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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 14, 2014 12:30 pm

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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 14, 2014 12:30 pm

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Every man, Jesus, masculine money one feels more like a losing battle, and decided about showing I see that route because am excited about. I'm excited this week partly because why Robbie it's Father's Day you.

That's right. We love the eaves around here and wants a different ways that's it's it's it's a big day, Father's Day even, especially when your father as many as I am okay thank you the word where to talk about fatherhood today but were to continue our conversation about the masculine journey through David's life paused just a little bit and focus little bit more on the fatherhood portion about tomorrow being fathers day little thought to be good to do that and you know as we talked about before the show. I think that we could each say that we feel uniquely unqualified and qualified to talk about this topic with your great all absolutely I'm way over my head, you begin to think we have one child look I just couldn't get it figured out.

It'll be good to have a second when you think you know what you're doing and doesn't work in think the more you have, the more you're gonna get it all figured out and know how to do it and each time he gets more and more confusing is there uniquely individual. Go figure. That and the older they get the trick. Because as it is, but we are. If you're not a father. Don't don't check out on us where we talking about the effects our fathers have in our lives as we go through it and I think that it's truly important we understand just how big an impact that they do have and we do have with your father.

When the Scriptures were using is when I know that you're very familiar with its honor your father and mother so that you may live long in the land of the Lord your God in the land that the Lord your God is giving you from Exodus and it goes on to say that in several different books of the Bible and it gets a little different as it goes. Each time, and will probably talk a bit more about that as the show goes on.

But open with the clip from a movie called Jersey girl to be completely honest I have not seen the whole movie that has been Aflac and I kind of struggled watchmen effectively sometimes not like Richard Gere.

I just can't. Not much is it all typically but anyway the it has been Aflac. I see little windows of it, but what I do know about it is he's a single parent of a young girl appears to be five, six years old.

Her mother died and so he's have a conversation around her and some of her extended family about an upcoming recital. She has a dance performance and he has a job interview or something to do its work. A business meeting about the same time one can hear how that plays out will come back and talk about the meeting.

I don't like what the man says that I will take what you like this. Yes, you can't go on Monday. Why well for so I can skip back in time. What planet are you going to get back here by five if you go to meet in the city of 4%. I forgot to show this job is very important.

Yes, even more important.

This young lady was all set for show. I got inside, all back your young lady you you do because I'm your father.

That's why you yell at me. Gertrude saw him which you well that's a happy Father's Day weekend well is an interesting example because you see the young girl was not exactly the picture of honor your father and mother.

There is she is a deep wound and that her mother is been killed in a move him, so she's the only man in trying to deal with what I would say the neat thing about that I'm learning about being the king and being a dad is the king's role good King's role is to try to make his kingdom is much like heaven as possible in heaven to me to Robbie Gilmore is all about grace and grace meaning that on the favorite and so my children need to feel like they're the favorite. So if they've got a dance recital or something then that should be top priority. Well, he is violated that priority my girls life and she is obviously disrespecting them through that so he has some real challenging parental issues there, but the first thing he didn't do was try to create a situation in his daughter's life where she was the favorite worship. He was showing her grace because she where she would feel like wow my bad things on the other side. He's got a lot of brokenness going on to you know a lot of uncertainty. There is a point my life I was a single father and there is a lot of challenges that come along that without a lot of pressures you feel. That doesn't justify the conversation happens that you can set back you can look at it and you can kind of dissected a little bit but you know if you're that little girl and nothing is ever done. From that point on. If there's no reconciliation Father's Day's can be pretty ugly memories for her. I would think at some point down the road. Now something that I was just going to say when Robbie when you were talking about you wanted to be heaven. What gets in between heaven and what's going on here is life and there's a lot of stuff going on here. The other thing that we talked about was wounds in the woundedness. None of that's been dealt with.

So all that's coming out is the anger and hurt and it's not a heavenly place and is not in any place of grace because these two people are obviously hurting right and you know from from that standpoint right there is a lot of things going on brokenness yet evil in the world get the enemy and he doesn't really like the whole role father to find out more. Why later. But he definitely wants to hear that that part of the family part one of the things I struggle with his dad is my sons going into ease and the cowboy Ranger stage get ready for the warrior stage and that's where he learns responsibility alerts with hard work as an you don't warning him to know that quality is more important than the hard work so that he's prepared for the warrior stage. Sometimes that'll create a very heavenly situation.

Now you and I'm thinking back this last week of the few times that I was probably more like Ben Affleck unfortunately meant that I was like you know you would like that with that haircut would think I get that a lot. If you get a mask and turn the W picture there, you realize I look nothing like been Aflac but you know it I wasn't really the model of that but we do have a guy in Scripture, and David has been called a man after God's own heart by God.

So obviously guys does the Doug David has a downright him. He's the ultimate father he never has any family issues right right sure see the sarcasm I do, but so what were some of the issues that the David faced while he had a son who hated to say it this way, but it's in Scripture. This way he raped his sister and David found out about it and didn't do anything about it the least were told in Scripture didn't get another son and Absalom to try to kill him. Robbie what some of the stuff that is faced with some of his kids will then Absalom murdered his brother. Like you said, and then he came in trying to serve the kingdom slept with his wives on top. The roof and you know when after to murder David and take the kingdom away from that was just the Absalom story and then there was the other son at the transition of power when Solomon eventually took the power but then that son tried to usurp authority and again it was but there was some sin involved that God told him that the sword was knocking to depart from his household. After the whole Bathsheba incident which you can call me flat-footed last week on but I try to think you know when you look back you say okay David, who's a guy that obviously makes mistakes. We talked about that is not without sin is not without lack of good judgment. Sometimes when you look scripturally, other than Jesus. He walks very very close to the Lord more than just about anybody. You see, at least that document and in Scripture and yet he didn't have the answers for father no and that's the confusing thing for us about it. A lot of times is we hear so much about David. He was a man after God's own heart but yet we see what was going on his family. We think what what is that mean know how we as fathers, you know how we will do anything to me as we know it that he had Solomon is the son, and Solomon went after God for part of his life. For certain, has a tremendous amount of wisdom and wrote some amazing Scripture on some of my favorite verses in the Bible and the song of Solomon Ecclesiastes and Proverbs so there were some good fruit that came out of that as well. And from that we realize our life with me, but there can be good for switch gears or click on a topic here because we get to what what if you can't see your father's brokenness. What if you don't know what caused them to be the way it is in and in your mind.

He's not an honorable man, so how do you follow the how do you still love and respect him well and I have a not that situation. My father was an honorable man, but there was brokenness, but he showed no emotion. It was very difficult for my dad to show motions. Why did not feel like his favorite whatsoever. That in itself. Looking back, I think that must've been hard on him not to be able to show that love how difficult, but even worse is a sign is desperately looking to be the favorite yeah you and the enemy deftly wants to break that bond he wants to break in subtle ways, which some referral for young boy who may have been physically abused very badly by the father years may sound like a subtle way, but in your heart that was not settled all you know things that happened with my dad.

My dad was a good man, but there are things that happen that the enemy turned and twist it was not subtle to my life and this is a great place for you to describe the three dads because that's a critical issue when we look at this. Just like that girl was dealing with some data issues she understood the three bad thing which we can all find out later is there's a lot of freedom and understanding that absolutely you not like to say that I thought of this but I didn't like.

I went to the accounts or go to once in a while when I really get a place I can't get to know God wants me to go.

I just can't get past the stopping point in their some things on my dad McGinnis Hartman hard time reconciling that was such a good man talk more about that when you come back if you like to go back and listen to some of her past podcasts that many, many ways to go to mass concerning visit us on Facebook. Check out the events page gets new events coming up really cool things in Kernersville will be partisan things over there, every month. The summer fall mass concerning radio phone your tablet your iPad gradually just became a radio that's right you take the Truth Network with you everywhere. Now they start brand-new Truth Network app that's right. Listen to Dr. Michael Brown line of fire. The Christian truth, thought life. All of our programming 24 seven) in your hand fracture out of range of your radio or traveling in a busy airport. You can plug into the truth that will just go to download new for you Truth It's the most best technology available engineer with over 200 sensory receptors is altering design is beautifully formed with the resistant reliable, astonishingly high performance even the most challenging of circumstances is also the finest church technology.

There's nothing else quite like a search dog be part of the search Google search on to see how you can help welcome back the passenger sitting here laughing all day having some fun willing to do that you really like to know what we do for that minute. We have lots of fun and we talking usually poke fun at each other, believe that or not. It is were left were talking about this this topic. Rob asked me to share about the three fathers.

If it is joining the show we are talking about Father's Day were talking about the masculine journey taking a pitstop. As you will, of the importance of being a father as Kings and that's what the point of love. Our journey is to become good kings. Most importantly role we play as a father is your the only one that's there is only one that can really do that to me another manager working to be lots of things but you're the only father that that the child hasn't so I'm not downplaying the importance of stepdad things like that they play huge roles, but I'm starting the father itself. Father role, but Robbie were talking about the cancer Kim great guy but he just has some wise things to say that to stop me. One day we can talk about my dad. My dad was a very very good man but he had some brokenness. It's brokenness from his relationship with his father and ensure that affected him and how you interacted with me and I found that I Thinking in my head. No, that's not what father does. Father should be. This father should be that almost like a father code, so to speak. The father should live by him sitting on.

I had some help on this from cancer. One time he said you know will have three dads what you mean you have three dads we have our heavenly father which will know about with our earthly father and the mayor of the father in her mind that we think we should have had the problem is we try to judge the earthly father. The other one that's there as well. The one that they think you should've had absolutely you know is I've come to know my father and I have learned not to judge him anything other than he is. Our relationship is just ground especially in the last few years and it's a lot of that growth was before I learned of the three fathers but now what a blessing it is to be with my dad in the joke around. I mean, I saw my dad laugh couple years ago for the first time one of those departed laughed where he was crying and what a joy it is to finally spend enough time with them to see that kind of joy and its process. If you know flip a switch for me that was a little bit of a flipping a switch that particular statement that he made and cause me to think about it. It was after many many other times of not getting quite there yet and I was at the right time to God said this is where you need to hear this really help me look at my dad for him being a man about Mormon got to help me see his brokenness, but as in Deptford, 20 some years but see some brokenness learn some stories about them and really flip the switch for me saying you got this Adam Sandler clip just speaks volumes to this particular subject, we do it in. In this clip it's from the movie big daddy I love using movies. We haven't had chance to use it and this is from the movie big daddy and what's happened in this movie is Adam Sandler tenant inherits this boy, this is the disc and has he doesn't know he has a son is given him and he told her to sign.

I believe it is not really the son, and so it goes a long way he develops his relationship at some point, the parents are gonna take the kid back and he's in court trying to get custody what so happens one of people interviewing him one of the lawyers is his dad is trying to prove that he's really not going to be a good fit as a father. Listen to this interchange between Adam Sandler and his dad is playing the attorney it's interviewing to be scared. It's all right if I get custody.

Enjoy the obvious father forever, and that scares you because you think there's a good chance I might fail, it's more than a chance.

It's a certainty that you can be scared that I make a pickpocket in a bad neighborhood. I might break my leg skiing but don't be scared about me being a dad because I will not fail at that I can't. I love this kid to I love them as much as you love me and then to give him advice and I minute guide to be there for him whenever he needs me. I fly to New York to be at his court case. Even if I disagree with wise there in the first place.

Don't be scared about me making money. I am in love with a beautiful girl makes planning shall be my sugar mama to get me one of those I know this is the right thing to do dad because I would die for this kid just so you wouldn't have to feel 1 ounce of sadness. That's why you're here right now to protect me to be scared me a good five that's exactly Sandler my son this is Robbie. What is that such a good clip you said we have a great what makes again when I watched it on YouTube before we put I cried because you can see the love that everybody in the audience when they saw a father's love really coming out and seeing that complete devotion to a son. Everybody want to call it that because everybody longs for that father's embrace that father that we think we should have an even though he may not have measured up completely. You want to immediately touch out to your dad, whoever that is in get that hug and so the tears were coming down as I was watching it as I'm thinking wow that that is what we really long for our heavenly father hasn't not heard a quote when I was a kid was in a John Wayne movie, but you're not a man to you. Father tells your man and that always stuck with me.

I waited forever for my dad to say your man never happened and then couple years ago and this is not really the bad daddy but her big daddy. He told me since I can't tell you how proud I am of the man you've become.

And so that just tells you exactly for me to tell you meant I could've done 10 cartwheels, I could've done for backflips and I could've done squat thrust you in the things I wanted to mention. Here's a list of the clip, this time simply became really apparent to me is there is no doubt to the smooth financing movie a few times. It is very enjoyable. Title is appropriate for some ages, but I like it quite a bit.

That's my sense of humor but yeah I'm watching and there's no doubt that that that Adam Sandler loves the boy's heart really changes when he sees his father differently.

That's when the real change occurs because he and his dad had a little bit of a misunderstanding throughout the years is that was hard on, and then when I'm saying I could see what his dad's love really was was just misguided and he was able to fully embrace the thought of being father and on and and I think that that's important because God wants us to have strong relationships with father with her fathers but why, why does God want us to have a strong relationship with her father is. It's a picture of our relationship with him and we we do relate to God is to we do relate with our father and we need that healing of understanding the three fathers in order to get to that relationship with our father and I you know that clip does a great job, it does not, and now I first heard that my shirt and there before but when I first heard it and how you view heavenly father will often be the same way your earthly father be the same way you you heavenly father is not the case with more God continue to unpack the layers and got down some of things that I believed about my dad that went Messerli true either is really the way I looked at the heavenly father net effect of the relationship tremendously. Know growing up not feeling like a priority. I was so I can go to God with issues because it would be important to you and that's not what Scripture says.

It's just who had believed it know my dad finally broke down and said to me that you know Dennis, I haven't been perfect. I have been a perfect father, but I love you in every way and I try to do my best at that time, it meant a great deal to me, revealing that brokenness, revealing that he's not perfect it help me to understand that were knocking to be perfect as I struggle without all the time you did I do this thing.

My daughter is 22 now to say this writer do that. Writer that I father her in the right way, but just knowing that were trying that were sitting up and showing up and that's what David did at the end for Absalom when he'd love that man.

In spite of all the stuff that he did to David even tried to murder him, slept with his wife took the throne from them. But Absalom was the love of his life and it was quite obvious that Absalom's death. It that David had that love for his son and you know at that at the heart of that you know if I just love my kids. With that kind of devotion. You know, it does help you see you know Sam for those out there that have not had a good relationship with the father that transition to being having a life with your father, where it was rough and run ragged and hard to being fathered by God you speak to that in where the healing comes in and I think it's a journey you have to trust in God and take with you. It's okay, got it.

I have to believe your words. I have to leave these other people should be around me that I love and I know their hearts are good towards me and say that this is possible in reading great books like fathered by God, you know, and so you want to go back down to get. I trust you help me walk through that. I think the formula for me would be completely different than the formula for you is because layers get packed in different ways guys get unpack all that we have so much on this topic. We could've went for ever, it seems like it there so much more. We didn't get to we get to her our agenda today, but there's so much going on. But there's one clip.

This is just incredible. I found this clip today on YouTube and and it's from a girl in Australia talking about what fathers can't do listen to it. Never come back and talk for just a few more minutes find the dad that I really hope to be every moment of every day you look back and say got them thankful that nothing that I used to be in this turn to him and asking for guidance every step of the way baskets got. Had I be apparent to a 26-year-old daughter, now 27 a messenger and you have so much more on this would encourage you to go to the listen some podcast questions on Facebook look this up a messenger and radio in the distance a couple questions on any links there were in LinkedIn were on Twitter run just to be on to the slickness of masking 30 radio

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