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The Narrow Path 7/14

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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July 14, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 7/14

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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July 14, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Good afternoon and welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast, Steve, Greg and were alive for an hour each week. The afternoon we have a open phone line program where you can call in with questions about the Bible or about the Christian faith. If you have a different viewpoint from the host want to talk about that you can: about that as well to give you the phone number looks like there's only one line open right now but if you call and find all the lines busy which you may just call again in a few minutes later, you might find lines of "the number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 our first color today is Stephen in Wilmington, North Carolina Stephen, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling today find. Thanks good yeah I just wanted to get your thoughts on antiques and how should a Christian respond to what they're doing to our country well antiques is a terrorist organization. So I go I guess so like, what would you how would you respond to ISIS only difference is that the they are our neighbors. They live among us and and they don't have the courage of your convictions enough to show their faces usually and the so we've got a very cowardly organization here that is a terroristic bully organization. They don't have any real concerns against fascism their name suggests anti-fascism, but there there among the few people out there that are actually behaving like fascists so how should the Christian respond, I'm not sure what we should respond as I mean, I don't know exactly what we can do I can say that the law should certainly act against them. It seems like the FBI should know find word their membership is the need to do something like it would with any other terrorist organization in the country but now we can pray obviously there's one thing the Christians can do that other people don't quite have the same opportunity to do and that is to have access to God in the name of Christ and ask him to stop the violence to stop the.

The injustice that's going on and I don't know what else we can do a mean if they were showing up outside my house. I don't know exactly what I would do but you know I guess I would do whatever comes to hand at the time we live in the spirit. I guess you yet. Thank you for your call publish okay David in California. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling on fine thank you about data second came, 22, specifically regarding just I in verse 19 it says that his heart was tender towards the little God and he humbled himself before the Lord and because the letter had spoken against Jerusalem specifically after okay have found that the criminal law and it was red and damn. Her bent first 20 specific he could because the old high meaning God will gather the crime to drive private and SIB gathered into that grave in peace, and thine eyes shall not see the evil which I shall bring upon this place. Many Jerusalem thinking that I wanted ask about when you just had it was only 39 years old when he EE he rained he started raining when he lived in the minute my question is, is, in light of the Bible passages that talk about when an individual dies in the old and New Testament is evidence that God our young man 39 years old to sleep so you wouldn't see the terribleness that came upon Jerusalem by the Babylonians.

I'm not sure what you're saying Josiah was not 39 years old when he died, God is saying to him. He will die before the disaster comes, that's all I really understand to be prophesied here that he will be gathered to his father's is simply a it's actually a Hebrew-ism. That means you'll you'll die and be buried in your grave where your ancestors are buried and therefore you won't be around to see the calamity now we have you know that you and I don't know what I don't know what your question actually is about that. Was there something specific you want to be say about that quickly.

Grave in his evil plan has been then why don't I have an interest in going on excuse me, is still in the sepulcher can't let let me put you on hold so I can actually get a word in here. I don't see any reference to sleep in the passage. Now there are places in the Bible that do you sleep as a metaphor for death. This passage doesn't have that word in it that I can see and so I don't really know where you getting the idea of sleep.

This passage that you're suggesting that we should not therefore believe that that people go to heaven when they die, because as you say they would see from heaven and see the calamity and since he is told that he won't see the calamity that made maybe he's unconscious. Well, I guess I'd be one way to take it. But certainly there's nothing in the Bible that says that people in heaven are seeing the calamities that are going on earth so I don't really see that this makes your point if you try to make a point for soul sleep. I think there'd be better ways to do so. There's quite a few passages that would speak more directly to it and as I said this passage. There's a mention sleeping all right.

Let's talk to John from Oregon city, Oregon John, welcome to the neuropathic for calling Michael so Bible – Revelation 18 or if you could do exegete on both three and four okay okay this talk of the great harlot Babylon the great, and it says in verse three for the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. The kings of the earth have committed fornication with her and the merchants of the earth to become rich through the abundance of her luxury and I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues so our art.

What are you thinking about this a thinking that babbling is something modern like America or something like that.

Well I'm thinking not. John love not the world new world.

Okay, since the world good delicacies with the world system then you Babylon is the world system is at your front used Babylon. You know the big city. The world thought Mr. Morris so well what what would you then think it means to come out from them go out and live in the rural country or the woods or something. You understand that to me.

I'm sorry again my phone is not working good. It can hear me okay I can hear you. So what is it you're thinking this is saying, well, I think you may very well refer back to verse 17 chapters verse 18 the last check chapter 70 yes I'm sure the woman which that Greek city yeah but it's all all somewhat embolic good.

I would divide is like there's two there's not the Zion there's the lady in chapter 12 I believe represents the true people of God and then the harlot on the beach.

I believe okay so what is it but what is it you try to get out here on the wire you ask is like okay will like I said, passages, hunting and wondering do I have to get out physically or do I just need to quit eating chocolate will getting out of out of Babylon.

I think what you're assuming is that babbling just means the worldly.

The satanic worldly system. A lot of people have understood that when it sounds like what you think and say what how do you do that well if you want to get out of the satanic worldly system, you simply stop living in the spirit of the world start living, walk in the spirit of Christ. As you walk in the spirit you will be in no living in a different kingdom than the king of the world. I don't understand babbling to refer to that particular I understand Mr. babbling be a reference to ancient Jerusalem, which had become a harlot, as Isaiah said, how has the faithful city become a harlot, and I think calling it babbling is obvious. The symbolic name because I don't think anybody believes the target real babbling it symbolic for something else.

I believe since it is described as a harlot, and especially since it says she's drunk with the blood of of the martyrs and prophets and so forth.

Jesus said that Jerusalem was the one that was guilty of all the bloodshed of all all the profits from able to Zechariah and that they continued to kill you, God's messenger so that Jesus said it cannot be that a prophet should perish outside Jerusalem, so I personally think the babbling is a symbolic reference to Jerusalem which fell in 70 A.D. and the call to come out of her was a literal call the Christians in Jerusalem fled from Jerusalem before it fell in 70 A.D. they went out to across the Jordan River and settled in at town called Pella and we have record of that church history so solidly, the believers, God's people fled from Babylon Jerusalem and escape before the judgment came upon a vinegar described so that's my take on it. Courses like different ways people understood Revelation and not not all the way. I situated most talk to Paul and George and Paul.

Welcome to the neuropathic circling while Babylon is my right. Understand the fire is going to be back by then that you showing well on personal estate.

Why do the Jews think that the Jews don't all think the same thing. The Jews themselves have a saying that when there's three juicers for opinions so I mean the Jews have very different opinions.

The rabbis had very different things from each other but Orthodox Jews which is only one branch of Judaism, but it's the only really conservative branch of Judaism. They tend to. I think expect there to be another temple in the Messiah common worship in the temple there.

Why do they think that well. I think partly because they they assume that the temple system is is has eternal validity, and although the temple was destroyed almost 2000 years ago. They believe that God is to restore the kingdom to Israel and in the temple would be in in their mind a necessary part of that because they think of the temple was the kingdom's associate with their their Jewish identity and Jewish religion, and so forth.

So they would anticipate that if God can restore Israel. Someday that he's gonna let them rebuild the temple as first person specific scriptural reasons to believe it. There is at least at least a couple of things. One is that Ezekiel chapter 40 through 48 describes a temple that Ezekiel saw in a vision, and many people think I do not but many people think that started about a future temple and I think the Jews, Orthodox Jews probably see it that way to it. It's kind of a very natural way to see it is not necessarily the correct way. In my opinion, but then there's also reference in Zechariah 14 to people coming and worshiping the feast of Tabernacles and an offer the sacrifices of the temple, and that too is sometimes thought by people to be a reference to future temple. Once again, I don't see it that way myself.

But as far as what I do think about those things. My lectures on Ezekiel.

Verse by verse are online for free to seek for or listen to for anyone and likewise my verse by verse lectures on Zechariah.

You can hear my explanations of those passages by going to the narrow and looking under verse by verse lectures, pick out Ezekiel to cut chapters 40 through 48 are pickup Zechariah chapter 14 and you get my explanation of those things. There's also the fact that God told David that he told Solomon Eshelman. Solomon built the temple the first temple that God said he would dwell in that house forever, and so some might think that that's an unconditional promise of God's gonna forever dwell in the temple.

However, it wouldn't literally be Solomon's Temple, because that's been destroyed have a different temple and so taken that verse exactly literally would beast impossible, but but to say well if God intended in and to live in a temple forever. Like Solomon's and I guess sometime in the future. This will be another one and so they I think that they misunderstand that the promises God made our conditional Jeremiah said that very plainly in Jeremiah 18 verses seven through 10. He said if, whenever God makes a promise to build up or plant towards alternation if they turn from his ways. Hill repent of all the good he said to do. That's a statement that's a generality that's what God will always do. He said whenever he make such promises, so they did turn from God in the temple was destroyed, and therefore whatever promises were associated with it need not be thought to be somehow unconditionally valid because nothing God promised is necessarily unconditionally valid. He said it's all conditional upon their obedience right thank you very much okay Paul, thanks for your call and talk to John in Michigan. By the way have some lines that have opened up. I know you sometimes call and catch the lines busy because they're all full, that there enough with several lines open if you'd like to join us listening to the narrow path.

My name Steve Greg to call you can reach me here at 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and John from Michigan. Welcome to the neuropathic circling Barbara Baker and I arrived at just going under the knife almost died unmarried for 30 years and his wife when they were young, they letter wildlife. They were singled them. He was a drunk and everything else so here's home with the doors to then she was abused by a gentleman that she decided to divorce than this couple rematch and then married and this really troubled because it appears according to Matthew 532 Luke 1618.

I'm sure you know these verses that this is adultery.

Your thoughts are these people Christians I'm sorry. I think Christians yes they were right after the adapter divorces any day in touch with. They found the Lord they committed themselves to Christ while they obviously surrendered the accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. He is the example of a godly man he preaches and presents. He is personally he's been such a nice zealot zealot kind of nurse recruitment in the County. Let me address that concern of course there are very, very, very many Christians who are in second or third marriages or and that there is this concern, because Jesus did say he did talk about divorced and remarried people is living in adultery. Now he did not initially say that all divorced and remarried. People are living adultery because you mentioned. Matthew 532 where he said that a man divorces his wife, it for any cause, except for the cause of fornication, and marries another hick causes her to commit adultery, and whoever bears or commits adultery.

There is, except for the cause of fornication is in current use version now it's not mentioned in Luke or Mark.

Mark and Luke both have statements similar, but don't mention the exception, but when we have when we have five when we have parallel passages in the Gospels. If one of them is more complete than the others.

We assume that the more complete one is to give us more information about what Jesus said in the once or less clearly or more for sure tomorrow abbreviated. So the question here would be did this woman's first husband commit adultery either before or after the divorce and did this man's first wife commit adultery or remarry before or after the divorce. Now of course if they'd if they did not commit adultery before the divorce than the divorce was unjustified, but the question of whether they need to go back to their first spouses would be did their first spouses wait for them or did they go to sleep. Constable it's impossible to possibly event.

I've been divorced for 45 you and I was told my Anabaptist friends, you need to reconcile that marriage is impossible to that's not even an issue right well Anabaptist I know because I've lived among Anabaptists that they don't believe that there's any legitimate cause of remarriage after any divorce.

Absolutely not your right and I believe that when they read the sermon on the mount when they read the teaching of Jesus. They take quite a a wooden and legalistic approach other than finding out what Jesus is actually trying to say. For example, Anabaptist.

Generally speaking, will not take an oath in court because you said don't swear any thousand all but I think they misunderstand even what his concern was or is not seen valves are bad. He saying that the Pharisees had turned the system of taken vows into a corrupt system and he urged his disciples to just be honest and not need to take vows to be honesty such as let your yes be yes. You know me know but I think that I think there's many people who I think have not thought clearly enough about the things Jesus said but and of course they would say I haven't fed II don't agree with the Anabaptists that there is no grounds for remarriage. I think in some cases there are in some cases not. It depends on the what has happened with the the of how the first marriage ended in what happened with the first spouse after that because I believe she let's just say this woman. Let's just say this man left his wife and she had been faithful in the first wife and her and therefore if he divorced her. He committed a grave sin. Now if she and the reason he committed sin is because they're not really divorced in God's sight because there's been no grounds for divorce, but if she has subsequently been with other men when they are in fact still married. Even though they're not legally married but God didn't come from this divorced if she went off and slept with other men are remarried with a sheet adultery, then he's got that as grounds. Although the the legal divorce is a moot point because I was already done.

Question is whether a person is released by God and if if the person's first spouse has either remarried or been sleep with other people. Since the divorce. Even if the divorce was a wrong done by the this by the Christian person is a Christian now, of course, subsequent things.

I think would release them and allow remarriage now this is so this a very complicated situation and I would like to recommend to you something you you can read for free on my website that neuropathic on the narrow Everything is free but there is a called topical articles. These are articles that I wrote that were printed in magazines or understood and one of one of them is called divorce and remarriage.

I think that I cover every Scripture relevant to it.

I think I get every every argument that people use about it and it's it's so so lengthy that I would not be able to go into all the details here.

What I think you're saying is when I went to the Baptist Church by music publicly rebuked me because during a public discussion. One of the ladies there brought in her husband and she had been abused. He was a fornicator.

Her husband left her remarriage and she's got four kids along comes prince charming single man, and they married and the church change their standards and they said they could remarry and then they got together with the elders and said yes this is a bona fide merit from my standpoint just compassion. God is a God of forgiveness. This woman married a godly man and I would think you say that given the marriage them in her circumstances absolutely yes yeah well Steve, I will narrow I will look it over. They'll have some of my Anabaptist friends have been reading. Yes remarriage the narrow And make sure you have the word like the narrow extra call to talking to you Everett from San Pablo looking to the narrow calling and Matthew typically I will baptize with the Holy Spirit and also ship by one Spirit baptized into one body between the two baptism. When John says that Christ will come. Death nouns does have the ability Spirit and then talk about back out about us to the one the King was going to do in your opening sure be glad to.

Well you know the word baptize in the Greek means to immerse order to submerge okay now choose figuratively number ways. Jesus taught his baptism of his suffering is being immersed in sufferings, John the Baptist has not been immersed in water. He also has not been immersed in fire.

He also has a immersed in the Holy Spirit. Now when he says that Jesus will come in immerse in the Holy Spirit.

He's contrasting that with been immersed in water when you're immersed in water. It's water that you get immersed under when it's your baptize Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the element into which you been immersed. You are submerged in the Holy Spirit in first Corinthians 12, Paul says that the Holy Spirit has baptized us into the body of Christ. Now here the immersion is into the body of Christ and is performed by the Holy Spirit when the Holy Spirit comes into your life and your regenerated then he places you in inserts into the body of Christ as a member of the body. The two are very different because John the Baptist I got Jesus being the one who's doing the baptizing. And that's into the Holy Spirit ways.

Paul talks about the Holy Spirit in the baptizing into the body of Christ, so there's a lot of baptizing in the body.

Like I said, even suggested the Hebrews were baptized into Moses when they crossed the Red Sea and realizes a lot of things that are called baptism. But the Holy Spirit didn't baptizing us into the body of Christ is different than what Jesus did, baptizing us in the Holy Spirit. I need to take a break here but we have another half-hour coming up. We are listener supported. You can find out how to help us out by going to our website. The narrow I'll be back in 30 seconds. Small is the gate and narrow is the path that leads to welcome you to have nothing to sell you today. Today's radio show is over, we invite you to visit the narrow we'll find time. The audio teachings blog article verse by verse teachings and the archives of learning and enjoying the thank you for supporting the listener supported narrow path. Greg has radio broadcast and Steve Dragon were live for another half-hour taking your calls. We have a couple of lines open for you if you'd like to call the number is 844-484-5737 that's if you have a question like ask about the Bible and the Christian faith or if you have a different view from the house you'd like to briefly discuss the number again is 844-484-5737 our next caller is Tony from Henderson, Nevada Tony, welcome to the neuropathic for calling Steve takes her to my question. Sure it if the punishment for sin and eternal damnation, and of Christ bore the punishment that was meant for us then did Christ suffer forever, or would this be an argument against the traditional view lookout and I'll take your comments up here that's okay. Okay. I appreciate your call will. That's a good point to me many times as a Jesus took the punishment for sin for us and then we assume that the punishment for sin equals eternal torment. Now, I would point out that the Bible nowhere actually says in terms like that that the punishment for sin is eternal torment reason we get the impression that is because there are passages that talk about sinners, after the judgment been consigned to the lake of fire, and by many readings that many people have of the passages they think the eternal fire is a function of the lake of fire that it's eternal torment mall even if that's true even if the lake of fire does involve eternal torment that is never said to be the particular punishment for sin it we could we could extrapolate that it must be. But but we would be going beyond direct statements of Scripture, the Bible says the wages of sin is death. That's, of course, in Romans 323 and also in Ezekiel 18 it says the soul that sins, it shall die. When God told Adam and Eve not to eat the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He said in the day you eat of it, you'll die now everywhere we read in the Bible.

The penalty for sin is death. Jesus paid the penalty for sin by dying know what happened to him after he died, is it is not really describe for us, but it seems clear he didn't even suffer forever and ever and ever and ever. In those three days.

Now some people who wish to make his suffering equivalent to eternal suffering in hell, and since they believe in eternal suffering in hell, and they believe that Jesus had to suffer exactly what sinners do, they will say will.

Jesus didn't suffer infinitely long but he but the intensity of his suffering was infinitely great, and that he was God, not man, and therefore he his suffering could count for a lot more than a human sufferings are this is the way the reason I don't see this as a as a certainly not a biblical argument. It's an attempt at a theological argument to make a point that the Bible never says what we do read is that Jesus death or his shedding of his blood covered our sins that we are saved as free from our from death and from sin because Jesus died. Now, he may have suffered in in hell he may not have suffered in hell of the Bible does naturally speak of him suffering in hell anywhere but if he did, it was only for a few days, but that doesn't matter because the penalty for sin is death, and Jesus did die now. I would say if in fact somebody is trying to argue that Jesus paid exactly the same penalty in it in.

You know, in the grave that sinners are going to receive in the lake of fire, then that would argue against eternal torment because obvious that Jesus didn't go into a place of eternal torment, but as you mentioned, I think you you mention this is an argument against eternal term. I think that would be it would be an argument against eternal torment, but it would have to presuppose the other factors that that are really not stated in Scripture, namely that Jesus suffered exactly the same thing that all sinners will suffer when they going to electrify the Bible does not say that anywhere. It just says that he died for our sins, and death was the penalty for sin. But Yaffe argued with somebody who insists that Jesus paid exactly the same prices is due. I would say that that would have to be an argument against eternal torment and I appreciate your call about that all right, let's talk to Sherry in Michigan. Sherry, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling, cold calling, I'm not patient but what would you short answer now that we have a clean shortage and were not going to be given change back at certain storage when we purchase things like cash everything I see now it's a lot of people are talking about the Catholic piety is coming and I bought black self, what would your best short answer to that to the people that are become filled in all well I would say this is first of all, it remains to be seen if were going have the cash.

The society to get rid of coins may be a very good idea given inflation.

You know, even the quarters hardly worth anything solemn into just rounded thing up to the nearest dollar and get rid of all that that metal circulating wouldn't wouldn't there there could be arguments for that even if no one was aiming a cashless society. On the other hand, I have no doubt that the globalists would like very much to have a cashless society. If you don't have cash or if you have something solid like gold or silver or something like that is the basis of transactions, then it's all electronic and that can be manipulated, impacted and stolen so forth interest people would really welcome secrecy that happened if they're the ones who are the hackers or the government of course can trace everything you do you by, and that that makes some of us nervous, but I would say this, I have thought for four decades, even after I ceased to be a dispensation and I was only dispensations for the first six or eight years of my ministry and now it's been another 40 something years since then that I've not been a dispensations but and I don't believe the Bible predicts a cashless assignment at nonetheless it's always been my view that that probably is the direction that the globalist agenda will go and that is to a cashless society. So even if one since all look it's a cashless society. Well, it isn't exactly yet but maybe someday. But even if it is the real question is, is that prophesied in the Bible somewhere in the answer is well know, at least not explicitly. It may not be II don't think it's predicted it all, but if it is it's it's an innuendo that is brought out of an obscure statement. Of course what they're thinking of his Revelation 13 were talks of the mark of the lease and says that those who don't have the Mark Reese cannot buy or sell well, okay, they cannot buy or sell why it doesn't say why. And so the assumption that some people make is well.

That's because it is a cashless society rather than lots of times when there was not a cashless society in history where people were not allowed to buy and sell with basically were there, were boycotted because of their religious views are because of their race has been a great number of times that histrionic dispensations don't know very much what history generally speaking, but there's been tons of times.

Even the Roman Catholic Church in the Middle Ages made it illegal for their subjects to buy or sell with the Walden with the Albigensian's and the Waldenses who were more like evangelical Christians than the Catholics were softening on the basis of your racial or or religious persecution. There's been many times been an inability for certain people to buy or sell if they weren't compliance with the powerful leaders and this had nothing to do with cashless society is plenty of cash going around is just people wouldn't take your cash if you have a certain character. This this happened in Nazi Germany to him in Jewish shops were boycotted by Nazis and by Nazi sympathizers and the Jews therefore were unable to buy or sell with them because of persecution, so there's really no yummy when the Bible says with if you don't take a market-based, you can't buy or sell.

I think it's it's been beat into our heads that that's because the mark of the beast is some kind of chip that goes under our skin and it'll be scanned at the point of purchase so that we don't have to carry cash that might happen that might actually happen, but that is a far cry from what the Bible actually predicts and I don't think the Bible is predicting any particular system like that and if somebody says well were moving toward a cashless society I would say get with it's very possible, very possible.

If they say will that proves that the Bible is true I say will get the Bible is true, but it doesn't predict this, at least if it does it doesn't do so plainly so I don't know why we would necessarily think this I think there's a lot of people who don't believe the Bible at all who are expected to be cashless society is because they pay attention, you know, you don't need the Bible to tell you that there globalist agenda will include cashless society, but the fact that the dispensation started talking that way about Revelation chapter 13 many decades ago, has made many people feel like where this is what the Bible must be talking about what a great answer my good points and I hadn't thought about the night totally agree with you and I'm looking forward to going to your use of Revelation because Canada in the mail.

Not too long down drain going through a wonderful writer night on Amazon. Okay. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Good talking to you all right, Elizabeth in Connecticut.

Welcome to the neuropathic for calling NTL to ask a question on the topic of homosexuality. I have a 29-year-old sign in a minute trying to cry. Who discussed with me today the topic marriage. He noticed that our family is a faith-based spiritual family.

We believe in God we believe in Jesus Christ. They believe he died for my friend, came out when he was about 16 hypothetical conversation today about how somebody that he may have meant that he felt could be marriage material Saturday after Kenneth and IM as well as knowing my spine and the way he operates me now in his mind, I thought it might be a good thing for me to continue to Pull with the hypothetical question and thought I had said to him you know when we were talking with everything different things about you now marriage and whatnot. You know Chris I wanted to be happy in that and so I can just lightly, lightly. I said to him hundred percent sure as I weaken it if mommy and daddy can the writing I would want to look into it. There is no then yesterday he found his cell phone and unfriended me from Facebook pretty strong position with that and I understand I understand that is going to be very liberal and he and he and that that's who he is not. I don't know how to find the answer as to whether or not I would be able to it and so trying really hard to search to Scripture and to ask my elders, the answer to that is that something that I'm able to attend. That not something I'm able to attend, even though in my heart I know that God knows that my OP would want to be median, but I at the same time very different subject to maneuver through when it's your own child right ceiling on the last thing, let me address that because lots of people in the same situation. Obviously they have homosexual children who are getting married in the Christians and what should we do it. It depends very largely on what you understand attending a wedding to mean to my mind, attending a wedding as a friend or family member is your way of saying were celebrating this with you were were with you on this.

This is something we agree with and in a world were witnesses to the value making so we can hold you accountable to keep those thousand others it's a very it's a very strong affirmation that you know this is something that's pleasing to you and your celebrating it with them. Now I could not do that, if any. My children were gay or came out as gay. I don't think any of them ever will. But thing you know you have to always consider that I would. I would, they would know I couldn't go to the wedding because I could not celebrate something that that will send them to their doom as the Bible says and how can I celebrate the ruin of my children.

I can't stop them. I can't stop them from doing it that there are adults and they can do what they want to me. My children do many things I don't approve of, but most the time to not ask me to prove but I think my kids would know better than to ask me to celebrate their weddings if they remain somebody in same-sex because they know that I care about them too much to approve of their damnation and sound like a strong statement I know but listen I mean, you don't need to tell your son this, although maybe you can more gently time to say right now because you're the mother, but I'll just tell you my opinion the fact that he befriended you block you from his phone. Just because you made a sincere statement which shouldn't have surprised him because he knew your religious convictions. I mean it's almost like he was testing you to see if he could control you and get you to go against your convictions. No, the fact that you said what you would be expected to say and apparently set kindly and he befriended me that he's he's a juvenile is infantile and nobody should get married to anybody going to that infantile no one should get married until they grow up. Marriage is for adults only by the weights for heterosexual couples, only to end it according Scripture but but even if even if we would broaden the definition say okay, maybe same-sex couples commit.

That's not a position I take, but those who do should recognize, but only grown-ups not infants, not not infants and grown-up bodies.

When somebody is so easily offended by their own parents and disrespects their parents as much as he does on a he's a he's a he's a is a product I don't say the prodigal because he is gay may not be able to help whether he's gay or not, but he's a prodigal because he does not honor his father and mother, and because he's totally offended and he can't handle offense. I'm a grown-up has to realize there's people in the world who don't agree with you about many different things. I invite people who disagree me to call me in there they can disagree as much.

They want doesn't offend me.

But why would a grown-up person, as he apparently thinks of himself to be. Why would he think that is not juvenile in the extreme to take such offense when someone disagrees with because is a snowflake. Of course, but the point here is you do not have to accommodate him member.

Jesus said blessed are you when people persecute you, and cast your name out and separate from you because your stand for righteousness. He said well that's how they they were touring the prophets to do you think he likes the prophet would go to a gay wedding of his own children.

I don't think so, John the Baptist would. I don't think so. I don't think Jesus would.

I mean I said anything to his word because people often think Jesus is a nice guy friend of sinners.

Well II know he would eat with sinners. I know he would eat with prostitutes and no doubt gay people to if he ever met anybody there were many in Israel because it was illegal and I know that he asked her entering with the woman by the well so I understand that I just now you there obviously is 10 year right there is a lot of immaturity with my oldest son that I just didn't know.

It's not just your oldest son is everyone on the left. I think I mean, you see, how cannot they cannot stand for someone to even mildly disagree with them. It's because they've never growing up we've got a whole segment of the last two generations that were taught don't grow up. Just take offense to be angry and there to be have very unhappy lives editor for gay or straight, there can be very unhappy people because unless they decide it's time to grow up and pretend to be adults again now persecution for me. Yeah, no… Not just from hand that I'll get it from many others in my family that difficult scenario a difficult set of circumstances I made to be in it I would not wish to be in and I have a close relative, whose son married his his male partner and might like my relatives a very strong Christian man and his wife and and they were really put in a hard spot with this, but fortunately son and his partner went got had a destination wedding somewhere else and so didn't have to parents to tell me that my next prayer to God will be because it can just be removed from my play entirely.

That would be one that would be a blessing. Yes, I know you're only laughing because it hurt so bad it's easier today had been brought near anything because I'm kind of ease.

He knew his emotional reactions all the time.

Now I'm numb to now and I don't I don't let that compromise my values anymore mean that it doesn't hurt that he showed three fact that I'm not constantly on his pain and I'm not that great of a mother and don't don't enable him I don't even know my I have five children at one time or another. Four of them actually did to me pretty much what what your son is doing to you that none of them are gay but they didn't like my stand is a Christian date they just would let me know where they were doing phone number it would contact me and it hurts and I know that hurts.

However, if it's encouraging to you after several years of that every one of them now is back in touch with me on good terms so that I should I give when it's time to get that feeling knowing him the way I do. Lenny dining email. Doing this little planet where he disconnects from me. I'm assuming it's going to came back and at some point and asked me to get my final answer thing for me to say that I would use it say you know son, I know you want me to respect you and your opinions but don't you think you should respect my me and my opinions as well. Are your opinions.

The only ones that are to be respected on your on your mother. You know, if I don't share your opinion, that does mean I don't love you but I'm sure that I had. It doesn't mean that I disown you. I'm not that juvenile are not such an instant that I would disown somebody because I disagree with and I hope you won't be either.

But you have to realize if I can't attend your wedding is because I am consistent with my lifetime convictions which are based on the word of God. If you don't like the word of God you don't like my convictions then I hope you be mature enough to recognize that my views are at least as worthy of being live by is yours.

Are and so let's try to respect each other and if you're to go through with this.

It's obviously something I don't I don't Celebrate with you, but I'm not rejecting and if you reject me over then we'll see who's who it'll show who's the that happened that Eric Kate and have asked Jason thank you for your time and think if everything that you do for every penny of a day, regardless Elizabeth sorry for your situation. Many, many Kevin in Seattle, Washington. Welcome to the narrow, thanks for calling comment on your the person that told about about it until eternal damnation.

Oldest my question is about the rich man and Lazarus destroyed it, that when Jesus told that he gives specific heat. He was kind enough to not give the rich mentioning they did point out Lazarus's name as though it was not like he usually said, a certain man went such and such a place right Lazarus. He called it out so to me it obviously with the real-life story. So what do you think what's happening on on the rich man and at that point and how can we extrapolate from what we know about you, the answer when the rich man's punishment ended. If ever right. Well first of all, the fact that there is a man named in the story is not sufficient to to determine whether to true story or parable because the rabbis had many parables like it, and they mentioned names like Abraham's name and Moses name people like that so Jesus most most of Jesus parables did not name anyone by name to write, but the rabbis parables which and this sounds like one of them that Jesus was repeating back did sometimes have people's names, and so III just don't know if it's a parable or not, but let's just say it's a true story which would be I think your default position. I'll take a go with that if it's a true story. It is describing the condition of an unsaved man between the time of his death and the time of the resurrection on the last day in the final judgment when Jesus comes back. He's gonna resurrect all the dead in the real final judgment and after that many people will be thrown into the lake of fire. According to Revelation 20 of the lake of fire is not where this man was this man was in Hades Jesus said he was in Hades. Now, in Revelation 20. Hades is thrown into the lake of fire. So Hades is not the same thing is like a fire, so whatever Jesus may have said or whatever. Abraham in the story said about Hades about. For example, is a gulf fixed and people can't go back and forth between thinking that these would not be quite the same thing as statements about the lake of fire.

The same things may be true of the lake of fire. But that's not addressed here. We don't know we have to get that from other sources. This is a story about people in the intermediate state between death and the resurrection. We know that because the man had five brothers who were still living and so obviously the end of the world had not come. Jesus had not returned. This wasn't a final judgment. His brothers have been finished living out their lives and so that's that's the main thing to keep in mind with the serve Lazarus. The return whether to true story or a parable. It is, it's not describing the lake of fire.

It's describing well something prior to one of the questions that disagreed up to me it is not eternal punishment. That means that those who die as sinners just before the end have great little time to worry about what well know, they would have still have the judgment they sell the lake of fire face yet. Pardon does not lead to an end to the story about what it could be annihilated.

Well I guess that depends on what someone believes that annihilation is in my eye. I know different views of annihilation that different people hold. For example, Jehovah's Witnesses holds that view and they don't believe there's any resurrection of the wicked of all that death is the final thing to experience Seventh-day Adventist on the other hand believe there is a resurrection of the wicked, and that they are thrown into and to help where they are eventually annihilated, but that I first believed.

I write exactly what okay if you don't give up and says, then you probably don't care what I say so that's fine rotted time. If you're interested in what different Christian scholars and church fathers have said about hell I wrote a book called all you want to know about hell. Three Christian views which goes into them all in great detail, but if that doesn't interest you, then I guess whatever view of how you take from your casual reading of the Bible would find I'm out of time listening to the narrow path radio broadcast.

My name is Steve Greg. We are listener supported. You can write to us at the narrow PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or go to our website. The Let's talk again tomorrow –

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