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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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October 26, 2020 1:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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October 26, 2020 1:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series The Second Coming of Christ.

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This is the old trailblazer broadcast.

This is Pastor I'm up and Doris pastor here at radio missions were the boss of truth broadcast originates trailblazer originates. We have our 11 o'clock service on Sunday Bob school worship hour Wednesday night Sunday night all those on the Internet should live streaming, and now we have radio missions radio a new facility that we have that you can hear all over the world. If you have a computer and this is the old trailblazer passed up and Doris, we were this born Monday morning.

Yes had a gracious day yesterday.

The Lord blesses and I praise you Lord for each one of you who hear these messages and let me know that your listing and for you listening from any just gives me encouragement. I like encouragement, don't you thought you like to be patted on the back once in a while old trailblazer.I like provoked as a you to appreciate the rocket don't pump out arts GS and $on combat the reality that folks appreciate good sound gospel preaching, and I know that I do I recognize I can recognize almost immediately when I hear a preacher, pastor, evangelist, I can recognize I believe you can win some first sincere T.

There's a great need now sincere T in our pool. We have so much going on a lot. I don't want to get hung up on this morning we have so many folks who are preaching for the money to good salaries now. I read in the paper were this great evangelist so-called son of a great evangelist, especially drawing $800,000 a year salary of my friend, that's not that's not the way the Lord operates under what takes money and I believe pastor should be paid no trailblazer done root node not take a salary from radio mission never have Lord blessed me many years ago was a successful business and I retired from and gave me. It gave me a note of small income that I'm able to to survive and and I appreciate that in a blessing to me not have to take a salary out of this ministry, but I believe passes are to be paid. Let's put it like it, but not exorbitantly fully coming back this Monday morning we began last week. A study on the this the soon coming of our Lord as we want to call it. Folks can say whatever they want to second coming. Although sign and but I just call it the soon coming the soon coming of our blessed Lord we saw there. The fact of his coming now today we want to begin on the certainty don't you like to be sure. Don't you like to be certain own thing.

Everywhere you turn today. The second coming, the soon coming of our Lord is the denied and made fun of and laughed at and scoff is no longer the blessed hope of the church. All my friend. We have gotten away we've we've bedraggled the truth down some but did we both go to service now go to church, that they don't go to hear all that gracious thought the Lord soon coming they go now to be entertained with the all of the petty things he goes on to him. Movies in the church house. They have cantatas and plays and no signs and I'm not going to get on those things at this time but my friend no longer usually is the blessed hope of the church looking for the Lord looking for Lord you hear anybody in your church.

Speaking of the Lord's coming soon. I tail my folks here on out I don't do a good job of it but I tell folks look up look up our redemption draws now that's our hope that the Lord is coming, and and I believe coming soon. I told folks recently. I believe I still believe and when the Lord comes, it may be a stretch but we don't know no one.

No, not even the Lord new one when he was coming back to her.

No, listen, listen, but the church now being married to the world loving the world fashioning herself out of the world falling out of the world. Why should she look for the return of the Lord. But bless the Lord, those who are married to Christ are looking for he is coming and we can say with the apostle Paul that we love his appearing. Now let me stop you for just a moment.

I know that I speak to a lot of folks, church members, religious people I know that what is your hope up there and in Sweetwater Tennessee Nashville Tennessee Knoxville Memphis up there in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Yazoo city, forever.

My friend, what, what is your hope is it to just live a long life and and put away money for your children's education in an those kind of things is at your hope, my friend. No, God's child, hope is the soon coming of the Lord to see the Lord.

I know that we live day by day in a fleshly world. I know that we have to live in in feed our families and attend our business and take care those things. But my friend, that's not our eternal hope to live as long as we can. You know, man is living longer now they say and in the used to date the claim is because a lot of things but I believe my home personal feeling is I've raised on a farm and worked hard all my life and my dad did and grandpa and name did I believe folks are living longer now because I don't work hard.

You know my dad cut logs in the woods and his dad did. And no, they didn't live long that in the other hundred and five sewer lady of the daily or hundred and five years old still driving her car. Hope I don't leader on Highway but my friend that's not my hope to live a long line. My only hope is that I might be open about my father's business as long as he leaves me here to give out the gospel. I know I know that the Lord ordains that the preaching of the gospel is foolishness on demand, but my friend the Lord ordained it. That's how men are saved.

The Scriptures tell us, you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. That's what we doing here we call our broadcast on Sunday. The voice of truth. That's right, the voice of truth and we are criticized for that might've told you told someone I had a man wrote me from over there in Alabama somewhere. He started off his litter box and sent you the voice of truth. You could smell the sarcasm all automatically soon as I opened the envelope.

You can tell it my friend. He said since you the voice of truth. I have a question for you. But before I ask I have a college education a BA in a PAN and IMA and whatever. And a PhD pending, but my question is trailblazer who was Cain's wife and I read the letter over to three times slowly and I saw the sarcasm there and I saw the criticism there and I wrote them back and I said Mr. finally ran for your kind letter that just takes up my time, but I'll tell you my dad told me that a fool could ask the question, is a smart man couldn't answer, but I can answer your question.

Cain's wife was his sister know my friend, you can roll it over your heart and mind all you want to.

Cain's wife was his sister. You know of the women on the earth at that time so and I told him I said I don't have a BA and MA and a PhD pending, but I can answer your question never heard from again. I hope you, Lord, awaken them in saving my friendless go back bless the Lord, those who are married to Christ are looking for he is coming. You tell me that you saved and you not looking for the coming of the Lord on my tongue by standing out in the big road looking up in the sky not talking about that I'm talking about going day by day, night after night reading studying God word teaching you children God word if you got a young family and but listen, listen, my friend, we can say with the apostle Paul that we love his appearing every born again believer has no sympathy for the fellowship with anyone who seeks to explain away the second coming of Christ are with those who teach that the second coming of the Lord means the coming of the Holy Spirit. There are those who teach that the second coming of Christ meant the coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost and they do.

This was an open Bible before them. Now it seems to me that the Lord's own statement about the coming of the Holy Spirit all be sufficient. He said I if I go away, the comforter that is the Holy Spirit. If I go not away, the comforter will not come under you but if I depart, I will send him under you.

Christ definitely said if I go, the spirit will come. The coming of the Holy Spirit is the going of the Lord and the coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost was not the return of Christ back to earth again is so plain and simple, yet theological professors and teachers who boast of their scholastic training and scholarship and all their robes and spanked the listen. They sit in those so-called chair of learning and teach young preachers, my friend.

What a tragedy they teach this false doctrine that Christ came back on the day of Pentecost. How do you know that trailblazer because I hear these young preachers on the radio and on the television. I hear them spout out. These are erroneous doctrine. They failed to see the simple fact of truth that the presence of the Holy Spirit means the bodily absence of the Lord in that plane my friend in acts 111. Listen. These two men who stood by the stood by the apostle after Christ had gone back to heaven, said this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, so shall come in like manner as you have seen him go away into heaven.

Yes, thank you Lord. Praise the Lord. This same Jesus is coming again in that grace my friend you know that I don't continued with on religious professors in those thing. I don't contend with him. I don't. I just don't and I argue with no man. I don't debate the Bible is not made to debate the Bible is made to be believed not hold it up here in my hand behind my pool. And I say this is God word infallible, unbroken, verbally inspired word. Believe it and be saved. Disbelieve it and go to jail for your trouble and then I give both call me. Write me about this and I'm hard and mean and cruel and no blood and guts religion, no.

I'm just bringing you God word my friend. The Bible says this is his word. This is God word I hold in my hand. You can believe it and be saved. My friend on don't throw it away. Don't ridicule it. Don't Coso trailblazer on his old sinner saved by grace, and you home where you may be turned radio off and kicked out by now and going out and dictated.

But my friend the greatest things you will ever experience. If you ever do is to come to see that you will center law center loss pull sinner law center and its unit alienated from the Lord, according to God's word and that Christ came to seek and to save that which was lost on bring the omissions tomorrow on the Lord's day of the Scripture says in John T and Indian. I will come again.

I came that you might have life. I came that you might have life. Oh my friend to go read adversity believe is John T intense but this is the old trailblazer on back again after the after weekend Lord day in Lord, give us grace to trust him.

Folks are not concerned about the soul not medium. Some of our folks are not my friend. Would you just pray for the trailblazer.

I asked you daily on a daily basis.

Hourly basis.

When you when you have your prayer time whether it's private or open prayer meeting, I asked you we have prayer here since Sunday before worship time on Sunday night and we have a man who leads a prayer meeting and folks stand up and say Mr. Mr. leader I like to be prayed for. Unlike my family be would you do that and asked for the old trailblazer. I'm sure you have. If you are a Protestant church. I'm sure you have prayer meeting sometime of the day of the night of the hour. Whatever may be just two or three of you meet with the pastor in this study on Sunday and pray pray for the work.

Pray for those thing. I hope you do remember, though, trailblazer, love you. And remember, mailing address PO Box 1810, Walker, LA 70785 and model phone number here, here, code 225-664-8658 goodbye and God blessed so next time I'll be back in an and in the

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