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REShow: Bruce Arians - Hour 2

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August 30, 2022 3:27 pm

REShow: Bruce Arians - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 30, 2022 3:27 pm

Rich asks TJ for his Cowboys fan reaction to the 49ers keeping Jimmy Garoppolo to backup Trey Lance and if he’s concerned about Dallas’ suddenly sparse QB room, and says why the Eagles trading for Saints DB Chauncey Gardner-Johnson solidifies his choice as Philadelphia to win the NFC East. 

Former Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians tells Rich how much he’s enjoying being retired from coaching, sets the record straight about his relationship with Tom Brady, weighs in on the Jimmy Garoppolo-Trey Lance dynamic and more. 

Rich recaps the big night in MLB where he took his kids to see the Yankees face the Angels that featured a Shohei Ohtani home run and Aaron Jones’ 50th long ball of the season.

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Try Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the Rich Eisen Show. Love it, love it. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I played in the PAC-10 and now coaching the PAC-12 and now it's going to be the PAC. The Rich Eisen Show.

We'll see, but the longer term implications no one has any. Earlier on the show Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner. Coming up Super Bowl winning head coach Bruce Arians. ESPN College Game Day analyst Desmond Howard. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

Boy in hour one did we just chop up the whole Jimmy Garoppolo stain with the Niners to back up Trey Lance story that broke yesterday after we went off the air. If you missed any of it, it's sitting there on our YouTube page where many people are watching us live right now. We say hello to our slash Rich Eisen Show viewers. We say hello to those listening coast to coast on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network.

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There'll be no waffle party for you. And so it's free coming in September. That's a little severance. You got that one? You picked up on that? Okay. Zero point zero.

That's how much it costs. Thank you Dean Wormser. Greatly appreciate that.

Chris Brockman. Good to see you over there sir. How are you? Great to be seen. What up? Jay Felley with the drops. Hey what's up Rich?

Someone who listens to the show sitting next to us. Isn't that amazing? It is amazing. It is amazing.

TJ Jefferson. How are you over there? Oh my goodness. I need to hear this. It's like master key over there. It's like master key. I need to hear this sir and I know you don't usually you know take things and say it with your chest and whatever. You're very low-key. You're low-key. You're low-key. You're low-key.

I want the high-key. I want the cowboy fan in you that you used to be when you used to clap back at people okay. Not the you need to be provoked in order to be clap clapping back.

Why do you want to start something with me? I want the cowboy fan opinion of Jimmy G being re-signed by the San Francisco 49ers as to be the backup. This is the team that won and done you. This is the team that showed up and apparently intimidated the cowboys in their own house.

This is that team that it now has this on their lap on their plate. You now have the floor Dallas Cowboy fan TJ Jefferson. Okay if I'm keeping the G real with you as a Cowboys fan.

Yes sir. I don't care like oh come on. Let me explain to you as I've always said about being a Cowboy fan. Cowboy fans usually care about our team.

We don't care about anyone else's so that's how I feel. Now if you're asking me as someone who sits here and works with you guys and has to have an opinion on this. I'll say this we always hear about the backup quarterback being so you know this is a very important position especially if you've got a good team.

Yes. So I sit here and I listen to all this and I know that there's a salary discrepancy and all of that but the fact of the matter is you're in a better position having them on your team than not having them on your team. So I look at it as the Niners it's a problem it's a conundrum but I'd rather have that type of problem than have no clue who my backup quarterback is. That's just how I feel.

And again. And I understand that there's like I said issues when you know this guy's looking over his shoulder whatever whatever. That's where having him on your team is not to your benefit. Having him on your team as opposed to Seattle is to your benefit. Having him on your team in case Lance gets hurt so you don't turn things over to Nate Suddfeld and you still have a chance to win the Super Bowl because you've got a guy who's played in the Super Bowl for you and the locker room loves. That's to your benefit. If it's to your benefit long term for Trey Lance to work out and Jimmy G's there to make him look over his shoulder or make him look less than because Jimmy G comes in and says hey everybody Niner Nation hey everybody in the locker room veterans who have wanted Jimmy G to start. That's how this can look.

It looks much easier when the veteran knows what's what. So that's when it's not to your benefit and that's where I would think a cowboy fan would say well you know it's been a while since Dak displaced Roma. We've had we haven't had to deal with this for a while. Yeah I mean. That's what I'm saying. But if that's your approach.

As a Cowboys fan this is a fan of the Cowboys. Not my problem. We got our own issues.

As someone who talks about this that's kind of how I feel. I'd rather have that problem than have a problem where your backup is you know Joe Schmoe. Nate Sutterfield. I didn't want to put him down. Cooper Rush. Cooper Rush got cut. Cooper Rush got cut.

Did he really? Yeah. Cowboys one quarterback on the roster right now. I'm sure that'll change.

It's going to change. Jimmy G? At this moment it's Dak Prescott. Are you serious?

Yeah. They cut Cooper Rush? Who are they going to sign?

Probably Cooper Rush. You're going to sign the kids' traveler that the Jets are going to cut? I don't know. Wait a second.

I did not. Was I aware of that? I thought that Ben DiNucci got cut.

But you're right. We only do technically have one. They both got cut.

Yeah. What are they doing? Probably just waiting for the roster to shake out. I think it'll be Will Greer to be honest with you. Tyler Smith will start there too?

He's going to protect Enfro? Apparently teams are inquiring Pittsburgh about Mason Rudolph. That could be the one there too.

But they are not budging at the moment. That could be that one too. If Mason Rudolph's available I would go get him if I'm the Dallas Cowboys. Although he doesn't run the same offense that Dak Prescott did.

Man. If you're a Dallas Cowboy fan as well I would be genuinely concerned. I would be genuinely concerned about the team in Philadelphia. I've been talking myself into the Eagles being the team to beat in the NFC Eastern Conference. I even said when Tyron Smith went down I'm going to call my shot and say the Eagles are going to win the division.

That's what I said. And then today they go ahead and get Chauncey Gardner-Johnson from the New Orleans Saints and they flip a fifth next year and the worst of the two six round picks in 2024 for a guy who is not only a plug-and-play defensive back but somebody who I think Philadelphia is going to love because he just can't stop running his mouth the number of times that he gets hit by an opponent swung at by an opponent while he's wearing his helmet means what's coming out of his helmet is so much sauce. I think Philly's going to love him on the back end of that secondary that just keeps getting better and better with the young Bulldogs that they got on both first two levels of the defense and the rest of that team with AJ Brown on it and the way that they run it. It's all on Jalen Hurts there isn't it? If Jalen Hurts can take that step forward and continue on in the NFL as a quarterback with ascending arrows pointing up that's another team that suddenly becomes a little bit more fascinating. I think that's a neat pickup for August 30th to say the least sir.

I think so too. Eagles. Eagles have a hell of a roster. Harry Roseman's put a hell of a roster. They have been watering and fertilizing that roster. Nick Sirianni's got a nice team in front of him.

Oh dream team. No don't do that man. Don't do that. Didn't work out for those. That's not cool. That was near days after the lockout ended.

After they got down. This is different though. That was just a bunch of you know all-star parts. That looks like some of my fantasy teams where I'm drafting guys who were great three years ago. Oh my god he's available in the third round.

Let me take him. Right. That's the way that team was put together.

I know but it's such a great quote. Right? Yeah. For Chip Kelly if I'm not mistaken.

Play it again. Right? Was it Chip Kelly back then or was it back end of Andy Reid? Who was it in 2011? Who was the Eagles coach in 2011 for the dream team? Oh dream team. Oh don't do that. Don't do that man.

Yeah do it again. 2011 Eagles was Andy Reid. Andy Reid back into the Reid administration. Yeah that was his second to last year.

Yeah 12 was his last year. I don't know. I like the Eagles even more. I like that pickup. The Saints just like here. Here's a uh here's a plug and play secondary member. Member of our second though. Let's just send him out.

I drafted AJ Brown so I'm also on the Eagles this year. Let's go back to the phone lines here on the Rich Eisen Show. Let us go to Jay in Michigan.

You're here on the program. What's up Jay? I just wanted to talk about the Trey Lance thing again because I think really what it's about is mostly it's about being able to trade Jimmy uh because really like the two reasons he wasn't traded was because of his shoulder surgery and the fact that he's 25 million on the cap so I feel like in making all that cap go down it makes the insurance is yeah like if trade gets hurt you can come in um but also that if another team really needs Jimmy then he's there for them because they couldn't really trade for him at most of the points in time because they wanted other players only now they don't have salary cap so that makes sense um but he's also got a no trade clause so it's gonna have to be to where he wants to go which I imagine would have been the case if I don't know he had the opportunity to go seek that out and anybody who was making these trades uh for him would have had the ability to to figure out what salary he would be paid and I don't think he would take that pay cut if he knew he was getting traded to a team where he would start that's not starter's money that's tremendous backup money so I don't know I mean and and but then again thanks Jay for the call I mean who the hell knows I didn't see him staying coming so him signing to stay only to be sent out I wouldn't see that coming either they made the decision it's smarter to have him back up Trey Lance than Nate Suttfeld it's smarter to have him on the team than cut him and watch him show up somewhere that can go hurt you or make your rival better save their quarterback room bacon and then you're the coach and basically you say Jimmy if you're up for doing this you're the backup you got to help Trey and if you know obviously if he gets hurt you're our starter and uh if he struggles I I don't know what that looks like but we're still not putting you in there are you fine with that I imagine that story could be told to him but again the way I started the program it's really on Trey Lance it's on his ability to handle it how will he handle it and the mere fact that you say you you you think you can handle the locker room how can he handle it you got to have full confidence in his ability to handle it and the best way for him to handle being the starter is not to have him look over his shoulder that's why Belichick in many ways sent Cam Newton out of there but Jimmy G can maybe is of a different makeup where he can sit there and watch the guy struggle and not say I should be in there I don't know if I'm ascribing a an opinion to Cam that that is unwarranted Cam could have been able to do that I guess the Patriots just thought better to just have it done and we're going with Matt that's it and Lance does not have that luxury you could sit here and say it's a lack of belief in the kid it's tough to disagree with that very tough let's go to John in North Carolina you're here on the Rich Eisen Show what's up John? Hey how you doing Rich?

What's going on? As you brought up about the Trey Lance situation of course of course Jimmy G being a good person that he is is going to bring up that he should start but I believe his teammates will I believe all the guys that were there for them NFC Championship games in that Super Bowl run will especially if they start off three and five two and six. I don't think they're two and six I just don't think they're two and six and thanks to the call John I mean put the schedule up again they play the Rams twice in the first eight weeks of the season which is a bummer schedule wise and that's tough but they've got games against Carolina Atlanta Chicago and Seattle they should win and Denver again I still need to see it to believe it I know that you keep saying to me that the bra I mean you even drafted Russell Wilson in your in your in your fantasy your your must-win fantasy league there I love the you know his ability I need to see it Kansas City they go four and four five and three or Lance just comes in and lights it up he has that ability he has that special ability he does I mean that schedule looks like four and four to me looks like four and four to me to me looks like four and four to me Chargers Cardinals and Saints right after the buy too God I just at some point ripped the band-aid off and go with them and they might be doing that anyway but having Garoppolo there understanding he's the backup and it's better you have him there than Seattle but him being there is no question another hidden benefit that we're all focusing on is the dreaded door of doubt got to open it playing it by half measure again John Lynch is kind enough to agree to come on this program later this week I so look forward to talking to him about it we've also invited Kyle Shanahan on this program he's got an open invite he's one of those guys yeah let's take a break our our favorite BA Bruce Arians joining us here on the program Super Bowl winning head coach of the Bucks and recent retiree coming on this program when we return on the Rich Eisen Show 8 4 4 2 0 4 Rich is the number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show I love this guy is he on yes he is on he is on by the way I'm going to see my cardiologist today oh nice and the reason why I bring it up is because this man is working with Novartis and the coaching cholesterol campaign talking about heart health coaching cholesterol by the way I did I guess I should ask him Bruce Arians back here on the Rich Eisen Show on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line the Super Bowl winning head coach coach did you ever coach a guy named cholesterol or is this your first time coaching cholesterol it's the first time I've coached cholesterol I think he's got a chance to be a pretty decent player yeah how do I mean how does one coach cholesterol what do you got for me on that uh Bruce first you'll do is go get a blood test and find out what your levels are and make sure they're good mine are not diet exercise and medication brother okay brother very good how's life you look good I saw you on TV making the rounds you look good how much weight have you lost Bruce uh since the Super Bowl 52 oh wait a minute wait a minute is that the number is that the number of the Super Bowl you won or that's the amount of weight that you lost wait a minute 55 was Super Bowl 52 was wow really so I'm trying to trying to keep it off is the harder part I bet that's incredible congratulations your wife must be through your family must be thrilled you dropped 52 like that finally finally getting finally getting healthy okay do you miss it do you miss the game though do you miss coaching do you miss all that yeah you know I've got the best thing in the world of this because I'm at practice every day right and uh stand behind the quarterbacks like I always have going to watch the film with the offensive coaches talk with Jason and John Spytek about the personnel and I go play golf this sounds like being a grandparent like you get to you get to enjoy the baby and then at the end of the day you hand it back to the parent right exactly like it you know I do the same thing with my grandson you enjoy the good stuff and when it when it might not be the case you're just like here you take him it's over oh yeah I did one I learned one lesson we're Tennessee practicing against them and uh you know I verbal abused at a referee and he threw a flag on me so you're not dead coach anymore I guess I've been in the press wait a minute hold on a second you got a flag in a in a scrimmage is that what you're saying yeah practice yeah yeah you said a magic word Bruce he's been he's been waiting for like four years to get oh my god that is that is hilarious all right let's let's talk about a few things if you don't mind about uh about the Buccaneers and then your your decision to to step aside um and and when that happened uh coach because I'm sure you've heard a lot of the conversation uh about why you stepped aside and how uh you and Brady didn't get along I'm just going to jump right into that and give you the floor on your relationship with Tom Brady and and things of that nature coach Bruce Arians yeah it's never been better I mean we stand at practice now and uh he's old enough now to ride off practice in the golf cart with me he didn't have to walk off the field we've got a great relationship and uh it's never been soured and so your decision to to retire was came came how coach walk me through that well it was you know succession was huge for me rich um I wanted I watched the hiring cycle wasn't real pleased with the way things went and um decided it was you know time for Todd to take over and um Tom came back which made it really easy because you know he's got a great football team to coach and a great staff and uh no other time for me um that was one of the most important I want one of my guys to get that job and um so you know ownership's been fantastic Jason everybody's been fantastic and it's been working out great and uh really really love where the bucks are right now so how do you advise when you say you're not your role senior advisor to the GM what is what is your advisory role walk me through that a little bit bruce just talking about just hey what are the best 53 players what's the best practice squad guys who do you like who you like how this guy why you like them the same thing going into the draft I thought we nailed the draft again this year and uh Jason and I have a great working relationship that way and uh and then you know getting Todd in there and getting you know the same things and uh so yeah just you know I'm glad I'm out of town today because it's cut day and it's never it's only like the worst day of the year yeah I bet so and that's obviously what's going on in the NFL right now so when it comes to that offensive line up front in front of Tom it appears to be clear clearly banged up in the middle of it what what can you tell me about the uh severity of that situation right now oh you know Ryan Jensen's all pro player you don't just take those guys out of your lineup and but we drafted Robert Hainsey for that purpose you know to have the next center ready to go I think he's going to be a heck of a player um same thing Luke got a kick at him in there um but there's still battles and we've got I think great depth this is probably the deepest roster I've ever been on uh as far as quality depth and uh so I have no no concerns I think those guys are going to play their tails off and be really solid Bruce Arians right here on the Rich Eisen show senior advisor to the GM Super Bowl winning head coach Super Bowl 55 of the Bucks right here on the Rich Eisen show if you wouldn't mind putting your old school role or not so old school but uh prior to you returning to coaching role of analyst football analyst on if you wouldn't mind putting that on your head right now your kangle or however you want to put it yeah um the the story that Jimmy Garoppolo has been resigned by the 49ers as the backup quarterback to a kid in Trey Lance who we all know uh the Niners gave a ton of draft capital to the Dolphins to go up and select if you're Kyle Shanahan how do you work that situation and its awkwardness potentially yeah I I think John Lynch and Kyle both have great personalities and they've talked us out you know what uh uh Jimmy couldn't he wouldn't have done it if he wasn't all in and uh it's hard for me to talk about another team's guys but uh right having been in that situation so I can't really swear to it but I think everybody's probably on the same page when you say talk it out what what does that mean again I'm not asking you to to you know uh suppose anything but again you've you've been in a ton of coaching situations and and having to ascribe a um a plan to to a player that they may or may not want to hear but obviously Garoppolo decided but how when you say talk it out do you literally say to a player this is the way it's going to be and you either agree to it or not is that how it works coach yeah pretty much I mean you got to be straight up honest because they can all see through all the BS and um you know he and his agent whoever it was they had to all talk this out and decide Dave this is best for me best for the 49ers let's go and so uh how does how does one handle uh a locker room again you may not have been in a quarterback situation but you know that you have definitely played young kids that you need to coach up and there are veterans in the locker room that might look at you saying why are we sticking with this young kid when we can go with a vet right hasn't that happened they obviously think they think the young guy is the guy and from everything I hear the players think so too so I I doubt there's any uh bad feelings in that locker room I think they're all on the same page from what I put I hear I'm just guessing no I know I'm just again I'm just trying to you know pick the brain of a Super Bowl winning head coach about how you handle a locker room uh in a situation like that and a kid that you need to clearly uh coach up to speed faster than not right I mean that's that's the issue in San Francisco yeah and he's not a rookie I mean he's seen it now for a year and uh he's a talented talented guy so uh walk me through the decision you made a couple years ago in drafting Kyle Trask and his readiness uh if this is in fact the final rodeo of Tom Brady coach Bruce Arians yeah we wanted to get a young quarterback we all believed in Blaine Gabbert but we wanted to get a young guy start getting him ready and I love Kyle's story you know he's a backup in high school back up in college and we got his chance and he lit it up and uh big strong guy placed in the base mobile but I mean he's not a runner but love the way he looks downfield and the throws he made in Florida and big big games um so he has all the tools um he couldn't be a better situation to be sitting behind Tom and learning from Tom and Tom's preparation and and Blaine knowing the offense inside and out so there's no question for him not not getting answered and he got a ton of reps this this it was a really good for him uh this preseason you mean during Tom's uh time away from the team that's where Kyle Trask got some serious he got he got a ton of reps and you know we we had planned to play him in the preseason heavily anyway just to get him some action and uh I thought he progressed greatly and Byron left which I know you told me a few years ago you were the one who basically got him uh into coaching you said I think you can do this job and now look where he is and what position positions you you've you've placed him in and obviously this is Todd Bowles's head coaching gig but um I assume when you said earlier that you didn't like the way the hiring cycle went this year that that Byron not getting a gig is is part of all that um do you think that he's ready this year this could be his last year in Tampa do you think coach I'm I'm pretty sure that if he's not a head coach next year something's wrong I mean it uh checks every box and uh you know I think some people would give me too much credit for what he has done in Tampa and um but he's done the whole it's been his show since day one the reason I got back into coaching because I could hire Byron and I didn't have to do it so um had I not gotten Byron I probably would have stayed out of coaching all right Bruce uh I know you got your uh a large amount of people tugging at you for your time today so walk me through again what you're doing for cholesterol education month I have high cholesterol I'm seeing my cardiologist today I'm 53 um and I you know my dad had heart problems and heart troubles and I'm sure there's a lot of people who are listening to us right now and watching us right now that need uh need some counseling on that I'm going to get some more today I'll turn the floor over to you on what you want to talk about here Bruce yeah I think my big scare Rich you know we played the Vikings in 2017 I came home upset um bad loss middle of the night you never want to wake your wife up at three in the morning knock you know hey we had to go to hospital chest pains the whole thing and found I had known heart disease but it was bad cholesterol and for me that started a regimen of diet exercise and medication and I think everybody needs a coach and I needed a coach for my health and so got with the doctors and like you going today to to get your blood work done I think it's called a scorecard get a scorecard keep keep up with it especially people in stressful jobs I mean if you're stressed and bad cholesterol together that's a silent killer and so I want to make more awareness of especially going into September which is cholesterol awareness month and do everything I can to make sure we save some lives coach extend my best to your family okay I'm and if you're ever coming out here to LA I'd love to have you sitting in this chair next to me just to have a better eye to eye with you as opposed to over the phone always appreciate it no doubt brother it's always fun right back at you Bruce that's Bruce Arians the famed BA the head coach of the Super Bowl winners and Super Bowl 55 right here on the Rich Eisen show I guess he's the he's the special advisor to the general manager so he didn't want to talk about somebody else's team but like I told you him basically saying they talked it out we sit here in the media and then the phone lines light and we're appreciative of that and we'll take phone calls again in a second here we sit here and go how's that going to work what's going to happen if what happens when how will it work and the way it works in the NFL and you just heard it from Bruce Arians as well it's just remember I told you it sounds so simple and coaches boil it down to that it's like okay we cut him he winds up somewhere else right and we've got a backup in Nate Suddfeld who we believe in but can we win a Super Bowl with that guy Nate Suddfeld most famous outside of if I'm not mistaken killing it for the Indiana Hoosiers most famous for being the guy that Doug Peterson suddenly turned to in the fourth quarter of game 256 of his final year in Philadelphia when they were taking on the at the time Washington football team I believe was their name and the Giants needed the Washington football team to lose in order to make the playoffs with a completely pedestrian record from not mistaken that's the way things shook out and they turned to Nate Suddfeld sat jail and hurts clearly not going to go with Carson Wentz who was already benched and everyone's like what's that about Peterson Peterson was gone within weeks that's the Nate Suddfeld we're talking about he's the guy that's sitting there better than Nate Suddfeld not on somebody else's team he's staying with us much better backup plan in case the question is in case of emergency or in case of Lance not doing his gig and a coach says all right Trey we're gonna keep Jimmy G hope you're fine with it need to be fine with it or do they even ask him what do you think if we keep Jimmy you're fine with that I don't think they ascribe they give that latitude to the young kid he's not Tom Brady hey Tom we're gonna keep Jimmy G you're fine with that that's how Jimmy's on San Francisco apparently right so they basically say to him Trey we're gonna we're gonna keep Jimmy and hope you're fine with that we're gonna you're still our guy you're our guy we're gonna let you we got a lot you got a lot of room for error and all that room for growth you don't even talk about error with him it could just be like we're keeping Jimmy and hope you're fine with that you're our guy Jimmy we've been talking to your agent apparently you're you're in you'd be up for this idea we're up for it too but you're not the starter here you have to understand that you got to help Trey you got to make sure he's the guy you're a backup again remember what it was like against uh when when you were with the Patriots Tom Brady that's where it's going to be here so on one hand they do not allow Trey Lance the ability to veto sticking with Garoppolo on the roster like Tom Brady apparently got that veto but and on the other hand they tell Jimmy Garoppolo that Trey Lance is kind of your Tom Brady again oh you're not you're not starting under any circumstance you're the backup you gotta support the starter in the locker room and the quarterback room I wonder maybe we should ask Kurt this I'm wondering if Jimmy's going to be the number three and not dress like are they paying him six and a half million dollars to just not go to Seattle essentially no and he's going to be the number and he's going to be the number three guy he's number two Feld's number two no way no chance that way you eliminate the possibility of Lance has three or four bad drives in a row and the fans being like put Jimmy in or you don't pay him that money to not dress him well you're paying him to not go to Seattle that's basically why you're paying him right but you're also paying him to put him in if Lance gets hurt can you imagine you do what you're saying your theory here you're positing this idea yeah and Lance goes down in the third quarter of a game Jimmy G's dressed in pajamas with an earbud and Sudfeld's the one who goes in there and struggles and you paying Jimmy G the most money of any backup in the NFL and he's not available because you needed to deactivate him for your starter psyche why is he on the roster at all then because you can manage the situation because you're the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers with incredible pedigree and a huge reputation for being a terrific coach like Jimmy then Jimmy's got to be like the greatest guy ever Kurt Warner was a guy who told Tom Coughlin I almost saved us today but I'm not saying I should be the starter as a matter of fact I'm counseling you to tell the media I'm not your starter but he also said that Jimmy Garoppolo would absolutely accept a trade to a spot where he could be a starter rather than sitting on a bench somewhere all right Kurt was 33 that year Jimmy G is right around that age a little you know a little younger you're a little younger Jimmy G is 30 there you go this is the business we've chosen thank you Mr Roth that's it it's the business we've chosen and we've chosen to tell you Trey we're keeping Jimmy but you can't veto it like Tom Brady don't also don't suck and like you know what I mean like Jimmy don't have any bad games or you're gonna be and then the fans are gonna be calling the radio and then yeah well it's gonna get a little tense around the radio he doesn't care about the radio he doesn't care about the radio we do for a team that you think you win the super bowl this is just like weird this is what happens when you traffic in choosing a player in a top five of a draft normally normally you do that because you've earned that spot because you suck you moved up but you're good enough and you moved up and clearly the pressure is removed if Trey Lance just comes in and just crushes it which I think he can and he's got two opponents in the Bears and the Seahawks who just the other day we had a poll question of which team is more likely to be the number one overall drafting team is it Chicago or is it Seattle you should beat them both they should you should go 2-0 but if they don't oh boy exactly well I mean if they don't then they've got a tougher decision on their hands their seats not going to get hot Jed York's not going to bounce these these are these are two true terrific coach general manager I mean they as I said they're if there's any coach general manager that could survive this decision it's them especially since they're they've got a super bowl winning team they could still win it all I mean they could win a a wild card game in Dallas just checking to see if you're paying attention I am all right we'll take a break is 39 and 42 he is on the hot side of this year not at all he is on the hot seat this decision could cost him his job there's a seat and he's definitely not on the one that is hot not at all not at all dude why are we worst case scenario these niners like at worst they should be three and three after six that's right I mean and probably four and two they go so you know we're causing worth the buy we're causing the promotion that's fine that's a playoff spot yeah if they lose both games to the rams Jimmy's gonna start the second half of the year dude I know right because they're gonna be they should beat the Bears they should beat Seattle what if we don't know about the Broncos what if Gino lights it up or words he just said into a microphone let's take a break right here on the Rich Eisen show phone calls Desmond Howard our number three what's he lighting up with his four teams that he chose to make the college football playoffs that's coming up back here on the Rich Eisen show just got drafted did he really pick it okay so we've got four more picks left to go in the fantasy league that started at this very moment on Thursday Gino's available this could last eight more hours potentially this could pretend to us rich you know I chose Mac Jones as a quarterback because I have Josh Allen he's going to be my best point total guy every week yeah and he's got a bye week I looked at in week seven Mac Jones is a Monday night at home against the Bears and I'm like TJ we have to be a night for him easily the two best quarterbacks in the week I think when you look at the team we have Lamar and Aaron Rodgers yeah why would you do that why wouldn't we do that what do you mean we get so what if one guy has 40 and then the next guy has 38 guess what we have the guy with 40 that's how that works right I guess or you could have another player that's gonna do you know be more active for you by the way we didn't draft Rodgers that early okay Rodgers was slipping so we just snagged some value slipping and falling and can't get up oh dream team chrome soft has the best tour performance for every type of performance these golf balls are amazing in there for everyone everyone doesn't just make the best players better it's made everyone better men women first-time major winners repeat major winners club champions business golfers hackers like myself use the chrome soft to regular chrome soft more distance better field incredible forgiveness if I feel the difference you can certainly if you're better than me which likely is the case chrome soft x provides excellent spin consistency tour level short game control chrome soft xls a lower spin golf ball longer shots firmer feel still a high spin around the greens when you add it all up it's so simple chrome soft is better for the best and better for everyone find out which chrome soft is right for you at chrome soft let me ask you this there's this I'm looking at the defenses right there's something called ghost defense now is that just what does that mean I have no idea is that like ghost protocol ghost runner no idea I don't even know what that means face killer Steven in St. Louis let's take his phone call what's going on Steven you there Steven oh hey guys my bad what's going on well uh I know it's not a football related question it doesn't matter where it's all sports entertainment go for it it's all good uh Kurt Warner uh I guess was quarterback here in 01 but that was also the same year a rookie started and this is a fun stat on August 29, 2001 that same rookie hit a home run Serena Williams won a round at the U.S. Open Opushette Craig Biggio and Vlad Guerrero Sr. all had a hit last night that same rookie hit home run 694 Serena Williams won a round at the U.S. Open and all the listed players kids had a hit and that's Albert Poolholz was that guy unbelievable night yeah and I mean 450 different individual pitchers uh and so obviously that's something to watch on my end but uh just to link it back with uh another player uh in your neck of the woods for your hometown team Aaron Judge hit home run number 50. I know I saw it so um obviously there's two home run chases going on right now but it's amazing thanks for the call you got Poolholz going for 700 and you got Judge trying to chase down Roger Maris who was the last player in major league baseball to have 50 home runs before September Roger Maris is the last guy to do it 50 wait 51 when the when the calendar turned to September and Judge has two more days to match it or surpass it I think what I think he's going to get to 62 for sure what a night in Anaheim or should I say Los Angeles I'll tell you what the traffic to get down to Anaheim from Los Angeles county it didn't feel like LA to get all the way down there uh but Susie and I took all three kids down to Angel Stadium last night and I you know I was driving down with them and I'm like Aaron Judge could hit his 50th Cooper knows that already by Zander and Taylor needed a little bit of a primer on it and I'm like we could see history tonight which is very few people hit 50 home runs in a season I mean it's happened but it hasn't happened in a while and certainly not for the Yankees and certainly it's Aaron Judge and um before Judge hit his 50th Otani went yard just kind of reached out dude slapped it Frankie Montas Frankie Montas put one on the outer edge and and and it it made Otani's back leg buckle a little bit and then he basically one-armed it out and it was a no doubt about her either too and so when Otani was hit that he broke a scoreless tie and part of the reason why I mean pardon me it was a 2-2 tie the reason why it was a tie game is because Phil Nevin the interim manager of the Los Angeles Angels intentionally walked Aaron Judge not once but twice much to the dismay of all we were all there and I was livid I was pissed Susie was like you gotta you know and she knows Phil from back in the day of covering she's like you gotta you gotta talk about it and I'm like I said I would normally do that but I said it was cool for Aaron Boone to intentionally walk Miguel Cabrera in front of all the Tiger fans earlier this year when he was sitting on 500 career home runs right right or was it three thousand I need to be consistent was it three thousand hits I forget what it was it's a huge milestone and I'm like yeah you should intentionally walk him he's got to win a game and here I am saying damn it but it sucked there I was with my whole family my kids and I'm like intentional walk twice and they were confused too because now that you know they don't throw the pitches it's just filled up and Phil Nevin the second time just like waved his hand just like yeah just like just like get him out of here just this yeah please get him out let's just put him on first all right pissed at this whole thing and then the Yankees pitch to Otani they should have done him the same damn favor and then judge hits the next he finally gets pitched to because they're up by two and it doesn't matter if he homers they still have the lead and he it was no doubt it hit the rocks too where my kids were wondering like could people hit the rocks I'm like they can and then he did oh yeah unreal incredible night judge hits 50 and Otani one arms went out and Trout was remarkable too I told my kids that's a really nice night at the ballpark and it was eyes and Palooza thank you all right it was and so that was and Yankees uh lost it uh Oswaldo Cabrera had a shot to put the Yankees up with two outs two strikes in the ninth and he hit one ticketed for the gap right center field and Trout glided under it he had to have run about 30 yards and just glided under it it's like I screamed he's like yes that's a home run and we got out of our seats and I'm like oh Trout's gonna run this down I literally said those words and then he didn't just he didn't run it down he just so good he's so good healthy man three incredible baseball players in one one stadium last night okay so Stanton hit 59 back in 2017 last guy to do that right well he's had the most since 2001 so bonds broke the record 73 in 2001 Sosa hit 64 that year as well yeah um now if Stanton gets past 61 do you consider him the judge judge you're talking judge yeah judge he gets 62 is he the home run king does it matter kind of does it kind of does I don't know that stuff matters to me it's just amazing what he's doing it also just really suck if he hits 62 AO record Yankee record yeah and then leaves okay okay he slipped out with it okay okay I mean it'll be too bad for you guys he's going no what are you gonna do he's going nowhere wow he's going nowhere he goes nowhere except back to the Bronx when the Giants visit in June next year nope nope no because he's from Northern California I know it's great all right it's great he got a chance to say hi to all the friends when they were up in Oakland you can wave you can wave he's going nowhere he's going nowhere it's just amazing he's so much bigger than like he's just he's bigger than Gronkowski he's just and he plays baseball he's just uh uh a superhero yeah oh rich you're up sorry he's a superhero Paul Rudd just picked the panthers defense so you're up by the way Otani too Otani's not a little dude man Otani too they put a stat on the scoreboard I guess he did this did he do this last week against the Blue Jays first player ever to have 10 or more strikeouts in a game two runs batted in and a stolen base in the same game it's just it's it's it makes no sense he's so good I saw at all I saw a stat that I think Otani leads the Angels in at bats and innings pitched there's something crazy that's something crazy and by the way is outstanding at both not just doing it just because he can but he is gold standard at both also bigger than you think I can't wait like six four he's huge I know so you're like what's going to happen when judge comes in as a giant right I'll just flip the script and say judge will just look to his left and see Otani in stripes next to him he'll see him get ready for that pal and in New York but it won't be on the angels uh-huh Stevie Cohen I won't let me tell you something axe capitals billions we have the guy who brought him to the Angels he's on the Mets come on it's already written the story's already written fun night at the ballpark let's go met bottom line is we can have this conversation he's in the toilet it's august the 29th 30th 30th you know it's my daughter's ninth birthday nine that's okay that was nine for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too all-time Hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's Andre for you I've always said Andre was number one well because even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a babyface Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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