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REShow: Ryan Leaf - Hour 1 (9-7-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 7, 2022 3:15 pm

REShow: Ryan Leaf - Hour 1 (9-7-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 7, 2022 3:15 pm

Rich recaps the NFL Network’s GameDay kickoff show where every panelist chose the Buffalo Bills to win the Super Bowl this season.

ESPN’s Ryan Leaf tells Rich how he parlayed his RES guest hosting gig into his own new show ‘The Straight Line with Ryan Leaf,’ why the Alabama-Texas matchup could get ugly for the Longhorns on Saturday, if the Pac-12 still has a shot to put a team in the College Football Playoff after Utah’s loss to Florida and Oregon’s demolition at the hands of defending champions Georgia, and why he’s also leaning toward the Buffalo Bills to win the Super Bowl. 

Rich and the guys react to the awkward press conference where things got a big chippy between LSU head coach Brian Kelly and a member of the local media, and also react to new Laker Patrick Beverley stirring things up with his new teammates by calling out LeBron for missing the playoffs last season.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. There's no hope. This is the Rich Eisen Show. We all know what's going to happen to the cowboys ahead of time and you'll be chronicling it. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

If they're healthy you watch they might not lose a game. The Rich Eisen Show. Today's guests ESPN college football analyst Ryan Leaf. Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith.

ESPN NFL analyst Mina Kimes. Plus actor and comedian Billy Gardel. And now it's Rich Eisen. That's correct.

That's factual. Welcome this edition to the Rich Eisen Show. I am your humble host sitting here on our set in El Segundo California or Los Angeles County. Home of the Big Ten and the defending Super Bowl champs the Los Angeles Rams who kick off tomorrow night against the Super Bowl champion Buffalo Bills. Yes that's the way things are working here on this this wild Wednesday before the NFL season kicks off. We've got not one but two in studio guests Mina Kimes of ESPN.

Billy Gardel of Bob Hart's Abba Showla on CBS. He's a die-hard Steeler fan. I cannot wait to say the one word to him that is like waving a red cape and full of a rampaging bull for anybody in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and that word is aqua sure.

Can't wait to say that to him later on. It ain't you know it's gonna be great. I wouldn't miss it. I wouldn't miss it. And then our first two guests Ryan Leaf a longtime friend of this program. He's got a new show he wants to talk about and obviously there's lots going on in the world of college football and so much more. He will be joining us on this program as will a top of our number two. You know there is another quarterback in the Monday night week one finale. There is?

Yeah there is. Does he ride also? I will ask him if one guy says let's ride what's his phrase? Because I don't know how there's going to be too many let Geno Cook conversations that's going to be in Seattle but he's going to be cooking and he's got a hell of an opportunity resting on his shoulders and his right arm and in between his temples and what beats in his chest.

Geno Smith will be starting for the Seattle Seahawks first time he's starting a season opener since the 2014 season with the Jets who just announced Joe Flacco as their week one starter. We'll hit on that as Geno Smith joins us top of our number two on this program. Good to see you over there Christopher. I'm great you didn't ask but I'm just pronouncing to everyone that I'm great. That's great okay great yeah you know yeah maybe that's what Patrick Beverly was doing when he was playing with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. It's nice to let you guys do the show with me.

That's it? Yeah of course. Good to see you over there Jay Felley how are you? What's up Rich? I had no idea you'd be here today but I'm glad that you're here. I'm surprised to see you. TJ Jefferson how are you sir? Well Rich did you have a spill situation as you're getting up moving around? I'm trying to open the show I was going to go right to you.

The local tea spillage you know. The trumpets play to start our show and you can't come out of the pen. I can't you know the thing is guys I've been going to bed every night when I say my prayers. I prayed for the soft tissue and the ligaments of Max Scherzer and Jacob deGrom and unfortunately the Lord I don't know if he heard those prayers but I have to just pray harder. Pray harder sir. Pray harder. God if you listen and help. Pray harder.

The Braves are coming. Great Christmas movie uh pray harder. Pray hard too.

That that's definitely a Christmas movie. Pray harder. We're going to be talking about everything that we just hit right here on this program. So let's start with this. Let's start with Last Night. About Last Night. Great movie.

Demi Moore, Rob Lowe. Hey Jim Belushi's coming out party right? Yeah.

Okay from back in the day. So Last Night on the set of NFL Network. NFL game day season preview show.

Me and Mooch and Kurt and Irv all back together and as always we give you on our season opener our preview program. We give you our choices of who's winning the divisions and who's winning the Super Bowl and who's winning MVP. So we don't have these conversations beforehand. We don't reveal to each other beforehand. It's kind of like you roll the dice in wearing a suit.

Certain suit that day that you're not going to be wearing matching colors and you look like security as opposed to on-air compadres on a football program on NFL Network. So we all show up the four of us along with Rachel Bonetta and Cynthia Freeland and give our Super Bowl predictions and lo and behold would you would you would you believe it we circled the wagons. Every one of us chose the Buffalo Bills to win the Super Bowl. Super Bowl 57 for those who don't do roman numerals. Thank you and the difference was who the Bills beat. Michael Irvin had the Bills over the Cowboys.

I was saying does Devin Singletary know where his helmet is before that. The Rams were the choices of Kurt Warner and Rachel Bonetta to win the NFC and get vanquished by the Bills. Cynthia chose the Packers. She also chose Aaron Rogers to win his third straight MVP as well.

That's not happening. Steve Mariucci chose the Niners. He can't quit he can't quit the Niners even though they quit him years ago and I can't quit Tom Brady and I said hey Bills over the Bucks and you know if I'm a Bills fan of course I'd be concerned because we're all choosing the Bills and you're thinking okay you're putting the Ziggy on us and I've got a few thoughts as to the reactions. I've heard from Bills fans saying you've jinxed us and then there's many other counties thankfully that they're watching including Bill Simmons very popular Bill Simmons. Let's not even play the season the Bills are clearly going 20 and 0 is the way that he retweeted the graphic that NFL game day put out there of all of our selections and let me just say this I almost chose the Rams to win Thursday night after choosing the Bills to win it all so they're not going 20 and 0 they're going to lose they couldn't even lose Thursday night. I just feel that the Bills are the best team in the NFL and I will never ever go on a show anywhere this one NFL network and do anything just because it's quote-unquote safe or do anything just because quote-unquote everybody else is doing it. That include picking on the Cowboys?

I will always shoot everyone straight here okay everybody I will never choose anything for clicks I will never choose anything for clicks I will never choose anything just because it's the safe choice. Sometimes you just have to keep it simple and over the you know 20 years now this is my 20th season with NFL network we turn 19 this November 19 years old this is our 20th season and over the years who are the Super Bowl champions if you had to ask about a through line what is similar what similarities do Super Bowl champions end up having? Tom Brady. That's a great point. Bill Belichick. Since he's been in 10 Super Bowls nine of them since NFL network began our first two years was the back-to-back championships the only one Brady's ever had in fact it's the last one the NFL's seen it's the longest such drought in the history of the NFL going this long without back-to-back Super Bowl winners but yeah Tom Brady is a through line but you have to have a veteran hand who's done it or a young quarterback who's been there and done that and and doesn't know any better and it's time to break through and yeah that includes Joe Flacco or Brad Johnson as a veteran hand I mean there's many different ways you need somebody who could be inspired for a contractual run which Flacco was I mean this isn't all one size fits all but you need a quarterback to either have been there and done that a breakthrough season or you need to have somebody who's generationally brilliant it helps to have a game-changing quarterback it also helps to have a good offensive line it helps to have a good running game but it also helps to have a terrific offensive attack that puts you on it your heels also helps to have a coaching staff that knows the the team and the roster it helps to have a terrific defense it helps to have a veteran hands hand or hands on that defense it helps to have a good kicking game it helps to have all of that it helps to have a good general manager who adds players who are drafted it helps to have a team that just got close and close and getting set to break through thus they have maybe a chip on their shoulder the bills checked every last box that I just said so yeah I guess I'm coming on the air and defending my choice I'm also defending the choice of anybody who chooses the bills of course when there's a consensus pick it should scare you because this league is the ultimate you never know I sit two chairs down from Kurt Warner the ultimate you never know Brady who you said Chris is the through line for all of these Super Bowl championship teams he's also the you never know quarterback obviously once upon a time the GOAT had a large question mark around him just when was the last time though when you look at this like when it's very rare the favorite I know consensus when is the last time they actually are the ones I get it because the Patriots were consensus pick maybe the year that they wound up going undefeated and they almost did go what 20 you know or 19 or what have you and and then you run into somebody at the last second and the bills can run into somebody and have a terrific game but screw up the last 13 seconds with all due respect I guess I should have front-loaded that but that's what happened last year and that could happen to the bills this year and instead of us saying hey bills mafia finally you can celebrate it'll be wow what a snake bitten franchise this is you know the only franchise with a dynasty in which they didn't win a single time at the Super Bowl the only franchise that has had you know wide right and can't find your helmet and all of that and 13 seconds and man what a plucky fan base they've got you know great fan base just can't break through that could be the storyline and part of the reason why I chose the Bucks is not only because I don't want to ever pick against Tom Brady again and even though I just did with the bills beating them but I also think that the over the 19 Super Bowls that I've covered you know there's a wink and a nod from the football gods that always likes to put a couple teams together because the football gods are laughing at you and who owned the bills while he was in New England for all those years Brady and who could the bills send into retirement with a loss a la North Carolina on Coach K the bills could do that to Brady and I think that would be a huge hype of a week bills versus Brady again can Brady win and go off into the sunset again can the bills finally get past the guy who owned them like Aaron Rodgers says he owns the Bears that's the reason why I chose that plus the Bucks are pretty damn good despite their woes up front in the interior offensive line I think Brady knows how to get rid of the football and boy does he have weapons if they're healthy to get the ball to and he still has Gronk's number on speed dial I bet that's why I came up with my pick I'm not sitting around thinking you know what I I I just got to do the safe thing because I don't want to be wrong how many times am I wrong many times I'll come here and raise my arm and say my bad or I got it wrong I'm never afraid of the freezing cold takes sight as a matter of fact I've I've added that sight saying you don't scare me I don't care put my tweet up there at Rich Eisen spell my name right hit the follow button you know I'll just always shoot you straight but I understand why bills fans are like oh everybody thinks we're gonna win the pressure's on but guess what I don't I don't think Josh Allen's gonna feel it I think he's that good yeah yeah it's this weird thing that you don't think pressure exists ever oh it exists it does exist but it it exists in moments it exists in these moments it exists on third and long or third and short and you need it in that moment and and and everybody boils it down to execution and and can you execute in that moment nobody's thinking uh-oh moments too big or uh-oh we just lost three in a row we need it now I think they really think in that moment and how can you handle it between Monday and kickoff Sunday after that previous lost Sunday when the media is talking to you while you're in western New York you don't have a million coming at you and you also don't have a million stations 24 7 and Josh Allen is like this and a perfect example about pressure is always boiled down to execution great story from Cooper Cup last week talking about that fourth down run Super Bowl on the line legacies football lives on the line you can't get more of a pressure pack situation and Sean McVay dials up a play that Cooper Cup said he and Stafford screwed up so badly and the two times only the two times that they ran it in practice McVay was saying I'm pulling it from the playbook and they're like no we can come up with a way to make this work we're going to work on it and McVay's like fine and nobody thought about it until that fourth down moment when McVay calls the play and I asked Cooper Cup I'm like so what'd you think did you think oh or what's and he's like no they look at each other Stafford and Cup saying remember what we did in practice remember that thing let's do it okay great great boom we'll run the play then a couple snaps later I'll no look you into the red zone by winging one across the middle and then one with the Super Bowl I'm sure Bengals fans are like there's a couple of penalties on that drive but I think that's my point yeah my point is just like when you're the consensus Super Bowl favorite in Vegas and your quarterback is the betting favorite for MVP inevitably there's pressure on you I don't think and week to week to the point where they'll miss the playoffs I have no idea what's going to happen now they're making the playoffs the year after 19 and one Brady gets hurt six minutes into the game and the season is over basically that pressure comes home to roost in the middle of a divisional playoff game if they have wind up on the road I don't think they're going to wind up on the road they're going to sit there and you're going to sit there in western New York and say everybody come to us everybody take your bus through the funeral of the uh not the funeral the uh the uh the fires you know the tailgate pyres you come on come in here that's the way I see it they should do it and if they don't maybe you can come here and say Rich you are wrong they wilted under the pressure based on the fact that all six of you on game day morning pick them oh you're not you guys aren't going to be alone I imagine every show is going to have a majority of the bills yeah I bet Super Bowl champs who do you think you're winning hold on to it find out tomorrow oh really you can do tomorrow sure okay I have no idea actually I mean it's we're gonna ask every single guest that we have here um and also you're just looking to see who's gonna be the next bangles like that was literally out of nowhere they were 150 to 1 to win going into the season so who knows great analysis but that team had a quarterback ascending they had a quarterback coming off a knee injury and they had they had a guy with a chip on a shoulder who knows how to win and a young team and a young team that was filled with momentum so yeah it's not cookie cutter but I'm just looking at the way you can build a roster to win a championship the way that you build over the years to your championship season the way that you can play football in week and then have the ability to focus on what's most important out of week that's the bills for me in 2022 what say you 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number oh we got time for your phone calls ryan leaf's gonna join us next some college football some professional football and he's got some good professional news of his own that's how we're rolling into our first break right here on the rich eyes and show chris brockman it's the top 10 the bottom half of the top 10 of his final teams that he's rolling down the list to kick off of burning questions for teams six through 10 in his power rankings geno smith of the seattle seahawks we won't mention him where you placed the seahawks on your power rankings out of respect and out of respect thank you uh and we roll into our first break right here billy guardell and mina kimes in studio but our friend ryan leaf when we come back 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial here on the rich eyes and show he sits in this chair he has sat in this chair uh very frequently he's been a long time friend of this program he pours his heart out into the microphone and also gives you straight unvarnished opinions about the sport of football that has placed him in many different spots in his career and now he joins us as the host of his own show that i'm excited for him to tell you all about as well as getting set for another season talking college football and more for the worldwide leader in sports our friend ryan leaf back here on the rich eyes and show this time as a guest as opposed to a guest host how you doing ryan i'm good rich thanks for uh thanks for having me excited excited to be on the show okay so go for it press release is out you've been tweeting that you've got great news about your professional career you've got the floor what do you what do you got ryan well i'm gonna i'm gonna start with this simply uh i i interviewed for for this job um a few months ago and um when they called to offer me it um they said the biggest selling point for me was my um guest hosting turns on on your show um and so again you know this one more than anybody but how grateful i am for you for for the platform the opportunity because this is this is where me and the family had i had hoped to go we hope to have our own sports talk show that uh you know really dives into the world of sports as well as you know kind of the life i lead now and so we came up with the name called uh the straight line with ryan leaf and uh it uh it has a fitting ring to it in terms of how we'll be talking about football and sports and betting as well as you know my life and and and what your audience has been able to hear over the last you know three years of me hosting your show dude look uh i've told this to you many times it's not just you know you you could sit anyone in front of a microphone it's what somebody does with the microphone and obviously you telling your stories about your career and how you wound up where you wound up and why you have wound up where you currently are that's what people dig they you know um that's why people uh uh flock to um any video that you're pouring your heart out um and so congratulations on that so how can people see this when what time what day of the week what do we got when when's the straight all right yeah so we're going to be uh four days a week right now monday wednesday thursday friday the wednesday show is going to be a college football show um based mostly and then monday uh thursday and friday are going to be focused on the nfl of course during nfl season you know we're gonna uh dive into that aspect things excited to talk about that you can right now you can check it kind of like what you guys do on youtube or social media and anywhere that you get your podcast until we have our distributor in place uh hopefully uh you know our association with nbc sports uh with points that will uh will allow for maybe uh your old partner peacock to get involved okay we'll see what right now we're uh we're excited where we're at and uh and we launched the show tomorrow and you can watch tomorrow damn it's announced today and you're doing it tomorrow okay all right we're uh we're kind of a startup uh um we're uh we just built the studio in manhattan um you know the way my boss puts it we're flying the plane while we build it and uh and i kind of like that you know i like that uh they had saw me and they saw somebody who has kind of been a mercenary over the last you know three or four years working for pretty much everybody and they said uh this guy wants to build something with us and we're gonna we're gonna do it together well congrats on that ryan leaf terrific and uh so while you build the plane while you fly it let's put your seat in the upright position and talk some football right here uh on the rich eisen show so uh college football let's start with that ryan with you um tell me why it won't just be alabama and georgia playing for the whole shooting match again you got something for me on that and it's tough i think you know you clearly saw the two best teams playing on on saturday uh georgia just didn't have to really reinvent themselves after losing the entire defense to the nfl in the first round and then alabama has arguably the best offensive and defensive players on the football field if you are a texas fan uh just just don't watch the game wow wow so mcconaughey needs to avert his eyes another great college football kentucky florida is a good one you could watch but don't don't don't do it um yeah yeah check out check out uh maybe usd stanford uh on saturday night that that might be one that that will uh that you'll be excited by but yeah it could be ugly i i even i even offer to score like 63 to 20 so um yeah it's a lot it's a lot and i think steve sarkeesian has gone into uh this week trying to lower expectations he understands that he's like you know this this this team will not be defined by this game you know he knows it's saving really well and he knows what this could look like uh when it plays out the team won five games a year ago they lost to kansas right they haven't improved that much in terms of a roster turnover i think the young quarterback's going to struggle against the likes of will anderson in that defense so yeah it could be a long day for the longhorn what's it like what's it like in a meeting room or a film room when everybody in the room knows oh god um that matchup's a problem for us oh gosh that's going to be an issue for us and a coaching staff just knows you know it's got to be one of those heavy any given saturdays what in the world is that like right it's it's it's a tough one right when you're looking around the the room when you're when you're in there with your staff meeting and you're going like you look at will anderson you're like how can we stop him if i mean we can't put five guys on them then everybody else is gonna gonna kill us right i mean it's it's absolutely uh decimating to like like your uh your optimism about something but like anything and i and i think you know when oregon walked into the horseshoe a year ago against ohio state right no one in the world gave them a chance they lost kavon tibbato their best player uh justin flow uh one of their other best linebackers on the defensive side offensively they've never been seen as a team that can overly dominate or out out shoot somebody in a shootout with the likes of and they went in and beat them right so that's that's the example this one's at home right this one is in austin in front of a ruckus crowd big new kickoff on fox you know it's this big hoopla to it and i remember when this schedule came out two years ago you know right after the uh exodus by texas from the big 12 to the sec and i mean this is going to give them a real good idea of what the sec is going to look like and i don't know what division they're going to be in but you you would assume they're going to be in the sec west um and so this is this is a yearly matchup that you're going to see play out in real time brian leaf uh host of his new show the straight line with ryan leaf on points bet uh which debuts tomorrow uh right here on the rich isin show what's going on do you think in your alma mater and pac-12 country you know uh we had david shaw on a couple of weeks ago and you know and whenever you tell a coach hey do you circle this game do you circle that game you know their answer's gonna be we do it just one game at a time but you know lincoln riley and usc coming in with usc bolting for the big 10 this would be a great time for stanford to strike a blow for the pac-12 um what do you think is going to happen with this conference and what's going on with your alma mater right now ryan well you know you you look at you look at uh this matchup this early season matchup that happens every single year and it's kind of a litmus test of where the pac-12 is right stanford of course and a lot of craziness comes out of this game like a year ago stanford humiliated usc at home and sure enough the next day clay helton was fired right i mean this this game really uh dictates a lot in terms of how good stanford's going to be or or where usc is at you know rice is a quality opponent um but they also got three defensive touchdowns you know so uh i like this matchup i think it's going to be uh extremely difficult for lincoln riley to go on the road uh against a very physical stanford team so we'll see as for the entirety of the pac-12 yes it wasn't a great weekend right it was oregon getting absolutely destroyed on a national um platform and then utah which i thought was the best chance went on the road and and kind of laid an egg right they they turned it over twice inside the five yard line and missed the just so many tackles the most in i think a decade kyle wittingham said on the defensive side of the football but i still think they're the best team in the pac-12 uh they'd have to do something unprecedented they'd have to go and uh run the table to be considered in the in the uh college football playoff conversation i just i don't think usd ultimately this year gets there i think they're going to be a team with two or more losses as for my alma mater you know they didn't they didn't look the part right they're they're young quarterbacks with the transfer everybody's excited about was was pretty undisciplined and i i expect uh the coaching staff to have a real kind of come to jesus conversation with them that he has to stay within the confines of this offense to be successful at this level they go to camp randall this weekend on the big fo x as well and uh that could be a a real you know welcome to the division one football for the young quarterback they're 17 point underdogs i think at the time of uh yesterday so um i like their head coach i like where they're headed like how they're playing defense which i think will keep them in a lot more games this year um i'm excited for pac-12 football i i am i'm excited for it every week i have oregon byu next weekend which i think is going to be a heck of a matchup a heck of a game uh in eugene i'm so excited for that too no i hear you and i don't blame you for wanting to talk up pac-12 football um i you know if i went to school there i'd want to do it as well but i i have i have a i fear they're on the outside looking in sir i i really do that this is this is i think yeah rich i even think with with with utah they were to run the table in the uh in the conference which has never happened before in the history of of the pac-12 conference to win all nine conference games if they were to do that and be a 12 and one conference champion i still think they'd probably be on the outside looking in i really do so i i agree with you on that it's just the narrative around the pac-12 unless it's usc i think they're not going to get the benefit of the doubt ryan leaf here on the rich eisen show who's your super bowl pick i everyone on game day morning chose the bills uh do you choose them too what are you on well i i did until i saw that graphic um when everybody in the world is going with something right i was with you though you were turning about i have you know bills are my are my team to win the super bowl i i i do feel that way i don't think they win tomorrow night i think they get beat by the defending world champs that's possible i also want the answer around how the off season was addressed by buffalo because the last we saw them was the coaching staff absolutely just uh with egg all over their face all over their face how did they address it did they address it in the locker room because they've never addressed it really publicly they have to address it in the locker room because this is the first time they're going out what happens when the pressure and the stress of that moment happens again do they fold like they did in kansas city or do they overcome and become the best team in football this year i think great value uh teams out there i think are the chargers the ravens and the vikings to be honest with you there's there's some real interest in those three teams in my opinion so but the bills i hate to do it i i think that they're the best team in football see how they respond they are i mean even last year when they wound up um 13 seconds shy of beating the chiefs in a playoff game that we're going to be talking about for years to come certainly because we're going to see alan and mahomes go at it with each other for a decade more knock on wood for for those fan bases and those players and franchises but they the the bills started last season with an awful loss at home the pittsburgh making us wonder what the hell was going on with them and then everything you know they ripped off all those wins and you know i i i don't know i i think that locker room everything that i hear from from that spot they're they're hunky dory and that quarterback is somebody that they're going to follow into into the gates of you know what man they're ready to go uh and that's why i i fully believe they're the best team and that if they execute when the game is on the line that's a large if based on their last uh game i think they are the team to beat who's the team to beat in the nfc for you you mentioned the vikings are you taking them to in the nfc though i don't like i kind of like what they're what they're capable of doing uh you know on the nfc side of things um you know green bay's the i think the the easy easy pick in all of this um but you know i i just don't know if there's an nfc team out there that can really buy for a championship this year except for maybe the the rams against an afc opponent um we'll we'll see right now i'm gonna go with uh i'm gonna go with the guy that uh that i don't think a lot of people expect and i'm gonna go with the vikings finding a way to get there under new head coach kevin o'connell and and uh and uh kirk cousins all right i love that offense i think the defense has improved i think there's just a new lease on life there in minnesota so that that's a that's a great value one for me i don't think they win the super bowl by any means i think whoever gets there from the afc ultimately does get it done ryan thanks for the time thanks always for sitting in this chair uh congrats on your new gig we'll be watching you take care thank you sir thank you chris thank you tj thank you mike and heller uh take care brother that's ryan leaf at ryan leaf on twitter you should follow him i do as well right here on the program when he um chris help me out here like when he says value what does he mean by that oh value yeah uh you know you're looking at um what does he mean like a specific price and then what you would have to put in and what you might get in return but i don't understand when i'm roi rich there return a lot but but i'm i'm just watching the team do do i have value just does the game have more value when i'm just hey which game's on i'm just going to turn on this game is it is that what he means like it's a more valuable watching experience for you uh it can be depending if you have you know for many people for many i mean for many people especially now in the united states because i i watched the game for points just to watch to see who has more i understand i think you're the minority so you're saying the value part is the bets part of what sometimes i like getting points like like say the defending champs at home getting points your gambling terms confuse me unfrozen caveman host nfl network come to the dark side oh boy wouldn't it be nice wouldn't it be okay uh we're going to take a break and when we come back which was the more awkward press conference moment yesterday oh my gosh because they're a couple yep sure was oh my goodness gracious do not miss what's coming up next before geno smith calls in and then mina kime stops by when you open up a mercedes-benz sprinter van you're open up more than just doors people you're unlocking potential the potential to do your own thing be your own boss steer your own business blaze your own trail each and every sprinter van is built 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you're on the rich eyes and show nick in the uk what's up nick hey rich how you doing what's going on what's on your mind today sir uh well i just wanted to let you guys know about our 24-man draft that went down on monday okay you survived it what happened yeah well um it was um it was a little bit wild that first 10 picks we had four quarterbacks go off the board so like in the world of baseball unwritten rules are there and they're there to be broken and when you're in a 24-man league oh my goodness um yeah they're all the rules get broken so at pick 11 which is what i had i managed to get austin eckler which is not too bad no it's not too bad that's right okay most importantly though the thing that i mostly can give me your last player who is the last player that won drafts in a 24-man draft the last one off the board for your team in the united kingdom is is what who and do you know who the mr irrelevant of that draft was who was the last player selected in that draft as well do you have that information that's what i want to know that's the information yes so my last pick was uh washington rookie quarterback sam howell oh my gosh wow how many fantasy drafts you think sam howell got drafted in only this this is it this is it it's the one on planet earth maybe his own maybe his own we found it okay and who was the last player washington fan and i have not that much faith in the washington front office but there we go by the way that nick that's not a bad dart throw right there that's not a bad dart throw and a 24-man fantasy draft so who's the who is the mr irrelevant of this draft the last one take mr irrelevant of the entire draft tyrod taylor okay figuring daniel jones gets banged up he's gonna get some run very good and nick what's the what's the prize what's the prize um the prize uh this year is a uh a jersey of a player who i can't remember the last last year's it was actually a jim arcus russell jersey and a very small replica of the Lombardi trophy okay um all right but this year i believe the trophy will be passed in a year and a jersey will be presented as well okay very good provided by a local vintage store okay very good nick in nick in the uk thank you for that update great update thanks to rod the drafted backup quarterback i mean that's that's normally your backup quarterback on your fantasy team is a starter yes you know like derek carr was my is my like matt ryan or someone super late no no we're actually drafting real literal backup oh my god oh my god hard pass hashtag hard pass even i pass on that one eight four four two oh four rich number two don did my draft last night uh how'd you do i mean yeah it's probably brockman saw i'll let him tell you what he thinks it's easy for me to say i think i did all right all right that's good he's kind of like my team's got a lot of upside players what was your what was your first round well you know we're at auction uh so oh you know it's big boy stuff so who is the most expensive player in your draft uh jonathan taylor and how much did he go for i want to say he went out of a 200 uh 50 somebody i think i would say he went 69 probably whoa nice yeah i mean that's and you always kind of poopoo the auction when i bring it up but the fact is when you play auction if you want a guy you can get him you just have to spend the money for spending money you know wonderful spend a lot of time my poker league we did it in 46 minutes it was glorious and we were done and then that tells me that you guys don't like each other no no we love each other no you don't cards are in the air no you don't let's do it it starts at five o'clock pacific we were done at 5 46 cards in the air at six let's go yeah see brockman's is a little families we got stuff going on brockman's is a little too long yours is a little too short like ours is three hours allison change league is later today we got the first overall pick again welcome jonathan chair to team eisen team eisen team broken we have not decided our name yet i've got about a hundred lit names we're gonna do that next week we need to narrow it down we got a big week next week i'm gonna reach out to paul rudd to do that next week okay we've got a lot we got a lot what's or not that's it uh eight four four two oh four rich is the number to dial we discussed this on uh our previous program that boy did brian kelly get it with every possible barrel on twitter this the when lsu fell down significantly to florida state early just the memes of him screaming in red face like a big tomato you just you know going nuts his halftime presser you know where he was basically poor mouth and his players and their effort again and you know that sort of stuff and then they lose in that heartbreaking fashion i mean the pile-on was significant and then this happened in his press conference yesterday when he was showing up like you brian jokes all the time when he's on this show he busts his mind you know stones about being a mission guy he's a notre dame guy he's got a great sense of humor i don't know if they're used to that in sec country when you lose your opener you're all in one and just showing up and you're kind of chastising reporters for showing up late with that we'll uh we'll open it up to this late arriving media crowd that must have enjoyed the the weekend um it's usually ten dollars um that we put in the kitty um for we'll have a big bash at the end of the year at my place i don't think it has anything to do with winning i think it has to do with being on time if you when you win we'll be on time that's such a bush league answer by that report well um leah vann is her name um and she is a reporter for uh the advocate the baton rouge louisiana advocate and she tweeted out uh that she was running from a doctor's appointment got there three minutes before brian kelly called me out jokingly i owed him ten dollars he said i said if he won maybe i'd be on time not my finest hour i apologized afterward he was super chill and said i still owe him ten dollars that's cool that was nice of them to own it but come on the pylons there you were joking yesterday and then one of them i think he what he's realizing rich is that uh it just means more i think it does down there i think it does down there i think it does you know in notre dame it's very genteel you know here's the provost yeah chaplain and there's the touchdown jesus maybe if you will be on time it's kind of funny oh there's the slow clap can't do that lsu loses the florida state right off the bat but i also understand like she's coming late from a doctor's appointment she's there he's pulling the tom kauflin rule right he doesn't know why she's late but calls her calls him out damn but that's to me one a in terms of awkwardness patrick beverly ladies and gentlemen he's a los angeles laker and we all thought it would be him and rust that would be at odds right right from back in the day didn't he uh low bridge rust back in the day oh yeah pat bev trick y'all they do not like each other well you know there's i think we've seen photographs of them yucking it up yucking it up having you know mending fences yeah yucking it up kind of implies that there's some fun in the banter there ain't no fun in this banter i don't know there ain't no fun in it like i said rest is famous for saying pat bev trick y'all by saying like you think he plays defense and all he does is run around i mean but pat that's gotta be at least please he's here in los angeles back in la back in la he's back in la back in the cr like he he played here way back in the day when it was called staples years ago man yeah and so now he's in the crypt with lebron and anthony davis as was pointed out to him by a reporter here's the exchange you'll be playing with lebron james and anthony davis they will be playing with me yeah yeah i made the playoffs last year they didn't that's the difference have you guys started talking yet yeah of course yeah but i'm for i'm glad that you know we get a chance to play with each other then you know anything else i'm excited to see it go i'm excited to you know to get the battling going he's dead serious there's no joking and zero chill i mean he can be dead serious fine you know but the fact of the matter is you're playing with lebron james hey man like stop it i play with lebron james isn't he i he might i don't know i don't know who starts on the lakers i don't really pay attention to them too you know what and of course as you know he was the the object of the uh uh butt of the joke of the inside the nba gang watching him cry winning the play-in game to make the playoffs by the way uh look man i i know pat beverly has a chip on his shoulder and i know that so many athletes need to be a certain way and talk a certain way to be as good as they can be but at some point you know a little bit of self-reflection is helpful and goes a very long way i imagine with your own teammates just throwing that out there for everybody as we enter our two of our program because you know when it all comes down to it there's lebron and anthony davis and the rest of the los angeles lakers and you would think russ is the one that would have to adjust the most to that dynamic and patrick beverly's raising his hand and saying you know i'm just as good as these guys and i understand you've got some game you have to be in order to be an nba player and you got to have that dog in you and all that but yeah come on come on bro you know one on occasion must check themselves before before they'll be honest you know what i thought of when i saw that when i saw that soundbite i thought like is there a soundbite in los angeles lakers history more potentially the verbal version of swaggy p celebrating that mystery without looking at it as it rimmed in and out i love that that is what to me that soundbite is set up to become oh yeah i'm here too they play with me as the as as the ball rims in and out behind him in and out behind him that's what that soundbite felt like to me oh look it's like i've said about him before man there's a certain mentality like you pointed out yes he has and he's not going to turn that off and that's him like it love it leave it like that's well there's hands full and then there's darvin ham for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's gotta be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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