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REShow: Paul Rudd - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 12, 2022 3:38 pm

REShow: Paul Rudd - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 12, 2022 3:38 pm

Rich reacts to the Packers’ season-opening loss to their NFC North rival Vikings and how Aaron Rodgers is approaching coaching up his young receiving corps. 

Actor Paul Rudd tells Rich his reaction to Patrick Mahomes and his beloved Chiefs’ impressive start to the season with a throttling of Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals, and chooses Rich’s 2022 Fantasy Football team from names including ‘Tastes Like Victory,’ ‘Joey Chestnut’s Colonoscopy’ and others.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Joe Flacco to throw out of the gun fires down the middle it's intercepted. Aaron Punk sees nothing throws it up for grabs intercepted. A two-yard touchdown pass from the Holmes his fifth.

The Rich Eisen Show earlier on the show. Steelers defensive tackle Cam Hayward. NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah. Still to come actor Paul Rudd.

Plus your phone calls and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. All right everybody it's our number three of the Rich Eisen Show here on a busy Monday of week one of the NFL 2022 season. It's also day one of our foray into the world on the Roku channel. Our new streaming partners and we are thrilled if you are out there watching us on our new platform and if you're listening to us on this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Coast to Coast or the Odyssey app we want to counsel you to go and watch us as well if you don't mind on any Roku device and or any Samsung Smart TV Fire TV. You can also download or is it upload Chris you download an app you upload an app do what do you download an app so you download the app okay you download your app on any mobile device when you put it on I got it so you download it then you upload it I don't want to confuse people just get the app on a mobile device the Roku app because the Roku channel is on it and then if you're a desktop person if you're like you know what I want to watch you on a desktop I will say thank you and go to the best part about it on all of those platforms free free of charge 0.0 full blue tarski of american dollars it costs you to stream us every single day free 99 from 12 to 3 eastern time it's funny guys we were tweeting about it and talking about it people are like the same studio same yeah we're the same thing same thing it's like same route to work today right for instance you know uh Chris is still the same mess hole and and DJ Mikey D still has these nuts that's what it still stands for and TJ jefferson you are still a cowboy fan who's coming in today with a how about them cowboys whiteboard uh this is now ironic in the same way that years and years and years and years ago my uh my uh my brother's son one of susie and ours many nephews that we have uh we have three of them one from my brother and two from her brother uh my my nephew lee die-hard jet fan uh i did not pass that affliction onto my actual only children um and susie is a patriot fan and um and i'm a michigan guy and so me telling my children no you must root for the jets when mom roots for the patriots and tom brady is winning champions of the patriots had i done that child services would have removed our children from custody uh anyway long story short is uh lee years ago when t-bo became a jet said can you get me a t-bo jersey for hanukkah and i said if i do that you do realize that it will be more of an ironic halloween costume the rest of your life than anything else and sure enough uh he has in fact worn the t-bo jersey as tim tebow the jet to halloween party since then the reason why i bring all this stuff up is the jets still have been kicked in the nards by the football gods and um and that's how we go to the phone lines right now kick off hour number three is paul rudd is going to join us in about 17 minutes time to help chris and i name our annual celebrity fantasy league uh football team and uh in the allison chains jerry cantrell league where we're getting our butts kicked in week number one zack and new jersey i assume this is not wilson calling into the show right now what's up zack uh i mean what does that say you know please cut that mic we have a new drop on the show congratulations zack that's a new drop what does that say you know when you call into a show like this one you're supposed to have something to say you know i think every other team can say in the nfl that their starting quarterback has won a game in the last three years you know if i am correct uh flag doesn't want to game since 2019 probably so i don't know i think yeah he won two when uh when the broncos were starting him over drew lock and and brandon allen finally went in there when he was two and six but who's counting i i don't see why they don't throw mike white in there in the uh at the second half i thought him going back out in the second half was just unbelievable no i mean he's a veteran hand and you know and i i know i kind of went a little ham on him last hour and thanks for the call look joe flaco's a veteran hand he's a veteran hand who might have a good insight on what the ravens are going to do and you don't want to throw mike white against the ravens i guess but i mean if flaco's not going to move the team i mean garrett wilson and breeze hall and elijah moore and michael carter and cori davis when he actually catches one thrown at him that's not a bad quintet you should be able to put points in the board there you know and one of their two new tight ends was the only one to put it in the end zone tyler conklin so i i don't know man i mean you got two more games without uh zack wilson and they're against cleveland and cincinnati before they go to aqua sure in week four and that's when he's supposed to come back but i don't know how you can evaluate these young kids when there's a veteran back there who's not moving the football which is why i brought that up harry in seattle he's been hanging on for damn near an hour and a half what's up harry hey rich uh first off big fans love listening to show thanks sir appreciate it i have a have a bit of a hot take on this inevitable packers bears game which will end in disaster for the bears i'm sure but i've in lieu of erin rogers owning us i've always been under the i've always been under the impression that it's really the bears defense sorry the packers defense that owns the bears if you look at any game that he has success in it's because they set it up for him every single time that is quite the hot take harry i'm not gonna lie to you um thank you for the call you know uh it's quite the hot take right there would you like the stats i don't i don't think we need them i don't you want to you want to do it you want to treat harry in seattle like that i mean 20 22 and 5 lifetime and then core if you don't think record's a quarterback stat i totally get it how about 61 touchdowns only 10 interceptions i guess the defense uh 109 passer rating uh 67 completion 6500 yards i mean well i mean the packers are going to have to rely on rogers ownership of the bears because that's who's next and we have seen the packers flop on the opening season stage before last year in particular when they flopped against new orleans in that road game in jacksonville a home game for new orleans because the weather and hurricane mandated it and um a couple of years before that when rogers had that famous ariel ax spelling out relax for those in the green bay fan base that needed counseling to chill out as daniel jeremiah said in hour number two when he called into our program from the nfl network that rogers is uh this is his wheelhouse pointing out overreactions and things of that nature the problem is now is who's going to be there for him because without devante adams and i'm sure it didn't help even though the raiders lost watching adams go off off for the raiders in the loss to the chargers not just going off but the inside the five yard line stuff right that he and rogers used to do all the time just with a little look to each other a little head nod little eye contact and then i'm just gonna run this route right to the pylon make a move and you'll just throw it at the pylon i'll grab it and i'll just walk in the end zone he did it for derek carr yesterday okay many times and then carr one time had adams wide open because he be clowned whoever was covering him at the time he turned him inside out oh my god like barry sanders like a barry sanders highlight right so without him and alan lizard didn't play because he was hurt and tonyan's coming back from a knee injury who is he going to be playing for him he's coming back from a knee injury who's he got well he's got his rookies and even after the vikings marched down and justin jefferson started doing his thing for kirk cousins michael irvin's mvp um they had a chance to retort and they did christian watson the second round selection out of north dakota state wide open rogers hit him in the hands and he dropped it so all eyes on rogers after the game because the fox cameras caught him being somewhat demonstrative in uh and um he wasn't looking for that famed tee of his he was looking for someone who can catch the ball or based on the way he was gesticulating being in the spots that he's looking for them to be in can't blame him for being frustrated because as you know the window closes a little more tight every single snap of the football for rogers now here was aaron rogers after the game he knew it was going to be growing pains this is the real football you know it counts it's different there's nerves i thought christian ran a great route to start the game you know we talked about it during the week do you really want to start off with the bomb shot i said yeah what the hell why not you know this kid can really fly let's give him a chance look we gotta have patience look we gotta have patience with those guys they're young you know they haven't been in the in the fire um now that patience will be thinner as the season goes on but uh the expectation will be high so we'll keep them accountable but it's going to happen it's going to be drops hate to see it on the first play but there's it's a part of it's going to be drops throughout the season hey man he's not mincing any words that's the truth what else you're supposed to say it's not going to rip him a new one in front of the media but that's the truth there's going to be drops you got to be you got to understand it i guess he's counseling patience instead of being instead of relax can't be relaxed because i don't know who's you know davante adams is not walking through that door but they do have some really talented kids who just need to be in the right spots and start catching the ball that's a big season opening loss to the vikings that's going to be something that's going to be sitting out there they play the vikings again let me see oh boy week 17 so maybe by then hopefully they'll they'll catch the football a little bit better look there's no other take other than his the same way i've been talking about trey lance the 49ers think you know fans think well jimmy g's going to get in there because there's downs to go along with some of the ups i mean lance made some one throw that went over the defender went over like a linebacker and right in the hands of of one of its receivers making an out route it was beautiful i mean it's in there but there are going to be downs and folks are like well that's what jimmy g is going to get in and i say no you gotta go with the ups and downs so the downs get ironed out it's only ups for you and that's the way things go with most young quarterbacks there's no jimmy g there for rogers on the receiving core there's no like old hand that you could just turn to oh randall cobb is there is he your number one uh i think lazar does that guy if he's hurt i mean that really hurt them so i will again just council marathon not a sprint green bay's next games oh my goodness i mean they got one home as you know sunday night against chicago they're at tampa battle of 12s last rogers um brady of the regular season in their remarkable career maybe they'll play each other again home for new england home for the giants home for the jets relax the giants is in london but that's three and three maybe i don't know about that they can rip off a few i think if that giant scene that shows up is going to beat the packers in london from yesterday in london giants look good all right do day balls have to go through customs or what great question only if there's a large metal on them you have to pay the vh on those if you remove them you know from uh from the country there's a separate what's the exchange rate on day balls how about how about the postman day balls of steel talking about coach's gutsy two-point call and say quan's monster day sparked giants and shockers well wait oh and then wait then you have the yankees beaten to raise again top left top right metts uh lead back up to one and a half over the braves amazing space that's a good one on top right and then bottom of the gang green lost in purple he says a footnote footnote rich england went back to the pound like they separated from the union so oh that's right the dollar is worth a little bit more over there are you giving the rich eisen show listeners a little bit and viewers on the roku channel a little bit of a brexit lesson is that what it is i'm just explaining what we have international fans too they're not caught up by the way do you guys see uh what tyreek hill said about uh his coaches yeah we're gonna play that at the end of the hour yeah that'll be great uh real quick steve in new york you're on the rich eisen show what's up steven you there steven rich i i just uh yeah i was just shocked by the giants um and i just wanted to hear some love for new york i thought safe one was amazing they made me excited for the first time in five years six years um and i just want to hear what you guys think about the giants you guys were talking about a little bit before but yeah they were exciting i think steven in new york is not willing to go full rich eisen show caller from three years ago prior to the season when we still he's called in once and he's never called in again this is but this is when the giants looked awful the seasons before and were coming in the season that did not look very good he called and said this can play oh what so what that guy is that what you're asking me or what i i'm not too excited yet but i'm getting there dave all was awesome that was i mean going for it was i haven't been excited like this i don't know the obama administration was the last time the giants won the game in september how about that okay thank you for calling steven uh giants next uh next up for the new york football giants is home against baker mayfield baby oh yeah they could be they could win that football game they could be two and oh and then and then a monday night or against oh rush night on espn copper rush night on espn by the way giants for chicago giants could be four and oh they're going to london and they beat green bay five and oh oh yeah they're back the quote step digs the hell going on day balls of steel five and oh giants are we talking did look great then we're talking playoffs we're talking division that's the case oh stop we're talking division five and oh we talking playoffs or what that guy didn't come back yeah where is he i have no idea where did he go he might be incarcerated for all whoa that took so here's what let's just around the quarter post point of the season we'll play another edition of we talk and playoffs or what yeah i'll tell you i'll say if they're we're talking playoffs or we're talking or what put that down and play you up so what that guy come back bro yeah speaking of coming back paul rudd's gonna join us coming up next the brilliant paul rudd is gonna do i mean tradition unlike any of the masters going on for a while yes indeed he's been calling into the show we have said many phrases that come out of our mouths many of them ridiculous you write them down they have totally lost their context because sometimes we've said them 19 years before even though it's in the last calendar year but we have eight of them i've written them all down we're gonna have like a bracket challenge he's gonna eliminate one by one and we will come up with our fantasy teammate paul rudd will name our fantasy team for us when we 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every year um where chris brockman throughout the year yep when you or i or any of us in this room say something that sounds like the name of a fantasy team or a three-word phrase or something we we say write it down a lot of times it's callers and guests though that sometimes it gets anybody anybody if you say write it down write it down and so that list is uh is extensive it's it's extensive there's like 50 names yeah yeah and the thing is chris doesn't really keep them in order rich write someone different pages file system is lacking it's wanting it's wanting so so then we then we we call it down to a more reasonable amount this time around it's eight yep and then we put it in a bracket form yep where you've seeded the team names right one through eight i'm excited i haven't seen this at all and then we go bracket by bracket run through it and the person who uh eliminates one and takes one phrase and has it survive in advance until we boil it down to our fantasy team name is somebody who's a die-hard fantasy player die-hard chief's fan and uh one of my favorite human beings on planet earth and i just i think that goes for everybody else the great paul rudd back here on the return of chris brockman and chris brockman and paul rudd back here on the rich eisenhower haitian paul oh rich what a great intro thank you sir you know i'm crazy about you uh i'm crazy about all you guys i just came on i was just you know i'm a little late to noon but it's just so good to hear you guys once again talking about uh for an oj juice jones singer of the rain i saw you oh i forgot absolutely forgot about that that's why you're here paul to help fill in the blanks walk it in the ring you are our safety net he can still get a sweep he still got juice thank you all right before we get to the task at hand uh i do want to give you the floor and your chiefs who i think just scored again on the arizona cardinals um man they looked amazing what are your two cents on that paul rudd well you know it was uh it was really exciting to see i must say i missed most of the fourth quarter because they cut away uh here in new york the game was broadcast and then they cut away to uh a more competitive game as they said and uh they cut back to uh chargers and raiders but so i i had to miss the most of the fourth quarter as i said most of the people in the country were watching this game so that was a bit annoying um but i you know i saw most of it and um uh it was great it was really um exciting to see you know the moving the the ball around so much um people stepping up um you know that field was rough the injuries always get me concerned you know it's like you can only get so excited but um you know i mean mahomes i mean i look josh allen is he's incredibly great he's amazing and i just all the talk it was just nice to see the cheese come out and kind of be great they call it a statement game paul don't they they call it a statement game i think that's what everyone's looking everyone's looking to uh you know say uh this is a statement to put whatever they put on it but i i look i don't even i hate even talking about the cheese i'm so superstitious that i don't that i don't even you know i don't even like commenting on any of this kind of stuff but i will say uh uh you know i love nick bolton uh and i think he's great and uh i i love them since we've drafted him and and he was awesome it was great to see jody fortune get a touchdown who i think you know for chief's fans and we followed everything that has happened in his career going down last year with the injury it's it's it's just it's great great paul rudd here on the rich isin show uh let's get to the fantasy stuff let's establish your bona fides for those who may not be familiar how many fantasy teams do you have how many leagues are you in right now this year paul you know i i don't even know rich it's too many there i had guys playing yesterday that i didn't even realize i had plenty that's not a joke i would imagine many of your listeners it's like this you're in you're in a few leagues you really have one or two that you really care about yes yes yeah so i have like one league is my main league and then this other one which is a keeper league of you know and those are probably my two you know those are the two that i kind of mined the most and we're in the one with that latrulio uh asked us all to be in we didn't know who was in it until the rosters all filled up and then the draft took six days that's that happened and then there's no pickups there's no waiver wires your team is your team league the best ball league by the way yeah love the best ball league i'm so down with it because it's you get all of the fun of drafting and none of the headache of having to set your lineup that's right good point it's the greatest you can't do anything have to just i'm way down with this i did this i've done this now for two years and i think it's it's the best and you can be in like a hundred of them because once the season starts you just don't even you don't have to look at it you don't do anything um it's great it's great and and yes i think you're what you're at polly jukes in that league that's your name um your polly jukes yeah okay very good and uh and uh what's your team name in the the league that you want to win what's the the name there because again you're fantastic at naming your teams as well which one you got which one is this uh well the two that i care about the one is the the keeper is the i think i told you i was a floral moment the floral moment yep okay right the floral moment which i think i maybe told you this i didn't really change it i haven't changed it yet i saw it on like one of those real estate shows that comes from there was a you know like the first look new york or la or whatever it is okay and there was a designer showing uh a house and such you know it was just so pretentious and everything and they came to this little area it's just like a blank wall and it was like separating like the living room in the kitchen and he said this is a wonderful place for a floral moment so you wrote it down and then you named your team i screamed at the tv and said you mean flowers uh i got so upset that i just named it that's the name of my family football team yeah and then the other one is is that the one named after the famed actress judy dench or you've changed that okay yeah and the name of that going back to just dench exclamation point right dench you have to have the exclamation point it doesn't work without the exclamation okay so there you go that's uh paul rudd's bona fides to to be the person that he is for the role that is important for us that he's about to fill once again here on the rich as a show i need nfl films music mike del tufo please it's now time to get to it paul we've got eight phrases that have been uttered on this show over the last year um they were putting the full list up on the screen right here one through eight um and i will name them off to you and then walk you through bracket by bracket the one seed is earholing hokuli earholing hokuli number eight is liquid intake management what was that about chris what was that about do we remember what honestly no idea they both could be tom brady not sure uh the four five is very competitive tastes like victory versus spasm of insanity uh then it tastes like victory and spasm of insanity i'll walk through it again one by one but just revealing right now okay number three versus six height of zimmerness i think this is when mike zimmer was just being completely obstinate about something that was the height of zimmerness might have been kellen mahn could have been counting on you want to see kellen mahn play in week 18 nope uh why i've seen enough of them uh number six this is great i have a feeling this is going to be the the upset uh the six seed don't lead the witness joey chestnuts colonoscopy that's number six okay number two is uh the cowboys fans whenever a fan a backup quarterback comes in they've got scars of denucci that's number two and then that's number seven lombardi lenny's water weight those are the eight paul those are the eight uh let's start with the one are you ready to ready to go bracket by bracket here hold on wait wait okay there you go okay one versus eight okay who advances ear holding hockley or liquid intake management great that's great we're showing somebody launching at hockley's head right now on on the screen what do you got for me yeah i mean these are i think these are both pretty strong honestly okay holding hockley uh liquid intake management yes um you know there's something just kind of the one that's a surprise i'm going to go with liquid intake oh it's the ump oh my goodness okay liquid intake management advances i mean of course you gotta and there's a couple of hockley's now uh but um yes there's something about just the just the random liquid intake management okay but i like okay that advances and then now uh that will take on the winner of four versus five tastes like victory or spasm of insanity what do you got well taste tastes like victory might remind me of my very first which was tastes like chicken by the way the avatar that we just put on the screen we're seeing these for the first time it's me and the robert duval lid from apocalypse now it tastes like victory that's not bad man i don't know if that if that if that influences well you got spasm of insanity put it up we got that one up here too oh my god it's you oh my god it's you as hannibal lector paul spasm of insanity with the with the the face guard over it what do you think well i mean i don't i can't see it i don't know i know spasm of insanity jumped out to me more than tastes like victory okay very good spasm insanity advances all right now let's get to the other side of the bracket the number three seed height of zimmerness versus the six seed chestnuts colonoscopy what do you got yes you have to include joey right you got it the avatar is some doctor putting rubber glove on behind joey chestnuts mouth open to eat a hot dog i i think that i've got to by the way i don't even need to see that avatar to know that's your winner well let's move on anyway uh scars of denucci versus lombardi lenny's water weight what do you got for me on that scars of denucci oh let's reveal what lombardi lenny's water weight avatar would have looked like anyway let's see what we got let's put it up on the screen as scars of denucci advances hold on a minute there it is oh he slipped fat albert next to a very skinny tom brady okay very good that's pretty funny okay well that's unfortunately not gonna make any good well done though smidge all right uh let's move on uh to the final liquid intake management versus spasm of insanity what do you got who advances uh liquid intake man all right that moves on and then what moves on scars of denucci or chestnuts colonoscopy are we here's the thing i can only hear this is it just chestnuts colonoscopy or is it going to be the full joey let's go let's go with joey chestnuts colonoscopy yeah that's it just makes a difference like the exclamation point on dench i get it you're a stickler exactly okay the devil's in the details and that's why joey chestnuts colonoscopy is going to advance and then who wins liquid intake management or joey chestnuts colonoscopy which be honest with you is uh i think they're kind of related they're in the same world of of uh of hygiene and biology i think yeah what do you got and science well yeah it's true because you know you have to do as joey chestnut would say you gotta dip those hot dog buns in the pool of water because it's a two-handed process and there's a lot of liquid intake management yes when you're when you're swallowing about 75 nathan's dog and that's why the most important thing out of all of this is what happens afterward and that's gonna boil down to what's going on at colonoscopy that's why joey chestnuts colonoscopy making the change right now all right what a stirring conclusion uh here we go it's a great avatar too it's a great avatar i'm gonna i can't i'll text it to you when we're done here you're gonna love it you're gonna you're gonna you're gonna definitely think why did i think about anything else when you see this well as an avid viewer of the hot dog eating contest every fourth of july i'm excited that you've now brought in normally we hear football players names you've brought in a world-class eater into the world of fantasy football and for that i commend you thank you sir it's all about competitive eating or competition it's all about that paul as you know um bless you sir thank you for your time out of your very busy schedule i might have to rename one of my teams kobayashi's uh kobayashi's perineum how did you do has nothing really to do with any sort of competitive eating no it's so nice to think about kobayashi's perineum you're welcome that's a thank you gift for doing this once again paul all right kobayashi's perineum him when you see my avatar love you paul rod thanks for the time you're the best thanks for the call thank you there you go paul rod everybody a great paul joey chestnuts colonoscopy wow six seed how about that i think he under seeded it i like upsets it's like i like upsets you know it's like the saint peters of this you unseat you under seated him i under seated you're under seat look the committee sometimes makes a few errors every single year there you go i feel like liquid intake management might have might have been i was on a that does what was that about i forget i forget what that was about you you know someone getting dehydrated probably i don't know what it was it looks like i wrote that one right before untatted pete davidson i think they're unrelated chris okay untatted pete davidson who was in that day that was we had a guest we had a guest in that was it steve no i don't know i was in mine oh that's a good laugh all right we'll come back we'll empty the phone banks tariq hill on his coach and so much more salty arthur smith to take us to monday night football fun stuff right there on the rich eyes and show we could talk about how complicated other banks make it to redeem credit card rewards like how they require minimums and worse how their rewards flat out expire or we could talk about how with discover you can redeem your rewards for cash in any amount at any time i mean talk about amazing and now that we've talked about that let's get back to the rich eyes and show you know the stuff we talk about here learn more redeem rewards terms apply i'm an adventurous person but i'm also a careful person we want to get out there but we also want to make sure we're safe and our loved ones are safe good thing there's the onstar guardian app safety services right on our phone we can get roadside assistance we can share locations with friends 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that's navy federal dot org slash car buying credit and collateral subject to approval navy federal credit union is federally insured by ncua that was a delight as always with paul rug delight um arthur smith when he's on this program he's um he's an interesting interview remember that time it was two times ago his two times ago where he basically accused me of coming up with questions to get something out of him that would be usable for me uh it's clickbait he's a smart cookie that arthur smith and he also is really really intense although he has he kind of busts my stones too i kind of enjoy interviewing him he keeps me on my toes i can only imagine what it's like to be one of his players coming off of a loss like yesterday they look really good on offense you know who looked really good drake london looked the part very much so and and mariota performed well enough to win they were up on the saints who came back and won it yeah and taysom hill ran twice he ran twice once to get himself in the red zone and wants to put himself in the end zone yeah can't guard michael good in the second half sure did two touchdowns for him arthur smith very salty after the game hold on a minute we're getting that for you here on the rich isin show arthur smith oh we got it's okay so uh he was pretty salty after the game yeah here we go roll it you guys wrote our obituary uh back in in may and you'll continue to write our obituary who cares because we got 16 games and we don't learn from this and get better and we got to go go play la they got a three game three day jump on us so we'll watch the tape we'll look for corrections and then we got to get get going on the rams so write whatever you all want the same guys that you guys ranked us 45th you buried us in may bury us again we don't care we'll get back to work thank you oh wow you guys the media you keep burying us i don't know man that drake that drake london's a winner i i i he's really good and cordell patterson who is a a load and mariota looked good too i did i know i know and the defense was doing its job and then all of a sudden i know they were they kind of played prevent there in the fourth quarter and it prevented them from remember dean peas i do during the do we have that mike i know i'm i'm kind of running a little audible on you here but i'm talking to mike hoskins our coordinating producer very intense coaching staff dean peas longtime defensive coordinator in the league patriots right and um ravens titans he was probably on the same staff with arthur smith while we're getting that that was from uh summer al in atlanta you're here on the rich as a show what's up al morning rich what's going on brother uh two plugging trees at first when we get to the falcons uh brockman i hate to burst your bubble but the braves and the red sox are rivals dating back to the 19 like early 1900s when boston ran the red sox or when the red sox ran the braves out of boston he's going full overman on you right there he's going ken burns is this ken burns i don't watch black and white movies oh my goodness 1900s wow now tell tj you're gonna now tell tj the braves are gonna make up that game and a half uh that on his mouth worry about that i'm actually here i don't know i don't brag to tj because we always seem to be at odds but for once we're going to actually be rooting for the same person because we both have kylar murray as our starting quarterback okay we so we got that in common which is nice we can be friends too we don't always got to be enemies you know i don't really got any shoes the good fantasy team name would be kyla murray's ipad don't you think that'd be a good one that would be a good what's on your mind now what's on your mind we're done with the pleasantries now we got to get to this oh here we how am i supposed to feel about my falcons making me go nuts to the point where my family is calling me frank the tank lemon junior because i'm flipping out well over one yard 16 point lead and we we lose that game i can't take it and then i got daniel jeremiah saying i should be proud of how the profits played you should i don't know how to feel because because it's still a marathon man and and and and i think you're getting it right look the roster was what it was to use that phrase because matt ryan was on it eating up so much space and the the team was built to make sure matt ryan could win a championship there in his dotage and their top wide receiver is suspended for a year for gambling after he was out uh the year before i mean a lot has happened to that franchise and that team over the last two years and i think they've got and thanks to call out i i think they got it right arthur smith is you just saw how intense he was right there and dean p's man getting after it you know this was him uh from this this is my favorite this is my favorite sound bite of training camp go for it we're changing a culture around this day on place okay and it's not going to be mediocre it's not going to be average it's not going to be in the bottom half of the league like it's been 15 out of the last 20 years sick of that crap we got to take charge and it ain't gonna be anybody else to do it but us okay i'm tired everybody telling us how bad we are after a while you start believing it just like you tell you you never tell your children and stuff like hey you guys you don't you get mad at a teacher says you know telling some kid he's stupid right you don't ever tell somebody that because pretty soon they start believing it guys around here on defense sometimes believe hey 15th is okay or whatever i've been in the top 10 one time on the last 20 years that's over okay sorry i'm getting fired up today but i'm tired of this crap we're going to change the culture of the defense around this freaking place people are going to start talking about atlanta defense like they did at baltimore like they did at new england it's going to be the same around here outside of not knowing too many teachers who tell their students they're stupid um i kind of get that one you know and and this will not rest well in their locker room and i would counsel the rams to keep their head on a swivel coming up next week so i think the falcons have got are getting it right i think so yeah i think so they just got to get the quarterback right and maybe mariota can get it straightened out right now but we'll see we'll see jeff and detroit will take your call what's up jeffrey hey uncle rich today is my birthday now that i got my phone man my phone took a kaput last night wasn't able to check anything was barely able to catch the end of the show but you know what now that i'm rocking with my cousins and my uncle i'm much better now listen yes sir the start of the season my goodness i'm not gonna get it's a long season you know what i'm saying but my goodness i'm looking at uh minnesota they're looking definitely good my question to you though is this what do you definitely know this morning that you had no clue of friday hmm great question what do i know today that i had no clue of on friday let me see here um if i got my answer here i think it would be how good trubisky can look in pittsburgh i'll throw that out there i gotta give him i gotta give him some props um that's one right there uh that joe burrow had a five turnover game in him that's one just from that game alone and how bad arizona could look i didn't see that i mean they followed up that clunker of a playoff game with that opener that is bad news brother that is bad news wow or you know also also also that bill that uh uh chris brockman thinks bill belicheck should retire that i didn't know that either that was part of his overreaction monday rant happy birthday jeff what are you gonna do for your birthday by the way your lions did it again yesterday which is fall down late and then come back to for somebody's kneecaps oh my goodness i know right i mean just having everybody right there on the thinking we're on the precipice of doing what needs to be done and it's just like you know somebody ties your shoelaces up you trip right there at the line it's it's it's being a lion fan but you know what like i said it's the beginning of the season i'm just gonna hang out chill with family i'm blessed enough to understand that life has a lot to offer and at the age of 49 getting ready to turn 50 i'm enjoying it man okay well enjoy your last year without an arp card sir you you go well jeff enjoy that take care here's another thing i didn't know on friday um i'll be honest i didn't know how much i would enjoy watching francis tiafoe play tennis how great was that friday night man i've had so much fun watching him this tournament from uh escape from alcaraz and tennis now huh man that kid is 19 years old and he got everything that tennis match nidal like mishmash clone that friday night was unbelievable u.s open semifinal with uh fowler and the two mac and rose so good was a bring the kids into the uh tv room well especially when tiafoo forced the fifth set oh man so awesome yeah that was amazing over the weekend watching the us open was really fun this year i want to talk to that kid tiafoe he's got a great story susie was telling me about his story yeah hey guess what you know make that happen all right we can about his father was a janitor of tennis club and and he tiaf francis got his first racket because it was like a it was just lying around they got like the the extra equipment now look at him no american tennis is back oh my goodness that was great a couple injuries real quick rich elijah mitchell who was ruled out yesterday he's gonna miss some time uh kyle fuller uh torn acl for the ravens his season is over derek barnett for the eagles acl his season is over uh mac jones suffering from back spasms has a chance to play week two and that uh injury update brought to you by the fact that you can listen to the nfl and the nfl app on the odyssey app on via westwood one station streams or by asking alexa to open westwood one sports sponsored by autozone free battery testing free battery charging and replacement batteries that fit your needs that's what makes autozone america's number one battery destination get in the zone autozone thanks to paul rudd thanks to cam hayward of the steelers and thanks to daniel jeremiah and thanks to my friends at roku and the roku channel we're off and running we're here we're going to be back on the roku channel to wrap things up in a moment but to our radio listeners we'll see you on tuesday stefan digs of the bills and more on this program for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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