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The Narrow Path 5/15

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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May 15, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 5/15

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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May 15, 2020 8:00 am

this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio!

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Good afternoon and welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast my Steve Greg and once again we are live for 1/2 an hour.

We have two half-hour segments. Some stations carry only have our son. All our most current whole hour and were glad to have you with us. Whatever portion you can be with us. It's a live program so you can call in and the purposes that you could call in with the many questions that you have about the Bible and the Christian faith you'd like to talk about. You can also call if you disagree with hosting on a balance comment and the number to call, but I will say this, our lines are full. I say this almost every day because it is true almost everyday but sometimes it's not and I don't say when it's not headset our lives are full right now. And yet if you take his number down and call in a few minutes you will no doubt have an opportunity before the hours over, or perhaps before the half hours over to to get in on the program.

The number is 844-484-5737 fax 844-484-5737 and our first because it is Rebecca calling from Washington DC hi Rebecca, good to hear from you again, thinking I call and listen to people in the top independent day.

Naturally, any Holy Spirit leading people to Christ every time I think about wondering about how we can interact with who really don't being interested or even hostile to Christianity), and anything you cannot naturally and wondering if you have guidance.

I how to deal with it, making it possible like bringing it up anyway. Right together there's not there's not one thing that you would always do except to always be led by the Holy Spirit, but I would suggest a general principle would be if if you found somebody to be hostile to the Christian. That is, they told you that they are because they they know your Christian way of showing hostility toward you, and toward your faith that I would say back down from you've Artie told him where you stand and then live that life of the for them so that they can be impressed Jesus said, let your light shine before men, so will see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

So the idea would be that if you can't talk to them then just live in front of them and show yourself to be well as as Paul put it, adorning the gospel by living a life that is clearly a good life life that anyone would feel when they see I should do that way to that person is better than I am in the way they live. Nothing you try to be better than they are.

But you show them what it is to be a follower of Christ. Now of course then they may ask more about it. That's if they ask. Then of course you're ready to give an answer to them. But if you already know, and they've expressed that they're not interested in hearing it from you while they at least know your Christian and then you know you just live like a Christian and don't be judgmental, and don't be unfriendly. But just be like Jesus and that a lot of people I think will run over by Jesus because he was as he was. Now if if the person is a hot is hostile to Christine but but they don't know the unitless to say you overheard them or maybe it's a professor college or something.

Speaking very hostile toward toward the Christian faith. I think there'd be good if you have any conversations with them about any subject for you to simply let it be known that you are Christian and and that if they ever want to talk to you about the reasons why your Christian you'd be glad to talk to them. If they say why don't talk about an irrelevant don't if they do want to talk with and that's an open door if when you talk to them you find that they are simply blocking everything you say because I don't want to hear it, then you may decide that your casting your pearls before swine. And Jesus said don't bother to do that, but you can't always be sure because sometimes people put up a bold front of resistance but they really are very insecure and the reason insecure is because they're not sure that you're not right. They don't want you to be right, but they are not entirely sure that you're not and and so they feel insecure they feel threatened and so make sure you're not threatening you might think that they're the ones who seem threatening because are so hostile that again nobody is that hostile toward a view they don't that that that there against unless differently insecure about their own view. You know I I don't mind if I talk to an atheist or Buddhist or a Hindu or Jewish does matter to me. I mean, I'd love to them become Christians. That's up to them between them and God. And I want to talk about Christ.

If the listen but I'm not threatened by their disagreement with me. And that's because I know why I believe. I don't think they know why they do and that's usually the case from his very hostile to appreciate very seldom knows why and when it comes down to if they ask themselves why it usually has more to do with something emotional on their part, a reaction to something emotionally about Christianity that they don't like, rather than some actual rational reason to not advocate because frankly, there are no rational reasons to reject Christianity outwards, or certainly, there is none to be hostile toward a person could reject Christianity not be hostile them.

I just am not convinced.

I'm not a Christian and not follow Jesus, but that's okay.

If you do, but it sums hostile toward they really are. It's it's an emotional reaction, not an intellectual one and probably that emotion is is a dead giveaway that they are pretty insecure they feel threatened that they have to they have to keep Christianity.

In such an arm's-length, lest it defeat them, and that in so many cases it actually does because it is true. Anyway, those are some thoughts. You know someone's actually a friend of yours or something of talk to and they said I don't hear about it within don't talk to him anymore about if someone you haven't talked to, but you've let you know there in your circle and I'm thinking particularly of like a professor in school or some like that date. They say things gives Christianity, and they clearly are hostile. I think that rather than lay low like you like you're afraid of them.

I think that you should some time in a very time when you target them to them about something else. And by the way, I'm a believer in Jesus. And if you ever interested in knowing why, I'll be glad to talk to about that statement can hardly be considered rude in okay Rebecca helped unless you buy our next colors. Deborah from Seattle, Washington Deborah, welcome to the narrow path. The other wash yes I know Pat that he dry and now get back to normal. All last week I am people talking about what your opinion about following the intent are barred like doubt, go where there are out there. Well this is been expressed out there and I've expressed a few times to have been asked that we don't talk on this program very often about coronavirus situation, but I'll be glad to address it.

I believe that a Christian is free to follow their conscience in in this particular matter because even though there are some governors who said that you can't go out and you can't do certain things well it's there's been many high ranking legal officials in this country of said governors don't have the right to say that I governors don't have the right to to inhibit your freedom of movement and your freedom of assembly and so forth. So those are constitutional rights, by the way, and in the governors don't have the right to simply preempt the Constitution unless it can be shown that is absolutely necessary and and are constitutionally if it is necessary then the interference with your constitutional rights. They say has got to be as minimal as it can be. In other words, if they say listen you know if your if you're susceptible or you've been exposed to somebody that you know had it maybe should stay inside you know if you're healthy and you are willing to stay some distance from people and maybe wear a mask, well then there's mission for a reason why you can't go out and about, you know, so we have in this country.

A few governors maybe more than I know of that I know about half a dozen who seem to not know what the Constitution is and they don't seem to know that they are not God that they don't own their subjects see people are not subjects of the governor.

The governor is the servant elected and hired by the people. He can be fired by them to the people are above the governors, but we have elected governors in order to administrate justice and law and things like that which is in the can for the common good. But when the government when the governors just decide I'm going to make up things as I go along. Things that deprive people of their rights and I'm going to punish people and threaten to punish people who don't you go with my whims will register the not acting within the authority of their governorship. So it's just like if I tell my neighbors kids to do something they don't have to obey me. I'm not the you know so governor who thinks he's God or she's God and says well I think you know I don't want anyone to do such and such a thing as an and in so many times it's transparently ridiculously stunning, to say, well, you can go out on the lake on a boat if it's a rowboat but you can't go out on the same lake in the same boat.

If it has motor on it. Once I got to do with coronavirus. It's obvious that somebody's governors are simply trying to see how much they can get away with in terms of their violation of the constitutional rights of their other constituents and I am not really sure why anyone would want to do that much. They were just really drunk on power, which is apparently what it what it would be because I can imagine a woman why would I ever tell anyone that they can't thought a motorboat if I mean if if I had the if I have the right to tell people that I never dream of telling people to do that because I don't have any interest in controlling people going when you meet somebody wants to control people's lives in in stupid ways like that this and it's not a rationally that's a stupid way is just try to say listen, I'm in power, and I want you to feed my ego by obeying me this all comes down to. In my humble opinion, and I don't think that governors or other elected officials have ever been elected for that purpose. So celibate now but but I will obey. I mean, I haven't had to disobey as far as I know anything here in California not California is one of the lockdown states, but I happen to live in an area in California where the restriction is not very great and I can go on every day and got on a walk.

Go to the mailbox or to the post office. The PO Box I go to the marketer cost if I need to. I mean I can, I can pretty much do everything I want to do everything except go to a restaurant recommended that if I want takeout food so you know I'm I haven't been really impressed by the situation. I haven't had anything that I've wanted to do that the lockdown has forbidden me to do, but I know that in some states in some parts the state like Los Angeles other stresses are much more severe and in many cases nonsensically.

So now, obviously, where there are outbreaks of the virus and a large number of people being affected, then it makes sense for the leaders to say listen, this is dangerous. Don't don't go out without a mask or don't go, no, I can't think of any reason why they could say don't got it all because is not a greater danger when you're walking around outside, then there is when you're in a house and that's I think shown statistically there's people are getting coronavirus who are staying at home lockdown and people who are out walking around who aren't getting it.

So you know we it's it's one of those things I believe is true. It was a true health crisis that arose when a couple months ago or so, and that the government wasn't quite sure what to do.

They have some very faulty computer models that told them this would be whatever it was 2.5 million people dead from it. I think this is more than that. Originally, and they just really didn't know what they're talking about the scientists who claim to be scientists and then I guess they are scientists, but there are actually bad ones, other computer models.

They trusted have never been right yet and they been way off in the in the sense of being much more alarming than what the reality has turned out to be so there's a lot of factors here while factors here and I'm not trying to say we should listen to doctors or scientists, but you know when we hear someone like Dr. Saatchi say some of the things he says which are, and we have a whole bunch of experts saying the opposite.

I think we have the right to say to Dr. Saatchi. Thank you Dr. I think I'll seek a second opinion. And yet the problem is that our country has not been allowed to seek a second opinion from them and and the man doesn't get his changes via several times and testaments and said opposite things from Lisa before, so let's face it, the leaders are confused and I think we should submit to what they say to do insofar as it doesn't interfere with something we need to do and you know if we need to do something we should do this as much within the guidelines as we can do when a trend from our nose or or rebel against the rules but frankly many of the rules been made by some who has no authority to make them so if I made rules for your family and you obeyed the rules I made you be doing so just out of consideration because I don't have any right to make rules for family so it's the same kind of thing. When the governors start doing things that only kings are allowed to do.

They need to be reminded there is something in this country called the Constitution and it is above the governors it's above the present.

It's above above the legislature.

The purpose the Constitution was to limit the powers of the government not to give powers the government and so a lot of people just have forgotten because frankly over the years our constitutional liberties have been eroded very gradually by several administrations and were just getting used to the idea that we treat our governors like Kings because they want us to. And there's there are some governors who are trying to be like Kings but there are some who deftly are, and they deftly want to be true that way.

And those are the ones who are simply like the bully in the schoolyard. They don't have any right to push around. They have the right to be governors don't have the right to be kings and so those of those are my musings on the subject, there's certainly more than that we have more callers waiting right. Does that answer your question okay. I think maybe was gone. Okay, let's talk to Jim from Los Angeles Jim. Welcome to the narrow path expert on yeah I think what country why the public by the so-called well there is there is some what we might call mild persecution and certainly some discrimination against Christians, but as I understand the tribulation. But Jesus spoke of is not just coming on like North America or something like that. I think that II think that the Christians in China and North Korea in very many places the world have suffered much worse. I mean like 100 times worse than what we've suffered here. I mean we have simply been told that we can't go to church. Although a lot of churches where liver just to start ignoring that at the end of this month, but the truth is nobody yet has been rounding up the pastors and putting them before firing squad or torturing them and things like that and that is what goes on and has known him for 2000 years to the church in many parts the world. Most of the time we live in a very favored bubble of freedom and immunity to persecution so that the system starts to treatments the way we don't to be treated. And I think we become very tender and easily bruised and I think that that we need to toughen up a little bit because frankly what's happening in America right now it doesn't resemble anything like what I think the tribulation is described right thank you, thank you for your call – okay this will be Bob from Hillsboro, Oregon.

Welcome to the narrow path optics for calling you want to meet Steve called the foreman to spend some time ago we actually met when you visited a small church in my house here in Hillsboro. My question today is is about the destruction of the Temple, and not that specifically was non-Matthew and Mark and Luke in the language that is used to describe the destruction and we get that language you we can compare to the language used in Daniel and and then when I read your read like in first Thessalonians. In the language that used in Thessalonians, yeah, I'm pretty sure is that about the end times or the second coming of Christ. But I got a second Thessalonians. My question is that doesn't language there seem to be more appear to be like the destruction of the temple and then didn't Paul writing to them about the second coming of Christ in which cleats assess your target. The first chapter of the second language in the first and the first chapter to me seems to be any of you know the impression of that of the Christians by the Jewish Jewish church at the time, and then in in second Thessalonians. The language seems to be similar to the language used about the destruction of the Temple in Daniel.

Well I get I don't know.

It seems like Paul is target the same thing in second Thessalonians as it first Thessalonians, he wrote these letters probably within weeks of each other and I'm a very short time after the first epistle he wrote second one and when he says, for example extent. Second Thessalonians 2 now concerning brother and the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to him, we ask you not to soon shaken, etc. etc. as if the day of the Lord had come now it seems to me that the people might have been mistaken with the day of the Lord was for something that's invisible and so some people were telling them the day has already come if they were thinking of the destruction of Jerusalem as the day of the Lord in this particular case it would be easy enough to for them to ascertain whether that had happened to me. Paul wouldn't have to give them special. You know theological insight about it in and talk of the things that have to happen first and so forth.

Because frankly, when Jerusalem was destroyed. That was a major victory for Roman that was proclaimed throughout the Roman Empire. So the Thessalonians would know very well whether the temple had been destroyed so that I don't think anyone now like I don't know why they would think that the day of the Lord, meaning the second coming would have, except there are people there's lots of people who spiritualize that and if they spiritualize it they might think about it when it came, that is not the way you're thinking that if there thinking of the destruction of the temple. I think that beats that wouldn't be something they could have any confusion about looking at that you'll need.

He refers to the man of sin, or the son of perdition, and why you know it because when Christ when he spoke about his second coming. It was always in the sense of he would come as a thief that there would be no no sign of his coming and ready to watch Paul doesn't give the politics of the son of perdition. He doesn't give it as a sign of the coming he's insane. The coming of the Lord can't come until these things happen. First, he doesn't say how much before hand. This will happen is to say there are some things that have to happen that haven't happened so don't let anyone tell you that the coming of the Lord is occurred and you know if were thinking of the man of sin as being a future antichrist in the last three and half years of the world and that he sits in the Jewish Temple and requires that people worship him as God, if that's what rethinking Paul's describing their then yeah that would be pretty close to the end assess if that's the scenario, but but that the man of sin it's it's been held through most of church history and let you say all of all of Protestant history. Anyway, the majority view had been that to the man of sin is not just an individual, but an institution or series of men so like if we say the president of United States, but we don't distinguish her twin we maybe talk about in the office of the present. The unit we might be time of the presidency as a whole from George Washington to the present. It depends.

There are the majority of Protestants have believed in for the last six centuries five centuries at least that that this is target the papacy, which is an institution of successive popes and so not not just one. And Paul says that the man of sin will sit in the temple of God. Paul never uses the term the temple of God to the Jewish Temple, but he does use the exact expression twice in prescriptions and in second Corinthians, where he says to the church. You are the temple of God's children rights of the church is the temple of God, as far as Paul is concerned.

So the man of sin will sit in the church in the temple of God and declare himself to be God, and there are a great number of people today, as well as all the reformers who believe that was reference the papacy, but only one view is overviews as written in the first chapter and it seems that will determine the need that he's talking about is coming on this for current and the people right then that there is retribution yes I know the Internet went right now understand this. That's why I thought when I got into the second and outlines usage different language than he did in his first letter in referring to this and, well, I don't think I I've never noticed it been that much different language as it is just different details but I mean there are those people who believe that all these references are referred to in A.D. 70. I don't think so.

I don't think the evidence in the past. I was actually looking for that online and see if I can find some commentary taking that you came up empty. So I thought when I give you a call and see what you thought about that right now I don't. I personally take the. The futurist view on this particular passage.

I believe it's part of the future second coming of Christ. Anyway, there are galaxy to Bob but there are a lot of people with cars to take a different view on that box always give you my understanding and you can then get second opinions. If you want to. I got to take a break here, but I'll be back with another half-hour were not going away.

So please don't you go I will call still waiting for the second half hour at even a line opener to your list into the narrow path radio broadcast.

My name is Steve Greg and we are live Monday through Friday were listener supported. If you'd like to help us pay the radio bills you can write to the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 go to our website where everything is free, but you condone it from the if you want I'll be back in 30 seconds.

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Greg welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast Steve Greg we are live for another half hour and were taking your phone calls number to call is 844-484-5737 if you have questions about the Bible of the Christian faith, feel free to give me a call the number 844-484-5737 now the lines just filled up take the number down and call in a few minutes and there'll probably be a line that will have opened up hopefully for you. All right were going to go now to talk to Steve from Bellevue, Washington Steve, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling. I know you reminded us many times in the Bible says it will experience tribulation needs unique time you recommended Psalm or chapter in the Bible and provide us with some comfort in lightning or prospective applicant reader contemplate or meditate on. Well, sure, Psalm 91 is always good for this kind of situation. Psalm 91 Psalm 37 is great and Psalm 34, though some life favorites in terms of promises of God and of course Frank will almost all the songs are great. Some of the Psalms they don't address the kind of situation were going through now that it's amazing how many of the Psalms. Do I would. I would suggest that as for different aspects of the present time. Psalm one Psalm two art are fantastic. I Psalm 19 as well Psalm 91 I mentioned Psalm 34 Psalm 37 Psalm 34 and 37 great Psalms from full of different promises from the end and and there are others, but if you let some to get you started absolutely okay thank you very much all right Steve, thanks for your call all right your next color is Travis from San Diego Travis, welcome to the neuropathic for calling good things all will only people you think you think all in the main that's a good question. I think most people learned and in some cases it goes along well with the temperament, which is you know but I will say this I I've never known why racism would ever be embraced. It's it's a form of hatred. It's a for a form of you know, irrationality, and I've never thought that hatred or irrationality should have a place in my mind and I've never had any use for it. I'm not sure why you would want them to write but then I always wonder about people why they do things and why they think the exam he always wondered why people took drugs I went through the 60s and 70s and most my friends use drugs. It never even crossed my mind to use him and the reason was I didn't want to cross my mind. I didn't want to damage brain cells so it never never could figure out why there were people who wanted to do that kind thing to themselves and II guy also can't understand why this people want to do racism to themselves because just makes them ugly mixer inside dark it's just it makes them haters. So why do it now.

I will say this, it's natural enough for people to notice visible differences in ethnicity, I mean Asian people look different than African people invented and all that different than Scandinavian people, and so forth.

Native Americans look different. There's there's clearly different looks that certain groups have and in no doubt that fact would fascinate many people.

That is to say it's interesting you know, I wonder what those people are like and they look different. I wonder if they're different than any other ways. Many times they are culturally different, and sometimes it's the cultural difference in people react to either positively or negatively.

I don't know but I would just say that what's in man and every man from birth is a self-centeredness and that we call it sin and as such there's also I think because of our sinfulness. Also, an insecurity and when people are not like us and don't seem to affirm what we affirm and don't seem to be on the same page. We are in and they look like third from a different culture different part of the world, and I think I think people are insecure, just kind of put up their defenses and sometimes our defenses in the form of hatred and distancing, but I'm I'm not speaking very profoundly here because I've never I've never figured out myself.

I don't know why people suspect. I think I think the sinfulness of man is is exhibited in lots of different ways and racism is one of those ways but to hate any other human being is sent. I mean for me to hate you if you have a different race than I am, thus making more sense than for me to hate another person of my same race for no good reason not just as makes sense, but frankly, I think you know people sometimes say that this country was founded on racism and and you know it's a hotbed of racism. There's racism in this country.

Sure, I know there is but there's much less than they used to be. And you know some II heard of a guy say once I think is quite right. He said you know, America is not a racist country. America is a country that's desperately trying to avoid being accused of being racist. You know, I will report you affirmative action. Although all the policies of the government passes to favor races that seem to have been mistreated in the past is is simply something that isn't happening in a lot of different countries there's racism is is institutionalized in many countries is not here.

I know that's it's politically correct to say that institutional racism exists here, but I think I don't think racism hears institution affecting the institutions are striving to rid themselves of anything that looks like races but I think racism is in the heart of evil people or an evil hearted people and so it's is just part of the sinfulness of man, but I was trying to think to us.

Is there any other just more rational explanation for it and I do. I think I think people sometimes are afraid of people who don't seem to be like them and and the most obvious way in which different races are not like each other is that they do they look different in many cases, so you know think people sometimes Freda made people want to be part of a group if it's not a racial group or some other group. That's why there's people who you know are necessary your bike my motorcycle clubs or surfing groups or you know who people who fly the people who use ham radio were so happy that they feel like they're part of a group of people that have something in common. I think the big part of it is the human's acute insecurity and I don't want to feel alone, I will feel like I'm part of something and some people.

Sadly, choose race as the identity that they want to associate with those to feel more secure.

You know, but you can be on something else, or gender. There are people there women who hate all men.

At least they say they do and no there there. The sisters sisterhood. You know they they they find their power or whatever in in their identity as women, which is a sad thing because that means that they're not identifying with the human race in general. At least with half of it when I decide to form a sense of the human being in a human being follows Jesus out there is no race or gender or anything like that pulse of there's no male or female Jew or Gentile or anything like that that that the body of Christ is to divide into the okay got this really good talking to. Okay Sally from Sausalito, California Sally, welcome to the neuropathic sculling. This man I can say I learned so much like to know Christ. Alcoholics Anonymous actually and I did have an issue which came and Max Brown God and knowing that God is all loving and wanted the best for me anyway because the program is founded on Judeo-Christian principle. I came to you with the miracle of sobriety but not completely died or been renewed. Having turned my will in my life over to God and wanted to know God more and deeper and more intimately and I started going about church and at first I felt self-conscious because I didn't feel I belonged.

I finally haven't been here in man I can begin and end and understand.

When I went to communion and I felt the powerful prayers afterwards and bothering me because he only where coming from trying to make some political .9 with the other conservative and daily go off on like allow you know, Omar, not donning my respect. Every religion that I don't come to church to learn about the Bible in Scripture and in grace, I knew Ricky flying in on the Bible. I complain about it.

Find another church in line. Because everyone has unlinked everything I can look around at mymuch. I think talking about Scripture within the homily and referring to the word of God is not really a Christian and laughing and I am now well I'll tell you this, every major denomination these days has different branches, usually of a liberal branch in the conservative branch and they are different actual branches of the denomination so that there are certain Baptist denominations that are very conservative and certain others, like the American Baptist Association is a very liberal welfare in theology and in politics and same things Methodists, there is the free Methodists that are usually fairly conservative and then there's the United Methodist that are generally more liberal Lutheran, the Lutherans of the Presbyterians also have each of them branches of them that are liberal and branches that are conservative, so even the Mennonites now are tend to have some rather liberal churches as well as an conservative one. So Episcopal Church is definitely met and that can't there's a lot of controversial stuff in the Episcopal Church because of gay priests and things like that and and there has been a reaction on the part of more conservative Episcopalians who have, I think began to meet and more conservative groups.

So you've got very liberal Episcopalians and and very conservative ones. Yeah, I'm afraid you probably don't want to find a different church amendment if the church is making politics the issue every Sunday, then you not to be fed and happy said on the word of God and I could be edified. A lot of every night expected God with you are a very strong Christian and and you had a voice in that church and you have maybe some others in the church who felt as you do, I might recommend that you try to stay in the church to help bring an influence in the right direction. But you know I think it be like beating your head against the brick wall. In any case because certain denominations have Artie decided what direction to go.

If you have any ordaining gay clergy and things like that probably gender on sexual health, but not now. But the Bible for me to advise you stay in the church to change. It is would be a fool's errand. Because they're not doing that because the local congregation specifically proves that because the whole movement of which they are part has gone that direction very deliberately and so your argument have changed.

I would just say come out from among them. Frankly and and be separate and find a church that really wants to preach and teach and follow the word of God kind okay good talking aesthetic of the issue by all right our next caller.

Is this another state, from Lakewood, Washington Steve, welcome to the narrow path hiding their pandemic have much to go to church if it you know you not what you do not have to month picked up the path as they could think of OKC's IQ well I mean we can speculate about why people want things. It's awfully hard to know for sure that I mean some of the people are being rather obvious. For example, there is an attempt in Congress. I guess to pass some kind of a stimulus bill, supposedly to help people are out of work, but they want to add a whole lot of environmental agenda items and things like that which have nothing to do with it so we could certainly see that there are some people who think keeping people afraid keeping people locked down. Keeping people dependent on the government is useful for there for what they want now. Usually this is a difference between conservatives and liberals.

Politically usually. There's really two poles to be contrasted with each other and the two parties are somewhere on these on this continuum. At one end of the continuum is total freedom and no restrictions of any kind in which case you can't be protected from yourself and you Are protected from other people by the government. If the government can review total freedom given us total freedom will then you can protect yourself. You know you can't have total freedom and total security from the government. Now you can have security from God. That's another story… As far as governmental systems, you can't have a system that gives people total freedom and also a total protection at the other end of the pole from the continuum from total liberty is total protection.

The government will take care of you like a nanny takes care of a child you know you can't. You can't go hungry because the government will pay all your bills and provide your medical provider education build take care of everything. But they can't do that and give you freedom to you can't have freedom if the government is protecting records that the government can only particularly by keeping people locked down in some measure not necessarily locked on in the house is like now, but in some sense they have to restrict all behavior so that nobody doesn't hurt anybody else. So on this continuum, there's this continuum one and you've got total liberty, the other in total security. The government provides total security but at the cost of liberty or give total liberty but at the cost of security and no there's no one out there who's advocating total liberty or total security. But if one falls somewhere on the continuum and I think the more conservative political people fall on the on the other half of the continuum is over toward liberty. That is, I'd rather not have the government protect me. I'd rather not have the government provide my healthcare or provide food for me, I'd rather do that myself. Thank you and give me the freedom to do it without the other end and usually those who consider themselves more liberal would be saying the government needs to protect people from themselves any differently. I mean let's face it will list a lot of things very much a liberal thing because they're saying you can't be trusted to protect yourself from this virus. The government has to tell you and make you stay indoors because you're not really a grown-up year and infantile person who has a daddy or mommy or nanny government to look out for you now. No previous generation of Americans. Whatever it stood for this, but we have a rather infantile segment of the population that really that appeals to them. You pay my college you pay my food you buy me a car you give me you know medical care you can be all that stuff. Don't get me freedom. I'm afraid of what I'll do with my freedom. Just give me everything I need, I want to be secure. Let the government give me security now of course the further you go in that direction to continue further to the left or to the recall toward communism, and the further you go the other direction. You're getting closer to what the Constitution was formed. For now, the Constitution didn't didn't want to give people liberty without any protection.

The government is there to protect us from enemies.

We can't protect ourselves from like, well, violent criminals and you nations that attack our nation as of the government is therefore to provide security to the law in a law-abiding citizen from a criminally nations or criminal individuals, but but the Constitution was written by people who are freedom loving people and that's basically been what distinguished the United States from many other countries now therefore, you asked me why would anyone want to continue this locked out or whatever. I think the ones who want to typically you can see it. The blue states which of the more liberal have the governors that are you locking people down to an medication to crazy degrees.

The states that are lightning up.

I think most of the red states. The more conservative states and so that's really kinda a thumbnail sketch of the political spectrum there I'm I'm far, far, far to the direction of wanting liberty. I don't want the government to protect me for much of anything if a criminal breaks into my house. I'd like the police to show up if they can get their otherwise I guess I to take care of myself, my family somehow put I don't want the government giving money when they gave when this stimulus cannot make more that $1200 short of a bank.

I want that money from them really didn't didn't want money from them and I am Sam was coming.

I don't want that either. I just assumed they don't give me money. They just give me liberty, but that's me.

Some people are scared some people very insecure and they want the government didn't have God or if they do have God they don't know they have God see the Bible indicates that those who are following God faithfully are secure you a God takes care of them. If you just surrender yourself to the will of God that he will take care of everything. You might die. But that's okay.

He takes care of that and what happens after that to the Christian is not trying to save their own life. She said he that seeks to save his life will lose it, it will lose his life for my sake shall find it. Were not trying to save our lives at all costs were trying to have the liberty to serve God and and to and to fulfill the great commission and so you know I'm I'm very much on the side of the government don't protect me much. Please let me let me do what I feel like I need to do.

Give me freedom and I let God protect me in the way, at least in certain ways that I can't protect yourself so that's kind of the way things are. As far as whether the coronavirus lockout is effectively it has affected me in the sense like you said, I don't travel as much, but I had already set aside most of these months before it even happened before I knew there to be coronavirus because I wanted to write a book.

I said I canceled all my travels Argent except a travels for the first few months. This yourself.

Certainly, I thought I was planning to travel that would've been a very great inconvenience or do you just let the chip he did ask you not know all the of the vaccine. No I would not take a vaccine I generally speaking, don't take vaccines but certainly not when the government says you have to take that is absolutely beyond the range of the government's authority. Authority doesn't have anything to say that as God hasn't given government authority same about what I put in my body so I can let them make me put something about if they hold me down and I can't move in a stick in it and that's what I say I just have to trust God no matter but voluntarily all right. Let's talk next and see who's been here the longest. It looks like it is a hunter from Hartford, Alabama. Hunter welcome to the neuropathic circling good things to agree with everything. However, own Chapter 11 verse 32 through 30 of them to me how it talks about all the great man you are doing great things for God and find out enemies and doing things in the first 35 when the bubble direction from were tortured for the release of a rise again to a better luck of a ship in perspective, you go where tradition from will hurt things and some were tortured as a deliberate transition. Yeah what was going on there. Writer of Hebrews is pointing out how faith was so operational in all the great people of the Old Testament and that that's the thing that made them different that they lived by faith and and and things happened in their life. As a result of their faith. Now verse 32. It does mention first a list of people who because of their faith. They were strengthened they were given victory in battle I God did supernatural things like shutting the mouths of lions and and preserving them in the fire of course is talking to Shedrick Macek Bendigo and Daniel Sampson and things like that attachment all those kinds of people, even women received their dead raised to life like Elijah and Elisha raise the dead, but then it turns ounces but not everyone has those kinds of things happen. There were others who were tortured, not accepting deliverance that they might obtain a better resurrection. Still others had trial of markings and scourging scripts, floggings yes and chains and imprisonment. They were stoned to death, like Isaiah was they were. I'm sorry it was subsonic to express her dose.

There were some of the prophets were stoned, they were sawn into that's referenced Isaiah they were tempted, they were slain with the sword. They wanted in sheepskins and goes gives me destitute, afflicted and tormented, of whom the world was not worthy. They wandered in deserts and mountains, so he's got a list of people who because their faith we see them courageously doing the will of God and God working with them to deliver them from harm, including, let's say fire others were burned up.

There were some who were delivered in battle.

Others were slain in battle. He gives both categories.

He's saying listen. We know that many of the great exploits done by people in the Old Testament occurred because of their faith, but we don't want to be in balance of this that not everyone who has faith is delivered from harm.

There are martyrs and that's the mark of their faith to faith means that your submitted to the will of God, and you do the will of God and yet leave the results with him and don't worry about a thing. Let him worry about cast all your cares on him because he cares for you and when you do that sometimes you see miraculous deliverance, other times not. Sometimes will be miraculously healed. Other times you die of a disease that's God's choice in the person of faith is the person is willing to let God make that choice have a lot of time but thanks for calling. Listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. We are listener supported. You can write to the neuropathic PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 from our website. The narrow have a good weekend and let's talk again Monday compass

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