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REShow: Michael Smith - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 26, 2022 3:26 pm

REShow: Michael Smith - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 26, 2022 3:26 pm

Rich reacts to the Mariners giving rookie OF Julio Rodriguez a huge long-term contract and makes a desperate plea for someone to take out the Houston Astros before his Yankees have to face them in the playoffs. 

Rich explains why it’s not too soon for the 49ers to throw QB Trey Lance into the fire as their starter over Jimmy Garoppolo.

‘Brother from Another’ co-host Michael Smith and Rich discuss his new gig on Amazon Prime’s ‘Thursday Night Football’ coverage, says why Trey Lance’s early struggles as the 49ers QB1 could pay off huge dividends down the road, why Kevin Durant and the Nets were able to mend fences after a summer of strife, why Russell Westbrook should swallow his beef with Patrick Beverley and “beg” to stay with the Lakers and why Lamar Jackson negotiating his own contract with the Baltimore Ravens might not be in his own best interests. 

Rich reacts to Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin officially announcing his QB depth chart among Mitchell Trubisky, Mason Rudolph and Kenny Pickett for the team’s final pre-season game this weekend.

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The Rich Eisen Show
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Also government dry spray contains doves unique one quarter moisturizing cream. It helps protect your skin trite dub men plus care draws break goes on dry cleaning fee all day franchising shout. Here's what I would like to do all their lives on the ranch show studio in Los Angeles in the way that they lost last year's a chip on the shoulder of the cash in and out of done about the shout about five out there that it is 844204 originally done all year to kick off our number two of the rich show Mike Florio joined us in our number one talk about Lamar Jackson's contract situation.

Jimmy G his future.

The immediate and long-term future for him and then of course what's going on with the Buffalo Bills and their punter Matt Araiza. If you missed any of that in my opinions on all those subject matters also including what went down and around Rams practice yesterday with Aaron Donald holding two helmets in his hands for the Bengals after swinging them at some Bengals players, you just go to our YouTube stream Eisen show for anything that you miss over the first hour any of these three hours and then not were live on our YouTube stream for the time being. September is when we will join our friends are new friends on the Roku channel you can watch the Roku channel and the Rich Eisen show on the Roku channel on any Roku device fire TV or select Samsung televisions. You can also watch on the desktop version on the Internet. The Roku download the Roku mobile app that's where you can find the Roku channel as well. Best part about it. It is for re-the word free is the key word and it's free to say for you should be free to get all of these devices and check us out on the Roku channel 49 thank you sir. Good to see over there Chris Brockman good to be seen richly all upset have agonizing over what to do with your now on the clock in our fantasy league hours for the headache and the pic that you make is a person on your team who is on your team all year long regard leaking, no trades, no waivers. That's the lead Joe the actor, Julie truly all invited us to endure on the clock you guys and you and TJ are all missing you got two pics to make in a row and then Europe. If they're gonna be on the clock during this hour possible possible. I feel like this is you on the Price is right when they go live during the hour to see if any of you if you choose the right key on the clock for 42 minutes. We still can make up with that. I think we've come to a decision now with our do it with this. You know what to do. The next picked. We got two hours away by Soweto had me make this I sort of take Lamar Jackson smart move from our Jackson and you're adding him to log into the squad we have John Taylor Taylor letter for net okay very good how you J felt just listening very good that's good so I just make the lesson that the salary your raters take on the patriots. Apparently Devante Adams not plan which means guess what he's not blaming tar preseason good.

He unwrapped and Dante Adams for the Las Vegas raters week one unit for my Las Vegas raters who I believe will be winning this division, and a great start would be to win week one.

Why because there right here in Los Angeles take on the charges.

How about that for a great week one game late window on CBS owner financing. Ron will be there. You will be a muster at the end and Arizona for Chiefs Cardinals might not be a bad spot finance in Rome as well.

So Devante Adams will be unwrapped. Then September 11 right here in Los Angeles for my raters. That's right, our our raters you you are been on the raters you know since birth pretty much I just hopped on board for this year's and I think they're gonna win this deep end of the NFL pool in the American football conference Western division. Welcome. Thank you very much appreciated. Sickness call perfect timing. John Tennessee you're here in the program. What's up John might have a written what's on your mind John.

I think I know what's on your mind is out of our call screening type that into this computer go for four okay here's my thing.

Why is it going to achieve 200 division for six straight years).

The years we have generally held how to quarterback like your talk about yesterday and we have probably one the best eat and to tackle Chris Jones at uncle. We had had in the NFL Kent County okay and yet your gonna take the raters us who have a great downloader, ratesetting downloader quarterback, not as accomplished as igniters encompasses the homespun a minute accomplished at the moment raters in Jesus we all know you phonorecords out you phonorecords out when it's when it's when when these two teams play each other and I think Devante Adams is good to be the best skilled player at the position on that field against the Chiefs which is not something that you been able to say about the Chiefs with pretty much any other wide receiver in the last several years and I got like I like I like the way that the raters have constructed their roster. I like adding Chandler Jones on top of it. My concern is there offense of line is old. I have a concern about their offense of line. That's my concern so that's that's my two cents on the raters right there to your Chiefs transit there in Tennessee jumped 10 years.

Very good.

Thank you.

Call John Cole call back as we matriculate our way will be great The charge is the only team its home in the AFC West week number one is Denver's in Seattle. As we all know in Kansas City's in Arizona and the charges sit in on welcoming and the raters for a spicy week one lots a home game for the raters and that is not being facetious. That is not being facetious even with the Rams winning the championship. You could swing a stick and find more raters friends in Los Angeles still and Rams hands yeah right now.

Still, you make the case, I think you raters is everywhere just to take it to stay in the front running town though, so that Rams fans are going to be out there more. So I know that the great Rams deserve. They do deserve it salvage that.

What's the baseball news Chris Brockman about big time baseball news Aaron gentry signed Aaron Judge note did not relocate. So sometime in the one of the best young players in the game.

He won the home run Derby when the hundred know he almost won the home of Darius Julio Rodriguez massive extension with Seattle 210 million guaranteed over 14 years has the ability to grow to well over 400 million according to Jeff past that includes player and team options. Okay, so Aaron Judge will point to this and say I want better than that. Even though he's 30 and I Rodriguez I was younger, not give their charge. This deal will not 14 years. He was missing 14 year deal know if you sign a 3014 your deal that we cut the teeth, we cut that in half and keep the money missing cool.

I would if you Yankees now do their either have to overpay to keep a course like and have the money. It's not the crap is hard underneath underneath the ground is screaming. It is something just cut the crap help cut the crap out of you and you and you and Jerry Jones are naming stadiums all over the world.

You make more money. Probably all of that than the Yankees crap how busy ever to replicate the season. This is good is it to get what would you say that you know that well the last time he was this good was never sexy.

Six years ago. I know he's out of his skull right now and he's just can only get better and he's a great face in the franchise, and I hope it all over over Yankee fans don't hear another second about it maybe three more now to be bad standards.

He asked in his back to put nut doubledealing Zachary Rybak thank you for answer. While I can't tell city back seat to no one and Fairweather and I know you're not a very sound and fair weather like as I say that I stop following the Raven and that you left in the game back on your left again limiting this anywhere I'm watching the entire time living and dying. Please, I know I was to say please God is counted together. Let's not take testing and fire more often than Mike and the as we do when you just read label everything label everything started yeah get to and he's going to have to relate Mike's a good and bad reminded yeah yeah you know you give him. I know you Jason.

You can hear machine give a cheat sheet, guys put together and be real right so congrats to matters fan additive manners planning on on a player that they have fallen head over. He asked our own hold onto him and see what you got make the playoffs and let's start with its baseball games until you face the Yankees or if you face the*will somebody please take care the*Gary Karen Sankey St. take care of the Astros itself because for some reason. For some reason Aaron Boone smart guy right is a smart guy. He's been around the leg.

He knows how to even around it make make make make some big time place one time. That's only it's only knows. He knows he knows what he knows. He knows the guy knows he's a savage okay is guys is that for some reason. For some reason they just forgot how to pitch to out to our pregnant those guys or Alvarez for going out all my God terrace, my God and for lender pitch Alexei Frick and young again Hall of Famer first ballot somebody take care the Astros.

No question. See how I made about myself when it's big news about the Mariners have to happen for the Orioles not going away.

The unique ability so I really good. I think you stop going. I register on MS six over yeah really good and they just keep finding ways the cardiac kids a guy with you. You never heard of one of them hit one of one of them tied the game on his first career home run with two outs in the ninth on an old to pitch down a last strike I can't name us.

Then they wonder why so you name a single oriole course like I can. Cal Ripken, Junior, Barry Brooks writing this in the still point, Ainsley Anderson, Donald number him.

Yeah Jim Palmer, Albert Bell's birthdate and he played for the Orioles. Second very good guys, great face, Senior Billy Rifkin blank Frank Olson, the catcher with 2G's terms of all rise, all rise counselors were on the run. What's a guy know you made to your making the move over the rope, you may not know her temporary home for the moment, you know it's it's it's our rental but it's a heck of a rental were very happy and I another building on the line right now on Roku and then will move in in September to be great.

I love the rental, the chat Road I know my mom's and some of it do that it to where it hurts instantly just said is only my Greenberg will admit that he's a Jets fan are you freaking crazy. What is wrong I just saw that Mike Greenberg has only had 300 and admit he's a Jets fan.

Where is Mike yeah exactly that: my Greenberg radar right now.

Want to know that's not true. What's on your monitors and we all made it out of Chicago alive and well trained, when everybody turned it on and it couples. Write in if you're going to be the Niners think what we have to look for. We need to see consistently throughout game right not to not know 1/4 quarters. We need to see it there have to be a little bit a life of briefing the end of this idea that we have now even grappa low I to believe the best insurance. All we have and I actually think the Niners will do it in there knocking up split the league. The league at this point, waiting for them to just cut him were not to flinch when you're paying the money because he got it to the Super Bowl you God of April away from winning the Super Bowl you got to an entity championship game again where we should've one unless a ball was dropped and in I think we have a good opportunity keep him in the week. I know it by going to hate all fact I'm saying this, but I think a great insurance policy you need is you everything you said made complete sense to her. So I hear you, but this is Lance's team, man. I mean, that's him that's it in and thinks the culture so I'll just repeat once again here for the for those in the back may not of heard me the last several months. When you make a trade like that Niners made up for the third overall pick in the draft and draft a young quarterback who is not just young but green okay.

Who hasn't played football in a while, and you then sit him for the first year and then see the quarterback who still there, who was absolutely deposed as a long-term quarterback for the team. The minute they struck the trade to go up into the third overall position of that draft in Cleveland the minute they struck that trade Jimmy garrotte below was done as a long-term quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers done so now comes the time when they gotta turn to Lance. It was Matt Jones. If it was somebody else that would turn to him. Maybe sooner. I but they saw something in Lance that were going to see in short order two Sundays from now in Chicago, a kid who can run it.

Any kid who can throw it and is smart enough to get it pre-snap. The question is will he be able to handle the pressure when whatever he thinks he sees pre-snap doesn't happen post snap if there is pressure that comes Adam fast as he dropped his eyes as a lot of people who evaluate this stuff for saying he was doing just last night in Houston to keep his head up to see Ron what we do, how quickly can Shanahan get that rust off the greenness and mature nonfans will have to understand it might look ugly every now and then. That's what happens when you choose somebody third overall, Holmes's and Roethlisberger's that come fresh out of the first round box. Don't happen that often. Lamar Jackson, Herbert Burrow, those are names that stand out for a reason.

Can Lance be one of them absolutely last year. Is that a fair assessment of his abilities will find out it's time to do it. He was Kyle Shanahan after the game last night in Houston talking about how Lance is ready for the real big time spotlight of an every day, week in, week out top-of-the-line starter for the San Francisco 49ers man, which was cleaner just from a whole, but not can I make too much of it in only one of them to get this to dries and given creeks and want to give him a little bit more there, but weren't too many opportunities and gotten some long down distances, which meant tough nurse watching everyone on those drives, not just the quarterback is usually get the most protection but it's I mean I don't eat my own words.

I'm just glad that we made it out of it.

That's a fine line for everything. That's why preseason is important, but it's also something that I compared to the driving range ever happens or doesn't really matter but you need to do it to get better too, so you're always little bit nervous but we got through it and I think that'll help in the long run is also referring to putting Lance behind the second string offense of line so you can get the reps a man at some point they were to have to turn the Lance lot of people think it's still too soon is not too soon you guys start now, so the growing happens right away and the maturity happens as soon as possible and the ups and downs become fewer downs and more ops faster. That's the way it works as part of probably Zach Wilson gotten hurt last year.

No hurt. Now go you can't get the lumps in. That's the way most quarterback situations unfold in the NFL. The other ones are are the norm. Which one is Lance going to be the set up from the coaching staff the locker room the roster the Hartl. It's all there for Lance man it so it's it's a dream come true for kid wants the opportunity gets the opportunity you want.

You want somebody was a coach who knows what they're doing offensively and also has confidence in himself because the management and the ownership has confidence in him checked out box you want somebody who can also be around you. Other players around you who can make place depot are you kiddo just to name three and they're all certainly as we know Carol in the foxhole with him.

Good people can have his back checked out box offense of line as Trent Williams sound as an anchor on the left side. Check the box defense I can get you the ball back checked the box here we go.

It set up for Lance and sometimes it might not look good in pretty but in the long run, this is your guy. I don't think we got a Keely Smith here honestly, I agree.

I think he's big LIC Mart needed to take what I mean just I'm just talking about a highly traffic court.

I want to talk about your name anybody of JaMarcus, but he wasn't first overall calculates it very appropriate to understand like this is not to be somebody sees appears to have a great skill set. EJ manual. He was taken much later than Lance on talk about a top-five pic I guess I do know I think you get my drift. Of course I didn't have a Keely on my Friday bingo, nor did I have the get it to Kate for Lance one more time here, but it just because now it's go time. Niners are done with their preseason. It's go time that gonna be in Chicago in a couple weeks. Not a bad place to start to know Rochon Smith is good to be hungry in the defense of the bears is the more accomplished unit one would think that she going to get went in. Lance should look the part will be obstinately downs because the kid is going through it the first time Sony goes through the second time, you can win suitable yeah I said the words, but take a break. Our friend now of Amazon Thursday night football. Michael Smith will join us next on the rich doesn't show so much to chat with him. Always a great conversation with Michael Smith on the show as he will be shortly. If you don't know your numbers you don't know your business.

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You might you get free prime delivery with the get go about my deal work. We do need to work on the I get that deal. Have you met basis yet to there no I have not definitely human on the zygote is you know it may be a meeting might come with that solace is the gotta talk to so that by the so I've heard. Oh yes, TGT G can get that pass for everybody shoddy once got us all hammered.

This is a Thursday night football tradition. He got a deep took the entire crew. It was a Thanksgiving night. He invited the entire crew onto his boat that was docked just off the harbor there in Baltimore. That was the night before they John versus Jim Harpole and then he PE was so generous he gave us all food and drink, and then made a few of us stay and then and then I almost didn't answer the bell the next day for Thursday night football's coverage of the event game on Thanksgiving around..

I want a bit like Natalie sport coat on, you know, to give it a thicker coat coat off his back shoddy boat.

Yes, it was like Michael, it wasn't just me was the entire crew than I do I do with that noble time in Malibu. Here in the annual Jill is immediately okay. Did you have the collider appropriate okay did you do to get the tyrant hamstring role was on the menu was too soon is on this is that health appropriate. My problem was I called my room. It's been a while. We had people. I hope you never, never, never, when you had me all you know.

Never lose sleep over it if it is good to hear yours as well. So what what did you glean from last night's action anything last night talking about.

My arms started standing up and the draft know that the shelf in the morning to map a very good from a booklet that football pregame NBC Sports and Peacock name that you guys mentioned, like Catholic Brandon Cook committeeman like God and the body want to text and it ain't sexy you wear it down while it got dark. Chris Garland.Tom Brady phone and so forth. So I know you know with the consistent numbers many dependable explosive at time know to be pretty good.

I like the picture to be competitive not to compete for that division know God no idea about having a chocolate David notes talk about, but you can play hard to get good young player about Damien. The fantasy reality is no streaming video last night.

We put on anybody know what we put in more I agree that that horse is out of the barn but it's so funny and everybody since I got him going to get in like around 10 round 11 rounds out as if nobody else knows that he's really good is Javon to William like right I like it feel to make salient moron leg armor and the moron leg okay now OKC picked you glean that anything from mother Niners would Lance and and his readiness. II kinda went all in on that last segment as well that it just let Niners are going to have to turn to the kid at some point, it just happens that now is the time. I mean the Niners are not used to breaking in a new quarterback and training will such is not there, getting that's not what they've. They're doing I mean this is big. This could be if you were the biggest controversial move at the quarterback spot or the most concerning move since Hara went to Her Nick instead of Alex Smith all those years ago you could have that case may be made when they made. A matter of time and it got back and fell into a corner and you know the awkward narrative claimant 13. You know deposition traditionally not you for being patient with in San Francisco.

Given the rich history of quarterback there and so you have to be patient with a shunt to get the ball it really that simple attempt at a lot of passes over the last year get the one-year North Dakota state.

Many of the one game for the covert shortness even in a moment that Richard be the last year like you from aspects of the game that is gonna take some time to develop. I was in the green room last night with my new teammate Ryan Fitzpatrick and he is and exploded there with a proto-headlamp set over the middle. That was if it was just fundamentally for the completion but the receiver should never opportunity to 114 that I believe that the top of the league lead when it comes to yard after the Fourth wide receiver of a private yard Protection it offers and the poorly placed role that did not allow the receiver to make as much of a play if he could have had it been a better, more accurate throw got a long way to go 14 that the last few years is that when healthy. If it a Super Bowl locked around it to say nothing of the issue you along the line so San Francisco I think could be in for me.

Maybe that one of the team. Maybe they want of pain that gets better lately year early on to be Rocky Michael Smith here on the rich doesn't show flashbacks from Houston where the Texans and the end and 49ers played a preseason game on Amazon prime was great to hear Al's voice last night as well.

Right here on the rich eyes and show so let's switch gears a little here. What did you make of the sudden Jeannie placed back in the bottle by the Brooklyn Nets and that Durrant is now back in the fold and everybody left as Sean strongly told us this week left that meeting energized and they're going to go try and put what that that a great roster on paper into practice on the court what you think about reading along with it. We talk, it happened right in and not happen in Brooklyn. No matter how much you look at the first heard that was on the road. I was in Indianapolis on Monday to them with a cold Wednesday with the bangles missed the fight club today and what if you so I was on the road when I heard that all was well planned and I will live at first know what Katie, thank you, thank you for making our summer interesting in a way that it ordinarily would not have thank you for contributing to society or molecular contributing to the new cycle given a free content that I appreciate Kd, nor the Kd because it is still like to request but not well thought out, make their trade request, you can go back and be like, you know what nevermind but knowing to fatally please mark my daughter's favorite word, but in reality though in reality I saw that this is where was going and many have pointed out that the bear traded and what Jack Bear certainly didn't help, but early on I actually thought at this what is going that we all seen him in the next year for Katie up in the day and it's a business, (which you want to play basketball you do holiday and harden and show up at the basketball that people show about a safe short novel on the plate Nets always knew that at the end of the day he was going to play ESL options like you know and the great Chris rock month it a man and only if no other option, you're looking at no other option but to return it but look at the thing you know what we all want to play me you curry like we could be good. You know like yeah were frustrated that we may not believe in a file on the court.

We could be really good if it will help. It will committed and so it was my choice. Even if the initial trade request seemed lasting ill advised not to follow through with.

You know what stream URL will is your health football with La Nia class teams with politics. Nothing else here this thing like I would love to see the unredacted conversations all I really would love to see it because Kylie says I'm staying and then Durrant says I'm going within 48 hours of each other, but were to that. Those are two mutually exclusive decisions that they're not connected to one another, just guys thing and they have to do what they have to do and then Durrant says I want the front office out and I want the coach out and the owners like no and now were all back together and they're not happy with the front office that's given them the possibility of playing with each other right and adding Simmons and Seth Curry and oh by the way that Royce O'Neill deal that happened is pretty damn good to and then you look at the roster.

Why would you be upset with the phone. I don't recall I don't recall an incident where it was some sort of decision that the players were not with me. I might have not been aligned to decision-making through Kevin Durrant and by extension, rearming in the first place, but they want exam target. Big game. Harden you know they they hired me to Work. Are you referring intimately out of the idea. We can all be the head coach. Okay, y'all want to have this you know the approach to coaching the team got the coach you wanted to get the players you want it withheld. This team back and I mean it doesn't fit with the jokes we all like to get experiment expense is really simple injury and vexing you know a global pandemic and one player get vaccinated, coupled with injuries did not allow the team to reach its full potential and therefore people have been able to note default to their initial evaluation at this would never work. We never got a chance to see if it would be .16 games together with you. I never understood what it would be for the front office will cover to get vaccinated until you know James Wagner jump ship again. The yellow didn't get hurt. I made it if it was all silly and I wish people would think things through before they decided to go to the extreme of me and that double down and say it me or them.

I get to come back committed to Kevin Durrant because they know.

Thank right Durrant as well and then you know the front office was aggressive enough to get harden and aggressive enough to know if it wasn't working to get rid of him and get people that could not only help them right then and there, but maybe for the future and then so that's the whole thing II don't understand twice and I want the unredacted you know conversations like what has been a big 180.I know I need help out how deep how deep is this iceberg underneath the Brooklyn waters here and and what does it mean and how how did they put the genie back in the bottle.

Like I don't know how it happened but it's can it be must-see television. You know this fall and winter it would be that it looks like this to happen and that is mean, but a lot of things are with Billy go with what I mean if they did not know it we are. I am also older and either forgot that you know a damn 2013 menu -30 year might be like. You can make here and now it seemed a lot better if he made the best of a bad situation that made it by know this is the only state with the perfect to three in the role-playing tenacious irritant that he needs right and so if you your career you want her to be in the God of all knowledge along with intercompany land with equipment good for him to be a job all we could save you home we could trade you could fully embrace setting up to be in playing with God.

Now, if not wholly up to him because of the organization into through trade brought the Westbrook you know a a get younger better role player that big big big to an LA guinea pig to compete, but if you Westbrook begging to play for Tottenham state with the blind James and Anthony Davis, squat, good enough to be eating it with Beverly and trying to make the Multiplan with the liquor else you may get sick or someplace like don't know Indiana like the biggest head scratcher for me this entire off-season for the NBA was Westbrook's longtime agent breaking up with him or they broke together and he sends out a statement saying I told Ross he should stay pork rather than be somebody else's salary Saving one year and Don acquisition is not his leg.

That's not what his legacy should be should stay put, by whatever Darvin Hammer selling and and so I'm out leaning. Ross wants out, like what is, is that what that is like I that one was, I recall an agent ever sending something out like that about his star player matter.

You know what they want to know a lot of you are curial our things through emotionally be acting irrationally. You know and and so many of them. What I love about the NBA love that players have so much power when player that that much power and name it. Don't think about the long-term pride and ego with phone and so forth. You know it it gets emotional. It is not now type on a call screen go quick but I am fan in sport athlete. One of the more fascinating story.

I'm sure you cover this extensively.

Maybe even today in recent sports transactional history is one of the premier quarterback in the NFL negotiating his own contract like that.

That's not just unique that unprecedented time order temperament don't take nothing for me office tell me what I'm not worth I'm checked out right you negotiating with your trying to like come to an agreement on a massive contract that he probably won't be fully guaranteed think it is a lot like you are rejected, thinking, replacing much going out there and deliver it to support guy was like I wasted incredible because you know that I can imagine what you need to be talking about negotiate noncontract you know I mean everything may fade of any requests probably have to be taken with a grain of salt. Nothing we often find the ramifications that it requests way more likely dated Michael since the call so you and your little plan of the plants on my Them back in my element undertaken and maybe even in a good time and time when Amazon and all good may not be kept in a list is let's do this. Let's do this more often. I know you're in Kansas City for the opener if there's an excellent down Amazon charges and she's how huge is that game going to be made. Willa will check in after that one as well. Let's do it right. While screeching halt because Brockman and TJ are now in minute 40 trying to socially take care Waller, not Michael's tenancy agreement cooks so he told Waller like that if you got a week one we like with like. There is so you don't want to get the garden path on their Waller Way NE to take the mightily without whispering the position so taken don't reach a point I didn't say all I got to get up.

I didn't know you don't like. Let's vote thanks to call Michael greatly appreciated. LaSala said in a couple weeks. I'm like yeah that's Michael Smith, right here on the adjuster will take a break when we come back. There is quarterback news. There is quarterback news in the NFL. That next. 844204 Rich number to dial taking phone calls as well. What's more likely top of the next down likely coming. Let's will likely make a pick here before then.

The glory to do it, actually doing were taken down Waller. And then I will choose in the commercial break. I choose you choose right now okay you don't want to choose the right you like you tried to write us for the last hour just I just want to get this out before our trust ready audience goes away like Tomlin has spoken Steelers versus Lions this Sunday and then we'll see more the fruits next week on hard knocks right, Mike Tomlin has listed his quarterback order for the weekend. Final preseason game day. Here is what is too risky pick it Rudolph. Oh that's the way it's gonna go resting well all you guys and bleeding he still QB one as of now, despite Kenny Pickett's emergence over the last few weeks so I think this is the way the stealing and play still your planet that winners see Mitchell true risky week one for the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Cincinnati Bengals. Good luck on the sand like EER you throw you throw rug can take it into the deep end of the pool against the defending AFC champs. I don't know if you do that and then in the week one battle of two teams playing both of the two franchises against each other were playing in newly name states that once understated name in Cincinnati doing owners of the dominant is not off the diving trip risky is to get the first career start for a visiting player in pay course stating a course stadium arthritis page oh stadium is orderly when it is definitely pay just suddenly that the brown families decided to strike a name for their stadium for the first time ever. Why would they need to be raising revenue.

The effect of Joe needs page of our show page oh stadium so true risky will get the first career start by visiting opponent in page oh stadium and then the next week.

The first career start by a home quarterback in Accra sure stadium and so let's risky do that. See what he can do right. See if you can actually catch fire with Mitchell and I have the ability to let Pickett mature by watching.

If you can and if it doesn't go that well if it's like to into two and three, three, and 24. I don't know then then you don't Kenny Pickett because all I know. Then is it's just gonna be great theater for every weekly press conference and Mike Tomlin was a quarterback yeah yes had those questions in a long time never say never but never merit is scheduled not at heart that's what's going to go with the vet when you get bring in the kidney and formation.

Rudolph, you have to just sit around and wait for chance that's a lease it's going to go in the final preseason game. The DeVito's Danny and his daughter Lucy coming up. But here's the thing read to mean they start bangles, patriots, Browns jets okay. You could go 500. There, but then Bales box dolphins at the Eagles at the that's tough. If you want to roll Pickett out and that little stretch, that's for sure.

Before the bye week. Look at me. It's some point you have to turn him and that's the reason why I keep saying the 49ers fans you knew this day would come, and it is arrived from Lancia, but the Steelers are three and five going in the body. Think we see Pickett week 10 versus New Orleans and holding in Cincinnati you get the I get to Accra sure games back to back, keep saying that Accra sure alright so I'm now on the clock, yeah Europe. Man I love to make her so much but I chose copper so what am I gonna do it on. I want to get in on that right David Montgomery I had last year. I just can't go there. Antonio Gibson may lose his gig right trending DT Metcalf may not have the proper arm thrown in Josh Jacobs. I can't even touch on a minute ago I met Brent, there's Brandon Cox take a job that you and I know what you need wide receivers in the sling you have three of them which means you got. I wind up having six right you have a deep wide receiver. I have values about a good day at six right out C was a deep position.

I know that so I am going to go back on them and roll the dice and also prove to everybody that it's not personal. I just drafted JK Dobbin so they go and go. I think he's going to be coming back. Come on, man. I'm all really good.

This team is better through five pics well I mean okay so that is a PPR league team you like more better with that phrasing what you are is what your team what your five arts are five so far is Marta mar Jonathan Taylor for net Keenan Allen and Waller and I got I am in witness, to win it going away. It'll be leaving 21 Alan Aaron Jones JK Dobbins Cooper cup George Kelsey you are knocking away, 21 in four will say yes to me.

I placed doubt that, while three informing as I sit here now on TV and ran to stick with a strict, let's take a break here on the rich.

I started back in two minutes. What's more likely for the final preseason week of professional football and then the DeVito family. Don't go anywhere. That's our own for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments.

It's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson to all-time highs and opponents monster Ms. Natalie in a conversation where is Andre free, was that Andre was number one because not even going back before you know Holcombe was a baby face Holt and Andres were able to go in headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went. That was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts

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