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REShow: Martin Kove - Hour 3 (9-6-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 6, 2022 3:22 pm

REShow: Martin Kove - Hour 3 (9-6-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 6, 2022 3:22 pm

In a Tuesday edition of ‘Overreaction Monday’ Rich weighs in on Baker Mayfield and Mitchell Trubisky’s chances to lead the Panthers and Steelers to the playoffs, if the Bills are under more pressure to win it all this season than the Rams, how much a factor Julio Jones will play in the Buccaneers’ offense, if we’re on track for another Alabama vs Georgia national championship game, what’s in store for Brian Kelly at LSU, and why the College Football Playoff should expand sooner rather than later.

Actor Martin Kove joins Rich in-studio to discuss the new season of Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’ and why he agreed to reprise his John Kreese role, plays a round of ‘Celebrity True or False’ where he tells a great stories about playing tennis with a frustrated Sean Connery and making ‘The Karate Kid,’ reveals why he and Sylvester Stallone got into a huge bar fight with fans at a bar in Mexico once, and gives his NFL 2022 hot takes channeling his inner Cobra Kai Sensei Kreese. 

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. Anybody who bets Michigan football in the first week of the season is an idiot. Touchdown JJ McCarthy the Wolverines lead it live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Earlier on the show 28-time Emmy Award winner Bob Costas host of ESPN's first take Stephen A. Smith, Bill's linebacker Von Miller. Coming up from Netflix's Cobra Kai actor Martin Kove and now it's Rich Eisen. Yes it is hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

Man if we had a great show already for the first two hours with Bob Costas, Stephen A. Smith and Von Miller having called into the program if you missed any of it it's right here on our YouTube stream slash Rich Eisen Show which is for the moment for the moment in this month where we're migrating to the Roku channel this is how you can watch us every day right here on our YouTube stream almost half a million subscribers. I'm now rounding up from the almost 460,000. I mean I just rounded up a lot. I did what my dad used to do is I used to round he used to round up when it was beneficial to him my age and then round down when it was beneficial to him.

If I wasn't acting my age you were almost 12 and I was like 11 and a quarter and then I asked to do something that was beyond my age you're not even you're barely 11. Like that's what my dad used to do and it caught I caught on after a while. It's a good dad move. I mean I can't wait. Put that in your arsenal. I mean I got it. I can't wait.

I can't wait. I just rounded up I just rounded up to the Rich Eisen Show's benefit. Martin Kove is on this program.

We are jacked up man. Cobra Kai season five. Season five of the television sequel of the great Karate Kid movies and you know our I guess our our he's enters our dojo do we say that? I think so yeah. Okay yeah. Season five of Cobra Kai available for streaming this Friday of course he plays the the the great John Kreese in this movie.

You will attempt to sweep the leg. We got a great celebrity true or false for Martin coming up. We'll talk Karate Kid and Cobra Kai and more but let me a little bit of Rambo. Yeah. First blood part two. Absolutely. Okay. First blood part two.

That doesn't make sense. Second blood. Why wouldn't they go Rambo second blood? Just second blood.

That had to be a very distinct decision-making choice. Don't ever think it. Second blood. Rambo second blood.

Don't ever think it. First blood part two. It could have been bleeds again. Rambo bleeds again. That sounds like a bad Herbie the love bug movie.

Herbie rides again and Rambo bleeds again. TJ you're awful quiet in this nonsensical conversation. I don't want to add more nonsense to the nonsense.

Nonsense on top of nonsense. No I was just thinking you know I told you guys that this is my anniversary of leaving Pittsburgh and I remember when the first people I remember seeing like yes the first celebrities that was somewhere in the valley it had to be early 2000 and that's where Martin Cove drove by me on like Lancashire or something and I swear like a Trans Am or a Corvette and I was just like was that yes it was it was just one of those times you first get to town and you see like someone famous and it bugs you out a little bit and I remember he was one of those. I'll tell this story I've told this story before and it kind of dovetails because Martin Cove has been on the Rockford Files. So you know when Susie was doing USC and playing you know covering USC and covering the Angels and covering the Lakers and all that and I was on Sports Center I would come out here just to hang out while she was working and I would take some time off just to continue a long-distance relationship. Come out to the coast. So she set me up she set me up at Bel Air Country Club.

Oh offensive. I think that's her UCLA connections right because it's right there in Westwood like you tee off the first hole at Bel Air and you're you're you're teeing off right into into the campus of UCLA. But anyway I just thought to myself wow here I am a Staten Island kid playing at Bel Air Country Club I had no business you know and I was nervous off the first tee and I always slice and I sliced it right off the first tee into the 18th fairway okay which is separated by this line of trees at the time and so I sliced it and I just thought to myself as I sliced it into the 18th fairway I thought to myself will I see someone famous here. It's what it really crossed my mind as I'm like is it possible I could run into somebody very famous here because I saw the faces of the members on the wall and I recognized a few of them I saw Vin Scully on the wall I'm like could I see Vin here today.

That would be amazing. So I I'm on the 18th fairway getting set to play my my my golf ball and all of a sudden have I told you this story? I think I've heard this before. Whizzing up in a golf cart whizzing up in a golf cart are Mac Davis and James Garner. Just as I'm thinking to myself is it possible I could find see someone famous Mac Davis and James Garner and James Garner has got a golf ball in between his thumb and his forefinger and he is angry and he says to me is this your golf ball and I'm like no actually that's my golf ball I pointed down at my feet in the middle of the fairway he's playing and I'm like that's my golf ball he goes all right because somebody's playing my effing ball and zooms off and I thought to myself that is the greatest thing ever I'm wondering am I gonna see someone famous I not only saw someone fast but two famous people playing golf together and he accused me of playing the wrong golf ball playing his he was pissed he was angry man amazing that was my like introduction to LA was that really oh I knew it was them golf golf makes you angry especially when you're oh my god I feel for whoever wrongly played Jim Rockford's golf ball wow damn that was amazing Jim Rockford's golf ball too late it's too late it's too late we gotta we have to close we really need to narrow this down we'll do that over the next week or two promise you all right 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number it's a Monday it's NFL uh week one uh it's a Tuesday my bad it's Tuesday it's the first day of an NFL week all right hit it Chris Brockman overreaction Monday slash Tuesday hit it please that was terrible that was crap that was garbage this place sucks over reaction can we calm down Tuesday all right very good I like it I like it very day specific I don't want to calm down to be honest hey let's go news of the day guys let's get right to it mr bisky's gonna lead the Steelers back to the playoffs false overreaction overreaction he's a captain he's not getting benched I know they had look man it's a smart move he's clearly you know uh winning over the locker room or has one over the locker room we just need to see this what's beautiful about the NFL and the NFL season is you never know tonight on NFL network I will be two seats away from the personification of you never know in other words we're skipping right over Mooch and we're landing on Kurt right all right so you never know Mitchell Trubisky has a shot to be a starting quarterback in the NFL once again who'd have thunk it after he lands in Buffalo as the only thing that he could land as in the NFL at the point in time a backup quarterback so he's a captain he's going to get a shot I do not you know I hope to be wrong for his sake and the Steelers sake um I I just think that is an overreaction Chris this is the Bengals division and the Steelers are not going to make the playoffs even I think they could still be above 500 but in this AFC where 10 wins may not even be enough I think the Steelers don't make the playoffs I'm even tonight preview putting them out and you'll see who I put in on NFL network in the in that segment of our season preview show where you have to take one out and put one in I say that's an overreaction sir what's next how many hours away teachable like 55 hours oh my gosh I just can't wait bills rams it's so fi a Super Bowl preview possible yes sir but you know what it's not the defending champs with all the pressure the bills have more pressure on them this year than the Rams false false in what way they're the Super Bowl favorite the quarterback is the betting favorite for MVP if you're putting it right here more pressure on them than the Rams yes that's true I don't think they've got a lot of pressure on them I think they're going to handle it very well you just think pressure doesn't exist you don't think Aaron Rodgers has pressure no pressure on Jack the bill like what is going on that called a privilege last week earlier in our number two I asked about that same thing probably should we just do the graphic the Rams the bills have all the privilege on them this year they're the favorite in everything what have they won I just think how about this of course there's pressure on them the level of expectation for the bills is its highest since the 90s crazy okay since the dynastic run and that was a dynastic run of the 90s I think they're going to just handle it I don't think they're going to sit there and go uh-oh we can't handle it in the middle of the third quarter everyone expects us to win look at that scoreboard they're so talented they're so good I think it's going to be an overreaction of even a conversation of pressure for them that they're going to at all this season I think that they're going to perform so well we won't even talk about the pressure on them let's revisit in January if they have to wind up in Kansas City again let's talk about that then yeah they better have put a pin in it for the moment I say that's an overreaction what's next okay I saw a great headline today about about Baker Mayfield and the Panthers the ball's flying out of his hand he's a leader he's doing this is doing that spotting dimes oh my gosh Baker's going to have the Panthers in the playoff hunt all year long I think so I think so I think again it's your burning question for for Carolina a couple days ago was about Matt Ruhl's hot seat it's McCaffrey's health end of story well we know he's going to be healthy for week one yeah I guess let's just make sure he just after that he's in bubble wrap walking around his house or in the Culpo residence wherever he might be honestly that's it him coming out of college it was don't draft him top 10 he's a piece of Stanford Tiffany's piece of Stanford China that can easily break and he can't run between the tackles and then his first couple years he said I'll show you and then the last two years have been a disaster of him unable to stay healthy soft tissue all over the place that's what it's about but yeah I think Baker has the stuff if healthy and protected with DJ Moore and the uh the McAdoo menu sheet uh we we might I'll I'll say that's not an overreaction I do like Baker and Carolina quite a bit what's next let's stay in that division yes sir uh Bucks offensive line in injury issues notwithstanding no Gronk uh no Antonio Brown uh Russell Gage banged up uh but Todd Boles thinks Julio Jones has many good years left Julio Jones is a key to the Bucks I don't think he's a key I think that if he does perform similarly over the next two years it's not gonna be make or break for for the um for the Bucks but him showing up like he did in Atlanta would be immensely immensely helpful so uh I I will keep an eye on that I'll put a pin in it but for the moment I don't think he has to do that I think Russell Gage is the guy I've been saying it since he signed there that it's the most successful under the radar signing possibly successful under the radar signing of the entire NFL in the hell going on month of March so but man if he shows up and starts balling out has a 100-yard game here and there and other places and suddenly it's Godwin Evans and Jones and Gage oh baby good lord and Gage is right you know warp factor five what else uh let's go to college now guys they won this weekend by a combined like 8 000 to three it seems like we're headed for another Alabama Georgia title game I know the Ohio State fans will raise their hands and say well don't forget about us you know and my my team looked really good too um and a handful of teams did as well but I mean come on let's see what A&M has to say did you see Texas we're gonna find out Texas is gonna put the Alabama band in the rafters and the Alabama band like it's like that we're not coming or something like that I don't know I shouldn't say things that I didn't completely read and just glanced at on my twitter feed over the weekend but there we get Jordan Love's uh parents seats I think they are so they're not coming yeah McConaughey's like put them in the rafters I I don't know how you can say otherwise all right here's a super overreaction Brian Kelly one and done at LSU that's absurd what is with the Brian Kelly hate man what is with it did the pile on the twitter pile on was just intense I think the fake act heads the weird dancing with recruit and just peace out Notre Dame I don't know man what what do you begrudge this man who wants to maybe go to a spot where he doesn't have a provost telling him 90% of the time you can't sign that kid seeing what it feels like to be on the other side of the SEC side of things I mean after all that time successfully showing that Notre Dame's just a stepping stone job you know I think the accent thing for me is is that what it wants he's from New England not one and done man not one and done I mean even coach O got more time man not come on that much long after winning the title on all right last one uh just start the expended college playoffs now like what are we waiting yeah I know what are we doing because it's the tv I don't think tv's ready yet I don't know it's not hard to fix this like let's go not even this year maybe just next year but we're gonna wait till 2026 yeah yeah yeah I mean I guess to put it all together maybe we knew it we do need those extra games to tenderize Georgia and Alabama maybe somebody could pick them off maybe some Cinderella could go into uh in between the hedges or Tuscaloosa because I guess they're gonna get home games right well the first round two teams get buys right and then and then the then the top four get by and then those four high seeds get home games right I think that's gonna be amazing like let's just get right to it I I know I as you know preparations must be made Gus Johnson or or Chris Fowler schedule has to be cleared I I'm with you I like Joe Tessa's call by the way for college he's dude he does a great job a little shot of Tessa tour is always great okay very good good overreaction Tuesday we're back where were we uh we've we've literally done overreaction Monday every Monday keep it going why not never stops dude it's a football season I got hot takes everywhere it's gonna be like when there's nine at one o'clock games at once on Sunday nine I'm gonna have nine TVs going at my house nine NFL games started once on Sunday by the way that's after the Bills and Rams play I need to hire a babysitter that's after college Saturday I know now all that's in preparation yes look at the number of one o'clock diversity player dude nine one o'clock games geez we're gonna have to get to this at some point over the week of course we will we've got three more days I'm just fired up I this is the one I love doing shows like this I love it I love in-studio guests I love pop culture and sports I love having Bob Costas you love Courtney Smith and I love having Von Miller on the same schedule as our next guest about to come out here to talk about Cobra Kai and Karate Kid and first first blood part two first blood okay we got a celebrity true or false and I do believe he has agreed to do what we've asked him to do is is to deliver hot takes Martin Kove's NFL hot takes coming up entering our dojo when we come back on the rich eyes and yes sensei season five of Cobra Kai is back on Netflix starting this very Friday what was it like who called you to say would you like to reprise your role from the Karate Kid series walk me through getting that call well all three writers and I was in touch with Josh Heald one of the three writers and they had gotten Billy and Ralph and I was interested in doing it and we had you know we had I think it was dinner here at Dantana's I think and I was interested in doing it but I did not want to do it in the one-dimensional framework of John Kreese in Karate Kid one two and three just tough ice you know and I said can we write him with more vulnerability with more texture emotionally and they said yeah we're interested in doing that so they've done it a little bit with you know with the flashbacks and all and my son was actually in the first flashback he played a bully that you think is me but he isn't he's bullying me in 1965 circa in a flashback in a diner scene but the bottom line was each season they come up with more of a backstory that I I back story everything so I write a lot of lines in between the lines of the script and I create a fantasy a background and every one of my notes working with mercenaries working with army rangers that I tried to give them each season they were a year and a half ahead of me they just knew everything they had the same same plans for my character as I did well that's the beauty of television right is that you can you can plan ahead obviously if you're fortunate enough to get renewed and then the minute this hit it was just it was on youtube to start and obviously you came towards the end of the the first season but the the the ferocity of the the the fan base love for the return because of because of the stuff that you're talking about talking about it wasn't just cookie cutter one note re reprising of the characters from 30 years before it was an actual deep dive into psyches and relationships and real life stuff it was really neat there you know the it came at a right time because it was the highest rated show youtube ever had right and they left the writers alone to create yes they didn't hold them which many when I did Cagney and Lacey you had six years and you had constant people trying to reinvent things rather than stick to current events that Barney Rosenzweig insisted as the creator of the show right he insisted we stick to the events of the new york times and then we'll just write scripts about that well nowadays you can't really do that you get a lot of interference and youtube let us go and then they if it's all it's all in the writing and I find out if I go through you know conventions I always ask people why do you watch the show why is it so important to you and it's basically because the parents wanted the kids to watch Cobra Kai movies the um the credit kid movie well I showed it to my I've got a 13 year old at the time 13 11 and or 10 and 8 we showed it to him we showed it to him and they after they started watching no no no no before but really they had no idea what Cobra Kai was at all um and we just said you know what let's show a movie that we said let's show a movie with when we were kids and of course they immediately said you know no way yeah right of course not immediately no we don't want something that's old and I'm like it's actually outstanding and they ate it up Martin they ate it up it was amazing well you got lucky that you're able to do it first yes most of the parents ask the kids and the kids say no no no I don't want to watch what you watched you know right and then they watch Cobra Kai with the kids yes and then the kids say you know that movie you were talking about show me show me that movie so the adults this is a story related to me so many times they'll show the Karate Kid one two and three and everybody's hooked and what it creates is a family show that you and I watched as Ed Sullivan when Ed Sullivan came on it became a family show and we get around Sunday nights and watch it there was always something for someone now that's Cobra Kai now there's always something for someone whether you're six 16 I get I get occasionally cameos requesting not only from bar mitzvahs for kids or or or priests saying this we really want you to do a pep talk for someone because we're having an auction in the congregation and we wanted John Kreese pep talk but I get stuff of people turning 60 and 70 who are fans of the show of course so it's like it's a little phenomenon and Billy and Ralph and I don't look that much different then you know knock on wood you know so it's like the parents are watching what they watched when they were 16 and the kids are just enamored with everything else Cobra Kai again season five is coming to Netflix starting on this Friday we've got a game we have here that we play called celebrity true or false where we ask about your filmography your television story as well as your career and that's out there on the emergency again after I do this to see what's true or false let's hit it Martin Cove celebrity true or false hit it please hit it celebrity true or false you can't handle the truth see we have we have window dressing and and production value for you right there okay here we go yeah I know you're blown away first things first first things first up true or false false Martin Cove you were encouraged to stay in acting by none other than Sean Connery who later became tennis buddies with you is that true or false that's true okay what were you on the fence and Sean how did you come across Sean Connery Sean Connery I was his stand-in in in 1972 when I was still acting in New York for a movie called the Anderson tapes and it was like a glorified extra you just stand there you listen to Sidney Lumet direct you watch you know Mark you watch Sean interact with Martin Balsam and all these other people and I learned one thing I learned how to listen okay by watching Sean Connery then probably 15 years later I've I've done Karate Kid I'm a little more established and I bump into him on a tennis court and I say you want to hit the ball and I said to him do you remember me I was just standing he says nope he said nope you know I see he said but you want to hit the ball and I said sure and we're hitting the ball he was terrible he wasn't hitting well he had a back problem and he was cursing but he was cursing which I can't say here on the show but he was cursing so much like we do as teenagers and I'm cracking up hysterical because I'm saying on the other side of the court I'm playing tennis with James Bond and he's cursing just like I do you know and I just I'm dying I couldn't I couldn't hit the ball back either because I was laughing so hard and then we became friends you know and yeah so what they're referring to is I asked him because I was accepted to a classical repertory company and I was accepted also the NYU School of the Arts yes at the same time it would have been the fifth year of college and I said I pro I posed the question do I do I take go back to school do this and um he said young man if you can do Antigone you can do anything which means go work with the repertory company and forget about school and I did and you did that I did that and so after the Anderson tapes you started getting some gigs here in town with the what the Rockford files right you were on well I that was in New York okay I was there I came here and I guess in the first year I was here I got a lot of those guest stars like in the Rockford files like eight tv shows and three movies because you told a story off camera here you you knew James Garner offset right yeah and did you go to a sporting event with him or something like that we went to um we had the same uh orthopedic doctor uh Robert Rosenfeld who ran with the Raiders okay and he took us through all the games and we went on the field and with the passes and heard all the hits and the bangs up in Oakland you're talking about Oakland and LA they played in LA a couple times then they were still the Oakland Raiders right and um it was fantastic I mean I as a New Yorker I didn't root for the Giants or the Jets so this was my first experience and I loved it and I was a soccer goalie because I wanted to play football but none of the schools none of the schools had football teams that I went to so ultimately I just lived vicariously through these players what's it like going to a football game with James Garner what's that like he must have been like a rock star he's a lot of fun I mean but I love James Garner and Maverick yes you know sure I was you know that was the year that was the period of time with with 35 westerns on prime time tv in the 60s and Maverick was my favorite sure and we talked about it and we talked about the Americanization of Emily we talked about a whole bunch of we talked about The Great Escape you know what a great movie that is I mean we talked about great films you know and that's the greatest thing working with when I work with James Colburn it was his last movie and I just talked about Magnificent Seven and I just talked about also The Great Escape with him and you know an iconic actor and I I just have a good time and I even with Charles Bronson we talked about so much Charles Bronson surprised me his favorite show was Cagney and Lacey I don't mean to laugh but no I left I was in a Sharon Glass fan is that what you're talking about that was in Sharon Glass time daily yes of course I'm in an event you know after doing what I do White Buffalo 1976 yes then I didn't see him till 1989 yeah I'm at a black tie event I walk up to him and I say hey Charlie you remember me from the White Buffalo and he says he says oh yeah you're still doing that series with them girls and I say you watch Cagney and Lacey and Charlie says my favorite show go figure go figure go figure Martin Cove here celebrity true or false rolling on all right let's get to uh some Karate Kid questions your role of John Kreese true or false others considered for it Kurt Russell Jeff Bridges Harvey Keitel Leonard Nimoy and Christopher Walken is that true no does it that's not true no no I mean okay that might have been true behind doors that I never knew the the actors I knew you know they were contemplating Tashiro Mafumi they were contemplating Chuck Norris Tashiro Mafumi they were thinking about him for Miyagi but he also could have been the teacher but his whole group didn't speak enough English he had a massive entourage and John Avilson told me the story um but they you know he didn't speak English well enough uh either to play Kreese or Miyagi but none of those other actors were mentioned I think it was um uh John Glover was mentioned but Chuck Norris Chuck Norris yeah oh yeah Chuck Norris man yeah it would have been interesting it would have been definitely interesting but obviously you know you were John Kreese man you still are today I don't know you know it's just it it was pretty crazy because I never thought of that character as being any more than another heavy it was a couple of weeks work and I and none of us liked even the the title that's the we actually that was one of the the questions here and let's get into that true or false now you just said it's true the cast universally hated the Karate Kid's film title that they hated it they felt like it was like a Bruce Lee movie and you know Bruce nothing can roll with the Bruce Lee movie I mean I love Into the Dragon sure but the bottom line is it you know we weren't like that this was um nobody I expected the success of this film you know you you look at Casablanca you look at Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid you see it once bam you know you look at the dailies you know what you're getting it's going to be terrific no one really knew and I would hear the story from Jerry Weintraub and John until they went to the screening I think it was in Westwood and they went to a screening and everybody went wild at the end of the movie and you get chills yeah you know Ralph and I once we're at a convention and we watched the end of the movie from behind the screen and 2000 people were in front so we watched the ending and we still got chills this is a year ago you know really yeah yeah and because it's one of those movies it's a phenomenon it means and I have this discussion with Robert Cayman the writer he thinks the success is based on Ralph's chemistry with Miyagi to me the success of that film is the writing just like Cobra Kai walks wax on wax off no mercy sweep the leg mercies for the week the force be with you play it against them these lines come from great literature that was that were good script and made terrific movies well a part of me because I've thought about it too having seen it so many times Martin Cove here on the Rich Austin show so many people have been bullied in their lives so many people have you know maybe from a single parent household or moved across the country and and we're desperate to seek a moment where they can get a toehold in life and and turn things around or be successful or be loved you know and that story along with Miyagi coming in where he did I that's what it is and and obviously you and your character and Billy Zabka's character standing in the way it's kind of classic that's it's it's a classic tale but told in a way that I'd never seen before you know so I've got an interesting question for you here too because we have this conversation is it a sports movie do you consider the Karate Kid a sports movie in the same way where you know obviously when you say sports movies we think of like major league yeah the natural Hoosiers right that's do you consider the Karate Kid a sports movie Martin Cove I I you know they did something in ESPN once and they had a list of all the sports movies and we were on this disc and I don't I I actually consider this it you know Karate the the value of Karate is is discipline what it does for your focus in life is is you can't even discuss it because it's also personal so when you master and become a black belt you have mastered enough discipline and focus to assist in your life for the rest of it you know and that's the value of it I don't think that learning to kick that you know the kick at the end this crane kick is a totally illegal kick doesn't exist you know it doesn't exist I mean Billy is the Karate Kid not Ralph Macchio you know sure and I've said this for 30 years but nobody except after 10 years of the movie being in release yes realized that that kick was a fantasy there was no such kick as the crane kick and then then but for 10 years bill you know the Karate Kid has been Ralph Macchio sure but the bottom line is it's not about kicks it's not about crescent kicks and punches and me going through the window with my real fist it's not about that it's all about the heart and that's what that movie's about and when I ask people why you like Karate Kid and they all tell me the same thing I identified with it because my father was in the military and we traveled a lot yes or because I got bullied in high school or because I had a romance that just didn't work out and that was with the three elements that always allowed them to identify with Ralph you know with the story and so to me it's it's not a sports movie it's this is Casablanca sports movie really you know we we avoid the Nazis and all that stuff there's no it's about it's a movie about the heart and tenacity. Martin Kove here on the Rich Eisen Show before I let you go sir I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind channeling your inner John Kreese for a fun segment that we hope everyone will agree we all thought you know what the NFL season is is upon us it starts Thursday night right here in Los Angeles and I'm wondering we've we've we've written out some um hot takes some NFL hot takes from you the camera's right there and you know you can read it and deliver it however you can deliver it however you can uh Martin Kove as John Kreese NFL hot takes would you mind doing this for us right now now this is my favorite team so I'm gonna do it first out of order okay you can do whatever you wish but first things first we've got the music okay John here's Martin Kove John Kreese with NFL hot takes go for it everyone thinks the Dallas Cowboys aren't as good as last year or any year when they've won it all but guess what Dak is back Zeke can eat and their all-world rookie Micah Parson is now a grown lion roaring in the turf I say the Dallas Cowboys will sweep the leg and finally win the Super Bowl okay yes that's thank you Sansei okay here's the uh the uh second hot take Martin Kove's John Kreese NFL hot take pain has sadly existed in Miami ever since Dan Marino left the Dolphins but not anymore it's time for the new Cobra Kai in South Florida to raise with the greatest accuracy ever seen on the football field he will finish in the top three as an MVP voter and his name is Tua yes sensei okay we have one more Martin Kove hot take for the 2022 season as John Kreese you have the floor sir so the youngster in San Francisco still has his old sensei on the team his old sensei on the team and the whole football world suddenly has no mercy for Trey Lance well I say Jimmy G will start no games no games for the 49ers this year and Trey Lance will help his team rule the NFC the NFC West yes sensei NFL hot takes from Martin Kove that's a winner his favorite team did you hear that by the cowboys your favorite team huh cowboys I did you know the cowboys I used to watch when when I was the Raider fan and then they weren't playing and I would watch great quarterbacks just teams I would watch Dan Marino I would watch Joe Montana and I wasn't a fan of their teams but I and I I you know so very much like watching in those days you know Stalbeck and and you know Eichmann later on yeah Troy Eichmann later on I mean there was so much going on so much hot football that and then I became you know eventually the Raiders hadn't gotten a quarterback in a long time and I got tired of losing I understand you know so I was the cowboys and I'm going to go to a game this year and just go down there because it's just uh it's a good organization I can hear you and so I guess your hot takes not so hot you really believe the cowboys are going to win it yeah okay very good I agree all right you got you I know you want to ask Martin one question before we go we just we just need one crazy you know Stallone story from Rambo what do you got you got anything Stallone story from Rambo yeah sure I got a good one it won't incriminate me it's good all right so we're in a disco I think that's it that's a great way to start honestly if we could have scripted it you would have started it that way I didn't mean to stop you okay sorry Martin Cove you have you got the foot so you went Stallone or at a disco well I know we're at a disco with the security guys and I think it's Carlos and Charlie's I think that was what it was in Acapulco because that's where we shut it's getting better and and this is good this is good and whenever the girls would come up to Sly and they'd ask him one girl would come up and say you know would you like to dance and he would say no and then another girl would say you know they'd come up to him and and you know he if he said yes he'd be in trouble so he most of the time would say no well in this case I was sitting with him and a guy came up and said what's the matter you too good to dance with my girl so all of a sudden all of a sudden there's a fight and it's like we're all fighting and we're all fighting we're all fighting like an actual fight like a fight like a fight and yeah this guy threw a punch in Acapulco it's not even good to get into a fight in Acapulco disco Mexico but the bottom line is the greatest story is that they had to lift Sly up like like as if you're watching Bruce Springsteen in a concert where he gets handled yeah yeah so we they lifted him up these security guys and took him out of of the club we all had to leave the club to me it was hysterical because you know we would have stayed there and fought because that's just what we do it's first blood that's like doesn't incriminate me that's great that's the story we were hoping that's it season five of Cobra Kai can be checked out uh for streaming this very Friday on Netflix Martin Cove thank you for coming on thanks for your hot takes appreciate it all right that's Martin Cove everybody follow him on at Martin Cove on Twitter and Instagram we're back to wrap up this show in a moment back here on the Rich Eisen show Martin Cove has just left the building Martin Cove's hot takes I think went well I think it went well um the Cowboys are going to sweep the leg I mean apparently so people are asking if I wrote that I didn't write that oh that's right yeah all right yeah Rich wrote him up it's great yeah came out awesome also Martin Cove uh Mount Rushmore Hollywood buttchins I think so and um I don't know how many of the before you go give me one story answers could top that's a top five so we're in a disco so we're in a disco that's literally a mad lib we would have written in disco and acapella we're running we're running long he's got to go he's got to go but we got to here to go we got to hear something about Rambo home run somebody upset that Stallone won't dance with any women including his own what are you too good you too good you want to dance with my woman too good to dance with my girl with my I think okay that's odd and then they start throwing down do you think the guy did this a Stallone impersonation to Stallone and that started the hand no I just think that you know why would you start a fight with Rambo yeah exactly or Rocky or Rocky exactly yeah like what are you doing I mean unless Carl Weathers we can by the way by the way Martin Cove is 76 he could kick all of our asses right now exactly we got in the last couple of months on this program dynamite Stallone stories from Martin Cove and Henry Winkler fact all that's left is the man himself yeah getting Stallone in he has been invited through my pediatrician my old pediatrician I might add Dr. Benny Boombox that's right Stallone does fight parties at his house we could just go with Glazer one day yeah that is true Sideline Mike in Atlanta is gonna have the last word on today's show what's up Sideline Mike what's going on I have missed you guys right back at you DJ what's up Mike Mike did you watch the game Saturday yes I watched the game Sunday Brockman was there I was at the game Mike hey Brockman you had a blast didn't you oh I had a great time he doesn't remember it and they covered Georgia's covered in more top 15 games than anybody look Georgia hey Sideline Mike Georgia didn't just cover they smothered they did it all they scattered smothered and covered okay now okay that was a chesty move at the uh gold jacket dinner sir rich that was a big check you wrote my brother I'll almost say it that's a chesty move chesty move and mariota and mariota will be out by game eight and mr ritter gonna take it the rest of the way okay I'll talk to you guys next week there you go all right thank you very much Michigan just moved into the top five in the associated press number four so it's so so is it it's Clemson wins and goes down so it's it's Alabama Georgia Ohio State Michigan yep Clemson that's your top five there you go hey at least Michigan and Ohio State are scheduled to play each other unlike Alabama and uh Georgia let's just not schedule each other they will play each other oh my god sound like jerry jones in the sec championship I didn't know I didn't know probably the national team october 8th texas a&m and alabama that's the apple cart that could be the upsetter and make mr desmond howard look sage a lot of ut fans are saying hold on wait till next week texas alabama is a three touchdown favorite next week oh my god see quinn you just got his cartoed during the game did he really I didn't see that he's the starting quarterback he's getting his cartoed I missed that yeah how's that even possible I have no idea arch mating looked good on friday night bro I text you see some of those highlights making the rounds arch mating dropping dines I'll be on the boat sooner than later I'm just telling you yes invest in arch I'm telling you guys let's go billy guardell of bob hearts uh bob hart abishola is on tomorrow me climbs in studio tomorrow as we as we just inch that much closer to the start of the season I want to thank martin kov what a delight of cobra kai I also want to thank von miller steven a smith and bob costas that'll wrap it up right here on this edition of the rich eisen show on our radio outfit but for those checking us out on youtube stick around we'll take you to the top of the hour to wrap up tuesday in a moment for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was a attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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