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Reflected Glory

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 2, 2023 12:30 pm

Reflected Glory

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 2, 2023 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week the guys are discussing the different attributes of God that we reflect in our lives. The clips are from "The Great Escape," and "National Lampoon's Vacation." 

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The Masculine Journey
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This is Stu Epperson from the Truth Talk Podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and we're so grateful for you that you've chosen the Truth Podcast Network.

It's about to start in just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share it around with all your friends. Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network. Welcome to Masculine Journey. We are glad in you are a unique and it just intrigued me really at my very first boot camp that I could go look in my wife, for example, to see, you know, how is it, what's unique about her where she reflects God in a special way that would also be the point of attack for her because Satan wants to attack that and keep it down and play whack-a-mole. We've talked about that many times. So it's a huge part of our identity and to be able to identify it is a really cool way to walk with God in a way I never did before the masculine journey when I began to understand what that was in me. I could begin to and then to call it out in others is even more fun. Yeah, and when you initially hear it, at least for me, there was part of it that was like excited and then part of it was like, ooh, what if I don't do it right?

You know, should I really have any of it? You know, I mean, but God chose that we'd all have this special sauce, this version of his glory, right, that we bring to the earth. And so what we're going to do is last week, I had the thought for this show when we're at boot camp and wrote it down and talked to the guys and said, we're going to do this after we get back from boot camp. And then I picked a randomizer website where you can go in and you can like put in all the different names and you can just hit the randomize button and go around and pick it for you. It's like drawing out of a hat.

It's just electronic. Darrell Bock It's like a secret Santa. Tim Cynova Yeah, it's like a secret Santa thing. And so we put all the names in and we just kind of drew them and whoever got this person got this person and they had to go and get a clip or talk about the person's glory of God that they bring to the earth.

And so that's what we're going to do. And it's not meant as a self-serving, hey, look at this person, look at that person. What it is, is to remind us all that we all have it, first and foremost. And so helping try to discover what yours is, and we'll go through some of that over the next week as well.

How to find that, Robby talked a little bit about it. Look at where you've been attacked. That's usually a pretty good indicator of where, you know, you have God's glory in you. And then the other part of it is how to recognize it and call it out in others. And that's really the power of it is it's often hard to see it in ourselves. We often don't believe it when it is in ourselves because it's been beat down in us our whole life.

The enemy saw it early on and came after it very aggressively and very often. And has continued to do that our whole life. And often we believe that that's a bad thing that we have. We often believe that we're not qualified in that area. I mean, he does a good job of shoving us down, right?

And so when we can recognize it in others and call it out, it feels a lot more true than when, you know, you just think you see it for yourself, if that makes sense. Yep. You guys are shaking your head.

We can't hear that on the radio. Okay. Thank you. You're exactly right.

And so we're going out. Oh, I know. Yeah.

I'm sorry, Robby. You are exactly right. Thank you.

Thank you. So we're going to kick off the first one. And Andy, you have the first victim or person victim. And so you have Rodney. I have Rodney.

Yep. So, um, so Rodney just brings so much to the team. When he joined the group, I mean, it was, it took a while to understand where Rodney was at and where he was coming from. But quickly, I mean, as he joined the team, there's stuff like Robby, I think kind of assigned him to the prayer team, Rodney's ramrod or, and to see him take that and where he's taken it and how he's been the leader. I mean, you haven't ever led prayer groups or anything like that. So it is a prayer team for the bootcamp. Our prayer intercessors.

Intercessors. And he's the one that herds us up before we go on or we, before we talk and leads a team in prayer. And it's just that attention to detail that I believe is, you know, I don't know, maybe your room's a mess or something like that. And that's how Satan attacks your glory.

It's on a spreadsheet. But you just see that in him and he's analytical. And I don't want to call too much out from his career, but I think it plays over into his role within the group and the glory that God has given him.

He's very focused on that detail, though, but also analytical in problem solving. So this clip is from The Great Escape and there's this, and this is a true story. I didn't realize it was. But this commander, Eric Ashley Pitt, also named Dispersal, was the guy who, so they're digging out to escape. This is World War II. They're in this prison camp and they're trying to get out.

And they can't figure out what to do with all this dirt they're pulling up. So this guy has an idea of how to do that and this is reminds me of Rodney of how he looks at problems, breaks them down, and offers a solution. Chris Smith Okay, before we play the clip, most of us subscribe to not listening to the clip about us, David.

Most of us did that. And so Rodney's not heard this clip. David Morgan No, but I've seen the movie. Chris Smith Well, yeah, but you don't know what clip it is. David Morgan Yeah.

Now that he's described it like I know what he's talking about. Chris Smith Well, it's a surprise to me. I haven't seen it. David Morgan Colonel Hogan's in this. Chris Smith Yeah, it is. Colonel Klink and Sergeant Schultz. So you ready?

David Morgan Yep. Okay. Colonel Klink We can't destroy the dirt. We can't eat it. The only thing left to do is camouflage it. That's as far as my thinking takes me.

And they teach you the promptness in the RN? You'll never believe it, but I think I have the solution. The problem is somehow to get rid of this tunnel dirt over the compound. Of course.

What would you mean? Now, you fill these bags with the dirt from the tunnel. Then wearing them inside your trousers, you wander out into the compound where you pull these strings in your pockets. Out come the pin. It's good. All you have to do is kick it in.

Unless you're a complete fool, the ferrets will never see a thing. It's indecently brilliant. What do you think, Roger? We'll try it first thing tomorrow.

I already have. It works. Mac, this is what we'll do.

The present from Tom's up. So what you heard there at the end was them actually doing it, actually bringing the dirt out and kicking around the yard and kind of solving the problem. And that's just, Rodney not only identifies problems, he brings solutions, and that's what that guy did. And in set up for camp, which you guys say I never am at, I hear that Rodney does a great job at offering solutions. You're just working. You're right, working.

Sometimes I'm working. And it's not just that. So it's how Rodney has embraced these roles and stuff, too. Anything that's given to him, anything that's given to him, he takes it and runs with it. And he does it with great joy.

And it's just a blessing to see the growth and all that he has done in embracing this from where he came from. And like I say, he takes it. He doesn't just do the minimum or whatever.

He's looking for opportunity. I know it about drives him crazy sometimes because we run things pretty loose, free, to be too constraining. But he handles that well, but yet offers that analytical approach to solving problems. Yeah, I would say that once you know Rodney has a project, you don't have to worry about it. This last boot camp, I never even had a thought about the inaccessory prayer until I saw one in my email.

And I'm like, oh yeah, Rodney has that. It's just going to get done. I don't worry about it. I don't think about it.

It's just going to happen. But it was kind of fun putting up the, you wouldn't know what this is like, Andy, but when we were putting up the curtains and I was watching as they were putting them up, Rodney had ideas like, look, we can make this streamlined next time and constantly looking at a way to make it easier, especially as you look at the demographics around the room, other than David, we're all getting older a lot quicker. You'll mature at some point, David.

But no, it's just the easier it is that the older we get, the better it is for us. And so I'm very grateful of it. Yeah, it's fascinating to watch. You see one thing in a person like, and I saw what you're talking about. I call him a static. We won't go into that. But there's other things like before Rodney came, there was nobody that ever beat me to a boot camp or was the last one to leave.

It just wouldn't happen. But with Rodney, I mean, he's there. But the neat thing is also how he connects to people. Like, you know, when Hunter asked him to do the Father's blessing over him, like I was like, man, my heart was just screaming. That is awesome.

But he does connect with people when we're doing the prayer. It's the whole thing. I'll let you take us out to the back.

Go to to look up uppity events. What we have at our boot camp is something that makes you stronger and gives you the strength to go on your regular walk with God. It's something that will make you be bigger than you were when you got there. I've been coming regularly and it's just such a blessing. When you guys invited me, I was at the worst time of my Christian walk. I was going through some things. The first time I came, I don't know if you remember, I couldn't even walk.

I couldn't even stand up straight. And I'm walking now. I ain't running around a lake yet, but you know. The greatest things is just being around a group of men that love the Lord and sharing His kindness and His love. All of you guys, I done sat and talked with all of you guys, different occasions, different conversations, and it's all been unique and refreshing. You guys gave me a whole different perspective in life and you can't hide the true, genuine love of God.

You can't hide it. Register today at And welcome back to Masculine Journey.

That is third day and show me your glory. And so it's a great song. It's obviously singing to God.

It's singing to the Father about show me your glory, but it kind of helped me. And the reason I picked this bump for it was I wanted to stay away from special sauce comment for lots of reasons we won't go into now. And we're back here anyway. Yeah, we're back here anyway. But no, the only thing I could think of was McDonald's commercial.

And so, you know, I didn't really want to play that for a bump. But no, there was something in those lyrics as he was getting ready to go into the chorus about show me your glory, where he talked about, you know, it's like a flash of lightning, most beautiful thing I've ever seen. And when you see God's glory come up in somebody, it's amazing.

You know, we'll talk about some of the other people, you know, the rest of the next week, this week and next week. But when you see it, it's just something to witness. And, you know, okay, that that's it. That's different, you know, and you just see them come alive in a different way. And it's so amazing.

And it's indescribable, just the feeling you get. And so, I just wish that on everybody to be able to see that in other people and have people call that out in you, you know, to be able to see that so you can see it and know what you bring to this earth. You know, no one was put here by accident. We may have been an accident. You know, I was not a planned kid. You know, my parents didn't weigh more kids and I came along anyway. But I was not an accident.

You know, God had a plan for me. Darrell Bock Well, it gets into the identity thing that we talked about a little bit last week, too, is, you know, we get all these labels and stuff. And we, as his children, how much, I mean, we've, you're bombarded with all these other labels to help not only God speaking into that glory but his sons and daughters as a part of his family calling that out in our brothers and sisters the glory. And sometimes they can get a word from God and say, oh, no, that's not God. But when they get it from another individual, sometimes it helps the process along. They really see that in me.

Well, I must have it then. And not to discount God saying it. That's powerful. But we don't always believe what God says. And sometimes, as his ambassadors here, it's our job to call it out. Yeah, he chooses to use us to help. And we don't see ourselves accurately.

That's pretty much a given. We think we do. And that makes it even harder to accept something that's seen by others. Well, including God. Yeah, I promise you that we all live under more labels from the enemy than we ever get from God in our lifetime because the enemy is nonstop at it.

Not that God's not nonstop. You know, but God will usually give us the powerful things. The enemy just gives us over and over and over. Every one of our wounds comes with a label. Every one of our, boy, just agreements come with a label.

Everything comes with a label. Right? And so, this is really going at, and they're always attacking God's glory in you. He's going after that. And so, we're going to switch gears. And Robby, you're going to actually talk about our friend David.

Okay. The youngest member of the team, but very fun. I mean, what an amazing friend in so many different ways.

And what a fun, I was so delighted that I got him. Right? And really fun to pray through, okay, God, what do you see in David? You know, what is it that is really an amazingly beautiful thing?

And the thing that hit me between the eyes originally was the idea of father himself because David is an amazing father. Right? And what do fathers do? They protect. They provide. Right?

And he has phenomenal ability to lead a team. But more than that, what I really thought was I started to hone in on this fatherhood, which is Abba, which is really cool, is that when you're around the father, you feel safe. Right? And the reason that you feel safe to some extent are two things. Number one, they have vision, where there's no vision that people perish. David has a vision. And the other thing that they have that is really like, to me, the ultimate thing about David is faith. Okay?

And in other words, here's a perfect example of David's story. So he wanted to go hunting last year and it's like 20 degrees outside and the wind is blowing at 35 miles an hour. This is not hunting weather to Robby Dilmore, okay?

It just isn't. It's fishing weather. It could be fishing weather.

It could be. But hunting weather, I've never seen deer move in the wind. And the rumor has it deer don't move in the wind.

But David's like, Robby, these deer, they move in the wind. I've got it. Let me tell you, they're going to be out there. We're going to go.

This is going to be awesome. I'm like, David, it's too, no, no, no. He had a vision and he was very clear about it. And you know what? I was convinced he believed, you know, and he had a vision. And so I went there and both he and I know that you've never seen so many big bucks in your entire life, man. They were running around like they're unbelievable.

But why? Faith, right? Like tremendous faith. And in doing so, he could lead me into a place that I never would have gone without his faith. And so I chose probably an unusual clip based on the idea of faith.

But when you think about it, and especially for those of you who know David well, if you listen to Clark Drieswald in this particular clip, it's from the original Vacation movie, National Lampoon. Clark had faith. I mean, you can say what you wanted to about the guy, but he believed he was going to get that Christmas bonus. He believed he was going to make it to Wally world. In other words, whatever he believed, you know, and he was providing for his family and it was all about his family now. It really was. And so as you listen to Clark here, you got to admit one thing, man.

I mean, he had a vision and he had faith and he, by all means, was a dad. She's fine. Don't be silly. She's not fine, Clark. She's dead. She breathes on me.

A dead person breathes. What are we going to do, Clark? Well, we could leave her here on the first phone we pass. We could call your cousin, Normie, and he could come and get her, I guess. That's the meanest, coldest. Well, what do you want me to do?

Call Federal Express? Mom, we don't have to ride with the dead person, do we? Please say we don't. Yeah, come on, Mom. It'd be real easy for cousin Normie to find her.

All they have to do is look for the buzzards. Well, then we'll drive her to cousin Normie's for Pete's sake. She can't weigh more than 100 pounds. Oh, no. You can't put her up on that roof.

Yes, he can. What do you want me to strap her to the hood? What's the difference? She'll be fine. It's not as if it's going to rain or something. Get you all here, David. I mean, is that not... I mean, you got to admit that. Oh, David.

Yeah. I mean, you got a good point there. I didn't expect this clip.

I did break the rules and listen to it first. And I was like, where's he going with this? So... So yeah, but in its own way, it's totally David. I mean, it just is.

But it's beautiful. I mean, when you see it for what it is, I mean, he has great faith and great leadership ability. Because when you're with David, he has a vision, right? Rodney, you're with him. Yeah.

I just don't want to be one of his in-laws listening to this and thinking, oh my gosh, I don't want to be with David in my last days. It's like, when we talk about going hunting, I mean, he had a vision for this year at the end of last year. It's like, this is what we're going to do. We can do this. We can go here. We can make this happen. We can have this.

And over there, we can do this with that one. And he went on his hunting trip in Ohio this year. I mean, he's a man who knows what he wants to do and what he wants to get done. And he gets it done. The Hope Center, all the things that he's doing there.

And he's talking about what he did with Sheets and bringing them on board and joining in. Once he says something, it's basically done. It's like, okay, you can count that one up. He's going to get it done.

That sounds like Rodney, doesn't it? He's trying. I'm trying.

But it's beautiful when you see that. Because again, I just go back to when you guys talked about where your heart was when you first came to the first boot camp. Your heart was, okay, I showed up here because Jim said so, but I'm not really here. And I'm probably not even going to last a few days. And you're still sitting here. And I'm like... A few hours, actually, is where I was at.

Yeah. I just think that's beautiful that it's, yeah, you have a definite mindset on what you're going to do, not going to do. But when God intervenes, your back to the faith thing that Rodney just talked about, you're open to saying, okay, God, you opened my eyes to something that I didn't know was there, and I'm willing to walk in and walk with it, walk in through it with you. One of the things that sticks out to me that is a God characteristic is he doesn't give up on people.

I just love the way he hangs in with his daughter and the support that he gives to that. And a lot of people walk away from situations. And David just burrows in. I love that. Sometimes I want to walk away, but, you know. Well, we can want.

It's just the fact that we don't. Yeah, exactly. When you were talking about faith, faith, it nails it. Because I was thinking about all the challenges that I've seen you walk through, personally, professionally. And there'll be times that it gets at you a little bit, but not for long.

No. You don't let it sit there. You're kind of like, okay, I'm not going to give that ground.

I'm not going to let that root grow. Right? And you just say, okay, we're going to try something different. We're going to have faith that it's going to work out if we go in a different direction. And you keep looking for other options that you believe there is going to be another way to do it. And it is faith that drives that.

100%. I wouldn't, not to throw it back on boot camp and my band of brothers, but I wouldn't be at that point that you are talking about now if I'd never came in contact with y'all. And obviously, God's plan was this way all along. But it was many of trial and errors of me sitting in that and festering to realize, no, that's not what I want with my life. God has something different for me.

And then He interceded, put me in a boot camp and got me to be friends with totally off the wall group that I probably wouldn't normally have been friends with if you looked at my previous life. Yeah, back at you. You're talking about our age. Yeah. Yes.

If you want to do that, that's fine. How does everything boil down to age? Age and height with them. What is it, Harold? I don't understand it.

I don't ever talk about age or height. No. Anyway. No, I mean, everybody's kind of articulated.

My words for it would be all in or wholeheartedness. I mean, he brings the, I don't know, just... Don't you say special sauce? No.

That's where I was headed. Emojis. He brings emojis. Yeah. Just a zeal.

A zeal for life and a zeal for... I appreciate that, guys. That means a lot.

Yeah. I mean, you do have had it against you, but you've stepped up to everything that's been put in front of you. And like Sam said, it's been a challenge, but you've not backed down. Well, we're ending the first show and we'll be going into After Hours. So if you've listened to this and you enjoyed it, please go listen to the After Hours. You can pick that up at any of the podcast outlets, any of them. I think we're on all the different formats, YouTube. Just name it. We're probably on it. Mask on Journey Radio.

Go look it up. But what I would like for you to do this week is take some time with God and say, God, give me one person and let me see their glory and help me learn how to call that out in them. Let's do that this week. And what a great gift for the holidays is to help people see the glory that they bring to this earth, God's glory they bring to this earth. I'll talk with you next week. This is the Truth Network.
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