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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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October 23, 2020 1:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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October 23, 2020 1:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series The Second Coming of Christ.

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This is the old trailblazer broadcasters bathtub up in doorframe. You know the study and God were we looking at the second coming of the soon coming of our blessed Lord for you get into the study I want to mention I failed to mention oftentimes about radio missions here. Our website is really and then we have radio missions radio which is broadcast thankful we have here and now you go to narrow our website and look it up.

Radio missions radio with 24 hours a day seven days a week and you can hear the whole gospel music and trailblazer in a classic sermon and then our regular services here all stream over the Internet and you and I forget many times to mention our radio Bible and bookstore. We have a gracious God will bookstore here religious books room if you want to call it that, and we have the old Puritan diviner virgins and Mac change in Whitfield and deals and bunions now have all those and I was glad sinew catalog.

If you like and folks are doing it and send my my. We didn't know you had a bookstore like this. Bless us, just call me if you like the discussant more bringing to the study on the second coming of the soon coming. I believe of our blessed Lord, let's look now at the fact of his coming in the sixth chapter of Genesis, we found there. The story of the fluid. There we see the gates of heaven opened the fountains of the great deep opened up, and every living soul except those in the arcade of Noah's family and his wife, and spam. Listen, every one of them swept away over the Russian terror of those seething waters.

We hear the voice of the son of God, saying, but as of the days of Noah, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be. Yes, as those floodwaters receded and as the Olar came down to rest upon the ground again. You could hear the voice of the son of God, as he stood there on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, as in the days of no so shall it be when the Son of Man comes. We see here even the flood proclaims the second coming of our blessed Lord, let the skeptic and the unsaved religion is denied, make fun of his coming. But thank the Lord. Praise the Lord is coming back to earth again one day in our lives can be too long, my friend.

Let's take a trip out to the Dead Sea were every wave of the briny deep roles over the spot where the cities of the plain Sodom and Gomorrah went down under the wrath and judgment of us in avenging God in their above the dips were the Baird cities live. Listen you can hear the voice of the son of God, saying as it was in the days of Lot. There is Sodom even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed that the Dead Sea, which is a burial place of that second dune of that doom. See with his indescribable vice in all of those things. It like we have much of the day.

Let it tell us that the Son of Man is coming a second time coming not only with grace but with vengeance. Yes, all down through the ages. We hear the voice crying.

The son of God is coming back to earth again coming to room coming to reign coming to deliver as men of all ages have looked for his coming. We still look as we hasten to that hour when we shall hear the voice of the son of God descending from heaven's glory, you know, I read some of the old Yvonne and they they thought that the apostle thought the Lord would come just shortly after he went back to heaven. But we know now it's 2000 years later and I still hadn't come, but that doesn't mean you not come Julius come. It is said that the things written in the Bible are for our learning, and fire. Examples to those who know the Lord.

So let us take a trip now to the land of Hebron were Abraham dwelt on the oaks there.

Then we see him before the break of day, leaving his home on a three day journey to Mount Moriah on top of that mountain is an altar prepared for this on Isaac lies down there on the altar. We see the uplifted knives ready to slay that unresisting soon when the voice of the Almighty.

Speaking from heaven with hold his hand bearing the thicket. He discovers a ram caught by his horns and his sacrifice as a substitute in the place of his son, Abraham raised his son from the altar in an act which typified the resurrection of our blessed Lord, then the sun. Isaac disappears from view. And Abraham returns home without him. The next thing we see is Abraham calling his old servant Eliezer are busy and go forth and find a wife or his son Isaac. This he does in fines.

Her at a well drawn water. Then he enters with her into the house of her brother Laban known as a fleshy man and take from the pack. Many precious thing sent from the father Abraham in the name of his son. He bestows those things upon her. She consents to be his bride.

He leaves her forth to meet Isaac and as he was talking to her about him as a travel along the way suddenly announce the son appears and coming forth to meet her and take her to himself that's Isaac, you know, a beautiful picture my friend 2000 years later. Now, on this very spot of Mount Moriah, the son of God offered himself as a sacrifice for sin. A substitute for sinners and on the third day he rose from the dead, shortly disappeared from view, but the Holy Spirit like Eliezer has come forth now from the father in the name of the song to seek for the Lord Jesus Christ a broad the caller by his name surely and slowly he is finding her at the gospel well. The well of living waters series calling her out to be the bride.

The Holy Spirit then enters our fleshly bodies as Eliezer entered the house or Laban indwelling the body of the born-again believer. He unfolds a Bible. The Bible he brings forth precious things and bestows them upon the believer which were sent from the father in the name of the song. It is interest in my friend also. He's leading us along the way of time talking to us of the absent bridegroom, the Lord Jesus Christ and how how do we like to sit and listen and walk and talk as a Holy Spirit bestows upon us precious things from the word of God calling us the apple of his eye. We wait for the coming of the son of God, and someday one day one of these given days on inherited unannounced. Suddenly he will come in the air to claim his own so we see here the story of Eliezer seeking a bride for Isaac and his coming forth to meet Rebecca.

The full type or prophetic's picture of the second coming of our blessed Lord, the bridegroom for his own. Do you see my friend. Do you see this picture, no matter where we open God's book from his pages, cross forth in no uncertain terms I will come again, then the heart of ever born-again believers echoes back these words come quickly, Lord Jesus, come as he waits the believer waits will one day he will come for us and he said he needs to his disciples on that night of his betrayal. I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you undermine the sale, a gracious promise that word were received means to take by force or literally kidnap yes he's coming. Are you ready let me stop your moment.

Maybe I'm getting into big a hurry.

Are you ready to meet the Lord. Can you say pastor trailblazer.

I know the Lord, I praise the Lord for his liver and an old sinner like me, you say that I'm just an old sinner, myself, oh trailblazer national Center just an old war out white-haired to child-centered saved by the grace of God we sing that song here saved by the blood saved by the blood all my friend, I failed to mention sometime we have nine CDs of viral relay are required. It was dismantled and Katrina, we have lots of them have no blood songs on the sale for five dollars apiece. I wish you'd see and get one and trot out lady call me today should send me one of them. Then I can pick out of I go to send me a list of songs on others. We did it, but list my friend listen. Behold, a bridegroom, that's what we don't hear GUI after meeting so is there in all in your lamp.

Is it trimmed. Would you be ready to rise and go forth to meet the Lord whom your heart loves and adores all would you be like those foolish virgins would you begin to cry. We have no all they will not burn their flickering they gone out there be left behind. All my friend and the door will be shut limitation. Some limited to stop your for moment, one day old Neu got through building our all animals know we did not go out and round up those animals know the spirit moved Everhart of ever animal camel elephant donkeys. Whatever they were be honeybees while Lucas all of those time came into the ark, and in one day. The Scripture says the Lord, shut the door to my friend that's that's the most terrifying words that I can bring you the what the Lord shut the door just so here this in the Lord comes, the door will be shut if you not prepared. If you not prepared to meet them. That door be shut.

I can picture that a lark out there sitting on dry ground ever had rainwater. Nowhere in the Lord shut that door. I pictured is a big door on the side of the lid down like some of the structure see on the highway to let that be go door down, but that door was shut. He didn't say Noah shut the door didn't see his knowledge of the door. The Lord should and I believe it.

Noah had preached there for all those years and many of those folks around her hip and build at all work making fun and laughing and hot and he and all that time Noah kept building building and preaching and preaching and building one day. One day bright shiny morning.

They looked up there on the heel without lark had been standing been working on it 120 years and that door was shut and mama see you know you know data that door shut on the side that a torque it's been open or long-term is shut, you know that door shut. This discrepancy was a matter that door should and then I think that day he began to rain begin the rain may be slowly little light drifting rain maybe was a storm. I don't know, but those folks in that neighborhood. They realized that door was shut. A lot of truth begin to take place in the heart right did moment right that very moment, Noah had told him, only Norton come home but they didn't do it. Oh, trailblazer been interceding for some of you for many years now. Come on into the ark, now let us reason together. The Lord said come now strive to enter and come home,, seek the Lord while he may be found no no you got other things to do in other places to go, but now that door shut. My friend one day will be shut here.

Oh, trailblazer will be inside. No more no more will cry no more pleading for you no more old, my friend. I'm running out of time but would you think about your soul needs few seconds would you think about your soul is going to spend eternity somewhere, either with the Lord or in the other place. My friend remembers oh trailblazer. Love you my mailing address still trailblazer PO Box 1810, Walker, LA 70785 goodbye and God bless you

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