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REShow: Tom Pelissero - Hour 1

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August 31, 2022 3:05 pm

REShow: Tom Pelissero - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 31, 2022 3:05 pm

Rich lists his Top 5 NFL QB’s You Want for a Must-Win Game among the Buccaneers’ Tom Brady, the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers, the Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen, the Cincinnati Bengals’ Joe Burrow, and the Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes. 

NFL Network NFL Insider Tom Pelissero and Rich break down the NFL’s final roster cutdowns and why the Cowboys released every QB except for Dak Prescott, why the 49ers decided to keep Jimmy Garoppolo instead of trading or releasing him and what that means for Trey Lance’s job security, why Lamar Jackson is taking a “big gamble” by not taking the Ravens’ latest contract offer and how Deshaun Watson’s guaranteed contract is playing a role in the negotiations, and what Watson must do in order to avoid having his suspension extended beyond 11 games.  

Rich and a caller debate if Joe Burrow belongs in his list of Top 5 QB’s for must-win games.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. You've got a big surprise coming to you. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Bruce Arians I'm sure you've heard a lot of the conversation about why you stepped aside and how you and Brady didn't get along.

We've got a great relationship and it's never been foured. The Rich Eisen Show today's guests NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero, Ravens tight end Mark Andrews, plus Cardinals running back James Connor. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show everybody. It is the Wednesday before Labor Day weekend here in Los Angeles, California, Big Ten country. Here on the Rich Eisen Show and we say hello to everybody listening coast to coast on Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network. Thanks to our friends at Westwood One and Cumulus as well. Those are the ones who put out our podcast version of this show every day. All three hours are available to you where all podcasts are required.

We say hello to you. You're listening whenever you're darn well pleased and same we say hello to our audience on Odyssey. Those who are streaming us into their ear gate coast to coast slash Rich Eisen Show not only home to the Rich Eisen Show almost eight years of archive material also home to whatever you may miss over the next three hours and also home currently to the live video viewing audience of the Rich Eisen Show that those days are dwindling to be very honest with you. We're going to be on in September which starts tomorrow on Roku. The Roku channel is home for us and we're streaming free this September.

It does not start tomorrow. We're here on our YouTube stream for the rest of this week and we say again to everybody who watches us on our YouTube stream thank you for that. Thanks for sticking with us as we've swapped television partners. We're going to be coming to the Roku channel for free on all Roku devices. Select Samsung televisions, Fire TV, mobile devices. You can just download the Roku app. The Roku channel is free on it and the for those who watch us on desktops you can stream us for free there as well.

The key word is free. 844-204-RICH number to dial over the next three hours to have a conversation with us just like we're going to have with Tom Pelosaro my colleague from the NFL network. An NFL media group with all the cuts now essentially done.

Everybody down to 53 man rosters across the National Football League. He's going to tell us what's of interest to him and what is not. We heard from Kyle Shanahan yesterday on the shocker of the week that Jimmy Garoppolo is staying put with the Niners as the backup quarterback. A role he accepts.

A role that he not only accepts just mentally but also financially. He took a pay cut to stay with the 49ers in this role. Trey Lance is apparently cool with it as well and if you miss what Kyle Shanahan had to say we'll play that for you over the next three hours.

Talk about it with Tom Pelosaro. We've got not one but two National Football League Pro Bowl players of note to talk to you and talk with us. Mark Andrews the tight end of the Baltimore Ravens sat next to him and his mom at the NFL Honors.

Susie and I did. That was the last time I saw Mark Andrews. He will be on this program top of hour number two and then right after him James Conner coming off of a career year with the Arizona Cardinals with whom he has stuck. He will join us 20 minutes after the hour and then Chris Brockman you sir are unveiling a new segment in hour number three. What is that that you're unveiling on this program?

Yeah I've done this in the past on my old website and rich eisen show dot com. Burning questions where I'm going to unveil where I have the teams ranked heading into the season in reverse starting at 32. We're going to do 32 to 26 today. Is that the question's burning in advance?

Is that what that is? That's sizzling baby hot takes and I'm going to ask just kind of a general question that I'm thinking about each team heading into the year. And then I will comment on it. You guys will comment on it. You guys being all of us. All of it everybody. Hey Jay Felley good to see you sir here on this last day of August and good to see T.J. Jefferson lighting the candle. What's up sir? Oh my god.

A tradition unlike any other T.J.'s mic. Honestly I did that one on purpose. No you did not.

I 1000% did. My mic was off and then I. Oh god. Good to see you over there. Wow.

What's going on over there T.J.? No that's not good for a radio audience what you're doing right over there. I'm just playing with you. I'm great. All right very good. T.J. Jefferson is here everybody. Wow.

Okay very good. Can we have some fun or no man? Yeah we are.

I'd like to hear the fun. It's true. Yeah. So it all everyone listening on our podcast Odyssey and the Rich Eyes and Church terrestrial radio network. You know what I don't know why I'm into this thing right now but I'm into it. And I'm into it. And I'm not a fan of lists in our sports world. Everybody loves lists. I don't get it. I don't understand it. You know what it is?

Easily digestible. Everyone knows one through five, five through one. Yeah I just remember the top ten.

I was the only sports center anchor not really into the top tens. You know the top ten highlights. I'm like what's the difference between highlight seven and highlight nine.

Really? Like highlight nine's not as good as seven. What's a dunk? One's a dunk. One's a home run. Honestly that's what I'm saying.

What like the dunk's better than the home run? The production assistant was ranking it's like you know you know what that should be three. Situation matters. It should be three.

Why don't you swap three and five? It's just like it's so subjective but it's also just ordering out of just out of just listing. What are we listing? Why do we list? What's a power ranking anyway?

One's more powerful than the other. You know top 100 list. Oh god you know what number 65 Derek Carr 65 and Russ is 61. Just four numbers apart? Really that's it?

Four numbers apart? You're gonna put an offensive lineman here and that you know that person there and then we start arguing? Mac Jones is 85. You know what I mean? I'm just saying.

So he's 20 spots worse than Derek Carr's only 20 spots better than Mac Jones? Really? Well I mean. You know what I mean?

Like that's so on and so forth. We're really going to debate top 100 because I'm kind of into it. I don't know if I'm just softening in my older age.

I'm 53 with a lot of s going on and I honestly don't. I'm into the list now. I'm into my top fives. Maybe it's your big ass grab bag that's been inspiring me every single Friday TJ. I don't know. Kind of breaking down the the list wall. Yeah you chipped away. You chipped away at my heart demeanor.

I'm just trying to do my part here. Speaking of walls Rich. RIP Mikhail Gorbachev.

Tear down that wall right? Okay wow. That came out of nowhere. We're an international show.

That is true. Coming up later in hour number three. Chris Brockman's burning questions about Leonid Brezhnev. Menachem Begin.

Definitely not Russian. Anyway I'm into the list. I'm into the list. Top five sleeper teams. I had a top five storylines that I was talking myself into in June and then I came up with five more. What else have I done lately? My top fives. Oh man.

You know I don't know. They're so memorable. We did a lot over the over the off season. So I got another one. You forgot already. You've only done like six. No I just need they all they're just I you know what later on this maybe before the season I'll have my top five lists that I've come up with. Yeah you know I don't know how you just I don't know. This is a list world.

We're into lists. Like you know you look at some shows on tv and you can't you know they they shrink the screen. You know what the actual show is only taking up a third of the screen. Seriously I'm looking to get up right now and I can't even see I can't even see the beautiful beard and hair combo of of Greeny. Is Greeny back? Yeah he's right there. Oh man he was gone.

You got a square and then a small a bigger square and then bigger and then you know down the side or like betting lines and underneath I mean whatever. Lists. I got one. Let's go. I got another one.

You ready? I need I need NFL films music Jay Feli. I need NFL films music all set up and if this lights up the phone line so be it. They're not already lit. I don't know.

844-204 rich number to dial. Top five quarterbacks in 2022 that you want to have in a must win game. Dak Prescott spoiler alert not on the list.

This list is not valid. Top five quarterbacks that you want to have in a must win do or die 2022 National Football League game and I'm gonna start with the controversy. I don't think the top of the list is very controversial but the bottom might be because I'm putting on this list at number five a guy that has been battered and banged up in recent days about not being able to win the big one for his team despite the winning of the regular season setting him up not only with the top seed in his conference but also most valuable player most valuable player awards plural. Oh more than one. Aaron Rodgers is number five on this list. Rodgers yes he is everybody's like well guess what they're the top seed guess what he's the MVP who cares because when it comes to actually winning in Lambeau Field couldn't get past Tom Brady couple years ago couldn't get past a guy who has now taken an 18 million dollar pay cut to be a backup for the team that's passed him over yeah they lost to Jimmy Garoppolo at home and it's all set up but Aaron Rodgers is still the MVP of this league he is still neck up one of the quarterbacks in the history of this league and the throws that he puts on his receivers we want to talk about everyone's talking about catchable balls everyone's talking about accurate football throwing Aaron Rodgers is still the top of the class elite of the elite and when you put all that together you need that guy under center in shotgun in a must win game and certainly can win it with his legs as well it's just you know s happens he's what he's a 39 year old guy and he's got a lot of s going on 38 something like that he's still number five on my list that's controversial and certainly in packer land for those who might be like well who's above him and number four on my list is somebody who's hardly done it at all in the nfl but i'm taking him because he has shown the ability to win must win games towards the end of last year and throughout the playoffs last year i am taking joe burrow number four in this list oh to win a must win game in the nfl in 2022 i am taking a guy who's taking it in the chin repeatedly over and over and over again and gets back up and wins football games and figures out how to do it moves the chains when he needs to not only to set up his you know dynamite ice and veins place kicker but also to keep you from getting the ball back this guy has all of that and the biscuit and the swagger that you need in the huddle after the uh post game press during the post game press conference to set things up for your next week you want a must win game quarterback in 2022 that seems to be joe burrow to me and i know i'm taking somebody who's hardly done it over a guy on a list because you know the list you got to order him uh in in aaron rogers number three on this list is a guy who has taken it absolutely from all comers we're now in this stage of his career where he's got to have 90 touchdowns to win mvp because he's won it before he's got to have at least a perfect postseason perfect clean sheet postseason and win it all and the mvp because he's done that before too in order to be considered still one of the greats when it comes to receivers who have left him and it comes to unnamed defensive coordinators who say all he does is play street ball i'll take his street ball in a must-win game patrick mahomes is number three on this list yeah he might even should probably be higher he's number three on this list for me i'm taking him when you've got to win a football game and i know i'm taking him over the guy who beat him in the afc championship game last year but that's my list and i'm sticking to it and i'm taking over him as number two on my list the guy who he beat in the afc divisional round although it just goes to show you that even if you have this quarterback under center in shotgun in a must-win game you still with all due respect sorry to bring it up you still need to make sure you finish the last 13 seconds of the game to back up his play i am taking josh allen number two on this list the mandalorian quarterback as i have called him because this is the way he shows the buffalo bills his way and the defenses just wilt when josh allen has the football and has everything going his way you just feel every drop back is going to be a chunk play a scoring play or a totally demoralizing run by this guy once all breaks down and he just takes it right up the gut on you and just hits you in the mouth or he leapfrogs you you just feel there's a sense of inevitability when he gets things rolling at the quarterback position and that's why i take josh allen number two in a must-win game but number one on this list is number one on every list and this guy is 45 years old and you cannot bet against him and in any must-win game of his entire career more often than not he comes out on top and of course it's tom brady atop this list absolutely in 2022 it's still the same as 2002 you want the kid now he's just a goat and that's that i don't think i need to back up my words at all other than the fact that he's tom freaking brady and you go take somebody else if you want to win a must-win game i'll take him yeah it's like i'm chevy chasen you're not he's tom brady you're not and that right there is my top five list of quarterbacks that you want to have in a must-win game in 2022 in the nfl season that is about to start in a couple thursdays what's your list we'd like to know 844-204-rich is the number to dial i'll take it we'll take your phone calls here on this program tom pelissaro will join us what is with all these quarterbacks that just got blown out yesterday leaving some teams with only one quarterback for just a split second really bizarre remember when remember when mike zimmer said uh last year when the vikings were eliminated they're playing their final game of the season some reporters said they're going to win some reporter said uh do you want to see any of kellen mond in week 18 no why not and his answer was see him every day every day and you're like okay like wow guess zim doesn't like kellen mond guess he was drafted uh against his wishes huh all right all right third round let's move on well guess what the vikings cut him yesterday because big nick mullins they signed him yesterday i went on the air and i'm talking about you know what the niners they just didn't want to go into the season with nate subfeld that's why they signed jimmy garoppolo guess what they didn't want to go into the season with nate subfeld even with jimmy garoppolo they were going to start brock purty they said at number two they were going to back up lance with purty which i guess wasn't a very purty picture for him hey now thank you i just literally made that up i swear to you dad jokes dad jokes that would have been better than the situation they have now untrue so false say well let's talk about that in hour number three after your burning questions after we talk to mark andrews and james connor and coming back on this program we'll talk to tom pelosaro and we'll talk to you throughout at 844-204 rich here on this radio network as well as rich isin show rich isin here talking about my sleep number bed i love my sleep number bed because i can set my side of the bed to the way i like it and my wife can do the same for her side of the bed my number is 60 sleep number hers is 70 10 numbers apart but it's the world of difference and we get proven quality sleep so why choose proven quality sleep from sleep number because it's the biggest sale of the year right now where all smart beds are on sale with 50 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on the rich isin show from the nfl media group is tom pelosaro how you doing tom that felt like a lot of math to start a segment it was it was too much and i'm more verbal than than anything else um let's just jump into it the cut day story is which what the cut day story i think that the the cut down day story was really that there wasn't you know now granted we still got some ripple effects there's this long window here this week before rosters truly get set but there wasn't really that you know shocking move the biggest trade that got done was chauncey gardner johnson being traded from the saints to the eagles uh he'll play safety there for him and be a starter and hopes that he can cash in um that obviously lends a different dynamic to um the eagles defense because when you know you always know when chauncey gardner johnson is on the field and opponents definitely know uh when he's on the field so that was a that was a significant move but you know jimmy garoppolo not going to a new team that was something that had kind of been in the works for a week or so um the fact that that got done that was part of it but you didn't have that you know out of left field type of massive earth-shaking trade though again it's early here and by moving cut downs up from saturday to tuesday you kind of create this little bit of a vacuum where some teams are holding on to players in you know hopes or thinking that maybe there's still a trade to be had here in the coming days so why did the saints trade away uh a player who the eagles can maybe win a super bowl with why can't the saints have can't hold on to chauncey gardner johnson what happened there he's in a he's in a contract here and they had offered him what they thought was a strong deal for the nickel market chauncey gardner johnson is watching durwin james and minkovich patrick and all these safeties getting paid about double what the top of the nickel market is he's thinking he should be paid at that level even though he spent about two-thirds of his snaps in new orleans playing the slot so he and his agent kevin connor um basically said we're not going to engage on this the saints then turn their attention to a trade and they end up finding a team in the eagles that actually will play them at safety and if gardner johnson plays the way that he has in the past at a new position here he could be a very rich man i'm not your distant future so what's also with all of the um backup quarterbacks who got cut yesterday what what was that all about i mean you spend all spring and otas and training camp bringing these guys along and then all of a sudden see you later and they start swapping them out uh right before the beginning of the season what happened there it's a combination of factors you know detroit is kind of on their own where they knew and they were actually public about it but they didn't think that they had a number two quarterback on their team they didn't think that david blower tim oil stepped up and then you know nate subfeld ends up getting let go which was a product of jimmy garoppolo stain and the fact that brock purdy mr irrelevance had been very relevant in camp i got a chance to see him live i mean he looks like an nfl quarterback a guy who's got a shot so they keep him uh subfeld then ends up coming available and detroit signs him and cuts blau uh late last night but a lot of the other ones is a product of um you know a couple of things one the way that the injured reserve rules are set that you need to hold the player until four o'clock today before putting them on ir to be eligible to return during the season so there's teams that are kind of floating veterans who they know are unlikely to sign someplace else you can't actually enter into an agreement but you can have you know certainly there's plenty of teams that wink nods with players that hey we're going to bring you back once this ir stuff settles and then the other factor is the covid rules regarding veterans on the practice squad and the fact you have expanded practice squads were so popular among clubs that they actually voted to adopt a good number of those so you now can have veterans on practice squad and so a lot of these vested players when you're talking about you know off the top of my head guys like cooper rush and josh johnson um you know there's other ones logan woodside you probably can you know in some cases they haven't got to go through waivers but you can bring guys back on the practice squad then have elevations to bring them up for at least the first few weeks again it takes a while for rosters to settle and teams like flexibility that's what these new rules give them it just so happens that a lot of these backup quarterbacks end up being in this little bit of a limbo where you're you're going to be back we want you back but it might be the 53 it might be the practice squad for a minute and it might not be till friday you got these ir things it's just it's a product of the rules a lot of these guys are going to be back with the same team tom palisano here on the rich eisen show let's linger on the cowboys a little bit here tom um dak prescott's the only quarterback on their 53 man what's up with that and uh and clearly they're going to go with the rookie to replace tyron smith correct that's what they're going to do here it sure looks like they're going in house and tyler smith would be the logical man up it's a lot to ask of a player who was in a competition at guard and probably was not going to win the competition at guard now to go and start it at left tackle but the people i've spoken to in dallas are all expressing confidence that they've got enough guys they've got the right people in place they've thought about this i mean tyron smith has missed a ton of games you look back over you know through going back to the 2020 season he's missed about twice as many games as he's played if you include the time he's going to miss this season so they were planning for that that's why they drafted tyler smith um this is one of those future is now moments under unfortunate circumstances um but yeah i anticipate tyler smith quite possibly it's going to be the the starting left tackle they may not you know say anything on that though until they actually line up in week one and in terms of backing up dak Prescott that's another situation where i would anticipate the both cooper rush who's vested so he can immediately recite it um you know in a little bit here once the personnel notice comes out he can resign to the practice squad and then it will clear clears waivers they'll they'll in all likelihood bring him back too and have three guys on the roster even if they're not on the 53 right but somebody's gonna have to back them up uh when the when toe meets ball on sunday night football right i mean like that's gonna have to happen right but you've got the elevations you still can do several um you know it started out as the covid elevations now you can have standard elevations where you bring them up there's technically still on your practice squad but you can do it i believe three times now without having to pass back through waivers so they could bring up a wheelchair bring up cooper rush for the first three weeks and then again maybe somebody gets hurt now you got a 53 spot you actually bring them up to the 53 from week four that's just kind of how the rules are set up tom pelosaro here on the rich isin show so when jimmy garoppolo re-signs or redoes his contract to stay put with the 49ers did you know if there was a go pro on john schneider the gm of the seattle seahawks what would it what would it say him pounding the table or him just smiling laughing or not having anything uh to think about it because they weren't going to go in that direction anyway what do you got for me on that front from my understanding that the seattle aspect of this with jimmy garoppolo was overblown um you know if he were to be released would they have had interest sure um they're always are in on you know talking to different guys but uh you know in terms of them trading for jimmy garoppolo that was always uh far-fetched you know they think that in gino smith and drew lock they've got a couple of good um you know good enough quarterbacks that they can play uh the way that they want to this season i'd say the garoppolo wouldn't be an upgrade but they weren't no they weren't you know making big offers and the 49ers were turning it down this was this is a product of the 49ers and jimmy garoppolo kind of figured out that each other were the best option you know for garoppolo this i'm sure people thinking okay why would jimmy take this massive pay cut and go back to be a backup well on the flip side of that where else was he going to go where was he going to go and make more money and have a better chance to succeed this is all about getting healthy and being able to preserve his earning power for 2023 so he accomplished that and um you know he'll go back and whether he plays there maybe he gets traded before the deadline or if he you know ends up playing out the season or riding the bench for the full season he'll end up being one of the frontline guys in free agency in um in 23-3 well i didn't think seattle was gonna ever trade for him i mean my gosh trade partners between the 49ers and the seahawks i can't even conceive that at the quarterback spot too certainly if seattle's in a tight spot in their quarterback room and and a lot of the rest of the league believes that they are seattle may not but the rest of the league believes that they are and thought that potentially garoppolo would be cut and the fact that he wasn't is is was the surprise and i know that they decided that they would be best for each other is it best for trey lance is the question walk me through that process best that you could tell there well yeah i mean that was certainly part of it but this is something they were thinking about going back months i mean literally months that they had the thought going all the way back to march that this was a possibility once jimmy had the surgery that skewed the timeline and so there was a consideration that the 49ers were ultimately regardless what they said publicly could end up with him back in the fold um you know it it certainly looked like there were possibilities of a trade that there were possibilities of um you know different things that could happen but you know this was always something that was in the back of their heads to trey lance's credit you know is this is this a comfortable situation no but it's the same room you had last year they've thrown their full weight behind um you know behind trey lance as the starter and it just changes the dynamic of if he struggles out of the gate you're going to face a lot of questions and that's you know the what they've kind of raised on themselves here tom pozzaro nfl network here on the rich isin show what's the deal with lamar's contract now that we are let me get this straight about um 12 days away from the start of the season and this being put uh on the back burner if it doesn't happen well you know it's a complicated deal to do lamar is shed via um via some twitter comments um that you know where things stand in terms of they haven't offered a fully guaranteed contract to him you know up at the level that he's been um looking for so yeah i mean at some point you would think this could go all the way up till saturday they definitely would like um to get a deal done lamar on some level has to want to get the deal done but you know they've been unwilling to take anything less than the level of contract that uh you know de sean watson got so it's you know again this will go all the way down to the wire it's a big bet by lamar but remember he's also making a lot more money this year than he was last year so to the extent that he's taken this risk on himself the real risk was last year playing for like two million dollars this year playing for you know substantially more than that is you know somewhat less of a risk but certainly if you're leaving that type of money on the table it's a big gamble going forward so um okay there's a couple things here uh on that front so the de sean watson contract where he gets every dollar guaranteed with you know 24 plus civil lawsuits hanging over his head that that contract that the browns gave watson the cardinals get a contract signed with their guy kyler murray and it doesn't have every dollar guaranteed like watson's so the cardinals were able to get through signing their guy with watson's contract not blowing the whole thing up and the ravens now are the ones caught in the trap of the watson contract is what you're saying right now correct and every team that had a quarterback contract coming up knew when that deal got done that this could be a massive problem going forward i mean that was just that was the reality of it was that this could be a real problem um for other teams to get uh deals done you know the kyler contract is a little different because if you just look at the nuts and bolts of his deal it's a strong deal for kyler murray because he didn't have leverage you know he was due like five million dollars this season what was he going to do he could sit out you know he could he could cause a stink but ultimately there was only so much they could do with the sean you know and even lamar jackson he's entering his fifth year option year and you know they could tag him twice so he does not have necessarily the highest amount of leverage to sean watson very serious allegations of sexual misconduct uncertainty about him being suspended this year but when he became available you know as one league executive put it to me at the time that wasn't a trade that was free agency he had four or five teams bidding against each other the browns at one point were told you're out they got back in by coming up with that contract so again regardless of what was going on and serious allegations off the field from a football perspective to sean watson had a virtually unprecedented level of leverage in the negotiation it's the only reason that deal gets done there are a lot of teams they're still mad at the browns about that deal and you know looking within the division not just a mar jackson but you can bet when joe burrow is coming up on a new contract and he'll be eligible after this season his agent is going to want a fully guaranteed contract and the question then becomes at some point number one do the rules change does the funding rule change so that owners don't have to start putting 200 million dollars in escrow to fund these contracts or two is there a push among the agents then that okay if you're not going to do a fully guaranteed five or six year deal we want to do a fully guaranteed let's say three-year deal and say we're not going to sign for anything beyond that in other words historically teams have done these you know big guarantees in year one a lot of money up front but then basically bought up future years years four five six that aren't guaranteed you've seen it in the receiver market that all the top receivers right now are getting three-year deals and that comes down to individual contract precedent if teams are not going to buy into the browns as a precedent on a fully guaranteed five-year deal you could certainly see an environment where the agents are saying that's fine but we're not taking any non-guaranteed money on this deal let's start talking about a three-year extension and we'd have to see whether that's the way the quarterback market goes wow because next up is burrow um and herbert which is part of the reason why i think the bangles finally decided to sell a naming right to their stadium um so that's coming up after this playing season but for the here and now lamar jackson that the sean watson contract is in fact screwing up what the ravens are trying to do with their guy and i'm not saying that lamar's wrong for for taking this stance so all said and done did kyler do the cardinals a favor not having this stance like because the cardinals could have been first up on that train that the ravens are driving and riding on right now right right but again kyler heads i mean think about this okay if you're kyler like what do you do five million this year fifth year option in 2023 two tags beyond that that's four years of team control so for kyler at some point it's you take this deal that gives you this massive raise i don't remember the numbers off the top of my head but i want to take one from like making five million this year to 30 million this year and it's like 90 or 100 million over three years like you're starting the money train rolling now and by the time you get three or four years into that deal they're probably looking to do a new deal as opposed to you trying to play out this year potentially holding out half the season then playing next year you know you could you would have to go so far down the line that's why you know that's why nobody was able to replicate what kirk cousins did he got three years 84 million fully guaranteed from the vikings that was that shorter term fully guaranteed meal nobody was able to replicate that but nobody did what cousins did which was play out his rookie contract as a fourth round pick so he didn't have the fifth year option which ends up being an advantage gets tagged once plays through that it's going to get tagged again only that only because of that is he able to get to the market the market do the same thing but because he was a first round pick you're talking about seven years presuming that they tag him twice so seven years total in his career two more seasons beyond this one before you would have that type of leverage that's that's why deshawn watson again had the football leverage to get that contract done because everyone knew okay this guy is essentially a free agent the texans are moving on from him we all know it's going to be three first round picks and more now you are just bidding with the contracts and how did the cleveland browns ultimately get him yes deshawn watson likely heard from jimmy haslam he liked what he heard from the coaching staff he had weapons in in cleveland to work with a really good defense there but it's money money's a huge part of it they were willing to get fully guarantee a five-year contract even though they knew every other owner was going to be mad about it they were willing to do that to get the player there's not many guys who are on their existing rookie contracts will ever come close to having that type of leverage last thing for you tom i know we all have watson fatigue i have it we all have it um and he has been suspended and so thus he's now off a lot of people's radar screens but mary k cabot of um of covering the team spoke to an nfl senior advisor on domestic violence and sexual assault named reda smith recently and these comments if they were said during the the period where um where where there was an appeal of the original suspension this would have been front page news everywhere and on every show like this one but i think we're all fatigued by watson and the story and she said to um she said to mary k cabot i feel like he dashawn is playing us he's saying exactly what he thinks he needs to say to get on the field again he's not thinking strategically at all about that i cause harm to other people he's not questioning any of his behaviors at all he's absolutely certain from that last statement i've done nothing wrong is what she's ascribing to him this is all about people trying to get at me and i just want to go play ball is she part of the process to determine whether he gets back on the field where how how much should we being be paying attention to what is going on behind the scenes for watson to get back on the field if you will on time well first of all that's the first time i've heard those quotes rich i've been sort of underwater with cuts understood that's what that's part of that's part of why i'm bringing it up i guess too tom i'm sorry if i'm just uh throwing something uh you know on live radio tv here but i know you're definitely uh fully knowledgeable on on the suspension and things of that nature how much should we be paying attention to this sort of stuff tom right what i would say generally speaking is there is a process here under the terms of his settlement with the nfl by which he needed and i believe he has undergone an evaluation by clinicians who are experts in the field who then will set out a treatment counseling therapy plan whatever they decide and he has to follow it if he does not follow the plan if he misses counseling sessions if he has um any other issues following whatever it is they lay out that will constitute a new violation under the personal conduct policy and possibly could delay his anticipated uh 12th game return to the cleveland browns so we have seen that in other cases before um you know under the drug policy for instance which is a different protocol but it's a you know comparable thing where the medical advisors lay out the plan and then um the players have to follow it like mark tavis bryant missed counseling sessions and did not get back josh gordon on multiple occasions had his reinstatement delayed so it's not out of the realm of possibility that if whatever it says in that plan which is you know of course confidential between him and his um you know the the clinicians but if he violates that then he would not get onto the field you know does that include public statements of remorse at a time that he still has a civil lawsuit pending i would tend to doubt that because this is you know the medical piece of it it's not any type of um you know pr piece of it what is he saying behind closed doors in a confidential setting versus what he's saying publicly i can't tell you that either but i would say there is a plan that he has to follow or he can be kept off the field um you know later on in the season he'll be out of the building for the next month here so you know it's one of those many things that you have to monitor closely and you know what he's doing and you know it would be a good sign for him if he's back in the building that's scheduled october 10th i believe it's the date um that he has been following the plan but yeah i mean that's this is an extraordinarily complicated and i would say unprecedented batter uh for the nfl the league was always going to face substantial criticism whatever came out of this new disciplinary process that was jointly negotiated with the nfl players association but the bottom line is the sean watson has to follow whatever he is told to do by the doctors or they can keep them off the field tom greatly appreciate it appreciate uh let's uh let's talk as uh as the season moves along and i'll be seeing you on game day morning and all those other programs on nfl network thanks for the time brother can't wait rich thank you that's uh tom post center right there um channeling his inner bart scott for the football season and everything else right here on the rich isin show can't wait eight four four two oh four rich number to dial phone lines are lit we'll take them when we come back here before we turn to the guest line with mark andrews of the ravens speaking of lamar jackson and also james connor of the cardinals speaking of kylar murray maybe uh um james is the one who had uh kylar's ipad we'll talk to him about that in our number two here on the rich isin show don't go anywhere chrome soft golf balls we've got uh we've got it on the brain here all the time because gosh do we love playing with chrome soft callaway golf balls they are amazing there's definitely a version of the chrome soft golf ball that's out there that suits your game my game is suited by the regular chrome soft because it provides the most amount of forgiveness it gives you more distance it's a better feel to the point where i even can tell the difference chrome soft x is for a little bit more of an experienced player that needs more spin consistency and tour level short game control the chrome soft xls that's for you pros out there lower spin on longer shots firmer feel high spin around the greens when you add everything all up because they're the highest quality most consistent fastest golf ball that's out there it's so simple chrome soft is better for the best and then it is better for everyone find out which chrome soft is right for you at callaway chrome at callaway golf dot com slash chrome soft right here on the rich isin show let's go back to the phone lines love seeing them all lit i love love love it let's go to jake and pennsylvania you are here on the rich isin show what's up jake oh nothing much how you doing rich what's going on oh well i think your list is a little wrong there i mean you have their car in the back end but you know you guys got 24 game winning drive since the since 2015 you know when it came into the league three more than any other player he's got 31 career wins as an underdog that's 54 of his wins that's the highest in the nfl yep since 2014 that's eight more and a couple other fun facts for you there's only two quarterbacks in nfl history to have eight straight 300 plus completion seasons paton manning and derek carr and over the last four years cars led the nfl in completion percentage and he's one of only four guys to throw for more than 4 000 yards in each of those seasons it's car the homes roger and brady damn jake and pennsylvania driving around having all these facts at his fingertips about about derek carr so let me ask you this question because again you're referring to in case anybody's just picking up this show right now i started the show at the top five quarterbacks you want to have in a must-win game in 2022 i went brady one josh allen two mahomes three joe burrow four and aaron rogers five who do you take off the list to put derek carr on um you said you had harvard on the list i did not it's brady now josh allen mahomes joe burrow and aaron rogers in that order my top five what do you take off because you got to take somebody off to put derek carr on and i'm very i'm very high on derek carr i think the raiders win this division i'm one of the few people saying such things and i have been since march so go for it i know and i appreciate that who do you take off personally i would have to say i'd take off joe burrow i want joe burrow i think he's got a great future in the league but man cars so underrated and i can't i can't say anything against rogers i mean i'm a raiders fan i watched what happened with calil mackin that first game and he came back to that like i can't say anything against rogers brady's done it this whole time i'm i've witnessed to mahomes his entire freaking career and josh allen just looks incredible all right so you take bar off thanks for the call jake drive safe yep who do you take off the list you said roger should be higher right tj you said roger should be higher a little bit yeah of higher than burrow i believe so higher than mahomes uh so you'd swap burrow and rogers i would definitely swap her i just think again uh the only reason why i did that again is because burrow last year won more must-win games than rogers rogers didn't win a single must-win game if you can if you just consider the playoffs yeah and that's but rogers did beat burrow i mean that was a wild game right that went into overtime last year burrow beat mahomes twice this was before burrow started i know and i put mahomes above him i'm just i i i i am just saying this is my list and i'm uh you know it's weird we gotta defend those lists there may be other lists like it but this one is mine i think if it's for this season i'm gonna take rogers out and put in herbert and i might even put matt stafford in there i might have herbert four and stafford five and i lose burrow and roger you lose joe burrow i think so i think super bowl loser the net the following season always takes a step back huh you like the list as otherwise as it as it as it is constituted yeah because i look at it like this erin rogers to me i'm not a pac fan but that guy he does things and he makes throws that literally just go what the heck was that and neck up to neck up you go to the line you you know he's not like wait a minute yeah i haven't seen this before so that's where i'm kind of you know kind of confused because i don't think there's many better than him mark andrews james connor coming up on the radio side still here on the old youtube machine that's what i'm just saying is you need to have somebody who goes up to the line who's like okay i'm i got this are you kidding me yeah there's nothing in this situation before freak them out exactly i've got this you need a you need an i've got this approach and i know burrow hasn't done it all that much but he's got this i've got this approach since i guess he's he's left the womb since he started breathing since somebody slapped him on the behind yeah but you know i mean like to start the whole process i i know we all like i know we all like joe burrow i know i do but i you know i said this a few months ago i'm all in on joe's one one way to kind of look at this that they were 10 and 7 last year right and then they got hot so we don't know if they were a good team or if they just got hot at the right time which does tend to happen but i believe i think joe burrow is going to be the man but i mean you have to see a little bit more of it for me to say he's i'd take him over i understand it all i'm saying is i have a having seen this and you have seen it as well when the cowboys started turning things on when when when there's a championship team that starts turning things on i'm talking about the triplet years okay let me let me go way back that's right that's what i'm saying and people will be like okay all these young guys you know we saw aikman in college get it you know irv was is mr you know brash first down guy amit that you know a kid from florida sure i get it great they got a good line then they started winning football games and then they broke through and maybe at the time if there was a show like this it'll be like i need to see more out of aikman i need to see more absolutely i just have a feel and i know people are you comparing the bangles to the dynastic cowboys no what i'm doing is i'm comparing them to a clear example that not only you but all the cowboys fans out there might be able to grasp and understand it as all football fans that there are moments where you could see a page has been turned and a championship quarterback along with a high quality roster and other players around them jamar chase being one just throw them out there mixin where yeah this is going to be a problem for the rest of the league moving forward and i believe the bangles have gotten that i think that is what we saw last year last year at the end of the season that was not a flash in the pan that was a true championship run by a team that is led by a quarterback that can win football games when they have to he said the guy's got nerves of steel man that's what i'm saying you need to have somebody scalding hot coffee on his white sneakers in miami and my man didn't flinch that was me he didn't flint i actually helped to try to clean it up well well he didn't actually he didn't he just he just sat there well what was he chris like what was he supposed to do i wasn't his teammate and maybe he was holding the michigan thing against me since all ohio state fans claimed to have him and own him so that's ridiculous you didn't give him a shot he had to leave to get his chance yeah okay and they had the greatest college season ever yeah right and that's what made him the first overall pick not anything a lot the best thing that ohio state did was let him go mo but that he but he but oh wait a minute he he thanked ryan day when he won his when he won his Heisman yeah i get it he's from ohio he's got an affinity for them bangles have a hard schedule i know so does everybody that's a first place schedule look at a first place schedule it's tough um we except for the bills who have the Patriots where the Cowboys lucked out too strength the schedule i mean bangles have to play chiefs bills bucks oh yeah man obviously ravens twice yeah for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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