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REShow: Mark Andrew - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 31, 2022 3:05 pm

REShow: Mark Andrew - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 31, 2022 3:05 pm

Ravens All-Pro TE Mark Andrews tells Rich why he’s excited for Baltimore’s offense after it was ravaged by injuries last season, why Lamar Jackson’s up-in-the-air contract status hasn’t impacted his play on the field or his leadership in the locker room, hints at his unhappiness that Lincoln Riley left his Oklahoma Sooners for USC, and reacts to his college teammate Baker Mayfield getting another starting opportunity with the Carolina Panthers.

Cardinals Pro Bowl RB James Conner tells Rich why the sour end to Arizona’s 2021 season is providing a lot of inspiration to prove doubters wrong this year, and says how Kyler Murray’s turbulent offseason has led to more maturity and growth from the Cards’ QB. 

Rich takes a call from 3rd grade teacher and cancer fighter Joel Stetler who lived out a dream last week when The Killers called him up on-stage during a concert to play drums for them during a song.

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The Rich Eisen Show
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The rich doesn't show going to start a hopefully long-lasting relationship with the Roku channel starting in September and we are so jacked up about it that we being me recharging along with you, Chris Brockman, good to see you and Jason Feller finishing up his residency today Delta for returns tomorrow and then gone for once it is willing to come back just to show that he thinks he's part of the programs on this. I'll let you decide to touch up he sees the ghost runner goes on, hey guys, I'm still here to see over there TJ Jefferson areas everything to make sure this mikes on oh yeah is all I know you can do it. Somehow Cheryl of NFL network and then not shortly in about 18 minutes time joining us from the Arizona Cardinals will be James Connor. But let's turn to the Mercedes-Benz vans phone line and not find one of the best tight ends in the National Football League entering its fifth year out of Oklahoma joining us here is a pro bowler and I guess a roommate of the mine and my wife's mama Susie for the NFL honors good to chat once again with Mark Andrews of the Baltimore Ravens. I know Mark great talk. I know we were sitting right next to you. You and your mom and me ensues second and then a thought or said not installed.

A great performance. Yellow Jones work by me is the same order or about the home is good.

You are good to great appreciate that Markham very fragile.

I need that sort of supports. So what you do enjoy the evening. I mean series of what would you think of that night back in LA experience being around all of God's people, you know, was nearly meant setting at all. So just be there be around and get to meet people sit right behind Josh Allen but your big enough to be a lessee over him. I imagine like Mark sideline dishes right for you that night. He is that is that you are to man. So let's just jump right into this ravens offense and how things are looking in training camp and preseason walk me through it.

Mark, how is how are things looking in your five for you and the ravens offense very well. Good. Okay. You know we had a good training And finishing up burger (practice of Today, but we have a lot of guys are making big plays were extremely focused for the discipline team and you can't wait, like I said that if it's good 9/11 if the jets were really ready to get over there, be excited about that to be in office in a humbling time to build up a very New York and on that date so that you were coming to fashion, so the offense has JK Dobbins back in it.

How does he look it looks good that you worked extremely hard getting himself back in the ribbon you're just sitting back out that if you practice in every time he touched my retirement back after every practice is getting that much better that much more fluent in any comfortable so I'm excited to see her eat and it looked as I believe that some not mistaken, Mark. You were kind enough to call into this program. One year ago. I think it was the day after he and Gus Edwards went down the same practice and you walk us through how the team was feeling when you were very open about that. I'm wondering how it must feel for you to see him out there. A year later seemingly ready to go in week one. Mark was talking about going down but we know the type of player that years and in what you can do for our team and intent element that he brings when he touches you feel living on the field so I think everybody sick super excited about that.

You know Nina for us. We got to go to get around and going.

We got a lot of things with minimum art throwing the ball really happens were able to run the ball and that's when a reference most dangerous and Isaiah likely some Maryland has had a terrific preseason he's in the Titan room with you. What can you tell me about him in the role he's gonna play alongside you this season. An incredible football player play like a rookie.

He's well before his years. He's just a very, very polished football mind and you don't do a lot with Rick you so you can make big time place for us this year all year long to be in their and I'm excited to see them grow but now he's even really really good player is still a lot to make a big place for us and so are you guys that think like guys with all due respect, your wide receiver room there not a lot of respect nationally, so anything they meant there. That's not fair. You know I'm excited to share the season is here were to show the world what we have to offer. And those guys and receiving room have also worked extremely hard and made a bunch of Platonist training camp and in Lamar's feeding them and so I think time will tell. And those guys are to provably wrong. Mark enters All-Pro tight end of the Baltimore Ravens here on the rich doesn't show 12 days before the ravens go up to New York and play the jets to open the season in 2022.

So let's get to Lamar Jackson to use the Tom Brady phrase from this past weekend. He's on the March 25, and has a lot else going on. So when when he's out there is, is there any point in time where he's brought up his contract and those talks or you to him or anybody that's been around you to him at all.

Margo know Omar is such a low-key, low-key party going guy you not got over your locker room you're talking talking about his business, or what's going on in this or that. So that is part of life and you get a lot of flak for predicting him. But then on the guys at the good dude. Good person. I'm great teammate and everybody of your love them so I was everybody around the world. Could You see that the alley is that you talk about contracting about his business. I'm a very professional and I understand that but you know he's a human being and I'll just give them my two cents a minute. I have an agent and whenever there's a negotiation and I hear something back through my agent from management. That doesn't make me very happy and I do have to swallow things and go on the air and just be the same person and not let anybody know that deep down it just it definitely rattles your cage a little bit. He's his own agent so there's been no sense at all that you know he's come from the Costas officer from whoever's office and did the same guy. Nothing at all zero change Mark. I think that they've been open about you, talking, and didn't hear here you know in nautically had talked with that stuff. But you know me personally, I don't know exactly what they know what the deal is player or agent you have one of those new things so you know I'm excited for him IIII hope you get that you're going to me access my quarterback love playing with them in the special player. He makes everybody everywhere better and double-team kind of rise around him so we jointly go so excited for him to go to get that done, hopefully soon, so how was he changed his as a quarterback since you broken together. Mark was a chainsaw. I think I think the more you can accumulate you get better and better. You can see the game a little bit different from orbit you matured and become overall all-around quarterback commanding the how CM throws everything you know. So I think but I think that's it. That's natural for anybody, and he's already had such a high ceiling and easiest piece is continuing to get better any need extremely hungry and I took the time this off-season to you focus up, you know, I haven't had a quarterback and coach.that he needed it, but he's extremely hungry and he wants to win. That's really all that matters to them and so it's it's it's very evident know for him for us. Overall, about and how I was changed in any way shape or form. Since you coming as he changed it all because again it would've what a maneuver to switch offenses, midstream, and make this Lamar steam and now have have Lamar enter your five under whatever circumstances are are happening and him being able to just know role it would Lamar what about Coach Harbaugh. Your perspective, your feeding your guitar is a steady person. The guy that preaches all the right values. He a leader of men, and every team meeting going that the good values that that we should all you know take with us each and every day so you know I love Coach Harbaugh. I love being a play for him and so I don't know. He's changed too much, but you need extremely understanding person is able to see the big picture.

Most the time I left that :-) less well elected, like everybody else may we will be the head coach is not the easiest job in the world, you know, so there's a lot to worry about a lot of things.

You gotta think about and yeah that's what it feels like enters here on the rich doesn't sell and how ready to roll. Lisa and Kyle Hamilton is not.

I chatted with him a couple times three draft post draft and the concept around the combine of him as a top three pack was being bandied about and he wound up going to you guys middle of the first round. How ready to see look to you.

Mark enters like they had just little bit different in different world we got real good people.

Francina received a cut around concepts and is able to maybe if I have zero area of the field. Maybe by his own but it comes off of the plate. Good to see that people picture anything to make a big template is rangy long a good bill to cover guys so I think he the guy that his feelings extremely high. You can continue to learn to get better.

Please target you very very very good and give it a good play for us. Our defense has my guides, although for Michigan think go see him soon.

Mark what he or I hope so at least we've heard you heard we seem great things about him. I know that you hungry guy you see him in the training room getting ready and hopefully get back soon and didn't write me that so you want to give you two cents on the Oklahoma season with your new coach everything, that's me. They're not about that. You know your own coaches here in Big Ten country in Los Angeles. Mark so what he got anything so I think Oklahoma really good night. One of my best friends the Okada shaper is the GL 30 so they look good. I'm unhappy about preventable and what is going be able to do. You, I'm a bit of Boomer sooner for like a group in Oklahoma fan so to be registered for those guys and I think it got me thinking that you let it go for that guy you like the rest of the sinners ready against USC as well or about that Mark got that I don't I don't pay any attention to him or him or that program.

It's whatever to me what efforts you done that is what I think you're going to get marketing. I think I should even asking those questions shouldn't drag you into my lost, but okay see you got that okay you're not happy about that but it's good you got rebels who obviously has tied to the program and now he's got his opportunity there for you in the SEC and start teaching some people lessen their right out and around 80, God, bring a defense in the same on ball so I know everybody excited.

I am in the season, Baker get another shot and looks like he is is is it do you chat with him many anytime you got me. I have a boy, which I hear there were so busy during training, But you know I just know the type of person is that how fiery is some extremely excited for him and for him to go get that QB one job you got it that teams get a bill to rally behind him in a play play behind him and lead them in the fiery fiery competitor, and maybe that's what baby that's what they need yeah absolutely get them excited for him hi Thomas and Holly please casino me me about each other.

You know he's he's he's coming onto little bit of shell. He's kind of, you know he's typing these tight in the rotation. So tell him I said I semi tested against the ducklings focused.

I know that and I look forward to see what he can do and you as well. I will always appreciate your phone calls.

Mark send my best.

Everyone there in Baltimore to Coach Harbaugh and everyone else in the chat during the season for my calls.

Always Mark okay appreciate your new best you got it. That's a Mark enters right here on the rich eyes and show the Baltimore Ravens.

God bless the Mark Jackson man different cat. Let me just say this. Oh my God negotiations are tough and I'm out on this issue just right negotiating with the NFL. Sometimes an easy it's just an any negotiation that had in my career way back in the day with ESPN when we parted ways anything to do with this show me see me sometimes pacing on the phone whatever you see me talk to my agent, Jerry agent starts right. Sometimes he delivers me news I want to hear. He has to do it and I try to I try to keep it from you like to keep her from the kids.

I did a lot of walking.

I cannot imagine Lamar Jackson going to the ravens and being told something that he should have an agent here. I eyes you might get a fax in the II God that's life-sized that that's what started was bless him while you Eric, the cost of your general manager, whoever is talking to you you're talking to the Knowledge I have no idea who he's talking to people shot at one point I don't know. So the goal of the owner's office. Your coaches office coach might be like the guy out of this or you go to the GM Jim Posey in Raven talk then you go back to the huddle and shake that off and and then be all in with the guys and for the team and be all and freedom for your coaching for the organization man.

I do not know how you silo that I do not know how you Simo that at all. I do not know how you do that. Bless him is all I'm saying. And I hope the ravens can get it done. That's where Mark enters Internet to agents. I know they take a percentage of your salary and you might think that that's not what you might think you want to give a percentage away but boarded a deer stuff and that you should be here and then be able to just swallow it assimilated and then go out now call that play try when acting damn good luck. Take a break we come back and it is time to chat with James Connor of the Arizona Cardinals when talking to him way back in the day when he was at the Steelers, MN. What a season. He just posted with the Arizona Cardinals getting set for another one that's next on the rich eyes and show 844204 rich number dollars in the program. Great chat with Mark Andrews. Now let's turn back to the Mercedes-Benz vans phone line all the fans were calling in to chat with us. We've got a full third. Our wide open.

By the way, 844204 rich number to dial taking phone calls. The rest of this hour, as well as our three Chris Brockman's got burning questions for all 32 NFL teams are going to do what 32 3226 seven okay, if you will okay you can rank the Cardinals not part of that right there not okay will be getting the Cardinals later on as you get further interest in it is about to enter year six of the pro career that is going strong to say the least. What a season. Last year a touchdown maker of the first variety for the Arizona Cardinals back with the team.

Now once again backing on the rich eyes and show Mercedes-Benz vans phone line the great James Connor back on this. Writer James man returned over the world.

You know I am doing better talking to you what a great season last year. I couldn't be happier for you could not make you rather think you are very welcome a set this stuff you been dreaming about last season. James and Amanda plan B notice, rather than a moment, and the like peanut plant, baseball not that affected my bed to the homepage is made to contribute and to be embraced. You know and start on the Lewis Israel with Israel from the rail and I and I enjoyed every minute of what he needed signature vessel. You notice a new offense. You know I'm not but I feel like a plague Obama but I have my best monster come to share what happened in another year and is often stronger camaraderie with the guys named them to come in and out my body better better shape stronger everything like that alone, you know you did you decide to get better year after year. I know I was at leisure and allowing like this. You want capable of that this year so I did my best luck on an issue. I don't really ask many, how does it seal questions, but you you have had quite the journey you you battled illness you come back from from from so much James Bott and in your career you you you had your shot.

When living on Bell gave me that shot. Quite frankly, we dance with his situation in Pittsburgh and then you go to Arizona any support role is how you started last year before you burst through your RV one on the depth chart right now how does that feel to you James, and how grateful and tried to get started. You know, it may run possibility homebound. You can't, you know responsibility in ablation so I know that you know it's a big row and you know, often on the message just come in and I dating a day out. You know what I got and did my best self in like a pretty good hello and I didn't bring it, bring out the God along with me back to well. I directed a team, and the concept in Arizona prior to your arrival and then last year there was a similar struggle finishing strong was always has been an issue in Arizona but starting strong this year could not be more important.

It appears with DeAndre Hopkins get a be out for the first six games is that in. Is that something that is being stressed to you starting strong as a team not think that management the job description you know, we understand that were in. You know we need a hobby and being gone away now for the first couple weeks or so on United day in day out we have preached at that method of doing a job.

Know your role of being a bad health and I definitely benefited Graham Holland about about stepping up until death that's documented with the message in a Senate and automate the refinishing yet dark path. Of course, yet finished became finished and you know what you know. Hello you don't want to start fast and leave it at that price and finishing 10 phenytoin practice finishing around doing it and doing a little thing you know right day in and day out in the building. How much did Lester say this creep into your thoughts. Throughout the months between seasons things home. It is a crib and there you notice knowing how how good looking we are and knowing no longer capable of an account that we got is alleviated and effectively got a finish, you know, until we had the ability to do it. We had the resources and now you know we we we we working until we got action.

You know that action coming up here pretty soon and I'll be out of school. We can wait to get started on Arizona Cardinals to timetable run and I coming off of the dream season last year right here on the rich eyes and show so let's get a feel like first week of the season for you, James, and he misses this is it, man. Your back and boss back and I can only hear it in your voice right now for the beautifully think on the Chiefs to my gosh point for point point.

Supposedly this is it right. This is going to want out of you know what you notice it while we work so hard it would all summer with about seated stated that a great opponent. We had our house and me personally I feel you know I am to pick up when I'm at home now you know and I'm in AZ and not everybody to him breaking here for now. You know I'm leaving it all out there on the field every game so it won't be you.

Not a cloud environment.

You know, so his home and now difficult money to play football you not think that you know some people noted a pressure that would not bet any day and we played football and will beloved doing him time to get here computer love and self management and the fear he left a message on the type entertainment is know you got to play football.

We feel blessed and gifted out there with that head of the team, we decided since you play right now as I told you to call since I am ready right now, no doubt about it Sunday phenomenon taken advantage of. Every day we got to keep T-bill and it is known as Homero about their swinging plus Euclid quarterback at an interesting off-season James, I'm sure you will. You know the Sultana was kind to him and if he had a growth know and I think he brewed sure you know you course, headlined and whatnot but man he out the advice through it all you know and I'll attain you know we can do to grow thinning and know that he made to stay down at his work and I'll talk about his main character that whatever but we know to repay one and we would on stuffy to you know when it takes care of everything when you say gross. Can you give me an example of that. James Solomon is really for 30 on the way, you can grow in value know when you go got to think maybe that uncomfortable for you and that you are you putting a position that you clearly can't control over our don't want to be in you.

Nobody made it.

Do you know you know what time until you demanded that this growing and growing at the best lack of putting a go to nominee until he failure plan go ball know so he did know I mean you don't speak for another man another person.

Certainly another teammate, certainly not somebody's importance, Mari, but one when anything was going on about his iPad and you know when needing to study mandated during the week and they would check in all that business that that that clause that eventually came out of his contract out.

How was he. Did you call and rerun them at any point in time that that very long 90 hour.

I meant your knowledge of content And still attack any day. No packing today our brother so that outside noise you know do they do not actually that's what the media has to date they want to paint pictures and whatnot we would enter a campground now showing up at work so we can do better for you, but we would attack and packing today.

Can we not envision that we have at editing James Connor the Arizona Cardinals here on the rich eyes and fill out apiece on Desmond how are you Desmond on ESPN and did you see the predicted can make the college football playoffs.

James the University of Pittsburgh.

Just so you didn't see that what you think about that James Connor and live my university mandate a lovely day doing there and all coming off of a championship mediated with a championship 50. Now you want to leave the place but he found it to know and never, never got a chance to win a championship. So I did make you proud I'm doing that scene, the draft takes few numbers. I take it do anything at Pittsburgh and he noted the mentality on the card close in our duty. You know to mentality and you know the topcoat that he is minimal and be ready so not far-fetched enough for them to make big knowing and being a playoffs.

You know they will enterprise but you know University of Pittsburgh, we can play with anybody placing the college's in Pittsburgh and Mike Tomlin says is made it seem like he has made a decision whose starting quarterback is going to be in week one against the Bengals, but he's not letting anybody know right now.

If he is potentially on the fence.

What would you tell him about Kenny Pickett unless you unless you have had this conversation with them.

I don't know nothing talk, but not sure on that side and I know Kenny had a great preseason, but our QB did and I am a fan on the Hamon of God and admit you know lame thing and so on.

Know they don't evaluate the what I got what he want to take a feel week one, but you know like got a table saw Pickett did leave his mark on college football for sure date they outlawed the mistakes that they outlined six night play, can do that right is asked. He could probably sleep. He tried to do that he knew you know you incredible athlete, you might lose your head. Though in the NFL. Those that happens and I don't mean finger landing literally no no careful that's a careful, no doubt about it. James Connor great to chat with you sir. Let's sometime during the season.

Still, it I'm sorry.

As always, James thinks the call message of that's right That she's Connor everybody in the Arizona Cardinals are the one thing about it right. Pittsburgh told him see later. I know I know he laughed when I said you know maybe sculpting to comment about. I don't know if you hold anything against America. He laughed nice. I got I didn't. I didn't speak to him about it but I want to get it exactly right here so if you don't mind me as I don't what he looking for rich he was and he had hopscotch skins.

Lymphoma is what he had.

That's a James Connor had staged who will Hodgkin's lymphoma, a blood cancer that affects the immune system and this was during college and Pittsburgh drafted right hometown kid you know about his story. Yeah, it was the when he came back from that.

That season he had was just unbelievable because he go through something like that exactly true. In his mind he's thinking maybe not. I was seeing his mind.

He's thinking this career is over. But after listening to him talk.

It is we have before and you just said you don't know if he harbors ill will towards Tom, and I think we listen to them talk you just get to fill the James Connor's the type of man who doesn't really harbor ill will. It seems like he just grinds and moves forward and if it happened you know, we move on to go over just to keep you know that goal so been there done that this IQ is a huge James Connor for head and I got in but the best for the Dignan because he got that shot in Pittsburgh living on Bell as we all remember and he sat it out is that you had to leave until he got a the dreaded high ankle sprain and he couldn't finish James Connor was like the darling waiver wire fantasy pickup of that year he was terrific in that role in Pittsburgh and in the next year didn't perform nearly as well, and that was the end of his tenure in Pittsburgh and Arizona got up and it was one of those okay I watching Edmonds Canyon training. I am as Drake wound up on the Raiders and then it was just became a touchdown machine right around like week three week four of last year and now he's RB one that's well and asking like you are RB want you are the start running back don't think he's had that profession. I don't think he's ever started week one is the RB one of the team did eat the year and maybe, maybe not asserting where you come in to train candidates to get your ungainly Toronto and that was his second year when he had the breakout 12 touchdowns so but yeah, 19, of the sure who was RB one for the Steelers. Let's take a break right here in the rich eyes and show no the phone lines are lit. We are thrilled to see that so to come in our number three Chris Poppins got burning questions about every single team in the National Football League within a run and run them down day by day, right up until kickoff of next week absolutely and then not if you miss what Kyle Shanahan had to say yesterday about bringing Jimmy grab low back as the backup to the quarterback who is replacing him while will talk about that in our number three here on this very busy Wednesday edition final day of August edition of the rich eyes and show, Microsoft engineered from soft to be the best for Paul and it didn't just make it the best players better. These golf balls have made everyone better men, women, first time major winners repeat major when his club champions business golfers. The Comstock family is the best tour performance for every type of performance the crumbs off the regulars for the most players out there chrome soft Ekstrom soft XLS or for the more experienced players out there every crumb soft is enhanced with precision technology, which uses designs, techniques, and manufacturing specifications up to 1/1000 of an inch since was there the highest quality, most consistent passes golf balls possible.

So when you add it all up. It's so simple crumb soft is better for the best and better for everyone. Find out which crumb soft is right for soft let's go to Bill and California here on the rich eyes joints a bill. You 99 or cannot write your thoughts are generally extremely impatient. I'm an outlier because of my supreme patient regarding trade development this year. Do you remember how inconsistent Josh Allen was early in his career he played only two years at Wyoming one year more than tray and he completed just 56% of his passes in his first year with the bill. He completed 52% in its second year, 58% and 69% in 2020 when he finally arrived and so the only time I want to see dimming on the field this year. If this trade gets banged up set regardless of wins and losses.

I greatly I agree with you wholeheartedly and an end. That is what appears to be the case. Bill as to what Kyle Shanahan is set the table with them within a play is soundbites is highlights at the will of his press conference yesterday is conference call yesterday with the media explaining what happened.

What he's told all the players and how he thinks it's going to work out. The question is, is how patient will he be you know if the struggles are so significant that he'll have to turn the garrotte below and you just know if that happens then I given a have to rehabilitate Lance in many different ways that II hope doesn't happen to be very honest with you, because that would be particularly harmful unless the 49ers when it all anyway.

You know III agree with you that the ups and downs and have to be have to be gone through that. You gotta go through them. You gotta navigate them. You gotta expect them and then you've got to work through them because that's what happens most of the time unless he can come out of the box looking like Justin Herbert looked like my homes and looking like every other kid that came out first round top five pick and North top six. An encrusted you know that's my two cents on that now and not something else.

But I want to make sure I say going forward talking to you rich will always be a special memory for me. Thank you, oh my gosh right back at you Bill, thank you that still in California that's so nice of you to say that I appreciate that.

So let's make sure I want to get out a conversation with Bill fast force excitement before. Yes, he is getting sick. I if you believe I'm looking down at our call sheet here me to set this up this is that the caller is, indeed, indeed, the individual grade for Bremen.

Let me just recount again what Susie and I saw on Saturday night here in Los Angeles, California. One of Susie's favorite bands okay no I don't think anybody tops in her world, Bruce okay Springsteen's number one and then everyone else is down the list is Coldplay who I see I've seen Bruce with her and I've seen Coldplay with her. She's never seen the killers and she loves the killers and she's gotten me into the into the band the killers and so we I took her on Saturday night to Bank of California, stating the new soccer stadium you been there I present there a few times is it is awesome. It is authentic, helluva venue, and I've never seen consonant. So we go see the killers and bring flowers.

It just has the entire place the Parmesan, but he also is the presence of mind. Just look out the crowd and see what's in it was a crap and there is an individual who held up a sign and I don't want to get. I think I remember exactly what it said but working to find out exactly what it said in the moment, but it was an individual saying that he's suffering from cancer. He can come up and put in place on with the band and he comes up and crushes it took him out of the crowd and he crushed it and I took a video of it is that it was truly one of the most remarkable things I've ever seen and I know bands take people out of a crowd sometimes.

And do you know put them on the stage but I've never seen this moment that I saw because he not only crushed it. But he also was living his past life fighting cancer and ready to play drums on reasons is what I think the sense that the sign said and reasons is a is shorthand for the sun.

For reasons unknown which wasn't audibly on the set list and so I put that out there. Rex Chapman, God bless. And this is right up his alley of cleansing your timeline. He he retweeted it. It's gotten a lot of use and is in fact what's happening Christopher's name is Joel he's from Fresno California. He's online to rich Joel, who was such a delight to see living his best life at the killers concert telling it like he was running for energy, Junior, the actual drummer half of the killers here on the rich. Joe is this usual congratulations one are you on cloud nine. Still brother what rich I'm on another planet will and on for hearing and share right now at the cancer center and just, I mean I can imagine a happier life. So okay your third grade teacher correct Joel is what you do for a living and yeah okay so what what was your plan. That night, did you really think you are, hopefully get out there that night on the low I mean II acted as though I would you're always visualizing the game and so I made the sign all my friends were where there you know, Shannon, their cell phones on it. We made a lot of new friends there in the pit who are eager to help and they all got in on the plan I had. The more signs with arrows on them. My friends held those up to me. Okay you signed your son read exactly what what did it say again Joel fighting cancer and ready to play drums on great's domicile that I you and I want to Brandon it now like I meant business showed everybody in that state you meant business and so do you play drums in the band is what's your background on that like 20 years since I played with other people. I met my wife when I touring with my band and you know so funny.

We used to walk around and people telling all my gosh it with the band on a picture with you meeting the grammar. I think I gave the camera to know not recognize me and I like the grammar and she knew the look for and she didn't give a crap that I was in the band so alluring you found the perfect partner that's for sure. That's that's she's my my greasy wheel cancer fight and that always give me grief rice so the look on your face. I think you mouthed the words II can't believe this right when you got when they got up on the statement he took you up on the stage and and put it right at her and said oh my gosh that's what I was actually talking about the ground and felt like my first impression with the mandate.

Yes, they were right that and then you just you got its own. Joel you are awesome you are incredible and I know so many people who were at that concert and that's what we took out of it. Lindsey Buckingham showed up and you know dude to take part in in the concourse and go your own way and that was incredible, but that still wasn't. Second, to the best thing I saw that night met with you and were looking at the central theme in looking at you unbelievable. What did you guys when it was all over. What did you say when it was all over and I just you know in between graph you guys just added years to my life. I'm so grateful.

What we care to share with us and somewhat. Would you care to share with us about your your flight right now. Joel so here's a link to the site. I have a rare cancer sarcoma which makes up less than 1% of adult cancers and I have one of 50 some variation that there is no known cure or treatment.

In fact, I'm right now receiving an infusion for eight kidney cancer medication and announced it clinical trial after trial in this cancer surrounds actually misdiagnosed back in 2010 they cut I had like a sports injury from doing triathlons and I think now I never ever got hurt and I like will come back in five years and will check it out again and five years later I got a I got in stage IV cancer diagnosis. It gone from my link to my lungs and so if it had been caught soon enough I could have maybe had surgery in Maine been cancer free. And you know I carry that and if it meant a tough thing to live with because I really love the person I get to be now you know Saturday night. What happened if if that hadn't happened to me and it's just like when you're faced with a ticking clock that out loud the whole world gets a lot more colorful and opportunities to take chances and in a dream bank are.

It's not really optional. It's just like you. You gotta just get out there and take it.

Will Joel Stetler, you took it and I will never forget it, nor will my last normal anybody in that place and I know just seeing you take advantage of that moment. Or live your best moment there you were to think it was great and just seeing how the band reacted and how the crowd reacted. It was just also there is a beautiful moment ever. But like everyone in the pit again the high-fives after K-12 family now. Sorry for blocking your view for the first half of the house with only yesterday for the day before. We are taught about the content written you quoted Wayne Gretzky and I talked with my wife about that and I think my biggest take away from what you are saying was in a minute. Tell this to everyone I know now you gotta live your life you take chances, so that when people talk about what you did got a quote Wayne Gretzky when they do it send you miss 100% of the shots you don't take box. You also can make 100% of the moment that you have in front of you when you get the opportunity and and it's it's it's so difficult to do that so difficult just to go forward minutes and so difficult to live in the moment and and crush it and and that's what I took away from it. That's what my my wife, Susie took away from and I think it's every took away from truly high-fives. I've met people who were at the concert through an hour didn't know that my friends were there. That's all he talked about were you Joel and it's true there talk about you and in your moment and I will never forget it and let's just let's not wearing contact here. Let's stay in touch okay Joel, let's do that for okay on the file you on twitter and then let's let's exchange information in whatever I can do to help. I know you've got a foundation right running buddies project. I got about a minute and 1/2 before my my radio reactions jump, you know, anybody project that that we we definitely can't wait for thereby I'm mostly excited to be supporting the great light gave organization, and a couple others that I'll tell you about later okay cleverly to install USA_Mr._Stetler and your third grade students must have a great time in your class and have their future made brighter and their minds expanded and their hearts bigger and my my world is better for having seen your performance which it was and now, and I appreciate you reaching out man and I'm so glad that we are going to be in contact now.

Joel Manning to thank you so much which you bet. Be well, Joel. Yeah, and thanks for calling and sharing your story. That's even up to beautiful.

That's that's my new friend Joel that was awesome when you say he's kind like our friend now just like where you're here Mr. hand in this is our for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson to all-time highs and opponents matzoh Ms. Natalie in a conversation where is Andre three, was that Andre was number one is not even going back before you know Holcombe was a baby face Holt and Andre were able to go in headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went. That was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen to everything your podcast

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