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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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October 30, 2020 1:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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October 30, 2020 1:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series The Second Coming of Christ.

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This is a old trailblazer broadcast old pastor Pindar is coming out with another message. You know, no trailblazer. Sometimes I get the gist of thinking your old trailblazer Pastor Shelton once in a while you say you know Dan, I'm just been a thinking and old trailblazer Pandora. Sometimes I get the blank and I like to go out on the back porch and even time and just get to thinking and what I praise the Lord. Ill Dan in all week. Now he only trailing get, weariness Friday morning and we gotta get back. Now I get home, get ready for sale. For the Lord's day. Dan get you back there in the morning get you some fresh aliens old and clean up a little bit, get some fresh clothes and get just get ready. Don't you like to do that, my friend. I do, but we looking at to study on non-on the soon coming of our Lord with their now looking at this it is in the New Testament, how that the prophets of old, men of old spoke of the second coming of Christ but Wendy. When we we give their now or into the New Testament we see the wise men wending their way from the East looking for that infant King, we saw that in our last study. Lord grew up in the manhood and he said I will come again. He speaks of his second coming, and he tells the disciples I'm going in a far country, and coming back in an hour. When you think not.

It may be it evening and maybe we saw that in our last study.

But listen then again I Lord declares he will come as the King of glory to sit upon the throne of glory.

It may be in a blaze of the morning to midnight darkness would be ready. I was, I thought last.

Yesterday thinking of being ready for the return of the Lord in the last discourse given to his disciples on Mount Olive. Christ tells them of the multiplied wars of famine and pestilence and shattering earthquakes, false prophets, deceitful worker, and then distress of nations, one man's heart shall fail him for fear.

Don't you see that now, my friend. Whenever hand men and women dying with heart trouble, but he said watch. I'll come as a lightning that shines from the east to the west with all my holy angels.

He declares to be in the bed and one shall be taken and the other left to shall be in the field one shall be taken, and it was a live then that night of all nights.

As he sat with his disciples at the Last Supper ate the feast of the Passover with them instituting the Lord's supper. He noticed that they were trouble.

They seem to want to talk with them about their troubled hearts. They didn't understand all.

It was taken place. Neither do you. And I my friend but they knew that they were facing in our that they had never faced before everything was uncertain to them. Everything was climaxing climaxing, so to speak to that tragic lower then he turned to him and said with all the tenderness and pathos of a heart of love that went out to those he was soon to leave. Let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me. Then it seemed that he really desires no doubt towards heaven and continued in my father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would've told you. I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am, you may be also. Oh, I wish you'd go there my friend over the weekend. Now and read at 14 chapter John goes and read it in its entirety.

He says there I will come again what companies I will receive you, what words that were received means to take it by force.

In other words I'm coming back someday and at an appointed time talking to his his own. I'm going to kidnap you out. Take it by force out of this world, I'll take you on the myself and that where I am, you may be also. Shortly after this he, which he was betrayed in the garden by one of his disciples, Judas is care my friend. I've spent many hours thinking about Judas Iscariot old, my friend. He says they brought in before the judges he was betrayed there for 30 pieces of silver and then you know the story is his. His heart got a hold to them.

His conscience got a hold he went out and hung yourself my friend. You know that in the end it all. I've known a few people who have done that committed suicide, and they left no city ended all but no my friend, they didn't end it all. He just began it all to go out into eternity in them and are in a suicidal whatever disgrace my friends all woodlot listen listen, they brought in before the judges. There he stood in the morning, mocked, spit upon, put a rope around his neck led him to the light as a lamb to the slaughter standing down the threshold facing death as a substitute. Let's talk about that a moment do you do you have a substitute for your sin. Did you know my friend. Some of you been listen to me. Hearing me for quite a while and I believe that you know the verses is that of the Scriptures much more than I will and I believe you understand that man is a sinner by nature. Maybe it's dawned upon you that you will center a lost sinner Porro Law Center out there with no hope is that you this morning.

Did you know what I bring you a bring your hope there is a substitute.

My friend ever, ever individual has to have a substitute what you mean by that pastor somebody to pay that price somebody to to pay the of the appointed price your octave this little story I told it was throughout this after the Civil War up there in Tennessee. The Nelson South war was over and bunch of the southern soldiers had been arrested for treason crossing over the line doing those same and it was five of them sentenced to be shot at daybreak the next day or two, and this one man was an elderly man in his 50s lady and he had a you some down in South Alabama.

He had a wife and five children back down little deformity on any other young man there little officer I guess a little private maybe someone told me the stores.

It was a true story. Should this young man and known as old man quite a while you will restore knew his life knew that he had a wife and children.

So ended the Indy morning preceding hours he went to is the captain. He says Sir I know it's unusual but cannot take over Joe's place. He's got a wife and five children. The war was over, they could go home if it was all right. He said I can't do that let you die for him.

I had to get some I a lot higher than I was. A story goes, he got that permission in this young man stood there that morning with those of the four guys needs shot him executed by far fire on a very weird him over there like the due diligence little Jill go home to his wife and children later on after children got pretty being grown up.

He told him one day.

Never had mentioned that to nobody. He said I want Joe to go in the upstairs Tennessee Windows old graveyard. They found no place in found this boy's grave grown up with the bushes and briars and stuff. No man took out his pocket knife and started cleaning back to grave clean off the headstone so you can see his name and he went to Groton said this young man took your dad's place in that foreign squad right over there city took my place. He is a substitute for mean all the children gathered around him and begin to cry and weep data told him that story my friend. I can tell you story better than that whole lot greater than that, my friend. That may bring tears to your eyes but my Lord took my place there on Calvary's cross. He said I came I came that you might have live. He said father forgive them. They know not what they do. He said it is finished talking about my redemption. Did you know this morning.

No trailblazer O passed up in dollars not 1C in my friend.

I was a sinner, a great sinner sinner by choice sinner by birth sinner by God's decree, but not this morning. Not one sin registered again so trailblazer folks get so mad when I tell them that the self-righteous deviled which is no see in my friend one because he said father forgive them. They know not what they doing.

He took my place, wrote my name down there and my friend this morning. This morning I have a substitute he's my Lord and my Savior, the King of Kings and Lord of lords in one day.

One day, is that Scripture we read says he's coming he's coming again.

I don't believe is going be long. I believe it will be a one bright shiny morning. Graves will be open old tunes will be busted open as cry will go up that shout. I don't know what that shout will be you don't either. But there be a shout to get everybody's attention. Yuri Combs coming in glory, my friend. I don't know how to I don't know how to do anything.

My friend oh we hear that voice Angel announcing listen will. He said he'll come as a King of glory. Sit upon the throne and in this he said, is lightning that shines from the east to the west to be in the bed and one will be taken of the left onset be some that's a night of all nights. My friend not going to try to go there this morning. We wait till Monday to get started in their believe me just ask you this morning are you saved are you are you washed in the blood. We sing that song here.

Are you washed in the blood. Are you flawlessly in the blood in the soul cleansing blood. The Lanham all your Garmin is spotless all day.

Why did Ed snow. Are you washed in the blood of the land. I am my printer you are you you make fun of the trailblazer don't do that, my friend. I love you, I'm just bringing you the love of God, all the love of God that passes knowledge. My friend, why would the Lord level sinner like open doors. I don't know. I don't know but elected me before the foundation of the world set his love upon me, and wrote my name down in the Lamb's book of life is your name written there my friend.

My knees, oh what that great white throne judgment. He's going to call that recording Angel up and he's gonna say look up there and see if so-and-so's name in the book and angels they know will serve my Lord is not there. He said cast him into outer darkness.

My friend, that's real to me that this is realism sit nearby on this microphone and I hope it is with you when you sit down right so trailblazer and tell me how the Lord saved you. Can you do that Scripture tells always be ready to give an account that the hope we have within us and I don't have any trouble doing it. You call me out. Do you have the Lord save me. I do that was nobody on radio though.

I asked you to test your pastor do that you got a godly pastor yesterday one day tell me to be a blessing preacher tell us how the Lord saved. We don't want to hear how you shook some preachers hand in and made a decision for Jesus. We don't hear that you want to hear how that you were awaken to your loss condition come to see yourself as sinful and lost and doomed in Nam and the Lord said mercy upon you and brought you to them kneeling at his feet, cry, Lord, Lord, help me Lordů Oh, preacher, Lord, if this young preacher Lord Hipp opened August would you pray for me.

I asked you, would you do that, would you just pray for no trailblazer pray for my family my children my congregation here radio mission where we bring you the gospel truth. Day by day.

We cut we will be back next week same time same station about 100 station and I love to hear from you write me, let me hear from him. It was about to send me a dollar to dollar whatever this picture Mark Baskerville needs this picture Mark Simpson pictures he would know what he thought of as a similar picture George Washington and Alexander Hamilton and Andrew Jackson and all of and then remember though trailblazer to address the old trailblazer PO Box 1810, Walker, LA 70785 and my website radio until next time, goodbye and God bless you

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