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REShow: Daniel Jeremiah - Hour 2

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September 12, 2022 3:36 pm

REShow: Daniel Jeremiah - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 12, 2022 3:36 pm

NFL Network Analyst Daniel Jeremiah tells Rich why the upcoming Thursday Night Football matchup between Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs vs Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers will be an epic offensive showcase, if the Cowboys should consider bringing Philip Rivers out of retirement in the wake of Dak Prescott’s thumb injury, why he’s concerned for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers this season, what impressed him about the Atlanta Falcons despite their loss to the New Orleans Saints and more. 

Rich and the guys get into a HEATED debate on whether his Michigan Wolverines are off the hook for their stunning home upset loss to Appalachian State in 2007 after the Mountaineers knocked of 6th-ranked Texas A&M in College Station on Saturday. 

In his ‘Overreaction Monday’ segment Rich weighs in on 49ers QB Trey Lance’s poor outing against Bears, Derek Carr’s 3-interception day vs the Chargers, if the Cowboys season is already over, if it’s time for Belichick to consider retirement, if the Browns can be a playoff team when Deshaun Watson returns from suspension, and why the Vikings were the most complete NFC team in Week 1. 

Rich reacts to the latest Bill Belichick Press Conference Moment of the Day and says why he’s already super frustrated with his New York Jets.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry, clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Bill Blacko to throw out of the gun, fires down the middle, it's intercepted. Aaron Punk sees nothing, throws it up for grabs, intercepted.

A two-yard touchdown pass from the Holmes, his fifth. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, Steelers defensive tackle Cam Hayward. Coming up, NFL network analyst Daniel Jeremiah, actor Paul Rudd, plus your phone calls and more.

And now it's Rich Eisen. Power number two of this first in-season Monday edition of the Rich Eisen Show at the NFL, up and at them. We've got 15 of the week one games already in the books. You've got the Broncos and the Seahawks going down tonight. I will be at the microphone for a Westwood One, similar to me being at such right now right here on the Rich Eisen Show. I'll be there for the pregame and also the halftime. My guests prior to the game are Gino Smith and Courtland Sutton who we spoke to last week here on the Rich Eisen Show. Big night for Gino. A lot of people overlooking the Gino Smith revenge factor and his revenge is against the other 31 teams in the National Football House. What revenge does he have against Denver?

He doesn't really have one. But I'll be there tonight and we'll be talking about it obviously all throughout the day tomorrow, our second day on the Roku channel. We're already one hour in to our new television streaming home on all Roku devices and this is information to everybody listening on the Rich Eisen Show on our Terrestrial Radio affiliates coast to coast as well as the Odyssey app. All Roku devices and select Samsung television sets, all Firesticks, Amazon Fire TV and the Roku app has the Roku channel on it for free. That's how you could stream this show and watch us every single day now from 12 to 3 Eastern.

The desktop version of the Roku channel at You guys are watching us right now. I am. Are you watching yourself on the internet Chris? I just have it on to make sure everything's moving smoothly.

There is an eye on Chris but you're still a team player. I'm looking at your low button though situation. Yep. What do you mean? The shirt or the jacket? You know the shirt. I mean I like it. I'm just trying to give the people, I'm trying to test if the high definition works.

If the 1080 you know works. So I'm trying to see. You're making me blush Chris. I'm hiding it behind our new Rich Eisen Show Roku channel mike flags. I love these new mike flags. They're great.

They're pretty sweet man. Mike no stealing them. I know you like to steal mike flags. Yeah I collect mike flags.

I will not take any. What do you mean you collect them? You must have like 3,000 of them throughout your career. I have a good amount of them.

Good to see you. TJ Jefferson Pitt lost over the weekend huh to Tennessee. Yeah man.

Peyton Manning when he's on Friday show saying I'm hoping Tennessee wins some football games. They won't win this very weekend. They did. They did.

They certainly did. Notre Dame losing to Marshall. Rich. I mean the problem is he's under the coach. I love Freeman and I he's gonna he's playing with another guy's roster.

Give him a couple years. Mike they were pre-season number five. I know. And it's Brian Kelly's roster.

It's not just anybody's. He's not family anymore. He's not playing with Charlie Weiss's roster.

He's not family anymore. No I mean it's I give Freeman. And by the way Christopher good thing in your sneaky good games you did not put Alabama on there. Whoa. Because Texas put a big-time scare in Alabama.

I lost my own money. By the way, Alabama's gonna destroy it. By the way nothing is worse in officiating than college football's idea of targeting or roughing the passer. Taking a safety off the board on Texas was terrible. Yeah.

Terrible. Now I know that the resulting field position wound up with Texas getting a field goal. One more than a safety. But you know you could also have better field position as well off of a free kick punt from Alabama and two more points on your final score.

Which I think would helped towards the end. Am I not mistaken? Oh yes. Feels like it.

And how about Nick Saban caught in a hot mic going out to shake Steve Sarkeesian's hand watching all the Alabama players doing their horns down stuff saying stop that s. Stop that ish. He's right. That's basically a loss. They're not number one anymore because of it. Michigan won twice this week. I don't know if you saw. Oh. They beat Hawaii.

They turned Hawaii into the 51st state all due respect to those listening to us. Thank you for that goal line stand at the end of the game by the way. The game started an hour late due to weather delay so even I had turned it off by then. The goal line stand made the under happen.

Oh is that right? I had no idea. But Michigan they'd already had a win earlier in the day. Appalachian State knocking off Texas A&M. As soon as I saw that final score.

Unreal. As soon as I saw that final score I called Daniel Jeremiah because my colleague at the NFL network who I've done so many shows with the draft and the combine and so much more has been giving me crap for a decade and a half ever since I met him because he's an Appalachian State alum. He's a quarterback of Appalachian State. He's been giving me crap for the Michigan loss to Appalachian State in the first ever big 10 network game that Charles Davis called back in the day. He was at the mic for the first ever big 10 network game calling Appalachian State beating Michigan which was essentially the beginning of the end of the Lloyd Carr era and we've been spinning our wheels quite a bit until Jim Harbaugh showed up.

At any rate I call him up I'm like will you call into the show to officially please take me off the hook and he's been kind enough to accept that. Fresh off of calling the Chargers on the local Chargers radio network here. Big win over the Raiders. Lots to talk about professional and collegiately with my colleague from the NFL media group on the Mercedes-Benz phone line. My buddy Daniel Jeremiah is here. What's up DJ?

Never better Rich. Only would have been better if we would have had Charles Davis on the call. Yes.

So that I could use him as a sidekick in this story but that's okay. I'll take it and I can officially say you're off the hook. Thank you sir.

I greatly appreciate it. Charles is too busy calling one of the greatest week one games I've seen in quite some time between the Bengals and Steelers yesterday. That was great but not as great as me calling you right. Within minutes of that game being over let's just let's just put it all out there on the on the table Daniel right on Saturday. It was I was the game ends so here's how it goes.

Game ends. Yes. I immediately text Sean Clark who's the head coach at App State who was my left tackle when I played there and it's a really good friend to congratulate him because I know he'll get flooded with those.

So I text him and before I had even heard from an ex-teammate or anyone else who might be affiliated with university my phone rang and it was one Rich Isaacs with the request that he be taken off the hook. For old time's sake. For old time's sake. Yes.

For old time's sake. First phone call. Yeah it was fantastic. My phone blew up after that. I actually went to church Saturday night and my phone never stopped buzzing like the entire service was congratulations.

The only only person that I didn't have congratulations from was Mooch because Mooch is still texting my old phone even though I've told him the number has changed probably 10 times. Story gets better as you tell it Daniel. Not gonna lie. Story gets better as you tell it.

Well man congratulations on all that. That was just what a weekend too in college football and Nebraska's got a gig open now. I mean they bounced Scott Frost.

Notre Dame is 0-2. Marshall went into South Bend and won that one. Crazy. Sunbelt man. Sunbelt.

Who knew? The Sunbelt action. No doubt about that and Alabama almost got picked off by Texas. Any two cents on college football that leaps out at you right now Daniel?

Is you scouting it? I watched all of that one. I mean first of all a couple things from the Alabama game. They're not what they've been at receiver. I mean that was obvious when you watch that game. You come off of Jamison Williams in just one big play after another. They were kind of having to slog their way through that game which when you see Georgia and what they look like this year offensively to go with the defense I think Georgia is a full step ahead of Alabama right now. So that was an interesting takeaway.

You know congrats to Sark. I thought the game plan he had was awesome. I would love to have seen the quarterback stay healthy. I think they probably would have won the game but that was an interesting one. The other thing that stood out to me you mentioned that Notre Dame game. Golly just ugly. I mean it's hard to believe that Notre Dame could look that ugly out there after competing against Ohio State.

Real competitive in that game. So yeah college football is the best man. Yeah I was telling Albert Breer. I texted him. I'm like your win over Notre Dame looks a little less impressive tonight. It was great and then and then he's just like name me a position.

He's texting me. Name me a position group that Michigan wouldn't take from Ohio State and just to piss him off I said quarterback. It was great.

It was great. I said I will take up and I do like JJ McCarthy. I don't know if you've been watching too much Michigan football over the last two weeks but right I mean he looks the role don't you think right now for top five Wolverines?

Yeah I've just seen bits and pieces. Somebody made this comment I said I don't want to hijack it as my own but I thought it was an astute point when they talked about Harbaugh making that move and they equated it to Dabo. The name of the court it was Kelly Bryant was his quarterback. He ended up hooking for Trevor Lawrence which was you know once you go to the playoff and you see okay there's quarterbacks that can get you to the playoff and then there's kind of another level of quarterback to you really need to kind of win the playoff and and Harbaugh might have said hey man we might you know we might win the Big Ten with McNamara. He's a good player but if we want to really hunt down the big prize we need more upside and and it looks like JJ gave you that. And I remember Kelly Bryant bolted when that decision got made by Dabo and you know at any rate Daniel Jeremiah here on the Rich Eisen show you called Chargers and Raiders for the Chargers radio network and it looks like Khalil Mack has definitely brought some vigor to that defense and they despite Devontae Adams going off they got the job done on Derek Carr and I'm wondering what your observation was from your seat on that. Well it was a fun ride.

You know this is this AFC West is going to be incredible and I feel spoiled to get a chance to see two games in five days. The Chargers turn out play Kansas City on Thursday night so big one jumping right into the deep end here so but you tell me look without JC Jackson and you go out there and the defense I think they had five or six sacks you have three picks you know they Khalil Mack was unbelievable I you know Herbert did his thing it didn't Keenan Allen goes out in the first half and Herbert's just throwing the ball to DeAndre Carter and Horvath I mean it doesn't matter he's gotten to the point now where he's he's that quarterback that that's just going to elevate the guys around him and they're all going to be better players because of him so you know nothing Herbert does at this point in time surprises me I would say the one thing that I would not like to get lost in this I went back and watched the tape this morning Rich. All right hold on let me guess the two names with the name you're going to say I'm going to jump out because I've been around you Derwin James is that the name you're going to say?

Nope that is you know me well. Well they used him everywhere they used him everywhere I mean he didn't stay put he was everywhere that guy. This was and again I don't know what they were saying on the TV cop because you're calling the game but I went back and I saw it when they were doing it live but didn't fully appreciate it that there were key downs there was one key down early in the game where he's rushing off the edge he just runs over Josh Jacobs and gets the sack there's another key down where he's covering uh Waller uh flexed out and slot man to man there's another one where he's got Hunter Renfro down in the red zone and just blanketing him the one of the best slot he was in the NFL and then oh by the way last play of the game where's Derwin James he's traveling with Devante Adams on the last play.

Oh yeah. Like this is not normal for for for a safety it's six three 220 pounds to be doing all those things. So who are you going to say if not Derwin James? No that was the one I mean I just think you you come out of that game and I think you look at the box score you go man Justin Herbert's unbelievable Khalil Mack has got juice left and you know Joey Bosa did his thing and uh and I came away watching that tape going man Derwin James he is one of one. Well I mean and and then Kansas City well they got one to one uh in 15 don't they and and and and no 10 but they got 87 just to start uh having people reach for their for their uh Chiefs flip cards uh they that offense just came out looking terrific like like nobody's business uh I don't know what your two cents on that I know you I don't know if you watched any of that tape yet because that game was going on at the same time as the one you were calling but they look terrific too Daniel. Yeah and they looked unbelievable I'm excited to see him uh Thursday I would just say we've said it for years how dangerous is Andy Reid when he has an extra week to prepare well he said about you know five six months to prepare for that one so good luck you don't want to open up against the Kansas City Chiefs um so this one will be a good test and you just mentioned Kelsey um I just mentioned Derwin James does it get any more fun than those two guys uh squaring up on on the launch of Amazon Thursday Night Football can't wait it'll be great Daniel Jeremiah here on the Rich Eisen show what do the Cowboys do what do they do now just uh hope that Cooper Rush can win half his games is that what we're looking at right now what do you think Daniel yeah I'm I'm not left with much confidence on that front you know I don't know what road you can go down there um I I'd be curious I have to call Howie and see if he made this phone call he probably he probably wouldn't tell me even if he did but it would be such a Howie movie like hey Gardner meant you yeah hey second round pick Gardner meant you coming your way the Eagles would offer him up to the Cowboys is that how he is in Roseman huh really because I mean because the issue is is as I said at the top of my show here Daniel is that they looked horrible before that got hurt that they had the work the worst word you can call the Cowboys boring they were boring you know Micah Parsons flashed Tank Lawrence flashed that's it that's about it so that's the problem and now Cooper Rush is going to be have to be the spark I don't know what what do does Dallas call around I you know I don't I don't think they there's anybody there because if I'm the Niners if I'm the Niners you know having watched Lance in the rain I don't know how much you can evaluate him but you know I'm not coughing up Garoppolo to the Cowboys right now you know no I yeah and I look they're gonna give Cooper Rush a chance to see what it looks like I don't you know I don't want to be a prisoner of the moment here because when we could talk about the Green Bay Packers and some of these other teams too would you you know you don't want to believe too much of what you see this early let's let it play out a little bit but man I I would have said going into the season I don't feel great about their back of quarterback situation and just hoping that you don't have to in case of emergency break glass well they broke glass before the first game was over so that that that's going to be tough to repair that damage at this point in time because like you said there's not a whole lot out there so would you reach out to cam if you're if you're Jerry just throwing names out there Kaepernick even I mean what do you do I mean you can start doing workouts for sure I mean I think some of it will depend on the severity here I I know Dr. Jones I guess that he'd be out for a few weeks but I don't know the the exact situation there in terms of the timeline if it's going to be three or four games I don't think you're going to do anything too you know aggressive if it's going to be longer than that then yeah I mean you talk about anybody and everybody let's bring them all in let's work them all out see where they're at yeah so Dr. Jones with my rubber glove is going to make sure every one of you are safe there you go right there six to eight weeks hey this Dr. Jones can I give you if if here's my one fun one though this is too early because I think I haven't checked but I'm pretty sure Rivers is still coaching high school football so I guess high school football probably goes into November so I don't think he would do anything until the high school football season we're over but that's one thing I'm just I'm always keeping that door open if there's a playoff team and have they have an injury I still think Rivers could go out there and swing it around a little bit Daniel Joe Daniel Jeremiah right here on the Rich Eisen show move the six podcast host along with Bucky Brooks and my my great friend and colleague from the NFL media group so five division winners from last year lost in week one let's throw the Cowboys out of this mix out of the Bengals Titans Rams and Packers who also lost after winning their divisions last year which one long term concerns you the most Daniel Jeremiah out of those four I would say yeah the Packers for me and I know Rogers is famous for these moments of pointing out the overreaction but golly Rich I just there's not a lot that scares you outside with them and I know he's such an unbelievable quarterback he can raise people's level but there's some inexperience and some youth that they are really counting on and I I have my doubts and my concerns there so that would probably be the one I mean the Rams the Rams just turned the ball over too dang much and I think they've got too many high elite level players at key positions I think they'll figure it out maybe the hangover whatever you want to call it from the Super Bowl maybe it's just the fact they ran into the best team in the league I'm not I'm not too concerned about them at this point in time yeah I mean Brian Allen though is hurt their center is banged up I mean notebook got run over by Von Miller and the Bills didn't blitz and hit Stafford 15 times in that game I I that that's the thing that gives me pause because how do you how does one improve an offensive line I guess just reps one would think right when it all comes down to it on that one yeah yeah but Rich I just think when you're when you're when you're ultra ultra talented at quarterbacking on the defensive front we just saw a team in the Bengals darn near win a Super Bowl with the Rams and the Rams darn near win a Super Bowl with a complete clunker of an offensive line so you know I think they can they can overcome and work around some of those deficiencies they have up front so they just get they just can't turn the ball over that's going to be big for them but I still I'm still buying them I'm still believing in them we'll see how the how the season unfolds man 17 games we got a long way to go okay so then the last thing for you Daniel is give me a team that impressed that that we haven't discussed is it the Ravens the way that they looked offensively with a with a very dynamic passing game could it be the Giants and Brian Daybell going for it on going for two and having a cash and then holding on beating the Titans I'm tap dancing a little bit so you could think is it the Dolphins the way that they looked I'll give you the floor on that yeah to me you know you mentioned teams that were able to pull out ones I actually go with the Atlanta Falcons and what they look like you know they were ultra competitive in that game watching a little bit of it this morning I think Drake London was really good he's going to be a really good player Arthur Smith with creativity that he had offensively they had those guys on their heels so I was impressed with how competitive that football team played in that game and I you know I thought they have a chance to be a team that could have the first pick in the draft and they didn't look like that in that game all right Daniel Jeremiah greatly appreciated that they're they're taking on the Rams next to up the road here safe travels to Kansas City I'll enjoy that one what a marquee way to kick off week number two enjoy it we'll chat soon sounds good thanks buddy I'm off the hook right Michigan is off the hook and the 12th man has now gigged me off the hook correct in in Texas A&M correct that's correct so if you could I know you've had a lot of guests on the show over the year so if you could just send me Johnny Manziel's phone number so I can give somebody some grief because I don't know anybody from A&M okay well actually let's just use it we're on Roku today for the first time the Roku channel for the first time today this show has never had a bigger platform than the one that we have so if you want to say something just go ahead Daniel and then I'll hang up and listen as they say in the radio what do you got what do you think yeah look hey you know cool nickname Johnny football that's great Johnny football got pushed around the field a little bit um by the little old little old mountaineers from up on the mountain so congratulations on the on the Heisman Trophy and everything that came with that but gotta be better than that son yeah and and uh if I'm not mistaken they took a million and a half of uh Texas A&M's dollars back to uh back to Boone with them correct did they not they were paid to play in this game correct that's right they actually found a booster in the parking lot and found that money sliced bread I think sliced bread gave it to him I think that's who it was it was the blogger sliced bread thanks for the call Daniel greatly appreciate it see buddy Daniel Jeremiah at the at move the sticks I follow him you should as well right here on the Rich Austin show all right speaking of Atlanta Arthur Smith was salty ready for salty Smith we'll take a break we're back with salty Smith also still to come the first ever uh in-season edition of the Bill Belichick press conference moment as you know we were we piloted it during training camp despite what some hats coming up Paul Rudd in hour number three and then you threw out 844-204-rich over reaction Monday however when we come back we could talk about how complicated other banks make it to redeem credit card rewards like how they require minimums and worse how their rewards flat out expire or we could talk about how with discover you can redeem your rewards for cash in any amount at any time I mean talk about amazing and now that we've talked about that let's get back to the Rich Eisen show you know the stuff we talk about here learn more redeem rewards terms apply Geico asks how would you love a chance to save some money on insurance of course you would after all who doesn't love a great deal 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excuse me excuse me so you're not off the hook i'm sorry totally off the hook no you're not absolutely off the hook five years from now no one's going to remember who they beat on saturday i don't even know who they beat and i've watched part of the game but i will never forget sounds like me took it the chops he said texas a&m is winning it all you can't win it all if you lose to appalachian state it's gonna be you you gotta run the table and you gotta win the sec championship game you gotta beat everybody chris and mike i know you agree with you gotta be alabama when they show up in october you gotta beat of course i'm off the hook no one's ever gonna forget that excuse me there's an answer to the question i'm about to ask you okay who was the last team ranked team that was the last ranked team with national title hopes to be knocked off at home by appalachian state and be shocked and of the entire fan base question the coach question the direction of the entire school and wonder if everything's right in the world okay can i answer the most recent such team is i don't remember but i know they did it to michigan it happened to texas a&m two days ago yeah i'm off the hook and and and there's the evidence there it is where are you there is that dude who plays for that appalachian state dude running past other dudes who play for texas a&m i don't know their names i don't need to i saw as a final score and it didn't happen to michigan and the most recent one recency bias wasn't michigan it was texas a&m off the hook and daniel jeremiah who went to appalachian state who actually quarterbacked the team just took me off the hook who the hell are you what have you done i've done a lot yeah come on jimmy in san antonio you're here on the rich ising show what's up jimmy jimmy how dare you what which one of us jimmy what my faggy oh and then jimmy you're on the hook i'm off the hook you're on it how's the hook feel about tell me how the hook tastes huh jimmy's been drinking since saturday how do you jimmy i'm already in the bottle there's not even a glass my man the hook tastes the hook tastes crisp and clean then i guess huh it's like my season for the agistas we're done like the cowboys oh hey no no no no no no no hold on a minute you beat nick saben when that battle of uh sliced bread versus the boosters you know comes into play the buddy garrity bowl when that happens you win the buddy garrity bowl and then you go to the sec championship game and you beat alabama again or georgia right i don't even know the divisions but that's it don't worry about it you still got a path but the bottom line is you're on the hook i'm over 14 points bottom line is you're on the hook i'm off the hook sorry jimmy that's all i'm saying with an elevator door thing i'm going up you're staying on you're staying floor i'm up i'm going to the penthouse we ain't buying it jimmy you're not buying it thanks for the call jimmy thanks for the call sorry guys nice try you're like a marlin in the ocean just hooked like it's what you mean i put out a poll poll question everybody off the hook Michigan fan rich ising off the hook for early results oh yeah let's go to the twitter verse 97 never off the hook let's go off the nose because that's where the most intelligent people are let's go to the twitter verse for nuanced takes yeah facts what is nuance about this it's it's called factual yeah the most recent chris i'll ask you the question the most recent top ranked team with national title hopes to be upset by appalachian state at home and be shocked and be wondering if the coach and the program is in the right hands that school is named fill in the blank go ahead factual thanks to them was not going to win the title just like just like michigan was never going to win the title either you're both delusional fan bases i'll do it all i know is syracuse two and oh baby oh two of those searing accuses in the house oh my god my god how are all your teams doing let's let's just wait a second how are you turning it on me when he just got done clowning you and he has more than one team let's just do this and then we'll get to overreaction monday because we have a new audience on the roku channel yeah i mean for everybody who might be wondering you know somebody out there watching on channel 210 by the way dedicated rich ising show channel on the roku channel okay uh you know somebody who's a friend or a fan and you love this person dearly and that person says they root for multiple teams you're like okay got it still love you but gotta call you out for it on the rich ising show that person is tj jefferson there's all like look at all the pennants there look at all that that's like that's like an amusement park with all those flags behind first of all that's more than six looks like the first pictures like three years old what does that matter but he's a single fan of the national football in the national football league and major league baseball yeah single team fan the most important ones cowboys and mets that's it and then when it comes to college it's just like you know what there's so many i've lost track and then there's two in the nba you got an east coast and west coast like that makes sense like two different divisions like you're battling within yourself yeah like there's a battle east coast west coast battle within yourself hey rich can i just interject for a second as head of hr i might advise you to maybe slow your role on this texas a and m getting owned by app state path yeah uh our new our new daddy roku uh their ceo is a guy named anthony wood yes great guy we love anthony wood what up anthony wood i don't know him either doesn't matter he went to texas a and m so you might want to just like when i seize the breaks mr wood mr wood when we chat like pump the brain mr wood when we chat i'll look you in the aisle shake your hand i'll say thank you and then i'll and then i'll just move on you want to bring it up that's on you i wouldn't i wouldn't way to look at the way to go with the flow chart like how did that even come to you to look that up that's someone someone someone someone someone looking out for us i'm off the hook no i don't care what you guys say no all right let's get to overreaction monday uh one of the more popular segments in the history of our program after a huge weekend of sports it's time for chris brockman to overreact and then i tell him whether he's spot on or not hit it that was terrible that was crap that was garbage this place sucks overreaction mondays christopher you've got the floor sir hey rich uh hey chris who have you been talking about non-stop uh this off season that team from the bay and their quarterback that you love train lance the 49ers guess what the caucus started on jimmy g's return tick tock put him out there tick tock nope tick tock overreaction overreaction i will allow this as i said earlier on this program what you saying that multiple games like this past week where the defense did enough to win and there were plays on the field to be made offensively and they were missed you keep adding those up and the locker room will eventually wonder what's up with this when jimmy g's still sitting there and that's what linch and shanahan have all said they're going to manage to lance's benefit one game 49ers moving forward that's why i've got this handy dandy scheduled chart here color-coded and everything for national televised games and whatnot next up is seattle they visit denver before they take on the rams and the denver game is on sunday night on nbc and then a monday nighter against the rams at home let's let's chat again let's put a pin in it and talk on tuesday october fourth show right here on the roku channel westwood one odyssey and more for the moment that's an overreaction let's marathon let's not sprint what's next i'm gonna keep sprinting rich the other team you couldn't stop talking about this raiders this off season was the raiders yeah buddy quarterback not a good day for one derek carr three picks a 69 passer rating not nice a 27 qbr the raiders can't win the afc west with their false i'm gonna just chalk it up to a couple things i'll chalk it up to a couple things one um the offensive line needs to gel a little bit better and carr has got to get rid of it get rid of it two charges defense no joke i told you i told you durwin james on the back end and as daniel jeremiah just said earlier this hour pointing out what i saw as well he was all over the place you do not know where he's going to line up and he can cover your tight end he could cover your wide receiver he could cover your slot receiver he could go rush the quarterback he could stop the run on the way to rush the quarterback he is all that plus the biscuit and a defensive player of the year nominee that a lot of few people uh not enough people are talking about he's been pizade and he's happy so the chargers may just be that much better it's just one week i will lie i would lie to you and i don't do that here and i i am concerned i am i am not unconcerned okay but for the moment i'll still label that an overreaction that they can't win with derek carr we'll stop with that he and devante adams have connected what else over there more with the other team what else uh speaking of concern uh there's tj over there hey without dak the cowboy season is over probably with him too actually to be honest nice chunk out of the pie yeah that's a uh rap i think you've tipped the bullseye on that one i mean that's about it uh you you know what you guys have as cooper rush gets out there one of the fantasy team names that will be placed in uh in front of our third hour guest the great actor paul rudd who calls into the show every year to choose which phrase that we've just blurted out of our mouths over the previous year of rich eyes and show action the phrase the pace can be the name of our fantasy team you write those names those phrases down i got so many lists number two on the uh top eight that we're going to place in front of the two seed is scars of denucci cowboys fans have scars of denucci when it comes to backup quarterbacks yes sir man you are wearing the scars of the emotional scars of denucci now i mean we can't hitchhike we can't do anything right now with a broken yeah i think you're right what's next over there chris hey speaking of seasons over the new england patriots hey look guys look if this season is as bleak as week one bill belcek should retire before 2023 come on dude it's over man it's over bill's gotta go wow oh my god bill's gotta go instead of me giving the answer that i think is obvious to everyone i'll give you the floor go ahead rent go ahead i'll give you about 40 seconds every with every passing reaction with every passing tom brady victory bill looks worse and worse and it makes it look like it was all tom it is very bad there is no plan on offense uh the team is undisciplined and if mac jones is really hurt it's going to be two and fifteen and then fans are going to really get loud in new england you think i'm loud how about the wahoo is on the sports talk radio in new england think they're giving bill a pass today absolutely not the time for small moral victories and we're working on it and we're gonna fix it that's over man that's over this is now year three without tom what the hell is going on it's time to go he's 70 years old oh man fresh new ideas in there because bill is out of them okay he's been killed in the draft for years he hasn't had a good draft in maybe a decade like since the since grogg's pick maybe when was the last good draft pick he had like like i'm done with bill on behalf of the 31 other fan bases uh i am here to collect your tears i think mike has something to say to him what are you smoking bro give me something okay great guess what when it's five and twelve this year we'll see who's right you got do you got any more over there i have so many more okay you know who the big winner from week one it was guys no not patrick mahomes i agree holy crap is he's still good and you didn't think he would be how great i did not know him him him not my reverse course yeah but what you say that you can't no i put it down last week yeah you had him power rank three three yeah but what about previous to that where you said it doesn't matter who cares it doesn't matter he didn't care he didn't take his finger off the chest piece until the very end i'm with you i'm with you i'm all in on the team i'm not i'm not how that street ball looking can't give him a pass ball who is that a-hole nameless defensive coordinator who said that he's playing street ball and by the way that offensive line of the chiefs is better than last year look out and uh oh boy i'm hearing from all the chiefs fans what do you think you raiders now stone streets is i still love you but he's just giving me the business uh i let's just see how it goes but they are they're terrific bill's arc championship if that happens again that's happening uh let's break break the the television but you're you're i would um i'm with you all right last one uh they looked great yesterday jakobi brissette the run game the browns are going to be a playoff team when dashawn watson returns uh i'm they almost lost that one if cody york katie yorker uh didn't didn't boot one from you know the middle of the the stadium through the uprights they it was cleveland brown stuff all over again chris rose who i watched the game with in the nfl network uh uh diehard brown he was um in the screening room um good thing there wasn't a live camera on him um and so um i i did choose the browns to win it and they look good until the very end so i'll still pump the brakes on that i say that's an overreaction but that that's one win for them without watson there's 10 more to go and if they go five and five from here on out six and five in that division in that conference um every passing win for them gives them a better chance to make the playoffs huge without watson and next up for them i think i'm correct oh yeah it's joe go in the jets 59 times he threw it yesterday can i overreact for one quick show sure it's your show i see mike white please what see what that looks like that one's got my head bit off last year chris for suggesting enjoy cooper rush pal oh here you go here you go you are throwing stones from that glass house i told you you have a super bowl winning quarterback as your backup you're in a favorite i got one more one more quick one real quick you know the most complete team in the nfc is the eagles minnesota vikings oh yeah you school yeah no no no you know the eagles gave up 35 to the lions and winning um and let me just go through this in my head i don't know the bucks look pretty damn complete to me as well it's still in the red zone the vikes were the vikings had a terrific first terrific and we'll talk about the packers at the top of hour number three that's not an overreaction i don't think that's an overreaction not to say that they will be throughout but after week one the most complete team in week one looked like the vikings in the nfc i agree with you sir as if uh the broncos win on monday night as we all expect every team in the nfc west will be 0-1 which is not bad for the rams and niners they're not out of it then same thing with the the cardinals that's it good overreaction monday sir we're back this nfl season every westwood one nfl broadcast stream is live for free mondays thursday sunday nights thanksgiving and christmas triple headers the international series and every postseason game i will be there tonight for the pre and half of monday night football on westwood one where the broncos and seahawks wrapping up our first week of the nfl season your phone calls 844-204-rich when we come back and the bill belicheck press conference moment of the week in a moment hey when was the last time you seriously considered your dream i mean come on you used to think about it all the time what happened i say it's time you and your dream get back together think about it you could live the van life in a totally customized mercedes-benz sprinter you could tour around all 423 national park sites build a mountain cabin with your dad or start your own business really whatever you dream up and it's a mercedes-benz van we're talking about here so expect innovative safety features like crosswind assist and blind spot assist expect amazing performance and reliability with an mbux voice command system a five-star dealer network and an available gas engine it runs like well a dream so what do you say head to the mercedes-benz van dealership and get that sprinter tell them your dream sent you i'm an adventurous person but i'm also a careful person we want to get out there but we also want to make sure we're safe and our loved ones are safe good thing there's the on-star guardian app safety services right on our phone we can get roadside assistance we can share locations with friends and family we can even get help in a crash in any vehicle on any motorcycle finally something both sides of me can agree on adventure safely with the on-star guardian app download today from the app store or on google play be safe out there back here on the rich eyes and show terrestrial radio network we just showed the roku audience the roku channel audience um mike mcdaniel getting gatorade dumped on him and having his team rally around him getting a game ball and him giving a game ball to everyone else and having tua break down the victorious locker room moment and then the dolphins you remember they put things on their elevator door now on the elevator door is mcdaniel having gatorade dumped on him that's really cool the turnaround at a hard rock stadium how about them just tossing his glasses to the side too he's just not bad for a former denver bronco ball boy who worked his way into coaching and um you're wondering how is he going to be a leader of men in the locker room and handle game management he pulled a little nifty trick on the clock at the end of the game to make sure that everything was uh gonna run out successfully against the patriots and then clearly everybody's buying what he's selling in the locker room too is yet to lose against bill belicheck and interestingly enough in this battle of mac jones versus tua tungo valoa two alabama quarterbacks mike mcdaniel becomes the first miami dolphin head coach to win his first game as a head coach since nick saben wow really yes sir that's how long it has been since a first year hc for the dolphins went one and oh and it didn't look pretty at times i mean in the in the breakdown that you heard from mcdaniel saying um saying like hey didn't look what we wanted to be but we'll clean this stuff up on tape it didn't look pretty but all of you i mean you saw some of the tyree kill stuff waddle scored a touchdown we had that huge play he did i mean there were times where tua wasn't the most accurate thrower of the football let's be honest but they've been talking him up and you saw mcdaniel had him break everything down to end the victorious locker room moment dolphins fans have got to be thrilled defense is no joke as well they put one on the board against the patriots oh they were getting to mad i mean well i mean mac jones that not by the way not a bad first 15 scripted out of the play callers opening drive i know they marched right down the field a little holding in the end zone there on that tip interception but well maybe the tip happened before the hold because then you could do whatever you want with the ball in the air like that tipped i was watching the replay well i mean mac jones um it would have been nice to put points there and have a lead no question after that kind of yeah and then they were down by a bunch and had a 13 play drive can't really grind it out you need you need to score quickly and i don't know if that's what the offense looks like nope so bill belicheck was asked about mac jones's performance and that is today's bill belicheck press conference moment today's bill belicheck press conference moment i would prefer to win overall what would you just say about mac at times is it on him not you know not finishing the drives not a lot of incomplete passes that said chris i know you're not happy about that i wish that could have been my assessment of the jets quarterback yesterday uh i mean why is he throwing at 59 times i mean do not get me started i mean i would like to do not i mean i've got a rookie right tackle that they didn't expect that they would have to play they thought that maybe it could be makai beckton but then when he got hurt and couldn't answer the bell they get dwayne brown which seemed great you can move fan to the right tackle out of the left tackle but dwayne brown got hurt and he couldn't play to start the season he's on ir so you got to move fan to the left tackle and then the rookie on the right tackle don't get me started is what i asked of you 90 seconds 90 seconds rich get wound up you did you did ask him not to do it but i'm just saying man they got young studs at running back and wide receiver they have some ability sauce coming out holding the american flag running out of the locker room that's cool he's locking things down quan alexander they can make plays on defense and they were doing that to lamara but the jets couldn't put any points on the board because they're starting joe flaco and you could say it's not his fault either because they're lying up front whatever fine show me mike white give me him give me him until zach maybe can come back in week four you're going to cleveland put some points on the board try and catch some lightning in a bottle with mike white i can't believe i'm pounding the table for him it's enough of joe flaco there's no upside to him zero zero how's that you're right you're right you need a hug rich you know what do you need a virtual no i'm just sitting there watching i'm sitting there watching i'm like boy this would be great to see what zack wilson looks like in this office so we could start to evaluate him but he and you see he showed up he was dressed in the street clothes i'm like he looks pretty good right here aren't like 18 year olds supposed to bounce back quickly i think so you and i are in the same boat power yeah we are yeah you guys are we got the scars of denucci that's what we got the actor paul rudd is going to come up in hour number three to help us choose our fantasy team name and also we have yet to hit the packers and we will do so top of hour three right here on the rich eisen show on this terrestrial radio network we are still here on roku and we got phone calls i love seeing six squares all lit up that's normally my uh my golf scorecard but um thank you nice but that means all the phone lines are lit oh i'll tell you my mint double bogeys yeah oh wow i did mean that i'm talking about here the audacity it's about to be julio jones season guys uh tom pelosaro and others saying chris godwin had a hamstring strain oh my gosh the old the dreaded soft tissue looks like he's gonna miss a few weeks the good news is his knee did hold up that's good that's good okay different injury this time for chris godwin but it's gonna be julio jones season why are they feeding those cats down in tampa bro did you see those dudes look so brolic yesterday did you see some of the next gen stats on julio's speed yeah i know right fastest guy in camp fastest guy in the field last night and he's old jen he's yeah those guys were out there looking like buff bagwell yesterday between wow i mean lenny and i know it's just you know the way the cowboys looked last night i mean rich the jets didn't look much better excuse me but i'm not out here saying hey the varsity game is tonight well technically it was that's what happens verse june varsity plays during the day and then varsity plays at night tonight and we're gonna ride baby let's ride it's so rare speaking out of turn it's so rare that if you had an inner monologue on an nbc executive would you like to flex out of this cowboys game in the middle of it they would have said yes is there flex scheduling available for the third quarter is there a friend's rerun and i bet it's gonna be the highest rated game of the week coming up hour three highest rated game of the week for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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