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REShow: Jarrett Payton - Hour 2

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September 15, 2022 3:31 pm

REShow: Jarrett Payton - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 15, 2022 3:31 pm

WGN Sports anchor Jarrett Payton tells Rich what it was like growing up Walter Payton’s son with his dad hanging out with the likes of Michael Jordan, Tom Cruise and Magic Johnson, reflects on his father’s lasting legacy and how his character was even greater than his play on the field, and says why it’s way too soon for pundits to criticize 2nd-year Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields. 

Rich reveals his top 5 list of ‘You Never Know NFL Coach of the Year’ candidates including the Chicago Bears’ Matt Eberflus, the Seahawks’ Pete Carroll, the Vikings’ Kevin O’Connell, the Steelers’ Mike Tomlin, and the Giants’ Brian Daboll. 

The guys run through the latest NFL news including the season-ending injury to Seahawks S Jamal Adams, Patriots QB Mac Jones’ illness, and get into a HEATED re-hash of the TJ/free Nikes controversy from yesterday’s show. 

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. Are we a team here or not Rich? There is an eye in Rich and Eisen but there is not one in show. Uh wow. This is the Rich Eisen Show. So you were from Dallas Texas. You were more of a football guy than a basketball guy Marcus Smart. Can you play quarterback? The Rich Eisen Show. I can.

In Dallas? I can play quarterback. Earlier on the show NFL Network Analyst Willie McGinnis. Coming up WGN Sports Anchor Jared Payton. Super Bowl Champion Mitchell Schwartz.

Vikings running back Dalvin Cook. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes indeed our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Great chat with Willie McGinnis. Now our number one about the American Football Conference and the way things look through week number one. Things will change tonight when the Chiefs and the Chargers face each other on the prime video debut of Thursday Night Football. We also discussed with Willie about the current Patriots situation. That was before we heard Mac Jones was out of practice today due to an illness.

We also hit him on Tom Brady and whether or not he thinks this is his final year. Any and all of that that you missed Rich Eisen Show. All of our clips from the day's show throughout the week will be viewed there and you can also check us out on the Roku channel when the show re-airs all day long on channel 210. It's free on all Roku devices. It's free on Samsung Smart TVs, Fire TV.

The Roku app has the Roku channel for free on it and there's the for you. Coming up in hour number three Mitchell Schwartz former Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl offensive lineman in studio. Dalvin Cook of the Minnesota Vikings he's part of the two division winners two division leaders pardon me of the east and north after the first week Vikings versus Eagles Monday Nighter that wraps up the week. Jalen Hurts is on tomorrow's program. Dalvin Cook is on today's in hour three.

844-204 Rich being the number to dial right here on the program. Chris Brockman and Mike Del Tufo are in their usual spots and the same thing is for our social media Grand Maester TJ Jefferson. Hey yo. Good to see you.

It's good to be seen. In your spot sir and joining me here on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line is a man who's going to be talking quite a bit about his father on Epix on Saturday night. NFL Icons is a show that NFL Films produces and it's on Epix every Saturday night. It's one hour about and guess wait for it an NFL icon. I am honored to have been asked to narrate the series for a second consecutive year. It debuted last weekend with John Madden being the featured NFL icon and it's on at 10 p.m eastern on Epix. New episodes again at 10 eastern and you could stream Epix right here on the Roku channel.

You could start a free trial today to check out this amazing series and so much more on Epix on the Roku channel and joining us here to talk about NFL Icons Walter Payton on Saturday night is his son former running back and current WGN sports anchor in the great city of Chicago none other than Jared Payton here on the Rich Eisen Show. How you doing Jared? I'm doing well sir. How are you doing? I'm doing great.

I love chatting with you. It's been way too long. A minute as they say.

So let's get let's get to it. When did you first realize your dad was sweetness? Jared Payton. When did that first hit you? You know Rich it's funny to think about. I think back in the day when you know my dad retired in 87 so for me it was kind of like around I would say like 85, 86 around the Super Bowl time when we would go to eat at one of my fat favorite fast food restaurants and they would hand out these Bears cards and I would I would get them and we'd always collect them but I'd always get the 34 Walter Payton ones and that's when I was like holy cow my dad is like a huge deal. He's like he's like a big deal and I think as we got older and it was right around 87 when he retired of just going places like we would go to the mall and he'd walk into the mall and he'd be surrounded by people and I think not only did I know he was like a superstar at that time but it also gave me perspective of what kind of person that he was and the reason why the highest honor in the NFL is named after him the Walter Payton Man of the Year award because he would sit there the entire time and talk to everybody and sign every single autograph and so for me it really kind of gave me kind of the blueprint of how I wanted to be as a person and I remember my dad would always say don't be like me son be better than me and I didn't understand what that meant as a kid because I would always say dad you're the goat like you you're the goat how am I supposed to be better than you he wasn't talking about on the field he was talking about off the field and how you are to people how you carry yourself be leader and in your community and also in your circle so yeah it was in the mid 80s when I knew that my dad was was a big deal and then later in life I think it was just seeing him like just watching all the videos of my dad and seeing him like hanging out with Tom Cruise and like the people like his circle that he used to hang with and I at the Super Bowl last time I saw you in LA and we were you're walking around and my sister and I were we're walking from the field handing out the award and then we come upstairs and someone's like oh Magic Johnson wants to see you guys so I you know I I dropped my phone I was like what Magic wants to see us like why so we go into his box and we're sitting there and we're talking to him he gets up and he's like Jared Britney what's up guys he's like man I used to hang with your dad man I loved him and I'm just thinking to myself man my dad was so cool man he was one of the coolest guys and probably the reason why his nickname was sweetness so there's so many ways for me to follow this up Jared and I apologize that this is the one strand that I'm gonna pull on and I think you know what I'm talking about what do you mean Tom Cruise your dad was hanging with Tom Cruise give me that one what are you talking about I just I know that they were at certain events together but Rich I mean my my childhood growing up was just not normal and I said it in in this this epics documentary it's like yo this is not this is not real we're like Michael Jordan came to my house in the late 80s and ring the doorbell and I remember running to the door and my dad whistling saying go get the door and I had no clue we didn't have the lights on in the front and I open up and it's MJ standing there were like two big bodyguards and one of his boys and he hopped out of a geo tracker just to let you know it was not like a Bentley or anything like that it was a white geo tracker and he comes into the house and we normally would take like our company's coats and like put them on our washer washer and dryer instead of the coat room because my mom had all her fur coats and Burt Reynolds used to always send my dad a leather coat every single Christmas so we end up putting their coats on the washer and dryer and my dad and Mike go downstairs and we had an atrium in the middle of our house where I had glass I could see them my dad was setting up a card table and I run I run downstairs because he whistled he said he said I said dad what do you need because I don't need anything Mike needs you and Mike's like yo little man I need you to go get something I'm like Mike I know we have a Gatorade outside with your face on it right and he he looks at me goes no I'm good just go upstairs and get the money that's in my pocket and if you guys want to time my 40-yard dash it's definitely faster than Rich's thank you sir right I hope so and I get upstairs and I go in his pocket he's got all this money rolled in rubber bands hundreds 50s 20s and I bring it down to bring it down he gives me five bucks and I said thanks Mike and then about two hours later you know he my dad whistled again and my dad had all this money that he's counting in his hand and Mike's got his head in his hands and I remember him giving me the hundred dollar bill and I said that what's this for and he said I just took all the Mike's money take say thanks I'm like thanks Mike and I ran upstairs into the night with 105 bucks but just to be able to see those like who my dad hung with and they were at my house until like three or four in the morning battling at everything and Mike was trying to get his money back probably oh my god what a story Jared Payton telling stories about his dad current WGN anchor but also the man who is gonna take you through the journey of the brilliant life of the iconic Walter Payton in NFL Icons which is available on Epics this Saturday at 10 Eastern Time you could see it right here on the Roku channel as well so uh but then the man himself it is so amazing to me Jared I love it I get chills when I see it and I wonder about you the patch that all players who win the Walter Payton man of the year award wear on their jerseys when they're playing if they are still active I mean it just jumps off the screen at me I saw it for Russell Wilson when he was playing on Monday night football and it is truly um you know and I'll say it more important in the mind's eye of some of the players than the seed that's on their chest which clearly is the ultimate honor that your teammates say you're a captain for all of us when we're out there playing I just just seeing the Walter Payton man of the year award trophy as a patch on players chests it stirs something in me what about what about you Jared Payton well I just Rich I just got chills again and I'm getting them as we speak right now it's it's truly an honor I mean to be the son of you know Walter Payton it's always been kind of the gift and the curse right like when I started playing football people would say you'll never be like your dad even when I was playing soccer but I'd always be thinking about what kind of man he was he wasn't perfect by any means right all of us are human but the way that he lived his life and the way that he he gave back and and giving back in service was such a big part of his life it does I saw Russell wearing it on his chest and it just it looked at and I said man I gotta get me a broncos jersey because with the patch on it because it means so much and my dad gave everything I mean everything on the football field but he did the exact same off the field so being able to have this relationship with all the nominees and all of the winners and the past winners it's like a this man of the year family and our family is just honored to have these men who are doing so much in their communities who are doing so much good that they're recognized and I gotta give a shout out to Roger Goodell the NFL nationwide for really helping us elevate this award to another level and every single year we add a new member to our family and so it's just it's crazy to me it really is and I think my dad is shining down right now looking down when he sees these guys seeing that they all have a little bit of something in him inside of them and and and then you know the league has made it sort of it's not sort of like the best picture of the NFL honors right that's the moment similar to the the the culmination of the Oscars that it they announced the MVP before the Walter Payton man of the year like that's the culmination of NFL honors and I just love the moment when past winners of the award who are in the audience they come up on the stage and they just convene to welcome in the new member of of that it's just man it's it's awesome it's it's so I guess uh and the last question on this subject before I do want to have you put on your WGN hat Jared Payton because bears want to know uh I mean what what did make your dad tick like what are we going to learn maybe in the NFL icons I mean I I narrated it but um what what what will we learn about your dad about what made him tick to make him so great from small town Mississippi childhood to Chicago icon Jared never die easy I mean the way that he ran the football is is is the way that he went through life he never gave up he was always going to give you his best and I think the one thing from the stiff arm to the high step to jumping over people at the goal line the one thing that people bring up the most is he didn't like to run out of bounds and he was going to he was going to bring some pain to you and I think that's just the way that he lived his life he he worked so hard he he he stayed ready so he had to get ready and I think that's what was so what I've learned the most from him as being just an adult the father just making sure you're always ready and for your opportunity because you never know when it's going to come and when his opportunity came rich he was ready for it and the reason why he's so loved here in the city of Chicago and for bears fans all over the world and football fans I should say all over the world and then the family man that he that he was I mean how did you have how did you pull it together as a 13 year old to be the first son to ever induct his father into the pro football hall of fame I mean this was back in the day when presenters had speeches too um how did you pull it together as a 13 year old Jared well I'll tell you I gotta be honest with you I was that kid that was always ducking out when you had to do speeches in class in front of your classmates I would say I was sick go down to the nurse's office and so when he came home and told me he wanted me to do that I I couldn't break his heart but I was also saying I don't want to do this but really man yeah I didn't want to do it at all I think I was off you might have been 12 actually Jared yeah I was 12 okay I was 12 and and rich I remember that it's funny in life and so anybody listening to this just have this and always remember this is that the things that were that were most scared of that that frightened us um you know things that we don't want to take a chance of doing take a chance at it because you might figure out that it becomes one of your passions and something that you truly love and so that was the moment what I figured out one of my passions was and it was speaking it was getting up in front of people and ever since that moment I think my dad knew that I had a gift and he really wanted me to unlock that gift and then and gave me that present to be able to present him and from here on out it's been something that I do on the regular on the regular speaking to companies speaking on tv doing radio shows all that stuff it's really helped me and it's one of my passions so that moment changed my life forever but to say you're the first rich you know it it's hard to say you're the first at anything right so to be able to say I'm the first kid to ever induct his father in the hall of fame I'll take that and I never made it as a player but my name is in there somewhere yeah it is it sure is and who was in your dad's class who'd you get to meet as a 12 year old because you know the classes all convene and families all get to know each other what about that Walsh was there who else was there I'm all I'm blanking right now this class of 93 Chris if you're looking at right now who was Dan Fouts I think was in that one as well geez look at you a 12 year old rubbing elbows with Bill Walsh come on I mean yeah but I was also the 12 year old fighting with my dad because I wanted to wear a t-shirt underneath my my button-up shirt and my dad's like no one does that and I remember him and I getting into it at the beginning come on it's his weekend what you got I mean that's that's what I guess what kids do you know it was hot man and I was sweating because I was nervous already I didn't want to sweat through my shirt man so it was a battle that I didn't I wanted to win he walked out of the room I buttoned up my shirt with no shirt on underneath it and then when he left I put the t-shirt back on so I think the hug at the end after I got done him saying that you know here my son get up here and speak I don't care if you I lose the bet that's the moment right there but I'll think about forever who else was in it Chris who else was in that class uh so you're right Dan Fouts uh Larry Little uh Chuck Knoll and Bill Walsh Chuck Knoll and Bill Walsh and Sweetness went it together with Fouts and Larry Little that's a that's a crazy class yeah it is that is oh my goodness all right before I let you go let's trash Mike Martz what do you think um because well my my feet went crazy the other day I saw you clap back Jared I saw you clap back that was a very facetious and I guess maybe uh uh unprofessional way to to just turn the page here uh but Mike Martz was on uh was on a podcast I believe it's on the 33rd uh team football podcast and uh the um basically he said that Justin Fields quote unquote can't do anything at all look I mean he he did he did say um you know I think accurately criticized some of Justin Fields play in that monsoon over the weekend but to say he can't do anything at all then you clap back Jared I saw that on Twitter um I'll give you the floor on what people in Chicago are talking about and your thoughts on Justin Fields go for it I didn't know I didn't know it was going to take off as crazy as it did my issue is is that you know Mike Martz is a good brilliant football mind and so the fact that we have a young quarterback here in Chicago and Justin Fields who is just in year two and learning a whole new offense the monsoon as well it was it was a real tough game to be able to play in my issue is why not give him credit for what he did in the second half of being able to create with his legs and find Dante Pettis for that long touchdown or the read and the touch in the rain to be able to throw it over the top to Equinemia St. Brown like talk about some of the positives and build build them up a little bit because I think it's too early to be criticizing all these young quarterbacks as as analysts we because of some of these guys like Justin Herbert and and they come into the league that just are on fire we expect these rookie quarterbacks to be jump out and just be phenomenal right off the bat and sometimes it takes time and so here in Chicago Bears fans are excited about Justin Fields and they should be and I think they should be excited about the the pairing of Luke Getzey and Justin Fields because now I think Justin has somebody they can really vibe with and help him take his game to the next level but hats off though really quick to Matt Eberflus and Ryan Polis for what they've done I mean what we saw in three preseason games and then one regular season game we're seeing a more disciplined football team here in Chicago and being disciplined is what won them that game on Sunday here in Chicago three penalties for under 30 yards I mean that right there is not something we're accustomed to here in Chicago so as they build this roster which I have a lot of belief in them that they can it's not just about wins and losses this year it's about the development of these young guys that are on this roster and watching through a couple of drafts to see what we can do and be special here and give Justin more you know more pieces to the puzzle that he can throw to more weapons and I'm here for the development I'm not really here for wins and losses right now because I knew how this roster was constructed under the last regime it's going to take some time to get right but then MC North better know we're coming man I'm just letting everybody know okay I mean I'll put it out there right now this is a perfect opportunity this Sunday night to go into Green Bay and steal a win so yeah you got young kids that don't care about they don't know any better on the football field they're going to come out and play hard on Sunday night and if they find a way to get a dub that's good pressures on that team from that NFL team from Wisconsin oh look at you you won't even say their name uh you know I guess the young kids don't know that they have a chance to beat their owner right ownership they're going against ownership on Sunday night right I mean they got I mean everybody's got they got to catch them passes first we'll figure it out I know Aaron's going to listen to this and probably take it and uh he'll put it in somewhere um no disrespect to him he's he's one of my favorite football players that ever played the game so I always give him respect take care of yourself Jared Payton uh an honor to narrate uh a an hour about the life of your father uh great connecting with you I'll see you at the Super Bowl again this year if not before um congrats on everything going on in your career thanks for the time thank you I appreciate you thank you you got it at Payton's son S-U-N uh on Twitter and Instagram Jared Payton again NFL Icons Walter Payton debuts Saturday night on epics at 10 eastern time and you can stream epics on the Roku channel start a free trial today just in time there's some great great episodes coming up Troy Aikman Ray Lewis and so much more Chris Carter uh epics on the Roku channel all right we will take a break come back here on our program and uh I've got a nice top five list for you let's go top five you know you never know coach of the year candidates who got off to a hot start in week one food for thought on the other side we could talk about how complicated other banks make it to redeem credit card rewards like how they require minimums and worse how their rewards flat out expire or we could talk about how with discover you can redeem your rewards for cash in any amount at any time I mean talk about amazing and now that we've talked about that let's get back to let's get back to the Rich Eisen show you 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martz you know when he called let me get this correct when he called justin fields this past week that uh less is his performance less than remarkable okay you could say that about one game but then to go ahead and said he can't do anything really can't do anything could you imagine what if there were podcasts after brady came in trotted in after you know oh geez honestly after the jets moe lewis knocks out drew blood so and brady patricians over it's over over done with let's talk about this kid brady you can't do anything you know what i mean do you see what i'm saying i'm sitting two seats away from kurt warner every sunday morning you never know never know so in that vein facts in that vein after just one week albeit i know we're marathoning we're not sprinting after just one week in the nfl season 2022 i have a top five list of you never know coach of the year candidates whose odds greatly improve because they want to know and you never know love it let's right let's do it this could be a higher register uh coach of the year candidate list but you never know hit it you know what you just made the list thank you very much okay i'll take it like i had no idea he's gonna play that drop you never know even the show there's you never know moments shout out to the wizard chris jericho that's incredible okay hit that again mikey hey you know one more time why these guys have it you just made the list here we go and in the vein and the vein of energy in the vein of you know making lists and breaking down walls number five on the list of you never know coach their candidates just one word what if matt eberflus goes up to uh goes up the tall road and comes out with the win against the green bay packers which as you know is what lovey smith when he first got there said this is what we're gonna do we're gonna beat the packers what if matt eberflus in his first foray into this legendary series of back and forth rivalry games what if matt eberflus and the bears go to two and a what if he keeps on keeping on and we're all like what about this line they don't have any weapons justin fields we're like if we all channel our inner mike march and say this guy can't do this guy can't do anything what if matt eberflus takes the bears winning more often than not with this roster towards the playoffs that's why he's number five on my list here's number four on this list nobody was talking about this guy for coach of the year possibilities but he's got a team that nobody's believing in and mike mccarthy he's got a team that nobody is believing in yeah that sounds like him certainly going into that week one game part of the reason why so many people got knocked out of their suicide pools is because denver didn't win yeah and pete carroll came up with the dub hey gino smith cooking hey gino's cooking you know what that defense was buzzing around that defense is fast okay and the run game rashad penny had something going on and the guy who scored again on the michigan wolverines just five seconds ago kenneth walker has yet to start playing there maybe the seahawks can take that 1-0 record going to san francisco win that one and start moving him forward and then everybody starts beating each other up and the seahawks dare i say with the cardinals looking the way they looked in week one having a shot to win this division you never know could pete carroll be coach of the year material if you come out with playoff chances and even make it with teams like this i just named you the two teams chris you thought were going to be battling out for the first overall pick in next year's draft and you know they might by the end might be right number three on this list is a guy whose team looked maybe in the eyes of many but maybe not me because i think the bucks were the most complete team in the nfc in week number one oh yeah if this guy can unlock kirk cousins if justin jefferson in this offense can be cooper cuppian if this team on defense can knock aaron rogers down and win the division i think kevin o'connell is going to get a lot of looks as coach of the year in the nfl were anybody talking about him going to the season everybody thought it'd still be the packers division and it might but the minnesota vikings looked terrific in week one and if they can keep on keeping on right there there you go number two i already mentioned in my four downs earlier this week hey man we were i think it's the bangles decision to win or lose division to win or lose uh the offensive line i'm assuming is going to start gelling together and we'll talk about that with mitchell schwartz a little bit more in hour number three when he's here in studio but now certainly with tj wad out for six uh six weeks at least it seems with tj wad out and naji harris limping around and this team buzzing around and five turnovers they made joe burrow minus five after just week one mike tomlin steelers mike tomlin has never won coach of the year yes sir if the browns you know the browns won and the ravens won the steelers won too what if the steelers take this division what if this guy who's never had a losing record does more than just not have a losing record actually wins the division because the steelers are just believing what he is selling talked to cam hayward earlier this week about exactly that it's number two on my list number one on this list nobody talking about this guy for coach nobody 0.0 because this team has been terrible for the last damn near decade with the exception of one burst of a playoff season but this guy decided to show everybody oh yeah that run him back is all all injured all the time i guess what when he's healthy this is what he can look like again his quarterback that has been maligned since the minute he was drafted in the top 10 a few years ago oh yeah he can go up top he can play some games he can actually come up with a game tying drive late on the road and i'll make it a game winning drive because i want to tell my place cooker stay there and i want to call for two points one point for each one of my tables i'm putting on the table my number one you never know coach of the year candidate whose chance has just got better is the coach of the one and oh new york football giants are you talking playoffs or what yeah buddy because the giants are going to take the momentum of shocking the tennessee titans in week number one right into their home opener against baker mayfield who's got some mayfields of his own and he is gonna just show everybody i've got a coaching contract i'm gonna roll the dice yeah joe judge by the way your last coach you know what he did he came up with a surrender formation season's over his coaching job's on the line who cares if we're gonna maybe not convert on third down and we're gonna have to punt deep in our end zone and our quarterback might turn it over oh boy we're gonna take a knee on third down that's what the previous coach did that's why he's in new england now and pat shermer he didn't have the shermers to do what i just did on the road no for two we're gonna win no overtime we're gonna force over time i let derek henry on the field to try and win it with a few seconds left or run over my team and in overtime no no no brian day ball yeah day bowls of steel you just made the list number one on my list of potential coach of the air candidates because you can't say this division's not winnable for a giants team that's got saquon barkley and kavon tibeto is going to start playing soon and he's pretty damn good they got some young good players and if he infuses them with his confidence level what they can't beat carolina put the giant schedule one more time well i think they can and they will be carolina if the giants are 2-0 going against cooper rush in a home game against cooper rush and the cowboys on monday night maybe all those giants fans won't put their tickets on the secondary market and cowboys fans won't fill up half the stadium for the first time in half a decade and then the bears come in giants could be 4-0 and then they go to london and take on the packers in that game weird stuff happens in london they play jacksonville they play seattle they play houston they play detroit those are winnable football games if saquon is healthy and daniel jones is doing things that we have yet to see from him consistently all right i just gave you my day ball case i love it that's my coach of the year uh top five of you never know candidates i want to tell you what the desert thinks about your picks right now okay sure updated uh odds here for your coach now that they're all one and oh now that yeah this is so this is updated they're once they're one 18th of the way there chris this is updated this morning like an hour ago uh p carol is 40 to 1 40 to 1 to win okay eber flus 28 to 1 say that properly will you say the eber flus seriously unless you're under eber flus so they it's 28 vegas thinks that the bears have a better chance to make their coach a coach of the year candidate than seattle seems like it i mean yeah i mean the bottom three rich are mike mccarthy bill belicheck matt rule all at 75 to 1 belicheck get out of here but they could turn around and go 15 and part of that is because like belicheck would literally have to win every last one of his football games for him to get another one of those awards uh so who else uh mike tomlin is 25 to 1 and then you got your two uh the two uh one that you said kevin o'connell and brian dable they're among four uh guys at seven and a half to one so kevin o'connell brandon staley mike mcdaniel brian dable all the favorites at seven and a half to one they're they're the favorites now they're the favorites oh so i'm on to something so you're on to something yeah so so which one was tomlin which one is tomlin tomlin's at 25 to one so wait a minute based on the way you talk and the way that i'm not allowed to think right we would call that or you would because i would never value that's a value that's that's that you'd call value i would call value at mike tomlin 25 to 1 but they would literally have to go like 11 and 6 probably to for him to win that they can they sure can why couldn't they brian dable could have been oh and one oh yeah you know what you know what they weren't supposed to win or tie the tie and see what's going on no we're going for two and put the pressure on them and then they missed a kick it sure looked like tanhale got him in position yeah right they went from bollocks to dables i see thank you very much ballin i went i went with a little bit of i think uh what the brits call bollocks right nice isn't that bs isn't that what they say that yeah never mind the box okay i'm just worldly robert sala also 40 to 1 will be carol okay put some receipts out there oh andy reid at 40 to 1 that is crazy value it sounds like actually i guess because again the reason why i name these guys is because it's the stories right the story what story you can tell andy reid you know he's going to the hall of fame well i mean he's going to the hall of fame he's got a best receiver oh god they go 15 and 2 yeah but that's like a high class problem right don't you think that's like a first class high rent problem oh gosh yeah your your top wide receiver and tyreek hill wanted out so you obliged him and your generationally brilliant quarterback only has a generationally brilliant tight end and all these other top players from other teams that you've put together in your terrific system for your top of the line six straight division winning team if they go 14 and 3 that's not that's not like that's not like eber flus well nothing is like eber flus you know what i mean like that that is nothing that has nothing on even kevin o'connell right so you're sitting here sitting reads it i mean andy andy's a hall of famer you'd rather give it if you're again it's a story it's it's an award given out by people who talk narratives for a living and then you all assume like okay he's going to the hall of fame what does he need one of these awards for let's give it to somebody else that's the way these things go that's why belicheck remember phil jackson how many times could he get one coach of the year well he's just rolling the footballs out or the basketballs out right yeah all right now that i'm mixing metaphors uh i'm gonna take a break uh what happened there what do you got there do you have something to tease something happened uh yeah some uh some seahawks injury news okay we're gonna get oh that that looks like a jamal adams update that's gonna come up next right here on the rich house oh my number four of my uh coach of the year candidate you never know less just took a hit oh that means eberflus with a bullet hey when was the last time you seriously considered your dream i mean come on you used to think about it all the time what happened i say it's time you and your dream get back together 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but they're only available for a limited time on supplies last so hurry and buy your bundle today at back here on the rich eisen show all right very good we're all here gang's all here we're here what's the update chris what do you got for me over there oh so uh yeah jamal adams surgery well adams is out for the year oh man i just had it hold on torn quad tendon there it is there's ian rapid porn quad tendon yeah oh damn yeah he's so good at what he does man and the play that he got hurt on he he got in russell wilson's face i know and you know but you could see when he was angry he knew he knew so he immediately limped off and knew something was bad yeah and he's one of those guys that just plays all over the map and all over the place and they gave up two firsts for him say that trade looks better and better for the jets two firsts for him they gave up and one of the years were in which the first they didn't have they got it back by trading russell wilson completely wiped out i mean 16 and a half games they will miss him this year that is a bummer because he's just a culture changer he's one of those guys that you want in your locker room leading and hopefully he'll be back on the sideline doing that stuff but oh my word that is bad news and then a mac jones update that's what he got for me tom pelosaro saying uh not practicing today obviously due to an illness understanding not covid related just an upset stomach so they gave him the day off okay chugged a little pepto and you know sick he's just a little sick to his stomach off and give brian got that today from terror waking up she's just like everything hurts he was going to school today i'm like yeah you are i always went to school even if i was sick i don't i didn't want to miss school oh is that what it was really that's impressive you actually enjoyed school i loved one of the girls same way i liked school but i'm telling you i loved it one of the uh that's where i watched so much great television that's where i learned all about all the pricing games on the price is right when i was home and i was sick watch get smart non-stop get smart little hogan's heroes i know you know get smart okay i watched non-stop get smart non-stop nested by that much so you were never i mean when you were home from school you didn't you didn't sit i wasn't home from school ever i always went impressive what about you tj i think from fourth grade until the time i graduated i probably missed like 18 days of school that's it yeah that's why you're you're on your iron man streak here on this program yeah i was someone who sick you have to be really sick not to go to school so i was i was always going to school speaking of sick are those some of your new shoes that you got uh no these are these are old these are what are you gonna wear the new ones you know or is it too fresh that you got new nike's and brockman is still so upset about that you got seven new pairs of shoes look you know you weren't you weren't that happy just seemed like everyone was a little put off so i want to like front but that's exactly when you should front you know but that ain't me you know i'm saying that ain't me you know i thought everybody would be happy for me you know would you think that because you know i manifested this i told him three years okay let's be honest i told you three years ago this is going to happen like there was no doubt in my mind what was going to happen that by doing this camera shot the way i did and people start noticing the sneakers i'm like eventually i'm gonna get this no one believed it but it happened that's not really why it happened it's because you had a friend that worked for nike and then you she doesn't she's a she's a publicist she doesn't work for nike i don't know anybody he took a day to find it that's really funny great timing it's a reloaded in the hatred is real but i don't honestly i i don't understand that you're like you know what it's it's you're trying to be humble about it i was trying to be humble about it you know he went off a little you don't do you can you be humble about it by bringing it up and showing you on tv not only by bringing it up but saying two days before behind the scenes i got a surprise to talk about i think i don't know but i think i do i'm like great terrific like so what is it he goes i don't want to talk about it until it's actually because i wasn't sure it was gonna really happen and i had no idea what it was so he brings it up yesterday can you be humble about it when you're previewing it behind the scenes and not only talking about it but providing production value with not one but two photographs one of the box outside of his house or outside of his door okay just there's like a before and then and after now my question for you was is you said you had no idea why there was such a large box in front of your door but did you then see it was from somebody and you knew it was the shoes so before taking it in you stepped back and took the shot knowing that you would talk about it on the air and provide production value with this photograph when i turned opening it up obviously you'll take a when i turned the corner i saw the box i was like what is that i looked down i saw it was from i was like oh snap stepped back took the picture and then snapped it oh snap stepped back then took the picture knowing that you would talk about it on the air no because i didn't know what was in there i didn't know what was in the box so why'd you take a picture of it just do you take a photograph of all your deliveries no but there was a big but first of all there was a big box i looked down at said nike i'm like oh crap all right bet let me see what's it i don't know what's in the box but yes what's in the box i'm gonna start it off i'm gonna take a picture and also talk about humble is it humble to start every show by saying you're humble i like what's in the box who's more humble here this isn't about us this is about you it was about your negative very negative reactions to it i think both of you don't care see now you're not trusting me you're not why would i get wound up i finally found it i'm excited i'm not wound up i'm just saying well you're wound up you keep bringing it up and you're attacking it i keep bringing it oh my god what are we talking about i brought it up i brought it up i did today yes yes and that's why i was wondering because again i'm not an expert on this if those are new if that's your new shoes and you're like no you're not going to wear them like you should wear them tomorrow like just go let's go you got seven pairs unless you want to have like next week it'll be each day you unveil one of your new shoes now now see now he's not going to share just like his ping-pong two years for the i'm sorry for talking while you're interrupting but if you're going to ask me a question i'll give you the answer i'm like i don't know i just didn't wear them today man you all i did was ask you if you had new shoes on okay chris try to turn this on me right it's not you it's me that's what happened okay is that not what happened this is now getting a little awkward i don't like the he said hey are those your new shoes and you could have just went no i said no i didn't wear them today when are you gonna wear them see like you got i want to see him i want to see him out of the box i want to see him but by the way thanks to you guys you know i got a new relationship too yeah you're welcome it's unreal did i get thanked for that no i'm not thanking you for it by the way mitchell schwartz is going to come out he's going to protect me because apparently there's some bullets flying right now there ain't because i got the shoes and i don't care because i came in with birkenstock the other day and you gave me so much crap for wearing birkenstock terrible you did too and i'm like you guys don't understand fashion they saw it now i'm uh becoming bffs with the ceo because i because i brought it up you're welcome i brought it up i brought it up on the air what you said oh yeah i said are you gonna show fallow your feet yes and then tj you started laughing i found it humorous oh you don't shut down on us just don't shut down my god man i just said i found it humorous i'm into the conversation like what do you mean don't shut you're trying to make me look like something that i'm not right now like i'm glad you cut the camera off because that was coming right there everyone needs to woosah yeah come on what does that mean just friends the bad boys too you just woosah oh to calm down yeah serenity serenity now is one okay you know i got burks yeah and i fried the ceo that's true he did they dm'd right they saw because i'm defending fashion well no no no no no no no no defending you're defending yourself defending fashion might be a great fantasy team name that's not bad but joey chestnuts colonoscopy do we have anybody tonight good question i don't think we do i don't think so either we don't have any charges or any chiefs which is why we're all in one that's not why we're on one we played against josh allen justin jefferson like we were losing no matter what that's true that's true our number three mitchell schwartz retiree from the world champion chiefs and dovin cook of the vikings for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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