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Forgiveness pt2, click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 20, 2014 12:30 pm

Forgiveness pt2, click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man is Jesus masculine one feels more like a losing battle for human I've been forgiven God's look beyond my sin saved me from what I might've been gave me a new life within. I am forgiven by his grace. Powerful words for my anthem actually that we sing in a church choir.

I was involved in. Do you believe that listener you believe that your forgiven in Christ followers your if you're struggling with that wire you having a struggle with that. Can you forgive others. Can you forgive yourself some the questions were in a post today welcome in this afternoon to this week's version of the masculine journey radio show I Dennis Britton, sitting in for Sam main this afternoon.

Sam is traveling around the table with me today.

I have Robbie Gilmore as well as Al Henley and Vinnie Menino were glad that you're all here today guys let me just throw that our county continuing from last week we started as a discussion on forgiveness asked some interesting questions there. You know, we struggle with that. It seems to be something that we have an issue with whether your car if you're Christ follow order and if you're not a Christ follower than that's a whole different discussion and we can get into that as well. That's a great question, Dennis, and that's something that I struggled with for so many years. One of the parts of my childhood that were difficult was the guilt trip. The joke was pack your bags You're Going to Guilt Trip and You Know If You Can't Get That at Home Then It's Difficult He Carries through Your Life If You Can't Get That from Your Earthly Father. Parents Then You Don't Feel It from Your Heavenly Father but That's Not the Way It's Supposed to Be Coming Robbie You Really Eloquent When It Comes to That to Speak with His Know of the Challenges There Are so Many Different Angles to This Particular Diamond Right That There's the Forgiveness That We Get from God or Do We Not in There Your You May Find Yourself or Do You Find Yourself or Your Struggling with Forgiving Someone Else Struggling That They Won't Forgive You but You May Have a Relationship Where You Feel like You Are Held Captive, Because They Won't Forgive You for Something That You Did, or You Held Captive by Your Lack of Forgiveness for Somebody Else and Then Even the One That That That Was Speaking of One of the Most Difficult Is Can I Forgive Myself. So I Don't Think I've Hit All the Angles of That Particular Diamond, but There Are Certainly Many Elements to It and One of the Diamonds in the Cave for Me This Week Al As I Was Studying. Get Ready for This Show. Dennis Was to Come across This Clip That Were Fixed Apply and I Go to This Thing Called Wing Clip Sometimes Just Fine Clip so I Had Never Seen This Movie and I Just Saw This Clip of This Young Girl That Goes into This Confessional and I Heard It and I Listen to It about Three Times and Each Time I Draw Will Drop a Little Bit but Then I Realized Who It Was. It Was Actually the Young Girl Was Being Played out. My Jar Really Drops the One We Play That Will Talk. John You Know I'm Always Happy to See That to Keep Coming Twice, Three Times A Day. Majority Confessed This Moment Terrible Sin of You Committed since Then. That Can't Wait Tomorrow for Kevin Sees Sennacherib to Show Macy's Is Whether or Not This I'm Sure He'll Think Jesus to Forgive Me. 10. John Draws Forgiveness All the Time We Spend Our Whole Life and Church Family.

You Happy at Home and Your Mother Everything's Fine with the Losses Right Your Sister Ketterling.

She Still Your Best Friend Just Sitting Right in Front and What about Your Other Friends You Don't like Playing with Them. Everything Sounds Wonderful, Then Why Is so Often I Feel Safe Frank until 10 of That Line Just Blew Me Away. Dennis, I Feel Safe Here. That Is Where I Can Talk to Him and As I Mentioned, I Listen to It about Three Times and I Start to Read about the Movie and Because He Was Saying. Sean, the Way Was I It Almost Sounds like You Seen John, but What He Was Actually Saying Was Joan Because That Young Girl Is Joan of Arc, and That Was Her Childlike Faith to Steal Her Father's Shoes and Given Them to the Poor Monk, but Then to What Jesus Is Forgiveness and What That Entailed. In That Simple Childlike and We Go Back As I Was Thinking about It to Where Something That Somebody Said Didn't Offend Me Because of for People I Can Remember That Used To Really Hard on Me like That. And All These Things, It Connected As We Get Older the Child. Forgive so Much Easier Because It Doesn't Have All the Baggage and Its There's a Picture There of a Childlike Faith. It Just Blew Me Away and Vinnie.

You Got to See the Movie When It Was There in Black and White 40s. Yeah, It Struck a Note with Me Because When I Was Going to Confession As a Young Boy in the 30s and 40s. Yes I Said 30s and 40s.

So That Tells Us, and I Will 30s and 40s I Always Went in There.

I Was Kind of Spooky to Be Honest with You, Because All the Light Was Just Nothing but Candles and How to Go into the Dark Corner Where the Confession Box Was and Am Sent. Why Am I Telling Them My Sins What I Just Go until God Know Jesus. My Sense Is an Intermediate You Know of Any Kind of Freaked Me out to Tell You the Truth It Was Scary. So My First Reaction with It Was Rebellion.

You Know When My Mother and Grandmother Told Me You Gotta Go to Confession Because None Days. If You're a Catholic at a Goat Confession.

Once in Two Weeks but I Used To Miss A Lot and I Told You, but I Was on the Street Corner Watching All the Girls Go, but Okay so Anyway, I Now Find Robbie and I Were Talking about This Year. My Time Is at Nighttime in the Dog.

I Don't Know If It's Going Back and Remembering What It Was. Go to Confession Confession As a Boy, but I Feel so Good Knowing That I'm Speaking to Him and He's Asking Me What Can I Do for You What Was This Day like What Do You Need and I Can out Guys. I'm Telling You I Can Actually Hear from. I Can Feel Them Breathing on Me so Make This, I Gotta Give These Other Guys a Shot at This but the That Is the Time That I Really Love the Most. Set Nighttime so You Kind of in in Your Later Years in Your Earthly Life Here Now You Going to a Different Stage That's Almost a Childlike State It in Terms of Your Relationship with God. That's Exactly Right Because I Didn't Know What God Was to Be Honest with Gelatin Blotting Play with the Guys and Us Hanging on the Corner but Now I Really Know What It Is Confessing This.

I Feel so Good at Nighttime, and I Mean Every Night at My IG Age You Pray Every Night You At Least See Tomorrow but This Such a Good Feeling to Know That He's Listening and He's Forgiven Me and I'm Not behind the Dark Curtain I Seen the Little Priest Was Talking to God. Makes Me Feel Wonderful and the Neat Thing for Me Is I Vinnie Has Vinnie and I Were Talking about That for Me It's in the Morning and I Think for Different People Live There That Different Place, but That When You Hear Joan Say Is I Feel Safe Here Because I Can Feel Him and Wherever It Is That You Feel Him in Whatever Time of the Day You Feel There Is Such a Wonderful Feeling of Safety That You Can Tell Them Everything and You Don't Feel Judged. You Don't Feel Attacked What You Feel Is Forgiveness. And from That Place. From My Standpoint, I'm Able to Forgive Others, but from Any Other Place. I Don't Know Where That Comes from but out There Someone out There Listening Right Now and I Know You're Listening That Were Making the Sound like It's so Easy, but There Walking in Captivity. There Struggling with This Concept of Forgiveness There Struggling with Forgiving Themselves Forgiving Others Were We Go with That I Struggled with It into My 40s. It Wasn't until Actually Todd Clark Gave a Talk on Being Fathered by God, and It Was There That I Actually Went to Him As a Son and You Have To Leave the Sounds of Corny but You Have To Leave Everything behind You Have To Let It Go. Mother Used To Say to Me When I Was a Kid Let Go and Let God in. I Saw Her Hold on All Her Struggles and but Finding That Place Is Got to Start with His Word. It's Got to Start with Prayer and It's Got to Start with Release. You Most Definitely so so Were Still Restore Point Here in Inner Conversation Where Were Were Were Talking about How to How to Look for Forgiveness Were Talking about Where to Look for Forgiveness but Were Still in It and I Can Tell You This from. From My Standpoint and It's Happened Just Recently. A Lot Of Times This Just Doesn't Go Away and We Come under Attack on the Enemy. And That's Something That Were Going to Pick up with When We Come Back from the Break, but on This Is Something As a Believer for a Long Time Now That I Still Have Some Issues with and It Sounds I Listen You Guys Talk and It Sounds like When It Sounds so Simple and so Easy to Get There, but Then There's That Moment Comes When I'm Right Back and I'm Questioning Myself about Things That I Did 25 Years Ago That Are Supposed to Be over and Done with by Now and Then I'm Asking Myself of God.

If I'm Not Believe in the You Have Forgiven Me Then Then Where My Going to Go with That, Can Unpack That and How My Going to Be Able to Forgive Others, and When I See Others That Are You Know I Have Done Some of the Same Things That I Did in My past, Which Is Happened Recently and We Can Get into That a Little Bit More Later, but Then It Really Counts, Because I Found Myself Judging Them and Not Forgiving Them Are Things That They've Done so I Know That's A Lot to Delve into the Working to Try It after We Get Back from the Break You Listening to the Masculine Journey Radio Show Ledger. With This You Can Listen to Podcast a Masculine Journey Will Be Back in Just a Moment Your Phone Your Tablet Your IPad Gradually Just Became a Radio That's Right You Take the Truth Network with You Everywhere.

Now They Start Brand-New Truth Network App That's Right. Listen to Dr. Michael Brown Light a Fire, the Christian Card. I Would Robbie Do More to Talk Life.

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One of the Great Contemporary Christian Bands of Today. Interesting Lyrics There. If You Listen to That Father Forgive Them for They Know Not What They Do. Were We Heard That before, but Then He Comes Back to Saying I'm the One Losing out Was That All about, You Know, under Unforgiveness.

It's Kept in Your Heart Will Smolder and Create a Fire in It Put Such a Burden on and I've Seen This Played out in My Family When I Was a Child I Seen It Played out with Friends Now It They Eat When They Can't Let Go When They Can't Find Forgiveness. It Burns Them up. They Struggle in It. It's Just It Can Spread You Know Is Is That's What I Love about That Song Is Going Back to It Is That First He's Praying for Their Sins, That God Would Forgive Him Because That's the Most Important Thing. And Then He Says Give Me the Grace to Forgive Him Because Don't We Need That When We Can't Forgive Somebody We Need God's Grace Is and Were Losing Were Suffering. If Were Not If Were Not Receiving That What We Got Another Clip That Were Going to Share and I Just Want to Let You Know If Your First Time Listener We Use Movie Clips and Music Clips As Well to Illustrate Her Points Will: Great Clips Because They Think They're Pretty Great Clips, but We Use Those to Illustrate Some of the Points We Want to Talk about. If You're Just Listening for the First Time Think This Is a Unique Way to Kinda Do This and We Hope That You You like It and We Invite You Again to Go to Masculine Journey to Listen to Some of Our past Shows. If You like to Catch up. For Instance, Listen to the Person We Don't Forgiveness Last Week.

You Can Go to That Site There.

Listen, but Now You Got a Clip from a Movie That You Wanted to Share Today Set That up for Us.

I Will and You Know You Made a Good Point. We Use These Clips Because Her like a Modern-Day Parable Something That We Can Get in the Moment. This Particular Clip Comes from the Movie Thor Good Guy Movie Superhero and Store It Was about to Be Crowned King and Somebody Broke in during His Coronation.

He Didn't Get Made. King Didn't Go through That Process and They Had to Go Fight and It Was Real and so He Goes to the. The Kingdom That Invaded to Get Vengeance and to Get Answers. Well, He Could Forgive Him and His Father Said This Was the Work of A Few People He Is Anyway and His Father Comes to Him to Come to Save the Day Rescues Him and Tries to Avert War but Now More Is on the Brink and This Is When They're Getting Back to Their Kingdom after His Father Is Rescued and There Won't Be a Trigger to Protect Her Afraid to Act.

You Must Learn to Fear Me Just Say Wants. You That's Pride and Vanity, Talking on Leadership Got Everything I Taught You but What Is Patient While You Wait and Be Patient for Nine Rounds Law the Old Ways Are Done. Start Giving Speeches. Why Does God Fall Will Will Already Will Hold and Send to Express Cmdr. Bill King You Can's Stupidity You've Open These Peaceful Realms and Innocent Lives to the Heart of Desolation. Yes Dictate from You and It's Powerful You.

Here's a Man Is Holding onto Unforgiveness Illicit Bruin to Hatred, It Takes over His Pride and He Acts in an Unforgiving Way and Aggressive Way, and His Father Is the Price He Pays for That Action Gets Banished. Now What Happened to Us If We Were Judged by the Way We Judge People Would If We Were Given the Forgiveness We Give Others How Hard Would It Be. Is That a Reality Believe It Is Now. You Liken This to a Bible Story You Know I Do. I Especially in Their Symbolism. I Don't Know If It Was Intended to Be That, but at the End When He's Talking to the Hammer before You Open His Father Throws the Hammer Away. He Said Only the One Who Is Worthy of This Will Be Able to Use It and Then He Casted out What I Started Thinking about That Is a Hammer Hammer Builds in a Hammer Destroys, but Only the One Who Is Worthy to Wield It Will Be Strong Enough to Use It Now If We Use That Is Forgiveness.

Now You Got This Hammer This Hatred They Can They Can Destroy, but You've Also Got the Same. Got an Emotion That's the Opposite. The Balance of That Which Is Love and Forgiveness Newsworthy to Use in the Proper Way. Robbie, I Want to Do Something Right Now I Want You to Look at Me and Share Something with Me. I Want You to Tell Me What's What's Happening with Me Right Now, and in What Trouble It's Causing Me to the Holding on to Lack of Forgiveness of Myself or Pass Things on Where Where I Could Be on the Other Side of That There Someone Listening Right Now It's in the Same Place That I Am at This Moment Where There a Christ Follower but There They Still There Attacked in They Get Attacked about Things That Happened a Long Time Ago and It Gets Them in This Whole Mess and I Could I Was Telling You Guys before the Show.

What Kind of Mess It Was Getting Me into Recently What Kind of Advice Can We Share Some That Sam Shared with Me in Our Backs Really Right around the First of the Year Was That Sometimes When We Go Back and We Asked Jesus to Come into That Young Dennis or the Young Robbie Which My Name Is Bruce Beckman and We Journey Back to Those Times That Either People Sinned against Us, or We Are Involved in Something and We Asked Jesus to Come in and Provide Some Healing There and What We Quite Often Find Their Is Something That We Have Not in Fact Forgive Ourselves for and Then Were Confronted with. This Is a Young Boy That I Had No Way of.

I Could See That I Was Guilty but As an Older Man Talking to Her Younger Bruce.

How Can I Asked Jesus to Come into That and Where I Found Myself in One Particular Instances. I Was like What He Was Guilty. Jesus, How Can You Forgive Me for That. I Was Clearly Guilty and Jesus Said to Me Some Words That I Think Were More Than a Hut Was Robbie Didn't I Pay Enough Wasn't There Enough Done There to Pay for Even That What You Think Is Unforgivable and Then to Turn down That Forgiveness. What I Paid so Much for It Is Not a Slap in the Face to Some Extent That That I'm Not Willing to Give Jesus.

Honestly Dennis Is to Say, Yeah, You Did and How Can I Let Go of That and Asked for God's Help for Jesus's Help. Let Me Give You This Because Clearly You Want Me to Be Innocent and That Word Innocent Has Some Phenomenal Ramifications That You Only Get with a Deep Cleansing of Jesus His Blood and with That Innocence Is That Girls Sit behind That Confessional Sin I Want Jesus to Forgive Me. It's Okay That My Father Forgive Me for Stealing the Shoes of the Monk, but I Want Jesus to Forgive Me Because with Jesus Is Forgiveness Comes That Innocence and the Freedom from Captivity. I Think One of the Things I Heard from God Recently Was Do You Really Want to Go Back in That Room and Live for A While. Do You Really Want to Go Back in That Jail Cell That Self-Imposed Jail Cell and Live in Captivity. I Have Set You Free. And with That Freedom Comes Healing and with That Comes Restoration to Me in Your Taking Steps Towards That. Or We Can Go Back to Those Agreements. Don't Let Him and This Is What God Was Speaking to Me. Don't Let Him Meaning the Evil One.

Don't Let Him Get between You and I Don't Let That Happen, Because I Forgave You in Your Not Who Used To Be out That Goes Back We Talked about Last Week Little Bit Perfection. Perfection within the Realm of Man Cannot Be Achieved, but to the Blood of Christ to the Foot of the Cross As Robbie Was Saying That Perfection in When You Think We've Asked for Forgiveness and Human Given It No That's the Restoration That's the First Step in Restoration Right There. You're Cleansed and He Wants Fellowship with You and Part of That Is That Your Perfect Perfect in That Forgiveness You Know in 12 Step Programs Which I Think Vinnie Has Some Familiarity with in 12 Step Programs and Recovery Programs. A Lot Of Times They Talk about Don't Going in and Doing That Personal Inventory and Then Sharing That and Confessing That in Purging That Asking for and Accepting Forgiveness or the Things You've Done in the past and Then Moving on into Service to Others and Live Life and I Know You Have Some Experience with That.

Actually, It's It's about Seven Days Ago That I Really Understood What the Government's.

I Had a Kind of a Rough Life and You Know I Asked All My Friends There.

Robbie Dennison.

Al Is God Going to Forgive Me. They Know What I Was Talking about Things That I Licensed in My Lifetime and I Could Not Believe That God Could Forgive Me. What I Did, I Found out This Sunday. By Listening to the Professor at the Church about Forgiveness and I Understood It for the First Time Guys, I Understood How Could I Not, Is Asked for Forgiveness When I Can Give It and I've Had a Couple Actually a Couple People That You Know I Just Will Not Come Out Of Whatever You Want to Say, Vinnie Always Speaks the Truth. Yeah That's Exactly Right. I Want to Do Worse Than That. Okay.

And at the Heart of the Lord's Prayer. Clearly, Vinnie, Forgive Us Our Sins As We Forgive Those Who Sin against Us.

And and and There Is a Huge Connection There That at Some Level If We've Use This Measure to Measure out. These People Then We Are Measuring Ourselves and Were Stuck with That Conclusion. I Agree with That Completely. You Know Were Normal for Human and Will Were Abnormal Were Human and so Were Going to Have These Emotions That Is Making Wrong You Are Forgiven for What's to Come As Well Go Back to Some of His First Words Folks Forgiven, Been Forgiven. Don't Forget That We Thank You for Joining Us for the Masculine Journey Radio Show on the Masculine Journey to Listen Any Pastors and Check out Our Blogs As Well Go to the Facebook Page Also Follow Us on Twitter at M Journey. Thank You so Much for Listening Will Be Back This Time Next Week. Until Then, May God Be with You

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