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The Narrow Path 8/31

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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August 31, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 8/31

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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August 31, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Broadcast Steve Greg and were live for an hour each weekday afternoon, we take your calls. If you have questions you were calling about concerning the Bible of the Christian faith or if you have a different viewpoint of the host you'd like to bring up we always are glad to hear from you.

The number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and I have an announcement to make this week that is next Saturday. I've got five days to analysis. Next Saturday we have our generally monthly meeting into macula which is just a Q&A meeting small gathering that we do love to have you join us if you are anywhere around in Southern California like to join us into macula next Saturday night we do it like to say once a month. If you are interested not just go to our website. The narrow and it'll give you the information of time and place that's coming up this Saturday. Now we have lines open.

We do have will take your call right now but we have lines open if you'd like to join us. The number is 844-484-5737 our first color today is Jerry from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Welcome to the narrow path into calling.

Thank you. You are so knowledgeable Lum hello Robert, I got some really talk initially okay Bible talks about little walking with a pure heart with no guilt motion. No condemnation. Now I was a Catholic and I wanted the first one is confession. It talks about how you must confess your sins one to another in James Adams, Shannon, had in equity in his heart. And James says you must confess your sins one to another, and you can't hide iniquity in your heart, so I want to Catholic and I would go to confession. The other thing was to take communion.

And when you take communion.

You taken the body of Christ and you must have a pure heart that Catholics taught me that I would go to confession every day and by the time Sunday came I mentioned already, so I haven't. I'm not taking communion for 40 years, because I never have a clean heart Michelle I'm coming from and well and then I'll let you talk.

I don't talk anymore. The last question is I can't find anything in the Bible about masturbation is masturbation as soon and I'll let you talk thank you so much. Thank you for your call now is first confession of sins goes. James does say in James chapter 5.

Confess your sins one to another, it does it does not mention anything but confessing to a priest by the way… To one another. We can put we can confess to each other our sins.

However, it's not our confession to each other that forgives, asserted that somehow causes God to decide what to think about the sets.

That's how we that's how we make ourselves accountable to people that gives us some gives us some strength in time of temptation of other people who know that we have a problem in the they can pray for us and that they may be keeping us accountable just being open about our sins with with people who can be trusted with that information is a good thing and and in the context of James. He is talk to a person who is sick and perhaps James has someone in mind who is dying and he says call for the elders of the church and let them anointed with oil in the name of the Lord, and so forth than a couple verses later says, confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that you may be healed so you know in that context, it may be a person on his deathbed, calling for someone is an effect. Catholics believe that this is a passage of extreme unction or last rites. I don't see it clearly as being about that, but it could be that this is talking about not much extreme unction, but somebody getting right with God when they're sick and possibly going to die.

But as far as regular confession or priest.

There is nothing in the Bible about it. What it does say in first John chapter 1 verse nine is if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Now he is God, we confess our sins to God, but it's not just a thing we do with our mouth because Isaiah's of these people draw near me with their mouths but their hearts are far from you. You verbally confess your sin, because in your heart repentant of the sin as far as taking communion goes the Bible doesn't necessarily teach what the with the Catholic Church teaches about that.

They teach that you know you're taking the literal body in the literal blood of Jesus into and the Bible doesn't actually say that and I don't think it teaches that and I don't think that taking communion or taking the meal is so, what saves or doesn't save a person's old course, Christians are supposed to be in fellowship together, including having the fellowship meal at which they would take what we call communion. There are things we should do but they're not what saves us, what saves us is having heart devoted to God and faith in Christ as our Lord and as our Savior and is our king and and if it's in our heart that it's good to be in our behavior.

The idea is not that we once in a while do something to see if the coast is clear now and if we can if we can go out again without being under God's wrath idea is it. All the guys looking for someone who's totally devoted to him. I don't know if you're married or have been married but when people get married. They're not just living a life of selfishness and once more getting together confessing to each other that they've hurt each other and done bad things that marriage isn't the couple people being devoted to each other. Living for each other being partners in this world and that's what being saved. Since God is married to us and were married to God and in our whole life is defined by our relationship with Christ is our King which means that there is nothing in our life that doesn't spring out of our devotion to following and serving him. That's what the Bible actually presents as the norm of the Christian life.

For example, Paul said, whatever you do, what you eat or drink, do all to the glory of God not eating and drinking. We do those things several times a day and they're very mundane activities are not really spiritual activities in themselves but were supposed be doing even those things to the glory of God is really nothing so minor that we should be doing it as an act of obedience or expression of our relation with God. If we have that relationship than once in a while we will still sin but will confess our sin and God forgives will just move along. It says that in first John chapter 2 in verse one. He says these things I run into. So you don't sin. But if anyone does sin, we have an advocate with the father, Jesus Christ the righteous, and he is the propitiation for our sins and not for ours only but also for the sins of the whole world so Jesus healing Jesus is the one who died for our sins. And if we walk with Christ.

His blood cleanses us from all soon. If we do sin, we confess it to them and don't do it again. Just keep walking with him now. A lot of people have a very different approach to the whole matter of religion and that is they have a religious approach instead of a relational approach that Jesus came to put us into a relationship with God and with himself that is a saving relationship, but many people have reduced Christianity to a religious activity whether that involves going to confession, or are undertaking the Eucharist or attending church are paying tithes or even reading your Bible goes kind of things.

Some people think if I just do that enough, God will be happy with me or I hope you will where God's not happy with us for doing a certain number of deeds he's happy with this. If our heart is devoted to, and if your heart is not devoted to him and I don't know that your scissors knob. It sounds like you may be thinking of relation with God as involving certain religious activities instead of having a relationship with him and that may be why you never feel clean. You also asked about masturbation the Bible doesn't speak directly on the subject of masturbation. There's no mention of it. There is of course a reference to Onan, who withdrew during intercourse so that he wouldn't impregnate Mark but but that's not exactly same thing, but it might be in principle similar.

The point is that the Bible does not really discuss that particular issue, but what it does discuss is the need for us to walk in the spirit so that we don't fulfill the lust of the flesh.

Now whether it's a sin or not.

It is an act of the flesh, and it's one that is definitely question why I know pastors who think it's okay me.

They counsel people that it's okay. I know others who think that it's absolutely not. That is a form of fornication since the Bible doesn't address and I can't really put it in one of the other category, but I can put in the category of the flesh. It is definitely a lust of the flesh that many people feel at least those who succumb to it. They feel embarrassed. They feel shamed.

Doesn't sound to me like something that they ought to be doing if it's making the machines as their conscience isn't favoring it.

The idea of walking in the spirit and not fulfill the lust of the flesh. Paul said the fruit of the spirit. When you're walking in the spirit.

He said the fruit is among other things, self-control, and so if a person feels guilty about any particular thing or doing, they should be able to have self-control if you're walking in the spirit. Now here's the here's the guideline for sexual purity that Paul gives in first Thessalonians chapter 4 verse two he says no, actually, verse three, he says, for this is the will of God, your sanctification, that means that your be holy, set apart for God, your holy devoted to God. He says that you should abstain from sexual immorality that each of you should know how to possess his own vessel meeting possess or control his body in sanctification and honor, not in passion of lust, like the Gentiles who do not know God, so Paul saying the goal is to have total self-control in the area of your lust of your of your of your sexuality. Now he doesn't say exactly what constitutes immorality refers to immorality doesn't list all the things that are immoral.

There are quite a list of some of his passages.

But what he does say is that God wants us to possess our vessel that is control our bodies in a way that sanctified an honorable and so I would just say if anyone's wondering if if if anything they are doing is if there wonder if it's sin or not. Well, if the Bible doesn't say specifically one thing you can consult is, frankly, your conscience are you is it something shameful made you feel honorable is something you would want to have broadcast on the front page of the newspaper is used in such an honorable thing. I think not. And so you know, I would say you need to aim at complete self-control. But that's not not a legalistic behavior that's walking in the spirit that's what comes again when you're totally devoted to Christ.

When God fills you with his spirit and you walk in the power and under leading spirit.

That's what is the norm and I think it's time is called I can tell they are struggling with guilt and things like that and it's something that really I think that might come from a Catholic background. A lot of people like yourself refer to themselves as recovering Catholics because a lot of times people have been in Catholic schools or Catholic Church for long time and they've simply interpreted you know, religion, or walk with God as a religious thing, and they often have the impression God's kind of an angry mean kind of a God. So you better not you avoid darting and I are crossing the T properly because he might just send you to hell. Will God does allow people to go to hell, but he's is not angry in the sense of hard to please. He's the one who so loved the world that he sent his son to die for the war. That means he was on our side.

You don't send your son to die for somebody else unless you're on their side in a big way. God is on the side of people is on the side even of sinners. Jesus was called by his religious critics. A friend of sinners, which is of course what he was, but they thought them scandalous, but being a friend of sinners. This is accurate. God is here, your God is such Jesus said, greater love has no man than this, they lay down his life for his friends and so Jesus laid down his life for sinners because God loves sinners, so you don't have to look at God is somebody who's going to be just so peevish and and I with a short fuse and is to be so angry at people who are trying to find him trying to live for him and and really blown it because their week member. Jesus told his disciples to pray for an hour. They couldn't.

They fell asleep there too tired and he said to them well. The spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak. He was sympathetic. He was disappointed.

Let me let me just say this God is certainly disappointed when we sent but he's not disappointed in like some angry man whose who's gonna lash out unless we can somehow hide from his wrath. He loves us.

He sympathetic towards he knows the flesh is weak. It says in Psalm 103. He knows our frame, he remembers it were dust and he is not dealt with us according to our sins rewarded us according to our iniquities. You might want to read Psalm 103 verses one through 14, let me suggest that Psalm 103 verses 1 to 14 because that doesn't come to God. There is and then you have to decide you want to love him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

If answers yes then he'll be very pleased with you and you can just surrender to your life tomb and seek to live for his glory and trust in Christ as your king and Lord and Savior. And that's the what I think your you might be lacking and I'm I do feel very sorry for your interview call because you're really struggling with guilt and am not sure why it's not connecting to have told you what the Bible says, but I know sometimes the place our head is at some I could tell you some interschool office like water off a ducks back I I'm not sure what the hangup is but I do know that your struggling and I hope the two get to know God for who he is and and I would say if you're still going to Catholic Church.

You probably need to get away from there because that's I think what has been communicating to a wrong idea of what it means to be a follower of Christ. All right, let's talk to Cedric in Corvallis, Oregon hey long time no hear Cedric good hear from you to talk to you, Steve. The last time I called. I didn't come through very well so I just want to ask can you hear me okay yes yes you could not go ahead, right arm calling about the issue of justice. Today you have been used to receive calls in the past about the church getting involved in some of the racial issues that are going on right now in our country. You have suggested to people to watch the bodhi box video which I did listen to your justice lecture which I did, but it seems like on those calls you take it to the area of social justice and I agree with you that social justice is not the charge of the church, but you also said that you can't put a word in front of justice and still have it be biblical it is. That's a paraphrase. I still don't understand from you. Why is racial justice not correct and I know well you have said in the past. That is because racial justice deals with a group and justice is about an individual but yet but yet Martin Luther King called the church in his letter to the Birmingham from the Birmingham jail to get involved in to help write and so I wonder if you've heard dad in what you think about that but also you actually caught in my book. My book is coming out a few weeks actually quote a number touching that letter okay good.

I'm still struggling with why you believe the church has no role in dealing with what's going on with race in our country right now. From a biblical perspective. I am not sure what you mean what's going on with race, the church has a role of making disciples and standing for justice. Now, I don't believe there's such a thing as economic justice, that separate from regular justice or a racial justice and separate from regular justice. I'm a white man, your black man and we are and we are both obligated to treat each other justly. I don't I don't undoubtably keep you justly because you're black and I'm not but because your man, and in all men are to treat other justly. The problem in Martin Luther King's day was that in, especially in South and maybe other parts of the country. There was a whole race of men who were not being treated like men, for the most part. Now.

But then that's not that was true that everyone there were white people who treated black people justly and but and so it wasn't really a group thing. It was like individuals have to treat people justly knew either. You either treat people justly or unjustly, and no matter what race they are justice is always required. Injustice is always wrong.

So now, in my case, I've never really to occur.

Some height that I've I've never really seen racial prejudice in a in a very obviously where I live. I have a number black friends and they don't seem to be concerned about it either. They're not into social justice causes other Christians and they and they believe that I'm sure that none of them would deny that there are racists around who meets the words slight words to them or whatever, but I'm sure every black person has extensive racial prejudice and if I do if I was a white man in a black country.

I could very well experience some you and just treatment, perhaps, or at least on judge unkind treatment from from people like was in Cameroon. My wife and I were the only white people ever saw there except for some others that when our team and you know I mean we walked on the street and there wasn't another white face there and and I'll tell you what there was a lot more suspicious looks toward us than I've ever seen in this country toward any race and you know that's okay. I realize that I will email. I was a minority. They were used to seeing people like me they didn't want to think about me white people by the way, had exploited Cameroon French. I had exploited them in and I can see why they might be a little upset with white people, but if they treated me worse than they treat one of their own neighbors than that would be unjust. On the other hand, if they just have suspicions taught me well. I can't blame them for that.

There's yours. There's no thought crimes that that we are supposed to be in prosecuting people can think whatever they want about me here about you or someone else, or about Jesus, about me as a Christian locksmithing awful things were Christians but okay what people think is fine if they if they will burn my house down. That's an issue because that's committing an injustice against me and so you know, like, I don't see it as a racial issue I see it as a human issue.

Everyone has to else justly and if they do, then there's not many white people who treat black people and Jessica. Both are people and all people have the same obligation and by the way, but the black lives matter. People should be treating people justly to and when they burned outside and I was very in unassigned downtime not as severe as her understanding. That's why really seen some injustice but going at follow-up. I agree and I'm not a supportive black live matter movement. I don't agree with what they're doing in and so yeah and I'm not talking about social justice as a whole. But my question is if the church identifies and recognizes that there is an injustice that is taking place towards a group of people, is it not the role of the church to speak up or to teach their, their, their attendees, their tenders or whoever they have a wall and a voice to speak to is it not the role of the church to speak up and say something about anything about the role of the church is to teach their members to love their fellow man is Christ loves them to love their neighbors. They love themselves. If they do that then there will be an issue of race in the church because there people of other races are their fellow men. I mean every church I've gone to his head, black people in it and Asian people and Hispanic people in it and I haven't really noticed anyone treating them badly. Now if you're saying that that there is a lot of people in some parts of the country who treat a lot of black people badly because the black oven that would be an issue I'd I don't.

I guess I don't see that and I think a lot of people who claim that that happens and it probably is happening in some areas, but a lot of the things they publicize are not true and that that Jesse since Millett thing coming.

That's so interesting that he had to invent a racial hate crime hoax because there aren't enough of them taking place that are real and I think this hello again and again the 70 get-togethers.

There's been what dozens now of racial hate crimes that were in the news that had to be retracted because they were fake and I think will well it the Nazis. The Jews didn't have to create fake Nazi attacks on Jews to let people know that there's problems because there was real problems between the Nazis and the Jews, but I think most black people who are living in the inner-city lettuce and I don't blame those who do for being different in this respect, I think most people who live in the suburbs or whatever. I think most of them say we get along pretty good. What white people write you the white people are to move it or I don't how you intrigue you can maybe give me some input on that health and how white people to relentlessly where I live now, I don't experience racism as often as I used to, but I have here in in in Oregon. I I do in certain parts of Oregon where I travel. But your answering my question relative to church's teaching the people in the church. I'm done. I'm asking about the church recognizes something that is going on outside the church. Let's say in terms of housing or economics with banks are not willing to loan to a certain group of people or what have you, as the church have a role in speaking up against that if nothing else, just to say to their own of the people who attend that that's wrong to call out as being wrong or right between you and storing was talking about a justice issue dealing with a certain group of well loving your neighbor should love yourself. That's a story was illustrated, the lawyer who is my neighbor and he said no story saying your neighbor, the Samaritan is of a different race and religion. The new Haitian neighbors let you that's right of the church has the same where there are actual cases of injustice outside the church. I think the church does speak out against. I don't know that interest didn't speak out against the George Freud situation and that was before we know very much about and I need take a break Cedric, but I hope I hope we kind of touched on your issues and on appreciating involvement in LSU.

Thank you. We got another 30 minutes cannot don't go away. We have to take just a short break. Our website is the copyright Hebrews tells that do not forget to do good and to share with others and share the near at hand with friends when the show is over today and wanted to go to the narrow they can learn and enjoy your teaching articles very diverse teachings and archives of all the narrow path, radiation, and be sure to tell them to tune into the show here on the radio chairlift noted the narrow share and do good.

Back to the narrow path radio broadcast Steve Greg in your life for another half hour taking calls you got questions about the Bible of the Christian faith will be glad to talk about the different viewpoint than that of the host. The clutch chocolate that to one probably guides our lines are full. That's a good problem to have. I like having a problem, but it's a prompt for you if you're not one of Hall's wedding and you want to call in because you get a busy signal. If you call at this time. However, if you go back in 5 to 10 minutes on like that. There's a very good chance the real line open for you so let me give you this number so you have it handy.

The numbers 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 now I'm having a meeting this Saturday night into macular to Q&A meeting and you're welcome to join us. You can find information about it at our website. The narrow under the tablets as announcements just want to say that we refer to this is a monthly meeting. However, after this month we won't have her for a couple months because I'll be out of the out of town in October so we won't be having in October to make a living. So this is the after this one. It's two months before the next so if you're interested in coming to check it out on the website. The and under the tab that says announcements all right. Well we got our lines. It's talk to these callers. We've got to talk next to Wayne from Sacramento, California. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling Highway. Thanks.

That's a good idea in question.

So I can get an answer so you can answer, so some people are good about religion, about almost as bad as makes you right in my religion wall so the question today looking at the same guy and I understand that so imaginative it even if we are all looking at the same God. Not all seen him correctly. For example, the Jews and the Christians and Muslims all believe in one God who is the creator of all people and all things, and frankly, Jews and Muslims and Christians also believe that that God was the God of Abraham. These are called Abraham at religions because they believe in the God of Abraham.

Now arguably, the God who made all things and who is the God of Abraham is there's only one God like that. So anyone who believes in that God has gotta be believe in the same one is not another one on the other hand, a person's beliefs about that God could be so far wrong that they practically have a different God in mind now for example, Christianity has always taught that there is a Trinity that God exists in father-son Holy Spirit.

And this is a distinctly Christian belief and as such, Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God are part of that Trinity Jews believe in the same God. Apparently, the God of Abram, Isaac and Jacob. Just like we do, but they don't believe those things that they don't.

Jews don't believe in a Trinity don't believe Jesus is the son of God. Vitiligo has a son, and if they did, they don't think it be Jesus, and Muslims also don't believe in the Trinity. They think it's a false doctrine.

They do believe Jesus was very special. The Muslims actually have a higher view of Jesus than the Jews do the Jews believe his machine that he was a he was a heretic, troublemaker, false prophet infected Tom with since he was a sorcerer.

The Muslims believe he is the greatest prophet there ever was.

They believe we should follow Mohammed rather than Jesus because Mohammed came later than Jesus and they feel like we should follow the latest prophet, the God sent but they do believe that Jesus was an even greater profit than Mohammed's, which means that the Muslims have apart from Christians have which is not the highest view of any religion of Jesus, but they still don't have the same beliefs about God that we do or about Jesus because they don't believe is God. In fact, they think it's blasphemy to say he's the son of God. So all so in other words you say to have the same God will technically it's hard to say what will you have to understand that that there is there is only one God described as the creator of all things in the God of Abraham, and there are three religions that say they believe in that they don't all believe the same things about. So there's two ways look at some people save three different gods and some people say it's it's God same God that they don't leave right things about it and just as bad.

Frankly, if you don't if you don't have it.

If your views of God are so far from the truth.

It might as well be a different God. How do we know ours is the correct 100. Our religion is true. Well, that's a question to ask at well and we should have that answer ready at hand. Even before we meet other religions to me there should be a reason why I'm a believer in Christ. Even if there is never any other religion to contest. I should have a reason that I become a believer. Why do I believe in Christ. Well I believe in Christ because of the things he did in the things he said and we know what he said and did, because it's very reliable. Records of him from people who knew him in terms the four Gospels.

These were historical biographies written by people very close to him either either close enough to have been walking with him, or at least are to live with people who did. And so they're very accurate. Sources compared to any other historical sources. We have other ancient people. We don't have any other ancient people who walked with and and and and made biographies of you know the person they're talking we might have one or two but anything like the four Gospels there's four different witnesses there so I mean we have historical records, will Jesus said and did he claim to be the Messiah. He claimed to be the son of God. He claim to be as it were, the IM which is a name for Yahweh.

Did miracles to show that he wasn't just blowing smoke and he raised himself a raise from the dead and heat. That was after he said he would.

He told his disciples numerous times he's going to rise from the dead on the third day he died.

And he rose again the third day saw me and these are pretty pretty good evidences that were back in the right course here now. What do the Muslims of the Jews have, to compare with that or Hindus for that matter the Buddhist are any other religion. Well, they have leaders and founders who claim certain things that Moses Moses cofounded the Jewish faith, and he certainly was a servant of God, but but he predicted that there would be another prophet like himself, that God would send in Deuteronomy 18 Moses said the Lord will send another prophet like me and he says you have to listen to him. Whoever does listen to him will be cut off from people and the Christian Seiyu that was right. Moses made the prediction, Jesus came and he's the prophet that he was talking about. So you know, Moses was right.

But the Jews who reject Christ would be wrong because Moses predicted Christ. Jesus said that to them. In John chapter 5.

He says you know who's going to condemn you on the day of judgment is not me. Moses was a good condemn you because he spoke about me and you don't believe in me. He said it. If you don't believe in him how you can believe me, he's basically saying you don't believe it was a signature not believe what he said about me and so that you the Jew who is not, but made the step of receiving Christ as the Messiah is a person is locked in a religion that's defunct of religions moved on.

God has fulfilled the promises were made when he found that religion and and introduced a new element and they're just not going there with him.

They're not going with Scott on that they like it though it was and so that's that's why we have recently they're wrong. Now Muslims the muscle religions made up by Mohammed. I know that the Muslims believe that he received a revelation from Gabriel.

The angel Gabriel and that and that the Quran was given to him and and that the Koran says different things about God and Jesus.

But Mohammed didn't really give any reasons why we should believe him except that he said it, it's to my mind is very much like a Mormon, Samara, say will work. We were changing the whole Christian religion because Joseph Smith said so yellow who is he will. He's a prophet. Why should I believe is a prophet, crickets and others really no good reason to believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet recently.

Not any objective proof that Mohammed was a prophet and I mean anyone has a charlatan could have done the same things, and yet charlatan could not do the same things that Jesus did so in some essential utilities religions. How do you know yourself right well I know mine is right, without even any criticism of the other religions though why I do have criticisms of them believe that if there was no alternative religion to criticize.

I would know why I believe what I do. After all, if there are no other religions I could be an atheist instead of Christian but my the evidences and in favor of atheism, the evidences in favor of Christianity. That's why we know are right because were proud as we examine it's just like you know if you read several different news stories and they give the same or different information, but you know somebody who is there and wrote one of the stories and disinfect several people who were and they all say the same thing but all the other stories written by people who weren't there, and they're making stuff up. Well, you just you just know who's telling the truth. The ones who were there, the ones who know what's going on unless they have reason to deceive, but the apostles who wrote the Gospels had no reason to deceive didn't get anything out of it except martyrdom so why would they lock while much better clarity thank you very much Steve. I appreciate your calling all right. Let's talk next to Wesley in Nevada Wesley, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling. Good hearing you good aggregate sermon yesterday that basically said no, God is in control God as part of the bikinis and some of the Scriptures in Psalms Omega Isaiah 21. Okay, so I didn't write them down like strychnine and not befits a bakery just you know, just chill out. Everything is going on in United States and and and everything is not in control of.

So I'm asking myself while you normally work on. As 70 million abortions and ongoing and the rise of the homosexuality getting such a counter. Again, a mask regarding spiritual kingdom and physical kingdom in the Scripture that says Satan is a God of this world and I understand overall revelation of God is in control and in this physical world we live in, who's in control of this world, a fallen world in a physical sense, not a spiritual sense or can you separate the two man is in charge the world when God made man and woman he said, let us make man in our image. Let's give them dominion over the fish and seeing the birds near the animals and plants and so forth.

So God gave humans dominion over the earth and he has never revoked.

Unfortunately humans made the mistake of coming in the league with Satan so that they themselves become the slaves of Satan still man still runs the world, but Satan has become the de facto rulers of the world because people follow him and therefore the world tends to fulfill his agendas at least did, until God stepped in God raised up Jesus from the dead and seated in his right hand is King of of all, give all authority in heaven and earth. So Jesus is the real ruler, but Jesus does not rule by force all earthly rulers typically do. They've got police force or armies or whatever to enforce their laws, Jesus rules gently and lovingly, and seeks to persuade his his method of winning people is to persuade them not to put a knife to the throat, which is one difference between Jesus and Mohammed, for example.

So because Jesus is ruling, but he's not making everything happen that he wants Tammy still leaving it to people make choices he has given us the ministry of going out and bringing people through persuasion under the Lordship of Christ and and then discipling them to walk in his ways, and this is been going on for 2000 years others frankly millions, hundreds of millions of people who are walking in his ways and more every day. And so the idea is that very slowly.

The kingdom like a little mustard seed grows into a great tree onto her like a little stone goes into great mountain to fill the earth, as Daniel described in Daniel 244 and so Jesus is on the throne, but in terms of making things happen. Most the time it's just man left to himself to do what he wants to do. Now God can intervene anytime because got Jesus does have authority if there is something that the man is about to do that is absolutely not tolerable from God's point of view that Jesus simply won't allow it. Jesus can stop and he does he's done that many times in and he also intervenes our lives individually, but for preacher say you're just chill out God's in control. That seems kind of simplistic because God is really been in control of his universe ever since he made it and still there's been some horrible disaster. Some people suffer terribly again, because God who is in control has chosen to let man control many things including you know his personal behavior and much of social behavior under some pretty awful stuff that goes on that God did not ordain, and God did not interfere with he could.

But if interfered with every case the nerd is not really giving people the right to sin any course God made people free will, so they could choose to please and monopolies in many choose not to please and he could if every time someone chose not to please and he stopped them will then it kind of changes the whole program that he's allowing them to make their decisions, but I mean I believe God's in control and in this sense Army. The Bible says the angel of the Lord encamps around about them that fear him, and delivers so I believe that if I fear God that his angel surrounds me. I've got bodyguards, unseen bodyguards with me all the time now.

I can still get hurt because God sometimes allows her wants me to suffer trials of various kinds this that part of his program.

This program is to grow me up to toughen me up to mature me and trials are one of the things he uses so he will sometimes have the angel step aside and let affliction.

Can we see that happening in Job. Job was surrounded by protection from God, the devil complained about my asked for permission to do them some harm in God, knowing that this be better for Job than that for Satan when he had allowed it to happen and it turned out better for Job. Job was blessed doubly in the end of the story. It is one of the most famous people who's ever lived on earth and everyone admires him because of his patients is summing.

Job suffered for a little while, as we all will Job really came out on top of that woman and we will to the Bible says all things work together for good to those who love God and who are the called according to his purpose. So you know God's in control, but he sometimes allows harm to come to us if there's a good result that he thinks can come from it. That's his business and so I don't. People are worried about if they're worried that something could happen to them like hurt them that the that they could get killed or the criminals could get them or that some will bring their business down or some like that though those things could happen. I mean, the fact that God's in control doesn't prevent those that you have. You can see on television is having gotten stop.

You could be one of those people that that happens to foci but not Muscat allows a God does. The point is, in my afraid to have bad things happen to me if that's what God allows or would I rather be kept safe from those things and not be in the will of God and not improve not grow well, that's a choice I suppose I can make guts to make the choice of what happens because he'll either protect Mary. Won't the main thing is it because we know God is in control. We know that nothing is going to happen to us that he would have preferred to stop having special for prey if we pray we are actually activating God's hand in our lives if we don't pray James is will you have not because you asked if you don't ask God for something that he wants to give you human activity, and thinks make a worse for you because of it were socially praying about everything in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving. Make your requests known to God pulse in Philippians for some, so our prayers engage God in in the affairs of the world, but he still he still lets man run free. Most the time and that's apparent God's choice because God wouldn't have to do that. So the man who said God's in control. That's true. If he says chill out because God is in control. If he means by that because God's in control.

Nothing bad is going to happen.

I don't agree with that. Bad things happen all the time with God in control but I would say we could go further if God is in control and you're one of his and bad things happen. God can work out for the good. Even if it includes your death because your dive something. Anyway, if you die trusting God. The safest place of all.

But it's it's a nuanced question. Obviously, God is in control, manage and control the devils and control some people. But really, ultimately, at the top of the pile is is God in Christ, nothing will happen that they don't at least permit, especially to his own people. Well theology that I believe and I believe it progressively get worse until Christ comes in correct in that it according to what you believe I don't have any.

I don't have any real precise information from Scripture about how how things will go as far as progressively.

I do believe there's a time a little season at the end where Satan is loosed to persecute the church more than normal. That's mentioned in Revelation chapter 20 and versus what seven through eight and a site believe things will get very hard for the church for a little season at the end of the present age. That's my reading of that passage. But how long that will last.

I don't know man knows and may be very short or maybe longer. Time but as far as the world getting worse and worse just from this point to the end that depends how far the end is if there's another hundred years, the world might still get better for a while gets worse and I don't know. Okay Wesley thanks you, alright, let's see here Ray from San Gabriel, California. Welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for going hello Steve here really, yes. Thanks for waiting okay and theology that Saturday everybody supposed to be co-equals I understand it, but as a read through the Scriptures and Jesus Christ was all about. The authors will and you versus like John 1428. The father is greater than I Romans 15 six God and father of Jesus just seems to be reading through the Scriptures like the father is the top of the Trinity or something. Not much coequal. Well, the father is indeed God and Jesus is his word and this Holy Spirit is his spirit and his word and his spirit are not entirely things that can be disassociated with himself. I'd I don't I don't know that there's a hierarchy per se, but I do know that when Jesus came to earth, he put himself below his father. There certainly was a hierarchy, then that that period of time that Jesus was on earth at 33 years Jesus definitely was lower than his father. And that's what the Bible says in Philippians 2 that while previously he existed in the form of God, he emptied himself and took on himself the form of a servant and having humbled himself (further humbled himself to the death of the cross. Therefore God has highly exalted him and given a name above every name, so the time that Jesus was here. He was deftly humbled and made himself the form of a servant, which God is not. And Jesus lived as a servant under his father just like we are so you know if we think of Jesus as God. I think most Christians do, then it seems strange that Jesus target God the father and himself being different and God the father, greater than himself. But if we recognize Jesus not simply as God but as God in the flesh, that in the flesh is an important factor when God takes on a human form, he becomes a human being and exegesis was. He was a man. The Bible says there is one God and one mediator between God and man, the man Jesus so Jesus, God became a man in Jesus and and and as a man he didn't come down here in order to take charge hidden after that he stayed where he was. He came down here to become servant and therefore Jesus always describes himself lease here on earth as subservient to his father and reduced only when exist in the form of God, he had no limitations when he took on human form he was limited to human body and in its weaknesses, so that is why I that's why think is perfectly okay with that and make my fate any less gastric struck me mutually: although the latest of you may need in the Holy Spirit is spreading from the father. Jesus is intermediary between us and the father of the eligible wondering about.

Well, I mean we are having a conversation because we can hear each other's voices.

My voice is the intermediary intermediary between me and you right now. You don't see me I can't just be my thoughts in your head. I can speak them and you can hear them in my voice is the means by which I can indicate myself in my thoughts and my beliefs to you and they are mine, and I'm I'm a person, but my words are communicate my self to you and Mike my convictions and my beliefs and so forth.

So Jesus is the word.

My word is not less than me, but it isn't all of me either. My word is an expression of me. The way that the Eastern Orthodox explain the Trinity. And I don't know if this is true, but it's running it makes sense to me. They say that God the father is like the sun in the sky, the solar or that's like the father the light that comes from the sun is like Christ, who is the light of the world who emanates from the father and the heat from the sun is like the spirit or the power of solar power that comes from the sun is like the Holy Spirit. That's the power of God. We've got Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the expression of God and his word Christ and the power of God in his spirit, but is a man's expression or his power. Something other than himself or is it just religious aspects of himself and that's kind of that's what I think you make sense of the Scriptures, and that is like is a classic Orthodox white looking things are pretty much the spirit different roles more than being unequal right.

Hey, I'm out of time am sorry to say I appreciate your client time.

I appreciate you calling and date on the radio. We always have a limited amount of time and sometimes when you get a really deep question. It's frustrating because we just have the time to totally unscrew the inscrutable here on the air, but we try organic are you listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg. We are listener supported ministry would pay for the time of the radio.

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