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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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November 16, 2020 1:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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November 16, 2020 1:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series The Second Coming of Christ

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This is the old trailblazer broadcast this past drama Pindar was riding out again hello Dan this morning. Come on Dan, let's go begin laying up a little bit. Oh Dan, we missed a day or two, but we back you this more with another message from God word old trailblazer ride along here early in the morning the cool of the morning. I like the cool morn. Don't you. I was raised on a farm, you know Dan had to get up early in the morning get out there and strawberry patch of being patch whatever milk them cows and bring milk in the moment. Go back to the field when I was a kid coming up during the summer when we was out of school special even in school we had to get up milk them cows before we left go to school, my brother not but oh, Dan and I just of thinking how the Lord is been so gracious to me that old trailblazer and been here a long long time.

Many many years just struggling out there and see and never knew anything about the Lord didn't care anything about the Lord, but by his grace by his providence by his love. Oh my friend, you don't you know anything about the love of God. Scripture says for God so loved the world, and that's true my friend. He loved the lofts old like me like though trailblazer was adjusted just a low struggle and so thinking I was all right thinking my little goodness that I called myself doing was good enough to get me to heaven in a day in whenever the Lord called but I found out the Lord showed me that I was a lost soul. Justin pulled lost sinner and I gave you grace over a period of time to seek the Lord to search his word to crime to the Lord for mercy and to see the experiences of those who had gone on before. In the Bible.

All of the old patriarch how they come to know the Lord and they look forward to the coming of the Lord. Now we look back we who are saved. Now we look back to the time of the crucifixion.

There were Lord gave his life for poor old sinner like me. So I was just thinking Dan. We got a lot to be thankful for. You know I have though trailblazer have I have wonderful children and the Lord is good to there there pleasant children, pleasant people and some of them saved and some of them not, but Lord, the Lord knows I bring them to you this more my friends out there.

Would you pray for, as I pray for you.

So call me on a regular daily basis, almost pastor pray for me. Pray for my family. Pray for my children pray for my husband. I do though saying my friend and I called her name. Often time during the day when I'm just riding around in my truck going home back and follow in new Lord calls you up to my memory and I pray for you. I hope you do that for though trailblazer if you would appreciate if you call me let me know if you pray informally, often time I asked you to help us a little bit with the broadcast here. I told someone yesterday. You know we don't get on the radio and beg for money no we don't do that. I had a lady called me the other day. She said Mr. trailblazer, you mean it cost money for these radio station I said yes ma'am issue does a lot of money, but the Lord is been gracious to us and that's one of the things I praise the Lord for the body, but let's get back in our study we look in the study now on the coming of our Lord or the soon coming. Whatever you want to call it.

I don't believe it's going be long. I used to say and have said, I believe I'd be living when the Lord comes knocking.

I don't know that we don't know when the Lord cometh, but some all evidence from all signs is not don't belong. We look in the study. We saw the fact of his coming.

We saw the certainty of his coming this year to visit coming in today we want to begin to look at the reality of his coming. Don't you believe don't you like this be be real about thing I do not think one of the things we would look there and I last 30 there what the church is lost. We lost the reality of Christ don't hearing about a Harley. Now I listen to radio preachers at night sometime late at night to a three did I know of. They don't speak of Christ. They speak of the building programs and there's trips over their usual to the holy land in the ass and poked to go with them. And although St. I have no desire to do that, my friend, but that's that's for. We have to date and then in our daily paper here this morning I read an occasion have a section on this church work in and they call it up this section E pray and Leah well today they had a big section on on the pastors that fall from grace.

They call it, and if they took a survey on what ought to happen to him and it was all varied.

Some of them say give him a year off and let him come back. Some of them say they never all to come back until about after infidelity and adultery in the pool. No saying what what article it all my free and I just hung my head in shame, but my friend would get back to our study we looking at the reality of the coming of our blessed Lord. The reality Christ is coming back, my friend.

He said he's coming back today in our day present day average preacher is only a Morrow officer in his church to him is not a commission from heaven to preach the unsearchable riches of Christ, just a matter of fueling up his church.

See how many members he can get get along with his folks married a young bear to did collecting this outermost time is a big Adeline Sauer drawn his breath and let this congregation go to hail my friend. I know what I'm speaking. I know cocktail folks. I was born at night but not last night, I see what's taken place in our world. I know you pastor here in this area not Niceville I been doing long time I saw him in the drugstore to the den. He said well you know brother I retired from the ministry is about 66 years old. Good health looks fine and I said what brother I don't know of the Lord ever taken a commission away from one of his servants want his God calls her well, you know, I've been up original message. Yes, I understand that but I just don't see where the where the Lord ever decommission one of his true and faithful pastor and I said in our ministry here at radio mission. We have a say in it will burn out.

But we don't rust out. The Lord given me grace, unable to get up and come here and preach on Sunday and some Wednesday night and Sunday night and go to missions.

On occasion I have gracious brothers that do hit me with that brother to go out on Sunday night and the five or six missions that we have and preach the gospel. Maybe just a handful at some man some woman's house art, a chaplet we have into 3 Different Pl. it but I'm just saying I know I don't see where there is a stop in place. Do you, how can you lay down at night knowing that you given up the greatest calling that ever took place in a man's line is to be called into the ministry and I know we got preachers and saw mama called him pastor called and although St. but I'm talking about a true and faithful servant to to lay down his commission lay down is to Bible and give it up.

It never crossed my mind. No, no, I have lots of lots of problems.

I have lots of trials and tribulation month. My body is racked with pain a lot, but my friend night I get up in the morning. My name is to come here to the top to the chapel during the week.

Take care the business of the church and make make those things necessary.

We have a gracious bookstore year, we have ladies run the bookstore a lot of time up in their chicken on force.

What we what we put in out all those thing we have a catalog with the bookstore began to see you can't find them know or you can't find a book like we have here all the old divine bunion AW Pink and Whitfield and Mack chaining Virgin, we have great selection of brother Spurgeon's ministry here. I will get off in the network will just start this new service. This new study this morning and let me let me say that the me give you the position of a God call pastor as set forth in the word of God as he walked before his people and leads him day by day. First, he's instructed. According to second Timothy four to preach the word of Toby that many many times. Be instant in season and out of season, reprove, rebuke, and exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine.

Now I don't see how on anybody any command of God can miss his instructions. You know it is, you'll have to know how to look for. The Bible has nothing says nothing about making book reviews and showing the movies on Sunday night and in all going to the beach on Saturday afternoon taken a carload to go swimming and don't say anything about that. Let me just say what he said. Second Timothy 42 preach the word pastor my for my man my my God call man preach the word. Be instant in season and out of season, reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine. Now let me take the word reprove my friend.

I'm not here to speak to pat you on the back take what a good fill your I'm to bring God word he says reprove. I see you are know of you all siphon off into Indocin to reprove you and rebuke you and then exhort you exhort you to want to turn to the Lord to seek the Lord. The Bible says seek the Lord while he may be found asked my that's my instructions for you today.

I have a I have a handbook I call it is a Bible knowing all the businesses you if today we have a handbook for all employees were taken where artists work and what they can do and off is a handbook for my handbook is God's holy word.

The authorized King James version of the Bible it says reprove you have unruly folks in your church reprove him with love, of course, and to rebuke him, that's a little stronger. Rebuke cocktail folks here I've dive over the years.

Call folks. His name is the old trail that you call Polk name. I will call in number first folks know when this when their living only only age out there hope you know that you know if you're sinful seeming way you Grail grace. You know that and you need a kind, gentle pastor to tell you my friend my friend look to the Lord, don't don't do that don't don't get caught up in those thing and he says with all long-suffering and doctrine. The doctrine offering of God's word was that what is that Dr. is the doctrine that man is a sinner born in sin raised in sin love sin and then that Christ died for sinners.

I'm I'm just getting started on this new study this morning. The reality of the coming of Christ.

Maybe we didn't get much going accomplish this morning, Dan. But with Monday morning we get back at the Martin County get elevated little bit in the word and you pray for who you do that asked the Lord for the trailblazer. I have so many friends out there hit me with the broadcast.

Many of them pray for me and I often tell you if you have someone termed Lee Elam sickbed.

Maybe let me know will send you one of our radio acquired CDs of old blood song that they can play with my friend this is the old trailblazer about this written remember my mailing address trailblazer, PO Box 18, Tian Walker, LA 70785, goodbye till tomorrow.

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