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Jason Cole (Hour 1)

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September 5, 2022 3:17 pm

Jason Cole (Hour 1)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 5, 2022 3:17 pm

Segment One--NFL: Season Opener Four Days Away Rams-Bills. Has Sean McVay Already Become The Most Important Figure In The League?

Segment Two--NFL: Russell Wilson Just Got Paid. How Much Of A Difference Will He Make In The Rugged AFC West and how does it impact Lamar Jackson?

Segment Three--NFL Guest: Jason Cole, Outkick.Com

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The Rich Eisen Show
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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. Yeah this is the Rich Eisen Show. Goats have home lives too. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Rich Eisen. Hello Rich Eisen. Rich Eisen.

Oh that's Susie Eisen's husband. The Rich Eisen Show and now sitting in for Rich here's Brian Weber. Welcome to the program. Always great to be sitting in for Rich fired up and feeling good on this Labor Day. Yes we are working hard literally digging verbal ditches.

No there'll be no heavy lifting. That's why I signed up to be a broadcaster years ago. We're in a great frame of mind because Labor Day means, unfortunately for the kids, school's coming back, summer's winding down, but for all of us football is back. We're going wall to wall football over the next three hours.

However the goal as always is to be interactive. Hit me up on Twitter that's B.W. Weber.

Weber with two b's. Phone calls a possibility. We take them selectively at 1-844-204-rich.

1-844-204-7424. By now hopefully you've heard me felling in for Rich in the past. If you've heard me elsewhere you know my philosophy. I'm never going to overwhelm you with guests.

We move quickly just one guest per hour in 20 minutes. Take you across the NFL with the season kicking off Thursday night. Looking forward to our latest conversation with NFL insider Jason Cole, author of Elway A Relentless Life.

Jason has been covering the league for a variety of platforms over the last few decades. We're going to kick off hour number two talking college football. What a wild game that was last night.

Hopefully Brian Kelly can take solace by spending quality time with his family. I think he should find a better special teams coordinator based on that debacle and Kelly's head coaching debut for LSU last night but it was an insane game. Wildly entertaining to watch momentum go back and forth between Florida State and LSU. We'll give you the key takeaways from week one which continues throughout this day. It's great to have college football and Clemson playing in prime time tonight. I look forward to not only what's coming up on this Saturday but the future of the sport changing radically with the announcement on Friday that seemed inevitable and what do you know despite the contracts at all the particulars the powers that be that run college football found a way to expand the playoff to 12 teams possibly as soon as two years from now. We'll go in depth with P Futech from So get your tweets fired up. I'm multi-task. BW Weber.

Weber with two B's. It's a shame there's no video version of the program although I'm still wearing makeup just in case there's a hidden camera. I'm getting punked here but melting coming to work in Southern California. It's hot. How hot is it?

I know. It's probably warm wherever you may be listening to the program but if we had the simulcast going with a reminder Rich is making the big move to Roku and he'll continue to give you all the particulars when he's back tomorrow with Brockman, my guy Del Tufo and TJ Jefferson but if we had the YouTube capability you would see a man sweating profusely not only because it's a billion degrees in Southern California but because I'm in a studio that I used to work in for the better part of a decade even though I've toiled for over 10 years in this facility I can never get the microphone where I want it to be so if you hear some adjustments do not touch that dial. Do people still have dials? I do because I have a pre-owned car from 1994 and who's smiling now tough guy? Hang on to your money but if you ever hear any fluctuations in the audio although our technical producer Art Martinez will make sure I sound as good as possible it's because there's a lonely man in a studio by himself as I go third person just trying to find the sweet spot of the microphone. Let's jump in talking NFL. Part of me wants to go all in on college football and let me say this quietly. I'm Bryan Weber in for Rich.

1-8-4-4-2-0-4 Rich. 1-8-4-4-2-0-4-7-4-2-4 in 15 minutes we talk NFL with Jason Cole. I love college football as much as I love the NFL primarily because when I started a million years ago college football was profoundly different from the National Football League and that's my biggest pushback and I've been consistent maybe the only person out there saying there's nothing wrong with the current 14 playoff other than it's the same teams over and over and over again. You could talk me into six teams but when we got to six potentially I wasn't going to care who the seventh best team in America was and that's the conundrum on a big word Labor Day.

Well we're going to 12 and 12 means 16 is coming within five years after the 12 team playoff is implemented. May have to wait until 2026 because of logistical reasons but the expansion of the playoff while we all think more football is a good thing and it's phenomenal we have an NFL game coming up on Thursday that was a tremendous development by the league to take over Thursday night and expand all the excitement surrounding week one but college football mattered because of the significance of the regular season and watching for example Notre Dame have a quality loss quote unquote at the horseshoe because Ohio State was a 17 and a half point favorite in that game and the Irish at least kept it close although credit Ohio State for ramping up the defense and we'll talk about Pete Futach coming up to kickoff hour number two of the program that was one of my biggest takeaways. We know that Ohio State had a historically productive offense last year well here comes the defense and that was the focus of the off-season for Ryan Day but I don't want college football to be a precise carbon copy of the NFL because we have the NFL and we're already all in with it so with that as we think about why football has become king and I don't want to become the redundant parody of a fill-in hack just talking about things the way they used to be that's my podcast how things used to be with b-web available wherever you get your podcasts or the Odyssey app but not too long ago Labor Day weekend still had a big baseball connection and we could talk about Aaron Judge continuing his pursuit of Roger Maris and more or Albert Palos making more history he's one away from A-Rod after going deep last night sitting on 695 but the NFL has become king for a variety of reasons gambling certainly a large part of that equation but fundamentally not to get too deep on a holiday the NFL motivates all of us because of the notion of hope and later in the show I'll go through the teams most likely to make the big leap forward moving from worst to first like the Bengals did last year making it all the way to the Super Bowl look over the last 20 years in the NFL it's happened every year except for two seasons somebody's gone from the bottom to the top to win their division mostly because of how wretched the NFC East has been for the better part of 20 years but if you're a baseball fan and you happen to live in Pittsburgh or just love the buckos because like me you're old and can close your eyes don't do it if you're driving but you can conjure up the images of Willie Snargell John Candelaria Omar Marino and Dave Parker when they were rocking those cool hats in the late 1970s if you're a pirate fan you know you have no shot why would you care at all about baseball other than it's part of the rhythms of our lives because it's around every day well that's what the NFL has been able to capture there's a reason to talk football nearly 48 weeks of the year I will concede there is that fallow period and because Mike Florio is a great contributor to this program and because I'm in a studio in which I used to work at much more frequently even Mike would take a month off from his duties a pro football talk and what do you know Brian Weber was available because I like to work and I work cheaply but football consumes us because there's something to talk about every day and because as you survey the landscape of the 32 fan bases out there just about everybody has the reason to believe things are going to get better as the great Howard Jones said many years ago think about Jacksonville it can't get any worse right they have a functioning head coach in Doug Peterson who's won a Super Bowl anything would be an upgrade over Urban Meyer and how in the world other than having a brand name still in college football and lazy executives how does Urban go from being the punch line across the football world to walking back to a studio and saying nothing that's the gig you want folks you either want to be a backup quarterback like Jimmy Garoppolo and we'll break that down coming up in 10 minutes give you the pros and cons of what the Niners did certainly it feels like they have carved into the confidence of Trey Lance by keeping Garoppolo we'll talk about that with Jason Cole NFL Insider for but if you want a job that comes with a lot of security and not a lot of work be a fire disgraced college football coach because you'll always get a broadcasting job or be a backup quarterback survey the rest of the NFL and maybe this is just hard knocks mania running wild brother there's a lot of buzz out there for the Lions I will not do my normal Lions rants I can do it quickly haven't won a championship since 1957 the curse of Bobby Lane last time they won the division 1994 last time they won a playoff game 1991 but because Dan Campbell is encouraging his team to bite the kneecaps off of the opposition people believe this is the year the Lions are finally gonna be relevant well the pushback would be no there's still the Lions nothing's gonna change until the Ford family either needs the money which don't think it's gonna happen in my lifetime but you never know we bailed out the automakers once or twice over the last 40 years or they just realize this asset has appreciated so much cash out and sell the Lions to another member of the Walmart family because they have four or five billion dollars lying around the palatial mansion but the reason I bring up Jared Goff is to make this point as we think about the NFL getting ready to kick off on Thursday and it's gonna be a marquee matchup can't wait to see what the bills have to offer how they handle the burden of expectations especially with the excitement of the Rams having the banner unveiled here in Southern California if you've not paid attention that line has moved pretty well over the last month or so Rams were about a one point favorite four weeks ago now Buffalo a two and a half point choice and it really comes down to how much you believe in Josh Allen taking the next step in his career he's right there if you want to go through MVP odds we can do that later in the program in fact I have it just off to my left because I'm going to talk about the outlook for Russell Wilson who as a reminder has never earned a single MVP vote yet we feel like because he's Russ he's going to change everything in Denver but as you take a step back and think about who is the face and I'm not trying to bring up personal appearance but I can't avoid it because the last time we saw him at the podium Tom Brady looked different I'll put it that way so who's the face of the NFL it's still Brady and you think about all of the different nuances connected to another marquee game coming up on Sunday with Tampa Bay taking on Dallas what if the Bucks look lousy well Cowboy fans will be even more insufferable but how much are we going to hear about the detriment the negative that Brady created for his football team by walking away for 11 days but if Brady is still and I endorse this view the face of the NFL who's the most important person across the league you can ponder that for a moment the answer in my view is Sean McVay not because I'm doing lazy radio because I'm based in Southern California and we have the Rams taking on the Bills on Thursday night but because of that notion I was talking about a few minutes ago of hope because just consider the evolution of the Rams since they came back to Southern California a marketplace that had moved on from the NFL for 25 years and nobody cared here because the majority of folks who live in the greater Southern California area have other teams to root for we have so many transplants and you've heard this a billion times there are many things to do not when it's 104 degrees but generally you can go skiing or you can go to the beach or whatever you want to do if you have a life the Rams came back to an apathetic fan base beyond the hardcores who went out and got a jerry curl like Eric Dickerson or we're thinking about the glory days of Roman Gabriel they come back with Mr. seven and nine himself Jeff Fisher with an offense that was so stagnant remember Todd Gurley remember him when running backs were still relevant in the NFL outside a handful of guys and that's only five years ago if you know where Todd Gurley is you probably do because of your fantasy football draft give me a call one eight four four two oh four rich that team was hideous to watch they go four and twelve and then everything changes why the the arrival of Sean McVeigh now I realize he's had a lot of talent to utilize and we never talk about defense unless Aaron Donald is wildly swinging not one but two helmets in the direction of the bangles in that joint practice but if Sean McVeigh could get Jared Goff to a Super Bowl and if Sean McVeigh could win a Super Bowl with Matthew Stafford tell me who was a more important figure across the NFL or just spend a moment thinking about his coaching tree there are 32 teams in the NFL the perfect number but don't get too attached to that that's going to change within the next five years because that's the next way the current owners around the league can make even money beyond the media cash expansion is coming I think two teams in Chicago when the Bears move to Arlington Park but currently the number is 32. Five of the head coaching jobs across the league occupied by McVeigh and former assistants and remember McVeigh is only 36 years old that's a major impact in the National Football League I have no life I looked up how the coaching tree did last year 32 and 14 two of them made the playoffs it was an all Sean McVeigh Super Bowl matching wits with Zach Taylor used to be on the staff riding Joe Burrow through the worst of first transformation with the Bengals winding up in the Super Bowl Matt Lafleur and the Packers under achieved in that horrendous postseason game against Jimmy Garoppolo and the Niners although Garoppolo didn't do anything it was based on the defensive special teams still Lafleur has made it already to a pair of NFC title games all the talk about this is the year that Kirk Cousins is finally going to take the next step forward hinges on the departure of Mike Zimmer and the new head coach in Minnesota in Kevin O'Connell because apparently we can't blame Kirk it was all about in addition to not getting a lot of help on defense Zimmer didn't believe in him I don't believe in Cousins other than his ability to print money but that's a separate conversation but as we compare and contrast and we'll do this in the final hour of the program the explosive growth the flowering of the McVeigh coaching tree well line that up against the slowly declining Bill Belichick coaching tree which now includes not one but two of his kids and Matt Patricia now going to be calling the plays in New England even though he was a failed head coach for the Lions and has spent his entire year I as far as I can tell over the last 12 months what growing that ridiculous beard and convincing insiders across the NFL it wasn't his fault that the Lions were terrible blame the curse of Bobby Lane one other reason to believe in McVeigh the guy still has remarkable passion burnout is a consistent reality across the NFL dick Vermeil great to see dick finally enshrined in the pro football hall of fame we'll talk about not only having the cot in his office going home and occasionally forgetting his kids ages because he hadn't seen him in four months once the NFL season kicked off McVeigh still looks fresh not just about the optics in southern California I'm not saying that he went to see doctor with a scalpel in Beverly Hills I'm just saying the energy is still there and much as we talked about Patrick Mahomes having the ability to win not one not two not three although he's underachieved in recent years and a reminder of just how hard it is to win a Super Bowl even when you have a single Lombardi Trophy secured well I think it is fair and we'll talk about it coming up with Jason Cole to me to make the argument that the Rams should be favored to win it all and I am the biggest Matthew Stafford denier you're gonna find I'll give you the reasons I don't believe in Stafford coming up and I'm well aware of the fact that no team has gone back to back in the NFL in 18 years still because I believe that much in McVeigh and because of Aaron Donald and adding Bobby Wagner if it's possible somehow the reigning Super Bowl champs feel like they're not being talked about enough but hopefully I have rectified that and I can do that with you if you want to pick up the phone 1-8-4-4-2-0-4 Rich I'll check out the Twitter account coming up that's B.W. Weber Weber with two B's nothing but NFL in this first hour of the program in 40 minutes we kick off hour number two talking college football with P. Futak from straight ahead we'll keep the pro football momentum going I'll tell you why I still don't believe in Matthew Stafford did you look at his numbers last year I did did you notice how many interceptions he threw 17 the most in nine years but you keep telling me Stafford's going to the Hall of Fame we will spend plenty of time under center and we'll focus on the San Francisco Bay Area by keeping Jimmy Garoppolo how much could the 49ers be undermining Trey Lance we'll talk about it all with Jason Cole author of Elway A Relentless Life but first when you open up a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van you're opening up more than just doors you're unlocking potential the potential to do your own thing be your own boss steer your own success and blaze your own trail each and every Sprinter van is built designed and equipped to let you hit the open road and take on any goal you set to help you follow your own passions reawaken that spirit of adventure and check all those big bold fun and 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going to plug the book elway a relentless life jason's not available that's understandable it is a holiday after all meaning it is me and you for the entire first hour of the program and just over a half hour we'll take you across college football with p few tech from college football final hour we'll be joined by another nfl insider eric edom now of nfl media making the move from yahoo to and nfl network where i used to work and i hope that eric has a much longer tenure i was one and done like everybody who is proficient in college basketball right you don't want to hang around any place too long but it's reminiscent of the line from here's a contemporary reference and we'll get to the nfl in a second the odd couple when they had the guy with the big voice through the introduction about setting up the backstory between felix and oscar how they wound up being roommates and both of them were thrown out but the way that was phrased was he was asked to leave shortly thereafter and that's sort of how i made my exit from nfl network but pleased to be defending rich's brand so i mentioned we were going to talk 49er football we're going to do that presently i'll have more of an opportunity to tell you why even with a super bowl ring i am not a believer in matthew stafford it is very interesting have you seen the reports hopefully not you have better things to do on a holiday weekend than scan the wires as we used to say but it is interesting with the bills and rams coming up on thursday how suddenly the entire outlook for matthew stafford has changed a month ago shawn mcveigh was as transparent that's probably another reason why i enjoy what mcveigh has to offer so much he's not one of these traditional say nothing petty tyrant football coaches that we see especially in the college game but it was mcveigh who volunteered to the media stafford is far from a hundred percent with that lingering elbow issue well what do you know with the bills coming to southern california on thursday apparently now stafford is moving forward with quote-unquote no limitations nothing to see here he's going to be just fine the situation at san francisco is fascinating on so many levels and fair to say it's been bachamania so far for the niners going back to and again i can only trust the validity of these reports and i'm not coming up with the fake news narrative i believe the majority of nfl insiders because they wouldn't still have those jobs and they're high paying and good gigs and hard to get if they were not accurate more times than not in contrast to the mba where if you're looking for one more job a side hustle to your side hustle in this gig economy just throw out if people still have resumes just put it out there on your cv go to linkedin right now but keep the radio going i'm brian weber and for rich eisen we appreciate you spending time with us on this labor day rich and the guys back tomorrow getting you all set for week one of the nfl but if you're looking for one more role to play in addition to dog washer that's where the money's at not walking the washing and picking up food for people too lazy to leave their homes just say you're an mba insider because there's an army of them and they're never right other than woj but did anybody see the twist and turns of kevin durant summer playing out no but in the nfl we catch wind of everything so just think about how the situation with the niners has coalesced we know according to reports that kyle shanahan had interest in tom brady but was overruled by john lynch and other people within the organization we know it was literally a draft day decision whether go with tray lance or mack jones and i don't know that either one of those fellas so far and certainly a very small sample size for tray but remember how little he played in north dakota state because of the covid protocols there we don't know who either mack jones or tray lance are i think we have a better understanding and we knew it coming out alabama that jones is limited physically that's why the decision by bill bellacheck to go with either a power sharing arrangement between joe judge failed head coach at new york football giants and matt patricia failed head coach of the detroit lions to run the offense with patricia apparently getting the final say that is a phenomenal example of hubris blind pride because bellacheck is convinced he can do it his own way he wants to be surrounded by quote-unquote people that he is capable of trusting well how about thinking about the best interest of mack jones couldn't mack use an established play caller with a body of work as we saw mack fade over the last third of the regular season i'll go back to that game against the cults in which he was absolutely terrible and how'd he do in that playoff game in which the bills nearly hung half a hundred on new england but we'll talk more about the patriots coming up in the final hour of the program but for shanahan apparently every step of the way despite the fact that this team is all in on trey lance as reflected by their willingness to trade up and give up a lot to have the ability to draft him why in the world is jimmy garoppolo still on this football team and the answer is the niners clearly are not fully confident in trey lance now there are layers to this as typically is the case remember they're getting jimmy g at a tremendous discount and i can understand the notion that you'll want an insurance policy but these are more football 101 buzzwords let's just talk about the reality of nfl locker rooms i'm not pretending i'm in there i shouldn't be i no longer have a credential but years ago coincidentally when i was a local broadcaster in the san francisco bay area i was around nfl teams and most of what you hear is true the locker room could not be more divided based on real estate the quarterbacks are over in their own area if we're talking about russell wilson who will tackle next guys like russ have their own castle with a lazy boy and a flat screen tv over there and then the backups are hovering just basking in the glory of a future hall of famer so when you talk about divided locker room that's how it's laid out but it's also a metaphor with the defense congregating on one side the offense on the other side they go to their individual position meetings don't you think the first game that trey lance struggles in forget about dopes calling sports talk radio or trolls on social media i'm focusing on people that actually matter the other guys on the 53-man roster because football more than any other sports relies on teamwork if somebody's not blocking i don't care if you're patrick mahomes you have no opportunity to get that pass off so what about the mindset of the rest of the guys on the team who apparently like jimmy garoppolo however you view garoppolo and i think he's limited and just think about the super bowl since i'm on this mahomes rant today i'm brian weber in for rich eisen labor day edition of the rich eisen show if garoppolo hits emmanuel sanders 49ers win that super bowl here's the spin i'm hearing about the nfc title game the niners were a dropped interception away from defeating the rams well why don't we tell like it is if garoppolo had made a few more throws it's the niners going back to the super bowl the niners have had their phenomenal run as of late not because of garoppolo i'm not going to say despite him but he's just been one layer of the success as a high-end game manager who has been susceptible to injuries in fairness not too banged up last year although he's coming off a shoulder procedure another reason why the trade market wasn't there and i think most people plugged in around the nfl had a notion the niners might hang on to garoppolo because they don't fully believe in tray lance but garoppolo over his body of work has gotten hurt too much and he's thrown too many interceptions that was the whole reason why kyle shanahan with his innovative offensive play calling other than with a 28 to 3 lead in the super bowl you give me that one specific circumstance he's not so hot other than that shanahan's a genius just ask him but that was the motivation to move on from garoppolo and here we are with the niners taking on the bears on sunday san francisco should handle that game although it's on the road nice to go to soldier field in september not december san francisco last check a seven point favorite in that game but even if the niners handle their business in straightforward fashion coming up on sunday the first game that lance has a wobbly performance and he will because everyone does over the course of 16 now 17 regular season games and because of his limited experience first game that lance is lousy in now you've got a problem in that locker room and i don't care about the financial savings the niners achieve by getting garoppolo to restructure the deal how much would you pay for the roster to believe in your starting quarterback and that's the trade-off so i don't fully understand the psychology of this move unless and usually this is the case things are self-evident unless this is just john lynch and kyle shanahan telling us flatly by the transaction to keep garoppolo at a discount they don't fully believe in trey lance they want a capable backup that they can plug in who knows the offense even though garoppolo according reports has not been going to the offensive meetings at least wasn't when he was separate from the team essentially told jimmy you're the four-string quarterback we're going to get you out of here and then everything changed so to me that is one of the most compelling storylines don't love that word but compelling elements to track as we get closer to the regular season kicking off thursday with the bills at the rams and that taj mahal football here in southern california the monday night matchup is spicy because it's the return of russ russell wilson going back to seattle the poor seahawks going with gino smith why thank you very much i'll talk about what the seahawks motivation is why they did not make the move for jimmy garoppolo and it's better though to celebrate teams that could achieve something as opposed to a team in disarray like the seahawks so with old faces in new places at the quarterback position how much of a difference is russell wilson really gonna make in the rugged afc west plus what does the contract that he signed late last week mean for lamar jackson it is monday hopefully you're not working it is a business day in the nfl you know that jackson has the deadline and we'll talk about the particulars of what that deadline could actually be but let's just play it out literally season for baltimore starts sunday at the meadowlands call it the joe flaco bowl yes joey flaco guiding the jets against his old team what does russell wilson's contract mean for lamar jackson that's coming up much more nfl to get to i'm brian weber i appreciate you spending part of your labor day with us as we roll on on this busy edition of the rich eyes and show so i'm brian weber aim for rich isin on this labor day edition of the rich eyes and show you're gonna be up on twitter bw weber weber with two b's the phone number one eight four four two oh four rich one eight four four two oh four seven four two four let's keep the nfl conversation going we have located a great friend and one of the best in the business it's jason cole nfl insider for author of many books including elway a relentless life jason i appreciate you taking the time how you doing i'm fantastic how are you fantastic did you have to ponder that are you exceptional today i'm above ground i'm therefore okay i admire your enthusiasm i just spent a good chunk of time talking about the 49ers i would love your view i can understand the motivation to keep jimmy garoppolo around at a reduced salary but let's just take a step back and think about team psychology or most notably the self-belief of trey lance jason don't you think that even having this insurance policy while that could be an asset could go a long way to undermining the confidence of lance especially when he has a lousy game yeah so why'd they do it um because they you know a you don't want to give away an asset without getting something for him b um you know they needed to get they need a good backup because their backup situation was made themselves which is just okay um and i think that c in their heart of hearts they've admitted that trey lance is probably not ready to do the things that they need to do and if you watched him in preseason and i know look preseason is preseason but i've been hearing the same thing all off season that i saw play out in the last you know preseason game he's not incredibly accurate in in the way that you need a quarterback to be accurate in other words you can't just hit a guy you have to hit a guy in the right spot on the run you can't miss out in front that much you can't miss on when you throw to the outside you can't throw the inside shoulder you have to throw the outside shoulder you know there there are all these little things that he does that are the difference sometimes in winning and losing games and this is a team that can't afford to have little things go against them when you're chasing a championship but the 49ers are trying to thread an incredibly narrow needle of winning a championship while developing a franchise quarterback it's really hard it's hard to do either one of those but to do it under these circumstances even harder i mean yeah the the dolphins in the early 80s did with dan marino okay well dan marino played four years of college football okay played he put at a high level at pit you know when pit was good he came in having thrown the ball around a lot and the rules i mean all these other things that happened and who were the quarterbacks don struck and david woodley a million years ago yeah i mean it wasn't much competition you know david woodley everybody knew and and and there wasn't this you know all this going on so the 49ers are facing a really difficult task because jimmy doesn't make a lot of mistakes he's the you know as much as he's not a great player he doesn't screw things up that enough and he doesn't get in the way and trey lance is going to screw some things up can you overcome them along the way and here's the biggest one they're playing chicago in week one what happens is justin fields looks better than trey lance i mean never mind let's say that chicago somehow wins this game which they shouldn't but they're home it's opening weeks they're going to come out you know like they're shot out of a cannon and and all those things the 49ers swallowed they're really good you know i i can't see them just rolling through this game right so i think this is going to be a low scoring ugly game what happens if justin fields looks better than trey lance how does that play in the locker room with the players who are fighting to win the championship precisely yeah no i fully understand the rationale i'm brian webber in for rich eisen taking you across the nfl with jason cole jason because you are expansive let me know if you can do this in four minutes because this is a comprehensive topic and you've done a lot of reporting on lamar jackson we got four minutes left in the segment so i'll be concise with the question what is the likelihood that the ravens and jackson get the deal done this week 15 to 20 he he has to have somebody come to him and say look don't walk away from this kind of guaranteed money don't walk away from i don't know if it's 150 160 107 180 whatever the amount is don't walk away from that yeah your pro your pride about wanting to have a fully guaranteed contract that is worth more than deshawn watson put that aside this is life-altering money but there's just as good an argument of look they're gonna have to franchise tag you anyways you're gonna get most of that money if you just play this thing out as long as you don't get hurt the one problem with lamar jackson is you know when you make a living a quarterback with your legs the way that he does and i know everybody says well he's avoid he avoids big hits i'm sorry you don't avoid him forever when you have when you can end up like cam newton and having a much shorter career than most other guys now and newton played long enough to make a lot of money and he's fine and that's a good thing but he did not have as long a career as a lot of us you know as a lot of people would have expected of a guy taking number one overall a quarterback right you want those guys to last 14 15 16 years if you can i just don't say it with lamar jackson i would i would counsel him if if this is north of 150 million dollars guaranteed take that money and run jason great information as always i'm talking college football to start the next hour of the program is our beloved stanford corridor gonna wind up in the big 10 i don't want to talk about the colgate game i don't want to talk about the colgate game i'm looking forward well i know you got tanner mckee was really was very okay you found a positive yeah it was you know it was an ugly game but he he was pretty good like i give him that okay i don't want to go the big 10 i don't want to fly to west lafayette i don't want to go the big 10 either but we might have to because unless espn puts a lot of money on the table to keep the pack 10 at night alive as as your your boy rich isin likes to call it the back 10 at night um it's uh it's doomed i mean they're utah arizona state arizona and colorado are just like so nervous right now because they have that offer from the big 12 to go there and break away and they have a good offer from the big yeah but do not underestimate the power of the conference of champions i'll just leave it there okay uh i vastly under i i don't want to overestimate the power look i still work for the conference and i want to work there so we're gonna end on a high note jason i appreciate you taking the time on a holiday we'll talk soon jason cole nfl insider i'll kick the thank you jason i don't need a blogger picking up on that let me just give you a disclaimer the views of jason cole and anything i say do not reflect the views of any of my employers i'm looking forward to a big season of volleyball soccer then it's on the hoops my 10th year at pac-12 network i'm alumnus of two pac-12 schools why am i working on a holiday the answer is i love it where else would i rather be especially when i have a chance to fill in for rich and the guys that was a rapidly paced first hour we're going to keep it going coming up in the second hour of the program we'll kick it off as promised talking college football then we'll get back to the nfl gonna spend a good chunk of time trying to figure out the mindset the headspace of aaron rogers is he gonna go back to back to back make it three mvps but more importantly is he gonna win another super bowl in his career one is terrific two is legacy changing that's coming up as mentioned phone calls are an option one eight four four two oh four rich hit me up on twitter that's bw weber weber with two b's straight ahead talking college football with the 12 team playoff looming does that mean we're going to get a half dozen teams from the sec that's on the way when we check in with p few deck from college football thanks for hanging out with us on labor day i'm brian weber in for rich eisen it's the rich eisen show for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts you
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