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REShow: Leonard Fournette - Hour 1 (9-2-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 2, 2022 3:05 pm

REShow: Leonard Fournette - Hour 1 (9-2-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 2, 2022 3:05 pm

Rich recaps the big Thursday night in college football that featured thrilling games between Penn State vs Purdue, Pitt vs West Virginia and more, and reacts to Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance addressing the media regarding the 49ers’ QB depth chart.

Buccaneers RB Leonard Fournette tells Rich why he’s not bothered by the annual scrutiny about his off-season weight gain, what the difference between new head coach Todd Bowles and the retired Bruce Arians, how the Bucs’ locker room reacted to Tom Brady’s mysterious leave of absence, why Julio Jones is poised for a huge season in Tampa, and how he’s making it easier for his fans to actually hang out with him when he’s off the football field. 

Brockman continues his pre-season NFL power rankings reveal with his ‘Burning Questions’ for teams 20 to 16 on his list including the Cleveland Browns, Arizona Cardinals, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans, and Miami Dolphins. 

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Kyle said John I don't think there's much of a conversation it was real short he said cool I think that's great. The Rich Eisen Show, today's guests, Bucks running back Leonard Fernett, Rams wide receiver Cooper Cupp, six-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, plus actor and comedian Kevin Hart. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is welcome this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Yes we've got a Super Bowl MVP we've got Kevin Hart on the show. Cooper Cupp, Kevin Hart for crying out loud. Kevin Hart's not the Super Bowl MVP just to clarify you kind of said that. Super Bowl MVP and Kevin Hart comma and got it no no no it's called a conjunction.

Okay uh I don't know if you saw uh Schoolhouse Rock as a kid but that's the way we start the program. We're just hooking up words and phrases and clauses here on the Rich Eisen Show for the next three hours right here on slash Rich Eisen Show. We say hello to our YouTube streamers and a fresh reminder that this month in short order I promise you we're going to get you a date very shortly as to when we're going to start streaming live on Roku and all Roku devices and all Amazon Fire TVs and select Samsung TVs the old smart TVs from Samsung. It's going to have us for free the same thing with all mobile devices that get that Roku app downloaded on it because the Roku channel is free on the Roku app and then there's the for those who want to stream us live on a desktop that is coming this very month and we're going to be back on Sirius XM as well. Don't worry I'm spending lots of plates when I'm not sitting right here on this show including uh also getting ready for NFL game day morning on NFL network and then I'll also be hosting Monday night football on Westwood One radio including next Thursday night's contest between the Bills and the Rams something we will talk about with Cooper Cup when he joins us at the top of hour number two here on this show 844-204-rich being the number for you to dial to have a conversation with us in between our chats with Leonard Fournette Lombardi Lenny's our first guest up in about 17 minutes time then we've got a great conversation with Gerald McCoy who is retired from the NFL and is starting his career in the paparazzi he's a delightful human being a lot of fun and will bounce a lot of fun concepts off of him I want a Super Bowl prediction from him I would like some from you as well if you'd like to again call us at 844-204-rich being the number to dial and then Kevin Hart will join us in hour number three it's a Friday which means Chris Brockman is going to ask me a whole bunch of scenarios and what is more likely going into this huge college football weekend in advance of the first week of the NFL season also some Brockman burning questions about teams 20 through 16 on his list of top teams in the NFL all of that good stuff is here on this jam-packed program Brockman is sitting where he is and where he normally is stationed DJ Mikey D just tapped out after tapping in for one day yesterday good to see you again Jay Feli how are you what's up rich TJ Jefferson on this program good to see you sir it's good to be seen the streak continues but I'm going to let you know in advance what's the street well the streak of my consecutive show streak a streak that no one's keeping count of oh I got it okay very good well the guy who employs me should know that I'm valuable enough to show up every day for him but all I'm saying is if the Mets do make the world series rich this streak is going to come to life oh my goodness all of a sudden the Mets and the Dodgers by the place terrific baseball games between the Mets and the Dodgers no question about that as the NL beginning to heat up the Yankees are in Tampa tonight as the Yankees are only five in front of the braise in the loss column you've got a lot going on the Mariners can't lose baseball games all of a sudden in the Pacific Northwest they're a terrific baseball team maybe they could take out the Astros for me first the Yankees got to make the playoffs that's how we're rolling into Labor Day weekend my gosh uh college football you know when when I first started with the NFL network and everyone was wondering you know what we're going to talk about every single day of the year and football begins to start really taking off in in this country and that's really when things started to heighten you know was right around when NFL network began I remember leaving sports center and we were having some concepts about what we're going to talk about in late spring of that year in 2003 and somebody mentioned how about let's break down the top cornerbacks in the NFL they were laughed out of the room as that being an idea to talk about on sports center in late April early May and um you know now you know the college football season it appears starts earlier and earlier every year and then the games get more and more intense right out of the gate I know the week zero game between Northwestern and Nebraska and Ireland got a lot of people's attention because it was really you know the it was the only game on the map in a way with all due respect to other teams that played each other two big team ten big ten teams playing each other and in uh in Ireland and then now last night I mean it the the NFL season starts on a Thursday night and now the college football season is kind of taken over the Thursday night before the NFL season Thursday night I don't love it I don't recall it used to be just a bunch of teams and you know in the in the if you will lower echelons of the FBS world or the division one world as it used to be called now you got like another big 10 game last night between Penn State and Purdue and then the backyard brawl the first big game in the history of Aquashire Stadium um you know between Pitt one of Desmond Howard's final four teams in West Virginia and last night the intensity was like late season mid-season it was lit between both games you had a pick six and one you had a puke six and another you had a targeting call you had a coach who didn't go for it on fourth and one late in the game up seven right around midfield you had a lot of action that is causing a lot of nails to be bit down to the cuticles and it was awesome to see last night I mean West Virginia and Pittsburgh a blood sport rivalry the backyard brawl coming down to what it came down to and then with all due respect to you sir in Penn State I was uh rooting for the Boilermakers last night I know you were I know you were and I was a little worried clock management was way off and it was just they scored way too fast at the end they left a whole minute also backyard brawl rich two teams with quarterbacks transferred in JT Daniels goes from USC to Georgia now to West Virginia had a great game for the Mountaineers and uh Keaton Slovis who was USC's quarterback they were teammates at USC JT Daniels and Slovis and now he's at Pitt it was awesome football is so so back it was such a great night nice kickoff to the weekend and it was the first time in I think 11 years those two teams had met and like growing up that backyard brawl why you know it all comes down to money with these teams right to the president money I mean who I don't know why I mean you would assume it was what it stopped when when Pitt went to the went to the ACC well how about we get that back together to schedule it right out of right out of the gate perfect perfect start well it's perfect for us I don't know for us I don't know West Virginia and Pitt fans I know like you're putting seasons on the line right there coach Desmond Howard wanted it thinks Pitt would make the final four yeah yeah that would not happen even if they did go through the ACC undefeated with that one loss potentially they'd have to win the ACC championship but yeah I see your point and coach Narduzzi lost his he it's a funny thing about coaches you can win a game and and he was talking to Scott Van Pella after the game it was yelling first of all he was mad because someone at ESPN said West Virginia was going to have an advantage fans 75% and he was so mad he was heated about that so he like and Scott was like hey I got nothing to do with this I didn't make the prediction you know but then he's like how long are you going to give yourself to celebrate he goes players get 24 hours 12 hours I'm gonna get zero minutes I'm already mad it's like these coaches just don't allow themselves rich to even enjoy just the tiniest I mean that's why some of them burn out but at any rate a great start to the college football season to say the least and we'll talk more about it on this program um 844-204 rich number to dial the hot story in the NFL has been what the 49ers decided to do to their quarterback room which is give it to Trey Lance and Trey Jimmy Garoppolo and then as John Lynch explained in about a three minute soliloquy yesterday at the end of which he apologized for taking such a long time answering and I'm like dude I was hanging on your every word the general manager of the 49ers on this show yesterday check it out on our youtube page slash rich eyes and show if you missed it walked us through that they were ready to trade Jimmy Garoppolo and he said you know the rest that my shoulder we thought was required to help repair it I need us you know I need to go see Dr Neil Elitrotch just up the road here in Los Angeles he needed surgery and then that started the whole process of Jimmy G not being traded and not being around and suddenly not being a trade commodity at all and it wound up with him eventually long story short finishing training camp with his best option being to stay put with the 49ers and be the backup quarterback to the kid who supplanted him just because he was drafted by the team so high and required so many draft choices by the team to acquire him and draft him you don't hear that too much because normally the team is just like we were handing things to the kid and we don't want him looking over his shoulder thinking if he has a bad game or a bad third quarter a bad fourth quarter and he's going to lose his job because this guy is here and we don't want to give the indication to the veterans in our locker room that we're kind of half in with the kid because we still have the guy who took us to the Super Bowl a couple years ago and almost did last year still sitting there and we also don't want the guy who took us to the Super Bowl last year two years ago or three years ago and almost took us last year to think that the job could be his because we have no intention of turning to him if the kid struggles because kids gonna most likely struggle you don't ever hear this and so you know John Lynch said yesterday on this show what Kyle Shanahan said earlier in the week is that they explained it to everybody Trey you're still the starter a guy in Jimmy G who has been around here is going to be here and he said cool according to Kyle Shanahan he said I'm in according to John Lynch and they told Jimmy G if you want to come back cut your salary and be the backup and support Trey as any backup would and of course get in there if he's hurt you're up for that he's like yeah I am and John Lynch said they reached out to 15 members of their leadership committee in the locker room and said this is what we're going to do and they were all like we're in we're supporting and we're all of us in the media are like really because we've never heard this before and you Chris you're like really skeptical you think that Shanahan's you've said on this program you think shannon's gonna lose his job over this well you said he could lose his job over this I said this could go south for him if it if it doesn't go well it could get him got and I think that the owner loves his coach and his GM and if there's anybody who could survive this it's them but at some point as Kurt Warner pointed out this week when he was placed in the position of being Jimmy G and Eli Manning was the young quarterback at the time that Tom Coughlin turned to in the middle of the season that they were five and four in Kurt said that when Eli was struggling some veterans went up to him in the locker room saying why aren't you starting so doubt is there and there will be lots of conversations on shows like this one as to how workable it is well let's hear from the guys because they are the ones who are in this situation and whose egos need to be massaged and whose skin will be tested for their its depth and toughness let's hear from Trey Lance first here's the quarterback QB one of the 49ers being told hey the guy who you supplanted is now your backup good to have him back in the building in the QB room again man just like I've said and he's been a big brother to me since my first day in the league since I got drafted the day I got drafted so man I know he's got my back I got his back and I'm excited to go through this year with him and he's gonna add a lot to our QB room I mean that's the goal for us is to have the best QB room in the league and then we're we're pretty damn close if we're not there but I'm super excited just to have him in the room another guy again who's done it got to watch him do it last year got to learn a ton from him and I'm going to continue to learn as much as I can from him you know take all the all the advice that he's got for me this year all right there you go Trey Lance he's in couldn't ask for a better answer maybe because it's honest let's see what Jimmy Garoppolo's got to say Jimmy you take the stage sir I mean me and Trey honestly I know a lot of stuff gets made in the media and like that but we have a good relationship man it's uh so I mean everyone could say what they want everything but I mean we went through it last year's very similar to this situation so it's not like we haven't done it before is it a little bit of a blow to your ego is it a little bit tough to you know kind of wrap your mind around you are no longer the starter you want a lot of big games here and you're coming back in the back I mean yeah if that's gonna take a blow to your ego you got you got you got to check your ego a little bit but uh no I think you got to know who you are in this league who you are as a player who you are as a person and I think that's going to carry you a long way so that's why I'm really not too concerned about that so here's my thoughts on what Garoppolo just said first things first and I'm just going to walk straight through the front door and never ever do anything but shoot you straight and I am very secure in saying this he is really good looking I mean he is really really really good looking I mean he looks like Christopher Reeve man from back from Superman I mean holy smokes he is a really insanely good looking person like I like tuned out I didn't even hear anything it's just like Charlie Brown's teacher I was like wow okay I get I guess what's happening right now I mean damn secondly looks like he's gonna handle it he has no choice well he had a choice he had a choice to be cut and find a new spot he had that choice he had the choice of being cut and find a new spot and wind up maybe in Seattle or sit around the house and run the risk of no one would come get him right he made the choice of I can stay put and help these guys out I love the teammates I love my guys I'm gonna do it and I'll check my ego at the door and I will help Trey Lance and I will walk around and my guys love me I love them I'm not walking around here less than I know my value I know my value I know who I am I know how insanely hot I am you know and so yeah I still have to say it a little bit higher register maybe it's gonna work out after all we've reached the higher register point of like it maybe we're maybe it's gonna work out after all I mean we need we need to see it I mean they have a tough first month and so well no they put up the schedule put up the schedule put it up on the scoreboard here on the Rich Eisen show the first two games you have who's number two games excuse me who's number 32 on your burning questions top 32 teams one through 32 on Seattle okay and where are the bears on that list bears are 30 I think okay those are their first two opponents at Chicago I get it home for Seattle then it's let's ride let's ride on Sunday night okay because clearly the NFC West can't quit Russell Wilson nor he them yet and then and then the first of two against the Rams in the first eight weeks that includes a visit by the Chiefs and then trips to Carolina and Atlanta with all due respect they should in my mind the the lower half of the NFC South these are some winnable games that lance is going to have to go ahead and and prove himself I would expect four and four at the buy wouldn't it wouldn't you and four at the buy is absolutely check that box man and that doesn't by the way four and four at the buy if lance is healthy does not mean Jimmy Garoppolo starts a single game no no you're totally right so that's all I'm saying but you drop one at Carolina suddenly you lose in Atlanta and it's three and five or they've also won six straight against the defending Super Bowl champs in the regular season and city and win you know you never know so maybe they're gonna make it after all I don't know what I don't I don't I don't I don't I don't think this is out of the realm of possibility I know I'm again I'm going higher register but if these guys are saying it and Shanahan is saying it and Lynch is saying it and the locker room believes it I understand the adversity of actual gameplay has not yet hit but to use that phrase from the popular show of the 70s they're gonna make it after all I don't know maybe that is that's maritime you gotta throw your hat in the air in the the rakish one yeah okay he's gonna let's take a break we tug it on the ear no that's Carol Burnett yeah let's take a break right here on the Rich Eisen Show Lombardi Lenny always fun we talked with this gent Leonard Fournette when we come back here on the Rich Eisen Show taking on the Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott spoke yesterday we'll get to him as well on this show your quarterback lots of sniffles Leonard Fournette of the Bucks when we come back here on YouTube Odyssey and more back here on the Rich Eisen Show 844-204 Rich is the number to dial love this guy he's become a favorite of the program don't you think 100 is a favorite of anybody come on one of the best college running backs of all time I don't think I'm overstating correct he had yeah he had a great season he had a great season right then was kind of injured but yeah and now he's a Super Bowl winner back with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers again and back here on the Rich Eisen Show with some big news about his own personal business and how you can go hang out with him him being Leonard Fournette of the Buccaneers on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line how you doing playoff Lenny I'm good how you doing better for talking to you Leonard better for talking to you what's going on in your world right before the season begins Leonard everything is good man just finished practicing a few hours ago getting some downtime you know to get our minds together and come back in Monday getting ready to roll you know start the game plan against Dallas so excited looking forward for the new season can't wait well I know that the season as I just mentioned is going to begin next week but to me the season's already begun because the season officially begins in my mind when the subject of your water weight becomes national conversation Leonard that's that's when I know okay football season has begun because we're talking about Leonard Fournette's water weight which by the way write that down Chris that might be a great name of our fantasy team right there what do you think Leonard do you think yeah yeah what's the name water with what I don't know Leonard Fournette's water weight I just think it is or Lombardi Lenny's water weight I don't know listen the body's many lot of water weight let's do that okay hey you know what because I know you were here to also talk about your new Leonard Fournette project your LF7 club here maybe we should sell some water you know Leonard Fournette water you know for your water weight we can what do you think what rich you give you give me ideas every second I'm a still enough do it so what what gives why are people so concerned about what your way Leonard what's up with that uh I guess it was it was slow media for the football world so I guess they wanted to use my weight I guess for a hot topic so I mean I didn't mind I made my jokes out of it so it didn't bother me at all okay because I mean you're you're ready to roll right Leonard I mean you're you're you're in shape ready to go for this yes sir I mean I have no choice gotta I gotta be ready to roll with the offense we got so what um what what does it look like with uh uh Todd Bowles in charge as opposed to Bruce Arians how are things different around those parts Leonard Fournette I feel like it's the similarities that are both the same at the end but you know it's just different demeanor coach Bowles kind of laid back uh coach BA was kind of he's old school so he's on you you know what I mean but nothing hasn't changed we still got to go out there and work our tails off for him whatever he wants he gets from the players because that's the type of guy he is he loves us he cares for us and why not go out there and prepare and work for a guy like that less cursing is there less cursing yeah yeah definitely less cursing okay there's that too and he's just a I know he's just a more calm cool guy uh how is Brady doing Leonard Fournette Brady's fine uh I'm happy that he's back again everyone everything is coming together as one so like I said I'm excited for the this opening to come September 11 against Dallas well I know he mentioned he's a 40 he's a 45 year old with a lot of ish going on is what he had to say did you guys were you all aware of uh his the reason why he was not there when he was not there Leonard was that uh no I mean because at the end of the day you know we all human we all have our unique challenges challenges and problems that we go through so it might not it's not just him but everyone goes through those problems it has issues no nobody's perfect no matter how much money we have or anything so I mean at the end of the day he told us that he was stepping away for a minute and we respected and at least he told us instead of just disappearing so I'm happy that he's got over with he's gotten over and he's back but you knew when he was gone that there would be an end date that he would return though right it wasn't open-ended in your estimation he told us he told us he'll be back okay one thing about him he's good at communicating with the team and also his teammates yeah and then that I think that's why for a lot of us uh observers out there Leonard that it was you know um definitely off-brand for Brady because normally the idea that somebody leaves in training camp isn't uh you know for I guess allowed by management for everyone and he likes to be the guy that he's part of the guys despite the fact that he's the GOAT too yeah but also he's he's had 23 seasons of camp so I mean the guy has did everything right his whole career you know so he deserves it Leonard Fournette here uh on the Rich Eisen show how far can this team go this year Leonard Fournette I'll throw it out there for your answer go far man I mean we're adding some of these guys on the offense uh guys like Julio, Russ or Chris coming back you know guys like Mike, Tom, myself a lot of these young guys who's going to contribute to us this season helping us win I mean who knows man like I say I always say the sky's the limit for this for this offense we have a great officer coordinator of course Byron Leftwich a great guy he's smart he's played the game so he gets it what's it like uh seeing Julio Jones work up close Leonard give me an example a guy that big and fast at the age he's at explosive he's very smart you know and he knows what he's doing out there man so just seeing that person especially with us as a whole you know these guys practice and see how how many one-on-one advantages we could take to help our team and that's scary yeah I gotta tell you I I've heard again um not just on this show that Julio looks like he always has that that's the way you know that whatever injuries he's had in his last years in Atlanta or last year in Tennessee right now he's healthy and he looks the the Julio Jones that has a shot at the Hall of Fame is that is that your observation too Leonard that's what that is true boy wow that is something that's something I know because Mike Evans is Mike Evans and Godwin we expect his coming Russell Gage too man I mean that that was a sneaky pickup by the team you know you know Russell with the LSU with us you know Russell with the LSU he came in with us at LSU in 2014 he was a part of our class and just to see just to see how he's developed as one of those guys he always had the talent you can see but we're just a running team at LSU and we're so deep at the wide receiver core he just couldn't get his chance but now like I told when he came I'm very I'm proud of him happy for him their pains are flourishing for him right now it's going his way and for you to be from the gulf south as we all know is it significant to play in Dallas at all play the Cowboys in Dallas for you personally Leonard nah okay not for me I've never been a Dallas fan so no matter there's another team was on my schedule okay I just didn't know I just because I know the Dallas for a lot of people in New Orleans outside of the Saints obviously there's the Cowboys but not you huh zero no no sir okay so you're gonna go there and just lay it down on them on Sunday night football otherwise okay tell me about your club Leonard tell me about LF7 club what is what is this about I have a LF7 club an exclusive membership club that I am making for the fans or my fans you can say that a club members can interact directly with me like we're homies like we've been knowing each other for years you know so I just want to remove the barrier between the fans and the players just to give them a glimpse of what a pro athlete is actually like you know I mean so it should be great man you know I'm giving away tickets chances to hang out hang out with me in real life game one game one jerseys uh weekly fantasy prizes for the fans and everything I'm excited this is big uh it's gonna it's gonna be a takeover I feel I feel it I believe it so I'm looking forward to it and I'm ready yeah you're partners you're partnering up with Bubble House which is a first of its kind social NFT marketplace I see that so people are gonna have an opportunity to hang with you like there's like a homie circle in the LF7 club yeah so uh I'm we're gonna fly them out to games uh full experience we pamper everything uh dinners if they won't connect on the digital world we can play call of duty play Madden 2k whatever you're gonna play and also you gotta make sure you gotta follow follow me and follow the LF7 club instagram and twitter so we can start this and get this get this get this started and there's a limited number of memberships right and then once it's done that's it no more club passes yeah so make sure y'all come fast don't be last you will be great there it is say that again I want to write that down that was great I want to use that from now on if you don't look I had a lot of risk that was off the head don't you gotta be fast don't be last or you will be great okay very good Chris will you write that down for me because my pen I don't know I'm gonna I'm gonna put that on a t-shirt fantastic that's it okay I appreciate that and then no more memberships will be available people will do that are you ready to go to Germany too you're going to Germany this year aren't you Leonard yeah yeah we play uh Seattle in Germany have you ever been now it's my first time going I'm excited you know uh when I was with Jacksonville we went to London every year so okay this is something new and uh I'm looking forward to it so you don't have to know they have good shopping I hope they have good shopping out there I think they must they must the the Euro is is the same uh it's right now one to one with the dollar the exchange rate is great for us right now it's Americans going over there and you get the the vat right you get the you can get the the the the tax back that's great when you leave the country and I imagine so so you don't need to get a passport it's already set from your your playing days going to London right already set yes sir okay see Tom Coughlin did do something good for you oh man I love having fun with you Leonard Fournette there you go uh all right thanks for the time I always love our chats look for my call during the season I want to talk to you after you after you put it on somebody okay let's do that yes sir I appreciate it as always oh thank you that's right I didn't ask LSU right you got Brian Kelly he's part of the family now uh taking on Florida State what do you think I went there I went to see him there during great okay I met the coach his personality and I'm happy coach Frank Wilson is back there okay uh you know who recruited me so you know shout out to my tigers they're gonna bring it home for us they represent us well and I got a question right okay okay if if they had NIL when I was in college how much money do you think I would have made the over under um the over under it's got to be seven figures I'll take the over on that what we what what how much money do you think you'd you'd make what do you got uh I don't know me and Tom was talking about this me Tom and Mike and everybody was talking about this other day like in my heart I really feel I probably made 10 million because you guys understand they had posters of me I had one of the highest selling jerseys at that time and I was the face of football at one point in college right yeah oh yeah uh yeah so definitely I would have stayed in college all four years if that was the case so yeah you would because I remember I think we've had a little bit of this conversation before is that you know people were I was saying you should have just set out your last year because you'd already done enough in your second last year to show what you could do at the professional level right so wait a minute so let's let's get into this before I let you go here so if you Tom Brady Mike Evans having a conversation if NIL existed in your professional in your college playing careers um you would have been first at LSU then Mike Evans at A&M and then and then Tom at Michigan would have been last there right wouldn't would he at least admit that listen I definitely would have been the highest paid out of us three did they at least agree to that or they didn't agree yeah they did they did they did understand I came as number one player and you know even around those times the hype around me was crazy like yeah I see Les Miles my coach he kept having a Michael Jordan you know what I mean sure he was I love it so even Brady even Brady had to back down in that competition even he had to admit Leonard your YouTube clips of your high school highlights it was this like went totally viral back then how easy was high school football for you oh like I say as the I'm not gonna say easy because we lost some games you know easiest when I'm just dominating 24-7 and we went undefeated but every year I've gotten better and better and better and that's for me running track um going to the rivals camps the Under Armour camps the Nike camps just competing against guys and going against the best you know and especially in that class you know we had a lot of guys I was no more player in Louisiana or in the nation but you had guys like Cam Robinson with no more O-line in Louisiana and in the nation speeding though it was no more athlete in the nation so we had guys representing us all over the all over the world from Louisiana well I guess the real question is Leonard is who has better high school tape you or Derek Henry who has better high school tape I never I never really watched Derek's tape from high school but if you want to go off records and things like that I think Derek had broke the record in Florida for like the most touchdowns right well I mean he just ran over people made it look like it was punt pass and kick quite frankly but but he was playing against he was playing against guys what 53 year old men in Birkenstocks is that what you're saying he was playing against or back in the day back in the day he was playing okay very good yeah back in the day back in the day very good this is what you get when you're part of the LF-7 club I love this very good you get to hang out in Louisiana versus Florida high school football that's it you get to have these conversations just like you're talking to Tom Brady and Mike Evans saying I would totally have made more NIL money than you and you can't say anything about it and they say okay that's basically what goes Leonard thanks for the call everyone so how do people get into the LF-7 club what do they do what do they do for that you gotta follow follow the LF-7 club page and they sign up well make sure you're there first Rich Rich tell them this little one more time okay you don't be last we go you gotta you gotta go fast fast you don't be last otherwise you'll be grass there it is there it is Leonard Fournette my guy Leonard Fournette right here on The Rich Eisen Show at underscore Fournette at Leonard Fournette on Instagram check out his LF-7 club getting set for 2022 National Football League play here on The Rich Eisen Show oh yeah always a blast when he comes on right I gotta say uh Smitch and I were texting about this during the during that uh I might sign up for the LF club okay well you you gotta hurry be fast I know I gotta be fast don't be last or other is grass is it grass or grassed grass I think it's I think it's grass just like you know your ass is grass I want to curse on air but yeah that yeah but you're not cursing on air although you want to curse at one of the callers that's called in during the program don't encourage them oh yeah all right so uh we will take a break when we come back Chris Brockman's burning questions for well he'll announce uh you kind of it's kind of wrapped in like a power ranking in a way you've ranked all NFL teams one through 32 I gotta say Saints fans are salty they are because you because you put them what 21 yeah so that was the last team you announced it's now top 20 you've reached the top 20 and you've got burning questions for teams 20 through 16 that's next and your phone calls 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial on The Rich Eisen Show NetSuite if you don't know your numbers you might not know your business at all as a matter of fact you don't as a matter of fact you're in the dark as a matter of fact you got to know your numbers that's why NetSuite by Oracle is the number one cloud financial system because over 31,000 businesses know their numbers because they use NetSuite by Oracle NetSuite gives you visibility and control of your financials planning budgeting of course inventory you can manage risk get reliable forecasts improve margins NetSuite helps you identify rising cost costs all about this in my New York accent slipping out right there automate your manual business process you see where you save your money know your numbers know your business get to know how NetSuite can be the source of truth for your entire company right now NetSuite is offering a one-of-a-kind flexible financing program head to rich radio right now rich radio rich radio Cooper cup of the world champion Los Angeles Rams coming up top of the next hour 13 minutes time set your uh your clocks watches and then the great the great Geraldini himself Gerald McCoy will join us on this program Chris Brockman's what's more likely still to come on this show as well Kevin Hart's calling in an hour number three what a monster show yes that's the way we're taking you to Labor Day weekend it's a Friday which means it's time for Chris Brockman to uh uh that posit what's more likely those are scenarios that are coming up later on the show but we're going to shoehorn in another Brockman segment can't have enough Chris Brockman says very few people in our audience yesterday in the comment I pulled a tg I was like reading the comments yesterday don't do that some guy said you should fire me like I was like I might also said I was the worst person in sports media I was like wow is it that guy is it that one guy who who's Nate who I don't know but I was like there's a few people I was like there's a few people worse than me right yeah that's what this one guy said what an attitude not saying you know I'm I'm I'm actually good it's not there's there's got to be people worse than me that's it's just an easier way to answer it somebody was like dude someone was like they don't care anytime I give any of my schmucky opinions I was like the word schmucky it was something like that I was like you got to like one or two of them like come stop reading no because I know I did it I did it I fell into the hole yes you know I'm gonna say this though with you guys and not reading comments it's a good thing you weren't producers on jimmy kimmel when somebody said hey I've got an idea let's have celebrities read the mean stuff people tweet about them you probably would have been like no don't do it it's this signature jimmy kimmel piece rich if you read the comments if I read the comments I would know I'm a fat old no one's ever called that that's true no fat old and bald guy who doesn't know anything and I am actually um I'm that anyway but um I think I have a great I have a much higher opinion of just in your own house they only call you old because you keep referencing your age like I'm no no no I'm 53 that's not old I know but you keep telling everybody like you're old I got a lot of ish going on Christopher are you ready let's go Brockman who can I upset today let's go people okay it is time for Chris Brockman's burning questions about teams 20 through 16 on his top 32 NFL list going into the 2022 season hit it please Brockman's burning questions that's a five that's a five NFL films music please Mr Fowler all right thank you you have the floor Christopher everybody number 20 I'm looking at the Cleveland Browns I have the Cleveland Browns in number 20 we know what's been going on with them so my burning question is just what will they look like when Deshaun Watson returns in week 13 can Jacoby Brissette keep this team above 500 um just they have a lot of talent on both sides of the football we know how good that defense can be acquired Amari Cooper in the off season just what are they going to look like in week 13 meaning uh which what's the team's record and and their record and everything exactly when it's handed back to Deshaun when Deshaun Watson who could be you know a top five quarterback in this league uh takes over the reigns what are they going to look like how about this for another twist on it burning question will Deshaun Watson return in week 13 will he actually meet the standards by which the NFL yeah apparently will stand by when it's time to see if he's ready to come back what will he say will he take responsibility or will he still have another civil lawsuit standing out there that causes him to give mealy mouth answers because he might be somehow some way legally exposed good use of mealy mouth honestly that might be the question forget about the football will he come back at all this season i'm assuming i'm as glad fast full i'm assuming he will meet all those and i'm just wondering you're just talking about football i'm just talking about football all right well i'm i am as well will Jacoby Brissette start the whole damn season what else you got who's 19 now 19 uh we talked to the running back the other day rich i'm looking at the Arizona Cardinals no Deshaun no Deshaun what uh no DeAndre Hopkins for the first six games uh now that Kyler Murray has his stuff taken care of how will they avoid another second half meltdown because that's been uh the mo of clif kingsbury coach teams it's been the mo of this team we saw what they did in the playoff game last year against the rams it was uh not great bob so how will they avoid another second half melt i'm gonna flip the script and say how can they start fast how will they start fast without DeAndre Hopkins because their second half problems you put that on the back burner because if you don't start fast then the second half problems will knock them out of the playoffs they will not make it DeAndre getting up there in age but they did acquire Marquise Brown in the off season yeah well let's see how he does because he had Lamar and he did not shine to the point where he was a clear number one in this league Kyler a little better passer than Lamar if you put everybody's list of number one wide receivers where does Marquise Brown rank he's he's below 20 don't you think good question i mean you'd put Seattle number 32 on this list you'd put their number one wide receiver above Marquise Brown yep but if we flip quarterbacks Seattle would be a lot higher on this list number 18 number 18 the Pittsburgh Steelers really simple when i look at this team rich it's all about the quarterbacks how long will Mitch Trubisky fend off the inevitability of Kenny Pickett all right that's a good question right there for the Pittsburgh Steelers what are they going to do with their quarterback spot i think it will definitely be Trubisky i know that uh Mike Tomlin is uh being coy and making his announcement i think it's going to be Kenny Pickett at some point and and you know the first game is in Cincinnati you're not starting a rookie there next game against New England you're not starting a rookie there either because that's how Belichick just eats people eats quarterbacks for for for sport that's that is the burning question is is you know or i guess writ large is will Mike Tomlin have a losing season have a losing season for the first time a lot of that i think they're gonna be better than people think and i think Trubisky will be better than people think and um i think they will have a winning season and i think they're better than 18 on your list Chris are you getting the playoffs then i don't know i don't think so no i'm taking them out of the playoffs i think they do miss it but i don't think they have a losing record who's next Chris number 17 i had a tough time coming up with one for this team it just goes to how little we're talking about them at all it's the Tennessee Titans and when i think about what they lost in the off season they lost AJ Brown so who will be this team's playmaker outside of Derek Henry Treyland Burks i answered it for you really yes i think that he hasn't shown much i know that i know that i think Treyland Burks will be that playmaker outside of Derek Henry interesting he's got the comp of AJ Brown i think he's going to be damn good man i like him the burning question for me for the Tennessee Titans is um you know is this the end of Tannehill is this the end of his run and does Malik Willis get some run in there if Tannehill struggles again i don't know that's going to be an interesting Mike Vrabel um conundrum all year long all right last one and i i'm putting this team here just because there's a lot of question marks heading into the season i do think uh they might you know be higher you know once we get the season cooking along it's the Miami Dolphins and my burning question for them is will Tua be as good as Tyreek Hill is saying bingo spot on because Tyreek Hill is really saying that he's amazing and we really haven't seen that yet so as we head into the season this is the big question that is it for the Miami Dolphins will Tua be as good as Tyreek Hills is saying he is and of course is Mike McDaniel going to be able to be the game manager as well as we think we know he's a good game plan manager what about a game manager when when the the game is on yeah that that's that's to me the the questions for the Miami Dolphins for sure and i think they can be a playoff team there's no reason why they can't be the second best team uh in the AFC East and be one of the top seven they named Tua a captain first time go figure that they made him a captain amazing yeah shocking by the way that's a great line from uh from uh midnight run go figure that i was on last night they made i watched the last hour they made him a captain so go figure that they made him a captain all right yeah Tua got uh Tua got um who gets to see Tua got named the uh gets to see on his chest i don't know about you but that looked like Mike that's it man here we go i mean Tyreek's talking him up the coach says the coach says he's throwing the most accurate ball he's ever seen and he's been in San Francisco he's been in Denver he's seen a lot of accurate balls thrown it's crazy and and he's made the captain so he's got the check mark of his new game breaking game changing wide receiver he's got the check mark of his new coach and he's got the check mark of his teammates and he's always had the check mark here on the Rich Eisen show i just need to see you know what to see and i know this is terrible to say the C needs to stand for salty i get it i know C is for cookie but in this case it needs to stand for salty Tua say it with your chest this fall and then winter let's see it yes the Miami Dolphins go figure it out they made Tua captain Cooper cup coming up for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too all-time Hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's Andre for you i've always said Andre was number one well because even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a babyface Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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