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The Narrow Path 8/25

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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August 25, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 8/25

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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August 25, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast Steve Greg and we are live for our taking your calls as we do each weekday. If you have questions you'd like to ask earlier about the Bible of the Christian faith.

We have different view from the host would like to bring up that for conversation. The number to call is 844-484-5737. At the moment there are a couple of lines still open. The numbers 844-484-5737. I have an announcement to make.

And that is that back before all this sort Corona virus stuff happened.

We used to have a meeting about once every month or two. Where were going through the Bible book by book just in introduction and overview of the book.

Each time we get together in Buena Park California abortive Park is in orange county California and a lot of those things been put on hold for the past several months we have gotten. However, to the book of Daniel and we are going to be meeting at 6 o'clock in going to park at the regular place this Saturday night that's the Saturday now we have a pretty small gathering so we don't think there's a problem you social distance is much if you want to do so. Wearing masks also if they want to, but were to go ahead and have this gathering and its going to go into the book of Daniel, briefly and thorough introduction and and an overview and if you're interested in joining us, you can go to the website. The narrow look under announcements and there you'll find on the date of this coming Saturday date of the time and location all that stuff so we'll see some of you there this Saturday in Buena Park.

All right. We'll talk first of all today to John from Texas or Dallas Texas to be exact, John.

Looking to the narrow path encircling not Bible about giving me on normal giving you everything that we do should be done because of our concern for the kingdom of God and everything we give should be given because of our concern for the kingdom of God. Also, and so insofar as we feel that giving to any particular person or cause if we can convicted that this would advance the kingdom of God, then it's quite legitimate.

Whatever he gives for that purpose is given to God, and of course God is not associated with any political party, but there are certain candidates that are godly and who would do good if they were in power and it may be that God wants and empower and if you feel that God has laid on your heart to contribute to him like I couldn't see why that would be not a good thing. For example, if you give to the poor. Let's say you give to the poor in Haiti. That's a very legitimate thing to do.

You know you're helping out people in need. There's a there's a crisis of starvation and desperation in Haiti and and what if you would give to alleviate that crisis I think would, if done in the name of Jesus and for the purpose of advancing his kingdom and helping the suffering that is something God would accept as a gift to himself.

Now one might feel convinced that the nation of America.

Although were not poor but we are in crisis, and that this crisis has to do with the well-being of this of the Christian church, or even of all the people who live in this country that there are people who are led astray by certain political agendas and so forth that there are people who whose children and grandchildren would be hurt if if the country does a certain way and a lot of times were not really given a choice of candidates that we no one would be good and the other would be bad a lot of times respectable, that or think it may be both of them might be not that bad but if there is a clear choice and there often is taken in our present time there often are clear choices of godly people who are available to run for office and who felt called of God to do so and have the supportive of their friends in your Christian brethren would not be a bad thing.

So while my giving has been always to ministries that either feed the poor and hungry lands, or else preach the gospel. I have no objection to people exercising their stewardship differently than that, as they feel that the purposes of God would be served one way or another. There's nothing in the bond that directs us to to give only to certain religious things.

If I give the homeless person don't even have a chance to let them know I'm a Christian because were just passing so quickly I still given something as a Christian in my mind, as unto the Lord. And so whatever you can give tenant cause that you can consider to be as unto the Lord. I would not have any complaints about Betty my thoughts about okay John, I should call another John from Westminster and I'm going to assume this is Westminster, California John, welcome to the narrow path is for calling-oh Masters there's there's a Winchester not far from in California. I don't have a set of estate on the screen. Genesis 3228.

He said your name shall no longer be Jacob Israel. You have striven with God and with men prevailed on. I want to ask you if you could flesh out the name Israel Army and you know what does it look like to strive with God, and what does it look like they'll that's a good question.

I'm not sure I can give a definitive answer because different different translations to the name Israel have been suggested. I sat under pastor for years, who said the name is remains governed by God.

Someone else says it means striving with God. Others say a prince with God. Their reflectors these different suggestions obviously has something to do with the narrative itself, of how he had striven with God and prevailed and and therefore he had passed some kind of a test and now qualify to be called Israel but to be precise as to the meaning of the name on the front of heard too many suggestions as to what the name Israel means I have, of course, which it up also and it appears to have some ambiguity so it looks one whose true history of God and prevailed and what does it mean to strive with God. This is not made clear at all. The whole story of Jacob wrestling with the man all night, which is of course how it culminates with the statement you've brought up is is never explained in Scripture and therefore left for us to kind of seek to understand what it may have put it significance may have been what happened was that Esau had just had it a harrowing encounter with his uncle Laban, who is also his father-in-law who had a bunch of his buddies coming out as far as Jacob knew to hurt Jacob and his family and forcing an angel of God, had appeared in a dream to Laban and told him to leave Jacob Alonso Jacob had to dodge that bullet. But now he's heard that his brother Esau, whom he is not seen for 20 years and who last time you some sadistic killing is now coming to meeting with several hundred armed men and so he's just kind of jumped out of one frying pan and and he's wondering now he's in fire his brother Esau with an armed group coming perhaps to kill him and his family so he's stressed, is pretty stressed that he's a man who's always been able to handle himself. He hereby conniving. He got his brothers birthright by conniving he got his father's blessing and and he you know he's always eased Jesus which are safe.

He's a self-contained God he's never really surrendered to God. We might not realize that in reading that that is that you find it out as you read his whole story, that when he was fleeing from Esau. He made a pledge to God when he met when he saw the latter in the dream, Jacob's ladder, he said you know if you will keep me safe if you bring me safely back to my father's home.

Then you will be my God, and he made some other pledges like the stone can be your house, and I give you 1/10 of our stuff, but the main thing is you will be my God, which is a way of saying you're not my God that if you do these things. I want you to do, then you'll be my God, and so he didn't know he be 20 years away from home before you come back.

He got married built a family had 11 kids.

At that point and so he's is now going back and God has kept them safe, and he has a promise that he will allow God to be his God if he lets reset but he he's not really a man whose dedicated to God is never really owned God as his own and and now he's in trouble because you know he can't help himself against a can't save himself from the dangers and so is wrestling with God is a literal thing we don't happen literally wasn't just a dream or something had because he angel touched him and he limped for us in this lawsuit is a physical confrontation and he later recognized it was God himself in a human appearance of fighting with him, but what is the significance of well it it would appear to be that God is try to bring them to the end of himself.

He's a man who's always trusted himself is never needed to trust in God. I early see. Never thought he had to trust in God. He never owned God as somebody that he had to worship her trust in God he could take care of himself. He had taken quite a bit but now he's in the situations over his head, and God is trying to get him to surrender and give up on his self-reliance and just recognize his impotence and his need for God's aid in this wrestling match with God ended up with with that happening. When Jacob had wrestled all night with the man and realize that he could finally prevail against him and the man had touched his leg and and withered his thigh and caused him to be crippled nicely worse off. He said to them it'll bless me and I will let you go.

Initial bless me, which is his way of saying I'm in need here. You know I I I need a blessing. I need your help.

I need your I need whatever benefit you can give because I'm not able to handle this myself and and then the man the man asked what your name is Jacob any sillier instead Jacob was call you Israel, and because you've wrestled with God.

I wrestling with God.

It's interesting because it would seem that God was trying to get into surrender and so wrestling against God is not really a good thing if gods try to get to the surrendering and not doing it. That's not a positive thing. But the fact that he finally broke down and said bless me. I need your blessing is his way of admitting his dependency and that no doubt is what is meant by prevailing you've wrestled with God and prevailed while he he hadn't really prevailed in in terms of, you know the fight he had he'd given up get tapped out, but surrendering to God is prevailing as you win now you win because the victory is giving up. The victory is tapping out in love and acknowledging that you're dependent on God and so solve some have said like a said that the word means a prince with God. Someone who is now because he surrendered now has a status of of reigning with God some speed and some is not a means governed by God, which I don't me. That's what my pastor simulate. I don't think that's the most common assumption about the meeting but to be governed by God is to be a principal God to be to come to the end of yourself and realize that you need God is as the great victory and so that would be my concept of what's going on there. That's that's great, thank you so much. Okay, John, God bless you, thank you for your call brother all right our talk to Anita in Ontario, California. We do have some lines that have opened up if you're interested in number to call is 844-484-5737 you're listening to the narrow path. My name is Steve Greg and Anita is her caller from Ontario, California hi Anita, welcome me. Thank you for taking my call.

Wanted to know what is your I may ask, what is your position. If someone opinion is now that Jerusalem that the captain of Israel that that pleasing to God and Jerusalem. Again, belongs to God. People that you well.

I don't know of anything in the Bible it says that that's Solomon knowing God's mind about a certain set of political developments is a tricky thing you know, it seems that everybody is pretty sure God is on their side, politically, and therefore, when they have something happen that they agree with politically.

It's easy to think that that's that God is pleased with it because they are and maybe he is but I'll just say I don't know of anything the Bible that says that Jerusalem is God's city at this time God heads Jerusalem destroyed in A.D. 70. Because they had rejected Christ because their king had come, and he wept over the city and said Jerusalem Jerusalem.

If only you had known in this your day. The things it belonged your piece, but now they are hidden from your eyes and then he said the days are coming when your enemies will come in cast procedure mount around Ewing and Leslie Liu to the ground. You and your children within you, because you did not know the date of your visitation. What Jesus is saying is your king came to you rejected your king and now you can really suffer some serious harm your city be destroyed because you didn't recognize what you are rejecting now. They still recognize for the reject of the nation of jury of Israel today still does not believe in Christ, they still reject the Messiah there. Not anymore. Christian today than they were when Jesus spoke those words and and Jesus said that God destroyed the city because of their rejection of him now if they still reject him, then there's no reason to believe in God's favor is on the city if if it was the very if the very situation prevails still that was the reason for his having them destroyed.

Then, even if people build it up again.

That doesn't mean that God's with them on, you know, same thing with the temple Jesus when he walked out of the temple, said your house is left to you desolate is your house is done and you once you want to see me anymore until you say Blessed is he who comes landlord so the Jews were put in the same position of everybody else. They didn't have God dwelling among them in the temple, they would have to do whatever he has to do to say, Blessed is he comes landlord if they want to have any ongoing contact with Jesus the King.

They haven't done that so so neither the temple nor Jerusalem as near as I can tell, has had any changes since the days when the Pharisees and the Sadducees and the chief priests oppose Jesus persecuted the church and and basically brought upon themselves, the better the destruction of these things so you and I would need something from God in the Scripture to give me a clue what you think will do well. Three and number 24, nine okay will Genesis 12 three doesn't say a word about Jerusalem and as far as I mean, I know that passage because that's the a member covenant, but you say numbers 24 nine did you think 24 nine calculus of that since it says he bows down time.

He lies down as a lion, and as a lion who will rouse him up.

This is a this is about Israel. Balin is prophesying and I don't really know how this has anything to do with that. In the course of the says Blessed is he who blesses you and curse it is he who curses you again that doesn't have a word in it about Jerusalem, so I don't really mean if that's the best they can do. Then they got nothing.

Okay, thank you so much. The okay governorship by OSU all right, Darian from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Welcome to the narrow path expert calling. What is your take the Holy Spirit. Someone received the Holy Spirit believe that it will serve well in the Bible sometimes there was that evidence, it was not so. The only evidence I mean on occasion in the New Testament read that people were filled to the spirit and he spoke in tongues.

Sometimes we read that they were from the spring. They spoke in tongues and prophesied, there's no passage that says it's either speaking in tongues or prophesying are going to universally accompany the baptism Holy Spirit. I know that the Pentecostals and especially the United Pentecostal but actually all Pentecostal denominations believe that when your baptism spirit, the evidence, the initial evidence is called is so speak in tongues. There is no biblical basis for bad running.

There's nothing that says anything like that what they're basing it on is the fact that in the five cases in the book of acts where we read of people being filled with the Holy Spirit and three of them, it would appear they spoke with tongues, and so 3/5 in bed, but it's not all the time. We don't read that all five times good and even if they did in all five of those cases, but that's only five cases recorded there's.

There were thousands of people who were filled with the spirit. After that, Pentecost, and we don't read, how many of them did or did not speak with tongues so the suggestion that we have sort of a rule that those who speak and to those who are baptism, it must be can tongues improve it really has has zero basis in Scripture. Now do I believe in speaking hugs. Of course, the Bible talks about how I believe everything the Bible. I believe the gift of tongues. I believe the gift of interpretation of tongues.

Paul said, and in public. When people speak in tongues or should be interpretation. It's interesting that Pentecostals would say that speaking in tongues is a universal sign, but they don't always have a interpretation of tongues. And Paul said if there's no one there to interpret.

Don't speak in tongues in public so it seems to me to be a doctrine that is on shaky grounds biblically again. I believe in tongues, but to say that tongues is necessary or that it's something that every time people truly feel the spirit that speak in tongues just we just have the biblical basis for that and I don't believe it's actually the case.

I don't exactly the case I've I know people were filled with the spirit, but have never spoken tongues that will be the one with it not be time. Paul tells us what are the signs of the presence of the Holy Spirit filling a person's life in Galatians chapter 5 in verses 22 and 23.

He said the fruit of the spirit which means the evidence of the spirit that what what the spirit in your life, produces is love, joy, peace, patients, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, and so those are.

That's a partial list, but certainly love is the main one. Paul says in Romans 52 that the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. So the Holy Spirit makes is loving. That's the that's the great commandment that Jesus gave his and it's the principal fruit of the Holy Spirit. No really a Christlike character in general is the real fruit. Now gifts are another thing fruit is something that is producible because the tree is a fruit tree if you really are spiritual person than the spirit in you will produce is fruit and you gifts or something else. Gifts are individually distributed by the Holy Spirit to each person as he wills. The Bible says so he could give somebody the gift of prophecy and another person the gift of speaking in tongues another has the gift of giving or helps, or of leadership or of expectation or of showing mercy or oral tongues or interpretation tongues or these are all different gifts and of the Holy Spirit were told specifically does not give the same gift everybody so it would be very surprising if there's one gift that somehow is seen as the sign for everybody to be filled in spirit. But love is required of all, and it is the evidence that the Holy Spirit has come to dominate a person's personality in their life. Okay Darren God bless you Jennifer from New Haven, Connecticut.

Thanks, Jennifer could hear from you.

Well you know Jennifer, I have to tell you this before you get started. I just noticed my clock I'm good have to take a break and I want to talk to you but I don't interrupt you in the middle. So why do you just hold on there up to put you on hold and you will be my next call right after take this break at the bottom of the hour has not sent great okay I won't give you a very long all right yeah we do have this break at the bottom. Now there's another half-hour the program coming up don't have to go anywhere we want to mention again. We have this Saturday night.

Our rare meeting and blowing a park, California, and I'll be talk about the book of Daniel will be an introduction and overview of the book of Daniel.

A lot of people instant Daniel, probably more than Ezekiel, which we took last.

Although that's a good book to a lot of mysteries and Daniel hope you'll show up so we can talk about it together. The narrow path is a ministry on the radio's been here for about 23 years and that we are supported by donations because we pay for the radio time by donations to come in the listener supported you like to help us stay on the air. You can write to us at the narrow path, PO Box 1732 maxilla, CA 92593 that address again is the narrow path, PO Box 1732 maxilla, CA 92593. You can also donate from the website. If you want to. It's the narrow Everything at the website is free, there's hundreds of resources there will silver free mobile app, the narrow which you want to get your phone so you don't need to be by radio all the time.

I'll be back in 30 seconds. So we stated the gate and narrow is the path that leads to life. Continued narrow path. Everything in today's media share is over and enjoying my visit in the narrow find free topical audio teaching blog article writers teachings in archives and narrow path. Shadows rethinking for supporting the listener supported narrow path that Steve Greg remember the narrow back to the narrow path radio broadcast Steve Greg or live for another half-hour taking calls. If you have questions about the Bible or the Christian faith or if you have a different viewpoint for the host it like to challenge something or correct something valid something out. Feel free to call 844-484-5737 our lines just filled up so you can get through right now but if you call back this number a few minutes, you may find a line has opened the numbers 844-484-5737 and will be talk to Jennifer in New Haven Connecticut next Jennifer, welcome to the neuropathic for calling you really enjoy your ministry beautiful looking spirit To continue playing with some people that believe that God promises to save our household children. If we play games Scriptures combat. I'm sure that it's true descriptions don't really speak to me from wondering what you think yeah will descriptions usually used support that idea is acts 1631, where Paul and Silas are talking to the Philippian jailer who says what must I do to be saved and they said, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved you and your household. Now the household of course refers to his wife and children and servants and things like that in his household and I think what what Paul is saying is what I'm saying to you applies to your whole household as well and others. This isn't just for you is the man of the house. Every member of your household has the same privilege that if they believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. They will be saved. Just like if you believe in the name of the Lord discuss you'll be saved and so I don't see it as a promise that everyone in your family will be saved.

If you're Christian, I am. I am concerned that people might take for granted things because they misunderstand this is a promise, they might think that they could neglect the rearing of their children, or spiritual nurture the children they say well just got this promise from God. My friend was resaved. I don't believe that that's that should be thought that way. I believe that we should take it to me that God wants our family to save just the luck he wants us to be sick.

And insofar as we have influence over them and we do, we should seek to influence them toward Christ and if it's a very common thing of course for people to be raised in Christian homes with Christian parents and to be become converted through their parents influence.

It's also not unknown for kids to be raised in the Christian faith and then to drop out when they get older and for some of them come back in their older age in our statement.

I don't think they all are. I wish I was there were. I have known some children who are raised Christian, who have departed from the faith and one of them at least died without coming back near as I can tell, so I don't see it as a promise we can hold onto Jesus did say to his disciples that he's his situation coming is going to bring about strife and families that the enemies of your your enemies will be those of your own household. So both things are possible.

It is possible that when you live for Christ. The members of your family will be influenced to live for Christ also and you should hope that this be true and pray for it, but it's also possible that they'll make their own free choices to read reject Christ and and they'll become your enemies over it, so I don't think there's this united testimony of Scripture at all that you can count on your whole family being saved. But you certainly have more opportunity to reach your whole family than anyone else, it would seem because you live with them and they see all the time. This can also be the reason that they're less likely to become a Christian because they see you at your bedtimes to meet. If you're good example of a Christian and your you exist you adorn the gospel in your life is a very good chance I think that your kids will be saved.

Of course, if one parent is that way and the others not, then Vincent, it's very difficult to know it is the case in certain biblical times, and even to some degree it now that the way the father goes on.

This has a tremendous impact on the wife and the children more than if the wife becomes a Christian husband is not life.

I know I know Christian wives who brought their husbands to faith.

It's true, but I think statistically it's more common for the wife go the direction the husband chooses. Then for the husband to follow his wife and said can go greater so we don't have a real promise, one where the other very much, but can't transform theirs insert nothing wrong with praying for your family.

God listens to prayers and personal recordings will heat. He does not bring pressure on people you know people have free will. He knows how to bring pressure on them to incline them so our prayer should be steady for these family members, she, Jennifer, thank you for calling another New England call got rich in New Hampshire rich welcome to the neuropathic for calling Michael Graham you have any regard where to go to church elder 70 years, and that the character of about 200 attendees, but there was a local, mega church that wanted art.

After that the path to their and showed that of the dish in an aunt and all the rest of us to come along that the differences the mega church is more that led where where previously, many people were able to get involved.

Of service coming in the new church it more like it.

We got it all got covered. Now the minister yeah yeah about two thirds of that attendees left and be an elder and a heart for the people that are still there. I like it. I think that Regina is a little bit more in the future little more water down are more positive affect user-friendly type affect the word so I'm a little torn. You know I you I don't know whether loyal and served in the folks that are still there or maybe they will know if you had any some guidance on so using the small group is to meeting or have they closed on the small group meeting and then only the big church. The original church close down the app that that the local campus is something reach this exact thing happened to the church we attended hearing to macula years ago we were going to a small church. We love the past. We love the people in this. It was very homey church and what happened is a mega church nearby convinced our pastor to become associate pastor in their church and to merge the two groups.

One reason was our little church own some property in the mega church was renting a gymnasium for the church.

I think they wanted some property.

Not surprisingly, they moved onto the property and rebuilt a big campus or so it sounded like the big church was kind of coveting a small church is probably the best way to do was to absorb the small church wealth. We left we left because we have, we live in Calvary Chapel country would cover Chapel Bible colleges Leica stones throw 411 there's there's a cover Chapel couple blocks and so big churches we have big churches around us and we chose a small church on purpose because we don't need of really big church.

We like to relationships with people anyway. Well, one of the best little churches we know of cease to exist and became part of big church. So a number of couples from that church who didn't want to go with big church started a home fellowship and start meeting and invited us to come and so we've been doing that for about four or five years now seems and so you know that that is an option. I don't see that you're an elder and you make a decision as to whether God called to be elderly to this this group are not in. If so, then you been loyal to them may be what you're called to do. On the other hand, if you are finding that third your family is not being ministered to and you not able to minister to people is much bigger paradigm may want to either attend a smaller church are start one in your home but I can't tell you what you must do when you go to be led by the spirit about this, but I do know that that is an option because that's what we did almost identical situation is similar. Yeah, I have been led, in my home but I say that even mentioned that my wife last night like the options are open here.

A lot of people haven't found ground for service. We kind of pushed her way into them opportunity we have been able to be small group leader and there is some service opportunity there is an interesting interesting question were working through your thought. Let me suggest something to you. Have you listened any of the lectures at my website. I haven't yet. Okay. And they are free to listen or download that the the website is the narrow If you go there and look under topical lectures.

There is a short series called some assembly required which, if even contemplating a home church or anything like that.

This is a this is a series that might be helpful to you called some assembly required in certain under the topical lectures at our website and I will look that up. Okay Rich God bless you. I am so sorry that this kind of thing happen to you to. We were very very disappointed when happiness considers it's hard to find little churches anymore help at least the seven is a really badly. It was really a beautiful run.

It been a little hard on, but little appreciate your work here) thanks for calling bind by John in Tom Green, Tom Green, California hundred. Comfort hi John, welcome home John. You got the radio on and I hear I'm listening to Michael hi Greg, I yes continue yeah yeah yeah I said that that you know that is math and do not increment and and with that came to and also an and I don't believe the 10 Commandments were ineffective in before Moses. Some that I will I know every verse between Genesis 1 and X is 21 God gave the log is not a single verse in Genesis or the early part of Exodus that mentions the 10 Commandments you're right, there are verses that seems wrong to murder and it's wrong to commit adultery is wrong to steal. Yeah that's true in all society is not just true in Israel. I answer this for you. Yesterday I said the 10 cabana knowing my limit. I said you the 10 commands contain some Commandments that are universal and sure you will find that they were valid before the temperature given the 10 Commandments are not all all like novel laws, but some of them are including the observance of the Sabbath. God never commit him to keep the Sabbath before Moses time, but this is a separate issue that because I don't really you know if you could find 10 versus before Exodus 20 that that say the 10 Commandments were in force. I know you can't because I know the verses later in that range. They don't say anything, but if you could, I wouldn't care. And the reason is because lots of things were in force in the Old Testament that are now you know Abel offered animal sacrifices so did Noah.

That was before the tempter asserted Abraham.

Abraham circumcised his children studied all of his offspring and that was before the 10 commands of before the laws given in other words, just because something was done doesn't mean that that's what Christians are supposed Christians don't offer animal sacrifices. Christians don't practice circumcision and Christians don't practice the Jewish religion.

So that's just that's right Erickson answered you yesterday, but that's okay and and I don't really know that we need to go over to get but II know you want to get in your your your appeal for the 10 Commandments that you know what I have to I just I realize I get very tired of Seventh-day Adventist calling up and try to push the Sabbath when I've already answered it very thoroughly.

Sometimes several times a week and so if you if you haven't heard, my answer you go to the old archives of the programs like you go to Matthew and there is evidence topically wrenched the calls and you can look up Sabbath or you can listen to my lectures on top on Torah observance or my lectures on Sabbath keeping lectures and everything and I don't need to give that lecture over and over again to the same persons on the air.

I do. I don't mind if you combine a park glad to meet you and talk their obsession. All right, let's talk to Shirley from Detroit, Michigan surely welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for calling doing one of your lectures verse by verse I should take you Habakkuk that you think differently.

Well, I was when I was raised. I learned it is Habakkuk and then I heard him say Habakkuk.

I remember my question my translation discrepancy and you are I would might yet have a King James version to live with that open you that Mike okay so chapter 2 verse one night he asked me how do you think is different like firing the interpretation instead of saying when I am not reproved at the and has my complaint. Ozzie said that I will enter concerning my complaint.

Let me read both verses or the DSP says I will answer to my complaint, I will okay and check my watch my thoughts on the power look out 50 what he will say to me what I will answer concerning my complete yeah yeah I personally think the King James that I write the last line of the 21.

It's you know I'm not a Hebrew scholar, but I also notice the different translations rendered differently, and I suspect from the very little I know about Hebrew and in where there are differences in translations that a lot of times the the words in the Hebrew it's not obvious who the subject is reproved or complained is probably both possible translations of the same Hebrew word I'm assuming but who's complaining is the question who's reproving. I think that in the Hebrew there's probably enough ambiguity that some transfers think it's God reproving her complaining, and others think of some of the prophets reproving her complaint. He's reproving got her complaining to God or is God complaining to him and reproving him the King James and the new King James take the latter view that is hard by how he expects that he will be reproved by God is going to complain to God and got the reproving and and that's how it reads in the new King James and the King James but there are inflation is seen as an and that it's God's will that God is the one who's been reproved by the prophet, and that's not as far as which one is more likely be true.

Honestly, for so I'm not a Hebrew scholar in this than those people who are Hebrew scholars don't agree among themselves as to which way to go.

So it's one of those things I can't believe unanswered and and in my opinion not particularly necessary answer. I mean I it would be nice training.

Yeah, I get yeah it's always nice to know for sure a controversy like that but it's not it's not a controversy, it affects anything is near St. Tim, it sounds like he is not what you what he saying is he's got an argument with God. His argument with God is a God is allowing the Babylonians.

Apparently to threaten very effectively his people. Judah and God has actually told him that a Babel to conquer Judah and the prophet believes that's not right because Judah although were not good. He says when as bad as them.

You know, I mean maybe we deserve judgment, but they did battle and deserves more than we do. The pagans, and that so I'm I'm really I'm really get this complaint with God. He kind of expects to have an argument with God. And so, whether he is referring to what I will answer when I am reproved or when God answers me or what I will answer in reproving God I asked. I expect that he's seen it a two-way conversation to take place, but which side of it. He's referred to that line.

I'm not sure. Okay.

Okay ministry.

Okay, say thanks for your call, I we have Moira from Greenville, New Hampshire, and you know what, this is the fourth call from New England that we got to answer tremendous thing because for years. We couldn't that we will wish she tried some New England stations back in the 90s when we were just starting out, and we didn't get a response on the wicked lot of clinical snoring and it's great to hear from tomorrow. Welcome to the narrow path high law rights is more on my screen door and got my car. I called a few times and I'm looking for a radio station everything the day to and from work and I've been learning my credit indicate thank you for that for God value Scripture's commandment to strengthen my faith on God value God has and that the things that he really values and wants us to values that you're thinking okay well one of the Old Testament and one in the New Testament stand out among many, but probably more than most in the Old Testament. There's Micah 68 Micah 68 God said he showed you a man what is good and what the Lord requires of you that you do justice that you love mercy and walk humbly with your God.

Now those the high values that doesn't God's chief values is that his justice and mercy and that people walk humbly with him that Jesus made a very similar statement in Matthew 2323 when he was rebuking the Pharisees. He says well you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because you he said you pay your ties of mint and anise and cumin and acumen and he said but you neglect the weightier matters of the law, which he described as justice and mercy and faithfulness so he called these the weightier matters learned. Of course he means weightier in the sight of God, so God values many things but some things he values more more weighty than others.

And it's interesting how Jesus list of overlaps Micah's list, at least on the first two priorities, justice and mercy.

Micah said that God requires you to do justice and love mercy and walk humbly with your God. Jesus said the waiters are justice and mercy and faithfulness. And of course Jesus, neither neither Micah nor Jesus or try to give a comprehensive list if they wanted to do some civil could you list seven or eight things instead of three. I'm sure that faithfulness would be on Micah's listened humility be on Jesus list to but they're basically giving sampling of the things that God values which the Pharisees and the Jews did not recognize her value and it's interesting that justice is the first on both lists, and mercy.

Second, information about got yeah justice refers to treating people justly and standing up for justice now, but what is justice but that people get what they have earned. Basically now course, sometimes people have done badly and affirmed punishment would like to not get justice, but you can't run a society on neglecting justice.

Everybody wants to live in a just society except criminals hate criminals. I want to but but good people do.

God wants there to be a just society where people get what they deserve.

Of course, justice does not eliminate mercy because for example if somebody robs me well the society should justly punish them unless I choose to have mercy on them as the victim you seek justice has to do with upholding the rights that God is given to people. God is giving people a right to life.

We know this because he commands not to murder, and we know that he's given us a right to our property because he commands not to steal. If there is no right to property than stealing would be wrong. It is no right to life the murder would be wrong. There are rights that God is given us in the revealed in his law and in the New Testament, even James says that we should not bless God with our mouth and then curse men, who are made in the similitude of Gartner's patient people made in the image of God, have a right to be treated with dignity as persons who bear the image of God. So once you know what God has instilled as rights in humanity you want to you want to honor those rights.

You want people on your rights and you want to honor theirs and in a society where nobody oversteps another person's rights than there are no victims there be there be no crime, and that's a wonderful society.

It's a beautiful vision for suicide if you read through the Old Testament with your eyes open to looking forward references to justice find that justice is mentioned many many many times by God as the thing that he's that he wants from Israel and it's the lack of justice in their society. The crimes under oppression of the poor and things like that.

The lack of the lack of justice is what it was, what he destroys them for because he wants society to be just any wants Christians who are in a sense, a countercultural society in the world to be a society of justice that we are community of followers of the king whose law is that we treat each other justly and mercy to each other. I can't go any further. Right now, but I'll tell you what I have a chapter about my new book is coming real soon. I'll say more about that another time. Especially out, but now justice is very important to God. Appreciate your call Laura. God bless you even listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and we are live Monday through Friday, at this time the program is supported. If you'd like to help us pay the bills.

You can write to the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 and our website is the narrow thanks for joining us. Let's talk again tomorrow

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