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The Narrow Path 8/24

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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August 24, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 8/24

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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August 24, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast, Martin Steve, Greg and were alive for our weekly afternoon.

Take your phone calls.

If you have questions you want to call about concerning the Bible of the Christian faith or you have a difference of opinion from host want to challenge something referred feel free to give me a call. The number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and will garage the phone lines and talk to Victor from Denver Colorado. Victor, welcome to the narrow path that's recalling you a quick question for you need to be controversial or offend any Catholic people. Your use of Bible verses that suggest it's a bad idea to praise something like well you know holy mother, Mary, pray for us sinners and if so, what are those persons well you know the Bible does forbid communication with dad in the Old Testament and called necromancy. And of course what he has in mind is, of course, sťances and things like that, which are somewhat different than speaking into the air, but the idea that we can communicate with the dead would seem to go against the whole idea of God forbidding it to talk to the dead. Now the Roman Catholics have an answer for that, they would say well, Mary and the Saints are not dad their live in heaven.

However, if we believe in the immortality of the soul, and that everybody who's died is still alive somewhere. Then talking to the dead will always be talking living people. So maybe if we simply think they have lived beyond the grave and they have a life you know, our spiritual life beyond here and therefore talk you and is not talking dead will win the same be true of everybody who's died and we don't they'll have a life beyond this to so were not taught me how could you forbid contact with the dead. If you are in fact saying that everybody's really still alive after the dead.

It's obvious that the forbidding of some contact with that is human summary has died physically on earth. Now Chris enters a bring up Moses and Elijah appeared to Jesus in my opinion they appeared in a vision and not necessarily you know personally that that can't be proven although Jesus after it did say to the disciples tell the vision to Nolan so he is Jesus didn't go up on the mountain to contact them.

God revealed who Jesus was on the Mount of Transfiguration and in God sent these guys to give their endorsement and then to go course of unit case, but it's not necromancy is not prayer to the dead either.

Now when someone when we ask Catholic person why they pray to Mary to the saints. They sometimes will say what we don't pray to them. We asked them to pray for us and they say, wouldn't that be very similar to my asking you to pray for me if I have a need and I want to gather some prayer support. I just call you opposite. Would you please join me in praying for this to happen. How would that be different than asking the same sort.

Mary to ask us to to pray for us as well.

And that's how they argue, but again, talking to people who are dead is is only forbidden. It's never recommended in Scripture and also there's no suggestion in the Bible that Mary or the saints, having died even know that we are here even know what were doing even oversight are paying attention to us and all there's no evidence in the Bible that when people die they are still attending to the people on earth for Mary, for example, to hear all the people who pray to her, or who asked her to pray for them simultaneously. This would be others millions of Catholics hundreds of millions so no there's no doubt tens of thousands all over the world are calling out to Mary at at one any given moment while she would have the omniscient to have the omnipresent should have be a deity.

You know when you when you're talking to somebody up in the sky and you expect that they can hear you and everybody else is talking to them at the same time and all of the world basically attributed to them attributes of deity and of course, although Catholics will generally savor adamantly that they don't worship Mary, she is regarded in many respects, almost like a goddess by many. They would use the term goddess, but they attribute to her powers that only God has like on omniscience and on the present.

So it would seem to me that there'd be some serious objections. Chris would raise on the biblical on biblical grounds to this so that there's no actual statement. Description says don't pray to Mary Brown Christmas was really pray to any god but God's prayer as part of our worship. But they would again save and I pray to Mary anymore than there praying to you when they ask you to pray for them. The fact that Mary cannot hear us. However or she can hear anyone she might hear one person at a time. If she's has any awareness of all of what's going on on earth would make it seemingly misguided practice. Great answer, publish, okay Mike from Denver Colorado.

Welcome to the narrow path. Next, recalling good afternoon Steve, it's so great to talk to you again now mom might be millennia like you the other week, a month or really been enjoying your show and I actually had it come up with a really good question and comment today actually a kind of a comment to Bible verse is related to the comment and then a question so my my comment relates to Uriah. Uriah was a soldier incubated the Army mentioning the second book of Samuel. He was the husband of Bathsheba and was murdered by order of King David Lord of King David Uriah's wife had become pregnant by King David in Uriah's absence.

Although the king had ordered him to return home and see his wife Uriah repeatedly refused to leave his post or leave the king's presence to see her in a couple of Bible verses interesting kind of Bible verse is related to the second Samuel 1290 pain wherefore hast thou despised the commandment of the Lord to give people in his sight, thou hast killed Uriah with the sword and has taken his test taken his wife to be by wife and has slain him with the sword of the children of mine and then first Kings 15 by because David did that which was right in the eyes of the Lord and turned, not aside from anything that he commanded him all the days of his life, save only in the matter of Uriah so I guess my question is what kind of role do you think Uriah placed in and kind of be theology of the Bible's history well III don't I don't think he plays a major role in this theology of history. I'm not sure exactly how that question is, is meant you gave us a pretty good summary of his personal history known to us, if you're wondering whether his death as an individual was the more significant because it played such a role in David's descendents and David's and the punishment became Onset. David efforts.

I guess we could say the Uriah unwittingly had a tremendous impact on David and and any impact on David would have been impact on the kingdom which David was heading up.

Obviously, the curse on David's family that the sword would not depart from his house. I was because of this whole thing out. One could say that if you trace back no precedents or not the presence but the things that happened before the descendent David well I guess Uriah took up lodgings next door to David. Uriah married a beautiful woman that later attempted David, you know, and therefore some of the decisions Uriah made like who he married and where he lived, no doubt, he made them without any special sense of great significance theologically about it, but it did end up being on occasion of temptation to David and he fell to and summing. There is some I guess everybody's life is significant.

Obviously, some more than others. I suppose the man whose who innocently kind of engineered David's downfall. Despite moving next-door into heaven wife attempted David and the David was tempted by should say. I guess that is significant more than Uriah would've ever guessed. Certainly was not his plan had that the only thing I would add this kind of how wants to place apart and eat the deadly sin of lust and your house key on kind of coveted that other person wife in you. I think it's just a testament to the time. I know that that was I believe the old testament that correct David David's army was mentioned in it quickly. If I'm wrong Steve, but I believe that was the Old Testament and woodlands lay back in Noah's Ark but dumb. What was the Old Testament. David's doubt David King David was New Testament.

I think David is the Old Testament attachment right all right well I hope that's helpful to think you all right on Mark from Clifton Park, New York. Welcome to the neuropathic's are calling that I take on the difference between the land of why it's called today versus Palestine and the Bible kind of distinguish the two named why there two different thing area.

There well pieces of real estate often change names over the course of history because of different people controlling them. For example, we call the hear this part of North America of the United States of America, but if you hundred years ago didn't have that name. I don't know what the Indians called it when they were here and you know it was there territory but they call it something else when different people control different areas of the they go by different names.

Even the nations of the Soviet Union since its breakdown back in the 80s have taken have taken names, some of which sure they didn't have before. Maybe they had before the parts of the others countries change names as political regimes and especially as ethnic groups dominate them at different times in history. Now the land that were talking of the promised land. We've got its history mapped over. From from the time of Abraham, 2004 Christ even till the present day. So we got like 4000 years of history that we've been talking about this particular land now in Abraham's time in the land was ruled by ethnic nations called Canaanites and so the lenders called Canaan and and then when Israel conquered the land in the days of Joshua. It was then called Israel because Israel controlled it was no longer Canaan. There were still Canaanites, but this is now controlled and it was named Israel when Israel split into two nations.

The upper South and in the northern portion of the land was called Israel in the southern portion was called Judah, and this is based on the fact that the there is a division the tribes and most the tribes of Israel were to the north, but Judah predominantly was the tribe of the South. So they named that region. Judah eventually the northern tribes were carried into captivity by the Assyrians in 722 BC, and that left only Judah and so Judah was toward Judea in the days of Jesus's call but it was also called Palestine, especially at the time before the modern nation of Israel was founded because it was is controlled by people that were that were of the race that week we called Palestinians their Arabs and the word Palestine actually comes from the name Philistine and I think it was the Romans first gave the region. The name Palestine based on their their take on the word Philistine dots.

Of course now the land is controlled by Jews again and they call it, is really and so the name the names of territories changes different ethnic groups controlled. That's what happened in that peace agreement, all right appreciate your call unless okay our next caller is Chad from Nooksack Washington Chad, welcome to the narrow path that's going call couple questions on chapter 1 verse eight and nine.

Now we know that the law is good if one uses it lawfully.

My first question is, in Paul's mind what lawful use of the law and then he goes on standing there for the law is not laid down for the job for the lawless and disobedient, etc. etc. and what computers me about that is that the law was a code of conduct for God's people is a code of conduct God's people. Yet he came to be saying that the law is not needed for just people not that confused me a little bit. You can explain that for me. Paul's talking about is that before the new covenant, the law was not written on people's hearts and and therefore people with hard hearts were often governed by the law.

They were not righteous people.

They were people wicked by nature. Sinners by nature, but had to be governed and restrained by the law.

The law was made to govern people who are otherwise unrestrained, but what he's arguing now. Although he doesn't use this term. He does elsewhere that the laws written in our hearts and therefore we are weak we keep the law. We keep the righteous requirements of the law. It says in Romans 84 that the righteous requirements of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not according to the flesh but according spirit so we naturally keep the righteous requirements of the law and therefore we don't need the law because it's not it's not made to govern people who are already obedient to it is not made for righteous people is made for people who are unrighteous and need to be harnessed to make them behave.

So in Galatians chapter 5 verse 22 and following it talks about the fruit of the spirit, Lovejoy paste goodness gentlest self-control all those things and says after atlases against such things there is no law. In other words, if you're walking in the spirit you're walking in love, self-control, and goodness and gentleness and faithfulness. All those things and there's no law that forbids those things so the laws irrelevant to you because you're already doing the things that the law would try to get people to do if they were doing them already. The laws made to govern people who are unrighteous and it's made to make them behave in a more righteous behavior.

But if you're already behaving righteously and you do so.

Nate naturally because the Holy Spirit is in you, teaching you and govern you in your walking in his guidance well he says. Therefore, those who are led by the Spirit are not under the laws pulses in Galatians 5 so if you are led by the spirit. You're not under the law for the supporters of the law can't touch you not doing anything with the law legislates against therefore you can live your life oblivious to the written code because you're already living it.

And so the law was not made for righteous people like ourselves by ourselves, not because they were better than other people per state were to say that God's Spirit causes us to walk in righteousness inwardly by an inner impulse and people who are already living righteously don't need the law made for them.

It's made for people who don't do those things naturally. Now as far as the laws good if its use lawfully is not entirely clear how Paul means use lawfully. It seems that his word lawfully is simply it may be a play on words of the word law, which means more or less correctly, you know, if you use the law correctly. As you should.

It's a great thing.

It's the laws fine. But what is the right way to use it well.

The law had a lot of teachings in it through its rituals that pointed forward to Christ and the Christian life and we see these types and shadows of the old rituals of the law. Now using the law to make applications from these types of shows the way the Holy Spirit does through Paul. For example, when Paul, Paul, for example, says that you're the law says you shall not muzzle the ox that treads out the grain while you have the law does say that it sounds like a starter ox in agreement pulses. Does God care about oxen. He says he says it on our behalf. We need to get the principal that God has namely that the laborer is worthy of his hire really and it's an and Paul applies it to human laborers, especially in the ministry so Paul can take something from the Old Testament, a law and see spiritually what the lesson is for for us remember what he says in second Corinthians 5 excusing its Slater pulses 76 doing it right between her at six.

Paul says that we should not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. While I believe he's applying a law from Deuteronomy. This is you don't plow with oxen and ass together. You don't put them under the same yoke.

In other words, to pull plow you don't yoked the clean and the unclean and ass was an unclean animal and ox is a clean animal and therefore you don't you don't mix the clean and the unclean together to and that's for positive your principal. You don't yoke yourself together with unbelievers.

Your clean animal as it were their unclean animal. So Paul and I think Christians in general are supposed to see in the law spiritual lessons or spiritual truths that principles we don't were not under the law seek to use the law unlawfully in the New Testament would be to impose law upon Christians to impose the Jewish law. Special tour upon Christians but to use it correctly would be to draw from the lessons that are there for us to see and we should gain from that from the law, those those truths but to impose it as a rule upon levers is to use it unlawfully or incorrectly Metrolink. Paul's talking about using the law in a lawful manner would include an commandment.

Helping people to theater defined by the 10 Commandments winery comfort recommends that in the way of the master method of evangelism and II can't see any reason that you couldn't do that. But we don't sign a Roman 7 PM) mentioned in Romans seven that he didn't know what covetousness was until the law came says you shall not covet 90s and arouse all kinds of motions, assuming yeah I mean, certainly you can use the 10 commitments or I think more ideally the teachings of Jesus. Now Paul is giving his own autobiographical information.

Roman seven or he of course learned these things from the laws of Jew, but that we as Christians learn what God is looking for from what Jesus teaches, which is actually more convicting, in some ways than with the 10 Camaro should be. So yeah, I think to use to use God's standard which is given in the teachings of Jesus, or even 10 commitments can be useful to cause a person to see that they fall short of the standard need to be forgiven. God great to hear from you again, Chad got lesson I you not just want to say about Chad. I haven't seen him for probably 30 years.

I think that's accurate, probably well maybe 25 years. He was a student of mine in Oregon and then after after an fact is quite a teacher himself I was using him to teach sometimes.

But then after school.

He went back to Washington. I never saw him since so he started calling a few years ago.

It's good to hear his voice even if it could see his face and maybe again sometime arose from the Bay Area California Rosemont into the narrow path.

Thanks for calling the card and spell, but I don't get into well depend on which passage we look at when Jesus said, many are called but few are chosen or elected were chosen electric the same thing.

Many are called, if your chosen obviously is a difference there because one group larger than the other. In that case, I think the word called simply refers to those who are being evangelists. Those were being preached to Paul and one of his epistles talk to how his disciples are his readers had been called by God through the gospel. When you hear the gospel is God calling the call of God in many are called in that sense and and yet only a smaller number of those who actually hear the gospel actually respond and become among the chosen ones that the elect now encounters him called is also considered to be of the group who are effectually called, which are the believers and that they would say that they are the elect are the ones were called that all people are called externally through hearing the gospel but only the elect have received the what they call the effectual call in the effectual call means God calling them with a call. They cannot refuse with irresistible grace so that the elect and the called in that sense would be the same group in in terms of commerce lot but they become to submit there are people who are called externally, who not effectually called so even they would say that the word called has more than one usage and they are right in saying that Christians who I should do respond gospel are also called the called.

We are the called and obedient to the call but do you know that famous Scripture Mark mean Romans 828 says you know all things work together for good to those who love God, who are the called according to the purpose or Paul says in first radiance in 02 to the Greeks. The cross is foolishness to the Jews. It's a startling block but to those of us who are called, both Jew and Greeks ants. Christ the wisdom of God in power so Paul does refer to Christians as the called. But of course he also talks about people who evangelists is called so there's more than one sense in which the word called issues. So sometimes just the word called would refer to the same once regular on Jesus as many are called your chosen obviously called is being used in a different sense that case and in certain other cases all right. I need to take a break here. I do appreciate your call and will be back in about a minute with more calls. We have 30 minutes left only halfway through the program, so stay tuned.

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The narrow back in 30 seconds. Small is the gate and narrow is the path that leads to life, to the near and have nothing to do today's radio show is over, we invite you to visit the narrow We'll find Todd audio teachings blog article verse by verse teachings in the archives of learn and enjoy the thank you for supporting the listener supported narrow path. Greg and Steve Greg and we are alive for another half hour taking your calls. If you have questions about the Bible is the Christian faith or different viewpoints hosted are to bring up the number to call is 844-484-5737 and for those of you than waiting for lying to open up your time is come. There are several lines open right now this a good time to call if you want to get on the air. This half-hour in all likelihood, all the calls that come in at this point will probably get on the air in this something unexpected takes place all right.

The number is 844-484-5737 our next colors. John from Garden Grove, California John, welcome to the neuropathic sculling I'm well thanks like I wanted to emphasize the role that is calling about a law talking about I'm in the theory of law talking now. Right now Brandon God and what it meant that the 10th amendment signed, covenant and Going to be very young to do but let me ask you a question. But how do we know that when Paul says the law there that is referring to the 10 Commandments you're pretty sure yeah I already have Britain got that we transgress the law, but that's it. The question is asking the law, there is the 10 commands instead of let's say the 613 Commandments. The blonde I met know God. I and my Cabinet it would be good for us.

Keep the 613 lawns and six the commandment that great. No, that we listen not, the Roman Catholic Roman Catholic family that got got my eyes and got me that my law you to private commandment that I'm been a great at an Protestant mega manager got commandment and that is the static commandment is man but one that commandment is commandment number one got and need to go commandment regarding name right right commandment and how to and how commandment in this aspect is a God number seven is a complete number we can recycle he created and human and rest on a 70 o'clock in the creation without many here. I imagine you probably have not listened to my lectures about the Hebrew roots movement or about Torah observance.

I would bet and something I think that you said need to be corrected and that is that you said that the law that we need to be keeping is the 10 Commandments and Jesus didn't agree with you.

When Jesus told the disciples to go out and make disciples. He said teach them to observe everything that I have commanded you that Jesus had commanded and in and Jesus actually made a distinction between himself and his father.

He does talk of his father's commands. In some places to play some of the commands that he gave the disciples, which did not.

They even given the 10 commands he gave them his own law, his own standard which was to love one another as as he loved them.

Likewise, and in John chapter 12 and verse 40 8G said he who Jack rejects man does not receive my words has one who judges him. The word that I have spoken will judge him in the last day.

So on the last day were to be judged by the words Jesus spoke again. Jesus didn't speak the 10 Commandments he spoke the sermon on the mount.

He spoke many other things and you we do find that much of what Jesus spoke was quite an agreement with some of the Commandments in the Old Testament and how could it be otherwise humming, you shall not murder, you shall commit adultery. Those are universal laws they existed before God gave the law. That's why Kane had to be banished because he had committed murder and there is no longer suggest not murder to commandment to not be given. There are laws there are standards that are always wrong.

No matter what religion is larger and some of them are incorporated into the 10 Commandments and some are not.

For example, the Sabbath is not a moral law.

The Sabbath is like other holy days like Passover or Yom Kippur or other holy days and new moons.

Paul refers to festivals and new moons and Sabbath days.

Kind of is a grouping of the holy days. Now holy days are different than moral laws.

They are ceremonial so Jesus didn't actually repeat any votes. Jesus never ever said anything about the need for some to keep the Sabbath day so freely judged by the words that Jesus said it's not what Moses said. By the way I'm on the Mount of Transfiguration, Moses and Jesus were together and and then Moses disappeared and the voice from heaven said to the disciples. This is my son. Jesus listen to him now. Now the Jewish disciples had always listen to Moses law that they would raise Jewish and they'd always been taught and Moses law. But now Jesus was here.

Moses faded away and God said I Jesus this is my beloved son hear him listen to him and so the law of Moses was in no for the time being in second Corinthians chapter 3 it says that the law that was written on stones was something that was fading away like the glow on Moses face that faded away, but that the new covenant does not fade away, but in fact increases in glory from glory to glory, so I think that by focusing on the 10 Commandments I know I know Christians who do this like yourself.

I think those who do so are missing the point was I Jesus might as well not even have come.

We arty have the 10 commitments and it's Jesus right that Jesus came to be to establish the kingdom of God in himself to be the king and to establish his own law and he did so, and it was not the same as the Jewish law in many respects. In fact, Jeremiah said it wouldn't be Jeremiah 31 says I will make a new covenant, they succumb or make a new covenant without the visual message Judah is not like the covenant that I made with their fathers hyperactive and so the new covenant is not the same as the old covenant.

God specifically said it would not be an Paul in first Corinthian's nine says that he's not under the law of Moses, but he is under the law of Christ, which is interesting because it makes a distinction he says in the first creek is 921 two. Those are without the law I become like one who is without law not being without law toward God, but under the law of Christ. So he says when I'm with Jews who are under the law.

I'm not but I'll act like I am for the time being, just not do II won't eat pork, and from them.

I won't. You know I won't do things that offend them but I'm not under the law.

He says I am under the law of Christ are not under law that the Jews are so we can see that Paul made a distinction as to Jeremiah and as did Jesus himself would you said a new commandment I give unto you, so Jesus, Paul and Jeremiah who predicted new covenant. All said that the covenant, the new count has different Commandments new commandment and that the law of Christ is what Jesus taught. One thing you will not find anywhere in the teaching of Jesus is anything about the need to keep the Sabbath day. So this is one reason I would be disagreeing with you on that particular pointer to race, but I do appreciate you calling and down pretzel talk again. Our next colors.

John from Oregon city John, welcome to the narrow path is for calling. Thank you all will your voice is very is very faint.

Your voice very think you speak directly to your phone please because we want. So is better probably be as close to your phone and as loud as you can place okay get the impression I'm not sure but use super special.

Yes children, how would you do could you exegete Jeremiah 3314 verses behold, the days come to the Lord that outperform the good things which promised unto the house of Israel into the house of Judah, and he did.

He sent Jesus, and we know that that's a siren because the next two verses what is the good thing he said he differs or to send them to the side of her Savior and it says in verse 15. In those days. At that time I will cause to grow up to David a branch of righteousness. Okay, Jesus came out of the root of David when he was born in a branch of righteousness he shall execute judgment and righteousness in the earth in those days Judah will be saved.

And Jerusalem will dwell in safety and this is the name by which he shall be called Yahweh to canoe, or the Lord our righteousness not think PERT permits all Christians recognize that as a messianic prediction that that's target Jesus coming and he did 2000 years ago. So when God said I'm going to the good thing is to reduce Israel. That's it exactly what he did and by the way, if you look at Luke chapter 1, when John the Baptist was born in Jesus and Mary was pregnant with Jesus Zacharias, the father John who is a prophet and priest prophesied by the Holy Spirit says in Luke one 6080 said, Blessed is the Lord God of Israel, for he has visited and redeemed his people.

He has raised up a horn of salvation for us in the house of his servant David as he spoke by the mouth of all his holy prophets who'd been since the war began, that we should be saved from our enemies and from the hand of all who hate us to perform the mercy promised to our fathers and to remember his holy covenant.

The oath which he swore to Abraham and so so forth and so on. So basically saying that this was happening in the things that God promised Abraham into the into the Israelites were now taking place. As with the birth of John the impending birth of Jesus, so the New Testament deftly teaches that God did fulfill his promises to Israel through the Messiah will more quickly. Okay you said in your Daniel 12 for use in it is not for that generation to know you. That's why the soul says the book is told you look book into is not for payment in full what you mean by that generation to generation to generation.

It's not for Daniel to know it was not for the Jews to know before the time how this is going to be fulfilled. Peter mentioned first Peter chapter 1 he said that the prophets searched water what manner of time. The spirit of Christ was in them indicating when he testified beforehand the sufferings of Christ, because it would follow says to them, it was revealed.

That's not to themselves but to us they were ministering to things which you have been reported through those who preach the gospel so yeah so the book or the school board is starts in beginning of chapter 10, and was only two chapter 12 course the story in the last verse 12 three. Narrative so that would include all the time you referred to as being fulfilled sufficient right you say it's not for them to know right they don't know they're not to know more than he gave him that's what the thing is, Daniel said, what is the end of these things can be a Selves Go Your Way, Daniel know this is not something for you to be sealed up until the time of the end. This is nicely presented so I'm not sure what your problem is with will book I mean if you stick to hold the bookcase.

Sheila, it includes all Chapter 11, I think it probably includes a whole book of Daniel, but what what what is your point. No no no no no, it has to do with the school which starts that particular revelation that Angel gave gifted. It begins in beginning of chapter 10, but Can tell you're affirming something here for me something about them sending why would I have to assume that the book referred to in chapter 12 refers only to that last vision and not to all divisions of Daniel that were saved in school will were kind of just in a vague area. Here I'm I'm trying to figure out exactly what point you're trying to make what is it about this information that you give me that is supposed to be a challenge to something I would say you said that that generation is right. I remember you said I'm telling tell me now what it is that I said that has ramifications different from what you're seeing here the use are you saying that it was it was for Daniel so generation to understand that reasoning is that we disagree and try to figure out this rate of thought it was future from Daniel yeah that well yeah yeah because Tiffany right that's that's in the past, she that's in the past for us.

I don't see your point if you're trying to tell me this proves that Daniel what chapter 10 through 12 is still future and unfulfilled returns will from just isn't anything more because they were not getting anywhere you okay that is sent much of that okay to John. John, I got my lines full and were not getting anywhere. If you want to call back once you can figure out how you want to state your point and can do everything I'd love to hear it. I just not getting it out of you trying several time tried several times.

Okay, let's talk to somebody else who's been waiting.

Let's see if this is going to be D from round rock, Texas. The welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling my brother Steve hi in calling this is kind of amazing to me but delete on the third person gone on this topic and I had it before today so that topic is back to the login site at that.

I want to say that I am a full-time student of yours and I enter the last two years, and I agree with 99.7% of what you you've taught them. I'm very thankful to you for that that unites human nature is why my calling on the .3% rate should go ahead okay so I my main goal is to bring along some balance to this debate ongoing today anyway about the loggers is walking in the spirit and I want to preface my question by saying that I'm not a legalist and I'm not her Jewish roots person and the third thing that I'm not which I I don't know if we agree on this as I don't consider myself to be heretical even though because I love God so much I try to follow quite a few of his Old Testament which you might call the law, but I wanted to use the guidelines and that's because as I agree with you. We walk in the spirit now by the new lot of Jesus, but because God gave those Old Testament guidelines written. I'm am and I consider them written by his hand and he's all good, and he loves us so much and I believe he gave a lot of those guidelines to guide humankind.

The entire time that were living on earth. For example, the hiking, so there's still used today by the healthy are it in your mind. Are they laws or are they merely guidelines.

No, I consider them guidelines well why can't maybe clarify this.

Why can't any New Testament believer your sisters and brothers in Christ who are walking in the Holy Spirit and in Jesus.

Why can't they follow any or all of the Old Testament guidelines as they desire without being considered.

I don't know you I think you use borderline heretical in February to one of the colors you got me all wrong. You never said that people can't keep sadness or or anything they want to keep that the Bible allows it. Paul said that one man esteems one day above another another man esteems holidays like let everyone be fully persuaded online. That's my position. Anyone who wants to can keep the Sabbath what is heretical is to teach the Christians under the new covenant are required to keep the seven as, for example, my first color takes it now. I don't think that's what you're saying. So you and I don't have a problem. I've never suggest that Christians cannot circumcise their children.

I circumcise my sons about to say that Christians must circumcise was a heresy, it was to an abandonment of the gospel.

It was departing from the grace of God.

Paul said okay so circumcision is not mandatory, but no one is sinning if they get circumcised unless they're getting circumcise in order to be righteous before God same thing about eating kosher diet or keeping festivals or Sabbath or whatever anyone could do that once I get a criticism for me what I'm criticizing is those who say that I have to do those things when the Bible says no Christian has to if you think it's a good thing to do. It do it with my blessing, not that you need my blessing, but I think you're totally misunderstanding where I'm at if you think that I'm saying you can't do those things anyone can do that. Know what I say is heresy is the Torah observance movement which is saying that we are supposed to be keeping the Torah now says that is Arguable Jesus and Paul because both Jesus and Paul were strongly opposed to that suggestion but but if someone says but I think it was a good idea to eat no pork and donate partners. That's not taken as a law, like you said you take as a guideline. It's when you put Christians under the Torah. The law that you are policy fallen from grace you've departed from here alienated from Christ. So I think you just misunderstood what my position is I appreciate your call.

Though I'd I'm really out of time here. I don't even know I can maybe get one more call and I have a lot of calls waiting. I let's see if we could take Mark from Vancouver, BC Mark, welcome to the liberty Depaul allows for working.

I believe he limits that that liberty to the weekly Sabbath, but some believe that he's extending that liberty to Sabbath days. He stays what is your take on that well II just take what what he says straight out. He said one man esteems every day alike and one man esteems one day above another. Okay, so if a person's keep the Sabbath while the steam went to another if they keep any number of other samples brother still steaming one day above another, but if a man's esteems every day alike. He's not celebrating anything special is to not keep the Sabbath snarky Passover is not keeping Tabernacles is not keeping them kipper he's not keeping any holy days because he's esteeming every day alike, and so Paul says those are the options you can esteem every day alike or not and if a person wants to esteem a certain day differently. Well that's that's between them and God. But it's not a requirement.

That's that's what Paul saying that I think all right I do reel from San Diego.

Welcome to the narrow pathway for calling hello hello yes really. But I yeah.

You know how when the awful starting date of the Holy Spirit? Will what commandments you would give them an awful with them.

We came up with three none of them included the keeping of the Sabbath, so you know we probably Jesus in the traditions and teachings of the apostles, polyphonic. That never told the Gentiles work being converted to keep all that must be significant. I think yes that okay appreciate your call. You Okay Joshua from New Hampshire and free. We may not have a time but you can if you if it's real quick. We can probably get you relationship you know the identity lies like you not that okay I think that my view of Revelation is different than many who are listening in the I don't believe retirement to literal witnesses. I believe two witnesses represents a true witness because the witness to his true.

Jesus said, and that is the witness of the church throughout the ages.

That's my opinion. Now that's a that's was called the idealist view of Revelation. There's also predators view the futurist view in the historicists view the view that Moses and Elijah or that Enoch and Elijah come back as two witnesses in the end times. That's called the futurist if you'd like to know my reasons that I do not shy about saying that I don't have time now about 30 seconds, you can go to my website. The narrow and click on the tab that says verse by verse teachings and go to Revelation. Choose election. Revelation 11 and you get a very thorough treatment of my thoughts and my reasons, there appreciate your call so we could spend more time with it. You listen to the narrow path radio broadcast.

We are listener supported you'd like to write to us the address is the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593.

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