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REShow: Eric Wood - Hour 3 (9-8-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 8, 2022 4:24 pm

REShow: Eric Wood - Hour 3 (9-8-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 8, 2022 4:24 pm

Rich reacts to the Rams extending head coach Sean McVay and GM Les Snead through 2026 and reflects on how the pair led the team form the depths of despair to a Super Bowl win.

Rich previews the NFL season and says which 5 players have the best opportunity to grab the brass ring and cement or resurrect their legacies.

Former Bills lineman and current radio analyst Eric Wood joins Rich in-studio to discuss Buffalo’s Super Bowl chances and how the team is handling the pressure to finally win it all, says how the Buccaneers and Raiders dicey offensive lines could derail their promising seasons, and reveals that new Denver Broncos Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett is as adept at hip hop dancing as he is at coaching football.

Rich and the guys react to Tom Brady’s comments on whether or not this could be his final NFL season, and take a call from Zach in Japan who had the misfortune of falling asleep while on hold yesterday.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
JR Sport Brief
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry, clean feel all day. Let's do this. Let's do this. This is the Rich Eisen Show.

Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Matt Ryan's ready. Tannehill's ready. Everybody in the AFC West is up and ready.

Dax ready. Jalen Hurts is ready. Carson Wentz, even he's ready.

Matthew Stafford, oh my arm. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, Clemson head coach Dabo Sweeney. Former NFL general manager Thomas Dimitrov. Coming up, former Pro Bowl center Eric Wood.

Plus your phone calls, latest news, and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Yes, our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. There's a certain energy with football being back, certainly here in Los Angeles, California. There's something up, you know, and we're feeling it.

We're feeling it. Have you seen the video of this apparently like giant 3D interactive Aaron Donald billboard? No.

I think it's down by LA Live. Oh, is that right? First off, Aaron Donald's scary, big monster. Right. He reaches out and grabs one of the Super Bowl rings and it's like in oncoming traffic.

And the ring is as big as his head. Pretty much, yeah. Man, oh man.

I'll retweet a video of him right now. Okay. It's crazy. Okay. Okay.

Yeah. Kick off tonight. And you know, I want to tell this story. Sean McVay and Les Snead today, it was announced. I think these deals got done a while ago, if I had a guess. They just decided to, you know, we'll hold it off. We'll announce it. Good timing on the announcement. Well, I mean, you announced it the day of the banner raising, you know, which is Les Snead and Sean McVay have been re-upped and extended all the way through the 2026 season.

And there's a banner raising tonight here in Los Angeles, California. And it should not be lost about journeys. We always talk about, that's what we love about the NFL. It's a journey of a player, a journey of a team, or in this case, a general manager and a coach and a franchise and an organization. I flew back on the team plane, I'll say it again, on the Thursday night that the Rams with their interim head coach, John Fossil went up to Seattle and got their asses kicked. And Jared Goff started. And this was when Todd Gurley was calling the Jeff Fisher offense and a high school offense, their best offensive player in Todd Gurley called out the team for running what he called a high school offense.

And he, it was totally out of character for him to say anything like that publicly. And Jared Goff, their crown jewel, the first overall drafted quarterback, was, he got his ass kicked, destroyed by Seattle. And that flight back from Seattle to Los Angeles felt to me like it was 12 hours long. And it was like a funeral on the plane. Like a funeral on the plane.

And not a single soul in that, at least I didn't feel this way. I didn't think in a million years I was on the team plane of a franchise who was about to turn things around to make not one, but two Super Bowls in the next what, six years. And not only that, but make a coaching hire that would be the envy of the rest of the league and also a blueprint of how you hire coaches and just don't even take a look at how young they are. That age is just a number.

Don't, it doesn't matter how young they are at all. And that's what happened. Les Snead and Kevin Demmoff, their team president, they decided to hire Sean McVay. And look at them now.

They're raising a banner here in a beautiful new stadium that was the host of last year's Super Bowl and the whole football world is going to be watching tonight. Unbelievable. Unbelievable how that all worked out for the team. Just kind of wanted to tell that story here and how things can turn around for your team. That's the beauty of the NFL too. Worst to first. Worst to first is entirely possible. You can't, you know, there's some teams that would be really shocking if it happens and fan bases might feel down and out. You never know.

It is truly the most you never know league there is, really. And the Bills might have their opportunity starting tonight. Eric Wood, is in town for that former Buffalo Bill.

He is here and we'll be talking to him in studio in about 15 minutes time. And then there are players who have an opportunity for the Brass Ring. Anybody starting in the NFL, playing in the NFL, has an opportunity to make the most of their career starting in week one.

You never know. Go out there and make the most of the never know. Go out there and ball out. Suddenly you're not third on the depth chart. You're two on the depth chart and then you're one on the depth chart and then suddenly it's your free agency walk here and you get paid a ton of money and then maybe you got a ring or two on your finger and then who knows you keep building and keep building and keep building and you got to bust in Canton.

I'm serious. These things happen and then you got opportunities that come around again when you don't think that they're possible anymore. Another reason why people love the NFL and those are the stories that we're here for. Guys who get a chance again or making the most of an opportunity that might be their last. It's the Brass Ring. Who's going to grab it? I've got five.

Mike Del Tufle, I need NFL films music. The five most Brass Ringy opportunities of the 2022 season. I don't know if that's a phrase.

He made it one. These are the five most golden opportunities to grab that Brass Ring. How about them apples? That's better. I like it better.

Kind of like Brass Ringy. Number five on the list is Marcus Mariota. Who would have thought he'd have another shot at being a starting quarterback in this league?

Maybe he did. Certainly when he was in Tennessee drafted second overall. Remember that he had a perfect passer rating in his first game. It was him against Jamis Winston in his first career game.

Perfect passer rating. He was the Titans quarterback of the future former Heisman Trophy winner out of Oregon and then Ryan Tannehill took that opportunity. Grabbed that Brass Ring for himself and then Mariota wound up as a backup in Vegas. A backup for the Raiders and then an opportunity comes around with Atlanta trading Matt Ryan to Indianapolis and Arthur Smith formerly of Tennessee saying come here.

Come here. They draft a rookie and Mariota could tell Desmond Ritter not yet. Starting in week one against New Orleans. How about that? Mariota starting the season against Jamis Winston again.

Amazing. You never know. That's what this league's about and Winston's got a Brass Ring opportunity but he's not in my top five because number four is a number two overall pick. Getting another opportunity of his own and that's Mitchell Trubisky. You could say this is a better opportunity than the one that Mariota has in Atlanta with all due respect to the apparently banged up a little bit Drake London in number one tight end taken off the board.

Number four overall pick from a couple of years ago Kyle Pitts in year number two. Trubisky's got some great weapons at his disposal in Pittsburgh and a coach who's behind him and a defense that can play and a coach that doesn't have losing seasons. Mitchell Trubisky's got another shot to start and this league is for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Who would have thought he's the one that's going to start for the Steelers in the season after Big Ben says goodbye. Big Ben's not on the roster in Pittsburgh for the first time since 2003 and it's Mitchell Trubisky getting the start. That guy who we all thought would never get another start again after the Bears let him go. Number three on this list is Baker freaking Mayfield. He has got a huge opportunity in Carolina and the coach needs it to happen in the worst way and he's got Christian McCaffrey if he can stay healthy and he's got DJ Moore. He has got you've got a wide receiver and running back combination that is way up there on the list if healthy and Baker if healthy can lead this team if he leads this team to the playoffs and beyond. What a brass ring opportunity this is. What if he tells Tom Brady not this year sorry Tom you got to come back for another. You can sit here and say that's not happening Rich. Oh really?

Oh really? Because this guy was rubbing the belly of a dog on a podcast in the middle of the summer and we're all like thinking where's he going to wind up? He wanted to go to Indianapolis and I thought that'd have been a nice spot for him to go there too. Wasn't in the cards for him. Carolina goes and gets him and he's the starting quarterback against the Browns in week one. He said he didn't want to f him up or he didn't say that to my colleague Cynthia Freeland but I bet you he really does.

He feels that that's his inner monologue that's for damn sure. Number two brass ring opportunity is a guy that was right in the middle of the quarterback class atop the draft board who have gone on to amazing things. One guy made the Super Bowl last year and the other guy has MVP talk all around him because he has been terrific the minute a needle went into the wrong spot of Teron Taylor's rib cage a couple years ago. You got Justin Herbert there in LA here in LA and you got him Joe Burrow there in Cincinnati and Tuatunga Vailoa having all sorts of question marks around him.

All sorts of question marks around him. Why do the Dolphins take him? He doesn't have a body or a game a big enough game for the NFL and now the Dolphins are after kicking the tires on Deshaun Watson 50 ways to Sunday and having Tom Brady on a boat apparently tampering with him since 2019. And Tua is still the last man standing and they got Tyreek Hill for him and they got Jalen Waddle there his former teammate from college and they got a head coach who says he throws the most accurate ball he's ever seen. I mean they are talking him up they have put him in a terrific position to succeed if he can grab that brass ring and show the ability that he showed when the whole country was stunned and jaw on the floor when he took the reigns of Alabama in the middle of the national championship game a few years ago. If that Tua shows up in the NFL what an amazing opportunity he has.

I don't know about you but that looked like money. That's the brass ring number two. That's the most golden opportunity second most golden opportunity in the NFL this year and number one the most golden opportunity in the NFL nobody's talking about it. I don't think anybody's really talking about it and it's amazing because this guy has the opportunity to do to do something we have not seen in this league in 20 years in two decades it's the longest such drought in the history of the Super Bowl era in the NFL is going back to back as a Super Bowl winning quarterback the most golden opportunity the brassiest of brass rings to grab in the NFL in 2022 is the one staring right at Matthew Stafford starting tonight. Matthew Stafford mr Detroit lion first overall pick out of Georgia who couldn't win a playoff game there despite having Calvin Johnson and then he comes to Los Angeles and everyone wonders is he really good enough is he just living off that Georgia Bulldog fame from a decade and a half ago people are literally thinking that at this point last year and then he wins the Super Bowl no look passing things to Cooper cup who had one of the greatest receiving seasons since Stafford had Calvin Johnson last two triple crown seasons at receiving the quarterback same guy can Matthew Stafford win it all again this year and become the first quarterback since Tom Brady in 03-04 to go back to back and if he does it you get yourself a bust in Canton Ohio talk about a brass ring talk about a golden opportunity I know there are others out there who need that opportunity to keep their jobs elsewhere in the in the NFL Jared Goff the guy who was traded for Stafford I think is one of them and I just named four other guys who really can make the most of their second opportunities that they didn't expect or have to cash in their first opportunity like Tua but nobody nobody not even Tom Brady has the chance that Stafford has this year to go back to back in the NFL as Super Bowl champion and Brady's already in the bus room in Canton Ohio Stafford wins this year put him there those are the five most golden opportunities of the 2022 season going in am I missing anything gents anybody hmm I like Stafford being number one that's nice because no one's really talking no yeah he's could do it starting tonight he's one of the most criminally underrated people are talking about like well Mahomes has got an opportunity and Allen's got an opportunity and Russ what if Russ does what that Peyton Manning obviously did last for Denver but what Brady did was come to a new spot and you know I'm talking up Derek Carr like crazy and Herbert can win an MVP Jackson Kirk Cousins Michael Irvin's MVP you know Lamar Lamar Lamar is the only one who can go back to back and there's only one who could cement a place in Canton by doing so that guy you're starting quarterback for the banner raising team tonight everybody on hold stay on hold we're gonna have a conversation with Eric Wood and then we will empty the phone banks before we let you go and the rest of your season opening Thursday in the NFL Eric Wood former Buffalo Bill offensive lineman now an author he will be joining us next in studio don't go anywhere Geico asks how would you love a chance to save some money on insurance of course you would after all who doesn't love a great deal right and when it comes to great rates on insurance for all the things in your life Geico can help like with insurance for your car truck motorcycle boat and RV even help with homeowners condo or renters coverage even help with homeowners condo or renters coverage you could save even more with a special discount when you bundle your coverages plus add the easy to use Geico mobile app available 24-hour roadside assistance and more and choosing to switch to Geico becomes an easy choice switch today and see all the ways you could save with great rates and discounts it's easy simply go to to get a rate quote or contact your local agent and get started seeing how much you could save we could talk about how complicated other banks make it to redeem credit card rewards like how they require minimums and worse how their rewards flat out expire or we could talk about how with discover you can redeem your rewards for cash in any amount at any time I mean talk about amazing and now that we've talked about that let's get back to the Rich Eisen show you know the stuff we talk about here learn more at redeem rewards terms apply back here on our terrestrial radio outfit along with everybody else and that includes my next guest who's sitting to my to my right nine seasons in the NFL he was a first round drass selection in 2009 pro bowler starting center for the team two-time walter paint man of the year nominee and he's now an author here's a book right here called tackle what's next our own your story stack wins and achieve your goals a business in life eric wood who's calling the game on radio tonight for the buffalo bills fans to hear it right here on the Rich Eisen show good to see you sir yeah it's a pleasure being with you brother you got it I mean we've spoken before but first time we're meeting in person I know this is fun it is indeed good fun so the expectation level for this team is insane it is through the roof and all of my colleagues on NFL network we chose the bills to win it we had many kinds of ESPN here yesterday she chose the bills to win it we had thomas de mitra former GM of the falcons and so much more on the show last hour I said choose a roster you think that we'd be best equipped to win he chose the bills what what what is how is that landing with the actual bills organization in the locker room and the players eric well I think I would look bad if I chose against them at this point then if everyone else is but you know the expectations have been high for a few years and that's what Brandon built Brandon Bean and Sean McDermott have built Sean McDermott came in Brandon Bean came in my last year with the bills in 2017 they set the culture they had to make some really tough decisions they got rid of a bunch of guys in the building that have been there a while and they've built it starting with Josh Allen and a bunch of key pieces and now it's amazing to me that Buffalo is now cool like it's a cool spot to be and to play and you're attracting guys like Yvonne Miller who comes in in free agency and that's where you're seeing this team in this roster they they've built they got pro bowlers at every position group besides running back and tight end and they just signed Dawson Knox who leads the league and touchdown catches for tight ends last year they just signed him to a contract extension but how are they handling it because again you got folks like my colleague across the way here and Chris Brockman that keeps talking about pressure and I think it's going to roll off their back but you know when January hits and games get tight or games in order to make January happen to the best of their ability maybe is a one seed which gets is the only spot that gets a buy in our new playoff world uh when the pressure lands how how is it how are they handling the level of expectation best you can tell being around the team you know I think internally it's business as usual and these guys aren't necessarily focusing on the expectations a lot of them are coming this season with a bitter taste in their mouth at the way last season ended with that final 13 seconds in Kansas City they understand that two years in a row they get eliminated in Kansas City at Arrowhead they want to host an AFC Championship game in Buffalo this year and they understand what that can do to help them get over that hump so you know I think it's business as usual and Sean McDermott the way he leads on a day-to-day basis with his consistency I think that'll keep the guys level-headed but I know they're excited about tonight to be on this big stage and I played in two prime time games not a third not excluding Thursday night I played in two prime time games in nine years when I was with the Bills this year they have five prime time games alone before they get flexed so the expectations are high but I think internally they're handling it well so how does McDermott coach then you just mentioned how he's consistent give me some examples of that if you don't mind yeah because he's not a yelling he's not a yeller he's not a screamer and so it's but it's constant analysis every single day he always preaches on a growth mindset he was talking trust the process before Joel Embiid was and so each and every single day it's a consistent approach but this is a guy who wakes up at four some in the morning every single day whether they're at the facility or not he gets his workout in and his consistency that he brings on a day-to-day basis it rubs off on everyone else in the organization Eric Wood here on the Rich Eisen show it's amazing that the defending Super Bowl champs who got better by the way who did not lose uh their their head coach or general manager usually that might happen or they did lose their offensive coordinator obviously but they they lost their offensive coordinator before and replaced them with somebody who became a head coach again you know right right at Zach Taylor goes out in comes Kevin O'Connell now he's out uh they got better they got Bobby Wagner they got Alan Robinson we're talking about the Bills and rightfully so because of how stacked they are right I mean what a what a game tonight is what is what is the challenge break it down for me by the way you're doing the first breakdown of a game right we haven't done that in seven months last people the last people we broke down was this was Super Bowl 56 it's a conversation so let's let's this is great let's talk about the game all right let's break it down yeah so two super talented rosters and you mentioned they returned so many key pieces off of that Super Bowl team last year the only guy they really lose on either side of the ball would be on the lines Von Miller and then Andrew Whitworth they're starting left tackle last year he goes into retirement you'll see him on tv now and that's going to be an interesting matchup with Von Miller and no boom on the outside can he withstand four quarters of a guy who's coming in to his former team and he's going to want to make a splash in this game Von Miller is going to want to make a splash and then you have maybe the best defensive player maybe the best player in the NFL on the Rams defensive line and Aaron Donald who wants to show up in prime time here in this game as well we always say those D linemen try a little bit harder in in prime time games so that's going to be an interesting matchup along the lines starting cornerback Tredavious White is out for the Bills all pro corner he's going to be on the pup list to start the year he'll miss at least the first four weeks and so when you look at a receiving corps with Allen Robinson and Cooper Cup who primarily plays in the slot and so that'll be an interesting matchup with Tarrin Johnson but when I look at it this Bills pass rush is what held them back last year and I say held them back they're the number one defense statistically in the NFL but against playoff teams last year in the regular season only five sacks against playoff teams so of their 41 sacks on the year five were against playoff teams so they brought in a Von Miller a Daquan Jones a Tim Settle they draft Greg Russo in the first round last year to get a consistent pass rush against good quarterbacks and I think that's what can help out these two rookie quarterbacks in Kyurel and Christian Benford that'll be starting for the Bills tonight. Eric Wood breaking stuff down former Buffalo Bill now part of the Bills broadcast team and now an author and so much more going on in your life we'll get to in a second right here on the Rich Eisen Show Tom Brady spoke today and we're going to play a sound bite for that before we get out of dodge on our Thursday program send you to SoFi Eric but he's got some interior offensive line issues in front of him you know how significant do you think that is? It can be significant because if you look back at the times in Tom Brady's career that he struggled it's that interior pressure think back to the Eagle Super Bowl loss with Fletcher Cox coming right up the middle he is great at stepping up in the pocket but he's not super mobile to escape the pocket on the outside so when it collapses from the inside that could be an issue and although Tom Brady's in his mid-40s he throws the deep ball as well as anybody in the NFL but that only happens with time and so I think this year you're going to have to establish a run game a lot of that's going to have to come off the play action because those guys on the interior you know you lose one of the best centers in the game in Ryan Jensen yeah that's a big deal. Well I mean and he can get obviously he can get rid of the football fast and he's got the weapons around him but he's also a 45 year old guy right and it's it's just there there I've laid my marker on the Bucks to win the NFC and I've laid my marker on the Raiders to win the AFC West and every single time I say that to somebody else in my in my world or the industry I'm hearing their their lines aren't going to be good enough to hold up. Yeah and that makes that makes a big difference and you know especially with Tom Brady because he's so good you can't blitz him right you know if you blitz Tom Brady consistently he's gonna burn you up we had Rex Ryan and with the Bills for two years playing against Tom Brady and you'll get him at times with the blitz but he's gonna find the gaps and he'll make you pay so you can't blitz him you've got to pressure with a four-man pass rush and a lot of that's got to be on the interior because like I said he could step up so well as far as the Raiders offensive line they lose my boy Richie Incognito he's he's off into retirement now with their offensive line if they can hold up they have so many weapons on the outside and then I mean like good luck if Devontae Adams is active against you right and then Waller is active against you and if you're you got to focus you got to you got to focus on one of those two guys right you've got to shade to at least one of those two guys and then Renfro right Renfro doing his you know tornado type maneuvers uh that's that's why I I that's why I dig him a lot and Max Crosby with with uh with Chandler Jones that's why I'm on them but everybody keeps saying their line stinks literally those are the words that come back at me from talent evaluators and general managers or anybody else who I've been talking to yeah and that division just so stacked that who knows who's even going to come out of that division and so uh when you're looking at Super Bowl chances MVP chances that division's going to beat each other up I had Nate Hackett who was with me in Buffalo head coach of the Broncos I had him on my podcast yes I said you getting any sleep preparing for all these pass rushers and he's like no it's no joke I take this job and everybody in the division goes out and gets them a high-priced free agent fun got a go rush the passer as well but that's what happens when you load up on quarterbacks and playmakers the easiest way to combat that isn't necessarily go out and find the next Jalen Ramsey or Tredavious White a lot of the the best way to do it is to go find pass rushers Eric Wood here on the Rich Eisen show so you had um you had as you called him Nate Hackett uh on the Eric am I supposed to call him Nathaniel no no no no but it just shows you well I mean you know so many people call Brady Tommy and it's just like you've been around him so me and Nate were neighbors in 20 2009 when I got to the bills he was quality control with the bills yeah and we were neighbors so to me he'll always be Nate and what an opportunity he's got in front of him I mean this is a major moment for his first head coaching opportunity and Russell Wilson is acquired for his first opportunity there's new owners there you know the the Walton family who just found another billion dollars under their couch cushion while they were chilling out with commissioner Goodle you know so you put it all together and he's got an incredible opportunity in front of him what what is his uh what's his readiness level in your estimation for this Eric Wood yeah I think it's excellent and when you look he's learned under the floor he's been under Doug Morone he's been around his dad was a coach in the NFL he grew up in the coaching industry his his dad was the the coach that was that that was before Pete Carroll at USC right I mean there's so many different levels that Paul Hackett was around so obviously he's got the pedigree but what about the moment that's arriving game management NFC, AFC West uh opportunity is is is remarkable for him so yeah yeah he's got so much experience in this league you never know with a first-time head coach you never know exactly how that's going to go right and with him calling plays and being so in tune to the offense as well he's gonna have a lot on his plate it helps that you got a veteran quarterback and a guy you trust on the field and Russell Wilson and then he surrounded himself with an excellent staff and from everyone I've talked to in that building they love the energy that Nate has brought into the building you know and nothing against the old staff it's just not the same upbeat energy that you get from Nate Hackett where the guys get excited to come to work each day when you're talking about a guy who taught hip-hop dance classes I mean okay what say what what I didn't know that what keep going what do you mean so Nate was a what was he he's like a nuclear he's like almost like a he's like a mad scientist you know super super intelligent guy and then he got into teaching hip-hop dance classes prior to coaching uh in college huh so he can move is what you're saying he could move and you know you'll only catch that at maybe like the rookie show you might talk him into it he's not standing up in front of team meetings each and every day busting out dance moves but he's got some rhythm I mean we've seen NFL films moments captured in locker rooms celebratory locker rooms you know Andy Reid dabbing like it looked like he pulled his back muscle you know Mac Brown yeah we've yes you know or right or even in college basketball right with Roy Williams you know sneaking into the locker room but so you're saying Nate well Nathaniel because I don't really know him Hackett has a hip-hop dancing background that will we may actually see on display of some sort he does and and for a second I was thinking maybe I blew his cover but then I remembered he talked about this on my podcast I did with him so Eric it's okay man yeah so no no he's got some rhythm and and hopefully this uh this gets out there bigger now so that he can uh he can show those moves on the sideline maybe they get a little locker room dance video let's ride do we have a home let's ride rich I did I did see an interview with him where he asked Sierra Russell Wilson's wife about being in a video whoa so Nathaniel he does what Eric's saying is correct he apparently he's got the moves like Jagger and he did talk to Sierra about possibly being in the video so we might get that collab how can he not wind up in it did that influence the decision to bring in Russell Wilson could have sealed the deal I think he said he was more Russ is like I don't know do I want to go to Denver do I not well you know what I talked hip-hop dance classes in college sold let's ride let's ride let's ride and just have a go okay very good uh Eric Wood here on the Rich Eisen show let's talk about your book sir tackle what's next own your story stack wins achieve your goals in business in life there's the book right here and forward by Sean McDermott very nice so uh what what do you want people to know about this book and what they can glean from this yeah so this book is on transition so little backstory 2017 I signed a contract extension before the season with the Bills I'm the only player on the team to play every single snap that year and my career ends at the end of the year they find after our playoff game trying to get cleared for the Pro Bowl find a creating neck injury disc and bone sitting in my spinal cord and no matter what I can't come back and play football and so that set me on a transition out of football that's so many over these last couple years because of COVID and whether it's career relationships whatever it may be we're always in this constant period of transition I started a podcast called What's Next with Eric Wood got a bunch of coaching learned from mentors and compiled it all into this book that I think can serve people in a way in their life to whether whether you had this catastrophic catastrophic event or you simply just want to make your tomorrow better than your today there's a lot of great lessons from very influential people on my life in that book and it's fun football stories from coaching moments playing for Sean McDermott and Rex Rhine to Bobby Petrino in college and then podcast guests that have ran across the board that have just made a huge impact on my life so one day you're you're thinking you got your whole career ahead of you you signed your contract you haven't missed a game and then somebody's like you you can't play anymore yeah what was that day like for you it was wild so I had driven back to Louisville my my wife was pregnant with my son Garrett who's now four and so she had driven back to Louisville already she was back in town she was going to deliver in Louisville and I can't blame her because it was a January due date and to that point we were playing in the longest playoff drought in all of pro sports so she did not assume that we would make the playoffs that year so she scheduled it for for a delivery in Louisville so I drove back and 50 minutes before my son was born I get the call that my career is over so a whirlwind of a day nurse comes in and my wife's upset she's crying a little bit and nurse comes in and said honey it's not gonna hurt that bad unless they said it's not about the baby you know so we had one of those fun but we laugh now but we didn't we weren't laughing as hard at the time but right you know I just had so many people pour into me through this transition getting into broadcast some different business opportunities that this book is a way for me to honor many of those individuals hmm and what'd you learn so much so much because there's so many people just be you know it'd be difficult to to transition and or find the strength to transition I mean and find the ability to to dig in certainly if you only know one thing which you know right one assumes with football players you you're you're great at football and then maybe not so great or think you can be as great at other things right and we talk about transitioning so much I mean next week we've got Nate Boyer here and that's what his MVP is all about you know is transitioning with Glazer transitioning out of either the military into your next life or out of sports to your next your next gig and I I'm fascinated by the subject yeah so the thing I talk about often is finding success in all buckets of life so that's right finance and career that's spiritual emotional relational physical and when you can successfully fill those buckets you're going to feel more fulfillment in your life you're going to set yourself up to be more successful in that transition you're going to prepare yourself for that and that looks like so many different things but when you come from a life in pro sports or military or a business where you've worked the same job for so long you have a built-in routine that now you have to recreate and I think that's where you see a lot of pro athletes former military they get caught in this rut because for the first time in their life they don't wake up with a clear purpose in the morning and they don't have their values stated on the wall like they had in the Buffalo Bills facility every day when we walked in and so being able to create some core values in your life get into a routine stack wins is what I call it but get some habits each and every day that can benefit you in all buckets of life and you will start to find fulfilling opportunities come your way well you're not just stacking wins you're you're stacking seasoning it appears right here oh yeah five uh we've got five bottles of seasoning right here what do we what is Dano's seasoning so Dano's seasoning is a company that I partnered up with and Dan Oliver created this seasoning it's low sodium no sugar gluten-free zero calorie and for me I had to go from 310 pounds and lose some weight that was going to be the best thing for my neck and then moving forward it's not healthy for me to carry a bunch of extra weight so throughout that transition try to get on a much healthier eating journey Dano's seasoning allows you to bring a ton of flavor to food some healthy foods that'll nourish your body give you that energy but not add a bunch of calories and crap in the meantime okay yeah I mean I'm looking at some of these bottles here uh everything bagel which I used to be I used to be everything bagel right here no you don't know everything anymore uh no bagel oh no bagel trying to stay away you know put that on your eggs I'm 53 with it I got oh that's not a bad idea yeah I'm 53 with a lot of ish going on you know uh and then hot chipotle which was my nickname in high school it's perfect that's a lie I'm sorry it's not we got a new brand ambassador hi my name is rich hot chipotle eisen how's that sound okay very good everybody uh so dano's you can get them where all seasoning is acquired is that where you can go yeah so national retail now amazon through the website uh but dan has an awesome story you know he created the company himself he's big on tiktok huh huge on tiktok two and a half million followers about seasoning on tiktok oh the hell well done dano give him a follow all right well tj you can't give him a follow because you're not really on tiktok our social media our social media guys an anti-tiktok over there I don't know my 14 year old son's like get get get your tiktok game he's more linkedin than tiktok are you more linked you're not even linkedin you're not linkedin either right I mean you're not linkedin like eric he said it himself his 14 year old son in tiktok obviously I'm not 14 so therefore I don't have a handle it's working for dano and all his seasoning man I don't mean to involve you in my problems hey have a great time tonight at the game let's talk throughout the season I have a feeling that bills are going to be relevant eric you know I mean I've got that sense that spidey sense is going off that they're going to be relevant at ewood70 on twitter and instagram the new book tackle what's next own your story stack wins and achieve your goals and business and life available starting october 11th whenever where all books are sold but you can pre-order it right now check out what's next with eric wood podcast and then of course the dano seasoning you got a lot going on on your plate thanks for taking time out here today yeah my pleasure that's eric wood right here on the rich eisen show tom brady what does he have to say about the possibility of this being his last year is ask that directly and then we'll take your phone calls and get you set for tonight hey when was the last time you seriously considered your dream I mean come on you used to think about it all the time what happened I say it's time you and your dream get back together think about it you could live the van life and a totally customized mercedes-benz sprinter you could tour around all 423 national park sites build a mountain cabin with your dad or start your own business really whatever you dream up and it's a mercedes-benz van we're talking about here so expect innovative safety features like crosswind assist and blind spot assist expect amazing performance and reliability with an mbux voice command system a five-star dealer network and an available gas engine it runs like well a dream so what do you say head to the mercedes-benz van dealership and get that sprinter tell them your dream sent you tired of reporting fire drills valueops the value stream management solution from broadcom is built to manage what you value most valueops means more visibility not more meetings instant access to data and actionable insights to make reporting easier it's one platform for everyone with specific features to support your job roi is tracked at every step so there's more value for you and your customers to schedule a free demo go to value you can listen to the nfl and the nfl app on the odyssey app or westwood one via westwood one station streams or by asking alexa to open westwood one sports sponsored by autozone and it's time to say good night to that check engine light with the free autozone fix finder service it'll help troubleshoot the likely cause of your light for free restrictions apply get in the zone autozone uh chris godwin says that he is going to be a likely game time decision sunday night oh saw that oh yes the fantasy conundrums already starting baby already starting chris god everyone's like ah chris godwin you know he's out there no need brace eyes out there this that the other thing oh he might be out there and then all of a sudden it's time to start playing football and he puts on the don't touch me jersey he's a likely game time decision sunday night you're going to start him and then of course there's the whole concept of what's what what's it called oh yeah actual football that tom brady will not have chris godwin at his disposal right that uh that could be what we call significant going against a cowboy's defense that going into the season appears to be the strength of that organization julio time baby and julio stepping in on sunday night here we go julio anytime td let's go mike there we go oh god you're already talking about the non game aspects of the gaming aspects like like gabe davis plus 120 calling gambling the non-gaming aspects of the gaming aspects is kind of like calling your knees your upper your lower elbows and then there's thomas brady himself he had he met with the media today here's what tom had to say because he was at he asked this question maybe this is the last time he's asked this question because what are you going to ask him in the middle of week three week four week five but what if they're struggling yeah uh you don't think you have the temerity to say yeah you're struggling is this your last year i think this is you get your last licks in right now is this your last year now broadcasters who get to see brady for the first time uh all season they're doing a national broadcast might get that crack in there week seven week eight how you feeling tom meeting you mean yeah in a meeting before the game they might get their crack at saying hey tom off camera how you feeling you're thinking this is your last year and then right around the third quarter of a blowout well he spoke to brady and this is what he had to say like that's maybe we get your your licks in but this is kind of like last licks yeah asking brady prior to the season is this your last season what's he thinking i think we're all getting one day older at a time so you know we're all not sure whether we're going to be here next year or not you know if this is a reality for every player every coach every parent um you know you just never know so we should all take advantage of the opportunity that we have which is the one we have in front of us now ah the very nice tom brady version of the kyle shannon we could all be dead by sunday brady looks kind of thin yeah he looks he looks thin dude he's a stress i don't think so you know what it looks like to me looks thin he looks like a 45 year old guy in the best shape of any 45 year old guy in the history of 45 year old guys maybe but you know there's a lot going on your life you know you're not eating you're not sleeping dude i have a feeling one avocado a day guys this guy's got a plan he's got a regimen he follows every single day yeah just think about could you imagine being tom brady yeah well but just imagine no no just imagine the discipline it takes last night i was having dinner last night i'm so stuffed you know i had my workout yesterday i had my workout no just let me we're both tom and i are both michigan men with a lot of ish going on so let me just compare myself let me just go for it so let me just go for it so yesterday i do my pilates shut up no no try it no no i've done it okay i'm doing my pilates i was talking to you i had acupuncture from my neck because i got you know i got a lot of ish going on you know so so i'm going through all that and i'm thinking to myself it was such a tough workout i'm like you know i'm thinking to myself i'm thinking tonight i'm gonna go to dinner i'm going to dinner i'm gonna get a burger you know i haven't had one in a while i'm gonna go for it so i splurged i splurged and i went for the burger went for the burger whole bun yeah absolutely wow absolutely you know what i know you know what i did you know what i did is about halfway through the eating of the bunk as it was one of those uh a brioche bad boy a brioche bad boy okay and uh so uh i'm having the brioche and uh halfway through because they cut it in half like i was eight oh i don't know that's how they served it and so uh i had the first with the brioche and everything and then you know second one i'm like you know maybe i should so i started eating it with a fork a little bit and then then i screw it started dipping the brioche into the ketchup just by itself hoping that susie wouldn't notice uh so long story short is i do all that and then and then and then dessert comes to the table for you know just like as a chef wanted to do this sort of thing cake helps to have al michaels across the table so long story short uh there was cake cookies and ice cream that came all three and i'm thinking to myself i've already splurged i can't do that of course i went in tom start bench cut cookies cake ice cream uh start cookies bench uh bench uh bench uh cake and uh and cut the ice cream wow cut ice cream wow it was fancy it was fancy it was fancy it was fancy it wasn't like okay i'm just saying this imagine you're tom brady you can't have any of those moments ever the workout is followed by what okay water avocados this that the other thing what do you think he's not around that other stuff he's around kids what do you think his kids only eat that stuff you think none of that hold on you think there's nothing in a pantry in the brady pantry you you think there's nothing in the brady pantry i don't think there's nothing come on he's got children i don't think there's coca-cola and captain crunch you know what i mean but there might be something that's definitely off the reservation i don't know i can't imagine having that discipline damn near 350 of the 365 days you might what do you have a cheat week cheat week cheat hour he gets a taco cheat hour i don't know i mean even the rock has a cheat day so yeah with all due respect to the rock here i go all due respect to the rock the rock doesn't have to face the dallas cowboys on sunday night at age 45 good point you know he's got i'm sure what he does is incredibly physically demanding what have you but he's not he's 50 look at him he's not putting face dude i've i've seen him recently you know but i mean but he's not he's not trying to avoid mica parsons sunday night for the whole country watching that's a good point so let's just wrap up the show with this uh what time is it in japan chris oh great question well it's probably last time zach from japan called in we hopped on the phone line and he was snoring i mean he was out like we've never in our eight-year history the show said hey you're on the air and we heard somebody snoring it's seven minutes to four oh my god and this god poor bastard's been hanging on for two hours zach and japan are you awake yep i'm still here yep i'm still here yesterday when we took were you cutting z's yeah i can't lie rich i'm 33 and i've got a lot of ish yesterday was a long day and i didn't anticipate being on hold so uh okay god bless you stayed on even on hold for for this whole show i've got about 60 seconds you've got the floor what's on your mind zach and japan now that you're awake i just want to tell tell you and your team uh i think you need to put some respect on my titans name okay uh number one seed coach of the year the diminisher you know austin hooper uh trailing burks and uh nobody's mentioning us so i'm not feeling that zach zach are you saying don't sleep on the titans is that literally what somebody who is caught snoring on hold is telling us right now do not sleep on a team is that in your team is that what you're telling me news on my team okay that is what i'm saying are you from are you from tennessee uh i went to school in tennessee i went to vanderbilt i'm from virginia though okay zach and japan you can't spell zach don't worry well thanks brother well done great return engagement what a story we just told a whole narrative from one show to the next huh you can go from dead ass sleeping to wide awake and making a point on the rich eisen show i think that's the inspiration for everybody entering the nfl season he just went from worst to first he did he did zach and japan is an allegory for the nfl season that begins tonight let's go thanks for taking in this edition of the rich eisen show when we next chat we're breaking down the results of an actual football game we're back on youtube in a second so for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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