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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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November 10, 2020 1:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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November 10, 2020 1:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series The Second Coming of Christ

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This is the old trailblazer broadcasting.

This is pastor Abba Pindar as pastor here at radio missions were the gospel goes out on a regular basis or the late pastor LR Shelton was a pastor and founder of this work, many, many years ago and left us a heritage of the gospel, and we praise the Lord for he used to be the trailblazer now. The pastor Pindar versus old trailblazer being here with you several years now bringing you study after study what little the Lord gives me to bring you and I praise the Lord forever one of you who write me.

Let me hear it for hear from you that you listening and for those who love are thankful for these broadcast. You just can't imagine how many folks call me and tell me how appreciate these messages and some hit me with the broadcasts on were not able to. And then folks tell me they have all sick folks on the sickbed but limits a folks disgrace to know the Lord. Integration of the Lord. I told you till the day old trailblazer pastor Shelton used Rado Danny had to sound effects with company clopping along the horse and rode wherever any often time was a well Dan you know I just been the thinking and then he would go home into some subjectivity. Been thinking about saw this morning. I tell old Dan Dan.

We just I just been the thinking how gracious the Lord is to give us all of these benefits over there in Psalms 103 Dan it says thank the Lord for all of it. Forget not all of his benefits. I wonder if you folks you for you folks who listen to the old trailblazer. Many of you are gracious. Folks write me some of you let me know.

You listen, but are you thankful for his benefits. Are you thankful for gracious wife, my friend are gracious husband, my lady friend or children. You know we had. We live in. In a in a cruel world when our children are bombarded on able hand by the things of this world. All of the stuff that they see and hear any in the illicit drugs are on the market now so freely in our schools and in their perversion. This goes all now and although St. but do you think the Lord for you folks.

My friend and then Indian. If you have those kind of problems I have folks who call me let me know.

I'll be bread to pray with you and talk with you about it. Oh, my friend. I've been blessed my family. I haven't ever had. Those things would go drugs and alcohol problems that many folks have what I praise the Lord for what we looking at this study now on the second coming, or the soon coming.

The imminent coming of our blessed Lord we were looking there yesterday and when we signed off we was asked in the Lord to forgive these folks for making fun of the second coming of Christ. Now let's turn to Paul's letter to the church at Rome as he rise under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. He says for we know that the whole creation groans with an travail lift together in pain. Until now, and not only did they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan with NRC or waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body go there and read Romans 822 read that whole chapter. If you will. My friend, if you put your ear to the bosom of this old earth which is being rocked today with wars and bloodshed, pestilence and violence so non-Asian earthquake you hear the morning the splash of tears, the stalking of tragedies, the hearts of suffering, anguish, sorrow, Hardee's confusion and lamentation. In other words you hear and feel that this whole generation groan is an travail is in pain together on tiptoes of expectation waiting for the coming of our blessed Lord, I know, I know that many folks have no clue what I'm talking about. I know that many folks are not interested in those same and I noted when I thought about the coming of the Lord folks will think that you stand out in the big road looking up into the sky.

No sir that's not what I'm told about unsolved about that quiet searching the Scriptures looking for the Lord on a daily basis. My friend, a holder, the whole earth.

Now praise God from whom all blessings flow. When the Lord God from heaven shall decision with it with that mighty host. I told old Dan. We just been a thinking then I've been thinking about that great host of folks I don't know much about those things is coming in the future. Don't know a whole lot mostly just wasn't right in front of my eyes but I believe that would be a great host then shall creation breaker bands of corruption and be delivered delivered into the glorious liberty of the son of God, brother, sister, my friend.

I hope Goliath. In his return. Can you imagine Dan how we would be if they Lord we had no promise of his shoe return, what kind of hope would we have be like a dead dog on the interstate would no hope you know we got folks religious folks. They call himself, who believe that there is no such thing as a second coming.

They bobbed out.

I talked to a group of ladies of the day. Stop by my house you know they are and I and and when the gondola car. I spoke to do this one lady in the I just said how you doing. She said I'm doing great. I symbol when did you start to be in great object, being facetious, she said, well, I'm being great because I'm looking forward to my live on this earth, I said was you look I'm looking forward I'm looking for the Lord to come. She said will live on this earth is an renewed earth. I said all lady and she started to get me some litter to us that you don't like to get me that lady. My hope is in Christ, not in that in that whatever you push and I was kind to in general to another lady got on the car and I said well I guess usual reinforcement Isaiah stress and later you say what you will and you and you and you I sit or use are you say what is your hope. What is your hope will she stumbled and staggered and said we go live on this earth. There is going to be re-created. All that I say will the Bible tell me this earth. Don't be destroyed by fire so anyhow that's just another story for another time my friend, don't let those folks come in and leave y'all at literature. It is not any good for anything less.

Listen, but I hope Goliath in the return of our blessed Lord.

That's the hope of the church that the hope with the believer and Alice talk about the church. A meeting you know what a church is my friend. I'm not told about a big cathedral with a tall steeple and fast stained-glass window that is not a church that did the building a church is a group of called out. Individuals may be two or three may be 100.

Although I had a man called me not long ago.

He said Pastor we have 30,000 members in our church. We have 24 pastors on staff and I say well as any of them getting saved.

He said all we have 100 decisions every Sunday. I said my friend. I don't really care about your decision domination.

You is anybody getting saved, being saved is a VED redeemed brought to know the Lord is anybody being awakened to the fact that they are sinful and need to be converted and brought to know the Lord in the forgiveness of their sin. Well, he had to go plow the back 40. But my friend, I understood understood what he stole about big church. 30,000 members.

I had a friend of mine to fill the days that I like to go to big church because it can detail the pastor can't tell if you don't come over Sunday night and that something you not a Christian spirit, my friend. All that's what we have out there.

My friend would listen.

The soon coming all the imminent coming of our Lord is the hope of of of every born-again believer take that away and we are hopeless we were in the dark millions with no lie, brother, sister.

This battle staying in since God earth will be delivered one day only when the Lord comes. Then I hearts I hearts euros in mind if you know the Lord come, Lord Jesus, come quick.

That's a prayer I believe of it reborn the Glenn Billy I don't mean it. We don't go about our job do our work, take care of our homes, our family, I don't believe that I'm not don't mingle go off on a tangent now, but underneath it all in the underlying when you get quiet at night or when you like I do go on the back porch in the evening time when the sun setting go back there and in just think a little bit. I have a little pond in the back of my place and I go back there and even I have used the little shack back there covered with a swing and some chairs I go back there in the late of the evening we had blown across that little pond and I just sit there and meditate. Folks think I'm back there just passed with no no, I have little golf cart that I don't walk too good anymore and I ride back to the golf cart and just get on that little she had in swinger in a chair in and watch a feast jump out there sometime in think the Lord you ever do that if you don't that's a good habit, my friend. You know the Lord take time out. Take time out to the think the Lord we spoke last time in our mission about giving thanks for all of the Lord's benefit. Since this do they list.

This resolve in our hearts to begin to be thankful you know we living in an unthankful country. I folks don't think the Lord I go out need.

Often time especially before my wife got sick we go out to restaurant eat and not hardly ever see anybody giving thanks to a table once in a while you would, but not very often know and in you. If you do it they think you can broke out of the zoo Osama. Listen, listen, my friend, on the other hand, Christ child longs for that coming talks about praise about no born-again believer is ignorant of the second coming of Christ because he before the Lord ever say using he's afraid that Christ would come before you say then, when we turn to the 15th chapter, first Corinthians we find that every verse is like a string of pearls. One flashes forth the brilliancy of his coming. Some golden daybreak Lord will come.

We find here that the Lord is coming, going, awakened, ever, of sleeping believer out of the dust. In this chapter. Here we find the trumpets sounding we see the dead rising the living change. We see Christ the firstfruits in the resurrection, and then those who are Christ's at his coming did you ever stop and think my friend that there can be no resurrection of the human body, until the Lord comes.

He who denies the second coming of Christ denies the bodily resurrection of the believer of his own bodily resurrection view teaches that Christ comes only at the death of believers. What travesty, my friend. No wonder that the church is lost her hope and in lost our zeal for souls and her glory in our power.

No wonder the church is settled.

Sit down to a mere profession. Institutionalism in the show and the sham and to pretense and hypocrisy if the Lord should walk in the poem the scene today.

He would cry as in the days of old, old, ye hypocrites, scribes and Pharisees, ye have compassed Earthsea and sky to make one proselyte to your religion. And when you have you have made him to for more the child of hail then you say remember my friend. I Lord is coming though trailblazer I wish I could sit down by the side in the visit with you little bit there in your home. No matter what is in Grand Rapids, Michigan or Holland Michigan are up there in the waiver.

All my friends all over the Maryland and all of place Roanoke Virginia West Virginia we have folks in all of place and I asked him to show to write me call me let me hear from you. And remember to be back tomorrow with another message on the soon coming soon coming. Someone asked old pastor one day, said when is the Lord coming. He said when the last one of God's elect is brought into the fold. That's when I Lord will come back and I believe that too with all my heart and then remember though trailblazer to address the old trailblazer PO Box 1810, Walker, LA 70785 and my website radio until next time, goodbye and God bless you. If you miss part of today's broadcast all would like a recording the old trailblazer broadcast is now available for download to your phone to your iPad or computer via podcast.

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