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REShow: Jalen Hurts - Hour 1

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September 16, 2022 3:11 pm

REShow: Jalen Hurts - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 16, 2022 3:11 pm

Rich recaps the Patrick Mahomes and Kansas Chiefs’ comeback win vs Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers on Thursday Night Football.

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts tells Rich how he’s grown as a player and person since being drafted by Philadelphia in the 2nd round in 2020, how he reacted when he learned the team was trading for Pro Bowl WR AJ Brown, if Philly can win the NFC East in the wake of the thumb injury to Cowboys QB Dak Prescott, and more.

Rich predicts success for Hurts and ponders why so many people are still skeptical the Eagles’ QB can be as successful on the real field as he is in fantasy football.

Rich and the guys react to Mets manager Buck Showalter’s tongue-in-cheek ruminations about joining social media.

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Try Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. You saying this to me is it supposed to like bring fear to me or something? Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Picked off at the goal line the seventh round pick Jalen Watson. Watson yes.

That boy is good. The Rich Eisen Show. Today's guests Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts. Browns defensive end Miles Garrett. Legendary TV executive Dick Abbersall. Plus from NCIS Los Angeles actor Gerald McCraney. And now is Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Welcome this edition of the Rich Eisen Show everybody here in Los Angeles California home of Big Ten football. And also you know two NFL teams and so much going on the Los Angeles Dodgers uh Los Angeles Lakers you know so much to talk about on this program.

Baseball winding down basketball winding up Kyrie putting crazy ass stuff on his Instagram page. We've got so much to discuss over the next three hours of this program right here on the Roku channel. Wrapping up our first week on the Roku channel which for those who are listening on Odyssey and for those who are listening on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network Coast to Coast it's free on all Roku devices. It is free on all Amazon Fire TVs. It is free on Samsung smart TVs.

It is free on the Roku app which you can get and place on any mobile device your heart desires. is the way for anybody to go ahead and check us out. My dear wife Susie Schuster who's fitting in. She hates that by the way with the passion. I know she told us. She'll tell you this Tuesday when she's sitting in. Oh she's told us. She will be here on this program on Tuesday scheduled to appear with her all three hours along with you is Marshall Falcon studio with her to talk about not one but two Monday night football games as I got to tap out to hang out with my new friends at Roku.

So just two hall of famers you're bringing in to replace you. Thank you very much. Yeah most of Tuesday. That's right. At any rate she went to you know the main Roku page yesterday looking for the show and I'm like no the so even in my own household there might be a little bit of confusion.

So everybody the if you want to watch on desktop and guess what it's free on every one of those platforms and we're thrilled about that. We've got four guests on today's program. We have got a celebrity guest of note because I've been a big fan of this man's work ever since I started watching him on Simon and Simon prior to major dad.

We're big Deadwood fans here. He played the prospector the evil crazy prospector in the head George Hurst. Longmire fans know him. House of Cards fans know him and he's now on NCIS Los Angeles. Gerald McCraney will be in studio in hour number three and then prior to him a legend in this year business of show and certainly on sports television. He's got a new book out from Saturday night to Sunday night because Saturday Night Live was his bailiwick for a long time at NBC and then he moved to NBC Sports and Sunday Night Football was his baby.

The brilliant Dick Ebersol with his new book. He'll be here in the middle of the program. Top of hour number two is Miles Garrett. So the Cleveland Browns defensive player of the year candidate Miles Garrett grown ass man about to play football on top of a huge ass elf in the middle of the stadium in Cleveland which is what we've been talking about all week long.

We're trying to smooth things over now with him? We asked hey we'd love to chat with Miles Garrett. Browns are like sure and he's kind enough to say okay because I imagine he has a choice to say yes or no about where he'll appear.

I would assume so yeah. And the Browns trying to go to 2-0 against the Jets in their home opener after beating his former teammate in Baker Mayfield in week number one and first up in about 16 minutes time is the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. His name is Jalen Hurts. He's one of our favorites on this show. We spoke to him when he was just a mere Oklahoma pup fresh off of transferring to Alabama from Alabama getting ready to be drafted in the NFL and who knew certainly not when we hung up pre-draft of that of that spring that he'd be a second round draft choice to the Philadelphia Eagles and in week number two that kicked off last night with a battle for a division lead between two 1-0 teams. We've got two division leaders after winning their first games of the season between the Eagles and Vikings that's going to wrap up this week and we spoke to Dalvin Cook yesterday where fair and balanced Jalen Hurts will be joining us on this program.

That's how we're rolling. Chris Brockman good to see you over there. We introduced to the Roku channel audience Jason Feller, Jay Felley who has been with this program many a year.

He is the audio executive when Mike Del Tufo decides not to work and Jason is on. Is everything ready? There he is. He's got the drops ready.

He's all ready to. He's listening. He's paying attention to the show. He watches when he's not here. That's right. He watches when he's not here and then Jason unfortunately for you when you come here and we don't know you're coming here we get the reaction of why are you here.

That was yesterday as well. Why are you here? Let's just hang out like what are you doing here and TJ Jefferson light the candle sir.

Social media grand maester of the Rich Eisen show. Good to see you sir. The thing about us on the Roku channel is we are always on. We're always on.

You can't miss this. Yeah because in case in case you miss anything on this program over the next three hours here on channel 210 of the Roku channel we re-air non-stop. We wheel as they said in the old SportsCenter business. When I used to wheel with me and Stuart Scott we did a 2 a.m. SportsCenter would wheel throughout the next morning but right up until one o'clock Eastern and then programming would begin otherwise. Your point is that as soon as this show is over then it wheels again for three hours seven times until we're back live again and we're thrilled about our partnership with the Roku channel for for that and so many other things here on the program.

So let's get to it. The Thursday night football game. Highly entertaining contest. Always is when the Chargers and Chiefs play one another. There's a few things that that have been happening in recent days when the Chargers and Chiefs play one another certainly in Arrowhead is Mike Williams goes off. Mike Williams loves to play for the Chargers in Arrowhead Stadium and sure enough the the Chargers showed for a good what would you say half and a bit. They dominated the first half. First half and then a bit in the second half. They showed how good this team can be how complete this team can be.

How they can chase you down on defense with Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack and Derwin James can lower the boom by playing anywhere on the field and then Justin Herbert can stand in the pocket and wing it around and Austin Eckler can do his thing. I found it fascinating. I did not know this in the Amazon Prime video broadcast last night with Al and Kirk Herbstreet. It was a terrific listen. I did not know that Austin Eckler was Mr.

Under the Lights. That he had nine touchdowns in prime time games last year which is almost a record for a single season touchdown making on under prime time lights. Austin Eckler and then the rest of that offense even without Keenan Allen was putting it down and the halftime Richard Sherman of Prime Video was saying they missed Tyreek Hill and the Chargers are not concerned about this Chiefs offense. It only took one half of football to flip the narrative that we had laid out there for everybody and rightfully so when the Chiefs offense had 66 plays in Arizona and had 33 first downs and well you know the Chiefs offense is going to be all right without Tyreek Hill and then one half of football against a much more stout defense with the Chargers and suddenly the idea that they don't have Tyreek Hill anymore is going to be a problem for the Chiefs and that will happen more often than not. Certainly when Mahomes is being chased down, certainly when Mahomes is making mistakes and unfortunately for the Chargers the mistakes that Mahomes was making got wiped out due to penalty.

One on an offsetting penalty in the third quarter another one in the second quarter which we'll get to in a second where it was a dreadful call on the Chargers when it was really Marquez Valdes-Scantling who shoved Bryce Callahan over. That negated an interception but Mahomes and the Chiefs kept on keeping on and the Chiefs have shown that if you do hit them in the mouth at home they can still beat you and if you don't play defense in your own home they'll boat race you. So the Chiefs are now 2-0 having won games two completely different ways. A boat race offensive juggernaut where the Chiefs are rolling and you can't stop them when they roll. That's what happened in Arizona and then they come home and the Chargers a division opponent goes up 17-7 on them and the Chiefs still with some breaks that they got. An interception by Ahsante Samuel Jr. that wasn't an interception. I'm gonna stake a claim that that was a proper overturn.

We'll discuss that in a second. We'll discuss that in a second if you don't mind but I'll just say it right here the Chiefs got some breaks and then they made the most of the breaks. Justin Watson going up top on a deep ball a beautiful deep throw that Mahomes threw stepping up in the pocket to avoid the rush and there was your deep ball it's not named Tyreek Hill I don't know what you call Justin Watson what animal it is it's not a cheetah I don't know what it is. We'll have to come up with the zebra. Can we get that going? The zebra can we get that going? I don't know well the zebra is definitely you know I think it's got the whistles. The zebras were there last night but I don't know what you call Justin Watson but you had that and then how about this the Chiefs come up with the play of the game and it's a seventh round rookie getting the start because their first round rookie is out with a hamstring injury a kid from Ventura College here in Los Angeles California who had to make his way through college after flunking out of USC and making his way into the seventh round Jalen Watson a 99 yard pick six because Gerald Everett who was trying to tap out of the game with an injured ankle and also maybe just a little bit out of gas and he and Justin Herbert go off the same page and Watson steps in and takes it the the route and then later on when Herbert's trying to come back he gets planted into the ground it looked like maybe he was had the wind knocked out of him because he comes back in the game after holding his ribs and guess what it's more than just getting his wind knocked out of him and even with that injury Herbert throws a touchdown pass I mean it was a remarkable performance by Justin Herbert and you saw two 20 kids 27 and younger who are going to go against each other twice a year doing amazing things Mahomes sticking in there and Herbert trying to stick in there and trying to come back after the Chargers were the team and the end of the night who made too many mistakes and didn't get the breaks and the AFC West proves in front of all of us just how deep it is and how it's just going to be one haymaker after another and if I'm the Buffalo Bills I'm sitting there saying keep swinging keep swinging AFC West you keep swinging you keep knocking Justin Herbert out maybe for not just more than a play we'll see what happens with his ribs if it's cartilage look out you you you you have Justin Herbert play with a flap jacket for a couple of months if not the rest of the year you go for it and you you you knock Mahomes off his game and try and knock him off oh yeah and you know what uh Vegas you lose when you have a chance to maybe win because Carr throws too many interceptions he's not protected enough in Los Angeles keep hitting each other keep knocking each other off while we'll sit here atop the AFC East a much less one would think deeply competitive division sounds great to me you keep knocking each other off you do that just beat just beat each other yeah keep doing it keep doing it put another quarterback on his ass and in a flap jacket that would be great that's what I'm sitting there thinking about that's what I come away with great entertaining game two dynamic quarterbacks and the Chiefs have now won two games in different ways one way we thought they're going to lose this year because hey you're the defense is not afraid of somebody beating you deep you hang in there long enough get the brakes then you go up top then you come up with a pick six from a young kid because the Chargers are going fast and the tight end's trying to tap out and then the Chiefs defense can smell it they don't cross the defenders stay put Everett goes out Herbert thinks he's going in and the seventh round rookies like I got this that should have been I did my film study pick six touchdown ball game certainly when Herbert is hurt and you'll keep an eye on that today Chris I don't know if that information back here in Los Angeles from whatever x-ray machine or MRI tube is going to be coming our way before the end of this show but there's some bated breath at least the Chargers have the next week and a half off before their next game after this Thursday night loss the Chargers are going to be playing Jacksonville at home and then Houston and then Cleveland those two are on the road you know and hopefully is his breath he can get it under him before Denver strolls into town for another AFC West Tilt and in case um Herbert can't go I'm going to provide this public service for everybody in sports in sports television and certainly on Twitter it's Chase Daniel not plural not Daniels Chase Daniel like two first names right okay like Mike McDaniel Mike McDaniel Josh McDaniel and the problem is there's a McDaniel's right also is a coach it's Chase Daniel the guy's been uh the guy's been collecting millions of dollars holding a clipboard and wearing a headset and coming in last night is uh my good friend who didn't wear a belt that one time at the final at the sweet 16 Roger Sherman of the ringer he tweeted out like good but god bless him two million dollars a year comes in for one hand off and Kirk Kirk curve street talks about what a gamer he is yeah veteran leadership then he runs off yeah that guy's living the dream man Daniel in case in case he plays significant football it's not chase daniels chase daniel okay public service message res consulting that's what we do here eight four four two oh four rich is the number to dial to have a conversation today Chris Brockman you've got what's more likely for me correct I got what's more likely you've got sneaky good games for people who want to make harder in American dollars you said yesterday bet the under I said under if I'm not mistaken I did it was under and then I added on Twitter Mike Williams touchdown cash and then also if you were potentially of the mindset to say the Chargers might be within a certain correct number of points of the Kansas City Chiefs at least Justin Herbert found the fortitude sure did to find the back door he loves going in Arrowhead if I'm not mistaken these are all facts correct but they confuse me these terms these terms confuse me might have been around a poker table with my friends last night it was high five in one another and I'm like I don't understand this game is this game is not this game you're all Los Angeles fans why are you high five on each other and the Chargers are losing I'm confused and you have fantasy advice correct for people I do advice I'm just gonna remind people do as I say not as I do because I was terrible week one I'm not gonna lie to you stop saying that you're a fantasy expert yeah but I want to be honest with the people which is the best policy not everybody can draft their team in Austin in Ashton Kutcher's barn that is true there's only 10 of us by the way write that down Ashton Kutcher's barn might be a good okay very good okay so we've got three guests we're very excited about that are in hour number two and three miles garrett of the browns dick ebersole yeah from Saturday night to Sunday night great idea for a book man this guy has been there and done that can't wait to crack this open it's where all books can be acquired right now Gerald McCraney yes sir he's coming in studio we've got a great celebrity truer falls for him what's more likely fantasy advice sneaky good games and you at 844-204-rich number to dial here on the program when we come back Jaylen hurts everybody of the Philadelphia Eagles yeah we started Thursday week number two of the marquee game and it ends Monday night with a marquee game 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agent and get started seeing how much you could save back here on the rich eisen show 844-204 rich is the number to dial on the program so we had a great game last night and this game on monday night there's two games monday night titans lose at home to the giants as brian shows his day balls with a two-point conversion and now they've got to try to avoid the dreaded 0-2 start by going into buffalo and taking on a bills team that's coming off an 11-day respite after spanking the defending champs in their own home in front of the whole country on the first thursday of the season the bills and the titans and then an hour and 15 minutes after kickoff of that one we're going to see the vikings and the eagles and you'll hear it on westwood one i'll be the host of the pregame and halftime of that contest and we had dalvin cook yesterday and now one of our favorites we chatted with him when he was getting ready for the draft and and then he wound up becoming a philadelphia eagle and he has been dynamite over the last year plus in my mind i know there's some eagles fans that might be thinking that you need a little bit more but he's been dynamite he is a leader of this team and he comes off of a terrific week one performance on that offense for the philadelphia eagles a kid who sat in alabama after losing his gig then going to oklahoma and he was the second over a second round draft choice the philadelphia eagles he is one of our favorites joining us here on the mercedes-benz vans phone line in advance of taking on the vikings is eagles quarterback jaylen hurts how you doing jaylen i'm doing well i appreciate the intro of course the intro is is is all worthy you are all worthy of that uh let me ask you how are you a different quarterback now than on the day you were drafted into the nfl jaylen man it's it's crazy rich when i think about that question i i just think about the constant growth um since the day my name was called to be a philadelphia eagle um and i've kind of had this this this mindset of just chasing progress um since i arrived you know to alabama to be honest um and i feel like in every year um every year i've played every year i've got an opportunity to gain some experience and i've just grown and i became more knowledgeable as a player i became more um in tune with my fundamentals and the details of the game and i think that's the same thing um same thing that has kind of happened since i've been in the nfl um and i think the beautiful things there's always so much more to learn every every game there's always a new takeaway um there's always something else you feel like you can take steps on so um just just just just being consistent and staying true to the process of growing um and always being my biggest critic is allowing me to really just take steps consistently what's your biggest takeaway from the week one win in detroit then jaylen hurts what's that i think for us um being in the bottom we're in first game um you know just just just just playing cleaner as an offense i'm just one thing that we've kind of challenged everyone to do um being on the same page and operating um operating the way we want you know what i mean and it all starts with me so um i've challenged myself and the people around me so um we're looking forward to the opportunity on monday night do me a favor talk me talk me through how you challenge those around you jaylen hurts your the cassette speaks to obviously leadership and and i know i spoke to you before you got drafted uh and in the months before the draft weeks before the draft and i said tell me who's somebody what they're gonna get in jaylen hurts uh when they drafted me so you're gonna get a dog you're gonna get a dog and you're gonna get somebody who wants to be a leader so now you are that guy for philadelphia walk me through how do you challenge others there i think um i think there are all different types of leaders um and everybody has their own way of leading but i think the the thing people have to realize about leadership is people lead because the peers let them lead um and i've just you know tried to lead by example um gaining respect to my teammates so when i do have something to say it's heard um we can go out there and kind of do what we need to do you know i think as a football team we we've preached a standard um this whole entire off season and um it's been an emphasis of declaring the standard executing the standard and um that there um only rises it only rises so we just we just want to chase that standard and and change progress uh change growth um and i just do that by being who i am um in terms of leadership and and how does nick seriani feed that for you um from i guess wearing a t-shirt with your face on it and all right and what what else what else yeah he's a he's a he's a he's a great guy he's a great coach um he's very passionate passionate about the game he loves um hard work hard workers he loves um he loves the ground himself you know he's a guy he's he's so locked in on the details he's always searching for something else to to help us out as a football team so um he loves his players he's a great coach great great coach jaylen hurts here on the rich eyes and show in advance of taking on the vikings uh to wrap up week number two uh so we we spoke moments ago about hearing your name called when you became a philadelphia eagle on a draft night where were you on draft night when you heard aj brown was becoming an eagle jaylen where were you i was on the phone with him you were you were okay walk me through that one a little bit more i was on the phone with him and you know we're just making sure you know making sure everything happened uh accordingly according to plan then the plan was that he was going to become your teammate on that night everything everything happened the way i was supposed to so what happened what was the conversation like what can you share for me from that conversation when that happened i i i keep it in house i just say i just say everything happened the way i was supposed to okay and then a great yeah a great addition i should say so a lot this year i should say so i mean you target him a baker's dozen times jaylen in week one and boy did you guys seem to be already as the football phrase on the same page what did you do in the uh ensuing months leading up to the season to get there yeah i think um you know just just to grind um in the off season um we've always kind of had a similar football intellect being friends for so long and you know being on the field now kind of have an opportunity to display the work we put in um it's been fun and we just want to continue to build on that um and as an offense build on it but i think it all starts with um the throwing sessions with the receivers i'm in the off season and um the workouts with the receivers and the tight ends and everybody just the whole entire grind i think that's um been a testament to everything so we just want to continue to grow in it so if i had to measure the chip on shoulders in philadelphia who's got a bigger chip you or aj brown jaylen hurts we ride we all ride together in these parts we all ride together in these parts well i'm just like we all have each other's backs i'm sure you do i'm just saying for your journeys from the sec to the current present day is what i'm saying and in terms of what i maybe i'm confused you know just in terms of like he's got something to prove you clearly have something to prove and i'm wondering who's got a bigger chip on their shoulder that's what i'm saying on that front look i think it depends on who you ask i guess i'm asking you i say i say me he'd say him i bet did you ever cross paths on a saturday clearly not on the you know not against each other but uh i'm assuming you might have been around uh mississippi state versus alabama back in the day no mississippi yeah oh miss yeah oh miss versus alabama back in the day yeah i gotta i actually have a funny story for you um okay so so we're playing um we're playing old miss my sophomore year um the previous year we came back i went to oxford came back um i got knocked out like right before halftime i got right back up and then we started coming back um like 24 points i believe or something like that um a great game ended up coming back and winning next year oxford uh ole miss comes to tuscaloosa and this is like a prime time game on saturday night um and they want their revenge they're rolling on the offense ole miss's i mean it's a highly anticipated game um and i'm talking to aj all week um now usually i don't talk to my friends during game week um but i'm talking i'm talking to aj all week and he's like yeah man i don't think they're gonna play me i don't know if i'm gonna play i'm like dang well get get better you know as a friend i'm get better you know take care of your body do what you gotta do now in the back of my mind i know this guy and i'm like there's no way this guy's not gonna play so saturday night comes and you know skilled players run off on the field for pregame warm ups from alabama my guys run out on the field um and i'm tossing the ball around we're warming up and out of the right tunnel from my view and and uh and denny bryant um aj comes walking aj comes running out with his with his with his arms out wide kind of you know kind of i don't know it was it was a scene but he comes out running hyped up to the music they're playing jay-z allowed me to reintroduce myself and i think that's a funny story so he comes out and ends up playing in the game of course he does it i see him run out of the tunnel i'm like oh look at this guy he lied to me and then i think we beat him like uh like 60 something to three years yeah a lot to a little you beat the brakes off him is what you did yeah well and now your teammates isn't it amazing how things work in life jaylen hurts it is it it is you know i always said everything always happens the way it's supposed to that's that's through the joys that's through the through the pain that's through everything you know and um definitely um definitely excited about what we're doing we just want to we want to build on it my colleague has the final score chris brockman what was the final score of that game uh jaylen you're close it was 66 to 3 yeah there you go 66 63 there it is 66 well so i guess maybe he has the bigger chip i don't know but now here you are hooking up uh so you're hearing the conversation i'm sure the the uh the cowboys have dack down for a while you um and the eagles are one and oh um you got yourself uh a huge opportunity in front of you in this year your division two win or lose what do you say to something like that jaylen hurts um yeah i don't make it about anybody else you know what i mean and i think that's what i preach to my teammates i preach it to the coaches and i remind myself that that um it's all about what we do what we do um we don't worry about external factors we control we can um and i think if we can just continue to control the things we can control um play the type of ball we want to play um everything um everything to work itself out okay we just got to control what we can and uh how much better do you think this team can get on offense you and i mean you accounted for 73 of the offense in week one against detroit what is the challenge against minnesota and how much better you can get well i think they're they're a great football team i mean they have a great offense they have great players on offense they have great players on defense i mean at every position i feel um so it'll be a big challenge for us early in the season um it'll be a big challenge and we just like i said we have to prepare all week um understand our assignments um understanding techniques of everything and go out there and play ball um but we're definitely up for a challenge all right jaylen hurts i mandated to say this because i can't go home otherwise my son cooper he's 11 you know what the name of his fantasy team is here it is here she comes so good it hurts so much it hurts so bad that's what it is it was you you've heard the it hurts so good you've heard that one before right you've heard that one before but his team name oh actually hold on a minute i'm wrong it hurts too bad that's what it is how about that t-o-o bad yes and you know because he's a smart kid and also may have had his dad to his right drafting he's got justin uh he's got uh uh jaylen hurt he's got justin jefferson but he's got jaylen hurts as his quarterback and aj brown as a other wide receiver what do you think about that what do you think about that no pressure no pressure hey tell him tell tell him i appreciate him now you got it he's got your back he's watering and fertilizing his fantasy team with the two guys there you go jaylen hurts thanks for the time really appreciate it uh good luck look for more of my phone calls always enjoy chatting with you uh best of luck monday night and throughout the season appreciate it appreciate you rich always a pleasure right back at you that is jaylen hurts quarterback of the philadelphia eagles right here in the rich eisen show love talking to him i mean when you when you when you hear him talk i mean i just not only want to root for him but i i can't imagine how it's not going to work out for him in philadelphia and and the conversation has been since he got the gig there is that you know he's not a long-term threat at quarterback in this league i hear that so many times like what is it is it his size i told you what i think it is what it is is what happened in college to him but i think that's proving that that was a weird outlier because tua isn't this all world quarterback right and he's still and he still lost his gig to him and then he sat behind him and then he goes to oklahoma and doesn't win the heisman trophy because everybody did that for lincoln riley and then he's chosen second round by the eagles and they overdrafted him that's the way i'm thinking it because you're looking at him and his skill set is remarkable and maybe it's the the fantasy versus the reality world he's a he's a pro bowler in the fantasy world that's for sure he's he's he's gonna he's gonna win you a fantasy league the question is can he win you this regular league and he accounted for 73 percent of the offense for the philadelphia eagles in detroit and they now got him not just any wide receiver they got him a pro bowl wide receiver who as you just heard he's known for a long time and he's been tight with for a long time aj brown and he didn't just shake hands and meet for the first time he was on the phone with him on draft night to make sure it was happening yeah that it was going according to what he was hearing was the plan and the eagles offense has not seen a receiver like him and in some time i'm i guess like i said earlier this week alshon jeffrey is that the big tall wide receiver that they physical wide receiver i mean they won a super bowl with him so the heisman thing too is so weird you know who he lost the heisman to oh only the greatest college quarterback season ever in joe burrow 60 touchdowns here's another thing i think that the reason why there's less than and again i i know i got a tweet from somebody who's on their local saying i don't watch their games he didn't perform very well down the stretch last year but it was the end of his first full year as a quarterback in the nfl and not everyone again comes out of the box like mahomes and lamar and herbert but uh the eagles have had tons of draft picks in their back pocket for the following year just in case they want to draft somebody yeah so they've been hedging a little bit too well could you imagine if he could you imagine if he does blossom into what we're seeing and what i'm positing could you imagine he does that and then you start using those draft picks to protect him and add weapons on defense as well oh well we thought they were to sean watson landing spot correct you know because of all those picks or the landing spot for another alabama quarterback yeah gonna be bryce young cj stroud jj mccarthy when he's a very stetson bennett let's get some heisman love for that kid garrett schrader shout out cues all right we'll take a look at more of the week two schedule for you when we come back some games that i i've targeted that i uh are are interesting to me and you guys said i have not heard this soundbite yet buck showalter on social media correct just in case you're thinking i guess the way that you've been telling me how buck was talking about it it's great the fact that there's a very tight race with a lot at stake atop the nl east because either you get a week off or you don't to kick off the playoffs either you get to set your pitching the way you want or you don't and you've got to play against a wild card team that's hungry or you don't i guess it's not getting to the skipper of the metropolitans that's for sure so that's all next before miles garrett of the browns and the brilliant dick ebersole who's got a lot of new book out joins us in hour two eight four four two oh four rich being the number to dial here on the program hey when was the last time you seriously considered your dream i mean come on you used to think about it all the time what happened i say it's time you and your dream get back together think about it you could live the van life in a totally customized mercedes-benz sprinter you could tour around all 423 national park sites build a mountain cabin with your dad or start your own business really whatever you dream up and it's a mercedes-benz van we're talking about here so expect innovative safety features like crosswind assist and blind spot assist expect amazing performance and reliability with an mbux voice command system a five-star dealer network and an available gas engine it runs like well a dream so what do you say head to 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starts for the current one and oh teams do you know the last time the browns were two and oh 19,000 1993 with bill belicheck correct sir they started three and oh missed the playoffs they finished seven and nine the commanders uh this weekend after coming back on the jaguars uh after taking an early lead the commanders are at detroit they win that game the commanders are two and oh for the first time in 11 years 2011 last time chargers had a two and oh start their first since 2012 and their sights didn't make it obviously the saints do you know the last time they won their first two games i'm going high register which is you know oh i do is that uh 09 2013 the giants going for their first two and oh start more recently it was that uh ben mackadoo year where they wound up making the playoffs 10 2016 and then the boat picture the eagles and vikings are each the winner of that game will have their first two and oh start since 2016 the dolphins haven't gone to and oh since 2018 and the rest are far more recent last time the patriots started oh and two christopher you know that one uh they won the super bowl that year right they did it was super bowl 36 it was brady's your first year yeah 2001 that's the last time they were oh and two last time the packers were oh and two was 2006 cowboys you know the last time they were going to i mean i know we won a super bowl after being oh and two but that's all i really remember much more recent than that 2010 rams haven't started oh and two since 2011 how about that i would have guessed differently the titans last started oh and two in 2012 so i think you're gonna see the titans and the cowboys all at oh and two and the patriots for sure i have a feeling i have a feeling that's a for sure you know they're favored in that game i don't understand that i don't understand that i think it's just maybe that belicheck's going against trubisky and people think that's an outlier and tj watt is yeah no tj watt naji harris a little banged up i get it back jones back at practice today i get it that's still it's still the steelers opening up uh a home schedule after looking like that on defense yeah home field doesn't mean much in the nfl well i don't know i don't know don't discount the aqueousure factor we've not seen it yet maybe they'll never lose with aqueousure maybe they're that sure with aqueousure buck show alter buck show alter's a delight i love this guy he's great you're metropod i told you when the Mets hired him look out it's gonna be different you did you did and they may win the division they're having a terrific year the braves are right on their heels ozzy albie's just got activated yes baby okay so uh it's gonna be an interesting final couple weeks and if uh buck's gonna start getting tight because remember he's a yankee manager he's talking about how tight he was too tight why did this why did this come up i know brockman was the one who brought it to my attention yeah i you know i heard it on a podcast yesterday social media played the clip and i was like i gotta find the full clip okay here we go this is buck show alter talking about social media hit it somebody actually said to me the other day hey did you read the thing on twitter or something i think when i'm done i maybe i'm gonna join that should i why why should i it would enhance my life and i would enjoy my life more did you hear what you want to say no they don't what's tick tock what's the difference between seriously we can talk about this all so much what's the difference between tick tock and twitter and uh facetime and see y'all are all rolling your eyes what is the difference between tick tock and twitter okay so you should join tick tock buck don't dance no i danced at my daughter's wedding with her that's my skipper right there dude that's my skipper how's that not a t-shirt well just last night i think it'll probably happen i think it's from two nights ago two nights ago but don't dance he dances his daughter's wedding with her of course that's it that's it that's reasonable that's even that's even out belicheck belicheck calling facebook facetime yeah he thinks facebook is facetime well i don't know i think i i think he knows the difference he's just having some fun there i i belicheck different he called it snap face ones right snap face see i thought that was something he made up no come on that's that's way too like snap face that seems like something that you knew what's better put out a poll question what would you rather get on snap face or tweeter or tweeter then pull up a poll question in facetime what's better above the rim or hoosiers stop it you're gonna get destroyed in that yeah well in this with this particular fan base yes sure what does that mean well i mean people who are above the rim fans may not be answering our twitter polls let's just say no let's say that okay hey we're all fam put it on put it on the twitter put it on the twitter buck don't dance fantastic you were right though everything you told me about him before the season oh it's come to fruition man i love it and i'm so happy for you man team is just a team right now i love it you know what happened last year rich thumbs down we're fighting over some rodents and squirrels in the dugout oh by the way i i had a facetime zander this morning oh on the way to work i had to facetime him because he wants to go to the movies later on tonight see what okay super pets okay i saw that you saw that but you tapped out of hoosiers what yeah that's a little no that's strange okay but he wants to see it it was her choice he wants to see it he wants to see it it's great we're gonna go but he he wants to secure the fact that we're definitely going it was a commitment so he got he got he told me where it was he got on this morning instead of getting completely ready for school he got on to find out where it was what time it was and saw that there were totally empty theater seats were available and um can i give him my credit card information to buy them the security secure the seats slippery slope he said he would delete it he would delete the information after receiving sure because what he says to me wow so i pulled off to the side of the road to facetime him so he could see my face you'll trust him to tell him to tell him get ready for school do what you need to do we'll talk about this later and you are look at me in the eyes you are never getting my credit card information never i'd rather hold it up on a sign on the side of the road than give it to him all right three kids rich never which one would you trust the most with the cc info one at a time power two coming up for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts you
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