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REShow: Hour 1 (9-8-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 8, 2022 4:19 pm

REShow: Hour 1 (9-8-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 8, 2022 4:19 pm

Rich makes the long-awaited announcement that the show will make its debut on The Roku Channel on Monday, September 12th.

Rich breaks down the possibilities and back stories for every NFC and AFC team heading into the 2022 NFL season.

Rich recaps all the crazy offseason NFL stories (like Tom Brady retiring/unretiring, the Kyler Murray saga, Russell Wilson, Davante Adams and other star players on the move) and says why this could be the league’s greatest season ever. 

Brockman continues his pre-season NFL power rankings countdown reveal with his ‘Burning Questions’ for teams 5 to 1 on his list including the Los Angeles Rams, Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Cincinnati Bengals.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. Let's do this. Let's do this. This is the Rich Eisen Show.

Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Matt Ryan's ready. Tannehill's ready. Everybody in the AFC West is up and ready.

Dax ready. Jalen Hurts is ready. Carson Wentz even he's ready. Matthew Stafford.

Oh my arm. The Rich Eisen Show. Today's guests Clemson head coach Dabo Sweeney. Former NFL general manager Thomas Dimitrov. Former Pro Bowl center Eric Wood.

Plus your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes it is. Yes it is. Yes.

It is. We mean business is all I'm saying right here on the Rich Eisen Show. We're coming straight out of the cannon here in Los Angeles, California. Home of the defending Super Bowl champs and home of tonight's National Football League kickoff game and we kick off the show with some show news as well.

We now have a date next Monday. This show debuts on the Roku channel. We are planting a sports and sports talk flag on one of the best platforms ever created for content to be delivered to you. Thanks to our friends at Roku. Roku players and TVs will get us for free and that's because that's where the Roku channel lives.

Same on Samsung Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TVs, the Roku mobile app. It exists and you get it on your phone and the Roku channel can be streamed for free on your mobile devices and then the desktops starting on Monday. We will be there on the Roku channel for your viewing and entertainment and sports information pleasure 12 to 3 Eastern every day. It's the same show, same studio, same everything. Just a different channel.

The Roku channel. We're so thrilled about it. So we will be coming out of the box talking about a full week one slate of games on this weekend and getting you ready for the big let's ride.

Russell Wilson returned to Seattle. The Monday night week one finale. We're so excited about all of that. The Rich Eisen show coming to the Roku channel. So to everybody out there watching us on YouTube and you've been watching us since we departed the airwaves of Peacock. We appreciate you streaming us on our YouTube page. We'll be doing it all day today.

We'll be doing it for tomorrow's show as well but our YouTube clips will be the way that you can follow us on YouTube moving forward but the live show and the repeats and clips will also live on the Roku channel. That's the show business and the business of our show. Good to see you Chris Brockman. What's going on over there?

Rich let's ride. DJ Mikey D are you going to the game tonight? Yes I am. You are. 100% Very good. With someone else that works with us.

Okay very good. Are you bringing Hoskins? Oh no I was gonna bring Hoskins. He's making Hoskins sit in the nosebleeds.

No another nosebleed. You're bringing him in tonight. Liz. Oh you are fantastic.

That's why she's wearing a Bill shirt. Yeah okay very good. You should just give your tickets to Hoskins and Liz so they can sit together. It's all right. It's okay. It's all good. It's all good.

Do what you want to do. Very good. It's very nice of you to do that.

Very good. Uh TJ Jefferson liked the candle. The NFL season is here. Did you like the candle already?

I mean it is lit. We're ready to go. Thank you. So if you're new to these parts where have you been? We've been on the air all this is our eighth NFL season we're covering and every single time that we've been on the air at the beginning of an NFL season I started off by asking Mike Del Tufo for NFL Films Music and I run through all 32 teams and their hopes and their chances and their storylines and their backgrounds for the season.

Let's hit it. Starting right here in Los Angeles California. Your defending champion Los Angeles Rams. They are the ones that can end the longest drought in the history of NFL football.

Not seeing back-to-back Super Bowl winners. Last time it happened NFL Network was age two. The first two seasons we covered the NFL at NFL Network. The Patriots went back-to-back. This is our 20th season of covering football.

We're 19 years old. It's been that long. Alan Robinson is the new wide receiver there. Bobby Wagner. Future Hall of Famer right behind Aaron Donald and right in front of Jalen Ramsey. Matthew Stafford apparently got a procedure on his elbow.

He's feeling all fine and dandy for Cooper Cupp and everybody to get out there tonight against the Bills. The Los Angeles Rams are that one of the 32 teams that has a chance to repeat and end the longest such drought without seeing it in the history of the NFL. But the 49ers might be the team standing in their way. The team that almost won the NFC Championship game in that building up the road. We might have been maybe tonight looking at Santa Clara California for the banner raise but instead they lost that game. It's now Trey Lance's team and Jimmy Garoppolo still in the quarterback room.

Who'd have thought that? Deebo Samuel spent parts of this offseason saying I'm never going back there and guess what? He's back there with a new contract. The offense is all intact. It's all on Lance's shoulders.

The defense is intact. It's all on Trey Lance's shoulders unless it could be on Jimmy Garoppolo's shoulders. How will Kyle Shanahan navigate that in his sixth year coaching in San Francisco? The Arizona Cardinals. It's year four for the Kyler Murray-Cliff Kingsbury combination.

They have only one playoff season to show for it and no playoff wins. The Rams started their playoff rampage to the championship last year by boat racing Kyler Murray out of that building. He has a new contract. There was a couple of weeks during this offseason, couple of months pardon me, during this offseason we thought he wouldn't be back and then there was one week when we thought he just doesn't study very hard and he needed his iPad time in order to make sure that he studied well enough for a game. How will he handle not having DeAndre Hopkins for the first six games of this season?

JJ Watt could this be his final ride? Who knows what's going on in Arizona except that they have an opportunity to shock some people and then there's the Seattle Seahawks. Year 13 for Pete Carroll who turned 71 in September. He is the most tenured coach in the NFC coming off of his first losing season in Seattle since the year before Russell Wilson got drafted and we all know Russell Wilson is no longer there. What will this team look like in the post Russ era? Geno Smith one of our guests on Wednesday's show says it's just another game for him. It's just another start for him. It's just not as he said a redemption story for him but he's got a major opportunity to shock some people on a roster that's young and fast. They've got a fast team.

How will they fare with those circumstances? And then we move to the NFC South Tampa Bay. Tom Brady entering wait for it year 23 in the National Football League. Retired, un-retired.

He's back. Bruce Arians was active then he retired. It's now Todd Bowles team. It's his second shot at being a head coach in this league. He was a head coach in New York. There's an up front problem right in front of Tom Brady on that offensive line.

The interior offensive line. Other than that there's not many question marks on this team except is this Brady's last ride? Can he ride off into the sunset as a champion?

Can he make his wait for it 11th Super Bowl of his GOAT career? The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the clear favorites in this division. Then there's the New Orleans Saints with their new head coach in Dennis Allen. Yeah, Sean Payton not there for the first time since 2005. And how will this team look with a defensive minded coach? Quarterbacked by a guy who went through every single joint in his body in this most bizarre press conference for Jamis Winston before the opener against the Atlanta Falcons. Michael Thomas is back.

How will he look? How will this offense look under Dennis Allen in year one of his regime in New Orleans? In Atlanta, Arthur Smith year two for him and it's second chance time as a starting quarterback now for Marcus Mariota. Drake London one of the most talented young receivers. The first young receiver taken off the board in the draft. He's banged up going into week one.

We'll see how he fares. How will year two of Kyle Pitts look? What will Atlanta look offensively and at all top to bottom with Desmond Ritter the Cincinnati quarterback from college last year waiting in the wings. An interesting year crossroad year for Atlanta their first year without Matt Ryan at the controls since Matt Ryan was in college.

And then there's Carolina. Matt Ruhl the dean of NFC South coaches. He's the most tenured coach in the division with his team.

It's year three for him. Can Christian McCaffrey stay healthy and what will Baker Mayfield do with his remarkable opportunity? All of a sudden he's in a better spot than if he stayed in Cleveland I think. He has a long-term future in Carolina if he can take them to the playoffs for the first time since 2017. Their last playoff win was the NFC championship game en route to Super Bowl 50. The NFC North, the Detroit Lions your hard knocks favorites. Is this Jared Goff's final ride in Detroit or as a starting quarterback in this league?

We all know that this roar restoration project has been going on for quite some time. Their last playoff appearance was 2016. Their last playoff win was 1991. What will the Lions do in year two of the Dan Campbell administration?

How will Aiden Hutchinson look? The number two overall pick right there. The Chicago Bears one word. Ibar Flus. Ibar Flus. I think I need to take a Ricola after saying that word.

Ibar Flus. Justin Fields his first full season as starting quarterback there. The bar is set very low in Chicago. Their last playoff win the 2010 divisional game when Cutler beat Russell Wilson on way to the NFC championship game they lost to the Packers and Cutler wound up on a stationary bike on the sideline prior to taking a walk through Rodeo Drive the next week. Men you've got the Minnesota Vikings. A lot of people hopping on the Vikings bandwagon with Kevin O'Connell coming from the Rams staff. Can he unlock Kirk Cousins?

Justin Jefferson. Can he be the top wide receiver in the league? What about Dalvin Cook? All behind a new head coach who is their first offensive-minded head coach since Brad Childress in 2010. Don't forget he handed things off to Leslie Frazier who handed things off to Mike Zimmer.

What will the Vikings look like with an offensive mindset under the head coaching headset? And then of course you've got the Green Bay Packers trying to finish first in their division for the fourth straight year. It's only happened once folks when Mike McCarthy ripped off four straight divisional titles after winning the Super Bowl.

That's it in the history of the Green Bay Packers. Can Aaron Rodgers win a third straight MVP? One would think if he comes up with 13 wins and another division title to become only the only the first quarterback in the history of the Green Bay Packers to win four straight division titles twice without Devontae Adams.

One would think that would put him in line for the most valuable player in the league. What will the Packers season look like right there with Aaron Rodgers back again now for one would believe the rest of his career. And then there's the NFC East, the New York Giants, a new head coach and Brian Dable. What will this offense look like Matt? Can Saquon stay healthy? Does Daniel Jones finally have the weapons and the coach around him to evaluate him as a long-term possibility for the New York Giants who have won more than six games only once in the last eight years and that was the 11 win season of Ben McAdoo that wound up in a one and done appearance in Green Bay with Odell Beckham punching a Lambeau wall. The Washington commanders we've got a new team name folks it's the Washington commanders or the or the the uh the Commodores as Stephen A. Smith referred to them the other day. There's only one quarterback one quarterback not named Carson Wentz who started a season opener for two different NFC East teams and his name is Donovan McNabb who did it yes for Washington and Philadelphia Carson Wentz is adding his name to that mix question is is what's he going to do with that opportunity he's got a lot of speed burners on offense we'll chase young come back soon enough to help that defense your Washington commanders right there the Dallas Cowboys year three of the aforementioned Mike McCarthy, Kedak, Zeke and CeeDee Lamb become the new triplets right there the defense is spectacular that's not the question how will the offensive line without Tyrant Smith hold up to protect Dak and make some room for Zeke and what is Tony Pollard's role going to be and who else other than CeeDee Lamb and an injured Michael Gallup can help that offense for Dallas and then you've got the Philadelphia Eagles Jalen Hurts it's all on his shoulders man that's it only one playoff win since that Super Bowl and that was when the Bears double-doinked themselves out of the playoffs in the wild card round against Philadelphia it's Jalen Hurts his world he can be a long-term future quarterback in Philadelphia or this could be his final ride right there big huge opportunity for him and that's my breakdown of the NFC East teams and the West teams in the Central and the South that's the National Football Conference going into the 2022 season here's the AFC right now starting in the West the Las Vegas Raiders Josh McDaniels 2.0 how will it be different than when he was with the Denver Broncos Belichick had a very successful run and still is on one after he crapped out in his first time as a head coach in the NFL even though you know he actually did make the playoffs as a Cleveland Browns head coach and what ended his tenure there was the whole moving of the team but you get what I'm saying McDaniels Derek Carr has got his BFF from college back the best receiver in the NFL Devante Adams what will he look like we didn't see him in the preseason at all add Chandler Jones to Max Crosby on that defensive line I've been saying the Raiders win the division it would be their first division title since their 2002 Super Bowl season that's the last time the Raiders won their division and the Broncos their last playoff win was Super Bowl 50 but let's ride with Russell Wilson the prize of the off-season quarterback world is now wearing the Denver Broncos orange for a new head coach in Nathaniel Hackett is that all you need to add to a team with a young defense and some young receivers and some young offensive linemen and some young running backs the veteran presence of Russ what will he look like in his first new home in his professional playing career so much riding on that in Denver the Kansas City Chiefs have won the division six straight times the Los Angeles Rams of the 70s won their division seven straight times the Patriots won 11 straight in the Tom Brady administration the Chiefs are on a remarkable run as Andy Reid is in his 10th year now in Kansas City so much shade thrown at Patrick Mahomes this offseason just because Tyreek Hill is gone somebody people think the Chiefs will not win and maybe even make the playoffs what a fascinating season for Kansas City that has Juju Smith Schuster and Marquez Valdes scanting and scantling and so much more and then you've got the Los Angeles Chargers their last division win 2009 can this be the year with Khalil Mack being added and JC Jackson when he's back healthy for year two of Brandon Staley Justin Herbert has so much MVP talk around him Austin Eckler and Keenan Allen and Mike Williams and the rest of that offense and defense the Chargers look loaded in the most loaded division in football the Jacksonville Jaguars Doug Peterson is their new head coach or three words not Urban Meyer the worst head coaching performance in the history of head coaching performances in the National Football League is now in the books it's in the rearview mirror unless I keep bringing it up which I plan to do but Doug Peterson man a Super Bowl winning head coach who knows quarterbacks former quarterback was a guy who's right near Brett Favre for all those years and an offensive-minded assistant and then Super Bowl winning head coach add him to the mix what will Trevor Lawrence look like that's about it that's about it for the Jacksonville Jaguars and how much can they surprise people and win football games you could say think the same thing about the Houston Texans because Lovey is back dad Lovey Smith is the head coach in Houston and Davis Mills year two I already thinks he was just kind of you know throwing in the in the draft from a couple of years ago because they knew they were gonna lose to Shawn Watson you might as well take a quarterback but he's got some ability and if he came out this year he might have been the first quarterback off the board I don't think he's a placeholder I think he's their future and I think they're gonna play like that with Damian Pierce this running back from Florida let's see what the Texans can do and how much they can surprise some people the Tennessee Titans is this Ryan Tannehill's last ride certainly with Malik Willis drafted in the middle of this last year's draft Derek Henry's MVP campaign begins against the Giants this very weekend because how much is this guy gonna shoulder of this offense AJ Brown has gone they've got a receiver who looks just like him in height weight and speed but can Tralen Burks be the AJ Brown of this offense as the Titans go for their third straight divisional title only other time that's happened the first three years of their existence when the Houston Oilers were born from 1960 to 62 the Titans have that on their radar screen to try and repeat unless the Colts go ahead with Matt Ryan the matril and his new digs in his new spot with that defense and that offensive line and an MVP candidate running back of his own and Jonathan Taylor can the Colts win this division by the way only one playoff win for this very successful franchise since 2014 that's it can the Colts match that by making the playoffs and winning a game and getting ahead for Frank Reich let's move to the AFC North this is a loaded division to year four for Lamar year 15 for John Harbaugh for a team that was so banged up last year almost 30 players on injured reserve last year so how do you evaluate the running game now that people are back healthy how do you evaluate the defense now that people are back healthy how do you evaluate Lamar Jackson when he says I want a new contract and he sets a deadline for Friday how will that affect things for this team what is their big time passing game could it be two tight ends and Mark Andrews and Isaiah likely is that it let's see the Steelers it's year 16 from Mike Tomlin who by the way in those 16 years has never finished last never had a losing record only finished third place once when they were eight and eight in 2006 it's Mitchell Trubisky's second shot at being a starter in this league and then there's Kenny Pickett right behind him Najee Harris one of the great young talents at running back how much is he going to shoulder of this offense as they put it together under maybe a rookie quarterback we shall see Cleveland Browns we all know what a total disaster it has been on the Deshaun Watson front but it is now potentially behind them they know it's an 11-game suspension the question is is how many games can Jacoby Percette quarterback this team to in the winner's circle before Deshaun Watson comes back can they stay in the division race let alone the playoff race without Deshaun Watson a terrific run game Amari Cooper is now there on offense Myles Garrett is a defensive player of the year on defense let's see what they can do while they wait for Deshaun Watson to come back Jacoby Percette and Amari wait for Deshaun Watson to come back Jacoby Percette has made only one career start in week one a season opener and that was for the 2019 Colts when Andrew Luck surprised them by retiring on the team Percette will be under center for the Browns against Baker Mayfield in a huge week one game the Cincinnati Bengals they are American football conference champions and they're got even better and they may have the best quarterback and I'm saying it they may wind up having the best quarterback in the conference and it's loaded Joe Burrow can he just say okay I hear all them Holmes talk I hear all the Josh Allen talk guess what I'm Tom Brady 2.0 and I'm gonna lead the Cincinnati Bengals back to the Super Bowl right now because they improve the offensive line in front of me and I've got weapons galore and everybody's overlooking us because we're the Cincinnati Bengals who have not won back-to-back division titles since far as Greg's first two years there when he followed up a Super Bowl loss with wait for it winning the title in their division again although it was a strike short in here but we'll just throw that out the AFC East we all know about my jets they got loaded up on offense and loaded up on defense with all of these young guys can Zach Wilson come back healthy and actually win some games and even shocked them to get to the playoffs for the first time since their ground and pound days back-to-back AFC championship losses it ended in 2010 that's your jets update right there and then you've got the Miami Dolphins their last playoff win you were the last time in the playoff win I'll tell you when Jay Fiedler beat Peyton Manning in the 2000 wild card game that's the last playoff win for the Miami Dolphins they have made the playoffs a handful of times since then but they were one and done and now here comes Mike McDaniel who's never done this before and they add Tyreek Hill with Jalen Waddle and Mike Kasicki and they've got running backs for days and they've got a hard-hitting defense and everybody overlooking them because their quarterback is Tua what's Tua gonna do with this opportunity can Tyreek Hill bring his game and be electric for the Dolphins in the same way he was for Kansas City what will Tua do with his opportunity year 23 for Bill Belichick and everybody's wondering if he's lost it even with taking a rookie quarterback to the playoffs last season but they have looked so horrible in preseason with new play callers who have never done that before despite their experience and Matt Patricia and Joe Judge being in New England who the hell knows about what the Patriots can do this year no earthly idea but the only thing we definitely know is it's the Buffalo Bills division to lose it's their division to win it's their conference to win it's their league to win because top to bottom from MVP quarterback to stable locker room to stable coaching staff even though they lost Brian Dable they've got an offense that appears to be on cruise control and they added James Cook and they've added players in the draft and they've got Josh friggin Allen it's this the time for the Buffalo Bills has the moment finally arrived where they get to the mountaintop and bring the Lombardi Trophy to western New York can their dreams come true that's my opener for the NFL season here on the Rich Eisen Show let's try let's take a break because Dabo Swinney talks a lot too and we get to get to the Clemson head coach and then we'll get to you and then we'll also get to Eric Wooden's studio and we'll get to Chris Brockman's final burning questions and his top five teams in the NFL and my five brass ring opportunities I've got a top five list of my own and you at 844-204 Rich Dabo Swinney when we come back we could talk about how complicated other banks make it to redeem credit card rewards like how they require minimums and worse how their rewards flat out expire or we could talk about how with Discover you can redeem your rewards for cash in any amount at any time I mean talk about amazing and now that 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ten and two all right this is LA baby we drive it midnight good thing Dabo Swinney's still in a meeting and he's got a meeting and he's going to be calling in top of the hour otherwise we wouldn't have gone on some sort of an eber flus around but just think about i i you know i kind of gave everybody uh a quick breakdown not so quick but quick for each team but all together about 20 minute you know soliloquy about about the possibilities and the backstories of all these teams going into the season and that's what the NFL is i get asked all the time why is the NFL so successful i really do get asked that and it's it's it's a simple answer okay it it's multiple parts but it is simple one it's the greatest narrative generating machine ever two the off season is long enough to keep your juices flowing the season is just long enough to make you want more okay and each game is spaced out by a week so there are such few games they all matter so much and there's so much for you to talk about in between games you know how many times you talk about well man what what happened with Durant and Kyrie and this that the other thing and the Nets man they just blew that last night that was a game they should have won and then boom they play one the next night and they win baseball same way hockey same way football spaced out and then you've got the casual fan locked in because your fantasy team everybody who does normally wouldn't follow a league gets their fantasy teams all built and they feel like they're the new general managers of the year and they walk around offices and boast and and send texts and they're locked in on on their team so the casual fans are there and then of course you know there's gamblers who can't get enough can't get enough but please bet responsibly of course so i'm serious like that's you put it all together and and plus you know what the the stars of the game do interviews you know rogers you've seen him all different places we we have stars of the nfl call in here and i don't take it for granted try getting bryce harper to call into a show trout i'm serious trying it you know aaron judge who i would take on this show 15 days to sunday how many times you've seen him do a thing nationally a thing never that's a good point you know these guys got a lot of time on their hands i'm just saying hoops like what what top star athlete in the nba makes himself available talking to fans on shows like this one and i i understand that this is very uh egocentric of us to say egocentric of us to say our show is important and you should call in but we have a platform and there are many others like this but nfl players they call even brady does his own podcast once a week i mean like you hear from them the accessibility is there so uh you know i put it all together and so that's why the nfl is so successful and then you talk about narrative generating machines there's week-to-week storylines there's in-game storylines that lead to week-to-week storylines there's season-long storylines and then the season-long storylines that i just laid out for you are set up the month of march this year insane insane brady unretires and then rus rus wilson russell wilson leaves the seahawks gets traded to denver and then on the same day bobby wagner gets cut loose and then tyreek hill wakes up one day and says i want to be traded and then winds up on the dolphins that day i'm sure there was lots going on behind the scenes before all of that name any of the free agent transactions off the top of your head you know and you can top it devante adams leaves the packers after roger says he's signed and coming back right to go to the vegas raiders to make the afc west the deepest division in football along with the number of players randy gregory of the cowboys says i'm coming back and no i'm going to denver he's on the broncos we're going to see him chasing down gino smith monday night matt ryan changes addresses then you throw the draft onto the mix and i'm not even naming half of the transactions that happen aj bradley draft a trade to philadelphia he gets paid debo says i'm out then he's back the jimmy g saga i mean every team seems to have something like that that's why yeah this could be the greatest nfl season ever because of all those storylines leading into the highly anticipated kickoff tonight and the fan bases around the nfl i know there's so many arguments about who's got the most passionate fan base buffalo pills are up there and everybody's talking about this team i'm one of them as super bowl winners and they're the ones trying to spoil a banner raising party tonight in los angeles where there used to be in los angeles where there used to be no football now there's two teams you know now there's two teams and everybody thinks both teams can win the super bowl kylar murray i knew i had this piece of paper you bet i do here it is i keep it on the desk this is what essentially kicked everything off because it all started with kylar murray scrubbing his instagram account on the monday of super bowl week here in this town then it led to a whole hoo-ha with this thing coming out right before the combine of him saying i want out if i don't get paid then he gets paid and we find out there's a clause in the contract that the team is so concerned about his study habits they demand he has ipad time without a second screen that was so weird and then they take that clause out because there was such a stink about it and he doesn't have his top receiver because he gets suspended in the middle of all this for six games for pds dude this is insane the longer i talk the more i remember all the crazy ass you know what stuff you know happened the hell going on is what stefan digs tweeted out on march 23rd hell go and that was the tyree kill news that was tyree kill right and then a week later bobby wagner winds up here in los angeles of the defending world champs who by the way just minutes ago announced less need and sean mcveigh the general manager and head coach have had contract extensions through 2026 fantastic fantastic because as you know airy dynamite combination and in terms of mcveigh there is a lot of football that i would love to see him coach and in less need there is a lot of pics i'd like to see him f keep on effing and then of course i adore his wife who i've known for a quarter century and i love that she's gonna be in town at least for the next five years or forever more i love it i couldn't love it more i love this sport i love talking about it i love you wanting to talk about it in this room and you wanting to light these phone lines up let's take a break let's take your phone calls and chris brockman's top five teams in the nfl on his top 32 list revealed with their burning questions attached 844-204-rich with dabo swinney and thomas dermitrov still to come tired of reporting fire drills valueops the value stream management solution from broadcom is built to manage what 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talk in playoffs or what what's that like three years ago some guy like the the giants we all knew the giants were just going to be a fire of dumpster fires he's talking playoffs or what that guy called in he's never called back never called back right and he's never called back never called back if you're out laughing her ass let's smoke him out play off so what but like three years later we still play this drop it was so terrible it's a great looking for like it was the pat shermer the low of the pat shermer lows we talk in playoffs or what i mean and we and then we we're like that's got to be a drop and then we for the last two years we turn it into a segment where you throw a team at me and i have to say playoffs playoffs or what we walk in playoffs or what fantastic where is he i don't know how we know where alan dallas is he's worrying about his giants wherever he is how are y'all day ball oh i'm sorry it doesn't have the same ring ow just doesn't work what all the respect from uh peter from suffolk it's uh nasa for life brother i was about to say i didn't understand the chest puffery over suffolk county i didn't it did take me on it did take me back a little bit i mean the island the island has only brought the cup to nassau county you know multiple times you know yeah yeah yeah it wasn't it wasn't uh it wasn't going through uh baiting hollow and i know one's got a cup one's got the stanley cup next door to queens and the other one has wetlands and beaches you know i mean so okay what's going on what do you got uh and again to answer peter's question uh you know the biggest city in the in the world the biggest city in the country uh daniel jones is is is on the that's true proverbial hot seat for his nfl career right now because i don't see him like you were saying before you know a tour whoever being a backup i mean this is it for dj i mean he's made a score right he made a lot of money but his career could be over i don't know i i think he would be a backup somewhere don't you think i would think or there's i mean maybe there's some i guess you're gonna grind it out i don't know there could be some coach with like cut cliff ties or dna or it's like i can do something with this guy yeah to me daniel jones looks like the looks like the prototypical takes one coach to say i got this i you know he's that's what i'm saying like he can top out at 23 miles an hour before tripping over nothing you know and he can also he could he could throw a deep i mean he's really talented and john marrow was right they have never given him what he needs they have never given him what he needs timing timing is everything you know place is everything it just is what it is right sam donald might have been a different quarterback somewhere else etc etc etc josh rosen who's my guy who i always said you know is a product of the right wrong environment every time and right you know right thanks for the call albert you'd be well we'd be well i'm throwing up the poll which quarterback most on thin ice this year wince daniel jones to a golf i don't know um even though golf was the first one to top of top of mind i think golf will lose horribly amongst those other three i don't know about you but that looked like money let's throw uh you want to you want to throw who else can we throw in there i i mean wance and daniel jones for sure yeah we've already said this months ago at least i did daniel jones folders he will be working with us i three i think throwing two in there as well and hurts jaylen hurts that's the one oh wow that's the one dude you the other day just have him like top five fantasies i know right i'm and i and i as you know came for him saying that people don't believe in him because of his college experience and the place where he was drafted and the manner in which he was shepherded into his gig and how high he was drafted despite you know winning in alabama he needed to be benched for alabama to win then he took it as a teammate right on the chin a whole year of eligibility just sat there instead of demanding to be transferred they finally went somewhere and then he went somewhere where there were two other heisman trophy winners and he wasn't one and then he's drafted second round to philadelphia and then he gets his shot and it gets pulled remember i get pulled the final game yeah i'm like that's what's that's what i guess um influences people's opinions of him and then some guy for you know i saw on wip saying that i didn't maybe i don't watch the games that he had only what four touchdowns and six interceptions in the last several games last year and he stunk yeah that's why i'm saying that in philadelphia some people ready to run them out on a rail all right it's out hit it ridge all right it's time for five burning questions one for each of the top five now top five on chris brockman's countdown of the top teams in the national football league brought to you by everybody the nfl stream on westwood one this nfl season every westwood one nfl broadcast streams live for free mondays thursdays sunday nights thanksgiving christmas triple headers the international series in every postseason game brings you brockman's burning questions all right christopher your top five top five top five very excited thanks everybody for the feedback on this had been a lot of fun doing it okay now the team that loses the super bowl rich there's just kind of this thought that they struggle the next year right so i went back and actually looked it up since 2000 okay there was a stretch where the super bowl loser missed the playoffs six out of seven years yeah that ain't happening this year it ain't happening rich it ain't happening recently since 2009 10 of the 13 super bowl losers made the playoffs the next year seven one playoff games of course the 2018 patriots made it all the way back to the super bowl and we know that they won it so the super bowl hangover for the loser is no more what did the bangles do they're they're my number five team what do they do to get better in the off season rich they got better on the offensive line joe burrow was sacked the league high 51 times last year so my burning question for the bangles is will that revamped offensive line bingo be enough to get the bangles back to the big game and i think it will i think it can be how about that i can be because i think the bills are still the team to beat but man if it's an afc championship game and joe burrow's strolling into western new york i would be i would be nervous that would be sick i would be nervous if i'm circling the wagons in buffalo but uh that's it can the is it fixing the line is that going to get him to the mountaintop again what's now who's number four number four is the tampa bay buccaneers did you know guys that tom brady led the league in completions attempts yards touchdowns last year he had the most passing yards of his entire career at age 44 most touchdowns since 2007 when he lit the league on fire but my burning question of course is is this finally the year that tom brady falls off the cliff so odd that you moved on from cincinnati to that question chris it's so odd you would move on from cincinnati to move on to cincinnati you ain't falling off a cliff what's next over there number three i got the kansas city chiefs wow the chiefs are three on the list i gotta say she's gonna love you i i was out on the chiefs earlier this off season now i'm back in but the burning question is of course is what is the offense going to look like without tyree kill yeah and the defense what's it going to be without tyron matthew i like that kid carloftis out of purdue that they drafted he's going to be a sneaky defensive rookie of the year choice i think he's going to be really good wow you got the chief's third overall but that is essentially the question no tyree i think so what shot do they have what's all right all right all right top two teams and with all due respect uh to western new york i have them number two because they are not the champs and for the bills will they finally live up to all the expectations that we've not seen on this team since the early 90s they're the super bowl betting favorites josh allen is the betting favorite for mvp the expectations are there the pressure is there can they live up to it and the number one team are the champs rams house whose house mike the los angeles rams what will cooper cup and matthew stafford do for an encore because we saw cooper cup put up the greatest wide receiver season ever matthew stafford had the best year of his career overall and can they do it again i think those uh last five burning questions i agree with the exception of brady is he gonna fall off a cliff it's really can can can the uh can the buccaneers protect him yeah i just didn't want to go back to back offense that's my question is can they protect him you know but that's the five burning questions getting ready for the season the rams top of your powers ranking so how about to be the man you got to beat the man and right now they're the man okay those five burning questions and all of them a great job by the way chris on that for the last week hour two coming up dabo sweating i think he threw mike off by throwing him in at the end there he says whose house rams house is like like why do you want to drop like mike's like i want you to yell rams out when they hang out so far mike's like sitting there saying i'm playing the music i'm listening to every word you're saying like what the hell was that all about i know rent i'm waiting tonight my voice is already a little horse oh oh yeah eberfluss got me oh you got to pace yourself on the eberfluses folks yeah it's like i just literally said that not with not a hint of irony not a hint of irony at all wow you got the chief's third you are so out on them and they pulled you back in pull me back in i mean i said it yesterday too they played in the preseason which i thought was really important they sure did and they looked really really really good when they were out there and i was like oh wait a second they did so they did how great their first two games man the late window i believe it's cbs right i imagine it's going to be romo and nance in the desert for kansas city at uh kansas city at arizona no that's on fox no hold on a minute my bad i'm looking up right no it's on cbs yeah cbs uh and and at the same time the chargers play the raiders and then the chiefs play the chargers in the first amazon game with al and kirk curb street to kick off week two i can't think about week two we got week one tonight that is correct sir dabo swinney and clemson and we'll talk to thomas dimitrov former front office exec in atlanta coming up for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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