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Spring Boot Camp Clip Highlights April 5th Podcast

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 5, 2014 12:00 pm

Spring Boot Camp Clip Highlights April 5th Podcast

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Ancient Jesus speaks of masculine journey is filled with many points in terms of how do we keep from losing heart trying to find one feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request Sam, I recall. Welcome to the masculine journey. We are so glad with us and were glad to be with you today.

We we were gone. Last week we played a show from the boot camp back in November that we did there was live from big camp and we hope that you enjoyed that. But this week we are we are live from Winston-Salem and not live from big camp and were here so and that were going to do a little bit of a boot camp recap if you will for for those listeners who are used to hearing about that, hearing what's going on in different things and so we just, picked a few clips that we used at this boot camp and were gonna come up talk about why we use that particular clip and so that the shows not to be as thematic as it normally is, and each segment might, have its own theme, but will start with his brand-new movie out that just came out on DVD. It actually one about every award that you could possibly win in Hollywood this year and that movie was 12 years a slave if you've not seen you know that the trailer for that movie I would.

I would really encourage you to go on YouTube or someplace and look at the trailer and and and at least look at the trailer it's up it's it's a powerful movie. It said based on true story about a man who was a free man lived in New York ended up getting tricked and sold into slavery literally in live 12 years as a slave, even though it was a free man and then finally had some folks from New York that knew who he was actually come down to Louisiana and and rescue him from the cane fields and and for me pretty hard master down there and anyway, the story well.

Spoiler alert there yeah well I mean it's not a spoiler alert because is based on a true story is called history rubbing you but it up a book Robby only reads the Bible. That's why we leading the way with us and the and that's a good thing but anyway so this trailer were to play first in I use this in to open the entire weekend use this trailer and can't explain why. And just second will ask you what part of the country, I guess what I know myself travel slave I was born free man with my family day I was Solomon sold into slavery. Well boy, you have no right whatsoever but Georgia runaway always know Shelby is your labor's overall property is property wants to do is something wrong is the instruction so you know I don't know if listeners if you picked up on the three major phrases and there were no I was born a free man until I was deceived.

That's our story until it was sold into slavery. That's our story and then I will not despair. I will not give into despair all I'll keep myself hearty until freedom is is available and then the last phrase it's actually in the middle of the clip, but with the last phrase the most important phrase to me is I want to survive. I want to live in, and I believe that that's what Jesus understood about the people that he was speaking to in John chapter 10 because he was speaking to an oppressed group of people he was speaking to Jews who were being oppressed by Roman walls, Roman citizens, Roman hierarchy, and even Jews who were being oppressed by other Jews. And when Jesus began to speak in John 1010 and said look you have a thief and he came to steal and kill and destroy. Yes, that's your context. That's the context of your life but I've come the you may have life and have life abundantly. And that's what were trying to do it a boot camp in Sam it is and I think you know this this clip choose early on to help set context is a whole lot of our life that we think we know what's going on. We really don't necessarily mean life didn't start when we are born happily for us.

There was a whole lot of things that happen before us and will be a whole lot of things after us you know where we in the midst of all that band of time and especially spiritual time and want the great things about a big camp is that we didn't know we were in this condition until someone brought us along and help us understand and that's to me with the big camp as it opens the eyes to help you understand how you have been in bondage and didn't realize right and there is a alternative to live as a whole life just feels like I just got a survival Friday and coming. There's a whole lot about anything just gets that we can just get to hear from you just get a vacation.

It's all survival and it's not really a whole lot about life and the stories that we heard from them in this weekend me not to get detailed about any particular one stories but the stories we heard were there were men who were living in some pretty serious bondage and an and weren't really sure that freedom was even available anymore that they've been living that way. Whether it was an addiction whether responsivity whether it was living under a false identity and and will will talk a little bit about that little bit but in by false identity. I don't mean they were in the witness protection plan, although you know I mean if the shoe fits, and I don't say that to put pressure on people but yeah there's a lot of us who lived in the witness protection plan for a long time. You know and and were afraid to allow others to see us as we were in and we had you know some of our speakers shared so candidly, so intimately with the guys there that you know Friday night. I mean it was we started with a bang running item it was. It was huge and that started the ball rolling and I think you know a lot of guys automatically went to bed that night with hope wit with hope that freedom was going to be opportune, even if it wasn't felt at that point in their life, and I think the electricity this correctly could sound completely wrong know how to save the I think we can go into almost any church and grab a sampling of guys and they would all have the same issues of the guys. We had a bit all right because that is it something if it's prevalent in our society you guys dealing with relationship issues.guys balance pornography all the things that affect society. It affects our church as well. Yeah, I mean all the Christian magazines Focus on the Family promise keepers all of those guys they've done those surveys same your hundred percent right. It's a sampling thought more about what happened this weekend and now we want to invite you back. We got a couple more clips coming one or two that I know you've never heard before and I'm really excited to share them with you will be funny and good come back after the break. Welcome back to the masculine journey we are doing a big camp recap and that doesn't mean were telling all about what happened but were just going to going back and talking about some of the clips that we did use a big camp we use probably on a 6000 weekend so it's you know picking 45. Not a big deal but in this and this next clip that were to start this segment with this movie comes from the 80s which you know Robby, he's the oldest guy you know, on the speaking team. So he's the one that uses the movies from the 80s back to the 18 scholar I talked and everything was talky and it had color so mean it was an improvement. Now it was a great clip and I wish I I and now the thing about it. I wish I got the Darth Vader clip talk about that one just for a second I mean were not to show the Darth Vader were not to play the Darth Vader clip right as I was studying to do the talk on what we call the poser which is dismantling the false self.

If we could figure out a way to take off our masculine we can be more intimate with God and begin to get some healing Jesus is want to set the captives free. But when were wearing a mask, somebody else is getting all the love wherever listeners are going false self mask what a hypocrite if I mean that's a biblical word that's what's going on and as I was going through all my favorite movies and thinking about things I came across the end of that return of the Jedi movie where we see Luke Skywalker is fighting against Darth Vader is essentially what happens but after Emperor, the whole thing is to try to get Luke Skywalker to go to the dark side. Well, he is when Luke will not turn to the dark side. The emperors then going and decided to chills Luke Skywalker and the whole time. Lucas felt like his father had some good in them and that he hadn't completely gone to the dark side. He kept on having help in his father. He kept on having help and then at the last minute right before Luke was going to be killed by the Emperor Darth Vader actually repents. He turns back to save his son throws the Emperor into the reactor, but this is in effect is going to kill Darth Vader. But what happens is Darth Vader said some very, very telling words at the end of that which is take my mask off son so that I can see you with my own eyes, and as I was thinking through that clip in the recent unmasking that God had done in my own life.

I realize that when I have that mask on. Not only is the mask getting the love but it's actually hurting my ability to see others that are close to me right and I not only are people not seeing you as the real Robby but you're not able to see them do not able to see them and that and so I Darth Vader even out yet.

He had this mask. He wanted to see his son with his own eyes and one of the neat things as God begins to take that fall self off is a really neat verse in second Corinthians chapter 5 work. Paul talks about where just longing for these new clothes that were to get in heaven and see the reason why when the fall self being the fig leaf that were wearing.

You see were anxious to get these heavenly close and that's the God skin that were going to get, but our nakedness was revealed where want to put some over that we put this personality that gets between us and God, which not only affects the way that we see God. But the way that we see others. Well I'm to go ahead and play the Top Gun clip in this clip is towards the end of the Top Gun movie if you seen it it's it's where Maverick has lost his best friend goose and not playing loudly and let me do it. It was me now is my color movie and I capitalize maverick was something fantastic and that he lived in his identity as maverick which he was a great fighter pilot, but he had been wounded and like so many of us want to gets wounded. He starts to fall out of out of his identity and his best friend had been killed in this accident where he flew through this jet wash and so based on that maverick and put on this false identity where he could not engage will maverick would be the kind of person that would pick a fight would engage. But with that one.

He was finding it very difficult to engage in.

So when you come on the scene. The thing that just kept on going over and over in my mind is all these planes are flying around. He needs to engage with one of them. In this clip when you think about if you remember the movie. Think about how many times in your life you got all these things floating around in you and your trying to figure out where to and how to engage while you're feeling the wound of what's happened in the past 60 miles, in closing in fast start catch three or four supersonic three seconds broken.

We can't let you hear crickets follow single real rental minutes get in there and talk to me goose talking around honestly that that that clip is so much my life so many times because I was old guys. We have a lot of wounds and time again when I should be engaging I'm remembering where I feel before and I'm like it's no good is no good.

There's all these things flying around you got engaged which man I've been down this road I been hurt bad. By engaging in the situation and I just feel that but it was cool so cool dear since I was actually giving my talk on the stage God was talking to me and as I was watching those planes and if you can picture that clip in your mind you see all these megs they're going around sort of in a circle and you try to figure out which one to engage with and all of a sudden I remembered what I learned is a basic quail hunter is when you when you when you when you walk up a copy of Clay quail.

They all fly up in the thing of it is if your hunter if you shoot amongst those quail you get not but if you pick whichever quail it is that your eye catches and you focus on that quail and you drop drop that quail and make sure you know where it lands. Then you go on to the next and I was also and I don't know how to engage the next time I pick the one that catches my eye. I don't lose focus.

I stay on that one and I and I get it until I know where it's landed and then I go on the next so Todd is as listening to that, as is a guy who's counsel a lot of other people in life about things that seem to be overwhelming, I'm right here with Robby. I'm thinking oh Got 14 things right now that are in dire need of my attention and man, I just want shoot out amongst them. I mean is that makes sense. It's almost like the feeling that I can't get my arms around all of it so I'm not gonna try to do any of it.

You know, one of the things that we have trouble doing as human beings is staying focused so when you're when you've got 12 chainsaws. You gotta juggle in the air. Yes, like there's no way I can focus on this, but I think Robby's on to something.

In terms of saying what is it that catches your eye, and a what's the one thing that sort of makes your heart sort of stand on edge and just focus on that and be okay with letting the rest of it go and letting your father take care that are managed in the meantime while he helps you focus on what he's seeing through your I think for clarity not saying that if one of things are choosing from is going playing golf with your friends or engaging in the conversation really to have with your life you can't always continually pick on golf with your friends.

I'm a guy passing the Senate but just for clarity, you got engage in those things right and in Sam.

Don't go away when we talk about this as a covey of quail or as a as a you know group of doves flying over.

That's one thing but when you think of them as arrows of the enemy attacks of the enemy if if you look at all of those things and you go okay which one of these is closest to me which one is going to bite me first, which was going to get me first. I got a shoot at that one got I got a go after that one and so you can look at it from a positive standpoint of okay these are these are blessings in my life. These are things I want to do.

Maybe their passions. Whatever or you can look at them in the opposite and sometimes we don't get to pick our warfare pick which one we want to fight. We we gotta go after the one that's closest to us and it gets you the closest to us are the one Windows can be a fatal wound.

You can look at and so I can probably take that arm shot down deals I can't take one directly in the center.

My heart right in on trying to pick the ones you're going to fight wisely, but fortunately as is you talk about all those video games are played. When I was younger you if you reset the things the zombies on first before you hit the thing that the skeletons at you with something I don't you know whatever it is on this moving fast towards yeah otherwise you get the little red X in your out. And so nobody wants to get the red X in the kingdom of God. Honestly it's it's pretty interesting to see how guys react to some of these clips because they watch these movies for years and they've never seen them. You know, I mean they watch, and for purely entertainment and that's fine. But Dave not looked at them as an analogy, a a a parable of you know wow this is this the reason they're telling that story is because this is such an issue in people's lives, and God came after that to. It doesn't it doesn't take a huge stretch to look at these things and go okay that's a parable or worse were Scripture talk about that you know and that's why we do the movie. Some is not because it's bombing yet it breaks up a talk that might be boring otherwise but but that's not the issue.

The issue is to give a parable and then bring biblical truth to the mix as well.


And we start look at movies we say okay why did I react that way. What it make me angry.

Why did it make me sad.

You start to learn something got to work on and that's why I don't watch Brian's song anymore, but if you're listening right now we want to encourage you to go to masculine journey look at the events that we got a good heart, women's event coming up June 6 38 at Park Springs person can't welcome back to the masculine journey we are displaying a variety of clips today, not necessarily very thematic in our in our approach but we want to talk to you about it. Two hour long clip that we want to invite you to watch and that is the movie ragamuffin masculine journey radio team and city church Winston are teaming up to bring ragamuffin to the Triad. It will be the first showing of the movie and the triad in this area. In fact, April 11 7 PM at city church. Winston you can go to masculine journey

Click on the ragamuffin tab you go to the ragamuffin website ragamuffin. The and you can sign up there but you buy your tickets and will have them at the will call table when you come in on Friday night, but we want to enjoy that night with our listeners. If you are a Rich Mullins span.

If you remember that the song awesome God and many others that sing praise to the Lord that Amy Grant made famous back in the early 90s, late 80s, those songs Rich Mullins wrote in the ritual and story is a story about father wins in a story. It is a redemption story. Unfortunately, we don't get to see the long term redemption in his story in in his personal story, but we do get to see the long-term redemption of his life and his ministry long after he he's been dead since 1997, another spoiler alert spoiler alert.

Yeah, I think most of our listeners know that but anyway if they're interested in the ragamuffin movie.

They definitely know Rich Mullins is now with Jesus and so anyway we want to invite you to come out share that evening with us and it's going to be a really powerful film and it's going to be a film that if you have friends.

Sam and I have seen it. Robby seen it, Vinnie and Dewey have seen it. If you have friends who think they can't be good enough to be a Christian or that their life is too messed up to broken their to the addicted is this a movie for them.

Sam are absolutely get a real glimpse of what a lot of Christians face as they try to go through that restoration process with God in dealing with brokenness and am trying not to let let it impact you write, but it does anyway. If you also know Brennan Manning yeah Brennan Manning.

He plays all role in this and in Rich's life.

Yet he mentored Rich in the in the late years of Rich's life and and played a huge role in Rich's redemption and getting free from some of the things that tormented him as a Christian artist struggling with alcoholism, just you know the upfront about that, but it's a great great movie. I can't think of a more powerful movie in in the message that we talk to men about that I've ever witnessed in my entire life. It's it's to me.

It's that powerful, but we want to invite you out. April 11, 7 PM at city church Winston and also ladies. The Goodhart women's event is that it's a 739-7395 June 7 or not it's a Friday Saturday Sunday so it's engine since you personally so we want to encourage it.

You go to Goodhart to register for that. It's a phenomenal weekend. We got ladies coming from Colorado, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia, all over the place.

Yeah even are sitting up here in North Carolina and been talking about women. Yes, we have a club yes we do about about the relationship of women and men in this clip got more laughter than I think any clip we've ever played at a big camp in the nine big cans of done anything as we've also showed it to some ladies. I got a lot of laughter from them. And so it as well as yes that's right exactly on both sides. The consumer show this to open up want to talk to and talking about fighting for an understanding heart of the woman and in the swing when it first began GE if you're watching you don't see what's going on in the ladies talking.

What she has is a huge nail sticking out of the center of her for head like a frame email that sticking out the server for you is a 0.12 galvanized yet for those of you that yeah you not. It's just a big nail and as you listen this to solicit how this interaction plays out between her and her husband and her boyfriend services pressure now, and sometimes it feels like it's on me and I can just feel like literally file in its relentless and the next thing that I don't know if it's ever going to stop. You do have nail your head.

Are you sure because know that if we got that out there trying to fix it.

No, I'm not trying to fix it.

I'm just pointing out maybe the nail is because you always do this, you just let see I don't think that is what you need to think what you need is to get the mail. Okay fine I will listen fine like sleeping very well at all. Sweaters are snagged on sounds really hard on just you. What I love about this is the reason both men and women like this, they can see themselves in the other side saying yeah that's how it is.

Yeah that's how it is and neither one really getting the others position on it and it it's really quite funny yet.

So Todd from the very masculine standpoint what's what's right when the men see this.

What's what's right yeah what what to write about it I mean is, as men tell you this clip are here this clip and they and I know our listeners are going to immediately go home and look on YouTube and look up it's not about the nail that's the name of the clip so as men see this, you know, I mean sure, yeah, some things need to be for something.

Yeah, we are so results oriented men.

Men want the bottom line. It for the most part, and they want the. The outcome and the quickest way to the outcome is what we want. God built us that way.

There's a lot of good things in the world because of having that trait. However, there's also another trait and that trait is going through the process and understanding and feeling everything about the process of getting to the outcome. That's important as well. And that's what women this is the difference between journey and destination. It's, like this, it's going there is between the coach and the football player.

Now this is nearly a perfect analogy, but we are men of the football player. We like to get our hands on the ball. If you talk to any NBA player that may have their a player or a deep layer. They want the ball in their hands. At the end of the gate. Give me the ball ousted the basket and they want to throw the touchdown.

They want to run, but whatever.

That's us. We want to control the outcome.

But the coach he cannot control the outcome. All he can do is call the place and prepare the team he has to sit there and wait and hope that everybody else gets it and and you score the touchdown.

Let's, like what he's doing that that gentleman is doing in that conversation with the woman she really wants him not to be a coach that's coming up greatest example, but she doesn't want him to Saul that she wants him to just help her figure out and help not figure out help her through the process of getting to the point where she needs to get what we have someone that has a very feminine heart in the studio with us as a Robby from the side of it. What what's what's going on there. We don't we don't want to fix what I find hilarious about this clip is because we show that the week that marriage is as we can.

You and so my wife and I were trying to explain to some family friends about the clip and I said yes it's crazy clip for theirs is nail in this girl said is this obviously they'll have to come out and my wife gets all upset at me. You don't get it.

You don't understand the reason she got a nailer of the dam.

You are a big disc clip well and then I think about this to. As soon as the nail comes out with you. Give her as much attention.

No, probably not. She probably instinctively knows that yeah and order sweaters or stag man Sam how many times do you want to go fine. Just let all your sweaters be snagged then it's it's hard to say you want me to pay attention and not fix it. The other I can't devote yeah the fact that you're asking me about it. I mean there is something deep in my soul that says will that means I'm supposed to fix it right coming and obviously that is not true and and in this case it's a hilarious way of showing that it's again I think we had more laughter from that particular clip than anything we've ever shown to be the answer to is imagine why God why Jesus doesn't go and fix everything in our life. That's the same reason. Our wives want us to not just go fix everything about the continuing relationship. When we open with that I think got a lot of laughter but it really sets up the tone of there is some huge differences on how work were made and were both made in God's image.

It's biblical says that but it's completely different in a lot of ways and some trying to understand that other person when you fully understand it. But if we can get the perspective which they see life through really kinda helps you and you can you find that clip on YouTube and find it on my Facebook page, probably in another things in ladies if you want, you give your input.

All you have to do is register for the Goodhart women's weekend that's coming up June 7 through the night or come to ragamuffin and tell us personally because will all be there. We we will pull the nail out. We won't believe all the claw hammers at home and we will pay attention but the. The cool thing about a big camp is I heard guys Sam when you talked about the beauty you did the beauty talk and you talked about that that our role as a man is offering her our strength rather than offering her our questions and that was revolutionary for a lot of guys will tunnel a bit more about that we come back to break ladies in the meantime, please go to Goodhart go to mescaline during to sign up for the ragamuffin and the cool thing is, our wives will be there so they can ask them what were really like. Are they really that way yes we welcome back to the masculine journey. While we went to the break we lift our hero Sam talking to the men about this idea that well. Quite frankly, most men pursue women. First of all because they are trying to answer the question in my man enough can I pull this off).

Really when the heart and body unit to use a very strong term then.

A lot of times we would realize it very much consumer. In other go to the woman to see what they can get right.

It's either validation in one way or another.

It's other things. It's intimacy. It's all these things and and all those things in themselves are not bad, but when you go to that is a source it's huge. Yeah, it's friends we should give each other validation and somewhat.

We should have intimacies we talk. Those things are all good, but when you're when a man's going to woman to get that instead of going to God that he puts a lot of pressure on her. He puts a lot of weight on her shoulders a dozen herders you know and it really just robs from her is what it does and it's not wrong to receive it from her now. But it's wrong to make her responsible for for answering those questions and for doing that or use it as a measuring stick, but when you talk to the minute big camp you talked about that we are at the heart the way God created us to be were supposed to wait. We use terms like lead all the time. Men are tired of leading an eminent domain is not biblical.

We it is biblical that we should be leading, but rather than talking to them about leading you're talking to them about offering their strength to the to the woman gets offering the strength of its rising out for her, not for what you can get out of it because it's the right thing and we talk a lot about men. A lot of times make ladies the adventure they don't want to be the adventure they want to be on an adventure that will be a critical part of an adventure. They just can't be the adventure by the can't live under that which is really probably Hollywood.

A bad Hollywood tray to me there's a lot of Hollywood movies that you know the woman is a part of the adventure. But then there's another aspect, the second story line, where she is the adventure that we talk a bit about boot camp and my wife's favorite clip about women most part about a strong woman is from Lord of the rings when R1 is critical and in photos healing right out. She's the only one that can write him fast enough to get in there. She's ill and only when it rises up against the bad guys issues there by yourself you know and it's really cool to see the strength of a woman in a critical time in a critical role in adventure and and how cool is it when you're when you're bride when your mother when your daughter when your sister does rise up and come after your heart.

I mean, I can tell you about times when Mark's wife Kristin and your wife Heidi and my wife came after my heart and I mean that's that's amazing mean it's it's a fun nominal thing to have these these beautiful hearts fighting for your heart but to go to them constantly and expect that in and to say will will you know you gotta validate me.

You've got him make sure that I'm well you know there's the old commercial I can, you know, bring home the bacon and fried up in a pan, and make you still never forget that your man and thanks for plan that's not that's not the ticket as it notes you in one of things I was thinking about earlier is the fact that you know it's okay for woman to rise up and fight for you, that's not what were talking as you said, but it's when you go to her trying to say. Okay, proved to me on the man only prove that I'm a man is over, talk about Monday I had a huge timer. My wife rose up and fought for me after boot camp a lot of time there's a lot of spiritual warfare going on. We come back retired Monday morning for me was brutal is incredibly brutal.

My wife is the one I really needed to step in and fight for me and that because it was a lot about our relationship. It was it was huge to see her just pray with me those things. It brought my heart a lot of good. And while Robby's talking about his favorite quote it in the history of the world. Now I am Stacy Eldridge wrote this book, becoming myself and she wrote this in II cannot tell you how many times I've thought about this because what my wife is certainly done for me in this quote is so huge. I would like to put it on the bulletin board somewhere, look at all the time. It says the kingdom of God will not advance as it needs to. Without women rising up and playing that role, the transformation and healing of a man requires the presence strength and mercy of one and I I'm telling that when my wife plays that role in my life is. It's like touching heaven and in and giving me a flavor of the kind of mercy that Jesus gives me I have no way of getting that really other than when my wife does that for me is were not well and I want to set up this next clip.

This comes from Lord of the rings the two Towers movie and this is one of that mean this is in the trailer it's it's one of the more pivotal places in the in the movie and it's when Gandalf and Aragorn are talking to King Phaeton and trying to get Phaeton to come out and meet his enemy before his enemy gets too close to the city too close to their kingdom. In essence, and he doesn't want to heed.

He's he is naturally passive, as most men naturally are passive and that's where this clip comes it types so foldable is 5 feet out of Sodom right on going away this you have 2000 good men riding office and speak amorous loyalty is men will return and fight for the they will be 300 leads from here by now I am and I cannot help us.

I know what it is you want of me, but I will not bring father death to my people. I will not risk open war. Open doors upon what you would risk it on and honestly I mean we we set that context for minute big camp as well that there is no way that you can live this life. Todd understand there's no way that you can live this life without understanding your in a battle with you like it or not, whether you believe it or not you're in about know what sounds. We as men believe in and have that feeling that we kind of been chasing our tail for years now.

I'm just spinning. I'm going nowhere and a lot of times it's because we've been chasing things that are largely irrelevant. Rather than opening our eyes up to the larger battle and being engaged in that battle is there is a place in that story for us that only we can fill the glory that God is given us, and then when you start to live in that and start to live out of your glory that the particular part of God. God's glory, that he gave you. Then you don't feel like that your life is spinning and meaningless.

You feel it's very very purposeful. Now and I think that's the key. We live in that small story to go.

It further when you live in that small story. It eventually becomes either. It's all my fault or God's will now mommy right because the enemy completely gets out of the picture when you're not able rise up and say women there could be a lot more going on here in my life is a poser tells me in Scripture there's somebody coming after me as a Christian you and you and and so that know that that's going to happen into expected. I don't know why were so surprised when it happened. Yeah, I'm still surprised when it happens. I may not. That's wanted that's probably the point of self-condemnation I deal with more than anything is when warfare hits my will and will that's why. And in literally minutes it's hard to to stay in that now were not also saying we love it.

And man I mean you can't wait for the next battle and all that stuff and to set up that idea. There's a clip that comes from the HBO series band of brothers that I'm in a play right now it's a minute and it sets up this idea that hate don't don't go out running looking for battle all the time going to jump going for some relaxing rush rush a little something sulfate don't think lacks religion trying to read right when we get to jump into Burlington two days later that he get blood and guts hanging, screaming, phonetic Megan fighting mother's noted that you listen to me.

The best part of life seem child shall one bag. Germany is good to be home when you see some actually songs.

That's about as real as it gets, is, yeah, were not running around looking for action.

It's going to come with you like it or not, were not talking about demons under every rock were not were not talking about you know every person we meet is possessed or or anything like that but the warfare should be coming. Peter is an old man. He's an elder in the church is been ministering in teaching for 50 years by the time he writes first Peter and he says look your don't think this is just your gig here. The enemy is like a lion he's roaring he's he's walking around seeking to devour and that your brothers and sisters all over the world are fighting the same type of warfare, so it is a normal part of the Christian life. If you want to learn more about it.

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Masculine journey

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