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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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October 29, 2020 1:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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October 29, 2020 1:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series The Second Coming of Christ.

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This is the old trailblazer broadcast.

This is pastor of a pendulum still trailblazer riding out again on Rodin, Dan Modell's go and get up, get getting your laser thing.

I know you, we're a little bit of an old trailblazer is to show you in this thing together will bring you the study now, folks only soon coming. The imminent coming of our blessed Lord, and we look in there in the Scriptures how that the prophets of old amenable book of the coming of the Lord and wish we saw that in our last 30 blessed look again from across the centuries comes the voice of the old prophet Zechariah who testifies that the Lord is coming coming with all of his saints, and that his feet in that day shall stand on the Mount of olives fulfilling that promise that this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as you have seen him go into the heaven, we bring you the study on the certainty of his coming. We we're showing you from God's word is not a myth is not a figment of our imagination is God's word.

This is says he went away from Mount Olive you come back to Mount Olive one day his feet shall stand on the whole Mount of olives from when she went back to glory our crime. The born-again believers cry is this morning tonight.

Whatever Lord Jesus, come now, come quickly, as with the old apostle John said one then when we opened the book of Malachi, another one of the old prophets of God.

The last book there in Old Testament we don't we don't see our Lord as the suffering servant as a crucified one in his first coming, but we see him now in his second coming as a son of righteousness, rising with healing in his wings.

The greatest thing in this live is to know him and then to wait for him at ease, one of the things here at the old trailblazer broadcast our radio missions ministry. One of the things that we don't go to see you don't know what I'm told about is that it be a preeminent is that this is God's word and believe it to be saved old but my friend the greatest thing we hardly ever go through of service without mentioning the greatest thing in this life is to come to know the Lord you say will trailblazer what he what you mean by that. Woody what are you speaking though we hear these preachers now own radio and television, and he don't mention anything about knowing the Lord.

They gave do all these Bible studies on Ruth and Naomi and in all of those things in tied into knowing the Lord what you talk about what I'm talking about that man is a sinner to scripture teaches and preaches that man comes into this world of sin or sinful alienated from God separated from God because of sin, it teaches us that Satan is the god of this world old serpent the old wireless serpent is the Prince and the powerless Aaron. He has every individual in his natural state blinded to the fact that he's a sinner, blinded to the fact that he has no hope blinded to those thing and will be as long as he lives on this earth until and unless the Holy Spirit of God comes. There since thereby, the hope by the Lord God himself and reveals to that so that's what he does. He reveals opens up, opens his eyes pull to scale back from his eyes and lets him see less me see that I was a sinner. A lost soul wandering around in this dark and sin cursed world with no hope, and with no joy, no peace old but my friend, so we see of the greatest thing in this life is to come to know the Lord. In reality and in wait for him for his coming from heaven wait for his return. When the New Testament opens, we hear the voice of angels singing announcing that the Messiah has been born.

We see the wise men wending their way from the east, looking for the infant King.

The child Jesus the King of the Jews. Christ grows in the manhood walks over to the jute over the Judean hills along the shores of the Sea of Galilee and up and down the streets of Jerusalem we hear him proclaiming I will come again. He speaks of his second coming in and open discourse.

He tells his disciples I'm going into this far country, but I'm coming back in an hour. When you think not. Maybe an evening may be when the sun is sinking in the Golden West. It may be at midnight. Everything is pushed in the sleep.

It may be at the Cox growing in the wee hours of the night or it may be at morning Don, but watch or you know not the hour that Son of Man coming.

He was constantly saying watch and be ready for you know not what hour may return the old trailblazer here.

The thrust of this ministry did I bring you is to warn you to flee from the wrath to come, that you know not what hour you may come. You know, tomorrow is not promised today. You may be right in the prime of life in the fullness of life. But tomorrow is not promised my friend I know folks don't take heed to that folks are not frightened by those thing, but I hope you are. I see I'm a realist. I tell you all the time I face reality day by day and I see this present world that we live in here were I live folks are being killed on the highways folks are being shot down on the street folks are just just died and going out into eternity.

And if that in the obituary columns in our local papers for pages, almost every morning of people who have died and gone on out into eternity.

My friend they went out into eternity.

They went out and and I know I know that we we have a culture now that nobody goes to hail.

I know that old they get on me for saying that folks get on rail me for saying it, but my friend, I'm a realist. The soul is seen as a child I after that the judgment there is none righteous, no not one. And my friend.

You don't see anybody. I don't see anybody. I don't know anybody hardly that. So concerned about their soul.

I see folks concerned about their 401(k). Then I see the world over there in the Middle East being torn up body those purple people are behaving our people and and and and doing all I see those thing but I don't see anybody the they have news news people now news companies, cable companies, 24 hours a day seven days a week for nothing but news of the world happening but you don't see anything I have never seen 1 Section Pl. where they talk about men all to repent. I don't see that I don't see not one iota to of anybody being warned to flee from the wrath to come. I don't know I hear some of these root of evangelist sometime on Sunday night and Marie on the TV on the radio but they don't talk about death hail individual gravy. Talk about all of those things is pleasant. They talk about their trip to the beats it to took Saturday to over there on the coast somewhere and you talk about the going to Jerusalem to see the old stones over there this fall the veil down to see all of those sign my friend, you don't hear anybody talking about their soul.

So I asked you. I know I know that I will trailblazer old pastor. Novus I know that basically alone voice crying, repent I know that I'm net my friend. I realize that in the Lord is given me this desire to send out the gospel. You know when the Jonah went through Nineveh.

He was alone, voice he he rebelled against the Lord, the Lord sent them back to Nineveh there about in the way of Baylor efficient billing and coffee him up there on the shore and he went into Nineveh. He only had one message that's what I have is one message repent and turn to the Lord before it's too late. Old Jonah went in there. The said that the Scripture says it, Nineveh was a city of three days journey. Now I don't know what that meant illicit menu can walk three days across but anyhow he went through their crying 40 days 40 days, you know, that was grace 40 days know it was a man of God gave him the authority and the instructions how to build the ark. There any gave him 120 years to preach the gospel.

All my friend let me just dwell there for a moment hundred and 20 years. Noah preached the gospel building that those I have no clue as to how they done it, how they did it. I don't know how they did it may be, you know you can call me and tell me I don't know they had no solid meals or whatever they must ahead, chop annexes, and thanked do the timber wit it was a wooden boat to witness math steel factors. Although sent but the Lord gave him a commission to preach the gospel. He kept proclaiming the fluids coming floods, just like the old trailblazer day after day. Time after time, I bring you the message turn or burn, repent or perish, my friend. That's no joke to me, that's no fair tale to me turn or burn. If you never get saved know my my friend if you never get saved you going to hail. There's no two ways about it. You can deny it will make no different, but old, my friend, my friend. I believe I have time to tell you that old know it will be alone at boat and I fantasizing imagine is located in the neighborhood. There was always down there watching them and he tale is designated Mr. Noah built at boat, he says, gonna rain never had rain before any days since they wave down a bore little man's a kook. He's no kook like no trailblazer, but you have longtime longtime he is longtime when they started raining, started raining little boy today.

Mr. Noah city gonna rain it is raining. He should all come on up the on the portable, he said, but daddy Luke looked old boat oboe down into it doors close event down at the Colonial door including water got up on the porch, owning a house go upstairs. Water got up there water got on the roof water got an attic. The altering I can imagine my friend. I know us fairytale maybe, but I can imagine the people screaming old they had never seen water before come up in their houses wherever they were my friend. Can you just the Bible is the Bible is true. My friend the water covered the earth ever mountain never treetop ever peak the nuts thing sticking out of the water. My friend, all of those days rain the night the heavens were broken up, the earth was broken up.

The CD was broken up just like it's going to be here with the wrath of God. My friend all I wish I could describe the wrath of God.

The Scripture says that the Lord is angry with the wicked ever day my friend, you did you ever admit that you, a wicked sinner old trailblazer Saul one day that he was a wicked sinner loft and on the road to hail the Lord gave me grace my friend the Lord has grace, he says he's not willing that you should perish. He said my grace is sufficient here.

He'll save you. He said I'm gone that you might have live with my friend focal way that are you one of those folks, it will have it you rather sit there smoky pipe drink and beer speech. You could sit on the porch and scream at those related to go to hail all my friend. I love you so, how long my friend will you tarry, how long, and that'll Lord how long will you wait, how long will you be gracious with my family, my children, my grandchildren, my love.

Once my congregation Lord, don't let him go. Lord, don't let them go. Lord, Lord, come down the mercy seat old old trailblazer gonna be true to you. So my friend was you like it or not, would you have.

It was a broadcast you enjoy the services you pre-Salem may not enjoy, but do you appreciate them. Remember a mailing address so trailblazer PO Box 1810, Walker, LA 70785 and my phone number area code 225-664-8658. Goodbye. May God bless you

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