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REShow: Nate Boyer - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 14, 2022 3:12 pm

REShow: Nate Boyer - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 14, 2022 3:12 pm

Yankees fan Rich makes the case for Aaron Judge to win the American League MVP award over Angels two-way star Shohei Ohtani. 

Former NFL player and ‘Merging Vets and Players’ co-founder Nate Boyer joins Rich in-studio to discuss the release of his new movie ‘MVP’ starring and directed by the former Army Green Beret. 

Rich explains to a worried Rams fan caller why there was a silver lining in the team’s Week 1 drubbing at the hands of the Buffalo Bills, and reacts to Miami Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel sharing a bit too much information about his grooming habits.

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Learn more at slash redeem rewards. Terms apply. This piece of filet mignon. This is The Rich Eisen Show. There's no comeback story for me. I've always been here. I've been living my best life. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

You know, he didn't urinate down his leg, man. That's a great place to begin. Mike Tomlin's a national treasure, folks. National treasure. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, Jets cornerback, Sauce Gardener. Still to come, co-founder of Merging Vets and Players, Nate Boyer.

Celtics point guard, Marcus Smart. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

844-204-rich number dial. Sauce Gardener just joined us. He was telling us that Zach Wilson looks good. And then I looked down on my phone, and I see during the commercial break, Zach Wilson is in uniform out there with the Jets at practice for the first time since coming out here, going up the road.

Really? And seeing Dr. Neil Elitrosh and his magic scalpel. Oh, yes. There he is.

Magic scalpel. Yeah, looking pretty spry. Warming up. Although Flacco's going to start this week. I don't, I don't. You don't want to put him in that quick.

I think they already said it. I know. Oh, okay. You know, did you, did you hear the Mannings were all over the Jets for throwing 59 times with Joe Flacco? 59 times with Joe Flacco.

That's like 50 cents. That's not nine times. You know, talking about, you know, the coach was calling out people are being a little impatient with the Jets. I mean, how about a coordinator who's impatient with his run game? He runs 59 times, throws it 59 times.

I guess when they started getting down by, whatever. Look, I can't wait to see Zach. Because right now it's, it's all, and that's the problem with Zach Wilson being out. It's kind of a wash. It's kind of a wash. Like, okay, so Garrett Wilson will what? Get used to Joe Flacco and then bring in his new guy?

Who is going to be hopefully the guy forever? Until he retires and we put his number in a, in the MetLife rafters with a couple of banners? Honestly. That's ambitious.

That's the way it will go, brother. You're not ambitious? Yeah, I'm just saying that's ambitious. What's your ambitions for Cooper Rush? To win at least three games. There you go. That's all I'm asking.

Another lot. I just want, I just want one. I just want Joe Flacco to go out and stomp on the elf. This weekend.

Cooper Rush. We just, we just discussed the, the Brownie, the elf logo that's at the middle of the Cleveland Browns stadium and how we waded into that, that highly popular decision by the Browns, not knowing this was a fan vote. Fans dig it. He's been there since 1940 something.

I knew that yesterday, but. People in Cleveland? Yeah. People in Cleveland think you hate them. I do not hate them. I hate, I hate the way that they handle the Sean Watson and I don't, you know, I'm not into, you know, elf cartoon drawings in the middle of my NFL fields. You don't want to put that elf on the shelf.

Forget it. I understand that. I understand that. But I love Miles Garrett. I love, you know, Stefanski. I've gotten to chit chat with him every now and then. You like Drew Carey too.

I like Drew Carey. I like Cleveland. I love Cleveland Rocks. WKRP. Cleveland. That's Cincinnati. Oh, wow.

Did he say WKRP? Speaking of which, let me just change the subject real quick. You shouldn't, Rich.

Let's let's marinate on this. No, no, no, no. That's okay. It's okay.

We could change the subject. It's in the name of the song, the theme song. WKRP in Cleveland.

Cleveland does have a home to it. No, no, no, no. It's okay. You screwed it up. It's fine, Mike.

Here, Mike. Can I make the excuse for you? No, don't. No, no. I'll make the excuse.

He's mentally tired from the physical exercise that Tom House gave him yesterday to rehab his shoulder. No joke. I was doing that yesterday. I can actually do more better.

I can keep them together. You got to hold it for three minutes. Three minutes. He said three minutes times three. You got to put your hands three different positions, so you got to put them together. Then you got to do them out butterfly, and then you got to reverse butterfly. For three minutes.

Each. Keeping your elbows together. Keeping your elbows touching together. And here you thought Tom Brady eating avocado ice cream 360 out of the 365 days a year is the toughest thing he used to do. I couldn't do it 30 seconds. Man.

Man, oh, man. He said it would help your golf game, though. So there you go. Give it a whirl. Give it a whirl.

Test that out this weekend. So last night, came home and watched the end of the Yankees and Red Sox. And, hey, Aaron Judge hit not one, but two homers. One to right center field over the Red Sox bullpen, which is what we call it. Barely got over the wall. Barely over the Red Sox bullpen wall. No, it barely cleared the wall. It went over the Red Sox bullpen.

No, it didn't. It went into. It went into the ball. I thought it went over. It barely cleared the wall.

What about the other one? Still isn't land. I think it's traveling down. I 90 right next to the right next to the park. It went around a star or drive. It went through the old big dig. It's literally going to Worcester right now. Worcester. 57 home runs, people. Can I?

And here's the problem with this conversation is it makes it sound like I'm denigrating. And he is unbelievable and totally stipulated that what he is doing is something nobody else is attempting, let alone can do as expertly as he is doing, which is hitting for power and also pitching for power. What he is doing is truly unbelievable.

Shoei Otani. And I just want to set it up with this 12 and eight 2.55 ERA 188 strikeouts. And then at the plate, 34 home runs and 88 runs batted in.

That is what we call completely and totally insanely stupid. Honestly, when when I took my kids to Anaheim a few weeks ago, it was Yankees and Angels, and they watched Otani and Judge Homer in the same game. I told him, I'm like, we're going to be talking about this for a long time.

And I will tell your children, I will tell my grandchildren, no pressure about this. Honestly, what Otani is doing, again, is something we haven't seen since Babe Ruth. And that's why you keep hearing, you know, and he's doing it even better than Babe Ruth pitching, I guess.

And then you keep hearing that. And my answer is, OK, so then why? Why are we? Why is there anybody else considered most valuable player?

Because nobody else is doing that. He's the he's the most valuable player of 2023. You know, as long as he could just hit for power and and pitch successfully. Right.

That's all. I know he's doing it to a certain degree, but I guess just because he's doing it at all, you know, for a team in Major League Baseball. OK, got it.

But I understand he's doing it really, really well as well. His team's 20 games under 500. And they've got Mike Trout, who just finished up Homer in seven straight, right?

Got it. When he's healthy. What Aaron Judge is doing is what needs to be done for the Yankees to close out a division that has gotten uncomfortably tight because everyone else around him stopped hitting for about a month.

But he kept on keeping on. He goes into Fenway Park last night and hits two home runs to get 57 on the year. He leads Major League Baseball and homers runs batted in runs scored war.

What is it good for? He's about to have a he's closing in on having a double digit war season, 10. War rating again, it's like the passer rating. Trust me, it's a great indicator of how good he is. The only others who have done that trout and Mookie Betts. And in case you want to just throw in there, OK, it's just like we haven't seen this since the babe. That's why Otani is doing it and should be considered MVP.

We haven't seen it since the babe. And I know Judge isn't pitching. But according to Elias Sports, when Judge hit his 57th home run last night, his second of the night, the eighth inning shot that tied the game for the Yankees. Aaron Judge now has 20 more homers than the guy closest to him on the home run list this year. Kyle Schwab has got 37. Last time baseball finished a calendar day with a player 20 or more home runs better than the next guy was on the last day of the 1928 season when Babe Ruth led Jim Bottomley and Hack Wilson. By 23 homers and Judge may have 23 more homers. Then the next best, maybe Schwab or anyone else by the end of the season, because he's just he's just he is. If you are spinning one in the zone, if you are trying to get one past him as well, he's murdering it.

But both his home runs last night were on breaking balls, murdering it. He is just on it and he's doing it in New York City, which is completely different than down here. Trust me, I'm born and raised in New York City and I've lived out here for almost 20 years.

Down in Orange County, next door to Disney Land and around the corner from Knott's Berry Farm, that ain't the Bronx. Long time listeners, first time callers were born in that city and he went. Rogue in the mind's eyes of some baseball observers and Yankee fans when he told the Yankees at closing in on age 30. I'm not taking that long term contract.

For the amount of money you're putting on the table, I'm betting on myself and he's doing this. And the lead that got built up that the Yankees are thankfully appearing not to squander. They're up six with 20 to play because the Rays and Jays are beating each other up right now. Judge is a major reason why that got built up like that. And the only reason why it hasn't been completely squandered is because Aaron Judge keeps hitting even when he's intentionally walked all the time. So I just wanted to say that, man. And I am not denigrating Shoei Ohtani and I know what he is doing is something that no one else can do.

But is that the member is that how is it how is it that valuable if he's. 20 under 30 games back in the division. Look, I don't like to defend the Yankees at any cost, but Judge has a nine war. If you combine Ohtani's pitching war, which is a four eight and is hitting war three point three. He's still behind Aaron Judge by a full point. Again, that's a win above a replacement.

It's just the average player. So Judge is worth an additional nine wins. Combine Ohtani pitching and hitting. He's worth an additional eight wins. But he's incredible. And obviously take him like as we've been saying, here is franchise and the ownership and the jerseys.

And there's a value clearly in him. But we're talking about this year. Last year, again, Vlad Guerrero was on a Jays team that was closer to the playoffs than his Angels team.

But it was also, I don't know, maybe just the first time I'd ever seen it. And I thought Ohtani was the most valuable player. I think it's just time. And we've been saying this for a while. Now it's time to just add another award. It's really not a big deal.

You're changing all the rules. What award would you win? The most outstanding player. He is the most outstanding player.

What he does is incredibly outstanding. It's not valuable because it's not translating to where it's not as valuable as what we're seeing from from Judge. Correct. Yeah, I mean, you can't say it's not valuable.

There's got to be a no, no, no. It's not the most valuable. That's where the most comes in. But value translates to wins. You're 20 under. You're 30 back.

What about you is valuable? Well, what he's doing is historic. They would need three clones of him to even be in the wildcard race. Can you believe that? By the way, remember that in May? They were clearly going to play in October and it was like finally we're going to see it. And then they lost what, 14, 15 in a row. How the hell did that happen?

I don't know, man. I just felt the need to say it. He did. And Rendon.

I mean, he can't stay healthy since they paid a ton of money for him. Who's the MVP in the NL? We talk in there. Is it Mookie? Is it Mookie?

We've got to take someone from the Dodgers. Did you see Goldschmidt's been killing it all year? Did you see Mookie's catch in right field last night?

He's going for it. It's ticketed for either the right field foul line or just right or left of it. And he just tracks it down, swoops in, slides, catches it. And I guess the bullpen is just directly, just as he's sliding, and he just looks at his teammates, even just like gave himself like, wow, that was, he even impressed himself. For Kershaw, who was throwing lights out. You pitched great, yeah.

Yeah, that's a dope catch. I just watched. And he was just like, ooh. I know, just like, ooh, like look at me.

I'm sorry, Chris, I'm sorry. I know, this is not said with any malice. It really is not.

It really is not. You know it and every Red Sox fan knows it. I don't know what the hell they were thinking. In the same way that one of my downs yesterday was, why in the world would you trade AJ Brown?

I'm not saying AJ Brown is the Mookie bets of football. I'm saying, I'm saying that was the spirit. It's the same spirit. What the hell happened? Like, was he just like their own and they thought he was just... No, I think... They didn't think it was a flash in the pan? What was it?

No, no, no. What was it? I mean, I think that he didn't want to be there. And so they could have offered him anything. Is that really what it was? Seems like it. Was it the city?

Was it the... No, no, I do. Because Mookie doesn't talk very much. I don't think he doesn't show up on any of the shows like this. Does he get another problem with baseball? I'd love, I mean, he is so insanely talented and kids love him.

He's amazing. Rich, here's the example. If Aaron, if Judge leaves New York, why would he leave? Chris just gave an example. He doesn't want to be there. Well, the Yankees didn't pay him whatever the hell he wanted this year.

They didn't do it and they opened themselves up to this sort of thing. And if they can afford 1.2 billion for a piece of A.C. Milan, they should have the money to give to Judge to make sure he doesn't go anywhere. But if he leaves... That's true.

It's the same example. If he just wants out. But why would he want out? It's a wonderful city with beautiful people.

I mean, museums, there's so much to New York and so much to offer. You see what Judge said last night about playing in Boston? What did he say? The possibility of signing with the Red Sox.

We'll talk about that at the end of the year. He ain't talking about it. They're some of the best fans in baseball. I saw him. He was on the on deck circle in what turned out to be his final at bat that they intentionally walked him in because in the 10th inning. And you could see there were some Red Sox fans giving him the business and he's going through his warm ups and you could see smile and he's hearing it, too. He's made for the big Northeast city. He's made for that.

He's made for the big baseball town and big media. By the way, if I'm Judge, I give the same damn answer. Of course I'm giving that answer.

One million percent of them are giving that answer. And the Yankees deserve to hear that answer for him. Well, we need to see it, Aaron. Well, we're seeing it and he's the MVP and I don't want to hear anything else. I mean, you could call and say something.

We'll have a very, you know, robust conversation. They have the money. They just got to pay him. Please, they have the money.

One point two billion for a piece of AC Milan. Come on, man. He doesn't want to be there. He doesn't want to be there. That's exactly it.

That's why I said that turned into magic. All right. Let's take a break. Nate Boyer, there's a new movie out that we want you to know about and go see, because it is about a very important subject about our veterans coming home for a theater of war and finding a new way in life. The Merging Vets and Players Organization of Jay Glaser and this man, Nate Boyer, is in a new movie called MVP, and it's in theaters tonight.

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Head to the Mercedes Benz van dealership and get that Sprinter. Tell them your dream sent you. We're back here on our terrestrial radio outfit and I am sitting here with a friend of the program who I am thrilled that you are here, sir, because your new film MVP debuts across the country and it spotlights so many impressive achievements, as well as underscores so many important, I guess, issues going on with those who are involved in MVP and obviously coming off the battlefield. A film by and directed by Nate Boyer right here on The Rich Eyes and show. Good to see you, Nate. You too, brother.

Thank you, brother. I know you've been working on this film for quite some time, but it is now time to put it out there for everyone to see. I mean, how are you feeling? I'm, of course, nervous, excited. I'm really excited for for MVP, the charity for emerging vets and players.

I mean, this is what the story is all about. You know, the film's based on the genesis of of this organization that I co-founded with Jay Glaser. And, you know, we bring together combat vets and former professional athletes and help them find purpose and identity when the uniform comes off. And a couple of years after we'd been doing our regular huddles, you know, the programs that we we meet up every week at Unbreakable Jay's gym up there in West Hollywood. And we train for about 45 minutes and then we huddle up for 45 minutes or so. And I've witnessed it. People put, you know, it literally is a blood, sweat and tears.

It truly, it truly, truly is. You're sweating and people have just worked out and you're working. Then you work through. Exactly.

Work out and work through. I'm stealing that. Please take it, because it is a beautiful thing to witness.

Thank you, Rich. You know, it is it absolutely is. And it's it's it's changed me. It's helped me, honestly, without helping build that.

I probably wouldn't believe in myself to even try such an endeavor as trying to make a movie. But when that story spoke so loudly, I mean. Denver, who you've met, Denver Moore. He's been on the show.

What am I saying? Denver and AJ. Denver and AJ, who have been on the show. Both of these guys served our country and struggled quite a bit coming home. And this story, the character Zephyr that I'm playing in the film that really the movie sort of hinges around from the veteran side is based on those guys' backstories. And so many of the other stories we've heard from vets that come through our doors and with the, you know, the the veteran suicide issue that we deal with and in the in the world today.

Really, not just our country. It's an important thing to talk about. It's a hard thing to talk about. But we got to talk about it.

We got to we got to work out and then we got to work through, just like you said. And this guy, this character, he meets a former NFL player first year out of the league named Will Phillips, you know, and also a composite character. So many of the men and women who play professional sports at a high level that walk through our doors, it is built that character is built off of their stories.

They meet each other. You know, one of these guys, the former player first year out of the league. He's got the wife, the kid, the car, the house.

But at the end of the day, he feels like he has nothing. And this veteran is living in a homeless shelter on Sunset Boulevard. And it's a it's a very real place.

And we filmed on location in the shelter. All veterans live there. They call it the barracks. Forty eight bunks. They're always full. And there's a waiting list. And these guys meet nothing in common on paper, but they're going through the same stuff and they work through it together. And ultimately, the goal is to save one another.

You know, and that's really what we do at MVP. I've seen it. I've personally witnessed it. You know, not just for having watched the workouts and work through sessions, but, you know, I trained there for a 40 hour dash season and I saw guys who were living in, as you referred to, the homeless barracks who then would come to work at Unbreakable at the gym. And then I'd look at the list of those who are appearing in this film in cameos. I'm seeing, you know, Randy Couture, Tony Gonzalez, Howie Long, Michael Strahan, Tom Arnold.

Wiz Khalifa has an original song for this. This is the Unbreakable family. Like these are all people who have worked out of the gym or know you know, Glaze, you know, and then executive produced by Sylvester Stallone.

Like the MVP family is coming together to make this movie. Jay Glazer. If I had not met Jay, I don't know what I'd be doing. I'd maybe be back in the military.

Who knows? And that's totally great. And, you know, of course, I would I would I would as we all do, we would figure out life. But Jay is is not only an absolute bulldog and just makes things happen. I mean, you at all levels and you've seen it in various ways. But he is is just he just gives and he connects and he just wants people to win and be successful and gives them an opportunity.

And it's not just me. I think I was I saw that opportunity. I definitely grabbed onto it and took advantage of it and ran with it. But the reason those those people wanted to be a part of this was because of the story, because of the members, you know, because of the vets and players family. And I mean, that's what spoke to them. And that's why they were like, you know, in the middle of the pandemic. Sure.

You're one of those people. Sure. You know, whatever you need, we'll do it. And and it's and it's awesome. And I'm grateful for also, you know, the NFL and the NFL network, like lending the space and the time and helping us push this out.

Super grateful for another J Connection GNC. They're our biggest sponsor. And they're the reason we're getting this this wide theatrical release. I mean, it's all through people that have heard the story, have been touched by merging vets and players.

And and honestly, without Jay's crazy ass vision, you know, it wouldn't be a thing. I mean, he told me this. I remember thinking and I did both. And I can tell you, both those locker rooms are the same. The struggles are the same.

But I remember thinking like, I don't know, man at sports in the military. That's a tough comparison to make. And he's like, yeah, we're not comparing. You know, we're talking about the transition.

We're talking about after that uniform comes off. Yes. That experience. And then, of course, the same. And maybe that is the same. But it's also two groups of people that need one another. Yeah. Right. And also can understand not just transitioning, but also competitive spirit. Also understanding as well that there is a brotherhood, sisterhood, however you want to put it.

Yeah. That that everyone does need one another. And it is a beautiful thing to witness. And it's now a movie again, MVP across the country today. And I want to get in a little bit about how people can see it or make sure that they do see it in a theater near you. But I do need to linger a little bit here.

Nate Boyer, U.S. Army Green Beret, Nate Boyer, director, Nate Boyer. I mean, you want to talk about putting two worlds together. Why in the world direct it? I mean, is it something you've always wanted to do? Because that's. No.

I mean, like being out of your lane, I would think that that's another version of that. Yeah. I mean, I love I love helping people tell their stories. I love storytelling myself.

I love I've loved movies my whole life, as many people do. And this opportunity, the story that just. Came up organically because it is based on real people, real events like these things happened.

That's how we started these sessions is meeting some of these these men were living in this shelter, living in this in the barracks there. It just was like it was so interesting. Like we've got Hollywood and then we've got this homeless shelter. We've got this superstar NFL athlete and we've got this this military veteran who's really struggling with PTSD and other things like all the juxtaposition. I was like, man, it's just it's so interesting.

It has to be a movie. So we started there. And then, you know, Stallone, who's been a big supporter of MVP, the organization charity and brain after good is producing partner. We're just like, this is you know, the script needs a lot of work off the first draft. And we took the notes and we worked on it. And he's like, but at the end of the day, we do believe a veteran should direct this movie no matter what you make it for.

And it wasn't a ton, you know, but we figured it out. And they were like, a vet should make this movie. And what better vet to not have to pay any money than myself? You could work inexpensively.

Yes, yes, yes. I knew I knew I knew what I knew what I was. I knew what I cost and it wasn't anything. And so that that helped. But really, it was a matter of putting together an incredible team, all the other departments. I didn't realize this until my DP told me this, that director of photography is the only department head who wasn't a vet. And he told me he told me that. And I was like, wow, that's true. So there's so many vets. They're also working in this industry, very experienced, understand the story that we're telling. And you want those people around you in your ear to be like, maybe let's think about shooting it this way.

Or maybe he should say that instead of this. And all those things were a huge part of this. So it was so collaborative. I just felt supported before we even started. And I was like, I know it's going to be hard, but I never played football before I was 29 years old. And somehow I found my way on the field, by the way, flying back and forth to Austin, Texas, from the actual theater of battle over and over and over again.

So making sure that the light hits the camera or you got the right shot in the day. It's hard though. I know I bet it is. But I think it came down to like, if you can just communicate your vision, your creative vision, like this is what I want to see. And you've got people that are that are amazing at what they do.

And you just you trust them as much as you can, as hard as you can with your baby and just let it let it fly. I mean, that's the way it'll the story will become what it is. I mean, what was written down originally on that first clean sheet of paper is very different than what we see on the screen.

But it's better, way better than anything I could have thought up or or crafted. I mean, just because of the people involved. I mean, every veteran on screen is played by an actual vet.

That's amazing. All those athletes you mentioned and others, Jared Bunch as well. You know, you are giants like he's incredible. Again, of course, he's part of the Glazer family, the MVP family. Exactly.

I just love it. So out of all the the cameos, the biggest diva was Strahan, was it? You had to get like a certain room temperature, water, no peanut M&M's, you know, regular M&M's. I was the biggest diva for sure. I had to be the biggest diva. Yeah, I was I was I needed everything. I wanted everything a certain way because it was so important to get it to try to get it right to do our best. I hope we did.

I'm certainly proud of it from the first time I watched it. I hated it. And I was like, oh, you failed. You didn't.

You just it's a mess. And then the last time I watched it was in the theater Super Bowl week. We screened it just for MVP vets and and and supporters in the family. And I was that was the first time I not only enjoyed it, I was affected by it.

I got emotional because I could feel the emotion in the room of it. And I was like, we, whatever, whoever we go with just distribution wise, which ended up being a film rising, they're a great partner. And I'm grateful we we had to have a theatrical like some kind of theatrical release, because getting people together in the room is what we do at MVP. Getting them together to watch this film, the theater coming out of this pandemic.

And we're still itching, scratching, clawing our way out of here. These moments where we can get together and experience things like this face to face is really important. You know, they're really important. And they help me. And I know they help us at MVP as an organization.

I think they help everybody. So that's my my hope with this thing. How can everybody see it starting tonight, Nate? So it's playing in 35 cities around the country, including every NFL city.

I love it, which is amazing. Also San Diego, San Antonio, Austin, Orlando and Salt Lake City. You go to film rise dash screenings dot com slash MVP. Or the way that I prefer and we prefer is you go to vets and players dot org on the center of the home page there. It says, watch the MVP movie, click on that, and it'll show you where you can purchase tickets online to go see in the theater. You got to you got to buy the tickets online to go see it. And it's playing only tonight at seven thirty p.m., no matter what time zone you're in at AMC near you.

If you're in one of those thirty five markets. Awesome. I love that. So everybody go check that out. Everybody goes no footballs on a night. It's Wednesday night. I know there's no football.

What else is there to do other than just check out MVP? And I just love what you are doing with this venture along with Stray. I know it's very important, but Glaze, he's the heartbeat in many ways. And you are the soul. He's the heartbeat. You're the soul. You can put it together. And then he's the soul. Then you're the heartbeat.

You kind of swap spots. No brains between the two of us, but a lot of soul and heart. You've got brains.

I mean, Glaze, we all know. Love that guy. Thank you, Jay. He is. He is truly one of the most remarkable human beings I've ever met. That is.

And I don't doubt it is. I don't know how he has the time to do what he does in the day. The energy and the energy. Exactly. Exactly. And then when he battles himself and how open he is about his mental health. He's just a beautiful human. His book is a powerful book.

You haven't read the book yet. That is for sure. Merging Vets and Players. So it's where you can also that. Let's let's just spend a little bit time here for people who can who need the workout work through, which, by the way, take it.

Yeah. Where again, veterans, veterans need to get together or if there is an athlete who's trying to transition, get together, work out. And then you sit around and talk about your problems, your issues, and and you get some advice, you get some help, you get some camaraderie. How do people get how do people get involved with that portion of this?

Thank you, Rich. Yes. And that's all the cool thing about all that is it's all from your peers. It's all peer to peer. Everything that we do. That is the that is the heart and soul of what MVP is. We've got eight chapters around the country.

L.A., Vegas, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Seattle, Dallas, Phoenix opens this week. Beautiful. Yeah. That's so great. It's all happening.

Oh, God. And he's he's moved to Arizona. So he's got to that's right. He's got to have a spot. He was like, I need this, man. And I'm like, we know I do, too.

We all do. Sure. And so that's happening soon.

But if you're not in one of those cities, we also have zoom options. So just go to Register if you are a combat vet or a former professional athlete. Just just go check us out.

Learn more. We would love to have you. And if you want to support us, go to and shoot us a note. You know, if you want to host an event, host a screening of the movie and every all these screenings we're going to be doing around the country are going to be fundraisers for MVP. Like that is the purpose. We want to continue to expand and reach out. Like that's that's where the biggest win in this film is, is telling our story, but also continuing to grow.

And this is how we do it. But, yeah, the organization is running strong. It's it's incredible that we're in eight cities now.

I mean, first time we came in and talked about it, we were just really starting in L.A. And now it's already there. And the goal is to be in those thirty five markets and beyond as MVP chapters. And we'll get there. And part of it is starts Wednesday night. Starts tonight. Tonight. Beautiful.

Go. Congratulations on that. And so you're going to get Arch Manning involved at some point? He hasn't signed his letter of intent yet for your Longhorns, but we're going to get him involved. He hasn't signed it. It's not official.

We had we had our keys. We had Sarkeesian on the show the other day and we were told he cannot take questions on Arch Manning yet. Oh, man.

Well, I can. T.J. He's he's based in his retirement on all these rookie cards that he's bought. I'm buying a bunch of Arch Manning rookie cards. There's not even rookies, though.

Right, Chris? I came and called his rookie. He's in high school. He's in high school. He's a junior. Talk about it.

It's weird. You could take questions on him. I love that. I can do it. I'm just trying to buy a boat, Nate. And I think Arch can help.

I just want a boat. All right. Everybody check out MVP. Find where you can give that website one more time.

Yeah, well, go to vets and players dot org. And then on the home page, click on Watch the MVP movie or film rise slash screenings dot com slash MVP. Sorry, film rise dash screenings dot com slash MVP. You're the man, Nate Boyer. No, you are the man. Please.

At least I can. Brando of Scorsese's Brando of Scorsese's. The Scorsese of Green Berets right here on the Rich Eisen Show.

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Navy Federal Credit Union is federally insured by NCUA. Let's go to Rahsaan in Phoenix, Arizona. What's up, sir? Hey, what's going on, Rich? Love your show, man. Thanks, buddy.

Appreciate it. I was I was calling because I know week one is over and it's just week one. And some teams haven't really got to play with their offense during the preseason. But I'm still concerned about my team, the Rams, because I didn't like seeing like I love Cooper Cup. And if he's on your fantasy team, even better. But I just hope this next game I get to see him kind of spread the ball around. Because you pay Allen Robinson and you pay Tyler Higbee and I didn't get to see him get used.

And I'm just I'm just worried about that. Well, Higbee got used. I mean, the first the first series was Cup got their first first down of the year. And then and then Higbee got him to the plus side of the field and then Von Miller shut it down.

And that's the issue. I mean, the Rams have got to tighten up the bolts on that front line. They got to protect Stafford if Stafford is going to get sacked seven times and hit 15 times. He is we're we're going to see we're going to see some backups. You know, I mean, we're we're we are going to see Stafford really significantly hurt. I mean, I hope not.

You know, Higbee was targeted 11 times over the week. Look, thanks to the call. The Rams just have to have better protection up front. They know it. They know it. And I, you know.

You just also have to tip the cat. Here's a silver lining in the Rams. You want a silver lining for the Rams? I would love a silver lining for the Rams.

What do you got when you look at the opener for your defending Super Bowl champs? I had this written down. I did the research because I'm a little pipe wielding professional. The Friday after the season opener, if I can find this material, I wrote it all down.

Although my book is just filled with notes over the last year and a half. Here it is. I found it. The Buccaneers won by two. Kansas City won by 14. New England by 30.

Those are the last three previous banner raising nights for the Super Bowl winners. Philadelphia won by six. The New England Patriots in 2017 got waxed by Alex Smith and the Chiefs.

Remember that? They lost by 15. But the Chiefs weren't the odds on favorite or the one would think odds on.

Consensus Super Bowl pick coming in. Denver won by one. New England won by seven. Seattle won by 20 the year after they won it.

And here it is right here. Although Baltimore went into Denver. But they have to you kind of have to chalk it up to the fact that they went into Denver and Peyton Manning whipped them. And they went into Denver because there was some snafu scheduling with the Orioles. And they share, as you know, a facility down there. They share a complex down in Baltimore. Not since then has a defending champion of the NFL gotten a more crystal clear picture right away of what it looks like.

And what they're going to have to put forth in terms of effort and efficiency and execution. There's never been a clearer picture painted faster for that defending champ than the one that the Bills painted for the Rams. When we could go tomorrow night there after like Bob Ross. It's right there. It's right there. It's right there. You want to know what it looks like?

You know what it's going to look like? What you're going to have to do in order to repeat? Right there. That. So.

Chalk it up. Bury the tape. Take a look across the way and know, OK, this is what it's going to look like. This is what we got to do. I get it. But it all starts up front. That's it. Protect better. Got to.

Have to figure that out. The problem is, as you know, their center's banged up for a month. And Noteboom's got to, you know, call Whit and see see if he could channel some of the the witness. Can I get a witness on the left tackle? It's your ticket. So that's the silver lining for the Rams. We talked yesterday about Mike Tomlin's press conference and how it is a must see for us every week and the phrases that he comes up with and the words that he says and the manner in which he executes.

It's just great. We have a Bill Belichick press conference moment segment because it's Bill. And I sensed it from the beginning that his press conferences now will be must see each week and not because we gave him three coaching cliches to drop whenever he needed them. And he not he said, not only will I take those, I will do it in my next press conference at the combine. In other words, his first press conference, his head coach of the Miami Dolphins, something other than an introductory press conference.

And Mike McDaniel did it. He's funny. He's funny. He's a funny guy. He's like he's like really easy. He's like childhood friends with Dan Soder, who plays Mafee on Billions, and he's a stand up comedian. So he's got he's he's got a really good friend who knows comedy.

He's funny guy. And here was Mike McDaniel today telling a story about his days as an assistant and how being a head coach is vastly different. How's your sleep schedule versus your last stops? I actually get I get more sleep now than I did in in my past endeavors, partially because I it didn't matter. I would I mean, I used to be able to really push it from game day to almost Wednesday without showering. Now, that would be obvious. I can't hide.

That's amazing. So assistants don't have to speak publicly and they're not the most face forward coach on the staff for the franchise. So as a head coach, you must find time for proper hygiene. Yeah. And you know, and shower.

You're out there. So as an assistant, he said he could push it from game day to Wednesday. I'm assuming game day is a Sunday. Yeah, right. No shower Sunday to Wednesday.

Think about it as a Thursday game. So long as you've gone without showering. That's a very personal question, Chris. I mean, talk about recently or ever, ever.

I mean, let's just say since since you've had kids. Oh, God, it's an everyday situation. What are you talking about? It's every day situation. All right. You're a leader.

You've got to show the way it's done. That's true. The kids don't shower every day.

Kids don't bathe every day. Dude, wait till Cage actually has to do this stuff. OK, wait, just wait. You have to be. He doesn't want to get dressed. Dude, you're in this. But you're still in a situation where he's two.

He's two. He won't remember anything. He will not remember how I'm going to have a scar on my head the rest of your life. You're going to have a scar on your head.

He'll be like, Dad, why is a scar on your head? Well, you led with your head and your mouth, you know, jumping into a pool when you shouldn't have. And I was diving under the water to make sure you didn't, you know, crack your head open diving into the pool. And you cracked my head open. And I am damn near because I'm such a hard headed mass hole son.

I nearly knocked the teeth out of your mouth. He won't remember this. But there will be times where you need to lead by example and you've got to get in the shower and show him how it's done. Oh, I mean, he showers with me now.

Understood. But like, yeah, you've got to do this. He just wants to draw on the wall. He doesn't want to clean himself. That's what I'm saying.

He won't remember any of these moments. Right. So, yeah, every day. So when was the last time? When was the last time? How long are you go? I think I've gone a couple of days recently.

What a pig. But I don't have hair to clean. If I don't, I feel bad because I went one day just recently. I do feel bad, too, because I don't like to go to bed dirty. I like to shower. By the way, you see, you don't have hair to clean. Well, you've got a layered effect going on right now with that shirt on.

So not to be too easy, you know, revealing to our new Roku channel audience. You know, we've been saying these Georgie Animal still light over there. Is that what you're saying? I had to buy new Clippers.

My regular ones were broken. Now we're wading into different territory here. Thank you to Mike McDaniel for sharing and leading to this segment here on The Rich Eisen Show. Content, baby. Content. Content is king. That's why we're on Channel 210.

That's why we're here. Right above TNA Impact Wrestling. Who's coming up next hour? What's his name in Boston? What's his name? Marcus Smart. The greatest Boston name ever. Oh, Marcus. What's second place?

What's second place? Noma. Noma.

That's a good one. Noma. So Marcus Smart knocked Noma off the line, right?

Oh, absolutely. Because Noma is just, he only has one R. Because nobody ever pronounces his last name. He's just known as Noma.

But now we got Marcus Smart. I mean, come on. Come on, guy. Who's the best Patriot name? You gotta have one, right? Best Patriot name ever. Good one. I gotta think. Isn't it Tommy? Tommy, but Tommy isn't like, he doesn't have any R's in his name. Brady? You know, you can't get the... Gronkie? Gronkie?

No. Let's think. We gotta find a Patriot.

It's gotta be one. Somebody can call in. Tommy Curran. Tom Curran. Tommy Curran. Bruceki.

Tommy Curran. Bruceki? Bruceki's a good one. Bruceki. Not in terms of using the accent.

It's not gonna lead you to ask if you like them apples. Right, exactly. That's why Marcus Smart is perfect. Marcus Smart is great. That's number one in Noma. Noma. Noma. Love Noma. You know who's really good? It's Noma. Noma, kid.

Just a really quick thing. These guys know, I used to produce punk back in the day. Yes, you did. We tried to punk A-Rod, right?

Yeah. He never signed off on it. But the bit was, the waiter at this restaurant was just messing with him. And he kept telling him that, you know, he was no Jeter, and he was definitely no Noma. And it was just funny to hear this guy just berate A-Rod. Like, you're no Noma guy. And he didn't sign the form, and so the punk never saw the light of day. That's odd that A-Rod would bag out of that.

That's very strange. What an O. Henry-like twist to that story. Noma. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson, too. All-time Hogan opponents. Macho Man's got to be in the conversation. Where's Andre for you? I've always said Andre was number one. Wow. Because even going back before Hulk Hogan was a babyface, Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome, at Shea Stadium in Japan. Wherever they went, that was an attraction. Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.
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