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REShow: Chad Kroeger and JT Parr - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 25, 2022 3:15 pm

REShow: Chad Kroeger and JT Parr - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 25, 2022 3:15 pm

Rich comes to the defense of Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes who’s been slagged on by former teammates and some media pundits despite having a Super Bowl win and NFL MVP award on his resumé.

Comedians/Activists Chad Kroeger and Jay Parr join Rich in-studio to discuss their new Netflx show, reveal how Paul Walker led them toward a life of activism, describe their perfect day and what “stoke” means to them, being tapped by Bill Hader for a cameo in ‘Barry,’ their take on the Hot Dog Beer Straw controversy, and weigh in on Brockman’s no-time-limit fantasy football draft. 

Rich ends the hour with a not-so-uplifting pep talk for all the Dallas Cowboys fans feeling down in the dumps after the serious knee injury to OT Tyron Smith.

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JR Sports Brief
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. And back you trust bro. This is the Rich Eisen Show. What's going on in the world of the offense Devin?

It's a work in progress. I've never worried about the offense. The Rich Eisen Show. Don't worry about the offense Chris. Is he off the phone yet? Uh he is.

I'm very worried. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Earlier on the show NFL analyst and founder of Sharp Football Analysis, Warren Sharp, ESPN Dallas Cowboys reporter Todd Archer. Coming up comedians and activists Chad Kroger and JT Park.

And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air here on slash Rich Eisen Show. We will be migrating to Roku next month and that's where you can catch the live version of this show and then of course the re-airs of it every single day for free on the Roku channel which is free on all Roku devices.

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I promise you we'll be back on those platforms in short order. We're here on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network that has been built for us and that is growing every single day that we love being on and we would love to hear from you at 844-204-RICH there. If you're listening on the Odyssey app we say hello to you. If you're listening on our podcast whenever you're darn well pleased we say thank you at the RSS subscribe button there just like you do right here on the Rich Eisen Show YouTube page slash Rich Eisen Show. Chad and JT these are gents who are very popular right here on YouTube. They've got a popular new show streaming on Netflix as well. You you popped it in last night in advance of them arriving here Mr. Feller and it was the first that was right up there on Netflix right?

First thing right away. Going deep with Chad and JT. All right we're paid in the truly old league so the draft was going to start soon. All right so it's in. You've triggered the draft. You put your card in. This fantasy league that you know is crazy because you just draft 20 players and then the computer just selects your team based on everybody's final results at the end of the day.

So you don't even know you can't even follow along live unless I guess you look at everybody's team to see you just assume or they'll take the running total of the top nine players. Oh TJ we have the first pick. You do. Let's go. Let's go.

Do you really? Draft starts in 14 minutes. You already know you already know who we're picking right?

What is my uh? Hold on okay uh oh Rich Eisen you're second. Oh hey it's in the bag baby.

It's in the bag baby. All right hold on ready here's who's in the league. Okay.

Talk to me. Well the names are a little different let's see here. Joey Stacks I think that's Joe he's fifth.

Yeah okay. What's Rudd? Where does Rudd pick?

I'm trying to look at the teammates. Can you imagine Rudd is like in 10 freaking leagues. He's crazy man. I just love the fact that he's like I'm in. Well I think some of the names we can't really say.

Rudd's one of them right? If this is a good fantasy league you should not be in the same one. Fantastic. Nice.

All right. So we are first up. Are we going JT?

I mean I think that's kind of. Or should we go CMC? Can't you can't. Dude if you go CMC you're gonna leave me JT? I'm not going CMC. You're not?

I can't dude. What are you gonna take Cooper Cup third? So what?

Time out. Oh yeah you're second. What is the scoring on this league? Is this a point per reception?

Point per it's PPR. Okay. No I think it's Jonathan Taylor Chris.

I think. All right we go JT. I think you guys should overthink it.

Let's not definitely not. We can overthink we can overthink our next pick. Just here's what you gotta do. You gotta focus you gotta make it in the commercial break before Chad and JT the other JT comes on. So I can make my pick. Well actually I got two hours.

You got two hours? I mean I could literally sit on this. I mean TJ we could sit on this for a while. We could but you know what like when you're doing mock drafts on like a site and you have the first pick and it's obvious don't use your full-time. Just how about that man?

What if we take Jamar Chase or somebody crazy and then we don't want to win? I think is what that was. Please leave me Jonathan Taylor will you do that? No.

Okay. Well he I'm not in so it's he's controlling. You are in.

No I'm saying I'm not controlling anything. I have to give you the information. In the commercial break I'll give you the login. So was it random or is it because you signed up last? We were the last two to sign up. I don't know. Oh that is amazing.

That is amazing. I'll take two. Although Joe would be last then right? I will take Cooper Cup as the day is long. If you choose Jonathan Taylor we'll just announcing our picks.

Okay very good. Some guy Chuck Schumer is also in the draft. Chuck Schumer is not in the draft. The Chuck Schumer? Definitely not. What if it is?

That surprise you Rich? That's his username. It's kind of crazy when you see just we don't tread in these waters. You know Chuck Schumer goes like this with his glasses and he'll show up on tv like this looking correctly at the camera. It's just like just take your glasses off.

I can't believe we have the first pick. Well done. I believe it. I manifested it.

Hey I want to use this space to cape for someone and I cannot believe I am caping for this individual because he doesn't usually need it or require it because he's so immensely talented and so widely loved and respected. Micah Parsons? No.

What is wrong with you? No. I'm not referring to him but he has now reached that part of American sports fame where folks are ready for him to be torn down a little bit and also he's already reached that part of American sports fame where he won't be considered for MVP very often because he's already won it. You know it's just like he's already gotten a lifetime achievement award of how many times do you need to win it?

We'll start looking at other people who might not have your stats because we expect you to do what you're doing. Remember that part of the time of the career where Belichick has to go undefeated and his quarterback's got to throw 50 touchdowns and have a defense that has 50 takeaways for him to win coach of the year right? Right. He did win in 2007 right? Coach of the year? You know I remember Phil Jackson is like yeah you're not coach of the year. You can't win coach of the year because you got Jordan, you got Kobe, you got Shaq and plus you've already won them all.

Like well how many times how many yachts can you water ski behind? But I cannot believe the slagging that has taken place and on occasion downright disrespect that has been thrown in terms of shade at Patrick Mahomes. I don't understand what is happening because yeah his former receivers are different spots now and I understand they're trying to talk him up. They're new quarterbacks. One doesn't need talking up and the other one I think does require to have some sort of vote of confidence said full-throatedly by the new receiver on his team. Tyreek Hill going to Miami and saying the following about going from Mahomes to Tua.

Obviously I'm going to go with one five as the strongest arm but as far as accuracy wise I'm going with Tua all day. I wanted to hit me right in the breadbasket just like I did in the Buffalo Bills game and take it 70 yards. That was on it his podcast. Okay so you're talking up your guy when you're asked a direct question about your former guy. I get it.

Yeah makes sense. And then he doubles down a couple of weeks later a months later on first take when asked why he chose the Dolphins over the Jets and he said Zach Wilson's a dog but I'd rather play with the most accurate quarterback in the NFL. Tua he's an expletive heck of a competitor. He's a hell of a hard worker. I'm excited to go to work with him compete with him and battle with him. This dude came from Alabama.

If you know Alabama they're playing some of the biggest games in college football. I've had a chance to play with him practice with him and see his confidence. I've had a chance to golf with him. He's a good guy obviously but I see a lot of similarities when I look at him and when I see Patrick Mahomes Patrick Mahomes he's definitely on to something. And while we're taking all that in the athletic has its annual breakdown of what evaluators in the NFL think of the quarterbacks whether they're elite or not and the athletic quoting an anonymous defensive coordinator in the NFL saying that they love Mahomes because of his unorthodox throws not because of his natural pocket presence and when that disappears that's when they lose games. I don't think that's a one meaning he's not an elite quarterback. I think that's a two meaning not the top tier quarterbacks in the league adding nothing against the guy I love the kid but take his first read away and what does he do he runs he scrambles and he plays street ball. What? You remember the Super Bowl he's running for his life when the pocket was gone?

I do I do remember. Street ball almost damn near kept him in the game and won it if he could make a couple of those plays couple of those throws street ball throws hit guys in the hands talk about accuracy they couldn't pull him in. Sammy Watkins. I know he's excited to be in a new spot I get it Aaron Rodgers we all know is going to the hall. First ballot Hall Famer.

This this very week Sammy Watkins. I think Pat is incredibly good but A-Rod's in a whole nother level he's amazing how he controls the ball how he puts everyone in place I've been with a lot of quarterbacks and I've never seen them carry themselves like Aaron Rodgers. Incredibly good that's what Pat is. Are you kidding me?

That is uh. Len Dawson may he rest in peace he just passed away. Best quarterback the Chiefs had had until Montana showed up and then he was clearly not the Montana of the San Francisco years even though he did take them to a playoffs deep into the playoffs that they had not seen until Mahomes showed up on the spot. Becoming one of the best to ever do it. Becoming one of the best to ever do it. The fastest of one of the best to ever do it. One of the best to ever do it in a way that is so incredibly jaw-dropping. Difference making. Madden cover earning.

Kids love him. What's happening? What's happening? His own guys going somewhere else. I get that Tua needs to be talked up.

That's one of his own podcasts. Asked directly about Mahomes. Asked about why he went to the Dolphins instead of the Jets.

The answer winds up with a a comparison of Tua and Mahomes and I'd love to but are you kidding me? And then what do you think Rogers needs an attaboy from Sammy Watkins? Yeah why do you Rogers? I mean but you can understand it more with Rogers the Tua thing is the one that's the real head scratcher. Do you think Rogers would be offended if he said I went from Hall of Fame quarterback to a Hall of Fame quarterback? No. Not in the same way of Devante Adams saying he went from Hall of Fame quarterback to a Hall of Fame quarterback.

Completely different. Right? Do you think Rogers will be offended if Sammy Watkins said that? Hey man I played with a future Hall of Famer and Pat Mahomes now I'm here with Rogers.

I can only hope Mahomes is as good as Rogers when he's Rogers age and he could be because it's similar games. Like right? I don't I don't get it. I don't understand it.

Maybe it's the way America works. Build him up to tear him down and then bring him back. Makes it more of an interesting story than somebody who is so generationally brilliant out of the box. And this year everybody's gonna think he's gonna take a step back. Man I think this is a chip on his shoulder. I cannot wait to watch him cash in. I said it last week I agree with you.

People are sleeping. Where's the Pat Slaggin shade coming from? Like what did he do? What did he do?

All of a sudden like I told Chris the other day like Chris was ready to put him on Mount Rushmore of quarterbacks and yet people are now you know slandering. He's not arrogant. He's not earning he's not earning people shade. No. Right? I mean if you're jealous of his talent it's that's a that's a YP.

Not an HP. It's not his problem. That's a your problem. Maybe you're jealous of it.

I don't know. What you said earlier is true though. That is kind of the way America works. You build someone up just to tear them down.

I don't understand it in any case really but especially not in this particular case. Because you tell me are there more than Chris three NFL teams that wouldn't take Patrick Mahomes right now? Please. Bounce their quarterback for him.

If you play there what quarterback would you rather have game? He would win he would win a lot of them. He'd win most of them. Yeah.

90 percent of them. Oh yeah. Please. Yeah. We're not even going to do it because I think that's disrespectful to him. Well yeah it's unnecessary.

At any rate. Look he's Henry Winkler's favorite. If that doesn't tell you something then I don't know. He invited him through his house with he and his wife have a beautiful chicken dish with a great reduction. I still have no idea what that means. It's delicious is I think is what it is.

Yes. And if the Fonz likes you then I like it. We're two minutes away from drafting first overall TJ. Well you know the rules.

You know the routine. Let's take a break. JT friend of the show. Chad and JT are here.

They're making the world a better place one bro at a time. Chad Kroger, JT Parr coming up next live on the Rich Eisen Show. JT Parr and Chad Kroger the uh the activists I guess is one way to definitely call you guys.

Chad and JT go deep available for streaming on Netflix. Our terrestrial radio audience is back with all of us together and I guess you know Chad and JT I'm familiar with your work because I follow all the the local C-SPAN coverage of a number of very small southern California cities that need to have some sort of public commentary from the people and you seem to be provided that. You guys really take a stand on so many issues and I just want to let you guys know I admire that. Oh thank you so much.

I admire you that your approach to to making sure our world's a better place. How did you come up with the idea of a Paul Walker statue? Oh dude good good question.

Well I only ask those types of questions. Dude thank you man. I appreciate you throwing the abbreviate in there. I uh yeah I mean at the time you know sort of not like now where this country is super polarized you know we're just you know everyone was sort of you know just sort of grappling with each other and uh JT and I were sort of like looked at each other we're like well we need like this is not okay everyone needs to kind of feel stoked again everyone needs to come together and we're like we look at each other we're like what brings us together and boom Paul Walker and what do you do for unifying figures you make a statue. So it literally just popped into our domes and then we just hit the council that day because JT's well versed in politics like he knows the word um constituents um so we did it that day and it's just like and our activism began.

And then it began. Yeah. And how did how did how did you find the uh city council um took your request for a Paul Walker statue?

There was a respectful denial um we had such a groundswell of support from America from the entire niche that they erected at least a six inch statue. Yeah they made like a little doll. Yeah.

Oh I didn't know that I miss that. It was cool I mean we want something that stands out a bit more because we wanted people who were like immigrating to San Clemente for that to be the first thing they saw on the pier. Yes. And unless they're rocking binocs like they're not going to see the six incher but it's a start.

Yeah. So how much of a factor do you find yourselves being in front of these city councils and trying to press your case for so many important issues that of our time guys what would you say? I mean we're you know they listen to us I mean they come up afterwards and they're sort of like you know I don't I didn't want to say this but yes you were saying exactly what I wanted to hear you know um a lot of respectful denials but you know I think that you know the the general population sort of you know supports our causes and that that's continuing the momentum to bring about change and just bring about more stoke. And we've inspired like a lot of other new young activists that they didn't realize that those environments were so accessible so I get like I get dms and texts from like dudes at LSU and Arizona State and Florida State and other like you know prestigious academic institutions and they'll just hit me up and be like dude I didn't realize that we could petition the city to like build a beer bong off the library tower and I'm like no you can and you should and so that's been like something we didn't anticipate but that's been very life-affirming. Yeah and even dudes as far as like Denver and stuff they'd be like I can't tell you how many dudes have been like you know hey I just petitioned for another chairlift you know and that's crazy. Did they did they build one? Did they build one?

Another chairlift? Yeah I mean it just seems like uh that might be bringing sand to the to the beach you know what I'm saying? Right.

Well yeah but worst case scenario they just do more backcountry so it's a win-win. Good point. Yeah. Was there a moment guys where the light bulb went all over your heads collectively and said that you could well you have to listen to me finish my sentence. No where you where the light bulb went over your head and you thought to yourselves we can make a difference. Was there one specific moment where you guys realized the the sway you might have? I think you know it was a very personal moment but we were doing it was when we first met we were doing a four hose beer bong and uh you know there are two other dudes involved Kellen and and Bonk um but during our chug we just had this cosmic connection where and I think at that moment we sort of looked at each other we're like well we are kind of a dream team when it comes to making change because JT's so good at amping people up at parties and we're like well why don't we just do that for the rest of the world you know what I mean? But you inspire me to do it. Oh that's true. Like you're like hey everyone here needs to get amped and I never thought about it that way so once you mobilize that energy I really started to take off and I owe it all to my dog right here.

Oh thanks dude. Have you made your parents proud? For sure yeah. Yeah? Yeah I mean they had very low expectations.

So the bar has been set very low? Yeah I was really intentional about that like I waited about 24 years before I did anything right so that once it started going a little bit better they were like holy cow sky's the limit for this kid. Chad and JT go deep is available on Netflix for streaming right now so what what would you say um is your perfect day Chad and JT? What's your perfect day? Perfect day uh I think I'd start off the morning with a nice streak um and then do some perineum sunning um that's sort of our main holistic practice at the moment. So the streak is stripping down um and when you say perineum for those who might not have taken biology yeah what is that body part? I believe the scientific term is taint. Oh okay the spot yeah where taint okay nothing in between right okay so that's did you you sun it you know you get direct sunlight on it for you know just to um it increases vitamin D uh your electrical charge and uh immunity um and also knowledge like I couldn't really read that well until I started perineum sunning.

It improved your reading comprehension yeah I don't know that you could do that yeah like I started reading in front of JT and he's like dude you're reading and I was like yeah it's perineum sunning. Okay so that's a good start to the day sort of like a healthy breakfast exactly understood yeah yeah um what about and then what happens next? I don't know we go to get a cup of coffee and maybe like the short story writer George Saunders is there and we just break down some philosophical ideas then we cruise to the gym probably for a boxing workout and like Lomachenko is there just teaching us about footwork and then they cap it all off once we got our body mind and the endorphins must be popping by then we're feeling good so then it's time to go to a friend's wedding.

Why is it just because you you appreciate the love of a friend? The stoke is so peak everyone's having the best night ever the drinks are ripping the dance floors on fire all the classics September, Justin Timberlake, etc and uh yeah you just go wild. Yeah and I think after that we drunk dial our local representative just tell them what's up you know. What do you mean tell them what's up?

Just be like dude we had a great day just checking in. Oh you start with the perineum sunning and you end up with the you know I guess the little civic slide or something like that the chicken dance which is something I would I banned from my wedding that was my wedding was a chicken dance electric slide free zone. Yeah you got to curate the dance floor that's huge. I did my best to do that. Did you break dance? I did not I did not break dance I sang Sinatra at my wedding.

Whoa. I did. You were crooning a little bit?

Definitely if I was paying for the band I was going to have my own karaoke. That sounds sexy. I feel like you have a great voice. I have timber. Yeah you do have timber.

I've got timber. Nice. I can hear you here. Thank you you could hear it right from there right? Yeah yeah.

So that's your perfect day huh from start to finish? Yeah. I like it. Yeah we thought about it. Yeah you can we're trying to get it we're trying to make it happen. Yeah you should join us. Well where would I fit in and all that I don't know look I have a another job with the NFL I don't know if perineum sunning is in my contract is something I can do. Right. I need to check the fine print. Okay.

On that I would just say it it taint possible. Do you see what I did? Whoa. Nice you would play. Yeah they get specific with the contracts in the NFL like when they wouldn't let Big Ben ride a motorcycle it's like you're not allowed to sun your life.

There's a lot of that stuff in the off season but you know there is no off season for me talking about the NFL so that's you know that's my own burden but uh other than that I don't I I could probably join like a good boxing workout that's not bad. Yeah and the squad's ever expanding there's always room. Is that so? Yeah you said where do I fit in I'm like I don't see where you fit out. Nicely done. I appreciate that. It's all a mission. JT and Chad right here on the Rich Eisen Show uh so what's uh what what do you guys want your legacy to be? Legacy. What's your legacy? I mean clearly you're trying to uh change minds you're trying to make an impact it's obvious in your work uh what do you want your legacy to be?

What do you think? I think for me personally I think I want to be known as the guy who ever who forever changed the brand of the name Chad you know because Chad has you know kind of a negative connotation within the public sphere right now. How so what do you mean? Uh people just say you know they say Chad's and Brad's you know referring to dudes just like aren't chill or you know square up a lot and so I want to be the guy who's like no Chad's are actually sick and I want that to sort of be in the urban dictionary after after I'm done.

I'd like to be like the Dick Vermeil of activism where a prominent champion. By the way I cannot wait to hear what the description of this is going to be JT. I can't wait to hear it. I'm sorry I didn't mean to interrupt your flow right there.

Not at all dude. But that's that's a great opener. Thank you. That you want to be the Dick Vermeil of activism? Yeah.

So what does that mean? Like a prominent enduring figure who reaches the mountaintop and cries the whole time. And has longevity. Has longevity. I mean he just got inducted into the hall of fame. He's got a chip. He's in the movie Invincible.

Yes. And we also know that if you bring up any player he has any kind of relationship with he'll find the sentimental there and break down and I'd like to do that but in the activism sphere. Are you saying you would want Greg Kinnear to play you in a film if a film was made of your life? I'm not opposed to I'm a pretty big Kinnear fan.

I didn't think he was hot enough in the movie Sabrina to go toe to toe with Harrison Ford but in everything else I think he's been top notch. That's an excellent breakdown. Thank you. I understand that. I understand that. Dennis Quaid just played him in in in Kurt Warner's movie as well.

Oh nice. I haven't seen that one yet. Yeah it's it's a good one. Whose Vermeil did you like more? I thought Dennis Quaid's Vermeil was a little bit more believable. I believe that.

Because and and this is totally unfair to Greg Kinnear who has been nominated for an Oscar right? As good as it gets. He was too close to his talk soup days for me to believe him as Dick Vermeil.

It wasn't that far removed from that. Not to get too deep into the details here but. I love it. You know do you play fantasy football? I do I'm leaving uh tomorrow to go to Utah for my annual fantasy football draft. Why why is it in Utah? Uh our friend has a home out there and it's kind of equidistant for everyone who lives all over the country so we all fly in for three days and we paintball and go-kart race and then draft. Okay that in that order? Yeah that's basically the running order. Utah is is is geographically sound because to to only a certain part of of the United States one would say?

Yeah equidistant was probably the wrong phrase but it was the closest one I could think of. I didn't mean to take you too literally there but I'm just direct flights from New York direct flights from LA. That's that's what you need to know. Okay did you know this guy over there Chris Brockman would you care to tell these guys what your fantasy football league is all about? Would you please? Yes of course. Enlighten JT and Chad because to me I think your activism needs to be brought to bear to stop what you're about to hear.

Well if you wouldn't mind giving us your two cents on that. I'm in a floor I'm in a 14 team league. That's already bad. We are actually drafting this weekend we do a thing where we also do a live draft in person but we go to the city of the team that wins the Super Bowl so we've gone to you know Denver and Baltimore Seattle New England uh over the years went to Tampa.

Get to the bad part. Uh so we have let's see 15 rounds no time limits. Oh whoa so our drafts usually take about eight hours on Saturday. One time one year an individual in his league took 28 minutes to draft Brian Hartline at wide receiver. In the eighth round. If that had happened to me I would have absolutely committed some sort of an assault physical assault on that but like around minute eight like oh minute eight minute four I would have been getting fidgety right minute eight I would have gotten aggressive you know what I'm saying so what what is your thought I think you have a thought I could see already. I absolutely love it because the playground picks those can be what make your whole season you know what I mean and I also like that you guys treat it like almost like chess grand masters where there's that much thought put into each single move and so and I also have to expect that you guys are talking a lot of trash when he's taking all that a lot of trash a lot of food and beer you know being thrown in a direction well it's you know a lot of just like dude what are we doing like it's been 12 minutes just take some money like you're not gonna win anyway you know this you're gonna cut this guy in week four you know just a lot of that going on while they're doing you know and then when they finally make the pick and you realize their brain just broke you'll never forget that you pick on them and then it's always like that's who you took yeah exactly what so you you you will not act against this you will not be activist against this this idea you will not no in fact I like it so much I think we might bring it to the city council oh no more time limits which city council will you do this can you do that that would this would be great yeah what's the I think we got to do it in like Boston do people see you coming now do city councils know you're you're coming do they know your faces now because you've you've done this in so many places your activism is is now world known they uh know that they don't know we're coming when they see us then they know and we even went to we went to Des Moines recently we went to you know Delaware and Delaware they didn't want us to speak so they tried to smoke us out for six hours we showed up at seven and we went up at 2 a.m and uh yeah they moved the public comment back are you serious yeah just to try and ice you is that what you're saying just to try to tire us out make us leave but they didn't realize like I had my vape on me I could have gone through yeah your siege tactics aren't gonna work on me I'm loaded for bear I'm ready to be here all night that's the see that was their problem is that please they're not gonna try and outlast you I mean that's ridiculous yeah you can test us on a couple fronts like yeah intelligence cogents see yes but you will not test us on commitment yeah and they would bring up issues about like a courtyard Marriott and stuff and we even got involved with that like well if you're going to build this and put some palm trees in there and uh I think they did yeah which people are kind of against palm trees right now because they're big like water suck and they don't really provide much for nature but we're kind of big on aesthetics and we think it provides like a level of hope when you see them that works across the country oh man before I let you go I want to get your thoughts um on on something that everybody's talking about in the sports world right now to see if you would again agree and would want to show up in front of a city council to advocate for this or to try and prevent it from happening again your I want to tap into your advocacy and your activism uh guys this happened in Yankee Stadium on Monday night I don't know if you saw this video went viral a guy who's a hot dog and a straw and he's poking holes through the hot dog sucking the meat out of the straw placing the straw away and then using the hot dog as a straw to consume his beer dude and I would just like to turn to you JT Parr and Chad Kroger and get your thoughts gentlemen what do you think I've long lived by the maxim not to yuck anyone's yums but that was one of the most disgusting things and that's one county what do you think I'm gonna have to respectfully disagree I'm a huge oh let's go dog I'm a huge uh I love meat you know I love the liver king yeah and I think this is you know the movement is spreading so I'm gonna start doing that I think just start poking holes in various forms of meat and using it as a conveyance to suck some sort of liquid into your body is that what you're saying if I could chug a Coors Light through a filet mignon I mean I think that's it for me dude it does combine two acts of consumption it is it is it is economical let's put it that way I understand that yeah but it is also a complete um a front to the hot dog don't you think it's it's a blasphemous use of of the hot dog yeah and like straws are like I guess just kind of gross and hot dogs are kind of gross and then like a beer can be kind of it's just I didn't see a lot of elegance there I I sorry to respectfully disagree again I'm gonna have to counter with I think you know straws are polluting the earth and they're hurting the turtles so if we can combine a food item you know then less straws will be used and then the turtles will be saved and then I think you know a beer flavored hot dog is like my brother made a a pork butt one time he just threw a Budweiser in there and just totally enhanced the flavor so how about that yeah so I gotta give it up dog you crushed that okay Chad you think he's on to something and JT you think it's it's it's wrong but I'm willing to get past my own disgust and realize that's just issues I have with myself and then the trauma from my past yeah and to support my dog in this I think rightful endeavor thank you so much okay there you go um so your podcast where all podcasts are acquired you're giving advice to bros and everybody else and uh the I guess the phrase here is we will help you help yourself is that what you're that's what you're doing on your pod big time yeah advice to bros help them live their best lives and get stoked okay yeah and you're then this is just the podcast for me now you've got your show and you've got your pod got the pod get the show and you got your tour your tour dates yeah yeah uh September September you're going on the road San Diego Greensboro North Carolina you're going to a bunch of places in Carolina and then Vegas Vegas for a festival yeah what's the festival I don't know but I bet it's gonna be a lot of like uh yes yeah like that screaming over the music yeah understand is that your scene do you like that I'm into it sure okay yeah I'm more of a Tom Petty guy but I'll roll with anything understood understood you can get uh tickets and check more tour dates at Chad and that's what you can do love Jin Barry too Chad oh thank you nice spot that that was incredible that was a whirlwind like it all happened within the span of a week and Bill Hader's just he's amazing he did you dispensed advice and donuts uh I think yeah perfectly that was impressive I mean I was actually doing that uh at a um was it at a Yum Yum and Bill Hader actually saw me do that so he just by by happenstance strolled into a Yum Yum Donuts saw you doing this and said I'd like to put that on my television show he's like you give great advice and I was like thank you so much impressive yeah did you was that written or did did did you come up with this stuff yourself oh they they wrote it but it was actually before Chad was perineum sending him before he knew how to read yeah so he was just like yo Bill can you say it out loud real quick and I'll try to memorize that stuff that'll be the next uh season of Barry that'll be great scene with Henry Winkler I think oh yeah yeah perineum something signing with the Fonz is something I mean that's got Emmy written all over I'm just trying to help you guys out he jumped the shark now he's going to jump the tank nicely done nicely done all right everybody check out Chad and JT go deep available now on Netflix check out the going deep with Chad and JT podcasts wherever you get your podcasts and then go to Chad and to see Chad and JT in person on tour thanks guys thank you thank you right back right back at you you you take care and come back whenever you want are you leaving you don't have to we can just throw the break and then you can get up oh for sure yeah I'm a vet all right here we go we're back with more on the Rich Eisen Show in a moment back here terrestrial radio network along with our friends on slash rich eyes and show where some people are in the 547 chat room think I'm gonna get fired after that conversation somebody said that why I think once the uh taint word got popped oh I see what you're saying Para nam Para nam I know what that was I made him fill in the blank yeah so or the nether region oh yeah the spot that might be but like you're you're number one on the call sheet so I'm not sure who could fire me I'm number one on the call oh yeah here yeah you know I think they might mean uh a corporate America gig I've done they were talking about here they don't care about the other places really the chat is about that's too bad that'll be bad for me man not that they don't care but the chat's not talking about places other than rich you're gonna get called to the HR office yeah you're you're the one calling me I'm head of HR men women first time winners repeat major winners club champions business golfers everybody's been made better by Callaway's choice to make the best golf ball out there not just the best tour ball but the best golf ball to make everyone better that's how Callaway's engineered ChromeSoft the family of ChromeSoft golf balls the best tour performance for every type of performance that's what they made at Callaway start with the regular ChromeSoft that's for everybody that's for the widest range of golfers the better players need more workability ChromeSoft X is for you better players even better than that ChromeSoft XLS gives you that lower spin golf ball and longer shots firmer feel still with high spin around the greens every ChromeSoft is now enhanced with precision technology what's that that's design techniques manufacturing specs to use the shorthand phrase that we just heard up to one one thousandth of an inch this ensures they're the highest quality most consistent fastest golf balls possible when you add it all up it's so simple ChromeSoft is better for the best and better for everyone find out which ChromeSoft is right for you at ChromeSoft Mike Hoskins spent some time during the commercial break putting together a list of all the shorthand words that Chad and JT just employed oh no way the abbreves if you will and I believe that's one of them uh yeah uh pledge uh for pleasure defs for definitions okay strat for strategy quest for questions uh abbreve uh for abbreviation niche for nation I picked up on that one the niche uh binocs for binoculars population for populations uh institutions for institutions and connotation for connotation so I guess you just put the h instead of uh Asian right they just that's the shorthand that's the abbreves that's really yeah man yeah that's the Chad and JT abbreves right there that's really it cracked me up man I kind of picked up their vibe literally within 90 seconds and I'm like okay I get it and I knew a pair of names were right from the get-go oh Austin Eckler just got your son yours so the Iowa just woke up next so it's not going to take another two hours no I think literally I was texting everybody hey you're on the clock we're not their son and those type of things we're definitely not so okay thanks for asking you know the second this question came out I'm like I don't think I want to know the answer to it Cameron in Baltimore you're here on the Rich Eisen show what's up Cameron hey there Rich first time caller long time listener I just wanted to give you a few tips and tricks that I've picked up from the fantasy footballers down in Phoenix Arizona yeah we had them on years ago we got to get them back what's going on what do you got so basically for a little bit of strategy for y'all's best ball draft moving forward embrace that volatility go for those boom bust players and be careful with your roster construction especially when it comes to injuries you don't want to have empty slots moving forward okay thanks guys thank you very much appreciate that we've done appreciate it concerning but it doesn't matter about injury concerns because there's no moves we're not allowed to make moves it's so dumb it's so dumb the whole thing's dumb it's dumb and yet you know and yet brilliant and we were all in are you sure you want that button yeah you wanted the button in there and you can't I didn't want the button del tufa wanted me to unplug it yeah I got you well here's because I do a lot of writing and moving around so that's why the and I need to I need to I need to bring this to the people here the number of times I hear the Caribbean enthusiasm theme during a conversation on this program that's your belt that's your ring that's your ringtone it's happened twice that's enough I realize it but like you say the number of times so I'm giving you the actual number oh and just twice in the last week ever I'm usually very ever Chris you want to be the uh judge yeah ever all right maybe not ever it's like two a week no that's a lie that's a that's a that's a bold face lie that's a lie now we're lying no we you're lying you don't know the truth you want me to start keeping track oh we can okay so we're at two your first look is at me like I did something I'm like oh I didn't leave it we're all good we're all good for the record though all those texts are about the show if it matters okay it's one of us thank you here's what I like to do here's what I would like to do for all you cowboys fans out there that are going to be hearing it from all your friends I want to give you a little pep talk okay here's a little pep talk for you tj I mean for you Michael Irvin my buddy my pal I love all the passion of the cowboys fans who as we know Stephen A likes to point out crying in the stands and things of that nature he's a tyrant smith going down a significant that's how I started the show an incredibly significant injury warren sharp with all his analytics and his smart football came on and gave you tons of numbers as to how tyrant smith's injury is going to affect this offense good conversation I had todd archer of the cowboys beat from espn on on the show and he said asked about the wide receiver room and how it is right now he said cd lamb and a bunch of other guys everybody else told us the draft dalton schultz is going to get a lot of targets and that's it right there dalton schultz he's pretty good at football so is ek le he's pretty good at the football so is cd lamb so is tony pollard and I just have a feeling there's so there's somebody somebody there a little trick up the sleeve might be some young kid who's going to get some shot right there a little run and dak yeah he might have trouble getting that throw off every now and then because tyler smith you're on the clock but he was drafted first overall for a reason and maybe the cowboys weren't going to start him at left guard at the time being because they really wanted to give him the time they thought they had the players to give the kid time to grow not that he's not ready to be thrown into the fire right now maybe that's the case too and maybe the dallas cowboys just have the best defense in football with a coach that is selling everything that they are buying again maybe mica and the rest of that team tank digs the rest of that defense is going to take it on their shoulders and start putting points on the board when the offense might not be putting points on the board and maybe mike mccarthy is on to something the way that he coaches this team i know there's a lot of people laughing at me right now you're one of them right there no i'm just waiting for the the shoe to drop there's no shoe to drop tj i said i was going to end this show with an attaboy for you and for all the other and for all the other dallas cowboys fans who hear what i had to say about the significance of this injury and me even saying that i think it's the eagles division now but one never knows with the nfl and that's the beautiful thing and the cowboys have a tremendously talented roster i don't think they improved it as well as they could have or should have but maybe what they've got in that room is enough and the way that they lost last year is a chip on shoulder that they're gonna cash in and i meant every word i just said well thank you just for you appreciate you now that i'm done i don't think that's gonna happen and there is the shoe right back here on youtube still derek henry just got picked yeah okay very good i'm sorry tj i just i i i but that's the best i could muster up right there that's fine i mean you know words are just words until the the coin gets tossed and they go out there bangles bangles bangles bangles going to the jungle is that right no they're both home they're both yeah they're coming they're coming to us where we don't about where we don't share a uh what are you laughing about paul rudd has chimed in on the email chain oh yeah what he's can you repeat what he said uh yes because you said uh you talked about uh i can't hear you over the sound because i got criticized for choosing cup over mccaffrey you made a uh mccaffrey uh future soft tissue tear joke we'll we'll do it away for that and then paul and then paul rudd goes hey i took mccaffrey what did i ever do to you oh god well i got criticized and i i was making fun of this guy's criticism of me i understand now you've made it public that i'm well mccaffrey making fun of mccaffrey's injury history and all but you know it's okay it's just my way of i understand talking to this crew of course very funny people and yeah and now rudd has chimed in huh all right all right we're in there we're in the deep end of this pool here we're in it now guys fantastic now okay so uh let's wrap this show up on uh tomorrow's show oh danny devito will be here along with his daughter lucy devito together they are the co-executive producers and voices of a new program a new um animated show called little demon love it on fxx so i'm trying to so i'm trying to talk a couple of my friends in town to come in our buddy who took brian heartline he came in last last year oh that's called karma being a biatch isn't it toilet bowl winner we have a literal toilet bowl for the last place winner what do you mean like an actual toilet seat that this person has to carry around with them for the whole season what do you mean carry around like walk around just have it or put it up in their house or whatever put it up in their house i don't know i can tell you if uh i ever won the toilet bowl oh that would be placed somewhere that we wouldn't see for 365 days i mean the kids would probably find it funny when i brought it home right to explain what it was yeah but outside of that susie would be like why don't you take you know you should take that to work right and the other guy won for the first time the winner was okay first time so they're gonna be here tomorrow i'm trying to talk them into it what do you mean they're talking about this is like we give away charity visits here are you talking about the staten island guy was just like i don't want to be made fun of again for five minutes oh boy i know soft tissue injury right there yeah soft tissue from staten island the staten island guys like i don't want to be made fun of yeah they don't have to be on tv i know but it was and he's like well inevitably we could we could set the scene and then we get made fun of i don't want him here now tell him i don't want him here all right man he's lost his chance to come in here this is a privilege to be in here tell him his elsagundo hacienda privileges and i mean like it's always a good time i don't want to be made fun of i know oh i'm so uh i'm such the big bad guy huh that's what i said you know what tell him to stop with the soft tissue injury take his heart pills and buckle up stat now that's not a way to represent the rock the rock is like go screw yourself i'll tell you to your face ray kwan is not happy to hear this right now what do you mean well i mean representing staten island in the wu-tang clan and this guy's you know what i mean coast face ain't down with that not at all rick one the chef you know what you got inspect the deck please for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a baby face hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts you
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