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REShow: John Lynch - Hour 2 (9-1-2022)

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September 1, 2022 3:13 pm

REShow: John Lynch - Hour 2 (9-1-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 1, 2022 3:13 pm

Rich updates Sam Darnold’s ankle injury and reflects on the star-crossed career of the Carolina Panthers’ QB since coming out of USC with great expectations, and gives some advice to a caller from the U.K. who’s in an INSANE 24-team fantasy football league.

49ers General Manager John Lynch tells Rich how Jimmy Garoppolo’s offseason shoulder surgery severely limited his trade market and led to the Niners keeping him as their backup QB, how Trey Lance reacted to learning that Jimmy G would be sticking around and if there’s a chance he could return to the starting role if the 2nd-year QB struggles, and reveals how deep the rift was between the team and Deebo Samuel before they inked the All-Pro WR to an big contract extension. 

Rich and the guys break down the 49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo/Trey Lance dynamic and if Jimmy G’s presence will hinder the development of the promising 2nd-year quarterback.

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Let God do you have drive to be conveyed here live from the rich show studio in Los Angeles.

Think about them jumping out of my skin over that possibility shall perish that it is 844204, which numbered here in our number to the rich eyes and show on our YouTube stream Eisen show we say hello to everybody in the 457 shot whole wormhole here on our program where reseller or terrestrial radio listeners coast-to-coast resale or listening on the Odyssey up and of course our podcast listeners listing whatever they darn well please on the cumulus podcast network where all podcasts can be acquired. Just check us out every single day. We greatly appreciate all of you doing that. The phone lines are completely what will get to in a moment to know why I write your little late today prior to the show because it I don't know what it was but I was behind every terrible driver in Los Angeles California and there's been an honor to know what it was but it was school started in the same is he cares hundred degrees out. It's very, very rich Eisen show complaining about the traffic and weather together on the ones get off my chest so I was a little bit of a movement in our G3 got me on this or talk about how these are monies on my favorite campus and plan everything on the mission and nobody was called the Colorado state contest against my own mother. You feel like you're about 31 points better than Colorado state. This weekend we think about that. This I just want to be one point better than them how to set sound that would not sound great on an all man III would love for Michigan to just come out and blow the doors off of it, but I have no idea.

Being a Michigan fan for as long as I've been following them since 1986. These the type of games usually when they come out middle score 1st and you think okay this is good, and then some dumb ass penalty call by some Big Ten raft that sucks already, or they make a mistake fumbling interception the keep Colorado stay alive and in the game and suddenly it's a tight one. Morty bike down to my cuticles at halftime, thinking this was not to be easy mean, I'd love to come out just look like okay their top 10. It is good to be there. Just cannot win by 30 somewhat after one by 31 okay I don't know. You're asking the wrong guy is what I'm saying. You're asking the wrong guy to say the least Chris Fowler's calling Ohio State and and Notre Dame on Saturday night and he's calling some top-notch tennis affairs at the United States (for darn sure Serena Williams is that through the third round will talk about that later on the self John Lynch is calling about 20 minutes time with questions which are much we think well general manager down as I think that question strength even talk about his team for months now. Let's talk about is tight and room right who's was backing up George Carol about that one for a ring on how you look.

John Lynch joints about 20 some on the busy man you haven't break down the Ray's playoff case could be used to play for them. The race he played for the rings in their minor-league song they drafted an ethical duty that I really am. As I stop following baseball is around like 11 o'clock local house. I hear you're back not following yeah it's a sound on and off 844204 rich number to dial Chris Brockman's burning questions for the next group of five teams on your list, only 5 to 21 3226 yesterday correct. Would you take off yesterday you Jaguars fans weren't too happy. I said basically the roster was kind of still the same. They do have. They do have some new starter switch and apologies for overlooking that, but look there sensitive group to be probably picking and the Titanic the good news, good news in Carolina. Sam Donald has just the dreaded high ankle sprain. It looked like his ankle was snapped in half that actually over the weekend in that final preseason game for Carolina. He's out 4 to 6 weeks which gives them a chance to come back and actually participate in the 2022 season, and I thought to myself, I saw that unlike Sam Donald has any luck, it would be no luck at all. Good God has this guy just had I been drafted into the NFL is first touchdown pass for the Jets was a pick six. On that Monday nighter in Detroit and that he still came back in one and that his coach was Todd Bowles, your current Tampa Bay head coach and he was dead coach walking a defensive minded coach with a young rookie quarterback in the Jets decided let's get ready ham and bring in Adam case, I think that is enough said on that front enemy given the exit visas. He's looking for. He goes to Carolina keep beats the Jets last year he starts three and L and it looks like he's got his shot and he's on his way and then he gets hurt again and then the offense of coordinator who was brought in from LSU by Matt rule Joe Brady when he brought it meant a burn Joe Brady and and and at that time. The concept was easy was the hottest assistant in college after Joe Burroughs 60 touchdown Heisman see they may get that guy and bring him and that style of offense to the NFL and instill it into the professional ranks with Sam Donald. That's the win. McCaffrey gets hurt.

Now Matt rules on the hot seat. It's a new offense of coordinator there. He's got the shot again until Baker Mayfield is acquired as I told you the minute Mayfield was acquired. It was a rat a wrap and I know that they had their competition.

But you don't go out and get somebody like Mayfield. After evaluating Sam Donald and having them in your group for as long as they Adam, you don't make that move, even though was hardly anything compensation was to go get him except the money that they're spending you don't do that if you have full confidence in the guy that your already having is your starter, you don't go and get Mayfield. If you believe in Donald and sure enough it's Mayfield's gig and Donald's plan anyway in a preseason game and it looked like he had his ankle broken. But as I mean, thank goodness the football gods have saw fit to keep that ankle from breaker. If the dreaded high ankle sprain. I hope he gets back in and and has an opportunity to contribute, although that would mean that's a problem for Carolina that would be an issue and Baker Mayfield is showing his moxie to say the least in many different ways right now him versus Jacoby percent week one. I mean, as you all know it's already on and crack. But at least Sam Donald got some good news just moments ago 844204 rich let's take some phone calls man let's go to GKN, Connecticut. First up here on the program that I see your name rights are and told you, but oh well okay terrific and can you wait till I'm done with my job for you. Take it you want. Okay, let's all ask.

That's all. Ask okay. What's on your monster group about you to make the playoffs, and if you do, how far you think will go and I am already I had to send in yesterday GKN for the rest of everyone in the room here on Tuesday, as the NFL game day morning season preview show. Yes, I had to send in all eight of my division predictions and my MVP and wildcards to know just I do take it I just think intervention would be just as for eight division winners and they asked for an MVP. You know what to reveal them here on the show tomorrow. I think you should okay you know I'm in the same way that Russ was thinking for himself and not the rest of the group and apparently taking everything that wasn't fully guaranteed, just reviewing tomorrow on this program. However, I will distribute to games and you just asked me. I do not have the ravens winning the AFC North oh RG three.

I am sure you heard on on hold so they can win the whole thing that I would know Monday I would think of the action. I think it might make the title game, but not okay will you have it. That means you probably think that there winning the division. All I'll say is this.

You can't sit here and say the ravens have no shot to do what our G3 said we can't sit here and do that they got the coach they got the quarterback.

They've got enough talented players. They have the identity summary teams are searching for one entering week one we know what their identity is so we can sit here and deny that thanks to the call to Gabe again remembered it.

Give me a shot to finish my job before you take it, but I don't have the morning the AFC North. I will lower reveal them tomorrow like that. I felt that Apple's I like it.

Sorry NFL network, but at least you get them exclusively from Mucha Irvin, Kurt on Tuesday bangles when in the hold off my MVP until Tuesday. How's that sound. That'll do the division winners to do that here the program. Let's go to all UK Nick in Birmingham. It UK all the way from across the pond as I mandated to say is an American sports broadcaster. Anything involved with United Kingdom what's going on Nick and I wanted to talk quickly about very unique and several. On Monday I am taking the second time in a crazy 24 notorious) JaMarcus Russell oh yeah. It's the one running back one wide receiver to flexibly by Brown. You can imagine it gets a little bit ridiculous on the second Nick walk me through your latest 24 minutes of the snake draft is at the snake draft is an option draft. What is it we got it okay so and the physicians are one of the positions are what so you will call back one back one wide and two five-man bench, alright so I just looked it up if I'm not mistaken, speaking though, the way that soaks in the UK would say, is it proper to say this is barmy, is it proper to say that that's pretty balmy British slang for crazy or insane. I just looked that up. Thank you Google all right. That said, what advice can I help you have picked do you have what you have. I hate okay okay all right probably. Running backs will be paid. Maybe helping a couple of others then you get a wild coat `as well so that not subsequent but critical role as well. So Chris what he say I'll turn to you since your dear Lord teasingly looks like a walk in the park compared to this amateur hour. So 11. Should you should get you can get like a Kelsey right you can get Kelsey or you could get the ponte Adams 11. I think in a league like that I think was to her like crazy yeah yeah Holland trying to find some how about this Nick what are you wondering what what what it's it's it's Monday okay okay could you new tweets at our at rich eyes and show your final roster and then call back and walk us through it on Tuesday. Would you mind doing that, but still let you guys break this up to 12 team leagues vision divisions and weaving divisions are still tingling and then just have the winners play to. I don't know. I think I think there's the option is only two options here TJ is not the place to do this or not at all yeah and I imagine we would choose the not at all, but but Nick scientifical global chat with you on Tuesday.

Can't wait for the rest of us and some like Jamar Chase 11th overall like that would be bad. You could stack him and Joey Burr Connor in Thousand Oaks, California. Let's take a closer what's accounted for root want to read it quicker to make excited you on Twitter via the hard rock workbook August 1 20 one thing other hundred 51 to what durable and will burrow that anything August 2022.

Bear together hundred 51 one that will circle entering the second season. I know it. August 1.

McCallion yesterday but am LLS going on.

You have no idea what that would mean for the creek. You take that heart and negative negative one taken off the fear I just want JS line Jeff on his chest and fields. One is saying said that's the one that's taken off itself. I think I think I think that Jeff when you're missing a C between the F and the one right say about what else you want to walk. I will travel it or didn't fill in my personal favorite. It took me four times a second time you done the Lord's work here is more time zones.

I like it to get Kevin Kevin Warren of the Big Ten.

He's been invited the commission of the Big Ten is been invited multiple times on the show, hosted the only show of its kind. Three hours long streamed podcasting broadcast on radio, the only show of its kind hosted by a Big Ten I do I detect I had to keep on adding different things out there to make sure it's distinguished by whatever greenies do it does for three-ring Big Ten right is Northwestern think Dan went to Dayton then went to the content and athletic charts not Charlie, and we all knows that when a request for Jim Ronco all heading to the school smack right having any Romans that UCSB okay on Isaac gaucho as he wins out. Okay gotcha right well sue us and how it was out there, go to school, will okay take so we went to school.

School of just flip-flopping on the last officer and washing okay very good with the Truckle University is in line with Eastern Washington. Okay so I am in the clear invited Kevin Warren will bounce off almost think in my advice to Connor. Save your money.

Don't that either.

The Bears won let's go to John in Baton Rouge, Louisiana John you're on the rich. I wasn't sure was going to lift world column of the list. I know you love your coaching clich, Sir, you think that your wonderful good show. I love everything you do. All I give them think that you like to get a good thing and they always work every way. You should start with.

With all due respect because I feel like what's about to come is on the water's edge, Johnny Rick, with all your work okay thank you very much John in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a list of of rich eyes and isms 043 young quarterback got a new number three to make the run down to Columbus to Columbus. That's number three, number two on the making number two on the went number one in your heart rate a player in their number in the program but number one in your heart that's true okay I like it and then anyway. Let one number one what any bond that's good that all that is suggested yes I will say that about Well for you is all that one honorable mention difficult to drop to biblically drop to Mike Mike's half paying attention when I got you I got you never my to do a more stellar that I hope it next September were able to remember thing that happened last November shot well done sir having problems you, John. He also said all of those things while pacing on the phone around a lot on pacer on the pacer when I saw Kai talking pace of violence take a break somewhere on time for one John Lynch he he knows what's going on with the 49ers last the check.

I would hope so yeah baby, I love this guy Pro football Hall of Famer John will eventually come back on the rich. I think they 44204 rich number doll here on the rich eyes and showing him were coming to Roku later on this month were very excited about that new relationship and will keep everybody posted on how you can take in the rich eyes and show every single day on broker devices, smart TVs, fire TVs, mobile devices, the Roku it's all free.

That's the most important part about it is all free and by joining us here on the rich eyes and show on the Mercedes-Benz transform I'm is my Hall of Fame friend who happens to be directly in the front office and in the middle of all of what has gone on with the San Francisco 49ers, the general manager of said organization John Lynch back here in the rich. I wasn't sure I don't John Goodrich. I'm doing really well is always a tough time a year. You know have a conversation with players that it really dedicated their entire heart, so every ounce of energy into you know, attaining the goal and look somebody in the eye, elevate it just came up a little short, the really tough thing to do but learned a long time ago. You know, I think it was Tony Dundee. I don't think it was it was Tony that you anybody you came in and out. Eric building Tony would would look them in the eye and tell him the truth as to why they were there, why they weren't there, and what the plan moving forward could be for them. So that's really important to me that I do that and you know I think the guys appreciate that so but it nonetheless it is incredibly tough but I think is with the larger during COBIT we went with the larger practice squad price. I think the widely held under those it serves as a developmental league in its own right, and that it's really the only sort of having guys kind and yelling and reserving in your improving those players so you don't have to get rid of many players that you stick out like to be able to tell you to make the 53 but we sure like you be a part of our team by way of the package but did you ever witnessed Tony telling somebody why their playbook was asked to be brought with them in his office you spoke to those guys when leaving because I imagine that was a conversation he had with you John back in the plain days. I mean, how did you witness that is what I'm asking.

I guess I did it happen right to an and you knew it went a long way with players. You know there's a lot of places where it go get your playbook in and start again. And nobody really given it a message and more scouting assistant at an entry-level person and I turn in your playbook and I think it they start.

I don't know old is the right word that they're here working that hard to hear from the decision-maker why they're not going to be there and that it goes a long way toward people want to come back in. You know would travel the right thing to do, but also would travel to this day that an organization does things in the right way.

I know it did that with the case down to Tampa and ending with when he was there for Kate here Kyle that the same thing that we talk to each of John Lynch year on the rich eyes and show love from the San Francisco 49ers front office art.

Let's just jump into the gym. E.g. decision to stay in your process getting to that.

I know Kyle Shanahan spoke at length about it in a telephone press conference, but I'd love from your position. How did this come about for Jim e.g. to stay with you as the backup and everyone understands roles John much yeah you know it's obviously been a long journey way back to panoramic combine time when you know I really thought, conversations with a number of teams probably owned in on two or three games where I thought there was a real strong reality that it was happening just the tenor of the conversation. The discussion the compensation and then we got a call from Jenny that you visited Neil Ella trash in LA and that they had made the decision where it earlier and rest okay. We need to we need to surgically fix this issue and all the sudden, then were those teams that were talking to. We have to communicate to them all.we can. We do need to let you know that Jimmy just tomorrow having surgery on his throwing shoulder and you can imagine beinga step back. So to make a long story short in the chair start going up in element and you know when there's only so we carried out there and throughout the off-season, a lot of your teams working away And so that happened. Now we get to, you know, training camp, and I still think you know that they were going to come to us with some so strong, you get a proven starting quarterback, a guy who printed the Super Bowl. Couple of NFC championship game that it's just a matter of time and that really never happened. You know if you can call but I think everyone you know that the injury to the shoulder and the fact that a lot of those seats had filled up you know made.

I can't speak for other teams as to why they get it now. At some point will watching our team feeling really good about our team knowing there was just conversation between Kyle and I would you think about Jimmy coming up here in a backup capacity.

You know this is drinking and I think Kyle's initial reaction was, why would he do that.

I'm sure there's starting a job for him out there.

Something can arise in. You know, I don't know exactly when that was. You know we we did a couple of things there.

We we communicated to Jimmy you know that we would have interest in that if he did. We also portray and talk to him and said we want you to know we had this conversation.

It has nothing to do with you. This is your team this as more to do with our belief in the attainment and if we can strengthen that room and have him as your backup then man that we believe that makes us a better team have no idea whether it could happen.

It's likely won't and has things, develop and I get some people might say, what if you just do it been a month ago or so well you know Jimmy and Don Yi and Carter Chow's representatives. I think slightly, said Morgan away for every possible starting quarterback getting hurt.

Whatever it is sometimes time is your friend on these things and so will wait till the very end of The Last Preseason Games Played before Were Ready to like That. But We Do Have Interest and so You Know When It Happened.

It Happened Very Quickly. Sorry for a Long Story but I Don't Know This Is Late.

It Felt Every Word John Seriously Because You Going Back to to the Combine Because That's How Far Back It's Gonna Go and and and and the Surgery, Creating a Situation Where Clearly a Tradable Commodity Suddenly Needs to Be Shelved in Every Possible Way. I Totally Understand What You're Doing and You Have Meat You Had Me Hanging on Your Every Word, so What Was Lance's Reaction to Being Told. You Know the Guy Who Replacing and We Have Attempted to Trade so You Can Understand Not Only from Our Mouths in Our Hearts, but with Our Roster Moves That This Is Your Team That He Were Thinking of Bringing Him Back to Make Sure That We Have Our Backup Position and That Quarterback Room As Solidified As You Possibly Can. His Reaction to That Was What John We First Floated the Idea Kyle Talking to Trey and That I Kind of Followed up and It Was out for John.

I Don't Think There's Much of the Conversation It Was Real Short, He Could Go.

I Think That's Great. The Confident Young Man. He's Got A Lot Of Belief in His Abilities. He and Jimmy.

I Think the Most Important Thing I Have a Really Strong Foundation of the Relationship. Jimmy Could Not Have Been Any Better to Trey As a Rookie. I Think Trey Supported Jimmy Extremely Well. So Is a Real Friendship There. First of All, and I Get It Any Other Competition. They Both Know I'm Sure Last Year and This Year Want to Be That Guy. But I Think There's an Understanding That There Is a Pecking Order in.

I Think You Know like Great Conversation When We Decided to Do It. Once We Once We Completed the Deal Happen Shortly after We Came up the Practice Field Again First Person. Kyle Called in and Yeah I Spoke with Jerry and Troy Was All on Board. He Thought It Was Good for Our Team and the Other Thing We Did Talk to Trey. We Had Talked and Ate Such a Good Weather Couldn't Be Here Anymore. You Know, Likely Would Be Our Number Two and Then We Also Kyle and I Would Be Pulled 15 Players from Our Team.

Our Leadership Committee Hears What Were Doing Here Why Were Doing It and You Don't Want to Wanted to Let the Guys Know That It Was Our Belief in This Team and Those Guys in the Room and We Know We've Created a Culture and We Got the Man That Can Handle a Situation like This. And so While the Rest of the World May Think It's Uncomfortable, You Know Were Not Support Nightly Guy Weekly. We Don't Believe That We Believe in This Team and We Think It Makes Us Better and so and Most Importantly Talk to Trey Dr. Jimmy Their Comfortable so We Want Your Guys Blessed Are Doing It Anyway but We Want You to Be on Board They Were Excited and and so That's Where Were at War. Moving Forward, and I'm Happy That You Know Work with Got a Quarterback Room That Obviously Is so Important in This League That Is Really Strong Going into the Season Buck Purdy, Mr. Relevant Made It This Week You Could Quarterback, but He Played Very Well in the Preseason, You Know Really Forced Us to Keep Him on the 53 As Well. 29 Is GM John Lynch Here on the Rich Doesn't Show Talking about What I'm Talking on the House so I Mean, Look, It's Not Your First Rodeo You Got a Boston Canton Showing That You Got a House Troll Trophy Indicate in Santa Clara and a Super Bowl Roster That A Lot Of People Believe Is Was Ready to Go Right Now so You Understand, and Kurt Warner Boston Roommate of Yours on the Show Yesterday When He Was the Veteran When and on the Giants Team at the Attorney Eli and He Said There Were Veterans There Were Same Him.

We Can Witness Why Are You out There and Seven Struggling with the Rookies. That's Part of the Reason I Assume Why You Did Call the Leaders of Your Locker and Your Leadership Counsel Together Make Sure That Were All on Board. What Is the I Guess That the Struggle Threshold Potentially That You Will and Maybe Kyle Talked about Where Where Maybe Your Your Stance with Trey, Lance, Mike Somehow. Waiver. That's the Conversation That Everyone's Having Right Now John That I Think I Just Want to Put a Fine Point Questioning Your Lap on That Very Subject Matter with a Young Quarterback That's Going to Have the Ups and Downs. John and I Would like It with the Chapter That You Are Going When You Sit Kurt Warner No Order Now. Eight. I Got Lost in the Room with You.

A Bust Made. Kurt Has Great Perspective. But Again, You Know What It Came down to It, Obviously Your You When You Have Somebody You Been Bested As Much and As We Have in Trey You Want to Divide Kurt Kurt Every Opportunity for Them to Be Successful, but What We Came That We Can't Control Narrative outside the Building Even like Her. Warren and I Respect His Opinion. Every Night I Think Those Guys out Sometimes and Asked Him about Situations but You Know It Was Basically We Think Our Team Can Handle This and You Know What to Be Very Clear You Know No Different Than Last Year with Jimmy and You Know When When the Call Is Made out to Go to the Backup. That's All I Kyle You Know That's I'm Not Saying I'm Not Asking about His Decision As a Coach. I Think Our Players Trust That an the Bottom Line Is, When We Were Drafting Trey, Lance, You Know a Bit of Skill Sets, Obviously Important, Everything Is Important When You're Making That Big a Decision, but A Lot Of It Is the Mental Fortitude the Mental Toughness, the Capacity to Handle the Pressure Pressure at That Position Amount That's Where We Thought Trey Was As Strong As Anybody in That Draft and Frankly It Was Our Belief in Trey That Allows Us to Do This Because We Think You Can Handle That and You Know Does It Provide More Pressure on Him. You Know, Looking over the Shoulder. We Don't We Don't Believe so Maybe the Narrative outside but What We Can Focus on Is Having Great Communication with Trey with Jimmy with Our Players and Fan Is Well.

What Were Doing Here Why Were Doing It and You Know You Want You Guys to Have Everybody Back in Our Team Understands That They Were All on Board They Got Great Belief in, and in Trey.

They Played You Know with Jimmy for a Long Time. They Have Great Belief in Him, but They Understand That This Is Trey Steam Can Get Every Shot Will Have Success in Furthermore and I Think More Importantly, They Really Believe That That Is Destined to so I Guess I Know Everything Is Cynical Anything Can Happen. All the Other Thing That Kurt Warner Brought up Was He Got in the Game Even in the Year That That the Giants Eventually Determined You like Coffee and Put Them in a Game to Finish It up Because Eli Was Struggling to You. He Almost Pulled off Comeback Win over the Ravens and Kurt Said He Told Coughlin. You Need to Go to the Media and Assert the Fact That I'm Still the Backup and This Is Still Eli Steam You Got to Do That and I'm Wondering If Jimmy Geez Got That in Him.

On Top of the Fact That Not Asking the Hypothetical Elements into It Once, but I Only Have Limited Time Offer You That That Is It Possible That That Could Be a Role for Garrotte below That Lance Is Struggling.

Jimmy Finishes up but Then It's Lance's Team at the End of the Day Anyway Possible Know You Know I Think about All of You Know What I Think about Right Now I Would Say My Dad Was in the Radio Business and They Think They Were the Flagship State the San Diego Chargers We Every Charge We Are Keeping Ticketholders. My Dad Would Entertain Clients up in the Suite. My Brother and My Sister Would Sit down in the in the Standard Target Ticketholders and You Know What Dan Felt Another Guy As a Fuss Whenever Dance Outfit Struggle, Everybody Would Scream the Name of Day They Would Sit Can't Live like That They Were Going. When I Was Young. And Luther Backup They Wanted at Lupita Government so I Suppose That's Always Been a Football There My Grandma with a Huge Broncos Fan Lived in Boulder and John Elway Made the Greatest Specimen of a Quarterback Ever to Play She's I Just Really Believe in This Gary Kubiak so I Think That Today Joel Thing. I Think People Always Bill It Comes down to You Know There Is a Pecking Order, and You Know When We We Do Have Tremendous Belief As to Know When I Told You All the Things about His Makeup and That People Be Uncomfortable with the Situation. Then We Just Let It Ride. We Try to Plan for Everything. Believe Me, I Respect the Heck Out Of Kurt and through the Situation, but We Believe It's a Good Thing for Our Team and Work Were Normal. With That Last One. Sorry All This Stuff Put the Whole Depot All Season on the Back Burner Set Things Done. How How Close Long Were You Maybe No Longer Having People on the Team. John Did Ever Get Close to That for You in the Niners. I Never Wanted to Know It. There Were Some Moments You Know and We Had to Bring It Back Together Again Though You Go Back to the Foundation of the Relationship of the First Time I Ever Met but Was down at the Senior Moments When Carl and I Met Him yet to Play for Us, Saying That Year Was from Mobile to Miami Because We Coach the Senior Goal Which I Don't Reckon You're Really Fast and We Went to Miami in Our Super Bowl Evo Is a Big Part of That We Love Is How It Beloved Ability. Love Spirit Brings to Our Team and You Know As to What Caused That in All. I'm Just Glad He's Back in the Fold with Us and I Always Believe That He Would You Know That Would That That Market Just Took off and It Went Crazy and You Know If You Go Back and Do It for the Good Thing Is That It's Done and He's a Part of Us That He so Happy so It Was a Big Weight off His Shoulders As Well. Just Where Happy People Back in the Folding Could Be Planned for the Niners for Years to Come Such a Great Player in Such a Great Young Man, John 11 Assassinating Lasts.

I Guess the Year You Were in the Front Office and the Staff in the Team of the Organization and the Coaching Staff Had I'm Sure You Were Relieved That It Is over Now It's Time for Toda Meatball in Chicago for Your Team and I Can't Wait to Watch It. Just a Fascinating Team Went Away Your Season Finished up Last Year and Now Is Entering This Year.

I Can't Wait. John and I Appreciate the Time of the Call. As Always, Thanks so Much. It's Always Great to Talk to Buster Pham. You Take Care John.

What Might I Catch at Shamans or by General Manager Whole Thing Right Here in the Transition Will Take a Break and Unpack What We Just Heard from Him before Chris Stoller Joins Us from I Believe You Still in Queens.

Don't Know If Resort in Ohio State Check in with Him. The Man, the Voice of the U.S. Open and College Football on ESPN.

Still to Come, and You Back Here in the Rich Eisenhower Led to a 44204, Which Numbered Every Man, John Lynch's Basically Told You We Try to Trade. He Had Surgery We Expected. We Got a Call He Had Surgery All the Trade Partners We Had Lined up Suddenly Ran for the Hills. Then We Going to the Draft That We See Were All the Pieces Fall We See How He Comes through Surgery. It's Training Camp He and He and We Wanted to See How Everything Shipped out and Training Camp Were There Any Injuries When Anybody Come Forward. Meeting Somebody Allah the Vikings Would Jimmy GB the Sam Bradford of This Equation, to Which Ever Unfortunate Teddy Bridgewater Injury in Training Camp Befell Another Team Didn't Happen at Some Point Turnaround SATA Kyle. Kyle Says to Me You Think You May Want to Stay No Goes to Trey Glancy since Trey Said Cool. Now I Know A Lot Of People Said That While He Could Have Said It like Cool and I It's Not like Cool Places Trey Can Handle It and We Can Handle It in the Team Can Handle It. And If I'm a Veteran in That Locker Room. If I'm a Member of. He Said the 15 Member Player Council Leadership Council That They Have. If I'm a Veteran on This Team and I Hear That Jimmy G Is Willing to Stay to Be the Backup and He Will Be There If Trey Gets Hurt in the Season Will Not Be Blown up Were Not Handing off to Make Subfolder Block Brock Purdy That Were Handing off to Jimmy G and That Jimmy Is Willing to Be around and Be That Guy for Office.

I Am like All and All Mike Doing What He Do It Really Cannot Call Jimmy Gmail Call Jimmy to See If Jimmy Will Do It Course of Doing It so That the Locker Room on It Done and That's Not Us like to Trey. It's a Knowing That One Split Second to That Member Jimmy Cheating Get Out Of Bounds and Brazenly Blew out Okay. That Can Happen to Trey, Lance and My Seasons over Liability When It Super Bowl This Year Is Essentially over, Because I Definitely Have Concerns about the Other Guys You're Considering Is Backup I'm in Is a Matter Fact Do You Want Me to Call Jimmy to Help That Would Be My Response. It's Just Again Managing the Downs of the Ups and Downs That Are Inevitable When It Comes to a Guy As Inexperienced at the Position As Trey, Lance, Is That Normally Happens in the NFL for Somebody like That with That Experience Level like That. Can You Come in and Play like Justin Herbert and Make This All Mood and Jimmy G Is in Your Body in All Season Long.

You Bet. Will He Struggled to the Point Where the Team Is 500 and It's It's It's Clearly His Fault Based on His Play Based on the All 22's That Are out There on Twitter. All 22 Twitter Showing That Territory Should've Gone and You Know Kyle Knows That and Kyle Is Gotta Be up His You Know What about It That, Is There a Threshold. That's Why Asked That Question of Lynch. It Was Funny.

His Answer Being, You Know What My Dad Used To Be in Radio. I Had Season Tickets to San Diego. We Heard People Chanting the Backup Name for Dan Fouts When He Said His Grandmother Was Wanting Gary Kubiak to Get in the Game When Elway Would Struggle and I Thought That Was a Nice Way of Saying That You Know There's Always Going to Be That Drumbeat outside the Building, but We're Going to Crewmember Yesterday Chris You're like. Of Course I Take Jimmy G. But This Is Not in a Vacuum, That Means He's Gonna Leave the Presence That Might Throw Trey Lance off His Game, Having Them Look over His Shoulder the Whole Time and I Mike Will the Coach Thinks He Can Create That Vacuum and You Thought That That's Not Feasible and You Just Are John Lynch and the Coach Say That That's the Feasibility They're Willing to Endeavor Because Having Jimmy G in the Building up at the Guy up Is Worth It That the in Case of Emergency Garrotte. Below Is Therefore to Start the Season Is in Case Lance Gets Hurt Were All Sitting There like Will You Break the in Case of Emergency, Glass. If Lance Is Inconsistent and Not Ready, Not Super Bowl Ready in the Inconsistency That You Would've Been Willing to Live with to Get through This Season.

Ups and down so He Can Be Mature and Your God for a Decade Plus to Follow. You're Still Not Willing to Go through Those Growing Pains Because You Got Jimmy G. There and Working to Break the in Case of Emergency Glass Because We Think We Can Win the Super Bowl and Trey Lance Will Instead of a Conversation Being They Were Bringing Jimmy G. And Here Hope You're Cool with That Goal. It's like, Hey Jimmy Is Now the Starter Hope You're Cool with That Word and Try Again Next Year with You. That's What Set up for This 49er Season and a Holy Cow, Is It Pretty Much Unprecedented and and Fascinating but I'm Still Button on Lance I Have from the Beginning and I'll Keep Doing It. Chris Fowler Talking to Serena at the U.S. Open and Notre Dame Ohio State and More We Come Back on the Other Side on Radio, I Mean I Just I Just Try to Boil It down for You Man in the Most Fascinating Tats Here without Question Every Week Is Going to Be Analyzing Lance Do Enough Is This to the Go to Jimmy Now Is Indicate If That's What It Is Not Doing Enough in Their Women Who Cares.

Obviously Enough in Their Losing Losing to What Extent Was to What Extent Foreign Three.

Do You Go to Jimmy G. Now 46. I Don't Think They'll Get to That. They're Too Damn Good Man.

We Look at the Schedule. There Is No Reason Damn Good.

They Should Be to Help Me Three of 6:03. At the Very Work Just Fine Right You Got to Have To Get the Reader Going to Lance for a Reason to Say No. They Know They've Got to Get to Him Now Sooner Better Than Later Hesitates What They Spent and Also They Know That He's Upside Is Stupendous Is They Think We Thank You Thank You Know an Upside What You Think Is Big, Tall, Strong, Fast, Smart, Upside Right Say Is a Play A Lot. Gotta Get a Member Be Awesome If He Was Great Lance and the Niners Would Jimmy G Backing up at JF One in the Bears to Open Week One, Another Fascinating Week One Day Chris Fowler, on the Other Side My Body from ESPN, for the Real Story behind Some of Wrestling's Biggest Moments Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson to All Tom Hogan Opponents Monster Ms. Natalie in a Conversation Where Is Andre Free a Mouse and Andre Was Number One Because Not Even Going Back before You Know Holcombe Was a Baby Face Holt and Andres Were Able to Go in Headline for the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan Wherever They Went.

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