senior NBA insider look I mean I'm sure you've been involved negotiations in your career doing what you do I have as well anytime you agree to something based on the fact that management doesn't give you what you want and presents the reality as a fait accompli it doesn't really sit in well with the person who accepts the fait accompli and that's Durant the fait accompli is that we're we're not getting the value that we place on you you should take that as a compliment although that prevents you from getting the exit visa you want and you don't want to hold out we don't want you to hold out so let's just you know let's just go back together again and let bygones be bygones is that really the way it's going to be is that the way they're entering the season with this still bubbling beneath the surface or was this conversation in Los Angeles airing things out and they really have come to an agreement and it's all hunky dory what do you got for me Rich I think it's a little bit of both and it's that's why these things are complex it's not just a black and white situation I think this is very very complex it could be both things now in a perfect world you know in a perfect life I think Kevin Durant clearly would have loved to get traded and I think the Nets in a perfect world you know they wouldn't have had the restrictions of the rookie designated extension rule that didn't allow them to get a guy like Bam Adebayo or Donovan Mitchell on the roster because they had Ben Simmons on the team and in a perfect world the Nets would have gotten teams gutting their roster and giving every last asset like Joe Tsai and Sean Marks had wanted in any type of Kevin Durant trade so that's in a perfect world but we as we know Rich the world and life just isn't perfect especially for a guy like Kevin Durant he's got four years left on his deal so trade like this if this was going to go down during training camp before training camp during the season it was going to get uglier than what it already was and that might be tougher for listeners to believe and tougher people believe but that's a business and in the NBA if if a guy wants to trade it's gonna get ugly if a guy on a four-year deal wants to trade we saw what happened we saw what happened with Ben Simmons we saw the side that took place and I think both sides at the end of the day Kevin Durant you know 33 going on 34 the legacy at the end of the day that he's built the the stature that he's built in this league he's going to go down as a top 10 to 20 player of all times do you want to put yourself in a position where you're holding out of games and clearly he did not want to go down that route and clearly the Nets didn't want him to go down that route right so and on the same token I do think this opportunity from everything I've been told they left that meeting energized and ready for next season I don't think this meeting was Kevin Durant left and he's like man I still want to get traded like what the hell I don't think that's the tenor I know that's not how the tenor the that conversation ended best you can tell are he and Kyrie cool like because again he Kyrie returns and and Durant is he he and Rich Clyman are very astute he had to know like I'm gonna ask for a trade and I know that they're you know they they in this day and age those people like Durant are accommodated because they're Durant but they had to know that they could end like this as well so why would he opt out after Kyrie opts in why would that happen yeah I think I think you know a couple things one I think yeah I mean Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant they've continued their relationship you know the one guy since the NBA season since the Nets season ended on April 23rd the one guy with the Nets that Kevin Durant had remained in communication with from everything I've been told was Kyrie Irving that was the one guy that he was communicating with on a regular basis their you know but their friendship that relationship goes beyond just basketball I think it's more of a life friendship that that those two have and I think there was a decision made you know throughout this the last four four and a half months that listen Kyrie Irving had a playoff at the end of the day he had to do what's best for him Kevin Durant was entering the first year of a four-year extension he had to do what's best for him I don't think either of those situations had you know I think those were pretty spelled out like we're gonna do what's best for ourselves and each other you know versus like let's figure out like how we can because they've already teamed together once in 2019 that's how they got to the Nets I think now this is a different situation and as far as Kyrie Irving the moment he opted in I think his mindset just was how can I make the most of being on the Nets with or without Kevin Durant I think his mindset was focused on being a net and I think over the last several weeks you know ever since summer league and the opt-in I think the Nets and Kyrie Irving from everything I've been told have had positive constructive dialogue and I think that being a backdrop of all of this I think you know at least the Nets have had the stability of Kyrie Irving being comfortable being back in in any circumstance so I don't think that Laker scenario was was really ever on the table in a real way once Kyrie Irving opted in.

Shram Sharani here on the Rich Eisen Show so where does Simmons fit in all of this is it true that Simmons left a text chain that involved a Nets player a group of Nets players during the playoffs they asked him to come back for game four and he left the chat room that's a hot story and rumor is that true did that happen best you can tell that that that did not happen Rich 100% did not happen as far as Ben Simmons's future and how he plays in all this I think he plays a very big role in all this I mean at the end day he is part of this big three he is there's going to be a lot of hope and a lot of expectations on Ben Simmons this season he did not play last season there was hope there was expectation he was going to play in game four in that first round series he did not play and so there's a lot for him to prove next season and from everything I've been told he has looked apart this summer he had back surgery in May to fix an issue that's gone on for the last few few years and he's made a great recovery from what I'm from what I'm told and he's already been cleared for full three on three in the coming weeks he's going to be cleared for full five on five and the expectation and he's on track to be fully cleared for the start of training camp in in late September and so he fits a very big picture and all this you know when when the Nets made that trade last year traded away James Harden Ben Simmons was thought of to be a perfect fit on that team he's able to defend he's able to pass he's able to rebound ball handled he's able to do everything that alleviates the pressure from Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and and only time will tell you know we can all you know I can speak on the information that I have but at the end of the day the only thing that'll dictate how Ben Simmons you know the trajectory of his career is going to be when he steps foot on the on the floor and that's going to be coming up here in three seasons. So just two more questions for you on this Shams so couldn't help but notice in the press statement or the the release that came out to confirm from the team what you were reporting that everyone met in Los Angeles and that they're gonna continue on and the word partnership was used and also couldn't help but notice that Durant and Kleiman's brand the boardroom had its logo next to the Nets logo and the word partnership was used is am I can we can we connect these dots again and see that the maybe part of this conversation was the the Nets were gonna I don't know do something with Durant's company or or production company in conjunction why use the word partnership and why put his logo on this team? Yeah I don't know about the logo aspect as far as the partnership I think that that verbiage is important because I do I do think the last three years the relationship between Kevin Durant, Joe Tsai, Sean Marks that has been a partnership right like if you're making moves for your organization you know as Sean Marks and Joe Tsai have been over the last three years ever since they got Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving you want to involve your star players you know different organizations do that when you look at the Lakers the Clippers you know the Nets teams like that I think that just comes with his stature and I think it has been a partnership now when did that partnership kind of start to crumble a little bit clearly the last three four months is when that partnership crumbled you know when the trade request was made and the ultimatum was made but now the fact that that verbiage was used again that I think again re-emphasizes that I do from everything I'm told what I believe is those sides left that meeting with the you know renewed energy and renewed hope of like let's finish what we started and let's see how next season goes and I do think that was genuine. And okay and that all that said the general sense that I feel and sense and I think others will is in the crucible of a playing season losing streaks will happen or a timeout will occur that Durant might not agree with or Kyrie might not agree with there's always disagreements but usually teams can overcome that unless there was something beneath the surface a year prior that required an off season like this and a meeting like the one that happened in Los Angeles to kind of put back in the bottle is this how fragile will this be because I think everyone will look at Brooklyn Nets games this year to see body language to see press conferences how they're conducted that that trade deadlines might might force action as well what do you think about that? I do believe there's going to be a lot of pressure on the Nets this season there's gonna be a lot of pressure on the players from Kevin Durant after the situation on Kyrie Irving entering the last service deal Ben Simmons from last season what happened there Joe Harris coming back from injury pressure on Sean Marps on Steve Nash on the entire organization I think from top to bottom I think that meeting was important because everyone has to be better so there's no doubt you know whatever you know word you want to use whether it's you know there's gonna be a very thin line to this season no question when that adversity hits when you lose games you know how will those star players those stakeholders take it that's going to be very important but those habits are going to be built in training camp and we're going to know you know as training camp goes and as that's going along what the tenor of of those relationships within those fine lines is going to be but there's no question there's going to be pressure on this entire organization really the moment media day tips off on September 26. Okay and last one for you Omnibus what's the latest steps for the Lakers Russell Westbrook his future what now that LeBron has signed an extension what do you think? You know I would expect the Lakers to continue to look at the marketplace to make their team better and you know I don't think there's a concerted effort to moving Russell Westbrook I think the concerted effort is can we make a deal with certain players on the roster with picks that we have to improve this team and if there's not going to be a deal out there then I think this team is pretty comfortable standing pat and running it back with Darwin Ham you know newly at the helm but I think you know I would keep a close eye on guys like Patrick Beverly Boyan Bogdanovich you know those are the guys that are still on the marketplace right now that could be available. I didn't know Beverly was available until you know he blamed it all on Durant that he's still available I saw that today that was great did you see that one Sean did you see that one?

I did I think Utah has you know a bevy of guys you know we look at Donovan Mitchell those talks with the Knicks are continuing other teams around the league are talking to the jazz about about Donovan Mitchell but I think those the vets aside from Mitchell when you look at Beverly Bogdanovich, Mike Conley, Jordan Clarkson, Malik Beasley I think all those guys you know at a certain price tag are available. Sean thanks for the call really appreciate it I always love picking your brain thanks for the time look for more of my calls please thank you sir. Thank you Rich have a good one. The one and only Sean Schirani I follow him on twitter you should as well. Let's take a break we'll come back and Devin McCourty of the New England Patriots has just called in we'll take his call in just a few moments. Joining us here a long time veteran in this league in his course of the New England Patriots Devin McCourty back here on the Rich Eisenshaw how you doing Devin?

I'm good how you doing? I'm doing great I'm going to jump right into it right here who gets the Cirque du Soleil tickets you or Belichick who gets that for you guys? Definitely not me. So Bill's on it? Bill's on it for you guys the Blue Man Group he's all on it for you? I definitely see him doing that for us that sounds like a good day for them all. Don't you think yeah you should ask him are you seeing the Blue Man Group tonight Bill? I mean we're we're in Vegas why not?

Why not although everything that happens there stays there so I appreciate you trying to keep that under wraps. So walk me through what's going on in your world and how and how different things might be in this training camp based on other previous ones in the the ever-changing world of the New England Patriots Devin anything? Yeah I mean I think at the end of the day man it's back and forth it's going back and forth I mean obviously last week cracking against Carolina was different and I think just being out here in Vegas we obviously open week one in Miami so that heat and the weather so being out here the last three days you know we practiced by ourselves on Monday so being out here and then practicing against uh this quality team I think has been a lot of good work for us uh some back and forth they're a talented group so I know just speaking from a defensive side we got a lot of good work uh seeing against you know seeing against guys like Devante Adams guys we don't see all the time and Renth Rope and those different guys I think we got some really good looks out here. So yeah and Waller as well I'm sure he presents a challenge and a practice and a scrimmage that's for sure he has he hasn't been out here this week so we haven't gotten to see you okay he's probably yeah he's they're ready to unpack him at some point I imagine so okay um so uh what's going on in the world of the offense on that side of the ball Devin there's so much concern about the way the offense is being run and who's coordinating and who's calling the plays what insight can you give us on how the offense looks right now for New England? It's a work in progress man I think a lot of those guys have been talking about that and speaking about it and I think that's what it is man I know for me uh my 13th year I've never worried about the offense I just I've always felt like my concern needs to be what I do and for this team that's playing defense and being a leader on a defensive side and I think everything comes along when it comes along I've been in camps before where offensively it felt like we were behind and then see the hits and you can see the game planning and everything get rolling so I know there's a lot of questions from the outside um I think but you know inside us as a team God has just been kind of trucking along triggering things out and you know there's some real good moments out here on the practice field and it's fun in these joint prizes getting a chance to just share the offense on having fun and you know I think we got to do a little bit of that the last two days. Weird seeing Patricia huddle up with the offense to you weird seeing him doing that? I would say at first but I've been coming off of last year he did so many different things he helped out with the offense he helped out with the defense so he was just all over the place and I think now he's still you know figuring out and doing multiple roles for the team and uh right now that's been more offensive you know I think it's been good for us. So he's doing more than just calling the plays is what you're saying?

I have, Rich I'll tell you the truth I have no idea what they do on offense. I love it okay I appreciate that honesty right there Devin McCourty here on the Rich Eisen Show as you just mentioned you're 13 for this terrific professional football player and we're back here on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio outfit talking with Devin McCourty calling in from Las Vegas Nevada where the Patriots are are going through a scrimmage right now how is different I know you just mentioned how you know you don't really know what's going on in the offensive side of the ball because you're you're focused on your side do you notice a difference though in Mac Jones at all the way he carries himself the way that he's walking around the team the way that he huddles up anything like that do you notice a difference? No doubt about it I think he's just been way more of himself this year I think you know you come into anything you're a rookie I think everything is on you know how do I learn I need to learn to do this I need to learn everything possible I feel like this year he kind of let some of that go he's obviously still learning but he's being himself he's leading he's doing the things I think he did at Alabama that he did in high school and that's the things I've been encouraging don't try to be a type of leader that you think you should be just be yourself man it's been a lot of fun obviously as an older guy to watch him grow in just a year and do different things it's helped us out a lot offensively and I would say overall even as a team yeah he just seems to be more in command or at least more comfortable obviously being a rookie in the league it couldn't be helpful as well as he's trying to find his way in his place that Brady returned right I mean that that had to be something different for him to deal with and then you know the way that the season did end as despite the the terrific stretch in the middle it was a learning curve and I'm just wondering if you think he comes in more confident this year yeah I mean this this is probably one of the hardest places to be at you're playing for a franchise that's one you know multiple super goals you come behind Tom Brady's just I think everything was stacked up there and I think last year he came in and did a great job I'm just going to work you know he spent so much time in the facility uh working with different guys figuring things out um and I think that was a good foundation for him and I think this year it's like all right I've done that now let me try to advance and move to the next level and ignore and ignore all other things and just try to be the best version of myself and I think the group that we have player wise on offense encouraging them up the guys they love to have fun I think that made it a lot easier for him to come out of just kind of swing it and have fun and play football and the defensive side of the ball the do your job aspect of uh of that um how is it coming together obviously JC Jackson's not with the team anymore your your uh two cents on how things are looking on that side of the ball that clearly you're part of Devin yeah I think we've had some really good moments I think uh we have a lot of good players up front I think that's probably the strength right now uh when I look at guys like Barmar and Judon and Gottschau and Bentley those guys have been so aggressive we saw here over the last two days um getting after the past or making plays and I think in the secondary um we have a lot of familiarity right now you know with guys doing multiple things like Jonathan Jones and Miles Bryant and then our safety group returning uh the three guys that played a lot last year myself AP and Doug um we've just been putting it together I think we've kind of challenged ourselves to kind of take it up a notch just how we step on the field and um I think that's been the battle and you know obviously like I said we've had some really good moments um and we'll figure things out as we get into game planning and doing more things like that as the season comes um but I'm excited with some of the things we can do as a defense and grow from there um but I think having some of the older guys the guys that have played uh in this defense for a while will help us especially earlier in the season. We had the former head of NFL refs Mike Pereira who now works as a rules analyst on Fox talking to us the other day Devin McCourty about the the league's emphasis on the illegal contact rule and how there are so few penalties in that regard last year the competition committee has instructed the officials to put more of an emphasis on it to see those numbers go up have you noticed that and if so what has Belichick already counseled you guys knowing that is coming? Well we always talk about do business is business being done so you got to kind of gauge how to call it but I hate it I hate why why do we need more illegal contact you know it's we we can we can barely touch the receivers and stuff already so to think that they're gonna you know that they're going out there and calling more we met with the rest and they told us the same thing of how they're going to be trying to see that more call it more so another challenge for defensive players and particularly in the secondary of how we can get the offense to score more points. So when the officials came to camp and told you that did you push back I mean you're 13 year vet? I I didn't I've learned I've had again now 13 times where we met with officials and it's usually a back and forth and each Sunday I would say it's a little different you got to figure it out through that first quarter how's the game being called not just for you paying attention a little bit when our offense is on the field how are they calling it what calls are they calling the DPI going to be called close holding legal contact with all that stuff you watch and then you kind of go as the game being called and I would say the good referees in this league you know they call it consistent however it goes they kind of call it like that and I think you got to gauge off that and play from there.

I mean your safety you got guys much bigger than you sometimes coming at you off the line you know I mean and sometimes you got to grab you got to grab the tug a little bit you got to get good at it that's what I'll say that's what the real reasons taught me it's not that you don't hold you got to get good at holding what a line it's not that you don't hold you got to get good at holding that's what he said to you huh wow that's what it's about you gotta you gotta learn the tricks of the trade. Devin McCordy here on the Rich Eisen show so Devin I don't want to start anything but I'll do it I know how about that as a wind up for my pitch here um no no no your brother is now part of the paparazzi part of my world at the NFL network now on good morning football and I noticed uh he tapped out of your twitter account and created his own um you cool with that? Yeah I told him like Rich I will finish practice and I will go check twitter and there will be like 20 mentions about uh about his show and I'm just like I haven't watched any of good morning football I don't know what he said that people are blowing us up about some take he had on this team is not going to be a contender I was like bro you gotta get your own twitter like I can't deal with this every day and I'm still getting tweets about what he said and I just try to direct the people to his own personal account because I'm sure he's saying a lot of nonsense on there every morning. Let's say yeah so again I don't want to start anything but you kind of opened the door there so you're saying Jason's bad takes are clogging up your twitter timeline is that what you're saying? Devin his bad takes are clogging up your twitter timeline your mentions you don't need that? No doubt about it but I did tell him man be aggressive with your take and uh whatever you feel say don't try to play the fix. Okay and uh let's just say on your bye week uh Jason wants a week off will you sneak in there and uh purport to be him and try and trick everybody and spend a week and get off your chest what Belichick won't let you get off your chest and let your brother own it can you do that Devin? I'm I'm I'm all I'm all for that Rich but we got to kind of keep that low because I can't get fired you know at the bye week that won't go well for me you're just my wife will be angry if I'm stuck at home. I stood understood I got it I guess I should have asked you that offline instead of putting that out from front of the people just like that but your brother's doing a great job though he sure is he's a natural addict he's a natural he is no I told him too when he came on and we'll have him on again and I just think that's not a that's it's not an easy uh gig that show is you know freewheeling there's not a lot of prompter you got to say stuff off the top of your head you got to react and he's I think he's doing a really great job so far really he likes to talk uh okay very good all right is and last one for you Devin uh we've noticed in our uh review of Bill Belichick's press conferences that he's been smiling a little bit more and uh throwing out compliments more than usual has he mellowed do you think he's a happy guy man uh I don't know that's it I think you could probably get that out of him I don't know how many people can but I think you would be able to figure out what what got him so happy I don't know life I don't know just like me man and football and grandchildren man grandchildren do that that's right because you can hand them off once you're done with them once you're done with him you give them back to the parent grandparents it's the best part about it oh man Devin thanks for the time greatly appreciate the time uh calling in from Vegas and um let's let's chat during the season always appreciate our conversation man okay take care that's Devin McCoury right here on the Rich Eisen show don't worry about the offense Chris that's what he's that's the message is he off the phone yeah uh he is with all due respect Devin I'm very worried I'm very worried see the reports that they had their worst offensive practice of the summer I'm reading all the tweets I can't get enough it's just like you know I mean I'm not happy unless I'm unhappy well I'm very unhappy which means I'm happy but I'm reading all the tweets and it's driving me insane how much how many more days until the season starts well uh September 11th is when the Patriots visit Miami today is the 24th is it yes I think we're like 14 there's still time to get rid of these there's still time to get rid of plus weeks there you go and get someone who knows what they're doing that won't happen and Mac you trust bro here we go Mac I trust uh not not in Patricia I trust and Judge I trust oh man what if can we put the Patriot schedule up let's put the Patriot schedule up please there it is two on the road to start already two on you have not you want to do it yeah you did you picked him to win like 12 games I don't have it written down I think I did 10 and seven wait a minute I feel like I did this already uh hold on a minute let me get I I you win thousand percent let me write this down no he has not done it I would have I write these down on my book and we have not done it he has not done it maybe he did it with you guys maybe did it maybe did you do it did you do it while I was you weren't buying my rakish hat you didn't do it you didn't do it in July you can't do it in July no you made me do the cowboys in July so I couldn't have done it well it's because you were talking talking some game I didn't I rarely I barely saw him 11 and six you had him 11 and six and I had the the uh Eagles at 12 and five oh right uh and a fan of the show I didn't write whose name down had the Giants go nine and eight all right well let's do it can you give me please yes sir NFL films music Chris Brockman after just hearing from Devin McCourty say don't worry the offense will be okay Mac Jones is much more confident believes in him everybody chill out Patricia's always done more than just defense he's done offense before uh and so after hearing all that from Devin McCourty Chris Brockman still is all wound up about how bad the offense reportedly looks they had a good day today apparently perfect timing then Chris let's go I need the music patient schedule is up Chris Brockman week one at Miami loss week two the uh the first team to visit a Chris your stadium bounce back win win uh home for the Ravens loss at the Green Bay Packers loss oh you'll be losing your mind if they start one and three it's gonna happen uh the Detroit Lions at home by the way here comes the bounce back stretch win at the Browns win home for the Bears Monday night win at the Jets win home for the Colts Colts are good good defense loss they're five and four going into the bye week we'll take it all right that's a win home for the Jets win at the Vikings on Thanksgiving night on NBC I think the Vikings are gonna be pretty good this year loss I told you Kevin O'Connell is gonna unlock Kirk Cousins inner prime time ability they're gonna scroll a lot of points uh then the next week home for the Bills on a Thursday night full compliment rest because both teams play on Thanksgiving the week before we're just gonna get pounded by the Bills this year loss at the Arizona Cardinals on a Monday night Tyler's probably hurt by then right win uh at the Las Vegas Raiders you'll probably be staying out uh west and uh that's a that's an NBC Sunday nighter oh at the Raiders Raiders a good loss home for the Cincinnati Bengals and one Joseph Burrow coming to town Bengals taking a step back that's a big win right there home for the Dolphins win at the Bills what is the record right now uh you have them at told I'm at six and four six and five six and six seven and seven eight nine and seven oh this is the get into the playoffs bills arresting guys win ten and seven Chris Brockman has been good enough for the seven seed you think in the AFC uh it's possible it depends on how deep the pool is truly in the AFC West or if you were they what's more likely the other day or is it overreaction saying three teams get out of the AFC North that was overreaction but yeah if three teams get in from one division that means there's only one spot available and the Colts might get it and then somebody from the AFC North might get it you might ten and seven might not might not be gonna make it but ten wins would be successful this year given the turnover on the coaching staff here you go trying to be realistic well you had them losing uh at Minnesota on a Thanksgiving night I don't know I think there's all sorts of Belichick ugliness that Cousins might have to I think it's gonna be pretty up and down here they got that nice stretch before the bye week to kind of get right and then we'll see what happens you think the Ravens coming and beat you maybe they're gonna maybe they're gonna be good maybe they're gonna be good at the Dolphins boy the Dolphins start out one and oh and two is finding Tyreek Hill and the Patriots just look terrible on offense the same thing happened last year remember Dolphins came into New England in one week one because uh Damien Harris fumbled that's right game so you know same thing happened ten and seven okay I think that's realistic I'm optimistic I can't do the Jets one yeah I'm not doing the Jets one yet until I find out what's going on in Marina Del Rey with the knee of one BYU cougar yeah I would say don't count on September freaking jets man let's go to jets I literally just muttered the words freaking jets into a microphone that goes beams around the world on YouTube and nationally you did on radio but you kept it real and I think people appreciate that is that right I think so good to know let's take a break we'll take a break we'll come back let's unpack what Shams had to say a little bit about the night also more Shams breaking news oh he hung up and broke news yeah Shams is not for play rich okay let's uh we'll get to that when we a Shams bomb when we come back oh chrome soft x chrome soft xls that's for the players that it might be a little bit more advanced than folks like myself or tj see I'm lumping myself in with you chrome soft the regular chrome soft that's what I use for it's for a wider range of golfer who wants more distance better feel incredible forgiveness the bottom line is all three of the chrome soft golf balls that are offered by Callaway enhanced with precision technology that uses design techniques and manufacturing specifications up to one one thousandth of an inch this ensures they're the highest quality most consistent fastest golf balls possible when you add it all up it's pretty simple chrome soft's better for the best and better for everyone find out which chrome soft is right for you at chrome soft a great interviewing technique sometimes is to ask your guest who's in the know for so many different things is there anything I should know about that I should ask you about that should be maybe the last question but it's tough to do that on a radio tv show you know certainly when you've kept an information individual 20 minutes I know right I should ask that of Shams huh we hung up from him any broke news what happened we hung up and so number two overall pick Chet Holmgren was playing in a oh no pro-am the other day with Ron and a bunch of other uh NBA stars up in Washington state right there's a fear that Chet Holmgren has suffered ligament damage in his foot undergoing further options exams now show potentially torn ligaments in his foot timetable being determined based on further evaluation is that the dreaded Liz Frank we've seen Liz Frank uh shut down NFL players recently Matt Corral Travis ATN last year Matt Corral this year for whole the whole year so let's hope not man because Chet balled out in summer league and he looked really really good and that you know that thunder team's young and exciting so this would be a major bump oh my goodness gracious oh my word well if that happens does the Oklahoma City Thunder begin to tank again like right before the game is even play this year and how many times can you keep hitting the reset button well Philly did it how many years tj too many a lot yeah wow this is a bummer like he's such a fun young player we saw what he could be at summer league you know the spark was there it's like the potential's there well whatever in in our conversation with Shams he was saying that based on his knowledge and reporting of the meeting in Los Angeles between Mets brass and Nets brass and Durant and Rich Kleiman that uh everybody left kind of feeling energized everything is all out there on the table and I don't know if Durant was sitting there thinking he wanted out and anybody who's uh an all-star asks out they usually get their wish and you can't even refer to him as an all-star Durant he's more than that no he's like he's like a worldwide superstar is what he is second or third best player in the game right now and he he asked out and he didn't get out because the win for management the Nets well the Nets are like sure you can go seek a trade we'll just make the requirements so high that we'll just we we can't do it because we don't think we don't think uh you're you're we think so highly of you that we we we don't want to give you away for cheap Jalen Brown Derek White and the number one overall pick and the Nets mine was cheap and so what's Durant going to say you're you're asking prices too high for me and I guess their answer would be we covet you so much Kevin that we can't take anything less than this is that why he wanted marks out I mean there's so much you know blank space there's so many blank spaces to fill in it just as I said if you want something in a negotiation you can do it if you want something in a negotiation you think you deserve it you think others have gotten it when you when it's been asked of others in the business not maybe you specifically as management but when somebody has a certain value and is widely believed industry-wide to be the best if not one of the best and that person doesn't get what they want and it's presented them well here's the fait accompli you either come back or you start you hold your out your services and we don't want that clearly we think this is the best chance for you to win you're the best chance for us to win let's get together let's combine forces again that it's presented as a fait accompli like you're not going anywhere we covet you that much even though you could say covet you that much it doesn't it doesn't sink in that I just know I've been in these positions before there's a certain resentment now when you start going through your business and start doing your job that you do love so much you forget about it but when the going gets tough and it happens again where you feel like whatever promises you were given assurances you were given aren't met that's the thing I'm going to keep an eye out for this year man with him in the nets and if Kyrie decides to show up to work well he's got I mean I don't know he's got to do anything anymore I don't know what's going to happen I mean what a weird team man team man they have this potentially great big three they've never played together we have no idea what it's going to look like that's right we've no idea what it's going to look like right zero zero is Ben Simmons gonna be what we think he might could be before it kind of all went south in Philadelphia like I have no idea and I must send out an apology not that he'll care or maybe even hear it but we've mentioned a couple times here on the show as fact that Ben Simmons left a text chat amongst the entire next team prior to game four against the Celtics saying hey we need you tonight and he left the chat conversation Shams called that 100% false yeah four Pinocchios and we mentioned that around here is fact and he would know well he would know he would know he's got everything you know every Brooklyn story he breaks so he's got connections there obviously I wanted that to be true it just would have been funny so there's all of that what a fun show today for those who missed it we had Arthur Smith on an hour one he's already locked in he didn't really give us much on what's going on he's mid-season he's locked in man I think he loves Mariota and I think he's gonna I think the offense will be better than that people think Drake London I asked him if he'll be ready for week one he said he didn't have a he said uh he couldn't predict the future I told him you should just tell me you don't have a crystal ball he told me to ask Vrabel if he has a crystal ball that Vrabel loves making predictions I have a feeling he's leading me down a path that crazy draft photo you know from Vrabel's house there could have easily been a picture a crystal ball and could have been crown of that picture you know also the director Michael Mann of Heat and now the author of the bestseller Heat 2 said he wants to make that into a movie as well and told some great backstories of the movie Heat if you missed it slash Rich Eisen Show same with Devin McCordy of the Patriots who we just hung up from and also Shams and in case you missed it Joey Chestnut will be in Wrigley Field tonight and has agreed to use a hot dog as a straw rather than just trying to eat 75 of them in a short period of time yes the greatest hot dog eater the most famous hot dog eater on planet earth most famous eater period says he will in fact make a hole through a hot dog use it as a beer straw and send out the video tagging us thank god we call that a win fly the W in Wrigley Field tonight we're back on the Rich Eisen Show on the radio tomorrow if you're at Wrigley tonight too by the way and you see Joey Chestnut just start filming just take your phone out just do the thing just get video of him he said he's engaged again is what he said do you think it's the same person or a different individual I did hear that again in there sounded like a different person well he kind of laughed a little negativity there oh you think so yeah it was kind of like yeah hey fella you've done a lot of weird things in real life have you ever been engaged uh I thought so once I woke up uh next someone and we had rings on our last calls had been to some chapels uh they didn't answer luckily who the chapel didn't answer chapel didn't answer so we were in Las Vegas Nevada it was in Tahoe okay answer your question very good a lot of beer straws that night yep hot dog beer straw hashtag it oh baby that is tonight so you'll be on the lookout for that right tj no what do you mean no Mets are off tonight I know so I got to take a day off myself but last night was this last couple days were stressful baseball I know that Mets lead over the Braves down a two oh Sarah's very happy down to was she rooting for the Yankees actually the last couple nights for the first time in a long time yeah and something happened in the game where I was just like please get a hit here or something and it was it might have been for Alonzo and she's like what are you talking about I'm like I don't want the Yankees to win ever I mean with all due respect to your team and I respect you so like I root for two teams the Red Sox and who's ever playing the Yankees I respect you I respect you on that front and that sort of spite will help keep you warm in October as you watch other people play baseball yeah it'll be great yeah yeah oh I'm already looking at the 2023 schedule that's out is that right yeah who's gonna be your starting pitcher we uh first week no idea uh hopefully it's Nick Pavetta is Devers gonna be paid or not I I mean honestly I have no idea Nick Pavetta that's who you want to be your opening day starting he's our best pitcher right now guys that's a horse oh he turned it around because that was Koopa and I dropped him a few weeks ago oh he's been great yeah he's been great I don't know it's gonna be great though uh Aaron Judge's return to Yankee Stadium is June 9th oh you said what's that when the San Francisco Giants are in that's when the Red Sox play though yeah right that that that that will happen when a spot very warm spot freezes over you keep on warming your heart by that five minutes you keep on warming your heart by that fire sir I saw people tweeting out the Giants like Judge's return to Yankee Stadium got it got it 48 and counting for 99 is he going to get 61 you think I don't know it's been a rough go later he's only one off but they've got they've got four against the A's and then three against the uh the Artie Moreno's so we'll see but he still has a week left in August and he's uh he's got like the third or fourth most home runs ever before before the end of August well that'll wrap it up for this edition of the Rich Eisen Show we greatly appreciate it we'll see you right back here on our YouTube stream on Thursday once again once uh once uh again we're on YouTube until the Roku channel and this show begins to stream together on in September and we will be free on all Roku devices Samsung Smart TV Fire TV you can download the Roku app and uh on the mobile device the Roku channel is free there and the same thing at we will chat with you on Thursday for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too all-time Hogan opponents Macho Man's got to be in the conversation where's Andre for you I've always said Andre was number one wow because even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a babyface Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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