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No One Knows How J.J. Redick Will Work Out

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 21, 2024 3:48 pm

No One Knows How J.J. Redick Will Work Out

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 21, 2024 3:48 pm

6/21/24 - Hour 1

Rich and the guys react to the Lakers finally ending their coaching search with the hiring of the untested J.J. Redick.

Rich and the guys react to Baseball Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson recounting the racism he faced in the minor leagues in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1960’s.

Chris Brockman dusts off his ‘Powerless Rankings’ to reveal his 10 worst teams in the NFL heading into training camps.

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Discounts not available in all states and situations. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Rich Eisen Show. What would you do against Satchel Paige? Me? The Rich Eisen Show. Yeah, you.

Gone. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Would you care to chime in on who you think is now currently the greatest living ballplayer on our planet, Bob? You could make a case for the pre-steroid Barry Bond. Today's guests, senior writer for Sports Illustrated, Chris Mannix.

Plus, what's more likely, latest news and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Everyone, this is Chris Brockman, and this is the greatest day of my life. Why, TJ? Because I say we're doing it for the kids today.

We're doing it for those five-year-olds in Boston who have yet to see a championship parade, but that day is over. I hate the fact that he allowed you to open a show like this today. I hate this.

Because gas up the duck boats, like Paul Beers said, they're gassed and they're full of champions. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show, everybody. How are you? Sorry, guys. That's wild. I took over the con.

I know. I went to get a cup of coffee and then got lost in space. Good to see everybody. How is everybody here today on the Real Quick Channel? This Rich Eisen Show, Terrestrial Radio affiliate, Sirius XM, Odyssey, and more. Thrilled that you are here with us on this program. A lot of this real estate, as Chris just pointed out, is for all of us today.

We only have one guest. It's Chris Mannix coming in studio in hour number three. It's going to be outstanding to have him here, certainly on a day that there's a lot going on in the NBA with no games being played and just a duck boat parade that's going down in Boston, Massachusetts. As you can see, that's Brockman there. That's Jason Feller there.

TJ Jefferson. Clearly, the candle's already lit. How are you over there, sir? We had that covered. We had that covered.

I appreciate it. I was just going to talk about the parade. Al Horford's wearing a cowboy hat. Everyone's drinking beers.

Jason Tatum is wearing a shirt with his own face on it. 90 degrees and it's red hot in Boston, Massachusetts. We'll get whatever sound bites might be coming from the podium once the speechifying begins. We'll keep an eye on all of that. Meanwhile, right here in Los Angeles, California, just down the street, what we all assumed was going to happen with the exception of a 72-hour, 90-hour period of a wodge bomb that Dan Hurley of UConn basketball might be in the mix to be the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. And then a six-year, $70 million deal was put on the table to Hurley to reject and go back that after all of that, JJ Redick, we went off the air and it was announced that JJ Redick was the new head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. Four-year deal for him. We're waiting to hear what the terms are in terms of dollars and cents, but I'm not hearing too many people here in Southern California of Laker fans thinking that they've got their guy and that they've got the right mix right here. We're waiting to hear who this staff is going to be. You're hearing at least in all the reports out there that it's going to be some sort of an all-star cast of very experienced individuals.

It has to be. Because JJ Redick, we all know him and have enjoyed his work since he stopped playing in the NBA and none of his experience since he's played in the NBA was being in a front office or being in a locker room as a coach or being in a facility as a coach of any sort. He's a podcaster and a terrific one at that. The old man in the three pod and we've seen many guys go from being a player to the broadcast booth and then suddenly becoming a coach.

We've seen that. It's our first podcast coach in the history of sports. First guy to go from playing to podcasting to coaching. I understand he's done games.

I understand that he just did the NBA finals for one season and he was the main broadcaster for half a season and he did games before that. I understand that. Let me ask you a question. Let me ask you this question. When he was calling games this year for ESPN were you sitting there thinking that's what's going to make him the next Laker head coach? No. Hold on a second.

Excuse me. When he was sitting on the set of First Take or going back and forth with Stephen A. Were you sitting there thinking that's going to make him the next Lakers head coach right?

Okay. But when he started podcasting with LeBron James what did you think? Maybe he's going to be the next head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. We could parse what he is but I guess he's the first podcaster to make his way to being a head coach in the history of our medium and what he is doing in Los Angeles as the next head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers has got a lot of people wondering if the Lakers have lost their freaking minds. I will tell you this.

I'm not one of them. None of us know how this is going to go. None of us know how this is going to play out in this town. None of us know if he has the next way forward in the NBA X's and O's as well as the if you will relating to the Joe's.

Relating to the Joe's. We have no earthly idea. We have no earthly idea how this will manifest.

None at all. We have an idea. Okay you think he has no chance to actually put it together? Yeah you're right we don't. We don't know.

We do not know. I'd be pretty stunned but we have so a hater. But Chris we also have analytics to look at and see that this Lakers head coaching job has gone through quite a bit of turnover. A lot of turnover.

You get two years. So what do you got? Well what you have is Lebron. What you have is Anthony Davis.

What you have is Austin Reeves. Do you have Lebron? You're going to have Lebron. He's opting out so he's going to be free agent.

Dallas sure looks nice if I'm Lebron and I'm trying to ring chase. I don't think he's going anywhere. Okay and it's kind of funny how it goes from well he's doing a podcast with JJ Reddick.

JJ Reddick's gonna be the next head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers now that he is. That was a joke right? I don't think so. No I mean when people started saying it though. No I don't think so. You thought from the jump when they started doing this stuff. I think everybody thought that from the get-go because everybody thinks that Lebron James is the orchestrator of anything that happens with his career in the Los Angeles Lakers.

I don't think we have to think that. Okay so there you go. So there you go. They have hired his guy. They've hired his guy. And Garvin Ham was his guy and Frank Vogel was his guy.

I don't know if you said that as much as you are right now. There's only one guy who he's actually talked x's and o's with and did a podcast with decided to do a podcast with and it's his new head coach. And I think that these guys are gonna have a great relationship and I think that it may be rocky and it may be a two three game losing streak here.

And I know this is a what's here or there and a lot of folks will think he's in over his head. And I know that this is a what's more likely Friday that what's more likely JJ Redick wins a title and becomes the new Steve Kerr in the Western Conference for a resurgent Los Angeles Lakers franchise that includes Lebron James going off into the sunset with a championship and Anthony Davis having a Los Angeles Lakers run that's similar to other greats in front of him with JJ Redick being the next big thing creating a sort of Sean McVay type setting. Although Sean McVay had a lot of coaching history before he became a head coach. But this becomes a situation where the rest of the league is trying to find their JJ Redick. Rest of the association is going to try and find their setup. What's more likely that happens or we get the mid-season we're going to pay off because it's just not going the way it's supposed to go and go back to your pod and go back to your ESPN career and be successful there.

In order for us to actually use Lebron's final window of opportunity, we got to find someone with more experience. Yeah, I'll take that one. You'll take that one. Yeah. Which one would you take?

You take that one too? Of what's more likely? History has shown us that's the case with this organization in the last decade. I guess so.

I guess so. Yeah, I think everyone has every right to be super skeptical about this. And there's a ton of people in this town that are.

A ton of people in this town that are. Or it's just the most inspired hire the Lakers have had since Phil Jackson. Wow, that is some rose-colored glasses, man. Thank you, sir.

I like wearing them. It's like, I like JJ and I hope he does well, but he's also coaching the Lakers, so I don't want to see them do too well. What's wrong with what I just said in terms of, I'm not saying that he's going to work, but it's the most inspired hire.

It's your thinking outside of the box. You're not going ahead and getting somebody else's assistant on somebody else's staff to bring them in and hope it works. You're not going with somebody who's gotten a couple of experiences here and there as a head coach somewhere else. You're not going and giving somebody their first head coaching gig after just meeting him in a couple of meetings. You're going ahead and you're giving somebody who has a clear sense of who he is and a clear sense of what it takes to actually win basketball games. Somebody who's done it as a professional basketball player.

He's not as far removed from his playing career either. You're going and doing something completely different that what you've done before wasn't working. So they went and tried for Dan Hurley and they found somebody who doesn't mind being Plan B. Because this is what an opportunity for him. How many other teams are knocking on his door and saying, we'll give you a chance to being a head coach in the NBA. We'll tap into your intellect. We'll tap into your essence.

We'll tap into anything that you may have that's being brought to the table. You know he's going to be great with the media, which is important in this town. Absolutely. I mean, it's an inspired hire as far as I'm concerned. He can be great. I think if I'm a Laker fan, I'm more concerned about the roster.

You could be absolutely. And is the roster good enough to compete in the West that, as we've seen, is stacked? Well, I guess put a pin in that and remove that pin a month from now. You know, as moves are already beginning to get made. Yeah, of course. Let's see free agency.

Let's see how the draft shakes out. Correct. But I look at this and I'm like, would you, as a Laker fan, have been happier going and getting, you know, a Cavs assistant? I'm just throwing that out there. Right.

In that way, I'm obviously short-handing it to try and make my point. But why not just hire Sam Cassell, a guy who's won championships and has all that coaching experience, a guy who deserves a shot. Correct.

Why not just go that way? Because he doesn't have a podcast with your star player. Correct. That's the most insane thing I've ever heard. So Peter Schrager is going to get an NFL job because he does a pod with Sean McVay? No.

Yes, that's literally the exact same thing. Well, Peter, hold on a second. Peter Schrager, you're, Schrags is the LeBron in this equation? Is that what you're saying? I mean. Oh, Schrags is JJ Reddick. Oh, I see what you're saying.

And if Schrags had 15 years of NFL experience. I understand you're short-handing it to make your point right here. I'm just saying we don't know how this is going to play out.

Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo yesterday said basically, we don't know how anybody is until we see them. Right. Right.

At any job. So we don't know. We can all just sit there in the boardrooms down in El Segundo way here. If you're Polinka, you're the bus family, you are, you know, the Rambis family, you're, you know, Genie and the Rambi sitting there with Rob Polinka and in these meeting rooms and meeting him and seeing him and hearing his two cents and the staff that he thinks he can put together. And you're like, you know what, let's see how this one works out. And if LeBron's on board and, you know, Anthony Davis is on board, then let's go and see how it works out. Because you've already tried the other, let's get somebody's assistant and bring him in here. You've done that. Hasn't worked out.

Think outside the box, do something that nobody else is really up for doing and go for it. I can't wait to see how this is going to play out and see what they make moves that they make. And obviously one week from today, the conversation will be, Bronny's still on the board and the Lakers have the 55th overall pick. And what are they going to do with it? That will be the conversation one week from today, as the NBA is going to a two-day draft setup, first round Thursday, second round Friday.

So, keep an eye on all of that. And as you've already heard with the move of Alex Caruso being swapped for Josh Gitti, and you're seeing, you know, Malik Monk saying he's sticking around with the Kings for 78 million bucks and seeing all of that, that moves are being made right now in advance of the June 30th new league year, free agency window opening up. We'll see what happens between now and then for the Lakers, but they have their new head coach and Mike Breen's looking for a new partner again. So, I don't know if you want an NBA job, sit next to Breen. Although Jeff Van Gundy would probably say, really? Same thing with Mark Jackson, really? Well, now that seat went from Van Gundy, who's now an assistant for Ty Lue to Doc Rivers to JJ Redick, now the coaches of the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers. How about them apples? 844-204-rich number to dial.

Phone lines are lit. Folks want to play the win-loss game, which is great. We've got two hours wide open. Coming up next, you know what, here's what we'll do, Hoskins, if you don't mind. We're going to talk Reggie Jackson, what he did last night and what Major League Baseball encountered last night. And then Chris, we're going to do your powerless rankings. Oh, nice.

Couldn't get to it yesterday. That's our first hour. Second hour of this program, we've got what's more likely, phone calls and the latest signing in the National Football League. Add to the Duck Boat parade and add to the Red Sox being the hottest team in Major League Baseball. Is Boston back?

Add to all that, Ramon J. Stevenson getting pizet. Hey, we're back. Okay, look at this. What is happening? We're back. What is happening? Back like he never left.

You know? It's been five long years, CJ. Think of the kids.

Avocado tequila for everybody. That's the way we're rolling. 844-204-rich number to dial. I'm here. You're there.

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Slows full terms at So, uh, I'm sleep deprived. Number one. Um, yeah, because, you know, I'm still, I'm still dealing with the effects of, um, that lovely vacation. Well, it's just, you know, uh, jet lag.

Number one, number two, um, couple of our kids are going off to camp tomorrow morning. And, uh, I mean, is that a good or bad thing? You've been celebrating?

And so that's why you're no, no, no, no, no, no, sir. Um, we are lamenting. Oh, we know that we're fortunate. They're fortunate. They're going to have experiences of individuality and being outdoors. And most importantly, off a screen, you know, for a couple of weeks here, a few weeks, but the general sense is like, they're walking the green mile tonight before going off to camp. You're sad and they're really happy.

They're not real. They've been really happy, but the reality of leaving is, is landing. Yeah. It's always a little strange when landing it's landing and that, you know, the, the, the weeks of looking forward, talking about it, it's now landing and it's just like, certainly a little hesitant now.

It goes back and forth. Yeah. And you know, when you're parenting, you, you kind of want consistency.

That's all you're looking for. Ask him. He wants consistent sleep. Yeah.

Wake up consistent everything. I don't know what time I got woken up this morning because Sarah's in Pittsburgh and, uh, we, we have a giant bed and suddenly me and him are just on the small sliver to the left and he's like kicking me off. And I'm like, bro, your son or the dog. Oh, the son.

Okay. The son. The dog is just farting us out of the room. Hey everybody. That's our existence. There's everyone.

We still have 45 minutes left. Like let's keep sleeping. How's about you call us eight four four two oh four rich number to dial you're on this program. Fantastic. Back on the rich eyes and show radio network. I'm sitting at the rich eyes and show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call click or just stop by last night's major league baseball. Let's put it this way. Special special night was outstanding celebration. It was a celebration.

It was a remembrance. It was quite the night in Birmingham, Alabama in the newly refurbished Rickwood field, right? The stadium there where the Birmingham black barons played for many years in the, in the Negro league. And that's where Willie Mays got his start professional baseball and the giants got him from there.

And the rest is history. And on this night on this night where the Cardinals and giants are playing together, we all know Satchel Paige was there as well. Cardinals and giants two days after Willie Mays passing away and beautiful night for baseball and Fox crushed it.

They did. Our friends at Fox sports just put on an incredible broadcast soup to nuts start to finish. And so many players showed up past players, new Negro league players who are alive and well enough to attend and a hall of fame players.

And the set for Fox is filled with hall of fame players filled with them. And they had Barry Bonds sitting next to Ken Griffey Jr. and Bonds being asked by Jeter how you would be able to face Satchel Paige and Bonds basically saying that he would homer off him saying gone. Gone is the only word that he said. It was like who would perform better? And Bonds was just like me, gone. He was also like, cause if I don't believe it, then how can I make it happen?

Bonds obviously also the godson of Willie Mays. And so he's speaking eloquently and emotionally and Fox did sit down interviews and had pieces. And then they're open remembering the Negro leagues voiced by Academy Award nominee and show friend, if I don't, he doesn't mind me saying Jeffrey Wright who crushed it.

Incredible. And then Reggie Jackson stepped on the set. And what was a remembrance and a celebration turned into a reminder and a history lesson and a time that a lot of folks in our day and age are memory holding. And the fact is that it was a reminder of why there was a Negro league in the first place and how things didn't go suddenly all peaches and cream and blue skies after the color barrier came crashing down with Jackie Robinson. And how even in this place, which was the site of a celebration and a remembrance and a Memorial is a reminder of a time that was positively awful and is a part of our nation's history that needs to be discussed because we don't need that to be prologue in any way, shape or form.

And so I'm going to utilize this show and its platform in case anybody missed it to replay it for everybody. And the background here is Reggie Jackson, Baseball Hall of Famer, played for the Birmingham A's as a minor leaguer over I believe 110 games. And also spent time in the Birmingham community while playing there in 1967. And Alex Rodriguez, sitting on the set, asked Reggie Jackson what it was like for him to be back there. And again, the question was asked under the concept of this being a celebration of Negro leagues, as well as how far we have come as a country on the issue that still burns for so many racism and still being viewed as somebody who's less than because of their color of their skin.

And here was Reggie Jackson's answer. Coming back here is not easy. The racism that I played here, when I played here, the difficulty of going through different places where we traveled. Fortunately, I had a manager and I had players on the team that helped me get through it, but I wouldn't wish it on anybody. People said to me today, I spoke to the manager, people said to me today, I spoke and they said, you think you're a better person?

You think you won when you played here in Concord? I said, you know, I would never want to do it again. I walked into restaurants and they would point at me and said, I can't eat here. I would go to a hotel and they said, I can't stay here. We went to Charlie Finley's country club for a welcome home dinner.

And they pointed me out with the N word. He can't come in here. Finley marched the whole team out. Finally, they let me in there. He said, we're going to go to the diner and eat hamburgers.

We'll go where we're wanted. Fortunately, I had a manager and Johnny McNamara that if I couldn't eat, if I couldn't thank you, if I couldn't eat in the place, nobody would eat, we'd get food to travel. If I couldn't stay in a hotel, they drive to the next hotel and find a place where I could stay.

Had it not been for Raleigh fingers, Johnny McNamara, Dave Duncan, Joe and Sharon Rudy. I slept on their couch three, four nights a week for about a month and a half. Finally, they were threatened that they would burn our apartment complex down unless I got out. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. The year I came here, Bo Connor was the sheriff the year before, and they took baseball out of here because in 1963, the Klan murdered four black girls, children in 11, 12, 14 years old at a church here and never got indicted.

It was there from the Klan. Life magazine did a story on them like you were being honored. I wouldn't wish it on anyone at the same time had it not been for my white friends, had it not been for a white manager and Rudy fingers and Duncan and Lee Myers. I would have never made it. I was too physically violent. I was ready to physically fight some.

I got killed here because I had to beat someone's ass and you'd have saw me in an oak tree somewhere. Reggie Jackson, Reginald Martinez Jackson, my childhood hero speaking truth in a very raw, emotional, you could hear his voice cracking, unvarnished way. Flanked by A-Rod and David Ortiz and Derek Jeter and A-Rod asked him like, you know, if it wasn't for folks like you, folks like us might not have played baseball.

And his answer is like, well, you know, that wasn't such an honor at the time. Fresh reminder in parts of our country where this conversation is way too uncomfortable for certain states to even allow it to have a conversation starter in schools. To be very honest on the subject matter here and there may be some radio stations across our country that are listening to this right now and wondering why are we talking about this because Reggie talked about it. And this is part of our sports history as well as our country's history and it is ugly but it doesn't mean that our future is ugly. It doesn't mean that you can't take this information in and understand about how horrible it was and how horrible in certain parts it still may be and do your part to make it better.

And understand the history of our country and how difficult it may be to hear it is important to hear. And I thought that was incredible. Great television, if you will, for the lack of a better phrase for the folks there and to let him speak and not interrupt him.

Let him talk and get that off his chest and bring it to the fore on a night where the set he was speaking from had the word tribute on it. Yeah, it's a tribute to the Negro Leagues but a reminder in this story as to why the Negro Leagues existed and how this was the spot that sent Willie Mays on and Satchel Paige on and Babe Ruth once played at and yes that is an important history and a very warm hearth to surround ourselves around in terms of a hagiographic memory about our country and our sports world but that's another part to it. That occurred, just let me think about the map right here, 17 years after Willie Mays was sent on from Birmingham up to New York City. Reggie's not even 80 years old so it wasn't like this was 100 years ago.

No. When this happened, you know, this is very very recent. Like 60 years ago. How did this hit you when he spoke last night, TJ? Well, you know, for me as I told you guys yesterday and I've told you you know through many conversations I got to sit at the foot of one of the great storytellers of all time in my opinion my grandfather and as we'd sit in the summertime and I'd read box scores to him out of the Altoona mirror he would tell me these stories of Jackie Robinson and Willie Mays and Hank Aaron and Frank Robinson and the Negro Leagues and so for me I heard this as a little kid and I could never understand it never made sense to me as a kid because you know my best friend who lived down the block he was a white kid and I and so it was hard for me to understand how there was a point of time where he and I wouldn't be allowed to play together because it didn't make sense you know so it listening to Reggie say this it just brought back those memories of my grandpa and his friends like this old school black man who loved the Giants because Jackie Robinson was the first player that they led or the Dodgers I'm sorry he was the first player that was let in so I got to hear these stories and it was just kind of brought that back you know sitting on on the on the front porch on the summer you know a summer evening and listening to these men kind of like we talked about yesterday being historians of the game being historians of baseball and and telling me this is how the world used to be this is how baseball used to be so you know and Chris once asked me about five years ago I came in and we were doing this game and he was like who's career would you rather have Mike Trout or Willie Mays and I said Mike Trout Chris was like why and I was like well think about this 1954 Willie Mays is the MVP goes four for five in the game hits two home runs probably makes two of the greatest catches you'll ever see and then after the game he can't eat with his teammates he can't stay in the same hotel the guy who never got off the bench can go into these hotels and these restaurants and get served but Willie couldn't I was like I wouldn't want that and Reggie kind of personified he'd explain to you why and that's why I guess Jackie Robinson was first right because they said he wasn't the best player but he was the best equipped to handle the type of things that were going to come in him and I just wanted to bring that up here to also in in this day and age it's okay to hear this it's important it's it's it's okay to hear this that we shouldn't memory hold this and talk about you know going back in time about how great things were well not for everybody and it's okay to have that conversation it really is it's important to hear that on this night again baseball was integrated for players not front offices you read up about what happened to the owners of negro league teams so it's okay to have this conversation and recall it and make sure that that past doesn't become prologue and I thought Reggie just was I texted him just another heroic moment for for Reggie just come out there go hell hold on a second yeah you know there was a role to play for a lot of us who have played in this stadium in this city you know but playing that role was no picnic and I wouldn't wish it on anybody and when he said that if you know if left to his own devices without help of friends that he himself would have been left you could have found him in an oak tree man I literally sat there and I was chilling silence in silence for quite some time I just wanted to bring that to our audience here today yesterday was powerful that was an amazing game it was an amazing game as well the stadium looks incredible yeah you know and we want to go visit it to be honest with you that's something and I'm sure that that is part of and parcel of what a lot of folks there who put their heart and soul into this night want you to to do to visit that and learn about the history learn about what happened there and learn about it and use it for good moving forward that's what they would like you to do and then of course you know remember those who who played there and what happened but even in this stadium that got a facelift reggie's like pulling back the whole thing and going nah 844-204-rich number to dial back here on the rich eisen show in a moment here on a friday are you struggling to close deals business to business selling is tougher than ever and that's why I want to tell you about linkedin sales navigator linkedin sales navigator is a sales intelligence platform that helps professionals effectively prospect and engage high value customers drive higher revenue and increase sales performance sales navigator helps you target the right buyers surface key signals such as job changes or which accounts you should prioritize and shows you hidden allies so you could find those buyers that are most likely to convert fueled by linkedin's 1 billion member platform sales navigator gives you the most up-to-date first-party data enabling you to unlock conversations with the people that matter right now you can try linkedin sales navigator and get a 60-day free trial at direct that is direct for a 60-day free trial let linkedin sales navigator help you sell like a superstar today just go to direct and get started check out our new nba show beyond the arc part of the cbs sports podcast network where you can find me john gonzales nba insider bill writer and ashley nicole moss five days a week talking all things nba whether you're looking for insightful discussions upbeat commentary breaking news interviews or coverage of all the biggest stories in the nba our new show is the place to be five days a week download and follow beyond the arc on apple podcast spotify and wherever you get your favorite podcasts all right the duck boats off the rails to mix uh metaphors here that's off the rails cowboy hat he's also wearing a shirt with tom brady's picture on it from the bucks parade of him getting carried off uh porzingis has a wwe championship belt as he should uh howser just took his shirt off uh derek white got his tooth fixed well that's good to hear that the dental the dental community of the greater boston area shirt says nobody cares joan brown shirt says state your sources your sources we're having a great time the uh the t-shirt of horford wearing uh uh the that he's wearing of brady needing to be carried out of the the parade in uh tampa right there brady responded to it oh he did yes with a classic gif of jack nicholson from the departed that's it great tom brady response just absolutely perfection mazool is wearing a shirt with bill russell on it you know he's the youngest winning head coach in history since since bill since bill was player coach when he was 35 years old so it's awesome we're having a day you're having a day by the way brady's response i do i use that one a lot of the nicholson i think that's actually from anger management no that's the that's the are you sure uh sure i think it's acre management is it really it's not the departed i said anger management i believe i've been thinking it's a part of this entire time my bad yeah yeah okay my bad okay he looks a little too hinged in that to be departed more he was way unhinged in the departed yeah when was the last time you've seen the departing i saw it on a flight two months ago it's great it's i'm telling you it's been a minute maybe that is that is one of score sazy's finest and i know a lot of people say that that's the one that he won the oscar for is he's least right deserving of such of his films it's really great the cast makes back on the rich isin show 844204 rich is the number to dial game time tickets to get baseball tickets i used it for this weekend and it is awesome you get to see the view from your seat which i would i would state the case that is most important for baseball than any other sport that you can use game time to leave it to buy your tickets for to see the view from your seat where you're where are you how how is it and it looks i don't know 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a three-peat i'm just saying it's inspired i'm saying it's inspired it's inspired it's it's outside of the box that's for sure you know you're gonna go and you're gonna go get the biggest name like phil jackson or you're gonna go get somebody that's only coach nine-year-olds out of i guess i mean there's no guess that's a fact no i i understand that i understand that but if you ever dealt with a parent of a nine-year-old you can handle the nba i mean they're basically nine-year-olds so now that we we've glass half folded you've been wanting to do this ever since i did my way too soon in june dumbass yes power rankings and nfl teams as if they're in the middle of a playing season and we're power ranking them i gave you my top 10 all right you want to do the bottom 10 in your power less ranking our last ranking do we have do we have a drop for this in the whole bit we do we're giving it the whole full treatment all right go ahead hit it let me have your attention for a moment and now it's brockman's power less okay i like it this is shame i did that that's great did you do that you know i didn't know i didn't know darko darko was on it shout out darko by the way great uh great drop very pleased very happy with it okay rich you did your dumb ass way too early june power rings the top ten ten up to one ten up to one this is the bottom ten so this is 23 all the way down to 32 okay so you're starting at the top of the lowest part of the ladder top of the bottom okay if that makes sense i have i'm following you all right yes jacksonville fans will be happy i left them out i'm taking a lot of heat in jacksonville it's not personal they're not in the bottom 10 of the national football league we're not and it's not personal i don't i don't hate trevor all right number 23 the minnesota vikings okay we got a rookie quarterback or sam darnold kind of the same thing uh it's just a jefferson healthy really really tough division wow vikings and i think the vikings are the 23rd best team in the league right now as we sit on june 21st wow right too hot too low for the vikings um yeah i think so i mean i'm scanning the league it's it's i don't know okay i don't know all right okay number 24 you know you don't like the rail burning do you when you're on the business end of it yeah i mean i'm sure there's going to be a lot of issues okay there shouldn't be maybe maybe with this one 24 i got the los angeles chargers oh my goodness hardball yes obviously that'll count for some wins but i really need to see it you want to know why why because there's still the chargers okay who's catching the ball who is catching are you catching the ball are you playing tight is antonio gates coming back got hands like uh does it matter does it matter if you're running the ball 300 times who's gonna run the ball though these uh raven retreads raven retreads has been called somebody's already hurt isn't gus edwards already hurt jeez lots of question marks with the chargers they got to somehow get over being the chargers you know jim went plus seven the last time he joined the national football league ranks they had a much better roster than what's currently uh here in los angeles they have a generationally paid quarterback quarterback which quarterback would you rather have alex smith or justin herbert okay alex smith is really good okay i think people forget that's the first strength these are your rankings good all right number 25 25 arizona cardinals okay they're definitely going to be better i like that pew pew pew but they're going to need to prove it can kylar play a full season i got high hopes for him yep but we need to kind of see it marvin harrison is he's going to be a monster but is is he really going to be a monster oh you know he's going to be a monster okay james connor's awesome tray mcbride is he due for a breakout seems like but do they have enough to jump seattle in the rams for that second spot in the west you don't believe in desmond ritter coming off the bench is what you're saying whoa no no i'm saying this don't don't ever disrespect maserati marv like that i love maserati marv but that's kind of contingent on collar being at your first third of the lower third of the nfl number 26 yes sir the denver broncos wow okay okay rookie quarterback or jared stidham again kind of the same thing you know there weren't even in the top third of the draft right right you want to lie okay because russell was better than what people thought last year tough division thank you tj boy he's gonna pull did is he did you pull a muscle with that one yeah because you're just you're just really you're riddled out of that one i'm just wondering if you're if you've got something i got out of that one 26 and 8 also who are you drafting in fantasy on this team not that that's a marker for regular season success but it speaks to playmakers that is correct they don't really have a lot i agree okay so yes sean payton is awesome but yes that's also a pretty tough division and i need to see it all right 27 the new york giants now we have i've been high on the giants kind of this off season i did have them going 11 and six i think i blacked out when i did that uh but you but you have only five teams worse than them right after all is said and done of course let's be honest it's daniel jones it's drew lock that's not really inspiring they got a lot of question marks on offense my league neighbors we fully expect to be awesome who's getting the ball but what else do they have that kind of scares you yeah uh could be great on defense okay with the cave on and brian burns but i don't know man that's a top-heavy division so we kind of need to see it do you have five more to go here did i do this uh yes five more to go here we go bottom five teams in the nfl teams in the nfl you used the term worst i'm using powerless okay uh the tennessee titans it's more respectful is will levis the guy from his two really good games when he had six touchdowns and no picks or is the the guy in the other six games two touchdowns four picks pollard are we sure he's actually pretty good uh sneaky good wide receiver group but a new head coach wide open division uh they just they're just not doing it for me okay but we also don't really talk about them a lot uh number 29 the new orleans saints does derrick carr have anything left does he still have it camara does he have anything left wow the saints they're bad i think don will in the back is directing you right now i mean and he agrees look right you know don uh alavi obviously a monster what else do they have open division but that's a division that's probably only going to get one playoff team uh speaking of the south the carolina panthers bryce young we got a leap coming we got a leap coming i don't know dionte johnson's there i like zavier legate but rookie head coach who are the two teams after the panthers i think it's obvious uh massive uphill climb here but they're uh they're a little light so we kind of need to see it he's gonna put his patriots there i thought 31 the patriots the washington commanders rookie head coach should he have been a head coach again not sure gonna have to prove it rookie quarterback top heavy division lots of to overcome but they do have some upside they have some sneaky good offensive guys but it really all comes down to jane daniels i like this list so and the 32nd team in the national football league they have rich they have the best odds to have the first overall pick next year and their underdogs uh in the look ahead uh betting on every single game is the new england patriots on duck boat parade friday wow you put the patriots as the the least powerful team the most powerless team in the nfl i'm a realist okay i told you in october the celtics are gonna win the championship nobody believed me and guess what we're having a freaking parade right now and the patriots probably gonna have the first pick in the draft i'm looking at the the schedule and i don't see a lot of wins uh and they just need to get better each year look locking up remandre that's great uh again save drake may till december let's just see what jacobi can do to get us through not a lot of like pop douglas is kind of our best offensive player after remandre that's not great bob and so the defense is going to be awesome but i mean four and 13 i think is super realistic so i have the patriots rookie head coach obviously but i have the patriot 32nd you do know i i don't know off the top of my head because i had i don't have my draft research in front of me here four wins usually doesn't get you the first overall pick it did this year so we'll see all right i mean we'll see uh dude uh we've got all right thank you and scene if you don't mind so sorry so so i'll push back here jayden daniels austin eckler terry mcclornan johann dotson zach ertz that's a luke mccaffrey that's that's a that's an offense that's gonna finish that's a lot of second to that to last a lot of old guys old guys okay yeah eckler brian robinson jr brian robinson jr eckler's old team didn't even want him brian robinson jr zach ertz is 100 years old okay rookie quarterback dante fowler jr duron jonathan allen hold on a minute bobbie wagner in the middle of that defense older player i'm sorry and and the vaunted dq is the new hc and obviously helping with the dc and cliff kingsbury with those offensive they're going to be picking in the top five this year i would counsel against that sir who's going to be and then also who are they better than by the way the chargers are not going to be in the bottom 10th of this bottom third bottom third of this it's june i'm telling you they will not i i don't know that for a fact okay neither do you and and the the other one that i'll push back on as well you you said sneaky good wide receiver room in tennessee nobody's talking about the guy who comes from the bengal's offensive staff with his dad arguably one of the greatest offensive line coaches in the history of the nfl coming to tennessee with tony pollard and togy spears running the ball and d'andrea hopkins calvin ridley and tyler boyd catching it that is one of the biggest mysteries it's all like it's will levis has got himself a nice opportunity here yes but is he the guy from the great questions or don't know right don't know the answer to it we don't know the answer but every single person the jet fan that i know go oh the jets are going to lose opening night monday night in san francisco because that's a tough assignment and then they'll get you know then they'll get their first win in the season in tennessee on a short week i'm like hold up a sec everybody's just like you know dumping on tennessee i i don't i'm i'm not there for it either but there does have to be when it's all said and done a lower third of the nfl yeah absolutely you know but yeah man i think washington is a heck of a lot more talented than you give them credit for uh great they lost like 10 in a row last year i know that makes you happy oh yeah tj here are the giants i know but last year last year last year their coach was a dead man coach and everybody knew it everybody knew it their quarterback situation wasn't settled at all they trade away sweat at the trade deadline and chase young too and the rest of the locker room is supposed to what play above their their weight i don't know man they need to prove it i know i'm not saying they don't yeah i'm just you know pushing back on where you place in some of these teams you don't like it do you when it's you do you nope because i know because i know i'm right our number one in the books what's more likely coming up as is chris mannickson studio there's bad teams every year that we weren't expecting that's right with good rosters dude harbaugh is going to give them plus they're going to be plussed they're going to be plussed up they only won five games i know that so you plus them four that's above 500 you plus them seven like happened in san francisco and they they're they're a playoff team a significant one i don't know i don't know i don't know about that they're going to be tougher i don't think they're gonna be they're gonna run i don't know if they're gonna be a playoff team they're gonna run it they're gonna run it down your throat they're gonna do it and herbert will be better for it you think they make the playoffs um if i were to choose which team that missed the playoffs last year to make it um right now i'd have to consider i also need to see if rogers ever made it back from egypt hold on to that allegedly hold on to that oh that's where he was i don't know that's what i heard we you know hold on to that thought by the way you know there's also the bangles man oh yeah but if you missed it last year bangles bangles jacksonville colts jets chargers there's five teams you know you're back on you're now on jacksonville again i'm not i'm just saying you're back i'm just saying they were nine and eight last but you're using it to your advantage in this argument even though you feel like they're not i don't think they're gonna win a super bowl ever no i don't i don't i do believe that that's a long time this guy keeps going after cat people i'm not told him not i'm not and as i explained to jacksonville people who obviously weren't listening oh my god it's not personal just to lawrence i've been consistent with every single quarterback who has who's come up for this powerless rankings went better than i thought thank you i'm gonna go shower in between the commercial break now hey guys welcome to the candy valentino show i'm candy valentino i was a founder before i could legally order a drink and for more than two and a half decades i've built scaled acquired and exited multiple businesses in diverse industries now my goal is to help you by sharing the knowledge that i've learned the mistakes that i've made and the wisdom that i've developed over my journey bi-weekly episodes every monday and thursday the candy valentino show wherever you listen
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