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REShow: Bob Costas - Hour 1 (9-6-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 6, 2022 3:21 pm

REShow: Bob Costas - Hour 1 (9-6-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 6, 2022 3:21 pm

Rich reveals his AFC and NFC Division winner predictions for the 2022 NFL season. 

Hall of Fame announcer Bob Costas and Rich discuss the new season of his HBO show ‘Back on the Record,’ if Aaron Judge should be considered baseballs home run king if he passes Rodger Maris’ 61 HRs this season and if the Yankees slugger deserves the AL MVP nod over the Angels’ Shohei Ohtani, marvel at Albert Pujols’ thoroughly entertaining chase for 700 career homers, reveals what he gleaned from his lengthy sit-down interview with Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban, 

Rich weighs in on the criticism and doubt pouring down on Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts’ ability to lead his team to an NFC East title this season.

Brockman continues his pre-season NFL power rankings countdown reveal with his ‘Burning Questions’ for teams 15 to 11 on his list including the Las Vegas Raiders, Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams, and San Francisco 49ers.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. Anybody who bets Michigan football in the first week of the season is an idiot. Touchdown JJ McCarthy the Wolverines lead it. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Today's guest, 28-time Emmy Award winner Bob Costas, host of ESPN's First Take, Stephen A. Smith, Bill's linebacker Von Miller from Netflix's Cobra Kai, actor Martin Kove and now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show in an NFL week leading to week one of the NFL season that starts just up the road from this Los Angeles television and radio studio when the Bills and the Rams take on one another and Von Miller is on this program to talk about it. We are here for you over the next three hours right here on Rich Eisen Show. This month we will migrate this show to the Roku channel and it will be free and it will be glorious.

It's going to be on all Roku devices, select Samsung televisions, Amazon Fire TV, any mobile device can get the Roku app on which the Roku channel can be found and this show can be streamed for free and also on desktop the is the spot for you to go plug into your internet web tubes and watch this show every single day for free. We've got Bob Costas on this show and all 19 million of his Emmys in about 20 minutes time. We also on this program have Stephen A. Smith from the worldwide leader in sports.

He will have the first take in hour number two of this program and because we love doing this show so much and the reason why we love doing this show so much is because we can have somebody like Bob Costas on this show, somebody like Stephen A. Smith on this show, we can have a Super Bowl MVP returning to the place where he won the Super Bowl just a few months ago in Von Miller on this program and we can have John Kreese of Cobra Kai Martin Cove in studio on this program. That's how we roll on the Rich Eisen Show on this program. Good to see you over there Chris Brockman on this wondrous NFL week one Tuesday. How are you sir?

Let's go Rich. Mike Del Tufo is back from whatever the hell he was doing. Good to see you over there Mike. DJ Mikey D. Good to see you Rick. Thank you sir. Light the candle, DJ Jefferson. Light the candle on this program. Guys I just want to let you know 23 years ago today I hopped in a minivan and left Mount Washington and Pittsburgh and made my way west man and the best decision of my entire life so I'm happy to still be here.

From eastern time zone to the west coast. DJ Jefferson right here and speaking of Pittsburgh PA, speaking right now is Mike Tillman of the Pittsburgh Steelers talking about his quarterback depth chart that over the weekend had Mitchell Trubisky on top, then Mason Rudolph, then Kenny Pickett and then just early this morning Kenny Pickett and Mason Rudolph swapped spots on that depth chart. So Mason Rudolph currently third on the depth chart behind Kenny Pickett, behind Mitchell Trubisky as we are five days away from the Steelers opening the season in Cincinnati, Ohio and there's lots of questions about that. I'm sure Mike Tomlin will address them head-on as only he can on this program. A wild weekend of college football to get to on this show as well. Chris Brockman has his five new teams with burning questions. They are teams 15 through 11.

As we're heading towards the top 10 of Chris Brockman's one through 32 defective power rankings. Yes we're entering the realm of playoff teams, playoffs on this program with your burning questions and then we also have the usual Monday segment of overreaction. Monday there's you at 844-204-RICH being the number to dial on this program. Okay the season begins in two days from today and on the day of the season beginning I will have my usual show open in which I've got my burning questions for all 32 teams. That's the way I've started this show in the eight years of me doing the Rich Eisen show during an NFL season. Tonight on NFL Network I will be hosting the NFL game day morning kickoff show on which I will be part of all the prognosticators giving you my division winners. Well guess what because you take in this show on this Rich Eisen show terrestrial radio station or odyssey or our youtube page rich eisen show.

I'm gonna give them to you now. I need NFL films music from you Mike Del Tufel. It is now time for me to reveal who I believe will win every single division in the National Football League and let's start with the NFC and the NFC East. I've been talking about it.

You've been watching this show over the last several weeks. You know I've been trying to talk myself into this and then the day the Tyrant Smith went down with a leg injury for potentially the entire season. Bless Jerry Jones who we all adore here on this program.

Him saying that he'll be back for the playoffs. Good to know that the Cowboys have already made the playoffs and we haven't even had a game played in the 2022 season. I say the Philadelphia Eagles win this division. I like everything that they've done in this offseason. I like adding AJ Brown on draft day very aggressive which is what Harry Roseman has been all the way up until last week when they got Chauncey Gardner-Johnson into their secondary that has vastly improved and the two levels of defense in front of it have two Georgia Bulldogs on it from Jordan Davis and also Nicobe Dean from this year's draft. I like what they did with their run game last year.

I like their roster top to bottom and I like Jalen Hurts to be the guy to get it done this year at quarterback and win the NFC East for the Philadelphia Eagles moving on to the NFC North. This has been Green Bay's division for a long time. They own the Chicago Bears or Aaron Rodgers does at the top of the masthead there in Chicago, Illinois and I know that the Lions have improved some and I like the Vikings a lot this year and everybody has been talking about how Green Bay is going to be less than because they don't have 17 anymore.

Their number one receiver the best receiver in the game Devante Adams is now wearing silver and black in Las Vegas, Nevada. Put it all together I think the Vikings unlock Kirk Cousins this year in a way that I have not seen but it is still Aaron Rodgers division the Green Bay Packers take the NFC North once again because 12 is still 12. Their run game is still their run game. This is by all accounts going into this season the best defense the Packers have put on the field in quite some time and their coach is the king of 13 win seasons.

I think Matt LaFleur and this team will still keep on keeping on. They might have less of if you will an explosive offense without Devante Adams but I still think they win this division and the NFC South still belongs to Tom Brady. I know that Carolina is feeling good about themselves with Baker Mayfield and rightfully so. The Saints I still need to see it before I can believe it. I think the Saints will be a sleeper team this year but I don't think they're going to beat the Bucks in the long run. They may beat them on the field when they see them in week two and they may beat them on the field when they see them later in the season as has been their want in the Tom Brady era but this is still Tom Brady in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This is still one of the best offenses in the league.

It looks like Chris Godwin will not have a limitation when he goes on the field on Sunday night as expected. I think the defense will look as good as advertised. I'm concerned about the offensive line in front of Brady up front but I trust Tom to keep himself healthy and Leonard Fournette to do what needs to be done from the running back position for this team to still be the class of the NFC South and then in the NFC West you've got yourself an interesting top of the class with the 49ers almost making the Super Bowl almost beating the Rams in their house just up the road in the NFC Championship game and you swap out Jimmy G for Trey Lance and I am very high on Trey Lance and this defense and that coaching staff certainly when they go against the Rams six in a row in the regular season just throw out that one pesky playoff loss I guess.

It's still the Rams house and they're better. I like Alan Robinson. Man do I love Bobby Wagner behind Aaron Donald.

That's going to be what the kids call sick and Cooper Cup is still Cooper Cup. Cam Akers at the running back position will be a revelation. That's my two cents on that subject matter and Sean McVay and that team is just as strong as ever. I like the Rams to win the NFC West and that's my division winners for the NFC Eagles in the East, Packers in the North, Bucks in the South, Rams in the West.

Let's take the music down. Let's take a break here before I get to the AFC not on this program. I just want to bounce those off you. I know you don't like my Eastern prediction TJ Jefferson.

What about the rest? Why do you think I don't like the East? Because you're a Cowboy fan that's why. That's fine. Again you were on vacation you know eating noodles I think when I when I said that.

That's called pasta. Pasta okay noodles pasta with gravy but yeah I think I said the Eagles were in my top 10 which means but I said without saying that I picked them the one in the East so. They could be in your top 10. The Cowboys were not in your top 10?

They were not. Brockman was shocked. Christopher what do you think of those four picks? I think you know you've been talking yourself into the Eagles and you went for it but then you played it safe after that. I think if you were going to really be all in on what Kevin O'Connell is going to do for Kirk Cousins you would have picked the Vikings. I still think he's going to unlock the safe. I think I took the accurate way out and I still think that you know Kevin O'Connell can unlock Cousins but when it comes down to it I think the Packers are still going to win that division. 12 still better 12 still better than an unlock Kirk Cousins I mean when you come down to it. And then we've been talking non-stop about the 49ers and Trey Lance and then you took the easy way out and took the rest.

It's not the easy way out there the better team. But all I've been hearing about for months and months and months is that Trey Lance is is Joe Montana and Colin Kaepernick all into one. I think that is a that's what I've been hearing from that chair for months.

You've been hearing from this chair for months. You should have went Eagles Bucks obviously Vikings 49ers. Is that where you would go? Is what you should have done.

Okay thank you very much. Trey Montana. I don't think Montana just so anybody understands. Trey Montana. I don't think Trey Lance is Montana. I don't think Trey Lance is Montana and Kaepernick all rolled into one. I think that Trey Lance is going to be terrific and I think no I think he will be terrific and I think that this is his team and I've been saying they were going to go to him is for this team but I don't think that the Rams are going to be beaten in that division in the long run. And there will be ups and downs and they're going to stick with them.

That's what I've been saying. Hit the NFL films music Mike. Here we go. Hit the NFL films music. It is now time for my predictions in the American football conference. I just gave you the NFC.

If you missed it go to our YouTube page and see the rest of it. Here are my predictions for the AFC starting in the east. It's the Bills man. It's the Bills world.

We're just rent payers. They've got it all. They've got it all from the quarterback to the secondary and every single aspect of this game in between. They should win this division.

They should win the conference. That's how good they are. They've got young. They've got veteran.

They've got all of it. I love Gabe Davis big time. I love James Cook to be added to that running back room. I love what they did on the offensive line. I love their defense. I like the fact that their coaching staff has stayed pretty much intact with the exception of Dable. I think they will be just fine because Josh Allen is an MVP candidate of the first variety. I like the Buffalo Bills to win this division.

Despite the Dolphins having a lot of people on that bandwagon you never can count out the Patriots. You know Joe Flacco looks like to be starting for the Jets this week. I'm not taking that okey-doke that Zach Wilson is possible.

Practiced yesterday. Okay sounds good. Sounds good even if he does play and I'm high on the Jets. As you know as a sleeper team this is the Bills division. The AFC North man oh man oh man I'm seeing a lot of Ravens picks and I'm seeing um I'm seeing a lot of Ravens picks. Let's just put it that way and you know I'm a Harbaugh guy and I just I still think that everybody looks at the Bengals and thinks they're just the Bengals.

Oh well you know what they just caught fire at the end of last year. I was just put them in a put them in a six-week box in which they beat the Chiefs twice and put 500 on those Ravens that everybody's taken to win the division. 500 yards they put up that Joe Burrow put on them. Joe Burrow is all that. And the biscuit. Plus the biscuit.

Drink. They've improved the offensive line. They made all the additions they need to make and they're going to be a year better. I don't know why people aren't if this was any other team that made the Super Bowl in the AFC. Of course you put them it's the winning their division. The Bengals win the AFC North and I think people better get used to this.

How does that sound? Get used to it. Get used to seeing number nine a lot win football games big time. They stay healthy. It's their division. It was their conference. They're defending conference champs. Okay let's have them finish second or even third in their division. Not me.

No. In the AFC South we all know with the Texans and the Jaguars still trying to get their footing it's a two team divisional race and the question is Titans or Colts. I'm going Colts.

I'm going Colts here. They've got their own MVP candidate and a guy who's kind of you know won the award. Now at controls of the offense and the difference between Carson Wentz and Matt Ryan is felt in every corner of that locker room that contains a pretty darn good defense and this may be the best offensive line Matt Ryan's ever played behind in his career and I don't know if anybody saw this quote in the athletic from Michael Pittman the difference between Carson Wentz and Matt Ryan this was this was a sealer for me saying quote unquote last year this is their number one wide receiver on offense last year we were out there running the plays but we were basically just playing football. What does that mean?

Well we would just run around and make plays this year we're trying to be organized be at our spots and at our depths because that's how Matt likes it and how he commands it and that's what he expects so you better be there. Got it. Got it. Wow what a quote.

Got it. I'm taking the Colts to win the AFC South and everybody knows where I'm going on the AFC West everybody knows where I'm going on the AFC West and there is everybody high on the Broncos for good reason let's ride right they're right no we're riding you're right I'm riding let's ride you went it went from I'm not cooking to I'm riding let's ride right Russ is there Russ is there and he's going to unlock this offense for the new coach Nathaniel Hackett and I don't doubt it and Justin Herbert it's another year for the Chargers who got better Khalil Mack up front he might be you know longer in the tooth but he's still Khalil Mack JC Jackson if healthy in the back they paid Derwin James everyone's healthy and happy pretty much and their coach I love Brandon Staley and Austin Eckler and that offense behind Justin Herbert they could they could be really potent got it believe it Chiefs I've said here everyone's sleeping on the Chiefs offense just because Tyreke Hill's gone might be more diversified it might be tough tougher for you to defend with all their weapons on offense now and George Karlovtus has been added to a defense this kid could be defensive rookie of the year and that's possible you know laugh all you want I'm taking the Raiders Raiders are going to win this division I'm taking the Raiders in this division because I believe for sure Devontae Adams and Derek Carr are at the top five of the quarterback wide receiver combinations in this league and I'm concerned about the offensive line up front but man do I love Max Crosby and Chandler Jones on the same defense I love Hunter Renfro along with Darren Waller and this team had all that moxie last year with their coach bounced due to all the awfulness in his emails they lost a teammate because he wiped somebody off the planet stupidly driving drunk and they still made the playoffs and they still made the playoffs the way that they made it in game 260 what is it 262 272 I'm terrible at math off the top of my head 272 and then they almost beat the Bengals in Cincinnati and they got a coach you can now put it all together we'll be better the second time around just like Belichick was taking the Raiders to win the AFC west so my AFC division winners are the Bills Bengals Colts and Raiders what say you what say you you can give us a comment if you're watching it on social media later or call us right now 844-204-rich number to dial let's take a break Bob Costas will be when we return he will be here the great Bob Costas who's back on the record with Bob Costas is back with its the continuation of its second season all-new episode Friday Nick Saban he chatted with Nick Saban and Justin Verlander nice I can't wait to ask Bob if Aaron Judge is going to be the real home run single season king that's coming up next back here on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network along with our friends on slash rich eisen show once again we're moving to the roku channel um once um um once um when september gets a little bit deeper we're working on it we're going to give you a date in very short order but this month this show migrates to the roku channel after uh what we really enjoyed two years uh on peacock uh 844-204-rich is the number to dial on the show you know how very uh successful television shows have two different parts of the same season right better call Saul did that right Craig breaking bad's done that well the rec back on the record with Bob Costas continues its second season with an all-new episode this friday at 11 eastern on hbo available to stream also on hbo max the great Bob Costas back here on the Rich Eisen Show on the mercedes-benz vans phone line how you doing bob I'm good rich and I know I'm on the Rich Eisen Show yes sir but you are on so many ever-shifting platforms it's dizzying for me at least your cell phone remains the same yes it does so if I need to contact you or get a message to Susie I'm still good but apart from that I have no idea where out in the ether I can locate you I will uh I will text you since I know that you're in the world of smartphones now for a few years bob you've been off that flip phone for a while um I will text you the press release once it's out and so you can make notes as I'm sure you do yeah I will cut and paste it as I'm capable of doing and send it to all relevant parties well it's interesting I could see that on on the first episode of the second season of back on the record with Bob Costas inside the NFL scouting combine and that's unbelievable bob you did that I didn't see you there at the NFL scouting combine did I get the wrong did they get the wrong press release there was some sort of mix-up press office uh what I did do though however alluding to your earlier point yes was at my behest basically I they took the whole summer off so I could concentrate on baseball excellent I kind of make my own schedule these days rich I don't want to I want to watch my pitch count as much as I possibly can I'm kind of in a Toby Keith mode I'm not as good as I once was but I'm as good once as I ever was everybody different sort of activity uh so perhaps it doesn't apply but nonetheless I I'm a show pony not a plow horse at this point rich so we're back for the second half of the second season you're correct on Friday night fantastic well I think I got the proper information now Nick Saban and Justin Verlander so potentially the future national champion head coach and American League Cy Young award winner those are the two guys Cy Young uh tracked until what we think is a minor calf injury might cost them a couple of starts and they can be careful of course because they've all but quenched the number one seed so they'll have home field throughout uh the American League playoffs and it's an amazing story he's 39 years old two Tommy John surgeries in 2019 he wins the Cy Young award he leads the league in innings pitched he throws his third no hitter and then between 2020 and 2021 he pitches exactly six innings and now he's back as good as ever after all that at age 39 and he should be okay when it really counts in October so um let me just jump in with a baseball question for you Bob Costas as Aaron Judge if you remember that old Bugs Bunny cartoon where uh Bugs Bunny was at first base second base third base and scored every run and made every hit for his team that's what it looks like Aaron Judge currently is for the New York Yankees um and he's now one ahead if you will of the pace of Roger Maris through the number of games that the Yankees have currently played 54 home runs so I ask you Bob the question that is burning um amongst all baseball fans certainly in New York based on the fact that there is bonds in front of him clearly and others Maguire and Sosa would you consider Aaron Judge if he breaks Maris's record the single season home run king in the history of baseball Bob Costas the authentic single season home run yes just and for now Roger Maris is the authentic single season home run king Justice Henry Aaron is the authentic career home run king now both of those records are held by Barry Bonds and you have to stipulate this Barry Bonds on his natural merits was one of the greatest all-around players of any era an elite inner circle hall of famer but anyone with half a brain can look at the change not just the obvious change in his body but the change the quantum change in his statistics hall of fame statistics as they were between the beginning of his career which was you know enough to have a good idea 13-14 seasons and then the late 90s through the first several years of the 2000s that was more of a cartoon than Bugs Bunny which you referred to earlier and the same was true of Sosa and Maguire and others but Bonds was the best of all of them to begin with with a possible exception of a healthy Ken Griffey Jr. as a contemporary he was the best of all of them and then took it to the highest possible level and he's the one who holds the record so we're not singling him out because we don't like Barry Bonds in fact even though some members of the media didn't get along with him I always got along with him until I pointed these things out and then he felt less kindly toward me but I think we we patched it up since so it has nothing to do with that it's just obviously true so statistically and officially Barry Bonds holds both those records and 73 is unreachable but in the minds of many reasonable people if Aaron Judge hits 62 or more he will be the authentic single season record holder. And what he's doing right now again is a reminder of what the V in MVP stands for the most valuable player because the Yankees have just totally fallen apart offensively over the last several weeks and Judge just keeps on keeping on and he is now homered in three straight games he scored every run for the Yankees in their weekend series against the Rays and and pulled one out against Tampa to try and hold on to a once upon a time 15 and a half game lead that's now down to five games I mean he has been valuable but Otani hit two more home runs and we know he's that unicorn where do you stand on that MVP conversation Bob? I think it's clear that Aaron Judge is this year's MVP. Otani is an historic player and he was the MVP last year and if he keeps doing this he'll be in contention for the MVP almost every year.

If Judge were having merely what would be considered your average if there is such a thing MVP season on a contending team then you could make a case for Otani even though the trap door opened on the Angels sometime in May and they haven't been in contention ever since but given that stark difference and given the fact that Judge is having an historic season of his own if the term MVP is going to mean anything at all then Judge is this year's MVP but unless he gets hurt Otani will probably add additional MVPs to the one he won last year. Bob Costas here on the Rich Eisen Show you got a good pool hole story as it appears he might hit 700 before he rides off in the sunset which everyone's wondering why he's still doing because of what he's currently doing Bob? Well I think he's it's pretty certain I haven't spoken with him this year he was always very open and very gracious with me and other members of the media as you know I was connected to St. Louis for a very long time and when he did most of his had most of his great seasons wearing a cardinal uniform I don't know that I have any specific story other than the fact that you know he wasn't called the machine for nothing. He's one of he's one of the great right-handed hitters I don't care as difficult it is to compare across gear if you want to compare him to Rogers Hornsby or to some contemporary Miguel Cabrera whoever you want to compare him to I don't know who you could possibly put ahead of him because he stuck around for a while and all the at bats with the Angels his lifetime batting average fallen beneath 300 uh unless this recent rampage has nudged him just above but I haven't checked but there was a time when he was sitting 40 home runs a year and batting 330 you know and driving in 100 plus runs uh and what he's done now you get him up there against left-handed pitching it isn't just like a nostalgia tour and here he is 42 years old and maybe you'll touch one off he's one of the most dangerous hitters in baseball right now against left-handed pitching and with a universal DH the Cardinals have been able to make good use of him without the universal DH he never could have returned to St. Louis and had all the glorious circumstances surrounding this last hurrah and they're they're a very good team right now they're going to have to go into the wild card round because the buys are going to belong obviously to the Dodgers and either the Braves or the Mets whichever one wins the National League East but they've got a chance to have a pretty deep October run and he could be a big factor I mean how about him in his final at bat against the Cubs in the vaunted Cubs Cardinals rivalry hitting a pinch hit home run to win the game I mean it's it it really is that those are the best moments in any sport but baseball in particular because of the you know the individuality of standing alone at the plate not to go all untouchables uh soliloquy on you but you know for for for for the level of expectation and hope by anybody watching to be met in the moment sort of like what Gibson did against Eckersley and I know that's the the ultimate but for for a pool host to step to the plate in a pinch hit role and what will be unless he does acquiesce and come back his final at bat against the Cubs you can't script it what he's doing right now it's unreal it's great home run in a scoreless game in the eighth inning that made it two to nothing it's a consequential hit and most of these home runs during this hot streak they're not pop flies that dunk over the barrier they're tape measure shots I mean this one was a 430 foot blast over the bullpen and into the bleachers unbelievable it's just so great Bob Costas here on the Rich Eisen Show back on the record with Bob Costas rolls on into its second season all new episode this Friday 11 Eastern on HBO we just talked about some baseball because you spoke to Justin Verlander what does one glean Bob from Nick Saban at this point in his career sitting down with him Bob well we talked a little bit about his background I'd read a couple of his books and he has an interesting and somewhat poignant backstory his childhood and his early coaching career talked a little bit about his relationship with Bill Belichick and I asked him an obvious question what happens if you give Belichick all of your recruits and personnel for this run of years and you take all of the same Patriots personnel and so he answered that question that's kind of interesting but most of the focus and it's a lengthy interview and that's one of the things that brings me back to HBO the chance to do commentaries and a little bit of journalism and long form interviews I like that so it's it's probably 17 18 minutes long once we edited it down and most of it concentrates on the seismic changes taking place in college sports in general and college football in particular and who better to address that than Nick Saban and he was pretty good on all those subjects well I mean what he said about Texas A&M caught you know was quite something did you bring that one up with him absolutely brought up Jimbo Fisher and he very straightforwardly said I shouldn't have said what I did I called to apologize at first he didn't take that call but then we saw each other at the SEC meetings sometime after that and we're good going forward and I reminded him I think they play on October 8th in Tuscaloosa and I reminded him of that even if you two say you're good I want to put it behind you and it's all about the players that's not the way this thing is going to be covered and he he recognized that and he said that his point was about name image and likeness he's all in favor of name image and like this but the players should not in his view be able to capitalize on that until they arrive on campus it shouldn't be used as a recruiting tool and even if it's technically allowed in some cases he believes that that will create additional chaos if it's specifically being used as a recruiting tool you say to a kid and his parents look we guarantee you there's a car dealership here in small town whatever this university is in guarantee you 100 grand right off the bat before he goes to a class uh that that was his concern and he said he should have couched it that way in the more general way and not mention fisher or texas a and f now but we all know where this is going i mean this is professional sports bob it really is i mean the big the big 10 just signed a contract with not one not two but three different television networks for over a billion dollars a year that's right on par with major league baseball's contract with espn and fox you know and and uh jim harbaugh my coach at michigan says he thinks that players should get a piece of the television revenue and once that happens you know unionization is right behind it's right around the corner i mean all those accounts and maybe maybe the pac-12 uh merging with the big 10 uh the numbers 12 and 10 being irrelevant at this point right and creating uh two separate divisions um an eastern and midwest division and a rocky mountain and i don't know whatever the hell it is creating two separate divisions but they're they're merged either way the public demands the traditional encounter between usc and rutgers so they'll get that i haven't been around the east coast too often bob are you hearing that you're hearing that walking around new york city that the excitement the excitement is palpable nothing nothing gets the juices flowing quite like new bronzewick versus beverly hills you know what i'm saying that's those are the recruiting wars right there a cultural resentment there that just bubbled to the surface oh my goodness gracious who else you have coming up in uh the second part of season two for you you want to lay down some names that are coming up the next show is in november we skip october because i'm involved in the baseball postseason yes but if the world series goes seven it goes all the way till saturday november 5th okay they had to push it back because of the lockout and the extra layer of playoffs with the wildcard round being two out of three so fortuitously the next show is just a few days after what would be game seven and rob manfred will be one of our guests to talk about all the issues uh that are swirling around baseball and we haven't booked the rest of the show but we know we'll have manfred in november and for this show on friday in addition to verlander and nick saben it turns out that september 9th this friday is 50 years to the day that the controversial game in the munich olympics happened between the u.s basketball team and the soviet union and we have kind of a first-person recollection from doug collins who made arguably the two most pressure-packed free throws in the history of basketball the u.s had never lost the game won every gold medal dating back to 1936 they're down by a point he steals the ball drives to the basket is undercut knocked into the basket stanchion momentarily knocked woozy gets to his feet they're down by one point with three seconds to go and he swishes both free throws and then the soviet union gets as some people may recall i've heard about three separate chances in some sort of travesty and havoc three separate chances to eventually score what turns out to be the winning basket and to this day none of the american players have accepted the silver medal the um the medal stand was was empty the second stand uh in munich at the medal ceremony reserved for the silver medalist was empty the medals are still in a vault at ioc headquarters in lozano and some of the players on that team have gone so far as to put it in their will that none of their heirs can ever accept the silver medal so uh so doug talks about that and i you know i know him so well from our days together broadcasting the nba on nbc right so i brought this up to him and i want to let too much of the cat out of the bag but the last song he listened to on his headset some sort of primitive headset a walkman or something he must have in in 1972 before taking the court trying to get himself psyched up was jimmy roughins what becomes of the brokenhearted and every time he hears that song he's transported back to that game and those moments wow that'll be a great episode as always bob thanks for the time um uh best to everyone in your whole family best to jill best to everybody and let's uh let's chat again soon thank you rich hope to see you soon right back at you that's the great bob costas everybody check out back on the record with bob costas coming up this friday on hbo walk man that didn't exist it's probably like a crawl man yeah where they listen to and can you look like a headset up to a a record player reel to reel rich back in it's back what about or a track or all the a track a track how about that in the will do not accept what those there there is somewhere in switzerland the silver medals that'd be like uh uh i love it like don't you think that would be like some sort of national treasure type sports caper to go get those right who is our sports nick cage that's gonna go out there and rogers rogers well he still got the hair pour him some of that tea and go get and go sick him in uh switzerland he'll do it let's take a break right here on the rich eisen show burning questions from chris brockman and while we're on the subject of college football as soon as we got off the air a 12 team college football playoff idea got voted on and approved that's coming up next that was from friday if you don't know your numbers you don't know your business and that is true when your business is growing fast but even more true when there's a lot of uncertainty uncertainty like there are in these uncertain times but not every business is in the dark folks because over 31 000 businesses know their numbers because they use net suite by oracle the number one cloud financial system net suite gives you visibility and control of your financials planning budgeting of course inventory so you can manage risk get reliable forecasts and improve margins everything you need all in one place know your numbers know your business and get to know how net suite can be the source of truth for your entire company identify rising costs automate your manual business processes see where to save your money right now net suite is offering a one-of-a-kind flexible financing program head to rich radio right now rich radio don't forget that last part it's important for everybody rich radio 844-204 rich is the number to dial here on the program jacob in indiana let's take your phone call right here on the show what's up jacob hey rich how's it going what's going on sir uh not much uh long time listener first time caller thank you sir um i just have a couple things today about the eagles playing in the east i mean i completely agree with you i'm an eagles fan that lives in indiana and i'm still not the biggest believer in jaylen hurts but with the rosters at how he has set up he doesn't have to do a whole lot and with how easy the schedule is this year there's a very good chance for them to become the number one seed in this and the conference what you think about that thank you very much and let me just spend a couple minutes here before i send things over to chris for his burning questions i i've done a lot of thinking about why jaylen hurts doesn't have the full confidence of everybody in the nfl community despite his clear significant amount of talent that he has and his leadership skills i think it's because tuah leapfrogged him and i think it's because when he went to oklahoma after by the way staying in alabama after so many kids just say i'm out of here and that's the rumor about why saben turned to tua at that moment is because tua was going to transfer out that's never really been confirmed but that's been the rumor since the minute it happened and jaylen hurts stuck around he stuck around and then he went to oklahoma and everyone figures well kylar won a uh a Heisman trophy and baker won a Heisman trophy there so it was a Heisman trophy machine all you do is just plug and play him and he didn't win a Heisman there and then he gets drafted in the second round which is a surprise because everybody didn't have that grade on him and then he gets to philadelphia and he starts balling out and by the way he can really play football if he could just put together what he does for your fantasy team in like the late third fourth quarter last year over four quarters they're going to win the division and he will be their guy i think that's why people kind of overlook him yeah i don't think that gets talked about enough i don't think so and because i'm wondering he's clearly insanely talented why why why don't you give him the benefit of the doubt i think that may be why do we need herts anon yeah what's the what's there's two on on and i don't know going there for jaylen i don't know but uh i've been thinking a lot about that and i think that's where i've landed where i've landed on on the the hurts hate if you will i don't think the shade all right chris brockman you've got teams 15 through 11 burning questions for chris brockman teams 15 through 11 brockman's burning questions all right the nfl season right around the corner chris who's 15 through 11 on your guys hey uh you're gonna see a lot of familiar teams in this five teams we've been talking about a lot in the last few months number 15 tj dallas cowboys a burning question for them is pretty simple if the losses rack up this year how large will sean payton shadow loom on that entire franchise wow you worked it all together how did you get how did you get all of the issues of the cowboys in one single question there it is if losses rack up how large will sean payton shadow loom that's all right there right that's pretty much it i mean i think a lot of people uh me including expect sean payton to be the head coach of this team next year because dallas even if they do make the playoffs if they're one and done mccarthy's out so anything less than the super bowl or a super bowl appearance i think is the only way he saves his job how will they score enough points if necessary that's the question but their defense is really freaking good man really good so do you agree with that question for your team is that your most burning question for your team tj jefferson i mean i i've got five things which i'll get to probably later this week okay you know what what if we rack up the wins though it's always like we got to look at it negatively what if we okay do what we're supposed to do quickly he dismissed that america who's 14 to give a look how the sausage is made i was off camera doing some producing work which made me come back to my spot just to sit here to dismiss what i said i'm going back over here to do some producing work america continued chris welcome to the party pal uh number 14 a team we've been talking about a ton the san francisco 49ers and it's obvious it's is trey lance the guy or will jimmy g have to save the season that is the burning question in it they don't have any other questions what are the what other question could you possibly find is trey lance the guy or will jimmy g have to save the season is he the guy right now i think he's the guy long term is he can he be the guy right now or will jimmy g have to save the season okay what else chris all right a bunch of afc west teams coming up guys i think i i have them slated i think appropriately we'll see i got 13 i got the denver broncos does russell wilson have the type of late career dominance in him like tom brady and erin rogers russ is 34 he plans on finishing his career in denver he said with this long-term extension now seven years under contract and can he do it late in his career at some of these older quarterbacks have done we've seen tom brady win championships and rogers mvp can rust do it i think that's the long-term full season-long or career-long storyline arc for the burning question there but for the 2022 season is can rust come in year one and do what tom brady did year one in tampa which is take a a bunch of talented players with a a hungry defense and turn them into champions on the spot uh that's it can you take over a team and lead them to a title this year as so many people think they're ready to do i don't know that's the burning question for me for this this season i don't know number 12 i'm looking at the las vegas raiders uh look we know the afc west is going to be stacked the offenses are going to be awesome so in this high octane division can they get the stops on defense they need to win tough games okay that's for me i'm looking at the defense i got it i've got a burning question right there uh just to add to it but get to number 11 in the meantime number 11 knows how i feel about the raiders absolutely and number 11 the los angeles chargers we know they have one of the best rosters they got a quarterback prime to to maybe contend for mvp but can this team just stop doing chargers like things and live up to their potential that's it that's it just stop going chargers on games and and live up to this potential because the potential is through the roof that's true man can they stop you nailed that one that's it right there can they because if any other team without that lightning bolt in the powder blue that team can win the super bowl but you know can they stop doing charges like things and then the burning question the raiders you missed it chris i'm sorry to say is rich isin correct that's it that's the burning question are you gonna jinx this team is it am i right is what i'm saying that's it nice so based on the process of elimination you have the chiefs winning the division i do actually i've uh i've come around okay i've come around well we'll get to that for your next two days of burning questions we'll see if the chiefs are in the end the 10 through 6 or the one through five that's your way of looking at the the afc west huh so you you've got the raiders finishing third to the charges i've got them winning it that's the beautiful thing about this division you see so many predictions it's all over the map i've yet to see i saw a bunch on good morning football today i uh has anyone chosen the broncos to win it all not that i've because no but because the burning question that i think people are answering the burning question that we came up with for the for the broncos or at least i did yours is the can he have the late season or late career magic like brady and rogers but he's not in the brady or rogers uh age group yet not yet that's for the longer term this year i don't know if anybody thinks that rus can just come in and take a team that hasn't been above 500 in a while and just say boom we're now winning we're not only just winning we're winning it all and try and stop us we're winning the division and then we're going to win playoff games like he always did in seattle win the division win multiple playoff games playing multiple playoff games the very and win it all i don't know about that yeah i think it's going to be broncos chargers you know one of them go 10 and 7 and they miss the spot i think it's going to be tough you know what's great about this all these answers will soon all these questions will soon be answered that's correct sir it's coming von miller next hour along with stephen a smith don't you dare move for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a baby face hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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