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REShow: Kurt Warner - Hour 1

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August 30, 2022 3:26 pm

REShow: Kurt Warner - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 30, 2022 3:26 pm

Rich reacts to the 49ers decision to keep Jimmy Garoppolo in the fold after being replaced as the San Francisco 49ers’ starting QB by Trey Lance.

Pro Football Hall of Famer/NFL Network Analyst Kurt Warner tells Rich how his experience as the New York Giants backup QB to Eli Manning compares to the 49ers keeping Jimmy Garoppolo around as Trey Lance’s understudy, why he predicts Jimmy G will still be traded at some point during the season, and says where Lance still has room to grow as a quarterback and if his ups-and-downs could eventually get him benched if the lows get too low.

Rich and Brockman break down the 49ers options in case Trey Lance doesn’t work out as their starting QB including the scenario of Aaron Rodgers as the Niners’ QB1 in 2023.

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Try Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the Rich Eisen Show. Love it, love it. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I played in the PAC-10 and now coaching the PAC-12 and now it's going to be the PAC. The Rich Eisen Show.

We'll see, but the longer-term implications no one has any idea. Today's guests Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner, Super Bowl winning head coach Bruce Arians, ESPN College Game Day analyst Desmond Howard and now it's Rich Eisen. Okay everybody, welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. We are here live in the home of the Big Ten, Los Angeles, California right here on this final Tuesday of August in 2022. Yeah, lots going on.

Let's just say, let's just come straight. Lots going on in the world of the NFL up the coast here in Santa Clara and San Francisco, California. We'll be talking about that throughout this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Kurt Warner, my Pro Football Hall of Fame friend is going to be joining me in 19 minutes time. The former Super Bowl, I guess once you're a Super Bowl winning coach, you're always a Super Bowl winning coach.

The former coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Bruce Arians, BA will be on this program. The over under on the number of curse words he's just going to blurt out has been said at one and a half. Good line, Rich. Yeah, one and a half. I'm taking the under.

Oh God, am I taking the under? Oh gosh, that would be great. And then Desmond Howard, one of my favorite human beings on planet earth will be joining this program. He came out earlier this weekend and said his final four, his prediction for the playoffs in college football is Baylor, Pitt and Michigan and Texas A&M with Texas A&M winning it all. Meaning outside of a Bart Starr, there are not one but two Super Bowl MVPs from the world of the Packers who might be on something.

So, I mean, I can't wait to ask Desmond what's going on with that. Same thing with nobody being on the campus here at DirecTV and then there's always somebody blowing leaves right behind me as soon as we start the program. I mean, literally no one's here until we're here. slash Rich Eisen shall we say hello to you. Once again, live here.

Our live stream is here for the moment and it will be on Roku starting in September. Will you stop, sir? I love that guy. Go! There are no leaves here. There's no people here.

No leaves. Oh my gosh. We come to work in some sort of apocalyptic haze.

We're the only human beings left. And now? Yo. We've been here for two and a half years. Sorry, I'm 53 years old and I got a lot of s going on. Yeah, buddy.

Show enough. All right. How are you Chris Brockman? What's going on? Someone just called me Johnny Sins in the chat, so I'm doing pretty well. I'll tell you what, there's worse things to be called, my man. Shout out if you get that reference. I don't know what you're talking about.

Actually. Good to see you over there, Feli. How are you, Jay Feli? What's going on, brother? What's up, man? And then TJ Jefferson, how are you, sir?

I'm waiting for someone to call me Shawn Michaels and in either world they'll be good with me. Very good. Very, very good.

Don't forget your mother's watching. I got something here too. I don't know what's going on, man. All right. So here's the deal, folks.

Bet you didn't think I would start the show with this name. Okay. Cam Newton.

Oh. Cam Newton. Starting the show with Cam Newton.

Okay. He did not take the Patriots to a Super Bowl and he didn't take the Patriots close to a Super Bowl. But what he did do was take this team and bridge him, bridge that team from Tom Brady to the next quarterback. And that would be, as we all know, Mac Jones.

Because the Patriots drafted Mac Jones after re-signing Cam Newton after Cam really took one on the chin for the Patriots franchise. You never want to be the guy after the guy. You want to be the guy after the guy who was after the guy.

That's Mac Jones in New England. That's who you want to be. You never want to be the guy after the guy. And Cam's like, I'll be the guy after the guy.

And as a matter of fact, I'll look terrific in the first few games here and then get COVID and then not really look the same after that. But I'll still come back for you. That's a spot that I kind of dig and you kind of dig me and then all of a sudden you go and draft the new kid. And then that's the end of that with me and you.

Because when you draft the new kid and you believe the new kid is your kid and you draft the kid in the first round of the NFL draft at the quarterback position and you're ready to hand the offense to that player, you get rid of the veteran on the staff who might be sitting there waiting and saying, where's my turn? I've had my turn here. You've now taken my turn away from me for this kid.

And you also don't want the kid doing this like I did with the leaf blower moments ago. What gives? You scared him away. Thank God. Well, I told him I don't need to be looking over my shoulder to get out of here.

I've got a job to do and I don't need to be looking over my shoulder even though he couldn't see it. So I set that in front of you to set the table for the fact that this is Trey Lance's team, the San Francisco 49ers. It was going to be his team the minute they traded all the draft capital in the 2021 NFL draft in Cleveland, Ohio to go all the way up into the third spot behind the Jaguars and the Jets who the Niners knew were going to be drafting a quarterback and assumed it was Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson and they were correct. So it was any other quarterback not named the two of them.

There was Mac Jones. There was Justin Fields and there was Trey Lance and they went ahead and they took the kid out of North Dakota State who had a terrific year two years prior didn't play but one game in 2020. And so it's the 2021 draft and they took him because he had a huge upside and had a cannon for an arm and a great neck up and legs that could run for days and in the offensive Kyle Shanahan's offense that Jimmy Garoppolo was running to the point a couple years prior taking the Niners to the Super Bowl and having Emmanuel Sanders on a post pattern wide open to try and take the lead on the Kansas City Chiefs late and he over shot him. Got hurt and it was apparent for this team that they were kind of done with Jimmy Garoppolo and figured he hit his ceiling and they saw some kid in the draft and an opportunity to go get him and they got him and they still kept Jimmy Garoppolo last year because they had the ability to do that while giving the kid who really needed more seasoning time to sit there and watch and he got a couple cups of coffee at starting because Garoppolo does have trouble playing every single game of the regular season. And decided to give Trey Lance the gig this year.

It was time. It was time for Trey Lance to get the gig and they gave it to him to the point where when Garoppolo when training camp began Jimmy G who had shoulder surgery this offseason was medically cleared to go. Not only was he medically cleared to go and the team didn't put him out there, according to reports over the last several weeks out of the Bay Area out of Santa Clara, they offered him the opportunity and to be traded. They gave him a shot to go look around the league and as a matter of fact not only can you go ahead and try and find a trade partner of somebody who can you go ahead and try and find a trade partner of somebody who can you know go ahead and and wants to take you but you could also talk about salary with that team. So you could figure out you know not only who wants you but you could figure out your contract because we know that that's a very important part of the equation and they couldn't find anybody and then he shows up in late July he's medically cleared to practice and not only does he not practice they tell him you don't even have to sit in meetings and he didn't and not only that they didn't even give him any updated practice material. They put him fourth on the depth chart and on August 9th I've got the date right here on August 9th Kyle Shanahan was asked why is why is there a fourth quarterback on your depth chart named Jimmy Garoppolo and he said if he's on the depth chart it's because he has to be.

That was the quote. What? If he's on the depth chart it's because he has to be is what he said. So if Santiago finally got the chance to leave the island right then why wasn't he packed?

Okay. If you said he's not to be touched then why was he touched? Why didn't he be transferred off the baby? So I have been sitting here saying that this is Trey Lance's team and the Niners say it's Trey Lance's team and it's definitely Trey Lance's team. He's going to start in 12 days in Chicago, Illinois. He's going to start and when you start a kid like this there are going to be ups and downs and if there's nobody on the roster number two sitting there who went to the Super Bowl a few years ago and almost took you to the Super Bowl last year then he won't be looking over his shoulder saying if I screwed up over the next couple weeks if I just screwed up this game are you going to bench me?

Am I going to be benched? And when you're looking around the locker room saying oh I know that guy loves Jimmy G I've seen it. I know they love Jimmy.

Are they thinking less of me? Because Jimmy's sitting there. Now he's sitting there because yesterday today's cut day today was supposed to be the day that we've been talking about that Jimmy G would be made available and the 49ers did an okie doke and turned around and kept him and Garoppolo said okay took an 18 million dollar pay cut. Six and a half million dollars is what he's going to get fully guaranteed. Now with incentives he could make 16 million as opposed to the 24 and there's not there's a no trade clause so he can't be traded and there's a no tag clause meaning at the end of this year he can go wherever he darn well pleases and his cap number is reduced that helps the team. He becomes the highest paid backup quarterback in the NFL which helps the team because if Lance gets hurt who can come in but a guy who is well versed in the on on everything right?

So that makes sense to do that. You know what also makes sense to do that as well is if you cut him he could wind up in Seattle. He could wind up on your rival going against you in week two.

Don't want that either. So how do you avoid that and also have a more than competent viable backup in case your kid gets hurt as he did by the way when he started against Arizona last year. You got Jimmy G makes total complete sense football sense in terms of having the guy a backup that you love that the team loves and can take you to the Super Bowl if necessary and you keep him away from your rival it doesn't hit you very hard on the cap all makes sense except there's one last reason why you keep him because the kid isn't ready yet and you are hedging your bet and if you're hedging your bet you can bet the kid is smart enough to sense that and will start looking over his shoulder. So to bring it all full circle last year Bill Belichick knew if Matt gets hurt boy that next step's a Lulu even though I can't quite get it boy that next step's a Lulu even though I can't quit Brian Hoyer for the life of me. But he's not your starter. And yeah it's a good cap move and Cam won't there wasn't any risk that Cam was going to wind up with like the Jets or the or the Dolphins right or the Bills so there wasn't that issue. But Bill knew there's no reason to have a guy here that my kid is going to look over the shoulder wondering about. Kyle Shanahan boy does he have his work cut out for him here.

Boy does he have his work cut out for him here. And if there's anybody who can handle it I think he can. I don't think this is fatal but this is not the way I saw Trey Lance being birthed into the NFL sitting around for a year then getting the gig then having the guy behind him available for trade. Fourth on the depth chart because he has to be on the depth chart as of August 9th and then by August 30th you're like stick around Jimmy we need you. And Trey Lance it better have the thickest skin possible because there will be downs there will be third downs and long that he doesn't convert. There will be first downs and 10 that the easy throws that we saw on the preseason the routine throws need to be made he doesn't make because he's new at it. It looks like the Niners are kind of playing this by half measure. They will not take the lumps that comes unless they are willing to do that and they will really sit there while Lance struggles and the fan base is howling fan base is howling and Kyle Shanahan is going to have to channel his inner coach Dale from Hoosiers and point to the floor and say those are my guys on the floor and then wave his plan his game plan and his leather satchel at the fans saying I believe in this and my guys better believe in it too. Because keeping Jimmy G opens that door the dreaded door in the NFL of doubt the dreaded door of doubt exists in the form of Jimmy Garoppolo being kept on this roster makes sense in terms of having a competent capable more than that backup at a smart price that keeps that guy away from your rival makes complete sense. The question is did that outweigh making sure Lance doesn't have the door of doubt unless you have that doubt too and it definitely outweighs the fact that you better have somebody to put in there and at what point does Lance's struggles look at what point do Lance's struggles gain so much traction in the fan base and are too glaring to continue on with because if they put in Jimmy G because Lance needs a blow and needs a break needs to look at stuff that's where first round draft choices third overall get broken in this NFL he better have a thick skin and I know Shanahan does I know Lynch does I know the York family does man does that make the 49 remember I had my top five most fascinating teams enter 2020 I didn't have the Niners on it I need a redraft I'm gonna put up a poll Rich which QB starts more games this year I'm gonna go Jimmy G Trey Lance DeSean Watson because we know he's gonna start the final six right and or Geno Smith nicely done at Rich Eisen show let's take a break Kurt Warner is going to join us on this program I can't wait to hear how he thinks this is going to work how does it work how does it work having Jimmy G there for an injured Lance brilliant having Jimmy G there if Lance falters what happens to Lance then how about them apples Jimmy G in the role of Aaron Rodgers and Trey Lance in the role of Jordan Love didn't see that one coming and the Niners I'm sure pushing backs and that's not the way it's gonna work too salud can't wait to see that and I would love to see Lance just light it up and this is a totally moot point because I have been team Lance all along and the Niners say they are too this is a hell of a hedged bet 844-204 Rich number to die I'd love to hear from Niner fans that's for damn sure and everyone else Bruce Arians I can't wait to ask him how he thinks that's gonna work too Kurt Warner when we come back my hall of fame friend from the NFL network and Westwood One Radio back here on the Rich Eisen show my pro football hall of fame friend on the Mercedes-Benz van phone line how are you Kurt I'm good man how are you let's get this thing going right college football this weekend and then we start the NFL and I'm excited okay let's jump right into it how does it work with Jimmy Garoppolo as the backup quarterback in San Francisco do you think well I mean obviously the 49ers have been very adamant since you know the end of last year that that Trey is the guy I think they have to continue to make sure they stress that to their guys when they have an opportunity that hey this is for the best of the team but Trey is still our guy because I think we all know you Jimmy has had success uh Jimmy has done some really good things in that locker room um and so anytime you have a young quarterback that's probably going to go through some growing pains it is very easy to look over your shoulder especially with what I look at with this team they're a really good football team like this isn't just a team that's rebuilding and it's a couple years away this is a team that I believe everybody thinks can compete for a championship if they get good quarterback play and so that's the other piece to the puzzle I mean I remember when I was in New York and it started and they went to Eli and Eli was the guy and even though I remember you know guys coming up to me all the time like why aren't you playing you know we we had a chance to get to the and and so that's the kind of stuff that you really really have to fight against and it's not going to be anything that Jimmy does Jimmy's going to be a great teammate I believe he's going to help Trey Lance as much as he can but it's just natural if things go against them early and they feel like they're a better team than the where they where they're playing or you know the young guy isn't playing up to what they need him to play at uh to be competitive that's going to be a tough thing to fight and no team wants that where you know the locker room is divided and there's murmurs about um you know who should be playing and not even a knock on Trey Lance that he won't be the guy long term it's just simply the idea that who's the best player for us right now who can help us win right now and I think that's going to be the temptation and the hard thing and why it's going to be so important for the organization every opportunity they have to go we know Jimmy's here and we understand he's a great but he's not our guy Trey's our guy and we're committed to Trey and it's going to be important for the organization when there are struggles from Trey to be confident going hey we're going right back to him another example when I was in you know in New York we played against the Ravens Eli really struggled they put me in we did really well almost came back in that football game and I remember going to coach Coughlin saying coach you have to go tell the media right now that Eli's our guy we're going back to Eli even though they put me in and they knew you know they wanted to put me in to help us win a particular game that they were still committed to Eli and those are the kind of things that this organization I believe is going to have to do because they have a quarterback that took them to a Super Bowl that was on the cusp of another Super Bowl and and guys in the locker room know him really really well that that's going to be a temptation if out of the blocks uh Trey Lance doesn't play extremely well or has some really big bumps in the road well I mean again Kurt if you're John Lynch the general manager and you're Jed York the owner and you're Kyle Shanahan the coach and you look at your roster going into the season and you've got Nate Suddfeld backing up Trey Lance or you can have Jimmy Garoppolo backing up Trey Lance you're like Jimmy Garoppolo and there's certainly certainly if the choice is well it's Nate Suddfeld backing up Trey Lance or Jimmy gets cut and he winds up on the Seahawks I mean that's I mean okay no absolutely we're keeping Jimmy Garoppolo but this is not just anybody as you pointed out it's a veteran who has a lot of people in the locker room who adore him for many obvious reasons can you give me an example again of how somebody in the locker room of the New York Giants when Eli was there and you were there that came up to you and said why aren't you starting can you put a little bit more meat on those bones because that's the real stuff that could be happening in San Francisco in a few weeks time yeah I mean well okay so when when I started the season we started five and two we lost a couple games and that's when they made the move to Eli but even when you know they went to Eli at that moment in the season we were actually a playoff team even though we were only five and four we were a playoff team at that moment and that's what you know these veteran players see is they understand every year is important that these opportunities don't come around very often when you're on a championship caliber team um and especially some of these guys not knowing if they're going to be on that team beyond the year so they want to take advantage of every moment um you know if they have a chance to get into the playoffs because how many times have we seen that uh in the I mean I'm an example with the Cardinals of of teams that kind of sneak into the playoffs aren't great teams going into the playoffs and then they go on a run and they win a championship and so guys understand that that can happen and so they just want those opportunities and they want to play well and so that's what we were dealing with in New York and I had to be the one that you know kind of told these guys hey I hear you but this is about the future and this is about building towards what they would ultimately build towards and winning two championships with Eli Manning but I had to be the one that was kind of the buffer for the coaches at times even though I wanted to be playing and even though I felt I was the better player at the time and so it's it can be a very awkward situation it could be very awkward for Jimmy if he's got buddies that come up to him and and say that what do you do how do you handle that as a backup quarterback and then as I said you never want guys walking into the huddle and kind of second-guessing the situation you know with their young quarterback because they've got somebody on the sideline that they think is a better quarterback at this point in time and so it's just it's a tough situation it is the reality of it and you mentioned it I mean I would rather have Jimmy on my roster for insurance I would have rather have Jimmy if Trey struggles for a half and we want to put Jimmy in we believe he can win a close game for us I'd rather have him there as well but there is a dynamic there that is going to be very interesting especially again remember I was only there for one year Jimmy's been there for a couple years and knows these guys and is close to these guys so that's a whole nother dynamic you know just the relationship they have off the field that is going to be you know a natural thing to come up so it will be interesting and fascinating to watch how this plays out how the 49ers deal with this you know but those things are natural part of human nature and especially like I said because I went to training camp and watched this team this team is a really good team I mean this team we know what they were last year but they're a really good team if they get good quarterback play and that could be a point of frustration for the team at some point this year and again we're saying you know not that Trey Lance has to go out and struggle I mean this young kid go ball out and you know and have a year but you know I just think we're trying to make that argument that if he does have some struggles that's going to be part of human nature and the dynamic that they're going to have to to muscle through. My hall of fame friend NFL game day morning compadre and also voice along with Kevin Harlan of Monday Night Football on Westwood one Kurt Warner here on the Rich Eisen show so again as we've established if you can have Jimmy Garoppolo as your backup and he takes the pay cut to to make it make it happen check that box and you also keep him from maybe winding up on Seattle or another team that can stand in your way when you had a chance to win the Super Bowl check that box but there's no question there's no question that this is a bet hedge in case Lance falters right and whether you point out like it's the second half of a game or or something so what what I would I would argue Rich that I I think they did it you know that's a that's a great you know fall back is that he's your backup I would argue just simply that the fact that there wasn't a market for Jimmy and and Jimmy wasn't healthy that I would not be surprised if they trade him fairly early in the season if something were to transpire whether it be Seattle or anywhere where there actually becomes a trade market because that's the way against it well he's got a no trade clause Kurt so he'd have to say yes to that too you know and so Jimmy I just don't believe Jimmy you know especially you know if he's signing a one-year deal would rather sit on the bench in San Francisco than play anywhere you know so if he's getting traded he's probably getting traded to play and I would argue I want to go play I want to show people I'm healthy I want to show people what I'm capable of doing and I want to earn the next spot so I I think Jimmy would be happy to get traded anywhere you know that wants him at that point sure but I just again I think that's kind of we're surprised that there's absolutely no market for Jimmy Garoppolo as good as he's been let's refine him and yeah we have that you know insurance policy but I think the bottom line is if something happens on one of these teams they're going to look to move them really quick and that will help to squash some of those things that we've been talking about I guess but that was a big wind-up that I had to to ask you this question and it kind of dovetails into the response you just gave is that if Garoppolo does get traded and he agrees to get traded and he does get traded then clearly then they will have seen enough from Lance in the regular season prior to the trade deadline to feel comfortable going ahead and doing that so if it is a bad hedge in a way against Lance's ability to get to a level to take this team to the Super Bowl which we've already established in this conversation they could do what what have you seen on film that clearly Shanahan and Lynch and the rest of the front office there have seen in the preseason that gives them a bit of pause to say okay we can just go into the season it's Lance's gig ups downs the whole the whole baggy you know whole the whole schmear we're willing to deal with it what if what's on film I mean to me it's it's lack of consistency and the first thing we always have to remember is if you didn't play a lot you know really over the last three years and so I can again liken it to my situation where I played one year in college and playing one year in college you don't get to see all the situational football and come to understand how to manage every situation uh like you do when you play year after year after year and so when I got cut in the NFL and went and played in all these other leagues I got to experience all kinds of situational football that made me more ready for when I came back with the Rams later on and so that's one of the things is you know his lack of consistency through different situations has been one thing that I've noticed that you know there's there's some things from a technique standpoint that to me need to be cleaned up or it's going to be tough for him to be consistently accurate and then it always comes down to decision making at the quarterback spot being able to see the field and understand what you're looking at and work through your reads and progressions quickly those are all things that uh we've seen moments from Trey Lance but we haven't seen consistency you know it doesn't matter if you look at last year when he played doesn't matter if you look at preseason there's a lot of ups and downs with him just in the normal course of of playing the position and so you know those are the things that I saw in college those are the things that I'm still seeing now and the question always becomes how long will it take for you know these guys to show us what they're going to be at this level and will those you know consistency issues continue to show up not only this year but throughout his career you know those are the questions that I'm looking to get answered because I've seen very similar things in each of the stints that he's played college last year and in the preseason so then I guess it does it does I mean man it's just gonna be fascinating Kurt like uh Hoskins can you put their schedule up please I'm talking to my cp about putting the schedule up here because it is I guess does it matter how fast they start right I mean you know and in that regard they they're at the Bears they're home for the Seahawks at Denver home for the Rams that's the first four weeks I mean you kind of figure they're going to give Lance all the ups and downs no matter what as long as he's healthy the first eight games right they play the Rams twice in the first eight games I'm just wondering how it goes right I mean there's no plan for it you've got to have a feel clearly Shanahan is terrific so he knows his offense he knows he'll probably know pre-snap what needs to be done and if it's not done he'll notice it on the spot and obviously he'll look at the film too I just can't wait to see this play out well I mean what's your sense of it Kurt uh I think it really does come down to do they feel he's that guy or not they got out they got it they drafted him they they went ahead you don't have to I mean you have to think at the time when you drafted him he's going to be right but now being with him for two years and they made the commitment to him but really I mean we can say a lot of different things right okay we know we draft him we gave up a lot we've got to play him and so we've got to come out and say oh you know he's the guy you're like we've seen it he's he's got all this but inside those guys know if they believe that or not and so that to me is going to be very telling um with how the season plays out if they truly believe he is that guy and they've seen what they've seen you know in practice and on a daily basis in his leadership and all that stuff then I don't think it matters um how many ups and downs he goes through even if this year becomes a throwaway year as a team I think they stay with him all year if there's parts of them that inside are saying we're not sure I'm not sure this is the guy and and here's why and then they go through half the season and all of those things in their mind continue to show up like it's what we thought it's what we thought it's what we thought that's when you have to start going okay you know can we step away from this guy that we gave up you know all all these draft picks and everything for um and a can we go back to jimmy garoppolo or b do we need to go somewhere else if jimmy's not there what whatever um but that to me will be the telling sign as we watch this season play out uh if there are those bumps in the road that how convicted is the organization that they made the right decision and he will be a long-term starter and championship type quarterback for this team because I believe that's what both coach shanahan and john lynch are looking for that's why they made this move you know when they had jimmy garoppolo is because they don't believe jimmy is a top five quarterback he could be top 15 20 good quarterback starting quarterback but not that guy so that's why they made this move to begin with because they didn't believe jimmy was that guy they need to be convicted in regards to trey lance being that guy or why do you not go and do the same thing you did to jimmy go and well okay we don't think he's that guy we got to go get the guy and so um again it's going to be fascinating because you know what people have to say right now but let's look at this thing eight games into the season and how he's playing and where the team is um and we'll see if that you know that that same feeling um you know an energy towards trade lance we've seen this whole off season is still there with the coaches i mean you heard you know coach shanahan even after last preseason game saying like i wish i could get trey more reps you know but he's ready as he can be right now you know that to me sounds like a coach that's saying i don't think he's fully ready for everything that's going to come his way he's not quite there yet even though seasons around the corner we've got to go with it so uh you know those are the kind of things that i'll be paying attention to um from from inside the organization so before i let you go kurt warner uh how much exposure have you had to lance talk to him how do you think he's going to handle this what's your your job i actually you know did get to go to camp and got to interview with camp and talk to him a little bit and really like the young man you know talking to guys you really did get the sense that they love the young man the leadership his attention to to being great so that part of it i didn't i got no uh you know question from anybody that he wasn't the right guy from that standpoint so i really enjoyed talking to him and felt like you know he was asking me some questions and really felt like he wanted to be great um i just think he's a very young guy that hasn't played a lot of football um and so we don't fully know what he can be yet but i really liked that part of it and i got that sense that man he was willing to do what needed to be done and they were really excited about that piece um you know that he was in early and he was talking to even you know the montanas and the youngs and reaching out to those guys and trying to glean as much as he could from anybody that was willing to to give him some help so i did get the sense that they're fully behind him as a young man and as a leader uh now it's just can you know can the play equal what they believe they have in the person all right kurt um next time avianna let's let's talk more about the rest of the league i just wanted to honestly got lost in that one no but this is the story not of just today but this is now one of the top stories of the entire league um you know is that the fact that jimmy g after all of this right i mean we talked about it right at the draft that that clearly they moved or before the the day they traded up to number three overall it's just like well clearly jimmy g is not the long-term answer there and yet he's he started the next year they almost made the super bowl he gets hurt he has surgery they give him a chance to be traded there are no partners for him they didn't even give him updated material for practicing in training camp where they didn't even have him sit in our meetings and then boom he's sticking around you know i mean you can't make this stuff up you can't it's why we love the nfl there's always these crazy unbelievable storylines that keep us excited and interested uh going into the season or maybe lance goes on a run for the ages and has a movie made out of his life about 20 years ago could be that uh thanks that's kurt warner said it can happen by the way uh he would he would know what do you know about that sort of stuff all right best i've heard stories best of brenda i'll see you next week all right talk to you take care that's kurt warner everybody we'll be on together tuesday on tuesday on nfl network for the season preview we need kyle shannon to come out today rich and be like this team will rally right behind her and we're gonna win hey look and that's one of the many reasons why i love having kurt on you know does he know about coming from a small school not playing a lot of football getting thrown into a situation for which there's really no rehearsal does he know about winning the super bowl in one place or and then showing up somewhere else and they draft a rookie that they're going to have to turn to and they turn to him and the rest of the locker room turns to him as a veteran saying why are we taking this why are we playing that i know that he's he's first overall but that doesn't mean for anything right now right yeah he knows that and he said he said veterans are coming up to him but god bless him one of the best human beings on planet earth he's the one after almost coming back and saving the team's bacon against the ravens who goes into tom coughlin's office saying you need to go out and say it's not my job right now i know the locker room i know what's going on you need to go out and say it's not my job and say it's eli's job and garoppolo by all accounts is a great human and might do the same thing and i'm i can only imagine lynch and shanahan and the rest sat him down and say look man if you do this this is the way it's going to be it's lance's gig eight four four two oh four rich numbered adult i can't wait to ask bruce arian's how how how a coach will handle this and i bet you he'll be like of course shanahan can do it you just tell one guy this you tell that guy that you remember your word and we play football and we're all sitting here freaking out i bet you that will be bruce arian's answer win or lose we booze baby honestly it'll be you know i tell one guy this right i tell one guy that i'm a man of my word and we play football not that easy i can't i bet you that will be his answer not that easy eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the rich isin show back 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radio here on the rich isin show robbie in arkansas let's take your phone call here on the program what's up robbie yeah uh so i'm like a huge die-hard 49ers saying okay um i've been following the 49ers all off season and i'm kind of on the mindset that kurt warren said you know this is trey lance's team and i kind of understand the whole concept of not letting jimmy garoppolo go so he can end up with the seahawks i mean he's a proven winner um everywhere he's been i've been a jimmy g supporter the whole time he's been in san francisco but i mean there is a feeling with him the reason why trey lance may have looked the way he did last season a lot of people don't take into consideration the fact that that offense was built for jimmy garoppolo not for trey lance and i think that the offense will look completely different this season well i i here's a deal man that you've got a guy who uh almost won a super bowl coordinating the offense almost won a super bowl coordinating the offense you know de facto with with jimmy garoppolo and who knows he i mean he's he's truly one of the more brilliant offensive lines with with with roster with game management obviously and and roster management along with with lynch but also it's going to be ego management it's going to be locker room management it's going to be throwing your arm around the kid saying don't worry i'm still with you you know that's the sort of stuff i imagine unless lance just lights it up lance lights it up this whole conversation this whole entire first hour of this tuesday august 30th program of the rich eisen show becomes completely moot it's just that so few kids with the experience that he has lights it up now the good news is as well robbie is that the roster is constructed where he can light it up i mean the line the the receivers debo's in the fold i mean kittel uh you you got yourself a team you can you can light it up he's just got to make the reads he's got to also make the throws certainly the easy ones and then when it doesn't work out the coach is going to have to manage the situation and they've had the right guy to do that too it's just a it's a lot it's a lot there's a lot of s going on to use the tom brady phrase with the 49ers you know i do agree but i mean i'm super excited about this season you should be you should be the damn near made the super bowl last year and then thanks for the call robbie i mean the question was what are you gonna do with jimmy g that was after debo wanted to get to trade what are you gonna do with debo well guess what they kept him they paid him yep had to guess what they kept jimmy g and they're paying him less and it's lance's team it's a financial win i just don't know if it's worth the potential it's a again the question is shoulder looking over you on one hand on one hand you have a super bowl capable roster coaching staff front office team okay that's on one hand you've got that you've got also another quarterback that is good enough to take you to the super bowl but maybe you didn't like him long term but man could he really save the bacon of a team in your division if you cut him you also have a super bowl winning capable team right here with a backup that's not jimmy garoppolo now you do put it all together he doesn't go to another team the question is how do you manage the situation we'll talk to bruce arian's about it shortly you know that's the conundrum right on one hand you've got the whole damn thing it could crumble if lance isn't the guy and if lance isn't the guy what are you gonna turn in nate sunfeld no that's why you just with all due respect but that's why you just keep lance out there i mean what is this going to turn into a miami situation where brian flores was just shuffling in to uh and then ryan fitzpatrick when he didn't like to in that day i don't know what what was going on there i know that that's your your way of characterizing it i i don't i don't know there were times where maybe we can win a game in the third and fourth quarter and then jg becomes your closer you know i mean i don't know because lance is gonna have bad games he might string a few together then what if there's any coach if there's any coach and this is a testament to our friend of the program jed york if there's any coach and general manager that seems that can pull something like that off it's this one and even this i can't believe i'm saying this since i've been so pro lance this entire time they're halfway through the drafts that they've traded away their first round picks for they're halfway through it okay didn't have one this year next year's the last one and then then they're back in the then they're back for drafting in first rounds so they're halfway through it and they still have a chance to win a super bowl this year it's not like they're but they don't have anything to show for they've f the picks yet well in terms of trophies in the case in terms of just any production from trey lance well what i'm saying what what i'm saying is though is they're halfway through it and if they decide lance isn't the guy then the picks are f'd and they still can turn to jimmy g potentially just keep them well they would have to pay them or they can go ahead and just say you can walk and pay somebody in free agency an insane amount of money and try and win just like the bucks just did you want to get a veteran you want to do that and then you could say well lance is just not the guy and you do turn him into jordan love and if there's any coach and general manager who could survive that it's this one too how about that i'm gonna make a prediction i think rogers is the minor quarterback next year that could be well i mean you take a look at rogers's contract if he gets basically a one-year deal well i mean no no no if he gets traded or he retires or he's cut which is obviously never going to happen the cap hit is so astronomical i can't even fathom the number so i think rogers is going to retire a packer i think when he says that i think that's his intent and i think that's what the contract says but maybe i'm just saying anything's possible right now because i didn't see this damn thing coming yeah i did not expect that i mean august 9th the coach when he's he's asked about jimmy garoppolo's fourth on the depth chart what it was that's about it's because he has to be that's the quote from kyle shannon on august 9th on august 29th he's like welcome back jimmy he has to be then because lance isn't ready or better than nate sudfeld i think that's obvious don't have to don't have to teach him the offense locker room digs him and he's not a seahawk kind of works out that way too if lance plays well and if lance doesn't play well you can handle whatever's going on in the locker room and i think the coach can do that bruce areans and more of your phone calls at 844-204-rich number to dial desmond howard with college football top of hour three here on the show for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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