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REShow: Hour 3 (9-2-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 2, 2022 3:09 pm

REShow: Hour 3 (9-2-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 2, 2022 3:09 pm

Rich comments on the LIV Golf Tour’s challenge of building an audience this fall now that college football is in full swing and the NFL is just around the corner. 

In his Friday staple ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich weighs in on Ohio State vs Notre Dame, Trey Lance vs Jimmy Garoppolo, Dak Prescott and Jalen Hurts’ NFL MVP chances, how high Russell Wilson can lift the Broncos, and if Donovan Mitchell or Rudy Gobert will find more success with their new teams, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Minnesota Timberwolves, after the Utah Jazz’ house cleaning. 

Rich reacts to Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott’s response to being asked about being under pressure to win this season.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. So what was Lance's reaction um to being told? Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

Kyle said John I don't think there's much of a conversation it was real short he said cool I think that's great. The Rich Eisen Show earlier on the show. Bucks running back Leonard Fournette. Rams wide receiver Cooper Cubb.

Six-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. Still to come actor and comedian Kevin Hart. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes it is our number three of the Rich Eisen Show on the air here on our YouTube stream taking you to a dynamite Labor Day weekend full of college football from Notre Dame at Ohio State, Oregon, at Georgia which basically it is. And then you've got also a tremendous weekend of potential U.S. Open action involving Serena Williams on top of all of that. That's tonight right?

I know right. If you're in the Boston area and you want to watch live golf you watch Cameron Smith go at it right? He just teed off.

Did he really? Yeah I started following the WIV just because I was curious. How does one follow that?

Just at WIV golf on Twitter. Okay. But there the event is on YouTube right now. Right. So anyway how many how many how many viewers do they have?

Would you mind looking that up? Sure I mean I'm locked in our YouTube page. No I know I greatly appreciate that and I greatly appreciate people um watching that watching us here before we move to Roku later on this month. But I'm just curious because they have if I'm not mistaken half of the last half of the field has got a major championship in their trophy case. A bunch do yeah they have uh they have about 40,000 right now.

All right that's a that's a very healthy number for for YouTube for sure. And um I don't know I mean and it just shows you too about how in this football loving nation if Cameron Smith left for the live tour back in July that's all he would have been talking about for 24-48 hours on this program. Yep. And you know he he the best player arguably on the PGA Tour just left the PGA Tour and he joined the live and um I I we didn't talk about it yesterday because we were still so deep in the Jimmy Garoppolo Trey Lance of it all and and that is you know now that the players the PGA Tour just had its big finale last week. September is I guess the live month right? Yeah there's a few events this year you know the President's Cup is is going on at the end of this month so that's going to be exciting but just you know some of these live guys I haven't even thought about them like Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka even Phil. Phil uh talked to Sports Illustrated yesterday an article came out haven't even thought about those guys and months. Well it's because you're a PGA Tour fan and you were interested in what was going on with Rory and the FedEx Cup. I feel like a lot of these guys are just gonna kind of disappear off the map in a way uh with the casual golf unless the live tour gets a television deal that's right in front of you. True.

But you know it's kind of a you got to go through several clicks to find this even on YouTube so it's not like it's right there where I know that golf channel's 218 on DirecTV I can quick go to it. The next thing I want to hear about as well I'm curious is who gets booted off the live tour when somebody like Cameron Smith comes on it? Because again it's not like you know the PGA Tour where it's a 100 person field right? It's yeah it's a limited field. Right that's whole the whole point.

That's the whole point of it. Right. Shotgun start limited field 54 holes. 12 teams.

That's it. It's team golf. There's only 48 guys per event and now they have well over that number on you know.

So where do those guys go? Because it's not the PGA Tour. No and they can't play on the DP World Tour so they're kind of stuck playing on the Asian Tour right now to you know to make make money for themselves. But they're growing the game of golf. Yeah. I guess on the Asian Tour they're growing the game of golf. I guess so.

Bummer. Meanwhile college football I mean honestly you're the the live tour is going up against a huge weekend of college football that began last night with Penn State and Purdue and the backyard brawl in Pittsburgh between Pitt and West Virginia. And today everyone's talking about a pick six and a puke six you know. And and Neil Brown's choice to punt. The West Virginia's coach choice to punt from his own 48 fourth and one with five minutes and change to go and it pinned Pitt inside their own 10 and guess what happened? A stupid ass stupid ass targeting call happened.

So we're off and running. We're seeing college football rivalry games and they're tight and it's intense and we're seeing crazy stuff happen and the games take four and a half hours and nobody cares if an NFL game took four and a half hours people would be flipping out. And targeting happens. Did you see this play Christopher? Did you see the targeting call? Well I saw the one that got overturned later.

It was two in the day. Second and eight. Okay. Targeting is called first down for Pittsburgh and they march down the field. Come on man. Yeah I noticed the refereeing is already a march down the field.

Terrible. And wind up tying the game and then West Virginia gets the ball back. Ball goes straight through a wide open receiver's hands into a pick six game over. I'm telling you man coaches when you've got an opportunity fourth and short just go for it. Keep it. Man I would do that a hundred times out of a hundred. Yeah.

And then that's second guessing because crazy stuff can happen. Targeting call, 92 yard drives, pick six the other way when you get the ball back. College football is back in the live tour? Okay they're in Boston. Not great.

Wonderful. I don't know man. Yeah I mean I'm not gonna watch any of it. I'm not. I can't wait to watch.

I mean in the limited time I have as I survive and advance a three day play of weekend with three kids. It's all college football. You know that's it. I'm gonna sneak in a little bit of Michigan. I might sneak in a little tennis maybe if I have some time but we're gonna be traveling. And then I'm sneaking in some pickleball. Nice. Myself. Me. I'll be watching.

Thank you. You're watching my pickleball? No I'll be watching Clash at the Castle tomorrow at nine in the morning WWE. Oh is that what you're doing? Yeah.

Who's Iowa playing? You going over to Ashton's house to watch it? Nah I gotta get I get an MRI tomorrow by the way for my back.

Damn. But the only problem is I gotta go to the valley to get an MRI. And it's gonna be 112 degrees. I'll come by the house. Stop by. Stop by. No I'm getting I'm going to Sherman Oaks.

I'm getting this and I'm hopping right back in the cart and high telling it back towards about 70 where I live. That's the first what's more likely. TJ Jefferson actually comes by or he goes right back to the air conditioned pleasure of his house.

Rich Iowa plays South Dakota State. Let's hit it. What's more likely heading into a Labor Day weekend? Hit it.

What? What's more likely? Never say never but never.

Go for it Christopher. Hey a couple college football ones. I got a couple college football, a couple NFL and an NBA.

What's more likely? Okay Ohio State is playing Notre Dame this weekend. Who's playing Notre Dame? Ohio I'm sorry the Ohio State. Now I understand you're first.

I got confused. It could be another Ohio State. I don't know.

That's my bad. Number two versus number five Ohio State home favorites. Big 17 and a half point favorite. So what's more likely?

Ohio State blows them out or Notre Dame keeps it close. Dude are you asking me gambling questions that are couched into what's more likely? Is that what you're trying to do here? I actually wasn't.

I actually wasn't. I mean do you think it's gonna be close? I don't know. Does Notre Dame win?

I don't freaking know. Who are you rooting for? I'm rooting for a huge sinkhole to swallow up everybody and then of course everybody can then hopefully emerge safely and go back to their homes but I'm hoping for no result. No result at all. So you're hoping for a 0-0 tie.

Oh that would be phenomenal. So they keep it close. Between a basketball school and a stone school. I think Ohio State's defense part of the Ohio State the OSUD.

I need to see what they look like first. Oh gosh they're just gonna roll out of bed and it's 52. It's just 50 points the minute Albert Breer combs his hair. Oh Albert is going to the game. He's leaving his children at home. God bless his wife.

Yeah I'll bless the kids Bert. You go relive that college life. Go relive your boy Blue.

I mean is he already blotto right now? Okay so keep it close. All right. By the way guys top 10, top 10 teams all 10 are in action in college football. All 10 are playing this weekend. We know Ohio State and Notre Dame play each other so one will lose. So is only one going to lose in the top 10 or we got multiple top 10s drop games this weekend?

I'm gonna go one's gonna lose. That's it. This one. Everybody takes care of business. I think everyone else takes care of business. Yes I do. Yes I do.

Everybody is in action. I do believe so sir. Yes indeed. I will go in that regard and that's what's more likely to me. Okay all right NFL moving on. Let's hit Trey Lance here. So what's more likely Trey Lance does start all 17 games or Jimmy G makes multiple starts? I think uh how about oh man I'll say Jimmy G makes multiple starts. Trey Lance couldn't answer the bell um after he started in Arizona last year. Remember it was like Lance started for an injured Jimmy G and it looked like you know he would have a couple of starts because Jimmy G was banged up and he had to get back in because Lance got hurt himself. I just think the way that he plays I think he's gonna get hurt and I think Jimmy G's gonna make multiple starts and we're gonna see this new world order within that locker room tested. That's the way the the NFL season usually puts pressure on you when you don't think um it's coming so I'll go it's more likely that Jimmy G makes multiple starts this year. All right. To injury not because Lance is ineffective.

Got it. Which makes sense for them to sign Jimmy G because I'd rather have Jimmy G than Mr. Irrelevant Brock Purdy backing up Trey Lance at the stage of his career.

What else you got? I got a couple more okay so Dak spoke yesterday uh we'll hit on that later in the show but he's talking about privilege and pressure and all kinds of fun stuff. So how about this NFC East quarterback most likely to be an MVP candidate this year. Dak or Jalen Hurts. I'll go Jalen Hurts. I'll go Jalen Hurts. I think the Eagles are winning that division and I think they've got a lineup on offense that Jalen Hurts can uh commandeer. I will take Jalen Hurts. I don't think either of them will be MVP candidates but you ask me what's more likely from the division and I think it's going to be Hurts more than Dak.

I'm very high on the Philadelphia Eagles. I'm watering and fertilizing this take. We're right with this.

What's more likely? Take a note. Well I mean I'm going to send his quote to the team we don't normally got it okay swimming bulletin board material Chris but they're going to know the rich eyes. Hey man I drafted C.D. Lamb in my in my poker league and I see that questionable and as you know I think he's going to have a tough time getting the football.

I wasn't terribly happy. I just missed out on Devante Adams. Man I'm just saying taken right before my quarterback sat in that chair he showed you love you know you loved him and he understands part of the reason why I'm I'm I'm I do this job as I shoot people straight.

I'm just gonna say he put up MVP numbers last year just coming off of that broken ankle before he hurt his calf. So hey guys did you hear about Russell Wilson's new contract? You guys hear about that?

He got paid or something right? Big time deal. All right so we're gonna shrink so he's under under lock and key where for the next seven years let's shrink it down to three. Broncos reach the Super Bowl in the next three years or miss the playoffs each year. Super Bowl in the next three or no no playoffs. Oh man I'll say Super Bowl in the next three. Russ has made a career of making the not only making the playoffs with Seattle but winning multiple games within them.

That's his MO man. So if those are my two choices I'll take making a Super Bowl in the next three rather than missing the playoffs each time. I just missed the playoffs last year. Tough division.

I understand that but his MO is not only making the playoffs but winning multiple games in that or at least getting to the second round and not just because they earned a buy. You got one more over there? Last one. NBA we haven't hit on yet. Big trade in the NBA yesterday. Donovan Mitchell.

All right we'll get one more. Donovan Mitchell goes from Utah to Cleveland for a haul. The second big Utah star to exit Salt Lake City joining Rudy Gobert is now in Minnesota. So traded jazz player to make a deeper playoff run with their new team. Rudy Gobert Donovan Mitchell. I'll go Gobert man. You like T-Wolves or Cavs? I like T-Wolves.

I like what the T-Wolves are building man. Anthony Edwards. Cat. Gobert. I like it. You think differently?

I don't know. I mean I think I might agree with you just because the east is going to be so deep next year. I'll go Gobert. I like what the T-Wolves are cooking and it's so you know it's sad that Pat Beverly won the greatest playoff game of his career and then leaves. Oh you go to the Lakers. Oh that's right it wasn't a playoff win it's just a play-in game. Those stats just get flushed down the toilet.

They live in the ether. It's like they did like it you know. Didn't count. It's like Robert Duvall said in Godfather part two.

It's like it never existed. I got one. We hit it. Hit it.

Hit it. We need one more. Oh all right we'll get one more. Actually Vincent in Virginia's got one more. Let's go to line two right here on the Rich Johnson Show. Vincent what do you got for me?

Hey Rich I'm a huge fan of the show. I was wondering you know it's just funny because I was trying to figure out I'm a Steelers fan so who do you think is going to start first? Can you pick it or Jimmy G because Trey Lance is going to be pulled because he's not what he thinks how he was. How about that Vincent stumbling into our what's more likely segment. Chris what do you think? What do you think? I'm gonna go I'm gonna go pick it.

I'll take pick it over Jimmy G. That's awesome. That means what the Steelers are gonna do good? I don't know. I don't know. It might I don't know. I think Trubisky's gonna eventually I think what they're thinking is that let's get Trubisky's gonna get us through those two tough ones with the Cincinnati and New England then we'll play it out from there and see how well he's done and if it's any sort of struggle they see anything let's go to Kenny. You know that's why thanks for the call. What do you think?

What do you got for me there? I gotta stay consistent so I'll take Jimmy G. What do you got over there TJ? Who starts the game first?

What's more likely Jimmy G or Kenny Pickett starts the game first? I like the way he thinks I really do. I do too. I'm gonna say I'm gonna say pick it. I'm gonna put that. I'm with you. I'm gonna put that as a poll real quick. I'm gonna go pick it. What's more likely Kenny Pickett gets a start before Chris Brockman puts the money in your hands?

Oh the Pickett's starting for sure. That's man. You still haven't paid him right or you right or you oh no or you you wow technically I owe him money now. Technically I'm gonna pay him you know he's probably never gonna pay me. Okay very good. What's more likely let's take a break so we're on time for Kevin Hart when we come back the brilliant Kevin Hart when we return on the Rich Eisen Show.

844-204 Rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show. Should I do a Reed Hoskins? Should I do one of those?

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one okay football the next one everything's fine with you right chris everything's fine with you right things are cool and and and you saw my toes yesterday because i wore birkenstock and and the way you guys acted made it seem like literally i literally tried to forget about that the course of your life your lives had been altered yep that's the way you guys acted well that's how it felt and again i don't have any you weren't here oh i was that home screenshot no he was watching i was i went straight to work new business okay but but how how uh do you have any uh opinion uh on that he wore flip-flops in here once i think too so yeah and i didn't live it down you were very upset by that i was i got mad at him why i just don't want to look at his feet but you're not these feet are beneath the desk which is what mine were this is when we both used to sit over in the corner so i had to come all i know is today i was not going to wear them obviously i would hope not but uh i i i just decided you know what i'm going to put these shoes on today chris's favorite uh and as soon as i walked into the studio area today we all peered at your toes damn straight you did i saw chris look down and i turned to you and i'm like i'm not wearing him today well i also i didn't say anything and i was just making sure you're wearing your uh you know over 50 hocus i am what are actually hocus you're mad comfortable what is that it's a new thing all right the hoke of fat is is real oh jeez he's back up on the table there they are back on the table there they are all right oh my god that's my problem too i got all these new michigan he's like rick james and then i got all these containers that i forget to bring home how do you say those more michigan ones just more you can leave here that was monday rich is like rick james is putting his feet on monday that's mondays that's monday's coffee there's tuesdays your desk your couch yep come on wednesday wednesday we got thursdays uh i think of right and then this is friday so there you go nice so i gotta take every i got i need a box that the hat i'm gonna be leaving your people like were you fired somebody walking out of here with so much stuff a lot going on over there uh let's go to the phone lines here uh while kevin hart is calling in uh sravan in washington dc you're on the rich isin show what's up sir hey hey hey rich how's it going man i'm doing well you what's going on with you well it's been a while since i've been back on i got two things one um thank you so much for trolling ohio state at the dinner it allowed me to write a column for fans in which one of your radio hosts actually gave it a shout out on the rock and i'm sure you remember that oh is that right controlling is that right when i was gone chris he's talking to you chris i don't know what i'm just trying to i'm trying to recall okay you got a lot of s in my head the article called rich isin mercilessly trolls ohio state i like it there you go great headline of course great headline because that's exactly what happened yes yep captured perfectly i've got a proposal for you on what to do if michigan goes into the horseshoe and beats uh the scarlet engraves in columbus oh okay you have a suggestion or is that what you say i have a suggestion all right floor is yours go for it so you said the roku executives have not seen anything of what could happen if that happened if that happened if michigan does what drew hensen and david torrell did going into columbus and winning so i suggest that rich isin jersey that you got in that studio take that thing off wear that the next day after the it's after michigan pulls off the victory and start pounding that chest like you've never pounded it before the local executives will be going crazy the ratings are going to go through the roof and only thing left i got to say is uh two words go blue thank you sir thank you uh i think that's uh that's a good i mean i don't know if i need to destroy my own property to celebrate that i mean you don't want to do that that jersey was given to me uh when i um that's over jay felly's shoulder i'm looking at that was given to me that was a couple over there too that was given to me by uh former athletic director dave brandon who has invited me to deliver a commencement address to all the graduating athletes at the uh university of michigan one may i went out there and it's a it was delivered it was given to me and i was very honored 90s the year i graduated um so i don't believe i will remove that from the wall it's an interesting idea i will just i don't know maybe remove myself from society i don't i don't know what i will do um you know i i would show up here and um and just speak from the heart as i do every day speak from the gut speak from the heart say it with my chest gloat i think but i i can't go there yet i mean there's colorado state the season's now begun now now that's last season now we've got to focus on this season we've got to get to that game michigan's got to get to that game with it having everything on the line i want an old school second year in a row of winner goes on loser goes home i mean that's the way that game used to be when i grew up when i was uh uh in school that's the way it was uh many times um you know when i when i was when i graduated in the early 90s which was just a tremendous the 90s were great the 90s were just terrific for this rivalry because it was john cooper getting beaten like a drum and and uh and we win the national championship or at least half of it because somebody decided to give tom osborne the mother of old gold watches retiring and give nebraska half of that michigan title oh geez that's okay no no no it actually that's the use of it's it's okay when it's not okay it's definitely most to use the phrase here uh born in los angeles it's very far from okay i don't know if that's actually very far from okay yeah it's a gold watch hey tom you know great job with your wishbone um and that extra down against missouri um but guess what you get half of a championship even though uh the heisman trophy winner uh resided uh on this team or or they had awesome teams that won three out of four even though even though um uh a hall of famer was on the offensive line hall of famers all around well they weren't hall of famers at the time not the time but they were playing like them it's just weird that we didn't talk about the anniversary that was yesterday on this show 15 years from the disaster and i appreciate you bringing that up chris thank you michigan losing to appalachian state somehow and the biggest upset more a bigger upset than appalachian state beating michigan 15 years ago yesterday was me not hearing from daniel jeremiah at all yesterday that's a major upset i almost i almost texted him to see if he was okay i actually had forgotten until uh birchfield had uh included a tweet with you and dj on it it was the first game in the history of the big 10 network i remember i was like okay i gotta find where michigan plays appalachian state today uh charles davis was on the call really yes indeed um wow and uh i just remember that was the beginning of the end of lloyd kart right where the michigan fan base was like okay this is no longer working with lloyd and then lloyd wound up being out and on his way out the door with rich rod standing there in a michigan hat on the sidelines of the bowl game michigan versus florida i remember that uh lloyd goes five wide in an offense and they beat the crap out of urban myers florida gators using an offense that we as michigan fans like where has this been that's the way lloyd went out like see you guys but all and basically the beginning of the end of lloyd kart michigan was 15 years ago yesterday crazy thanks for bringing it up though chris well i just didn't want to you know we're a news organization so i just you know it's newsworthy that that was an anniversary here's some news that we missed in kind of ohio state the ohio state base i thought was kind of cool did you see this cj shroud took sixty thousand dollars of his own nil money to buy suits for all his teammates great before the notre dame game that's really that's really neat man that's the stuff i meant i like hearing that yeah it was really dope so he i think express he gave them all 500 gift there's a 120 players on on the buck eyes team so oh that's great yeah i like hearing stuff that was pretty cool that's pretty neat does did the suits have like a thermal lining because cj looked really cold last november just want to make sure he's set for that one by the way to turn something great and just flip it on its head flip blood on its head i'm just asking it's 85 it's 85 in columbus i was asking a question about their physical well-being tj i don't understand what no no what you're what you're pointing out i don't know honestly i don't understand i wasn't a shot i was literally wondering if everything was okay because last time i saw him play um you know in the cold it was definitely he looked cold yeah your concern for his well-being is that was touching admirable it's very damaging yeah that's that famed irv tweet talking about man when when we played in the cold we was cold i think that's what irv once tweeted out about the cold weather no way will you look that up will you look up michael irvin tweet and cold and then we'll go to a break so just in case kevin hart gets through whatever technical difficulties he's going through we'll get him on the horn here to finish up this friday look up michael irvin tweet and cold please do that because uh man when we played in the cold we was cold i think that that was his tweet it's one of the greatest all-time every now and then we'll bust that out on game day morning yeah because when you guys go on the road he he really doesn't like the cold no no he calls miami weather football weather so he hates it when people are like oh yeah it's 10 degrees it's cold out it's slate gray sky it's gonna snow today that's football weather he's like get out of here with that i gotta say i agree with them yeah here it is from january 5th 2014 man when we played in that cold weather we was cold there you go all caps all caps that's that literally is one of the greatest michael irvin moments in the history of moments and michael irvin and we played in that cold weather we was cold good to know that's why i'm asking about um what type of suits kevlar kevlar when you get where you expect i don't know how we have kevlar suit i don't know when i get hit it's warm it hurts i don't know all right flannel cortex cortex i'm sorry all right eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the rich isin show when we come back uh either kevin hart or you how about that that's why we're wide open here on this edition of the rich isin show we welcome back our terrestrial radio audience uh here on the rich isin show uh there are technical difficulties apparently where kevin hart is he is uh there's no internet or whatever i have no idea but so either be able to call in or uh we'll reschedule because he's kevin hart uh al and atlanta we haven't spoken wow it's been a while they smoked them out because i guess brockman's coming to town what's up pal what's up pal good morning rich how are you gentlemen what's going on i'm good i'm good had a good time uh quick let me start off pj your show streak well intact don't even worry about it it's not going anywhere oh wow how are the braves doing against the mets this year we're only two games back i understand with three to play oh no i gotta i gotta wish for a sweet coming up at the beginning of october otherwise anybody wondering they're not talking about the actual nle they're talking about a wager that al put on the table for tj to accept and he did reluctantly and uh i wasn't reluctant you were reluctant and i wanted like you accepted advantage of al you accepted it because uh i think you felt the peer pressure here in the room oh i'd never succumbed to that you took it and uh now you're you're looks like you're uh you're in good shape here oh i feel good okay what's on your mind now oh well brockman you're coming to atlanta and i'm assuming it's for the chick-fil-a kickoff you are correct i'm just gonna let you know some nice places to drink also do you guys have your own atlanta braves championship ringette no we don't oh well uh i don't if i find you you might uh find a nice one in your possession oh oh ow okay all right now that's very come to the highlands okay very quick and uh very cryptic hit up the bars all right so uh will you do that chris i will do my best very good all right uh very good there you go there's al and chris bffs right now rock and roll all right we didn't get his information so you're never gonna go all right okay dm me now that's a very la thing absolutely yeah totally no question my people will call you i appreciate him calling in though never here yeah you're braves fan you're braves you got the braves i'm not a great fan i am not good what is wrong with you what's wrong with you what is wrong with me what is wrong with you what is wrong with you because i at least understand when i when my child was born i'm like no to the red sox no the other ones i'm like i understand because they're not rooting for my children red sox are not rivals syracuse and georgia not rivals red sox yankees rivals so of course you want them to pick a side who cares nixon celtics are are they oh boy oh boy i just left the mix for dead that was a smart move by you you think oh and all the nick fans oh we missed out on donovan mitchell guess what wouldn't have made a difference i mean steven is crying in his car yesterday what did he think was going to happen please it's not going to make a difference as long as that schmecky owner still runs things the rangers i don't know what they did what what they sacrificed on the altar of the hockey gods to let them be exempt from the owner's schmeckiness all right i'm not going down at dolan where i'm holding it's too good of a day please don't we're almost as good of a day uh kyle and de moine iowa uh let's take your call what's up kyle how you doing hey how's it going rich what's going on kyle uh just a lot better for talking to you this is the way it's gonna go now huh yeah i hope so going to the hall of fame for f'ing up world series that what's happening i hope so okay what's going on kyle all right first thing i love the birks yes i love the birks that's one listen the other bullies you surround yourself with how dare you sir the birks were fantastic thank you sir i want to talk about i want to talk about tres land for a second yes sir oh boy i'm thinking that guy after the first few seasons him being putting out then being taken right back off once jimmy g gets healthy yes i think now they're saying he's the guy he's got to have a chip on his shoulder saying hey jimmy you ain't got your s together i got my s together let me show you why i'm the guy now at the end of the day they're buddies so i'm thinking jimmy g staying on the roster is a good idea because trey lance needs him to keep him accountable needs him to be hey you're you you used to be the guy let me show you let me show you why i'm the guy let me keep working keep studying the playbook getting better and better and keeping you on the bench well i think you know uh i i and i appreciate you saying about the chip on the shoulder and of course the birks too and thanks for the call brother drive safe uh out there in iowa um i i i do not believe he he will he the chip on the shoulder is for the rest of the league not for his own his own quarterback in that room who i don't believe is thinks that he's gunning for his gig i really don't think so i really think at the top of the show we had those two guys talking about their relationship with each other i believe it i think that's what it is and um but the chip on the shoulder is for the rest of the league everybody out there thinks i'm gonna lose my job to the guy that stuck around here i'll show you that's what the chip's for all the media types did i just call myself a media type i mean i think so well i mean because when i first heard it i i'm like hey i've been here saying this is trey's team and they believe in trey and part of me is like welton they're hedging their bet the door of doubt is what i talked about the door of doubt is shut the minute that you back up trey lance with a kid where you know you're not turning to him this gives them an opportunity to potentially turn to him and so i'm pointing out like that's what's happening and uh potentially and um every single person that we've heard from including john lynch on the show saying that's there is no doubt he's our guy we have jimmy here because that's an upgrade it's a better quarterback room so on and so forth so the chip is to him to tell everybody that believes there is some doubt within the 49ers organization or doubt about trey lance's ability uh outside of that uh world here's the chip speaking of quarterbacks under pressure i uh i mean i i said aaron rogers is not under any pressure at all and he certainly acts like a guy who's under zero pressure every time you see him okay aaron says relax he says relax back in the day and you know now he's doing what ayahuasca is that how you call it he says like his world is different it's changed and he's just i'm telling you there's zero pressure on this guy i don't see it i don't feel it i don't sense it he's he he's he's got no pressure but a lot of people still put his name on the list of quarterbacks under pressure yeah i do he's not on not on mine the guy who's always at the top of the list and it and it's no offense to dak but it's anybody who's the quarterback of the dallas couple name him name him romo before dak chad hutchinson before romo again i don't understand this i don't understand quincy carter before chad drew bloodsow drew henson name him all the drew aikman under pressure any quarterback with the star on the side of the helmet there's definitely pressure that comes with it but he's nowhere near but you hear qb in the league like come on again daniel jones has a bad day we're going to make room for him on the set because his career is over there's a baker mayfield what if he doesn't flush out truth the stakes for dax yeah so he's not under pressure like these other guys he'll just go home look at his bank account and come back and be the dallas cowboys quarterback next year yes still but he's gonna ball you'll see we're talking trash on my back was asked about being under pressure on thursday here was his response so many times when you're in the spotlight everybody's looking at you and you're playing so many big games for you how much do you relish that opportunity because obviously you guys played so many big games and sunday night next sunday night will be the same thing yeah it's awesome um i've said over and over pressure is a privilege and i think playing um in as many prime time international games as we do uh it just allows those expectations and standards that everybody has not only for myself to just always be heightened and when you're playing on national tv each game you're as good as your last game and that's a saying that i always say whether it be in the house and dominoes or whether it be a play on the football field or in a game so um having that that around me uh just makes me really lock into who i am what i need to do what we need to do as a team and and focus game in the game out and taking it one at a time pressure is privilege i like that because if you're in a situation where you're under pressure that means you are privileged to be in that position because you know if you're not under pressure due to your job that means you may not have the job right or you're not viewed as somebody who needs to come through that's a privilege that you're in that position i get it i understand i like the way you think sir i mean i think that's what he's saying you know cooper rush might not feel as much pressure because he doesn't have the privilege of being the number one quarterback of the dallas cowboys with a contract worth 40 million per right that's privilege right there maybe the greatest follow-up question ever asked by anybody in the history of follow-up questions how about that for over delivering here but this is a hell of a follow-up question since pressure is privilege here was a follow-up question i feel like you've ever had this much privilege oh it's a good one like how you put that um maybe in times uh but where we are right now um it's all excitement it is it is it's truly a privilege to be the quarterback of this team to be a leader of these guys uh offense defense this coaching staff that we have um and yeah especially with everything being said about us sad you know what i mean the lack of what we have is this keep writing keep talking we're ready to go play salty dak salty great what a great follow-up question that was a great follow-up question because it got that answer too salty dak i like salty dak i don't like the song keep talking keep talking i'm one of those talking i do not believe the cowboys improved their situation you've made note of that i don't believe they have improved that wide receiver room it had amari cooper in it it had a healthy michael gallop in it it had cd lam in it it had cedric wilson in it those are four wide receivers i would go into battle with amari's gone so is cedric gallops hurt he'll be back quickly offensive line tyron smith i mean out tyler smith in jason pete what's the difference between iran and allure big tyron tyler huge i believe he left tackle oh that is a dreaded scenario for super bowl winning teams to enter the league and we might have jason pete was manning that spot oh my god this is 40 huh hey this is 40 he's still chris chris gets up from his chris gets up from his chair at 42 he's like man i've been sitting around a lot yeah my watch just told me to stand literally time to stand stand up and move a little for one minute can you have your watch tell you to go play pickleball i would love that just play pickleball move around jerk hey man dismiss i so i guess i'm the one keep talking i think the eagles are winning the division i said at the day tyron smith went down i'm like that's it i've been talking myself into it it's now officially talked into it's done i keep talking i mean that's all we can do at this point until the it's coming it's flipped oh box at dallas what a piece of filet mignon to serve to the country what a steak i mean i just i i really do it's it's just weird to me a rare game it's weird to me how we keep bringing up we've lost one lineman nice pink center to that game have lost three linemen and yet that's fine like no one's acting like that's an issue yeah lose three offensive linemen like that now i'll sign a little man a little side of uh lobster mac and cheese what do you think of that talking my language cream spinach on the side what do you think get some pretzel bread before when you think you know i shouldn't fill myself up on that yeah let's put some butter on it don't fill up absolutely incorrect well season Arizona hosting Kansas City that's the bread beforehand chargers hosting raiders huh all right i take it back fill up on the bread how about how about how about baker trying to f up the browns even though he said he didn't say it come on baker you said it how about flaco revenge against the the ravens for turning the lamar all right let's put that one aside oh baby pats and the oh my god weird s happens oh and then it starts with the filet mignon next week with the bills and the ramps starts with steak ends with steak and then oh monday night oh that's not gonna be let's ride it's not gonna be close let's ride over seattle to the 12th let's ride yes that's next week four touchdowns it's around the corner that's privilege cowboys bucks brady brady minus three offensive linemen with a hungry mica parsons but hey okay that's one way that's not a big deal i guess we lose one and it's like all of a sudden the cowboys it's over and you know okay got it yes it's one thing yes tom brady's great but at 45 it's hard to be running around out there when mica parsons and tom brady's are coming for you what he says you're talking me into the cowboys tj oh yeah i'm just saying sure i would totally look past tom brady's ability to get the ball out quick to somebody like mike evans or julio jones what's the difference if you've got a four stringer protecting him how's he gonna have that time to get the ball out i don't know i'll chip my you know what mica parsons is gonna hear this too all right first of all dak is getting what you said and mica parsons is getting what you said and and it's all going to be bulletin board material salty tj salty tj let's go salty dak salty tj i like i like the uh i like the tj i like the salty tj i was just trying to be quiet all preseason but now i'm high enough it's almost a weekend we got college football and then the nfl week one around a corner oh man life is good i want to run through a wall life is good let's go we'll see you on tuesday everybody that's right we're taking labor day off we're going to do the three day week because labor day is my last off day before christmas week thanksgiving oh but you got to do the thursday yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah i got to do that all right by the way did you see that amazon's gonna have a black friday game not this year but next year well that's kind of racist love it wow oh my god so what's gonna happen is is al gonna basically say you know hey everybody in between downs you can get this delivered by prime right now here's use use code word miracle something you know i don't know do it do it jay rich we got you something that's your little gift where you got it's time well you know back in the day you kind of had some fun at our goat chains yeah yeah hey you want to walk it over to him yeah sure we got you one of your own you got me one of my own yeah oh my gosh to make you part of the crew oh my god are you serious yeah buddy should i walk in the door with this and see it as zeus what do you think yes oh god it doesn't fit over my head well you can't you gotta like you know unclasp it yeah okay what does it say on it oh it says jets isn't that great we figure you know as the number one fan you needed to have it hold on a minute it's tight your kids are gonna love that he's in there by the way that is sick hold on a minute i'll do it i'll do what you want i'll do it for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because i even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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