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REShow: Cam Heyward - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 12, 2022 3:34 pm

REShow: Cam Heyward - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 12, 2022 3:34 pm

Rich reacts to Dak Prescott’s thumb and says the Cowboys’ offense looked troublesome even before the injury that will keep the Dallas QB out for a few weeks.

Steelers All-Pro DT Cam Heyward and Rich recap Pittsburgh’s huge overtime win over Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals, JJ Watt’s potentially season-ending pectoral injury, his first impression of Mitchell Trubisky as QB1 and more. 

Rich recaps the soggy mess at Soldier Field between the Chicago Bears and San Francisco 49ers and why the Niners shouldn’t press the panic button after a shaky start from Trey Lance.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Joe Blacko to throw out of the gun fires down the middle it's intercepted. Aaron pumps he's nothing throws it up for grabs intercepted.

A two-yard touchdown pass from the Holmes his fifth. The Rich Eisen Show. Today's guests Steelers defensive tackle Cam Hayward. NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah.

Actor Paul Rudd. Plus your phone calls over Reaction Monday and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Okay everybody welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show with the most of week one in the books.

Live from Los Angeles California I am your humble host and look I've got to start this way and I know it was a monster sports weekend from the bulk of week one activity kicking things off and a wild Saturday in college football and there is so much to talk about and there are so many questions out there but this is the most important question and I understand that this might be a little bit awkward but I need a straight answer to this question. Does Roku add 10 pounds? Okay please.

I don't think so. Does the Roku channel add 10 pounds because I'm a very fragile on-air talent and host. I'm wearing black just in case. Okay it's very slimming.

It's very slimming. So if you want to call 844-204-rich number don't talk NFL I get it. If you want to call this number 844-204-rich and talk about college football anything going on in baseball you want to talk we're here for you on the Roku channel now hopefully forever more definitely for free free but please don't don't beat around the bush.

Does the Roku channel add 10 pounds? That's all I need to know. Okay you're right awkward start.

Okay good to see you over there. Chris Brockman. Hey Rich. Hey. Wins basketball season.

Celtics kick off in what like six weeks? Good one. Good one. So for those who might be new around this show because you are watching it on the Roku channel for the first time and we say hello to you. What up though? And we also say hello to those who listen to this program every single day coast to coast on terrestrial radio on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network. Check your local listings if you want to hear it. We're on the Odyssey app live. We're going to be back on Sirius XM this week.

How about them apples? Hey all right. I'll give you the channel information when that happens. We've got a podcast version of this show through the cumulus podcast network where all podcasts can be acquired. And we've got a great YouTube page for anything that you miss slash Rich Eisen Show although right here on the Roku channel is where you can watch the show back live. You can watch a ton of clips.

We are building a library just for you right here on the Roku channel. Our new partners we even have a new beautiful mic plug look at that look at that baby beautiful for those on radio it is it is great and Chris Brockman you have been with me from the jump on the podcast. 2011 my man. You're 12. Correct. This show is born out of a Rich Eisen podcast from back in the day at the NFL media group when I walked into then at the time the CEO of NFL network Steve Bornstein I said to him I'd like to do a podcast he goes how much is going to cost me I said nothing he goes do it and that's when Brockman joined because you because you also cost nothing as well.

I costed very little back then. DJ Mikey D Mike Del Tufo the audio executive of the Rich Eisen Show. I've known you since day one of NFL network and day one of the of the show. That's correct you were here day one of the of this show and so you are good to see you here on this very momentous day.

Good morning. And TJ Jefferson is the candle lit over there my social media grand maester of the Rich Eisen Show. Good to see you here on this very big day. It's lit and I guess I might as well introduce myself to the Roku family by saying how about them Cowboys? Yes there are two different ways there are two different ways here on the Rich Eisen Show to celebrate the Dallas Cowboys if they win there's the Jimmy Johnson version of of what you just wrote on your on your whiteboard do you have that DJ Mikey D is in D's nuts?

Stand by because I wasn't ready for a good Cowboy. Oh we're just really introducing everything. Thank you very much. Or in the case of what occurred last night. Yeah. Which is a significant loss at home.

Yeah. In which the Cowboys did not look at all like the Cowboys team that faced off against the Bucks in last year's opener. They did not. And not only lost in a dreadful fashion but appeared to have lost Dak Prescott to a broken throwing thumb for potentially two months.

You get the Stephen A. Smith version. How about them Cowboys? Here we go very good. So now that we've set the stage right here on the Roku channel and this Rich Eisen Show.

I deserve better Rich I deserve better. Here's the deal about Dallas Cowboys last night and again we're we're all lost in the fact that Dak Prescott trying to get something going at the end of a game down 19 to 3 follows through and hits not one but two sets of hands on two follow-throughs and I don't know which one broke the thumb it appeared to be the second and final one broke the thumb. But you could see he was gamely trying to stay in there and he comes running out and Cooper Rush comes running back in and you do not want to see when you're in Dallas as a Cowboy fan you do not want to see the dude in the white cowboy hat come out because he is the head doctor there and that's when the the white hat is not your friend in Dallas and he looks at Dak and you could read his lips it's broke. Yeah.

And I know lost amongst that and there's a good reason for it because that's what lingers clearly. But before he broke his thumb the Cowboys were and this is the worst thing you can call the Dallas Cowboys the worst thing in the Jerry Jones era of the Dallas Cowboys the worst thing you could call them boring they were boring mediocre they were irrelevant irrelevant now then I was sensing it and feeling it the way that their March went when everybody's signing everybody and Randy Gregory looked to come back and then left for Denver and we'll see him for the first time on Monday night tonight in the week one finale as Russ goes back to the 12th but they didn't really seem to improve themselves at all and as a matter of fact they lost Cedric Wilson their wide receiver one of their wide receivers to the Dolphins and we all knew they lost Michael Gallup due to an injury and they traded Amari Cooper away to Cleveland and I'm like okay who's going to catch the ball for Dak? What are we doing here? C.D.

Lamb you know good luck. I'm pleased to see that 88 commercial he did with Dez and Irv and Drew Pearson because I think that's that's the most we're going to see him this year. How many times did Dak throw in a triple coverage and the Bucks are like go ahead throw there. There's Noah Brown, there's Dalton Schultz, we're not afraid of that. Zeke what do you do?

Pollard he's supposed to be the spark he's supposed to be less than boring they were boring. Before Dak got hurt now Dak's hurt. You could just see it on Jerry Jones's face. This is what Jerry had to say last night after that dream that he was going to do.

Last night after that dreadful season altering season opening loss to Tampa. You mentioned optimism heading into this season you said one plus one equals three. Do you still feel like one plus one equals three? Well we got a minus going right now don't we?

Real big so the pluses but that's this game. This is of course just a start but a hard way to start a very disappointing start if there's nobody in that locker room that expects us or expected us to play like we played tonight. Certainly that will be addressed and worked on and be ready to go and then we'll have to address the fact that we'll be going forward here without Dak. And again that's the man who said just a couple weeks ago that Tyrone Smith will be back in time for the playoffs. I mean that doesn't yeah stupid.

You can say that again go ahead say that again. That's right we're just trying to win a game. That was what the next line of the fame Jim Mora rant. We're just trying to win a game. We're talking playoffs. Yeah we're talking or what? Yeah because where'd he go? I know Cooper Rush got him through in one game against Minnesota last a couple years ago I get it. Last year even they all mosh pit together right now.

I'm gonna take or what on that one. This is now six to eight. This is now six to eight and the offensive lines banged up and the run game and the passing game does not appear to be ready to pick up any slack for Cooper Rush. Rush week is turning into rush months for Dallas. And all that it's just like their roster's thin on the offensive line. Their roster is thin in the receiver room and now the roster's thinness at the quarterback spot has come home to roost.

Because they were boring before. Even if Dak's thumb was intact coming out of that game we still have major concerns about this team. Major concerns about this team. Certainly with the Eagles looking like they've got points-a-palooza with AJ Brown and Jalen Hurts hooking up. And then even Carson Wentz turned into the Wentz turnover machine for a split five minutes against the Jaguars but then found Terry McLaurin up top. Full four tuddies for Carson. And then you got the Giants the G-men back. Saquon I told you. You got Brian Deball handing it off to Saquon taken off and then Sterling Shepherd scores his first time for the first time in two years and then they tie the game or have an opportunity to tie the game late.

They score and go for two. Deball or day balls? That was the I got a tweet somebody said can we start the hashtag of day balls? I'm in.

I'm in. That guy's fun. Because he put him on the table in Tennessee and said guess what? Pat Shermer's not walking through that door. I'm saying guess what? Guess what? Ben McAdoo's not walking through that door.

Brian and his day balls have walked through that door. And the Cowboys go out and lay an egg on national television. Flip side.

Flip side. Because don't worry folks we are going to talk quite a bit about week one throughout this three-hour edition of the Rich Eisen Show. My friend Daniel Jeremiah from NFL Network will be joining us. He's one of the Chargers radio announcers because the AFC West is already lit as expected and the Packers laid another week one egg and this time they might not be able to relax and the Bengals had five turnovers from Joey Burrow and how about Mitchell Trubisky and what Mahomes looked like. He was street balling in Arizona. Reports of his demise were exaggerated.

And the Vikings a lot of people jumping on that ship and they are sailing right now. And Michael Thomas my comeback player of the year predictee. Can't guard him. He had two touchdowns and Baker looked like he might have done it against the Browns and then Cade York. Who? Pops one through the uprights from damn near 60 yards out and the Dolphins win and the Patriots look terrible getting Brockman wondering when Celtic season begins.

I get it but for the moment. Five weeks DJ. For the moment for the moment the man who's 45 with a lot of ish going on looked great again and he's got a banged up offensive line doesn't he and guess who was winging it around to Mike Evans for a back-breaking score and guess who was finding Chris Godwin on snap one. Guess who was finding Julio Jones up top.

How about them apples up top. Brady to Julio Jones is something that was in your fantasy league in 2012 and it's reality in 2022. Crazy. And Leonard Fournette. There's the guy. Mr. Waterweight himself running off the left side of that line without Donovan Smith and going for over a hundred yards and hitting Micah Parsons in the chops when he's engaged by another offensive lineman causing Micah Parsons to curse on Twitter at him. Put it all together and the other TB Todd Bowles speaking on behalf of all Jets fans. You go brother. You go. Torrico during the game last night said he had four years with the Jets and learned some lessons.

That caused me to laugh out loud. Learn some lessons. What a great way to shorthand his tenure with the Jets.

Yeah lessons learned. First lesson is get Tom Brady to be your quarterback. Well first lesson is have somebody like Bruce Arians hand you the reins of a team ready to win the championship.

Have Tom Brady be your quarterback and then have the defense buzzing around because you have been selling something that they have been buying for years and now you're the HC and you are standing there in full command. They looked great. That was my team preseason to win the NFC and one weekend we're marathoning. We're not sprinting.

I get it. But they looked great. They looked problematic on defense. They have Julio Jones looking great. They're running jet sweeps with Julio Jones. Honestly like he's back at Alabama again. And we didn't even see Russell Gage engaged.

We saw nothing on that front. They're going to get better and wait till he gets Gronk on speed dial because you know that's going to happen. You thought Brady looked great. I thought he looked great.

Yeah. He had big time arm strength. I don't think he looked great.

Dude he thought he looked very good. The red zone he had issues. Because the Cowboys defense is no joke.

I would say this. The fact that the Tampa Bay only had 19 points is amazing to me because they should have put up Tom's edge last night. That should have been 45 to nothing. That's because your defense is really good and you better hope that that defense starts showing up certainly against the Bengals team that is pissed off. They're not going to turn it over five times again. I don't imagine.

They might. I thought Brady did look great. I thought Brady did look great.

I thought Brady did look great. What a game that was in Cincinnati between the Steelers and the Bengals and to talk about it coming up next right here on the Roku channel the Rich Eisen Show our debut right here on this amazing platform and those who are listening right now you can watch us. Any Roku device has the Roku channel on it. Any Samsung Smart TV has the Roku channel on it. Any Amazon Fire TV has the Roku channel on it. Best part about it the Roku app has the Roku channel on it.

Best part about it the is there for anybody who wants to watch on desktop and here's the best part about it. It's free. It's free. Zero dollars zero cents. Let's roll.

Free 99. Let's roll. Our mic flags are great. We all look great. Here's the thing Paul Rudd's coming on in hour number three. Best part about that he's on the phone. Yeah thank God. I mean really we have the same exact age. Yeah.

I need to know 844204rich does the Roku channel add 10 pounds. Cam Hayward the all-pro defensive line mate of TJ Watt who's got a serious significant injury himself with a torn pec coming off of that huge opener for the Steelers. He's joining us next.

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Because they offer free battery testing and charging and reliable replacement batteries and they've always got your battery solution. Get in the zone AutoZone. Joining us on the Mercedes-Benz van phone line after a remarkable week one win took every damn near every last second to do so. Five turnovers of Joe Burrow. They crushed him and then seemingly were getting ready to be crushed but came back kept on keeping on and the Steelers are 1-0. Joining us all pro Cam Hayward back here on the Rich Eisen Show. How you doing Cam? It seems like you played like two games yesterday. It didn't seem it was.

We had what when I looked at the film it said like 104 players so it was a long day yesterday. Okay so did you say anything to Joe Burrow throughout the day? Did you get in his ear a little bit Cam? No he's a he's a Buckeye.

Oh god. No I didn't say too much. You know I talk more to the old lineman than anything but you know I keep pretty PG with Joe. Well so what were you maybe thinking about seeing on film that you were able to execute against a team that felt that they had fixed their upfront problems and you certainly exposed the heck out of them. Yeah you know they had four new starters and obviously they're gonna get better as the season keeps going on but for us we've had cohesiveness and you know we've been together and we feel like whoever we play we're gonna have success and getting after the quarterback. It's just about getting those opportunities and we maximize them and then we were able to you know let our DBs pick off a lot of balls so all in all good. So and were you I guess hearing the things that people were saying about the Steelers going into a season where the Bengals were the defending champs and clearly the Ravens had a lot of people talking about them but not a lot of folks about you?

I've heard plenty of it. You know for me you know I come down to it's not what people say it's what you do. It's about the work you put in the season. I can say the guys were ready and they've been ready for these moments. I know it's only one game but we're gonna have to go week in and week out and show people and prove to people that we belong in the playoffs. And how is TJ Watt?

What can you tell me about him? It looks like he tore his pec yesterday. Yeah I don't know what the diagnosis is yet. I think we're all just waiting on MRIs and such but you know everybody's praying. I'm pretty sure everybody's Steelers nation is at a church right now making sure it's not as bad as it is so we're all holding our breath here. So when he left the game yesterday and the number of times that the Steelers I mean that the Steelers seemingly were on the verge of being knocked out finally after having led that entire game. What was it like for you and the team going through all that with TJ Watt out and then it seemed like you guys were toast yesterday?

You know we never thought we were toast. It's just TJ went out and you know they scored at the very end of the fourth quarter and I thought they had won off of that. I didn't even look at the score so then our special teams coach came up to me and was just like hey we got one more to play they just tied the game.

I was like okay let's see what happens. Then Minka goes and blocks it then we go into another you know shootout and overtime we're just going back and forth. Nobody scored and you just you know you don't know how it's going to unfold.

It took every bit of overtime to win that game and lucky to be the victor today. So when Jamar Chase caught that ball with no time left you thought that was it? You thought that was the game? Yeah I thought it was over. I was pretty pissed off but I was just like to have the game go the way it did and then and like that I thought it was over.

And it wasn't and Fitzpatrick Minka made an incredible play blocking that although the long snapper of the Bengals got hurt and they were using a tight end in there as well. I mean that that man that was just I was emotionally exhausted having watched it. I can only imagine what was it like in the locker room afterwards for you having played it. Well I'm sorry Rich you had to deal with that.

Yeah by the way I appreciate your concern. I was just explaining to you just watching it was incredible. It was really you know the ups and downs.

I can only imagine what it was like to actually play it. Cam Hayward. Yeah a lot of guys are just very sore but you'll be sore and tired with a win and you'll take that every time but we're sore and tired when you lose. Did I see Tomlin dancing in the locker room afterwards Cam? Did I see that? Yeah he's becoming a little you know social media I don't know savant now. He just wants to be on Twitter and and Instagram.

Everybody's trying to get their business up. So he's letting his inner Antonio Brown out after all these years? Is that what you're saying Cam?

No I don't know if he's going to Antonio Brown. He's having fun. Yeah he's doing a dance and everything like that and now now before I let you go Cam Hayward pound the table a little bit for your quarterback Mitchell Trubisky and what you think that meant for him, his career, his moment and for him to perform like Cam Hayward. And for him to perform like that in front of the Sealer fan base for the first time like that. Yeah I think it was a good start.

Was it perfect? No but when we needed plays you know I don't think we were in I think we started like the 20 or 25 on our last drive. We needed some big throws. He got one out to Beyonce which was a heck of a catch but I thought Mitch managed the game and you know was able to get us down the field and you know we were able to get a field ball out of it.

And now comes week two in Acra Sure Stadium. What do you think of the name Cam? What do you think of that name?

What do you think? It's just the name on you know people are still going to call it Hinesfield sometimes but it's just the name. I think you know it doesn't take some of the memories that were made there.

You know there'll be some catchy name that they come up with sooner or later but you know it's just the name to me. Okay so as I let you go because I know your your time is limited what's your message for the rest of the league coming off of that week one win where you you balled out the defense was terrific but then there'll be questions about obviously TJ Watt if not even Najee Harris's availability. What's the message Cam Hayward to the rest of the league off of that Steelers season opener in Cincinnati? You know the message the message is is just we'll see you on Sunday. We don't have to prove it to you during the week. We don't have to you know pump out our chest and say this or that. We just got to go out there and play. We're not any we're not hoping for someone in the pool for us.

We got to go out there and make a name for ourselves. Cam Hayward I really do appreciate you coming on this program all the time and you're the first guest of this show in our new platform the Roku channel and I think you helped break this in very well but despite all that I got to point out isn't Burrow an LSU Tiger? Didn't Joe go to LSU?

Because I saw him win a championship. He did. He did. He was a Buckeye before so I give him a little bit of custody. Right but didn't didn't he have to go to LSU to to get the opportunity? Didn't that have to happen? Yeah yeah that quarterback room was stacked you know and he had to go elsewhere. He got it done elsewhere but you know there's never a fault on him for that.

Okay you're ready for November? It's not like you went to that other school. What other school? What's the other school you're referring to?

Which other one is that that you're referring to? Come on you can say that. You can you can say that.

I will never say that. Come on wait let's just say let's just say do they play Detroit this year Chris? Do they play Detroit this year?

I don't know. Do you play Detroit? Do you know if you play Detroit this year? No we don't play Detroit. Okay so when you go to Detroit what's the name of the state that you go to? You fly into that state? I couldn't even tell you.

They scribble it out so I have to say it. Take care of yourself Cam Hayward. Let's chat again soon. You'd be well. Yes sir. Thank you. Oh yeah I saw that.

You're excited. Yeah Paul's coming up later. You got you got a favorite movie of his you want to drop out there?

It's not a favorite movie. We just we've been uh talking we talked this off season so Paul's one of my good friends. Oh okay we're tight now.

What do you wear? Yeah. Do you have dinner? What do you mean you've been talking?

You got uh what do you got? Um you know he uh I saw him I went out to SML and he came to the after party and we were just got to talking. I didn't realize he was as big as a Steeler fan before he became. Oh yes that's a true story. Yes like yes but yes he's a dialogue.

He can give me the names of of everybody from the Steel Curtain and the numbers associated with him. That's true. Okay all right he had you at a low there. Okay very good. I will send uh I will send Paul his best from his BFF Cam Hayward.

I will do that later on. All right there you go. That's it. That's uh Cam Hayward pointing out Paul Rudd was a Steeler before he was a Chief in the same way Joe Burrow was a Buckeye before he was a Tiger.

Now he's a Bengal. Weird. Five division winners from last year lost week one.

Five. Last time that happened 2011. That's the last time that happened. And varying degrees of difficulty in week two for those teams.

Varying degrees. For instance the Packers take on the Bears. Now are the Bears who we thought they were still? That a deluge of rain just totally washed out what would be a differentiator of talent and rosters between the Niners and the Bears and that Lance is still a young pup and there he was in the rain.

He played more snow games in his career at North Dakota State than rain games. You know all right but the Packers and Bears and Aaron Rogers as we know owns the Bears. That's the Sunday Nighter week two on NBC.

That's one. The Rams. They're taking on Atlanta. That may not be the homecoming. That may not be the homecoming you think. Atlanta looked great for three and a half quarters.

Pretty much. Then you've got the Bengals and the Cowboys. They lost.

They play each other. Somebody's going to be 0-2 after winning a division last year and I think sir T.J. Jefferson you were staring down the barrel of an 0-2 start because Joe Burrow is going to come to Dallas and he's going to want to take some names and numbers. He had five picks yesterday. Ah he had four picks and a fumble. And he did not look all that great. He looked like somebody who wanted to just have a team.

He looked like somebody who wanted to just had his appendix burst a month ago. Come on. Hey T.J. you know what's great?

The opening night of NBA the Sixers played the Celtics on October 18th. So we got that going for us. That's the only day you need to circle. We got that going for us. Which is nice.

Which is nice. Come on man. Your Patriots are done. The season is over bro.

Me too. Like three and 14. They stink. Is that part of overreaction Monday? No because the season is not over.

No one thought they were going to be good for any of you. It's week one. What was going on? I'm just going to say this. You changed your name to Saran because it's a wrap for us.

A wrap. Wow. Patriots, Cowboys over. I mean these guys. There was a thought they could have played each other in the Super Bowl last year.

That seems like a decade ago. We're terrible. I'd rather I'd take your chances to make the playoffs over Dallas's right now. Somehow Rich has become a low-key Dallas hater.

I haven't. I trust Belichick more. All you do is you say Buffalo is the next big reaction Monday for that.

You say Buffalo is the next big thing. So how's the win? I don't know. Again we're marathoning. We're not sprinting.

Matt Jones what he has a back injury or he's got hurt or whatever. We can marathon tomorrow. What's today's day? It's Monday.

We're overreacting. To your point, the fifth division winner from last year that lost yesterday. The Titans. Their next step is a Lulu to use the Looney Tunes phrase.

That next step is a doozy. They take on the Buffalo Bills on Monday night in the Bills home opener. Bills coming off of 11 days rest. A mini buy to get ready. That's a mortgage on Buffalo. And the Bills are hosting the Titans in front of the Mafia in western New York at night.

Oh at night. They've got a full day to prepare. A full day of drinking. With their RVs. Flaming tables. Flaming folding tables. Let's get them ready.

I mean Brockman if the Bills don't have like Psycho Sid and Kevin Nash come and just power bomb people through tables. What are they doing? What are we doing? Come on.

The Dudley boys are they around? Devon get the tables. And that's going on at the same time by the way of the week two. As you know we like to keep you smarter and we'll review the rest of week one in a in a jiffy over the next two plus hours. As well Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network will be joining us. But week two starts on Thursday night with the premiere of prime videos Thursday night football. The top two teams in the AFC West take on one another. And I believe Denver will join the 1-0 tonight. But it'll be the Chargers at Chiefs to kick off week two. And then week two ends on Monday night football with your NFC North leading Vikings taking on your NFC East leading Eagles. I tried to tell you about the Vikings last week.

Nobody wanted to listen. Well I mean these are all things to overreact to. But let's take a break and explain just how deep a problem the Cowboys quarterback situation is and cannot be rectified. And then we'll take your phone calls. The phone lines are lit. 844-204 Rich number down.

Who wants to be the first person to call in watching on the Roku channel. That's coming up next. Hey when was the last time you seriously considered your dream? I mean come on you used to think about it all the time.

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Don't wait unlock your potential inside a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. All rise Terzo in Iowa. First in first up right here on the Rich Johnson show. How are you counselor?

All right. Oh man I feels like I've been through a meat grinder. Rich to be honest with you I had to watch that Iowa-Iowa State game on Saturday. That was just brutal.

Scored the touchdown though Terzo. Yeah I know it's amazing that that actually happened and then got got geared up real happy for the game. You know Obie's wearing his Patrick Willis jersey. You know we're just enjoying our day and that deluge like you said in Chicago is just atrocious and no one should play football in that stadium. They shouldn't even allow an amateur ultimate frisbee team to be in that stadium. Those field conditions are terrible. Well I hate to tell you Terzo I just looked at the website in Soldier Field there is an amateur frisbee competition slated for this weekend.

So they should cancel it? Do you need a hug? Do you need one of those Rich Eisen show hugs? Bro hugs? You know Rich I might need a hug. I feel like Brockman right now and I'm just you know hoping for basketball. All right here we go here we go a famed Rich Eisen show bro hug. I'm reaching out we're embracing tap tap on the back and then we part ways.

That's it. I hope that felt better. Did it feel better? It feels a little bit better. Thanks for the call Terzo.

Always talking you guys makes it better. Terzo are you at Carl's right now? Oh no he's out. He's out. Terzo's out.

We gotta see if we're playing in Terzo. Let me let me let me spend a little time on the 49ers here. As you know I've been pounding the table and caping for Trey Lance and it was a big start for him. His first season opening start as you may recall he had the first touchdown pass of last year's season when he was coming in in red zone duty.

Remember that was the plan going in last year Jimmy G starts and he's he'll be the guy between the 20s and then inside the 20s you might see Trey Lance a little bit because the run pass stuff works a lot better when you are afraid of the guy who might keep it and run it. And Lance had 13 carries for 54 yards on Sunday and his first season opening start and I mean Stacy Dales who covers a lot of the midwest teams for us on NFL network. She's based in Chicago.

She's in Chicago and she does a lot of Green Bay. She she she travels a toll road a lot for NFL network and you know I saw like the rain coming down and then it was a downpour. A downpour and they took the tarp off because guys have to warm up and they started squeegeeing water off of the new Bermuda grass and I kept thinking of you know Carl Spackler you know what else might be in the grass right.

Heavy stuff's not coming down from us. The heavy stuff came down and I mean it looked horrible for the Bears. It looked horrible for the Bears because they couldn't do jack squat on offense and I'd never even heard about this. I think this is a rule that came out of years ago when the Patriots remember they had that guy on work release came out on the snowplow and plowed a spot on the field for the Patriots to place kick a big-time win against the Dolphins. I think that might have been I don't know but anyway the Bears were set to get on the board with a field goal from about 40 something yards out and the holder did you see this yesterday yeah brought out a towel to towel off a spot and threw the towel away and got the snap and they blew the play dead that's illegal they got called for illegal toweling whoa and the resulting penalty knocked him out of field goal range and I'm like that is part and parcel of the way this Bears day is going to go but the Niners couldn't do anything themselves either with the exception of Debo running one in which I thought was very ironic because the whole idea all offseason is he didn't want to either be in San Francisco physically because he didn't like where it was because it wasn't Carolina and you didn't want to run it you didn't want to run it he had eight carries for 52 yards but he grabbed 14 14 out of the air too and that's the sort of stat line you need from Debo certainly in a mosh pit rain but Lance couldn't do anything in that rain and that's one of those games that despite John Lynch coming on this program and saying that they spoke to 15 members of their leadership council that's the type of stuff that gets veterans grumbling that they balled out in the rain they kept it a game in the rain they were keeping the Bears off the scoreboard in the rain they were putting their bodies and life and limb if you will on the line in the rain and the offense couldn't do anything and that's the type of thing is like could Jimmy G have done better and that's what the issue was throughout the three-week period from which Jimmy G stuck around as the backup and then as the backup still there despite it being Lance's team and everyone understands the leadership councils on board it took one game of those types of games one week for one of those types of games to roost for San Francisco marathon not a sprint it's something to keep your eye on because if this this continues to go on that's what leads a coach to say maybe we sit him down for a little bit longer and off of that performance I'm already hearing with Dak out maybe it's Jimmy G time in Dallas if I'm John Lynch and if I'm Kyle Shanahan and I saw what I saw to Trey Lance despite it you could just say it was the rain you can't really evaluate you know let's get him out there and Santa Clara where it's not gonna pour even though that's exactly what happened in a game against the Colts last year on a Sunday night I'm not trading Jimmy Garoppolo absolutely and if I'm Jimmy G don't forget he's got a no trade clause would you want to go some spot where you know that Dak's coming back in six to eight and that's Dak's spot because he's paying 40 million dollars a year hell no that's the problem yeah hell no that's the problem with Dallas trying to figure out what's next for them is it Cooper Rush or is it not who would be the one that said I'll take a six to eight week gig is it Cam the cap boy would it be wild if circumstances brings Jerry Jones and Colin Kaepernick together having circumstances to do that unfortunately that ship is I believe it has long sailed well look man you want to try and win a championship this year is Cooper Rush the guy I'll tell you what off of what I saw from the Niners I'm I'm Jimmy G is staying put and I'm a Trey Lance guy but as I said you've got to take the downs and the ups the roller coaster of living out the insertion of a green quarterback that you traded so many different draft picks to go up and get you got it put them in at some point and now's the some point but man in it wild we're like well what happens if Trey Lance struggles and they have a chance to win a game and they don't how's that going to rest in the locker room took one week for one of those games to happen for the 49ers who move on next and their next game is against Seattle who everybody expects to take it in the chops tonight first place Seattle Seahawks rich just want to point that out Ben in Mississippi you're here on the Rich Eisen show what's up Ben Richard crew Benjamin our thing brother what's on your mind oh first thing first Roku channel 210 and least admire I am watching you look good you look good on camera is that 210 is that the 10s not the the number of pounds so Chris I hope I'm not stealing too much of your bits for later on for overreaction Monday but number one go ahead Benjamin um how about those New York football giants huh one and oh for the first time since the I don't know Bush administration wow which one one or two which one HW okay uh you you pick you you have you you have your own feel about that so and point number two we're all Breaking Bad fans there's Breaking Bad and then there's the Dallas Cowboys bad oh boy should we just go ahead and you know bury them in the desert in Albuquerque get it over with or wow you know TJ any input here what do you what do you want to do here you want to wait okay here's what I want to do Ben I want Doc Brown to finish that that time machine so I could go hit 88 and go back in time and to where Jerry and Jimmy first started fighting and I would have sat them in the room together and be like nah let's let's let's work this out and Switzer still won another one you know yeah but still Switzer won and I could have won two more you could have won four in a row championship game in candlestick park but Deon pass interfered on Mike and thanks the call Ben I greatly appreciate it thanks Ben look man rich you remember like about two weeks ago when Jimmy they brought Jimmy back to San Francisco and we were discussing what that might do yes and I said this is a great problem to have because you don't want to have need a weapon and not have it well the Cowboys are in that situation I would have given up the Cowboys are in that situation I would have given anything to have a backup like Jimmy Garoppolo right now I don't know what's gonna happen Daniel Jeremiah is gonna join us at the top of the next hour you've got overreaction Monday right there as well in the middle of the next hour Paul Rudd is going to join us in hour number three to help us name our fantasy team in the Jerry Cantrell Alice in Chains Celebrity Fantasy League as he's done for years and we need his help because the unnamed team got its ass handed to it what happened team eisen just we have joe burrow oh okay how's that working that's called minus 10 you'll be all right you'll be all right we're two coming up we're still here on the Roku channel for another minute plus I believe joe burrow even though I in text chains with Chris yesterday I was talking trash joe burrow is going to be fine I have no concern about him yeah he'll be as I mentioned five division winners from last year lost clearly the one that's the got the most alarm bells going off is the one that lost its quarterback for two weeks I mean two months so that's Dallas so when Daniel joins us DJ Daniel Jeremiah joins us we will ask I want to ask him which division winner from last year that lost yesterday Rams Titans Packers and Bengals is he concerned about moving forward the most but most importantly he's on this program to take me off the hook because his alma mater Appalachian State knocked off Texas A&M at Texas A&M their biggest upset since beating Lloyd Carr's Michigan Wolverines and my Michigan Wolverines no longer the latest team to be shocked at home and having their entire program turned upside down by Appalachian State we're off the hook I want him to officially take me off federal do you see the Appalachian State celebration do you see this look at this that's a lot of fun man oh wait a minute that's just that's just one end of the street there's the other they're meeting in the middle it's like a brave heart Michigan Wolverines freedom from Appalachian State thanks for gigging it Aggies our one first ever in the Roku channel in the books for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too all-time Hogan opponents Macho Man's got to be in the conversation where's Andre for you I've always said Andre was number one wow because even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a baby face Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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